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Case of Lieutenant Arakcheev

The events in question took place in Chechnya in the 2003 year. By this time, the main fighting had already moved to the Shatoi, Vedensky and Nozhay-Yurt mountain areas. But the militants appeared in the district of Grozny. The street battles were replaced by a mine-explosive, partisan war, in which the local population was drawn. In the midst of poverty and devastation, hundreds of American dollars were sought by many who wanted to install a land mine or mine near the road. In those terrible days, there were constant explosions of buildings, equipment, military columns and individuals. According to statistics, in 2002 alone, more than seventy terrorist attacks took place in the Chechen capital in the past year. The engineers were worth their weight in gold, because their skills saved the lives of others, often completely unknown to them. Every day, stretching into a chain, brave people with probes and metal detectors inspected every hummock and every bush. For work they needed complete concentration, absolute peace of mind. God forbid to be nervous and miss the changes that happened overnight. It was also impossible to trust the equipment, after the end of hostilities in Chechnya there was so much iron left that the metal detectors were ringing almost continuously. In places where you can lay a landmine, the sappers left imperceptible marks. Periodically, the specialists of the engineering intelligence group found deadly "gifts". It was necessary, risking a life, to establish an invoice charge and to undermine them. And so every day, of course, without weekends and holidays ...

Sergey Vladimirovich Arakcheev was born 6 July 1981 year in the village of Rozhdestveno, located in the Vladimir region. After eight classes of rural school, Sergey entered vocational school in Nizhny Novgorod. After school, he earned his living as a simple welder until he was taken to the army. The service in the Armed Forces of our country appealed to the young guy, and he remained on a contract basis. In 2002, Sergey successfully graduated from the North Caucasian Military Command Red Banner Institute of Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Vladikavkaz. He served near Moscow in the division of the internal troops. Dzerzhinsky.

20 June 2002 of the year together with the regiment of the division Sergey was sent to Chechnya as part of an engineering company. He could well refuse to travel, but did not want to leave his fighters alone and wrote a report. The unit under his leadership specialized in mine clearance. For less than eight months of service on the route entrusted to him there was not a single blast. Sergey Arakcheev, together with his people, found and defused more than thirty explosive devices from conventional stretch marks to whole bunches of 152-mm artillery shells, which have tremendous destructive power. Sergey was awarded the medals "For Military Valor" and "For Military Valor", the medal of Suvorov. He also was the owner of the award dagger, handed personally by the division commander. A few days after returning from a trip, Sergey Arakcheev and Yevgeny Khudyakov, a senior lieutenant and intelligence officer from the same division, were accused of killing three civilians in the Chechen Republic.

7 June 2012 of the year in the correctional colony No. 3 of the Federal Penitentiary Service of the Russian Federation in the Ryazan region a solemn rewarding of convict Sergey Vladimirovich Arakcheev with the award-winning “Silver Cross” took place. The award was presented by Viktor Fedorovich Boborykin, Chairman of the Public Observation Commission for the Ryazan Region, on behalf of the Russian Orthodox Church and the All-Russian public organization “Combat Brotherhood”

The process of this case was five years. At the same time, several people from the GRU special forces headed by Captain Ulman were tried. And in fact, and in this case, not finding compelling arguments for the prosecution, the jury twice justified the officers. In both cases, a decisive third trial without a jury was held. And the result was also the same - a conviction with a long sentence. Quite a lot of parallels, except for one moment. Ulman’s Special Forces officers did not deny the fact of the murder of Chechens, following an order during a combat operation. S. Arakcheev and E. Khudyakov did not admit their guilt. So what happened in the winter of 2003 year near the city of Grozny?

On January 15, two people in black masks covering their faces on an armored personnel carrier stopped the old Volga with local residents in it - four women and a certain citizen Yunusov. Having released the women on all four sides, they put the driver into the troop compartment of the armored personnel carrier with worn-out numbers and shot the Volga. Turning onto the road to the Severny airfield, in a few minutes unknown people stopped KamAZ in the same way. The three men inside were shot at point-blank range, and the truck was blown up. After that, the killers, without removing their masks, tormented the captured driver of the Volga, Yunusov, for half the night, and left for the dead, near the executed Volga, for some unknown reason, in the morning. Really horrible crime in its cruelty and senselessness.

The criminal case was instituted by the prosecutor's office of the city of Grozny 16 on January 2003 of the year after the senior police officer of the Grozny district police department, police major Supryadkin discovered a burned-out KAMAZ and three bodies. And 17 March of the same year in the division to them. Dzerzhinsky Sergey Arakcheev received a request to go to Khankala as a witness in the case of the killing of civilians. However, upon arrival in the city, Sergey was immediately arrested. The prosecution was represented by a human rights activist from Chechnya, Minkail Ezhiev. Relatives of the victims decided not to appear at the trial. Ezhiev was sure that Arakcheev and Khudyakov were killed by civilians. And they did it in a state of intoxication, avenging the death of their comrades. According to the prosecution, Arakcheev and Khudyakov took the men out of the car, ordered them to lie down and shot them point-blank. Since Sergey was a sapper, he decided to blow up KamAZ. After that, they mocked the driver of the Volga all night, and then beaten him up and with his legs shot out on the road. He was accidentally found by the police who had been scouring the area, who was alarmed by the rescued women who were relatives of the missing person.
To a fair question of how such detailed details of the bloody adventures of Russian soldiers are known, Minkail Ezhiev referred to the testimony. During the preliminary investigation, all the persons testifying against Arakcheev and Khudyakov told the same well-toothed one history. Even minor details were the same. And the stories of "eyewitnesses" printed on the computer coincided up to grammatical and spelling errors. Later almost all the soldiers said that they testified under pressure and refused them. The threats were really terrible, they promised to send the fighters to the Wahhabi cell, and also inform the militants of the addresses of their relatives and friends. Despite this, by the first trial the prosecution had testimony of only two witnesses.

The jury was formed by 11 on February 2004 of the year, and on June 28 it issued an acquittal, on the basis of which the North Caucasian District Military Court released Sergei Arakcheev. And here the most interesting began. November 11 The 2004 of the Military College of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation canceled the acquittal. The basis was that ten of the twelve members of the board were listed on the jury lists for the 2003 year, and the case was considered in the 2004.

Dmitry Rogozin noted: “It's hard to even imagine what negative consequences in the psychology of Russian officers were made by the decisions on Ulman and Arakcheev. Now every professional military will think about whether he should participate in a military operation, whether to use weapon against the militants, should he even defend the Fatherland. And all because each of them can then be first in the courtroom, and then behind bars. ”

4 On April 2005, a second jury was formed, and the court resumed its work. It should be added that the second group of jurors was gathered from representatives of indigenous peoples inhabiting the Caucasus. Russian surnames were specially deleted from the list of seventy people. As a result, October 6 of the same year, Khudyakov and Arakcheev were again found innocent of the crime. Opinions of members of the board were divided, but more than one person voted for innocence compared to the first court. October 12 2005-th Sergey Arakcheev was again acquitted by the North Caucasus District Military Court. Obviously, it didn’t suit anyone, because on April 25 of 2006 of the year and this “disagreeable” decision was canceled by the Military Collegium. Given the intractability of the jury, this time it was decided to conduct the process without them. Now, three judges of the North Caucasus District Military Court, headed by V.E. Tsibulnik, who graduated from the Sverdlovsk Tank-Artillery School in the past. By this time, it became clear to all that it was not worth waiting for sympathy from the authorities. Officers will be judged to the "victorious end."

Shortly before the verdict was announced, Sergey Arakcheev told one correspondent: “At first, the jury trial was tested on us as if it were experimental animals. And since he did not make the necessary verdict, he was canceled, in another way trying to figure out the circumstances that they need. In this case, we in every possible way wrung our hands. We managed to objectively prove our innocence and wanted to get on the trail of real killers, but we were denied almost everything. ”

December 20 began preliminary hearings on the case, which looked like a pre-rehearsed play. Any, even obviously far-fetched arguments of the charges were accepted unconditionally, the defendants were deprived of the minimum legal requirements for protection. So that the whole farce of this “court” is understandable, it is worth citing a number of materials attached to the case.

Inspection of decomposed bodies was carried out four months after the funeral right in the graves in the presence of local residents. An autopsy was not, however, clearly ingenious, medical experts were able to determine visually not only the causes of death, but also the caliber and type of weapon. Conclusions specialized ballistic examination from the laboratory in no. However, this is not all. The final verdict of forensic scientists says that in the corpse of one of the men there is an uncured bullet. The defense has repeatedly offered to repeat the exhumation of the corpses in order to get it and compare it with those who were shot from Arakcheev’s machine gun. The bullet could shed light on very much in this matter. However, the court gave a real performance. The Arakcheev machine gun was recognized as worn and rusty, and therefore unsuitable for research. All security agencies of Chechnya have declared that they will not be able to ensure the safety of those conducting the exhumation, since this action is contrary to the norms of Islam. The judges also ignored the fact that according to investigators Arakcheev killed civilians from a machine gun under the number 7982965. Weapons with this number even fell into the final indictment. But such a machine has never been, not only in Sergei, but even in his military unit.

In addition, Judge Tsybulnik considered convincing the conclusion about the undermining of KAMAZ, issued by the local "expert" (by the way, a labor teacher by training) who conducted the explosive technical examination for the first time in his life. And this, in spite of the uncovered traces of explosives, as well as the testimony of Russia's leading explosives expert Kondratiev, who claims that it is impossible to undermine the truck in the manner indicated in the case. I must say, the court in this case did not at all resort to the help of experts ...

Alibi Sergey Arakcheeva confirmed about thirty witnesses. Among them are senior officers, lieutenant colonels and colonels. As the only sapper officer of the 3186 military unit, he and his group each morning went to engineering reconnaissance, checking the area of ​​responsibility. Replace it was impossible. Presented by the defense logs of hostilities and entry-exit from the territory of the military equipment part confirmed Sergey's innocence. Moreover, on that ill-fated day, Arakcheev and Khudyakov were in completely different districts of Grozny. And they never knew each other. However, their military unit was closest to the place where the bodies were found. Someone really wanted to make extreme Russian soldiers. And who if not sappers and scouts constantly drove along this road.

Being the representative of Russia in NATO, Dmitry Rogozin commented on the final decision of the court: “The verdict is simply insulting. I am sure that the real killers are walking free. They laugh at our prosecutor's office, which followed the easiest path. After all, she found the nearest military unit and soldiers who could theoretically be at the crime scene. It is absurd that a belligerent army is judged by the laws of peacetime. ”

The lawlessness created in this process reflects one fact well. A witness for the defense, the chief of staff of the regiment where Arakcheev served, the lieutenant colonel Novik met in the courtroom with Colonel Igor Shaboltanov, who was the state prosecutor. In it, he recognized an officer who had previously come to his unit, who called himself Shebyanin and attempted to intimidate him, inclining him to refuse to testify. For such a criminal act, the judges confined themselves only to a warning to the prosecutor.

But V.E. Tsybulnik considered indisputable the testimony of witnesses - the injured Yunusov and Umantgeriyeva, putting them at the basis of the guilty verdict. The main thing in these testimonies was that these citizens were able to identify six months later they had seen masked masked people they had not seen before. They recognized Arakcheeva by the eyes, and Khudyakov by the eyebrows! At the same time, Yunusov told the incident three times quite differently, until, obviously, he was not forced to learn the “correct” version. He explained the free interpretation of the facts by the “state of shock”, which, however, had no effect on the supernatural abilities to recognize people by eyebrows and eyes.

December 27 2007 year V.E. Tsybulnik announced his sentence. Sergei Arakcheev received fifteen years in a colony, where he went straight from the courtroom. Yevgeny Khudyakov did not appear at the announcement of the verdict. For this, he received seventeen years and was put on the federal wanted list. Let me remind you that the terrorists who seized the hospital in Budennovsk, received an average of about nine years.

Giving interviews to one print edition, Sergey Dmitriy Agranovsky’s lawyer said: “At all times and in all countries, the military was honored and treated them with great respect. Judges Evgenia Khudyakov and Sergey Arakcheev are sentenced to lose all military decorations and military ranks. But Arakcheev not just got his medals. He fought, disarmed mines and land mines, received a concussion. It is unlikely that the judge knows anything about these explosive devices. It turns out that those who, risking their lives, defend our country, unlike any civilian, do not have the right to trial by jury. No, that’s not to be the case with the military! ”

In recent years, the Arakcheev family lived very hard. Sergey's contract ended, but because of the investigation he could not leave the army, and who needs an employee who constantly leaves for court sessions. Many people from different places of Russia transferred donations. According to the story of his wife Sergei Lyudmila, he never considered the possibility of escape, like the Ulman group. During the breaks of the full six hours of the sentence, Arakcheev walked on the street. He already understood the final verdict, but did not want to run, did not see the point, although some people offered help, even persuaded. Escape would mean admitting his guilt to them, and he said: “Five years of life broke for me, I don’t want to beat it to the end.”

From the last words in court, told by Arakcheyev to journalists: “I don’t think to give up. From prison I will seek justice until everything ends. I am not guilty and never reconcile with the charges. I will fight to the end. Now this is the goal of my life. For my family, for future children, for relatives and relatives. So that no one would ever say that Sergey is a murderer. ”

It is sad that the phenomenon of a democratic society, like a jury trial, sincerely mocked. There is a joyless joke among the military that the whole national militia will soon run after the entire national army. After the trial, rallies in support of the officers were held around the country, and on the Internet, heated debates between human rights activists and supporters of convicted children have not subsided. 28 August 2008 year, the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of Russia rejected the appeals of Arakcheyev’s defenders, leaving the sentence unchanged. In the summer of 2010, a letter was sent to the reception office of the President of our country with a request to cancel the unjust verdict or at least conduct a second investigation, signed by more than eight thousand people. In October, a twenty-minute documentary “I have no blood,” was shot on the personal funds of Igor Vittel. In it, Sergey, who is in a colony, with the use of a polygraph, tells about his life, service and details of the trial.
Documentary film "ON ME BLOOD NO"

Question M. Judenich - to V.Putin 10.12.2012


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  1. nicht ferstehen
    nicht ferstehen 20 December 2012 09: 40
    Once again, we run into the lack of justice in Russia as such. In my opinion, this very problem is the cornerstone. Without truly independent courts, it is impossible to solve either the problem of the legitimacy of power or corruption.
    1. borisst64
      borisst64 20 December 2012 11: 28
      But in the next they raised the salaries of the judges so that they would conduct such judges without a complaint. Even more impressive is the decision of the Constitutional Court to pay the pension of a deceased pensioner-judge to his relatives in full, and this is 70% of the salary. Those. they themselves determine the payments due to such Arakcheevs.
    2. donchepano
      donchepano 20 December 2012 12: 00
      Vile system, vile justice. At first they organized a war. Drowned in blood and dirt. They aroused people's hatred for each other. Then they began to punish and execute
      The commandant's office tortures a soldier in our time, no worse than the Gestapo, military investigators and prosecutors extort money from the soldiers, thus "earning" for themselves "food". I have no words
    3. sergo0000
      sergo0000 20 December 2012 19: 15
      nicht ferstehen,
      Yes, of course, you can see what kind of judicial system we have from behind the hillock!
      How do you even know how independent it is !? Why not talk about the corruption component !?
      When did you see Putin interfering in the work of the courts !?
      Do not confuse the entire judicial system with the human factor! Namely, in this case, a bribe judge. The system is now built in such a way and so independent that it’s almost impossible to catch such a judge by the hand! Moreover, bringing an accusation against him! This is precisely the complete lack of control over the judges and lead to such sentences! Just remember this saying last name TsYUBULNIK.
      1. Dikremnij
        Dikremnij 21 December 2012 02: 00
        You can try to introduce mandatory testing of judges after meetings on a lie detector, and the polygraph team and the apparatus itself must constantly move around. Plus, from time to time, judges, as well as military personnel, should be transferred from one city to another, and the more often the better. To increase the term of imprisonment for bribery by officials, and the term must be confiscated.
        In general, the problem of the courts was solved a long time ago in ancient Greece: the prosecutor and the accused spoke in turn to a thousand jurors, after which the jury pronounced the verdict.
  2. Captain Vrungel
    Captain Vrungel 20 December 2012 09: 50
    Judging by the article. Demonstrative, custom-made process. in order to appease the local government with its population. See what we are fair lawyers. It was necessary to conduct this trial not in a clean courthouse, but there, among fellow soldiers, between military operations. I am sure that for such a sentence, according to Eastern customs, the citizens of the judge and the prosecutor with venal garbage witnesses were handed down on knives and none of the co-workers wore a mask.
    This flirting of the authorities with the abreks has led to the fact that they already feel themselves masters of life, and even in Moscow, they are addressing "you are a cowardly Russian jackal." To respect and befriend, this does not mean groveling and fawning before the "proud" messengers of the mountains.
  3. Fox
    Fox 20 December 2012 09: 56
    what a pop, such is the parish! and it is not necessary to talk about the fact that "the king does not even know! .."
    1. nicht ferstehen
      nicht ferstehen 20 December 2012 10: 13
      And who should wag a finger at the presumptuous king and courtiers. Again, only an independent court. So where do not throw ...
      1. SAVA555.IVANOV
        SAVA555.IVANOV 20 December 2012 11: 12
        And what does the "king" have to do with it ?? And what did the "garbage" do before the "king"! ?? What is doing now! ?? And what will he do then! ?? The "Tsar" leaves and comes, and this "disgusting slurry" always squishes under the feet of ordinary people, also laughing maliciously.
  4. andrey903
    andrey903 20 December 2012 09: 58
    Judges and FSB traitors Kadyrov lackeys. Budanov, Kvashnin, Ulman, Arakcheev are links of one chain
    1. Dikremnij
      Dikremnij 21 December 2012 02: 02
      Here you can add Leonid Khabarov.
  5. Eric
    Eric 20 December 2012 09: 58
    This business and history is already years ..... I studied in college about Sergei and Eduard Ulman about Budanov. In general, all this is sad.
  6. Middle-brother
    Middle-brother 20 December 2012 10: 08
    The case is not an isolated one. Local cops and the prosecutor's office, in the company of the so-called human rights defenders, will smear any spirit.
    "It is sad that such a phenomenon of a democratic society as a jury trial was sincerely mocked."
    These jury trials are clowning. At the beginning of the XNUMXth century, it was probably "fashionable", but now with the naked eye you can see the entire inconsistency of this phenomenon. The author got excited about the "democratic society" wink
    In general, the article is correct, you read and your teeth grind angry
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic 20 December 2012 10: 41
      Quote: Middle Brother
      The case is not an isolated one. Local cops and the prosecutor's office, in the company of the so-called human rights defenders, will smear any spirit.

      Everything is corny and simple. Bribery and blackmail of judges, jurors, investigators, etc. Was it not a universal occurrence in the 90s? Now they can allowed, THEY of national minorities and their rights are enshrined in the Constitution, and who does not agree for those Article 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Remember how Manezh began? From the banal bribing of investigators, because THEY know that all issues are resolved with the help of money and threats and not with the help of the law and independent courts. Well and of course, if something goes wrong, modern ones will come to the rescue Kovalev nits disguised as human rights defenders
      1. xoma58
        xoma58 20 December 2012 16: 37
        In general, it is clear that as soon as the war is immediately taken prisoner, otherwise they will put it in prison.
      2. SAVA555.IVANOV
        SAVA555.IVANOV 20 December 2012 22: 50
        Quote: Ascetic
        I’m telling the surname of that investigator, it would also be nice to make it public (maybe in Ukraine I would have gotten a slap in the face), such a resonance went to the Manege as many people gathered and all because of one cattle !!!!!
  7. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 20 December 2012 10: 44
    Hold on to your countrywoman.
  8. Ares1
    Ares1 20 December 2012 11: 32
    I wonder what Mr. President has answered or has not yet answered regarding this appeal? What cannot break the law, even for good purposes? That he internally sympathizes and understands the gravity of the situation of the accused himself and his family, but ... if the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of Russia rejected the cassation appeals, then he (the President) cannot do anything. Law is law. For all. Even for his "stepson" of the leader of Chechnya and another "hero" of Russia. Or not? Absolutely not. It was necessary to repent in time to the "proud" mountain guy - they say, it was I who accidentally killed and cut the "Russian" soldiers and my dad forced me, but I'm a good guy, I love cars ... And they forgave the boy. For what, then, to judge? Realized, repented. Well done. Live and be happy. And, this Arakcheev, look what a bully - he also said in the last word that he did not think to give up. And it’s guilty, oh, how guilty. And he bribed 30 witnesses for the officer's salary. And the automaton mystified. And he even intimidated the state prosecutor so much that he even forgot his last name. Not to mention the unfortunate Chechen civilians ... Yes ...
    But seriously speaking, did anyone see them - civilians from this region? Well, maybe their "glorious" leader. It is not for nothing that they "glorify" him, like the Koreans of their leaders. Not less. Odes are sung, they are compared to the sun, they are called the father and guardian of the people. I heard it myself. Such is the only world that carries ... Where and to whom it carries is another question ...
    And I would like to say thanks to the Russian Officer Sergei Arakcheev for his military work ... How many people he saved from death and injury. Wish the guy patience and mental strength to fight. And despite everything and everyone who set him up and "judged" - not to lose faith that his deeds and service were not in vain. Truly complete absurdity - one hero is in prison, the other "hero" sits on a golden throne. Only the throne is on the mountain. From corpses ...
  9. George
    George 20 December 2012 11: 42
    Yes, we have learned from the Yankees to administer justice. This is an example of the fact that our main enemy is still in Moscow (in my head, so to speak).
    For some reason, I immediately recall the case of a Caucasian who killed an airport dispatcher who caused the plane to crash and his family died there. After all, he is free, because first of all, people were able to defend his freedom and did not leave him in trouble. Why can't we do this?
    1. donchepano
      donchepano 20 December 2012 11: 54
      Quote: GEORGE

      This is an example of the fact that our main enemy is still in Moscow

      you start to think about these words ..
    2. gardener
      gardener 20 December 2012 23: 13
      "... we have already learned to administer justice from the Yankees ..."

      Dear Georges, it’s not strange for you, and what about the Yankees? Maybe you studied the law enforcement practice of the American judiciary? Then take off my hat.
      Or did any uncle in the box tell you?

      Hence the answer to your question:
      "... Why can't we do that? ..."
      Yes, because for people like you, dear Zhorzhik, with a deformed (through the efforts of the government agitprop) vision of the world, “they are to blame for everything” - YANKI. Whatever happens.
      This is more comfortable. In the presence of an external threat, the herd must be in solidarity. This excludes the possibility of turning it into a civil society. Its members, individuals, citizens, would be capable of self-organization in the protection of their own dignity.

      So we can’t.
    3. Evreget
      Evreget 23 January 2013 23: 19
      This was not a Caucasian, but a resident of Tatarstan. He stabbed a Swiss air traffic controller, received a sentence, but was released ahead of schedule ...
  10. Dictator
    Dictator 20 December 2012 12: 49
    It seems to me that such "vigilantes, overseers, overseers," of the law need to start feeding money, so that one kind of vomit would be drawn.
  11. Farvil
    Farvil 20 December 2012 13: 10
    It's disgusting to look at them, hypocrites.
  12. Flooding
    Flooding 20 December 2012 13: 18
    Marina Yudenich:
    "Power alone cannot cope with corruption"
    Of course it will not cope, because power is corruption.
  13. Garrin
    Garrin 20 December 2012 13: 52
    Terribly insulting for the guy. And what kind of state is it and the leadership of the state, which treats its defenders this way? Yes, these guys need to be protected, children should be raised on their examples, and then they took them, they spat on the soul, trampled and threw them away. And now, how will Sergey’s colleagues fight, if necessary? In short, there are not enough normal words, one mate .......
  14. Doom
    Doom 20 December 2012 14: 05
    People have been deanonymized and that's enough. So it’s clear that the fate of Budanov awaits them, the authorities just want to administer official justice and not give them to the Chechens.
  15. omsbon
    omsbon 20 December 2012 14: 22
    1. Andrey77
      Andrey77 20 December 2012 17: 23
      Let's appoint you to the judges. Not?
      1. SAVA555.IVANOV
        SAVA555.IVANOV 20 December 2012 22: 52
        Quote: Andrey77

        And if tomorrow they do the same to you. AND!?
  16. Forest
    Forest 20 December 2012 15: 00
    Traitors are worse than enemies, because they beat vilely in the back.
  17. xoma58
    xoma58 20 December 2012 16: 34
    How is the surname this carrion-cybulnik? Stop it forever, suddenly where you cross.
    1. Evreget
      Evreget 23 January 2013 23: 26
      This rot, Tsibulnik, to find ...
  18. NKVD
    NKVD 20 December 2012 17: 29
    Putin started the second Chechen well, but again, as under Yeltsin, he began to betray his warriors. But Budanov is this guy. He’s easier to amnesty for some kind of militant.
    Who knows where he sits, give the address even send a parcel.
  19. lBEARl
    lBEARl 20 December 2012 21: 28
    So much for justice. It is quite indicative that quite recently we had to contemplate a Chechen who was released from prison in April 2013. So here is the court of the Chechen Republic in 2004 for committing crimes under Art. 205 h. 2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (qualified "terrorism"), 3 episodes of Art. 105 h. 2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (among the qualifying signs, the murder of two or more persons, murder in a generally dangerous way, murder with special cruelty, murder committed by an organized group), Art. 222 h. 1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (illegal possession of weapons) received only 11 years (he was in jail since 2002). And with all this, this freak claims that he was unlawfully convicted (i.e. apparently did not admit his guilt)
  20. Gregazov
    Gregazov 20 December 2012 21: 59
    , Explosives cleared by sappers must be put in one box and sent to the appropriate addressee.
  21. gardener
    gardener 20 December 2012 23: 17
    I remember that somewhere in January 2011 the same M. Yudenich already made a sort of “protest”, though very moderate, not going beyond the bounds of completely loyal enthusiasm.

    I wrote to her then:

    Curly little background of "Protest"
    Yours, dear Marina, an appeal to the President about the fate of two Russian officers - Sergei Arakcheev and Yuri Khudyakov.
    Immediately: It is disrespectful somehow - there are two “protected” people - one photograph.

    Your courtesy blog shot a cursory glance - forced to mentally agree with a certain zelab - indeed, this is not a protest. Petition from humble servants. Which is unknown why they consider themselves patriots.

    All this is disastrous, starting with the all-Russian New Year (1995) fun, while the same Russian guys were burning in armor near the station in Grozny, and ending with the current imitation of "human rights activities" in the interval between ... remember yourself, between what and what, according to yours, Marina, the diary.

    Would you learn from the “liberals” and “foreigners” you despise how to really protect your fellow tribesmen who are in trouble, and not because of their own fault, but because of the evil will of the incapable rulers. I mean the appeal of the same writer, found in the same field of detective fiction.
  22. Andrei
    Andrei 21 December 2012 00: 07
    Again and again, I am more and more convinced of what kind of freaks are sitting "at the top" .... at first I don't know what they are doing, and then they say nice words about how to raise the prestige of the army - after such trials, many of those who want to serve ( conscript, under a contract, go to study at the school) will think - why do they need this .... s ** and corrupt (although not all) that's who they are after that!
  23. Dikremnij
    Dikremnij 21 December 2012 02: 11
    It’s a pity the guy, you need to equal such people.
    Hold on, Seryoga, personally, I believe in you.
    1. Lech e-mine
      Lech e-mine 21 December 2012 06: 15
      Yes, I think so that for Putin, the Russian people do not exist.
      If the army needs soldiers, for some reason, for the most part, it is the Russian people who bear all the hardships of service there.
      When they die defending the STATE in the person of the same PUTIN they are safely forgotten.
      The meaning of service in the army is the PROTECTION OF THE PEOPLE.
      And not serving officials and hucksters of various kinds.
      I was very offended by the story of BUDANOV - I ONCE AGAIN SURE THAT OUR STATE MAY throw their DEFENDERS without any regret.
    2. donchepano
      donchepano 21 December 2012 09: 31
      Indeed, it is necessary to make public the names of all investigators of the interrogators and prosecutors who prepared the landing and beat out with special atrocity the testimonies from the lieutenant and other fighters.
      For all sites to let out information, let the earth burn under the feet of nonhumans, so that they do not know where to hide, and everyone who respects could spit on him
      1. Evreget
        Evreget 23 January 2013 23: 33
        It's a great idea if, for a month, every day, five people spit in the face ... A law-abiding form of civil protest! Although the nits Tsybulnik seems to deserve more ...
  24. pag-uralmir
    pag-uralmir 22 December 2012 03: 01
    To reward! And then reward again! GLORY TO THE HERO!
  25. slava.iwasenko
    slava.iwasenko 4 January 2013 23: 27
    This characteristic of our rulers to betray their warriors
  26. Vladimir Goloshchapov
    Vladimir Goloshchapov 23 November 2020 22: 46
    Chechnya is a bloody chirium on Russia's ass. And the one who believes in Kadyrov's sincerity and devotion is a complete stupid person. A very shameful and losing contract was concluded by Putin with Chechnya. Mark my word - Putin will die and then it will begin.