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American press: EU needs to provide subsidies for the supply of Ukrainian grain, otherwise Russia will be the winner

American press: EU needs to provide subsidies for the supply of Ukrainian grain, otherwise Russia will be the winner

The EU needs to provide subsidies for the supply of Ukrainian grain through land routes. This was stated by European Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski.

Otherwise, due to the high cost of overland transportation, agricultural products exported by Kiev will lose their price attractiveness, Bloomberg reports. At the same time, Russia will benefit from being able to sell its products to world markets at better prices.

Voitsekhovsky plans to come out in Brussels with an initiative to subsidize Ukrainian grain supplies. The European Commissioner for Agriculture has already held personal meetings with the ministers of agriculture of Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia and discussed with them the transit of Ukrainian agricultural products through these countries.

Earlier, the authorities of these countries, in order to protect the interests of their farmers, achieved an extension until mid-September of the ban on the sale of Ukrainian grain. The EU countries also plan to expand the bans on Ukrainian agricultural products in transit through their territory.

Voitsekhovsky announced the need to compensate Kyiv for the increase in the cost of export grain via overland routes in order to maintain its price attractiveness. Otherwise, according to the European Commissioner, Russia will benefit.
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  1. Rt Rt
    Rt Rt 27 July 2023 12: 36
    Let the citizens of the gay union throw themselves on bread. You were given a striped indication
    1. Smoker
      Smoker 27 July 2023 13: 06
      One version says (taken from here
      In the granaries of Odessa there is (was) grain owned by the American private company Cargill. The total cost of grain is about 5 billion. The granaries themselves are also owned by Cargill. Ukraine is just a production location. In other words, grain and Ukraine are like the iPhone and China.

      Who made the grain deal with whom?

      The grain deal was concluded by private individuals owning grain produced in Russia and private individuals owning grain produced in Ukraine. Both those and those need to sell the grown grain under the contracts concluded earlier.

      The deal goes like this:

      Russian officials allow the Cargill family to take their grain out of Odessa. For this, Anglo-Saxon officials allow Russian grain owners to transport it across the Anglo-Saxon controlled seas and sell it on Anglo-Saxon controlled lands.

      By the way, the Cargill family has a colossal property in Russia.
      see their possessions in Russia here:

      Therefore, part of the grain produced in Russia is American grain, not Russian.

      Always follow the trail of money. He leads to the truth.
      1. alexoff
        alexoff 28 July 2023 01: 01
        Quote: Smoker
        The total cost of grain is about 5 billion rubles.

        5 billion what? Ruble, hryvnia? If dollars, then the Odessa port will never fit so much, all Ukrainian wheat in 2021 cost less than $5 billion. Grain is actually not so expensive, the profitability of agriculture is not very good, and without sponsorship from the state of food, there would not be such low prices, but with Ukrainian prices for diesel fuel, there should be something on the verge of payback
    2. credo
      credo 27 July 2023 13: 08
      Once again, we have to admit the fact that the ability of Americans - under the guise of caring for a certain neighbor, "peace" in the whole world and protecting mythical freedom - to make anyone pay for their costs, even a German, even a Frenchman, even a Russian or Japanese, deserves separate and thorough research.

      Almost everyone knows that American companies are the beneficiaries of Ukrainian grain, but the Yankees are not at all embarrassed to offer to lay the costs of sending this grain by land through the EU countries to the budgets of the EU countries.

      Truly, no one has ever achieved such transcendent greed and cynicism except the United States. They are unsurpassed "First" in this business. fellow
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 27 July 2023 12: 42
    The EU needs to provide subsidies for the supply of Ukrainian grain through land routes.
    So that Russia does not turn out to be a winner, they are ready to take on another financial burden. Well, keep it up. And in the news, the scrolling line reports that the price of grain has crept up (rejection of the "grain deal", strikes on Ukrainian ports ...), which means subsidizing Kyiv will result in a considerable "kopeck".
    1. carpenter
      carpenter 27 July 2023 13: 12
      Quote: rotmistr60
      So that Russia does not turn out to be a winner, they are ready to take on another financial burden. Well, keep it up.

      "The problem is exacerbated by the fact that it is planned to transport grain by rail to Izmail, through a very important bridge in Zatoka, which is under Russian gunpoint.
      During last week's shelling of Odessa, Russia reportedly struck a bridge and damaged a railway section. There was no confirmation of this, but Russia had previously repeatedly attacked this crossing, including with the help of drones. In any case, Russia has the ability to destroy this bridge or permanently disable it in such a way that the consistent and timely delivery of grain by rail was extremely difficult, if not completely stopped.
      Moreover, there was one report that European countries do not want Ukraine to send their grain to them by rail, and they want to completely ban these deliveries. I do not yet understand the exact reason for this - perhaps my readers know and can report in the comments about this news. I can only speculate that this may have something to do with the fact that Europe does not have the necessary infrastructure to transport this amount of grain by rail, or perhaps further insurance issues, such as sea routes (and also analyst called - ed.). More importantly, however, I believe that trains would carry much less grain than a freighter, and therefore a huge number of trains would be required, which would make the operation of rail transport much more difficult and problematic. 

      And one more thing. 

      You, my readers, need to know one more point of view why Russia is shelling the ports of Ukraine. Boris Rozhin:

      1. The Ukrainian Armed Forces have been placing and storing weapons and ammunition in ports for a long time and, most likely, were confident that these stocks were safe because of the grain deal.
      2. Night explosions in Odessa allow us to conclude that all the weapons brought to the ports for the "South" grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were stored as tightly as possible. Some warehouses in the port area are still on fire.
      3. The volume of munitions and equipment destroyed is still difficult to understand, however, if weapons and armored personnel carriers were critical for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Kyiv will urgently request more in the near future.
      4. To compensate for the stock of destroyed weapons, you will have to spend a significant amount of time. Considering that a significant part of 152- and 155-mm shells, as well as other weapons, enter the area of ​​the Ukrainian offensive literally from the wheels, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will have to change the scheme and method of delivery, and this is additional time, which is not available.
      With all these developments, Zelenskiy begged NATO to convene a NATO-Ukraine council on the grain situation to save her."

      And this is written by a person who has a negative attitude towards Russia
      1. igork735
        igork735 27 July 2023 15: 14
        Thanks for the link you provided. Very interesting.
  3. Uprun
    Uprun 27 July 2023 12: 43
    In order for the outskirts to sell grain, does it still need to be paid from above?
    1. carpenter
      carpenter 27 July 2023 13: 31
      Quote from uprun
      In order for the outskirts to sell grain, does it still need to be paid from above?

      Of course, the railway in the west is not rubber, and the roads are overloaded, but you also pay for motor vehicles.
      For example, a small simple "zhabodav" mountain river transports 2500 tons, this is a full railway train, and the average bulk carrier is 25 deadweight, this is already 000 trains. The cost is several times cheaper, I will not mention the logistics on the coast and storage. But the main thing is not in this grain, which Ukraine, like a hare, is a stop signal, the transportation of weapons by sea and b / c, that's what Ukraine needs, but it has lost it.
    APASUS 27 July 2023 12: 50
    So, subsidies? So the US has already announced an increase in sowing capacity for wheat
  5. B-15
    B-15 27 July 2023 12: 53
    What is the audacity of the Americans.
    Farmland 404 bought up.
    Harvest Ukrainians have grown.
    But they slept on naval sabotage.
    It turns out to be expensive for the Americans to export their grain.
    So they want to cheat the Europeans to pay for the transit of their grain.
    Excellently conceived.
    And after all, with the current leadership of the EU and the countries that are members of it, this will work out.
  6. Semovente7534
    Semovente7534 27 July 2023 12: 57
    The problem is who pays? after all, we, the poor citizens of Europe, or who wanted this war, i.e. EU, US and UK? In my opinion the US and the UK should pay, with all the money they have stolen from the poorest in recent years, is it time for us Europeans to compensate and then they are not the 2 largest liberal and democratic states in the world? then it's time to prove it, do not always treat us like your little slaves, of course this will never happen and we European citizens will pay.
    1. Uprun
      Uprun 27 July 2023 13: 29
      Pray for the self-propelled grandfather, if Trumpushka comes to power, then he will still force you, the Europeans, to compensate for military supplies to the outskirts, US costs. This will be the cherry on the cake, in fact, it’s not the outskirts-bankrupt to pay the bills, anyway there’s nothing to take there.
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. oleg-nekrasov-19
    oleg-nekrasov-19 27 July 2023 12: 59
    Quote: oleg-nekrasov-19
    American press: EU needs to provide subsidies for the supply of Ukrainian grain, otherwise Russia will be the winner

    It is easy for the American press to talk about subsidizing Ukrainian supplies by Europe, this is not the European press. laughing
  9. Vasilenko Vladimir
    Vasilenko Vladimir 27 July 2023 13: 30
    pay for the transportation of mattress wheat from the territory of the former Ukraine