Americans create a hybrid engine BMP

Fuel-saving technologies are beginning to enter the arms market. In particular, in the United States, work is in progress on the creation of the first models of infantry fighting vehicles, which would be activated with the help of hybrid propulsion systems. A few hundred liters of fuel for every hundred kilometers of road is a luxury that even the richest armies and countries of the world cannot afford. Currently, the American army is actively developing hybrid engines, which, depending on the type of terrain along which the vehicle moves, can reduce fuel consumption by 10-20%.

At first glance, this figure is not particularly impressive for the average man, but if the fate that the American army is armed with more than 6 thousands of infantry fighting vehicles, and this army has been quite active in fighting lately, it can be assumed how much money these armored monsters burn every day. New hybrid infantry fighting vehicles are developed by BAE Systems and Northrop Grumman Corporation, which are working together on a promising GCV project - Ground Combat Vehicle. In addition to the already mentioned reduction in fuel consumption, new infantry fighting vehicles have a number of other advantages that attracted the American military: new cars have better security, dynamics, are less capricious in maintenance, emit a lower noise level, and most importantly, they are simpler and cheaper during operation. This is important if we consider that the announced prices for new hybrid BMPs will be 10,5 million dollars (together with the costs of their operation). This amount is about 5 times the cost of the M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles in service with the US Army.

For the first time that the US Army began to formulate a strategy and procurement requirements for the new program of Ground Combat Vehicle, it was announced December 3 2009 of the year. According to Major General John Bartley (head of the army integration program), the BMP will be the first product of the new program. It was assumed that its development will be completed within 7 years. The new American program Ground Combat Vehicle has changed the program Future Combat Systems, which was completely closed by the US Department of Defense.
Americans create a hybrid engine BMP
Draft infantry fighting vehicle proposed by BAE Systems

The new group of combat and transport vehicles being created should best meet such important criteria as ensuring survivability, protection, mobility (system survivability, protection and mobility) taking into account the appearance of new technologies in the future, Bartley said. At the same time, most of the requirements for the new technology were recognized as “technologically achievable”. Paul Menhei, a representative of the army integration program, noted that they would not impose any particular weight restrictions on promising combat vehicles, while the developers themselves would have to ensure the transportation of new infantry fighting vehicles by sea, rail and air transport (using C-17 cargo aircraft ). Similarly, the army abandoned the right to dictate terms for choosing a base of new equipment - tracked or wheeled.

Considering that promising combat systems should have sufficiently good mobility in urban conditions, it was suggested that the mass of new infantry fighting vehicles would not exceed the mass of modern models of main combat tanks. Quite serious requirements to achieve high firepower of the machine can push its creators to use 30 or 40-mm automatic guns and coaxial M-240 machine guns of 7,62 mm caliber. In addition, the machine must be equipped with an independent station weapons for the commander of the BMP and wireless weapons control system. At least, information about this was contained on the slides that were shown during the briefing.

It should be noted that the development of BMP is not the sole purpose of the GCV program. In addition to the infantry combat vehicle itself, it is intended to develop on its base a modern ACS and so-called secondary car. Regarding the self-propelled artillery, it is known that the caliber of its guns will not be less than 100-mm, but on the secondary machine there is practically no information. At the moment, engineers and military did not publish any specific information on this subject. Most likely, under this rather strange term hides a kind of universal platform for repair and evacuation, command and staff, sanitary, transport and other similar machines.
Draft infantry fighting vehicle proposed by BAE Systems

According to the plans of the Pentagon, the new BMP is to replace the Bradley BMP in the army, which was created under the impression of the Soviet BMP-1 and entered service in the 1981 year. In August 2011, the US Army awarded 2 a two-year contract for the creation, construction and subsequent testing of two technical demonstrators under the GCV program. The contracts are issued to two alliances: BAE Systems and Northrop Grumman (450 million) and General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin (440 million dollars). At 2012, the year in the military budget for research and development in the framework of the GCV program was provided for another 449,4 million dollars. Already in the next 2013, the US Army should decide on which of the two alliances to allocate money for a promising platform with the provision of a four-year contract for the full development and testing of BMPs. Serial production of the selected combat vehicle is planned to expand with 2018 year.

The estimated crew of the new BMP will be 3 man, while the machine will be able to take on board the 9 man landing. In addition, there was a requirement to work out the use of "non-lethal weapons" (non-lethal weapons) and equip them with a new combat information system (Ground Soldier System), which would provide both the crew and the paratroopers with a high level of "situational awareness". At the same time, representatives of the American Army noted that the requirements for infantry fighting vehicles are subject to change. In turn, according to the developers, the GCV program initially provides for the possibility of future modernization, and its concept and basis will remain unchanged for up to 40 years.

The development of the Alliance BAE Systems and Northrop Grumman suggests the use of a new hybrid installation, the Hybrid Electric Drive (HED) with 1100 kW, instead of the usual engine. This installation was created by QinetiQ and allows you to save up to 20% fuel. This engine has a smaller number of parts, a simpler design, low weight and volume, as well as a low noise level compared to other hybrid installations. In fact, it can be called silent, which is important enough for covert movement and disguise. At idle, it consumes 17,5 liters of fuel per hour, which is less than a liter of 20-22 than would be required if a conventional BMP engine had the same mass. It is worth noting that the BMPs spend a large amount of time in this mode, waiting for the right moment or crew and keeping all the onboard systems and devices on alert. So low fuel consumption at idle is a significant advantage.
Draft infantry fighting vehicle proposed by BAE Systems

Indeed, the proposed hybrid electric motor reduces the cost of BMP for fuel, but its rather impressive weight in 63,5 tons does not allow talking about “automobile” fuel consumption. The volume of tanks BMP is about 965 liters, and the power reserve of the machine - 300 km, which means that it "eats" about 320 liters of fuel for every 100 km. Yes, you heard right, the weight of the armored vehicle exceeds 60 tons, which is more suitable for the main battle tank. For example, the same Bradley BMP weighs about 30 tons, although it also contains less people on the 3 and presents a lower level of protection to the crew and landing force. At the same time, booking BMPs created under the GCV program should be at the level. In the application of the Pentagon, the maximum weight of the future BMP was not specified and, it seems, the developers in this matter have tried immensely.

It is assumed that the BMP will receive a wireless digital communication system, as well as a powerful artificial intelligence technique for conducting surveillance and intelligence. Thanks to the use of a hybrid engine, the armored vehicle will be able to change its speed smoothly and move fairly quietly, which is another advantage of the BMP, especially during maneuvers at night. In this case, the declared maximum speed of the machine should be 70 km / h, and from 0 to 30 km / h it can accelerate in just 7,8 seconds.

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  1. +5
    19 December 2012 09: 02
    A couple of points raise questions. Hybrid - this means batteries. ANY batteries are still expensive, difficult and, in general, ineffective outside the urban environment. Something I did not hear about breakthrough technologies in this area, maybe, of course, they secret what ...
    The second is this stern overhang. As I understand it, there will be troops. I am wondering - will there be individual burp bags? How is it supposed to be seasick there? Take our infantry fighting vehicles 1-2 - there the troops INSIDE the base are "storming" with might and main on the marches, not least for this reason three engines were stuck in the back, there people are sitting closer to the center of mass. But this box is in ... opera on the concept ... well, I don't know, maybe some cunning American roll stabilizer is ... for an extra lemon of greens what
    1. Doom
      19 December 2012 10: 15
      This is just a concept of one of the corporations and of course there is no landing
      [center] [img]
  2. Skiff
    19 December 2012 09: 55
    A cluttered topic, this monster has already managed to be touched in all forums.
    1. coast
      19 December 2012 14: 06
      an article about this miracle was already here
      1. bask
        19 December 2012 14: 14
        Quote: bereg
        an article about this miracle was already here

        I agree, there has been a recent article about this Amer’s ,, rattle. ,, .. It’s better to give info about the new Russian BMP-T
    2. Prohor
      19 December 2012 16: 07
      In general, this fryer looks like a Sherman! laughing
    3. Kir
      19 December 2012 17: 47
      I completely agree zamusolennaya !!!
      It’s just interesting that he’s in the stern, it’s painfully hardened, and there’s no overabundance of any antennas, maybe they create them for something else. in general, most likely it will end with the topic being closed for financial and other things.
  3. +3
    19 December 2012 11: 06
    Something tells me that these beautiful pictures have nothing to do with reality. The declared requirements are generally understandable, but before implementation (in prototypes) there are still years of work.
  4. +3
    19 December 2012 13: 18
    another dough cut ... good luck to them laughing
  5. +3
    19 December 2012 14: 09
    this is such a thing, they’re sitting there worse than Serdyukov ....
  6. Nechai
    19 December 2012 17: 18
    Quote: Prokhor
    In general, this fryer looks like a Sherman!

    M-113, gobbled up anabolic steroids ...
    Quote: Lone gunman
    this is such a thing, they’re sitting there worse than Serdyukov ....

    Well, what, just a little Serdyukov and Serdyukov. But you have tried ONLY from budget financing for 5 years (according to the Accounts Chamber) to steal and launder 400 billion rubles! 80 Lyamov per year to go out. For comparison, in the next 3 years for ALL EDUCATION in Russia federal funding is provided in the amount of 78 billion rubles. in year. Here. But there was still time to sell, it was unprofitable for the state budget and very profitable for the team and its roof, the property "released" and "unnecessary" for the Armed Forces (turn the team of reformers. They know better. MO, what is not necessary.)
    1. +3
      19 December 2012 17: 22
      Quote: Nechai
      113, gobbled up anabolic steroids ...

      For me it's still the same BraDley
    2. bask
      19 December 2012 19: 12
      Quote: Nechai
      3 years FOR ALL EDUCATION in Russia, federal funding is provided in the amount of 78 billion rubles. in year. Here. But still it was necessary to sell

      Do not poison the soul of Nechai. And for medicine. How many people could sleep ... And how many armored vehicles to buy. ???? The T-90s were not sold to the Indians, but were armed with the RA. BMP-3F, self-propelled guns, Vienna, etc. If in the next 10 years. These liberals-oligarchs will be in power in Russia. It’s not a pity, but we will come full ..yu ..... These ....... have no more excuses ,,,, that there is no money ,,,,, it turns out that money was allocated ... a huge amount .... It is disgusting from the fact that these .... guide us and consider us to be cattle-working cattle ... MO is one of the cogs in the all-Russian corruption scheme .. And how much was stolen in the Russian fraud .. ???
      1. 0
        20 December 2012 07: 52
        there is no money for the purchase of something necessary. but the money you love is ALWAYS
  7. Nechai
    19 December 2012 19: 49
    Quote: bask
    If in the next 10 years. These liberals-oligarchs will be in power in Russia. It’s not a pity, but we will come full ... ..

    "The work of saving the drowning, the work of the drowning themselves!"
  8. 0
    19 December 2012 20: 33
    What is this newfangled kerogas?
    With sails and solar panels, BAE Systems can save another 5-6 percent !! Well, if you put a windmill - then generally ...
  9. Cat
    19 December 2012 21: 11
    This engine is characterized by fewer parts, simpler design, low weight and volume, as well as low noise compared to other hybrid plants. In fact, it can be called silent, which is important enough for secretive movement and disguise. At idle, it consumes 17,5 liters of fuel per hour, which is 20-22 liters less than would be required for a conventional BMP engine of the same mass. It is worth noting that BMPs spend a lot of time in this mode, waiting for the right moment or command and keeping all on-board systems and devices on alert. So low fuel consumption in idle mode is a serious advantage.

    however ... and sticking the APU is not destiny? Is there really no place for her in this "small" 60-ton armored car? Or maybe the designers of this wunderwafe have never crossed paths with the designers of the tanks, and the tank itself has not been seen up close - so they do not suspect such a simple solution to the problem ... or they suspect, but they cannot apply it for religious or some other reasons ... who knows him.
    In general, the rationale given in the article for installing a hybrid engine in an armored personnel carrier does not quite resemble logic. But - it’s very much like trying to grab a government order for this very engine. As they say - nothing personal, just business =)
  10. +1
    19 December 2012 22: 11
    So is there any point in an unmanned infantry fighting vehicle
    Unmanned combat vehicle - The Black Knight can be used for tasks that are too risky for a manned vehicle. These include reconnaissance behind enemy lines, gathering information and exploring dangerous zones. The black knight can be integrated into existing combat systems.

    BM-Black Knight is controlled from the commander’s position located inside the Bradley BMP. The BM can also be controlled outside Bradley’s BMP, from the hand, from a portable device. And in this case, the operator can control and see the BM-Black Knight sight and the position of its tower, as well as information from all combat vehicle systems on the screen.

    Americans believe that it makes sense.
  11. +1
    19 December 2012 23: 15
    In profile, it resembles the first Renault tanks.
  12. 0
    19 December 2012 23: 28
    The hybrid engine saves only in traffic jams. Where will they find them on the march or battlefield?
    1. 0
      20 December 2012 07: 54
      where are the traffic jams - the column stands here for you and the traffic jam
  13. +2
    20 December 2012 00: 56
    Imagine the fireworks INSIDE the car, if someone shorts an electric motor with a voltage of 750 volts. And apparently there will not be less, too much power is needed. wink

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