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The US press claims that so far not a single Ukrainian pilot has moved from the F-16 simulator to the cockpit of a combat aircraft

The US press claims that so far not a single Ukrainian pilot has moved from the F-16 simulator to the cockpit of a combat aircraft

The American publication Politico comes out with a publication stating that the final agreements between Western countries and Kiev on the issue of education and training of Ukrainian pilots to fly F-16 fighters have not yet been reached.

The publication, citing unnamed officials, writes that the problem arises both with specific places of training, and with the transition from simulators directly to flights on combat aircraft.

From the Politico article:

Despite the fact that Denmark and the Netherlands are at the forefront of the "fighter coalition" of 11 countries, so far they have not committed to providing their F-16s for the training program.

Previously, several groups of Ukrainian pilots were sent to the West to learn how to pilot the F-16. Several people are at the base in Tucson (Arizona, USA). It is this base that is considered as the main one for the training of Ukrainian pilots, however, according to Politico, this has not yet been finalized.

According to the newspaper, "so far this proposal has not received proper development." But they didn’t get it for the reason that the United States would like to train Ukrainians on the F-16, which the Danes and Dutch will transfer to Tucson. Apparently, they are afraid for their technique.

In turn, the Europeans want American instructors to arrive in Denmark and the Netherlands, but again there are problems with whose planes to use.

In its material, Politico refers to US officials reporting that disputes over this issue continue, "however, the United States remains in close cooperation with its European partners in NATO."

If, again, the American press is to be believed, then so far not a single Ukrainian pilot has transferred from the F-16 simulator directly to a combat aircraft.

Earlier, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Reznikov, stated that not 6, but 4 months would be enough for Ukrainian pilots to train, "since Ukrainians know how to learn." According to him, the first F-16 fighters piloted by Ukrainian pilots will appear in the sky of Ukraine in early 2024.

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  1. Murmur 55
    Murmur 55 26 July 2023 07: 04
    Well, they promised to promise, but with the execution it’s not shaky, not too bad, at this stage, Washington does not want to force, and they seem to have their own reason.
  2. Nexcom
    Nexcom 26 July 2023 07: 05
    Kyiv's partners are probably worried that Svidomo pilots will decompose their litaks into firewood on the runway in the very first training flight? laughing
    1. Murmur 55
      Murmur 55 26 July 2023 07: 15
      Nexcom hi, of course they are worried, they know how to count these (censorship) money, and taking into account that they have gone into Ukraine immensely and there is no RETURN, then there is one plane in the price, plus the story with the Leopard tower has not been forgotten, plus the image losses at first, the amers praised the pilots of Ukraine in everything pipes, and here the embarrassment can come out, so for now let them fly virtually.
      1. Nexcom
        Nexcom 26 July 2023 07: 23
        That's it, Murmur 55 hi
        That is why I wrote such a post, remembering the story of the tankers-invaders and the demolished tower at Leo in training. And given that their drugs with experience are already noticeably thinned out, only very inexperienced ones remain.
        1. Alexander 3
          Alexander 3 26 July 2023 07: 50
          The longer the Ukrainian letak sits in the cockpit of the simulator, the longer he will stay in this world, but not at Bandera on the poles.
    2. fruc
      fruc 26 July 2023 08: 49
      Now their brains can fly on American planes.
  3. Mouse
    Mouse 26 July 2023 07: 11
    oh ... yes, they will agree and agree ... a matter of time .... they just blur our eyes ......
  4. Lech from Android.
    Lech from Android. 26 July 2023 07: 17
    The US press claims that so far not a single Ukrainian pilot has moved from the F-16 simulator to the cockpit of a combat aircraft

    I believe ... I believe the word of the American press ... it never lies. smile
  5. Observer2014
    Observer2014 26 July 2023 07: 19
    The situation is very serious. Especially given their decision to start deliveries of any weapons. And they are there the very next day. So it will be here. They will announce the start when the pilots will already warm up the engines. Here the whole question is where they are going to be based On the territory of Ukraine or not. Or maybe a part is there. part abroad. They took off from .... Landed at ..... And how our command will react to their flights. Although Lavrov voiced how. But they also voiced about any deliveries in general before. True, now we are discussing f 16.
  6. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 26 July 2023 07: 20
    If, again, the American press is to be believed...
    The key here is the "American press", which is often used by the Pentagon and intelligence agencies for disinformation. I would like to believe that with the training of Ukrainian pilots and the dispute between Americans and Europeans, things are exactly the way Politico writes.
  7. bober1982
    bober1982 26 July 2023 07: 39
    Ukrainian pilots moved to the cockpit of the F-16, from simulators, a long time ago, but this will not save them, they will shoot down, given that the level of such "talented" pilots is like that of lieutenants of graduates of schools, that is, none. Plus - add the complete absence of trained engineering and technical staff, plus - there is no airfield network, logistic support.
    The Americans understand all this, and therefore they are playing for time, they do not want to substitute the F-16 for slaughter.
  8. Yaro Polk
    Yaro Polk 26 July 2023 07: 47
    interesting .. ukrofascists will draw fascist crosses on them .. like the Luftwaffe?)
  9. Rt Rt
    Rt Rt 26 July 2023 08: 01
    If we continue to be as kind as we are now. Then the issue of pilot training, as well as the transfer of aircraft to Ukraine, will only be a matter of time
  10. Vladimir80
    Vladimir80 26 July 2023 08: 43
    Will we still believe dubious reports from enemy countries from enemy media? Like, "white man" never lies?
  11. TwilightElf
    TwilightElf 26 July 2023 09: 02
    yes, they won’t be there initially. Only a naive fool might think that IT will be trusted to the vooks) their own will sit there, active or wild geese ...... just like they are sitting now behind the levers of leopards and other things.
  12. TwilightElf
    TwilightElf 26 July 2023 09: 05
    Quote: Vladimir80
    Will we still believe dubious reports from enemy countries from enemy media? Like, "white man" never lies?

    Well, what are you right words .. it’s customary for gentlemen to believe in a word) for that he is a gentleman) and the word given to a serf is not worth anything.
  13. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 26 July 2023 10: 03
    If they are already on the simulators, this is a significant step forward.
    F-16 simulators are very realistic.
    They include simulators of both air battles and strikes on the ground. 3/4 of the difficulties for a pilot who switched to the F-16 is not the control of the aircraft, but the correct use of a variety of weapons.
    1. Gestas
      Gestas 27 July 2023 18: 36
      Do you have such experience in "transplanting", sorry, why specifically (?), Or about 75% like that, "diagonally through the ceiling", when looking at it from the sofa?