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Completed the first stage of flight tests of the hydrogen-electric aircraft Dornier 228

Completed the first stage of flight tests of the hydrogen-electric aircraft Dornier 228

In the West, experiments are continuing to create aircraft with the so-called zero emissions. One of the leaders in the development of machines of this type is the British-American company ZeroAvia.

As stated on the company's website, the first stage of flight tests of the Dornier 228 aircraft was successfully completed the other day. The prototype, equipped with a ZA600 hydrogen-electric engine, performed a series of 10 flights at Cotswold Airport in Britain, the longest of which lasted 23 minutes. The maximum height to which the car climbed was 1,5 km.

On the opposite side of the wing, a conventional fuel-powered power plant was placed. Both types of engines developed the same power. In a number of cases, during the tests, the hydrogen-electric plant independently produced the necessary thrust.

ZeroAvia is making fantastic progress on pioneering zero emission flights and I want to congratulate them on another milestone completed by a successful flight test campaign

British Industry Minister Nusrat Ghani said.

Through this department, state support for the project is provided. As stated, during the operation of the aircraft, the only emission will be water with a low temperature.

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  1. Murmur 55
    Murmur 55 21 July 2023 11: 46
    That is, these "innovators" want to move the fuel giants from the market ??? Let's remember.
    1. savage3000
      savage3000 22 July 2023 22: 39
      Conspiracy theorist? ) Oh well. Who is sick.
  2. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 21 July 2023 11: 47
    Fuel cells, that is. Serious power. Only hydrogen is not easy to produce, it is still expensive. And storing and transporting is not easy. It's very light. Only 70 kg per 1 m3 in a liquefied state. And if you compress to a good density, then 700 atm. The balloons will be serious.
    1. shikin
      shikin 21 July 2023 22: 44
      Moreover, it would be nice to estimate how many different emissions there will be in the production of fuel cells, in the production of hydrogen, in the creation and production of the entire infrastructure for the storage and use of hydrogen, and so on. The, that in times more expensive - understandable. What is more environmentally friendly should be looked at as a whole, the entire chain, up to the feedstock, and it may not be a fact that it is more environmentally friendly.
    2. Gestas
      Gestas 25 July 2023 12: 13
      The problem of storage / transportation is by no means in ease, but in the effect of hydrogen on metals - it embrittles them during prolonged exposure.
  3. esl462
    esl462 21 July 2023 12: 06
    All this is nothing more than an attempt to cash in on green madness.
  4. Clone
    Clone 21 July 2023 12: 08
    Ndaaa ... pants full of adrenaline for passengers who risked flying "on hydrogen".
  5. kor1vet1974
    kor1vet1974 21 July 2023 12: 11
    Yes, not perfect, not worked out, there is no end to the work, but they are doing something ..
    1. faiver
      faiver 21 July 2023 12: 27
      so we flew on hydrogen like the Tu-154 50 years ago ....
  6. Leader_Barmaleev
    Leader_Barmaleev 21 July 2023 12: 54
    There are a great many ways to get hydrogen - the most, most, MOST clean and energy-intensive fuel, and everything would be fine, if not for one thing - among these methods there is NOT ONE, not only environmentally friendly, but even environmentally acceptable way. Electrolysis? More than a centner of coal will be spent per kilogram of hydrogen, and we must always keep in mind what we will collect from the cathode and where we will put it. Displacement of hydrogen from acid on metal? What metals did you smelt? Where will the resulting salts go? I generally keep quiet about other methods with an efficiency of less than 0,1%. So pampering is - WILL NOT FLIGHT!
    1. vadimtt
      vadimtt 21 July 2023 14: 42
      There is also free (side) radiolysis at nuclear power plants. But not very lively, nuclear power plants need to be built up tightly laughing

      PS: There is something with new breakthrough catalysts they are chemically, maybe there will be inexpensive hydrogen. But for anyone - exploitation is a living hell.
  7. Dizel200
    Dizel200 21 July 2023 13: 00
    Again arrogant Saxons breshut. He flew with one working engine on kerosene. Second for the view wassat
  8. Andriuha077
    Andriuha077 21 July 2023 15: 25
    ZeroAvia was founded by Valery Miftakhov from Chelyabinsk.
    In the late 1990s, he graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and moved with his family to the United States to receive his PhD in physics from Princeton University. But business captured him more strongly than his scientific career. First he founded the company eMotorWerks, which produced charging systems for electric cars, and after selling it, he turned his attention to his old passion, aviation.
    In June 2020, a ZeroAvia-powered hydrogen passenger aircraft made its first flight.
    - In 1997, you graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, entered Princeton and moved to America. How did you decide on this?
    — I studied high energy physics. In 1997, there was not much work for physicists in Russia. And I already had a two-year-old son, so I decided to try to move for my studies - to enroll in a PhD program. At that time, it was already quite popular at Phystech. About 60–70% left our course. Some later returned, but some remained abroad.
    - What surprised you the most in the USA then?
    - Russia was just coming out of the dashing nineties, so there was a contrast.
    Before the pandemic, I traveled to Russia once every three months - my mother, brother, sister and their families live in Chelyabinsk.

    Green technologies for aircraft engines discussed at CIAM
    At a scientific information meeting at the Central Institute of Aviation Motors named after P.I. Baranova (CIAM, part of the NRC Institute .... 1 month agoциам+водород
    efficiency will be very high.
    A prototype hybrid engine developed by the CIAM team
    Electric aircraft "Sigma-4E"

  9. Egor53
    Egor53 23 July 2023 11: 19
    What the hell is "zero emission"! Hydrogen is used as fuel. And hydrogen is obtained by steam conversion of methene, and emissions are much higher than from the combustion of aviation kerosene.