A.Yu. Savin - Brain War


As long as social relations exist on Earth, the same lasts story power pressure (influence) policies in solving inter-social problems. And as it is not surprising, but the tool itself (from the primitive stick of a primitive man to the modern nuclear missile weapons) and the methods of its application (blow) in their root essence remain unshakable.

However, recently, a paradoxical situation began to emerge in the field of weapons development: the more perfect it is, the less likely it is to use it. Achievement of high accuracy of hitting conventional ammunition, equipped with a multifunctional intellectual guidance system, and the use of low-vulnerable means of delivering long-range can solve strategic problems. In the future, this may lead to a significant ousting of nuclear weapons (which is starting to happen already in our days). The pace of miniaturization of technical systems and the planned breakthrough in the energy sector suggest that in the near future the problems of deploying such weapons of strategic action on any type of carrier will be removed. In this case, the carrier (aircraft, helicopter, self-propelled installation, car, etc.) will fall into the category of components of strategic weapons and may be subject to negotiations on the reduction of strategic weapons and the narrowing of their use.

This situation is evaluated by domestic and foreign experts as a paradox, which is expected to be updated in the near future.
In addition, the geopolitical balance sheets in the world often make the use of weapons in solving political issues an unacceptable means.

Taking into account these circumstances, the military and scientists from different countries of the world are conducting an intensive search for such options for influencing the enemy that would ensure the solution of political tasks mainly by non-force methods in the generally accepted sense. The priority is given to the development of methods and means of brain (psycho-manipulative) attacks on the leadership, army and population of the enemy.

Leading specialist of the country in the field of information and psychological confrontation V.F. Prokofiev, evaluating the motives for developing new methods for solving geopolitical tasks by controlling the individual and mass consciousness of allies and opponents, writes: "... The desire to learn to influence a person directly through his subconscious mind is expressed in the development of various methods that have arisen throughout the history of mankind starting from shamanism and ending with modern sophisticated and hidden psycho technologies, when the subject of the impact is not aware of the goal or even the fact of the impact itself. from informational influences of an open type is that they are covertly (rather, even secretly), that is, without the knowledge of the subject of the impact, deprive him of the right to independently choose logical decisions, freedom to choose his own behavior, fulfillment of desires, express emotions and even the psychophysiological state organism (mood, health). This is achieved either by the preliminary introduction of the subject of the impact into an altered state of consciousness, or by the introduction of manipulating information against the background of distracting messages right in Consciousness, bypassing the stage of critical perception of human consciousness. At the time requested, this information, according to a conditional signal (password) from the subconscious level, emerges in the consciousness and is perceived by a person as his own thoughts and beliefs. In accordance with the program laid down by man, the subject of the impact organizes his behavior, makes decisions. In the limiting version, as a result of the informational and psychological impact of the hidden type, this person turns into a zombie, which unfailingly fulfills the will of his master. A person who has undergone "programming" outwardly behaves like an ordinary person and is unaware that he is "programmed." He will react only to the key team given to him at the right time. After completing the assignment, the person - “zombies” is not even aware of what he did on this command - the program “ordered” him to forget this fact. Several special programs can be laid in the subconscious of such a person (“The object of the attack is the human subconscious”. General Headquarters of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Center for Strategic Military Research. “Military Security of the Russian Federation in the XXI Century.” , 2004. Prokofiev V.F.).

At the end of the 80 of the last century, the leadership of the Armed Forces of the Soviet Union received information that the Americans had launched a real psychotronic war (“Brain war” in their terminology) against the USSR, aimed at gaining one-sided superiority in the area of ​​secretive influence on human consciousness. And in this, our potential adversaries have created a powerful scientific and practical potential, having been cut off from us for almost four decades.

The main objectives of the "Brain War":

· Imposing on the opponent a way of thinking.
· Mental state programming.
· Violation of the adequacy of thinking and analysis.
· Challenge the necessary emotions.
· Challenge (exacerbation) of diseases (mental and physiological).
· Destruction of manpower using non-traditional approaches.
· Remote opening of enemy plans with the help of specially trained people - special operators.
· Remote monitoring of personal characteristics of political, military, economic, religious leaders with the use of computerized psychotesting complexes and the use of special operators.
· Remote determination of the coordinates of the masked objects of the enemy.
· Opening the enemy's agent network using unconventional approaches.
· Development of methods for the maximum disclosure of people's intellectual abilities (“the elixir of genius”).

Managing people's thoughts by their desires, shaping a world view, imposing the “necessary” solution on them, achieving goals without visible violence — these are the main driving forces behind the possible appearance of the Brain War weapon.

In the US, attempts to develop methods to control the human psyche were undertaken as early as 1945 by the “Paper Clip Operation” program, a program that uses Nazi brainwashing specialists.
Almost immediately after it, a whole series of scientific studies started: “Chatterbox” in 1947, “Blue Bird” in 1950, and “Artichoke” in 1951. The results of these studies yielded such a powerful result that in 1953, on the orders of CIA Director Allen Dulles, the most ambitious project of the time, MK-ULTRA, which was headed by Sydney Gottlieb, started. The main objective of this program was to identify or invent a tool, commonly referred to as “truth serum,” which would open up the possibility of identifying foreign spies, primarily, of course, Soviet ones.

Indeed, possessing a similar means of suppressing and controlling the psyche, the American intelligence services could not only recognize the thoughts of practically any person of interest to them, but also implement certain commands or attitudes into their brains.

In addition, the CIA wanted to get the opportunity to manipulate foreign leaders, find new methods of obtaining information from individuals without their own awareness of data transfer, strengthen or weaken the effect of alcohol or drugs, cause panic and disorientation or, conversely, strengthen mental abilities and perception.

In search of the desired result, American doctors experimented with a variety of drugs: hallucinogenic mushrooms, mescaline, amphetamines and marijuana. At the same time, it should be noted that the experiments were conducted on their own compatriots. To some extent, the project was attended by: Boston Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital, Columbia University in New York, research laboratory of the National Institute of Psychiatry, University of Illinois Medical School, University of Oklahoma, Rothester University. And these are only the most eminent institutions involved in the project. In total, as follows from the report of the senatorial commission, 44 College and University, 15 research institutes, 12 hospitals, 3 prisons participated in the MK-ULTRA project. In this case, the entire project was allocated about 25 million dollars, an impressive amount of funding at that time.

In 1964, the project was renamed “MK-SEARCH”, in which much attention was paid to the possibility of using LSD, other psychedelic and narcotic drugs.

The most extensive in the United States was the Stargate program, which was conducted by the CIA and American military intelligence from 1972 to 1995. The main objective of the project was to use the supersensitive perception of individual specialists, primarily to use the gift of vision, in order to obtain information about the military facilities of the USSR. The director of the Stargate program for the past ten years of its existence has been Edwin May, Ph.D. The people in his team, who had extraordinary abilities, could remotely and with a high degree of accuracy determine the structure of specially protected Soviet military facilities using a topographic map of the area, identify and evaluate the composition of weapons, the characteristics of strategic submarines under construction and aircraft under construction storage of ammunition, including with nuclear war carriers and more.

Work was actively carried out to study the mechanisms of influence on the human psyche. According to some data, reliable methodologies were created, including using technical means, ready to be used to influence world leaders in order to achieve and secure American interests.

In 1995, it became known that the Stargate program is closing. However, an analysis of the results of communication between Russian specialists and American scientists showed that this project became practical and further work began to be carried out under the auspices of the Pentagon in the mode of heightened secrecy.

In parallel with the Americans, studies on the psychophysical effects were carried out and are being conducted in a number of countries in Europe, Asia, and North Africa. For example, Israel in its development focuses on the development of a person of qualitatively new opportunities due to self-regulation, changes in the state of consciousness, the potential of the physical body (athletes, “perfect intelligence officer”, sabotage groups), as well as the creation of technical tools for programming personality behavior. mathematical modeling of the symbols of “Kabbalah”.

In China, work in the field of psychotronics is carried out in almost a hundred scientific organizations with the involvement of scientists from the National Academy of Sciences. The focus is on predicting and controlling human behavior to establish control over responsible decision makers.
There is also indirect information about the implementation in China of a targeted training program for special operators to provide remote exposure. In order to implement the project, the selection and training of people, starting from childhood, is carried out in special educational institutions (altogether several thousand gifted children have been selected).

Research conducted in Japan is largely focused on the needs of the military department. The Japanese Academy of National Self-Defense Forces is studying the possibilities of using parapsychological phenomena, including for reconnaissance purposes. The Institute of Religious Psychology also works on the problems of psychotronics.

In Pakistan, in the interests of the special services, a series of instruments has been developed that cause disturbances, both in human mental activity and in the vital activity of individual organs of his body.

The Spanish military counterintelligence agency funded research on the effects of various physical factors on human organs and the brain in order to create a means of disrupting the functions of these organs and changing the state of the psyche.

In the studies conducted by the United States of America there are three main areas:
1. The creation of devices, the radiation of which is able to affect the human psyche and his physical condition.
2. Development of psychotropic drugs and special techniques of introducing a person into altered, including "trance" states.
3. The selection, training and practical activities of people with extraordinary abilities in the interests of intelligence, counterintelligence and the Pentagon.
The results of American studies have allowed to develop dozens of types of microwave generators and emitters, the impact of which can lead to a violation of the human psyche and his health up to death.

In the USA, the possibilities of using acoustic-electromagnetic generators in the ultra-low and ultra-high frequencies for controlling the psychophysical state of people are also being studied. Using these devices, the coding information for unobstructed perception by the human brain can be entered into audio recordings, television and radio broadcasting, magnetic and optical media with a spectral shift. And the development of computer information networks reveals the possibility of delivering the necessary information to certain individuals or entire social groups.

Color, sound modulation of electromagnetic radiation in the visible range of the sign (semantic) information is also an effective means of influencing the brain. Psychotechnologies combined with computer technologies are able to form an artificial virtual reality in the mind of a person regardless of his will and desire.

Transmission of coded information via a laser beam, a computer network (“death virus”), a telephone network or radio with semantic modulation of the main signal at bioresonant frequencies can lead to a modification of a person’s behavior and even cause his death.
The infrared and ultraviolet ranges of electromagnetic radiation can also be carriers of psychosemantic information. Psychophysical effects of ultrasound exposure are also known.

Of course, today there are still significant problems in the scientific and technical understanding of many issues. However, the successful resolution of these problems can lead to the achievement of the technical indicators necessary to create an effective system of psychophysical weapons, superior in their capabilities to all others in service.

American specialists include the following as the main means of human exposure:
- instrument;
- person;
- man + device.
Instrumentation include:
- computer psycho technologies;
- generators of ultra-frequency radiation of different wave bands;
- audio and video facilities;
- acoustic systems with an “intelligent” signal (including infrasound and ultrasound);
- optical means in the visible, infrared and ultraviolet ranges;
- bioresonance systems;
- shaped radiation generators;
- means and methods of aromatherapy;
- low power radioactive emitters.

The main conditions for managing a person are:
First, the disclosure of the mechanisms of information processes in a person, giving the opportunity to exert a selective effect on the organs and systems of the body, the consciousness and subconsciousness of people.

Abroad, such work has been going on for over 100 years. In the subconscious, research has been conducted since the beginning of the 19th century.

It is believed that without a theoretical and experimental scientific base, which makes it possible to clearly understand and model the processes occurring in the human brain during mental activity and subconscious information processing in controlling the body, talk about coding people, programming their activities and influencing the consciousness using instrumental methods and means meaningless.

To control a person, you need to know almost everything about him: from his anatomy to his worldview.

The list of studies in this area includes:
- Creating an information model of a person. Today it is a major general disciplinary problem over which scientists from the whole world are fighting.
- Studies of the nature and structure of consciousness and the unconscious mental in man. This question is widely covered in scientific literature, but in the most general form. In world science, so far there are only approaches to the question and a limited set of hypotheses.

- Studying the mechanisms and consequences of introducing a person into altered states of consciousness with the help of pharmacological, instrumental, hypnotic, and other means and methods. It should be noted that the work performed by Soviet scientists in Soviet times was a good basis for research and had results that were not inferior to foreign ones, however, they fell into disrepair due to the wasteful attitude to scientific personnel and the lack of funding.

- Research methods of organizing remote exposure to people. Today such means of communication as satellite television, computer networks such as “Internet”, broadcasting can be used.

The principles of the so-called “field transfer” developed in the 70-s in the Federal Republic of Germany have a great prospect. Field transfer allows you to remotely control the properties of any liquid media: water, solutions, blood, lymph, etc.

Nowadays, a huge amount of work is carried out abroad to fine-tune the principles of “field transfer” to practical forms and methods.

Secondly, the means and methods of influencing a person (brain war) must combine the use of instruments and specially trained special operations people. Moreover, the latter, either themselves or with the use of the necessary equipment, should be able to exert a striking or coding (programming) effect, both when in contact with the object of influence and remotely.
Work on finding talented people capable of performing the entire range of duties of special operators - from intelligence to enemy defeat, is conducted in many countries of the world, and schools for their preparation include the experience of Chinese, Indian, African, South American and European cultures.
In our country, at the beginning of the 90-s, an original methodology for the preparation of special operators was created, surpassing all foreign ones, but it is not used by any domestic services.

Thirdly, when developing methods and means of “brain war”, it is necessary to carry out a set of measures to ensure their own security in the field of the psychosphere. Attention should be paid to the development of methods for detecting the facts of psychotronic exposure, treatment and rehabilitation of people who underwent psycho-physiological treatment.

In response to the American developments from the beginning of the 90-ies in our country, a corresponding program was formed and the development of methods and tools to ensure the achievement of similar American goals.

The head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the USSR, General of the Army MA Moiseyev, after consulting with the leadership of the KGB, decided to establish an 10003 military unit under the leadership of Alexei Yuryevich Savin, which was assigned the following main tasks:
- analysis of the progress of work on the “Brain Wars” programs in the USA and in the countries of the NATO bloc, study and testing of various psychotechnics created in Asian, South American, European, African, Altai, Siberian and Tibetan cultures;
- Studies of the problems of altered states of consciousness (ASC), the study of their nature, methods and dynamics. Experimental studies of the ways of introducing a person into the ASC and his intellectual and physical activity in these states;
- development and testing of methods of remote influence on the enemy using the methods of extrasensory perception;
- justification of the basic requirements for the practical use of people with extraordinary abilities and criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of their work;
- research on the nature of human phenomenal abilities;
- research of methods and means of detecting (diagnosing) the facts (results) of psycho-physiological informational impact, treatment and rehabilitation. Creation of testing and rehabilitation complexes.
- development of ways to ensure the safety of citizens from destructive information effects.

In a short time, conceptual documents were drawn up, which included lists of technical means of influencing the psyche and physical condition of a person, various ways of working for people with extraordinary abilities in the interests of reconnaissance and destruction of enemy personnel, the results of the analysis of advantages or vulnerabilities in foreign programs, and operator training methods.

More than 20 organizations of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Industry, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Defense were included in the cooperation of the workers.

Along with the aforementioned areas of the 10003 military unit, the task was to organize the creation of methods and programs for the development of intelligence, the spiritual and physical qualities of servicemen, extraordinary and intuitive abilities and techniques for introducing people into altered states of consciousness that allow them to perform mental activity on the limits of human brain capabilities.

One of the main programs that the military unit of 10003 conducted was called the “Program for the Development of Hidden Super Abilities and Human Abilities”. According to the plan, the technique was supposed to develop the psychophysical abilities and abilities of a person, embodied in it by nature, to the beyond, phenomenal level. It was this field of activity that turned out to be dominant, and the results became key in the correspondence confrontation with the American Brain War machine. Moreover, in a relatively short time, domestic specialists managed to reach leading positions in world experience and set up a school for training “grandmasters” in the field of management and intelligence.

The 10003 methods developed in the military unit made it possible to orient themselves well in the dark, to effectively remove physical pain, to significantly improve memory, attention, intuition, and performance. "A comprehensive program for the development of intelligence" - allowed:
- increase the speed of learning;
- improve the quality of assimilation of information;
- to improve the main parameters of attention: volume, stability, concentration, distribution, switching;
- develop short-term and long-term memory;
- to bring to the highest level analytical skills and abstract logical thinking.

In preparing for this technique, students mastered the methods of heuristics (rules, strategies, methods and techniques that increase the efficiency of estimates and solutions) and heuristic programming. Much attention was devoted to the development of trainings that imitate the intellectual confrontation of individuals or groups of people in solving problems of various orientations and complexity. Already in 1990, we were able to begin practical testing of all the collected methods in the complex.

Today, the national training school, which won in the confrontation with the United States, makes it possible to train the extraordinary qualities of almost any person in a short time (3-5 months).

The results of the Russian specialists exceeded all expectations, but in the new state structure, further work was unclaimed.

Activities to ensure the safety of the country from psychotronic weapons and psychophysical effects on humans in 2004 were discontinued by the decision of the then Chief of the General Staff, Yu. Baluyevsky, and the military unit of 10003, the only state shield of our country in the World Brain War, was disbanded.

Taking into account the underestimation by influential persons of the country of the threat of psychotronic influence from not only potential adversaries, but also extremist forces and structures, it is now necessary to concentrate professionals in this field, find the necessary financial and material resources, conduct the necessary research and development, and attract attention of the public and legislative bodies to the problem, which in the near future is actualized, alas, with damage to the people of our country.

Specifically, it became necessary to create an appropriate state structure, as well as to develop national legislation aimed at protecting people from unconscious destructive informational influences.

These activities should be aimed at ensuring the rights of persons in the territory of the Russian Federation to protect their health from secretive destructive informational impact, protect national spiritual values, moral norms and public morality, and prevent manipulation of mass consciousness.

The basic principles of security in the field of the psychosphere should be the following:

- legality (compliance with the norms of the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the laws of the Russian Federation, the norms of international law in the implementation of activities to ensure information and psychological security);
- state and civil control over the creation and use of special means of remote influence on the human psyche and physiology;
- state monopoly on the development and use of tools and methods of unconscious psychophysiological effects;
- a combination of centralized control of forces and means of ensuring psycho-physiological security with the transfer, in accordance with the federal structure of Russia, of a part of powers in this area to state authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and local governments;
- compulsory licensing of activities related to the development, production, distribution and use of tools and methods of unconscious effects on the human psyche, as well as their certification;
- international cooperation in the field of psycho-physiological safety.
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  1. Lech e-mine
    December 18 2012
    but I think why so in a zombie box ADVERTISING IS DRIVED SO FREQUENTLY - it turns out where the dog is buried. Flushing the brains on a subconscious level A MAN UNCONSCIOUS turns into a ZOMBIE.
    In the United States, therefore, they love to make films about ZOMBIES.
    1. +1
      December 18 2012
      And, apparently, they do not always succeed in all this. But the unsuccessful consequences of the experiment are then taken by rifles and pistols and go to shopping centers and schools ...
      1. 0
        December 18 2012
        Quote: Banshee
        But the unsuccessful consequences of the experiment are then taken by rifles and pistols and go to shopping centers and schools ...
        I would not say that they are unsuccessful. In the study, any negative result is still a result.
        The last massacre in elementary school in the USA also seems to me to be the result of neuroprogramming. And Breivik is also from the same opera.
        1. 0
          January 3 2013
          These are not unfortunate, this is the purpose of the experiment. Look with what frequency, constantly some "crazy" suddenly go and shoot everyone. There can be no coincidences that often.
      2. 0
        December 18 2012
        It does not always work out, because there is free will. Think of love spells, etc. As a rule, against the will of man, all magic leads to a boomerang.
    2. +3
      December 18 2012
      Leha e-mine,
      Quite right remark, Alexey. Now, think in the same way about Dom2 and other "Shows" on our TV? Why are we surprised that there is a dibilization of our population.
      The occult war never really stopped. Previously, the Princes always had occult protection - the Magi. Look closely, the West began the occult occupation of Russia with the destruction of the Magi. In return, the Princes were offered, instead of being elected, a life-long rule strengthened by the "authority" of the church (power from God). And then the church was governed from abroad and all the priests were foreigners.
      An example of the modern occult work of the Western intelligence services is Operation Orange in Ukraine in 2004 to organize the Orange Revolution. For this, the sinister cruiser Ticonderoga entered the Black Sea, re-equipped with special equipment. Well, an example of the suspicious surrender of Saddam's generals in 2003 is another episode of the occult war. By the way, the Americans used Tikanderogu there for the first time.
      1. 0
        December 18 2012
        Quote: Ross

        There is something in this about Evgeny. Maybe a little off topic. I had to watch an emission of unknown energy once. The case was in Siberia, in the country. I was looking for where to make the well. The men advised the pendulum to make a gold ring and where it starts to rotate intensively, so there was a well to do, 100% water is there. I went and twisted in one place, and the angle from the vertical was decent, about 60 degrees, as if something supported him, I was already dumbfounded, I did not believe my eyes, and then hissing and a flash of small green right on the ring, already threw it away. So the unknown exists.
        1. 0
          December 18 2012
          Quote: baltika-18

          Hi Nikolay! I'm glad you got this experience.
          Until 2000, I would hardly have believed it, but I also got an interesting experience. This experience is knowledge. Reading and watching TV will never give knowledge, this is only information. I have come across interesting people and teachers in my life.
          The practice of Chinese yoga, Taoism, has given me a lot. There, the training is so built that you gradually begin to see and feel the energy and even the fields of different people. In Siberia and the Urals, a similar practice is called Alive. If you understand how it affects the body and learn to interact, then real miracles begin.
          1. 0
            December 18 2012
            Quote: Ross
            Until 2000, I would hardly have believed this, but I also received interesting experience.

            By the way, in 2000 all this happened. Yes, and then a lot of interesting things, but this is a completely different story. I will tell you later personally, the time has not come yet. The main thing is to kill fear in yourself.
      2. +1
        December 18 2012
        Have you read fiction?
        The Orange Revolution was done by PR managers without any Ticonderoges. This is generally a simple technology based on subordinating the crowd and controlling it.
        Saddam's generals did not suspiciously surrender, but they sold out in a trite way. This technology has been known since ancient times - look through the history of how many wars were lost due to betrayal.

        Today, special equipment can very roughly affect a person’s behavior - increase aggression, or inspire anxiety, or fear. But to regulate the process of the Orange Revolution through some mythical waves is a fairy tale. At least because crowd control requires groups of people of different motivations and with different tasks, sometimes mutually exclusive (for example, a provocateur and security guard, leader and manager). You can’t direct them in the right direction in any way. For such management ordinary people are used - the so-called beaters of rhythms.

        So, as Occam said, “don't multiply entities unnecessarily).
        1. 0
          December 18 2012

          The Orange Revolution was done by PR managers without any Ticonderoges. This is generally a simple technology based on subordinating the crowd and controlling it.
          Saddam's generals did not suspiciously surrender, but they sold out in a trite way. This technology has been known since ancient times.

          Of course I can’t say this 100%, just a comprehensive analysis of the available information and logic. You probably heard about Hitler’s similar technology in 1944-1945? They wrote a lot about this. In addition, you correctly noticed that the special equipment created anxiety and contributed to the betrayal of the generals. Remember Libya. The assault on Tripoli, they used information weapons there. But it acts the same way, creates anxiety and programs the subconscious.
          1. +3
            December 18 2012
            Information weapon, aka PR - methods and ways of influencing mass consciousness... Used in "concentrated form" in elections. They are based on the psychological characteristics of a person - in particular, the mechanism of the so-called protocooperation is used, when even not very friendly people unite in the face of great danger. Well, for example, such slogans as "we will not let the crime into power", "death to the German occupants", etc.
            The author, however, wrapped up all the trouble about NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), zombies, etc. etc. And these are technologies for individual use, and most of them are available only in a hospital.
            And all fear, insecurity, etc. - this is an information war. When specialists work, you will be amazed at how monstrous the result can be. You can defeat a country without a shot, kill people without even seeing them, make outcasts the most outstanding people. And all scum - on the contrary, by leaders. And all this will be done by the citizens of that country or region for which you are working.
            Roughly speaking, PR is carpet bombing, and all the technologies described are a sniper silent rifle with a special bullet.
            You just do not need to confuse the special development of psychological programming and PR. These are different things, albeit in one direction.
            1. 0
              December 18 2012

              Yes, I understand what PR is. The daughter graduated from the Institute with a degree in public relations and public relations. I've seen enough PR in business marketing. sad
              1. +2
                December 18 2012
                public relay is not exactly what I wrote about. Moreover, business marketing uses a very narrow group of technologies. These are sales techniques, various manipulations and NLP elements. And "fighting" PR uses a wider spectrum, more rigid forms and a different motivational and psychological model. But, the general principle is clear to you if your daughter is a PR man.
                1. 0
                  December 19 2012
                  Thanks for the details, I intuitively understand everything about what to write. About PR: the company where the daughter works (thank God the daughter is simply the organizer of seminars), including PR. And I closely know the head of the PR department and he told me about their typical PR companies, in favor of different companies, when sober people begin to behave like children. When black becomes white and when people sincerely believe what they are saying from themselves, and not by packages enclosed the day before.
                  I really only guess about the horror that you wrote about (military method).
            2. 0
              December 19 2012
              Nerd bravo! Close on topic, almost on target!
        2. Kaa
          December 18 2012
          Quote: Botanologist
          The Orange Revolution was done by PR managers without any Ticonderoges.

          Quote: Botanologist
          Saddam's generals did not suspiciously surrender, but sold corny

          Generals of the Armed Forces of Ukraine too ...
          "Examples include actions Commander-in-Chief of the Ground Forces of Ukraine, General Petruk, who threatened to use units subordinate to him if an attempt was made to "restore order on the Maidan and unblock state institutions." Although the question arises, what right did he have to say and do so? You can recall the former Minister of Defense of the country General Radetsky and former squadron commander of the Ukrainian Navy Admiral Tenyukh, who did not hesitate in military uniforms to climb the podium of the Maidan, trying to prove something to someone. As a result, the first became a deputy of the country's parliament from the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc, the second headed the National Defense Academy of Ukraine, the third became the commander of the Ukrainian Navy.

          But if the actions of the military were more or less straightforward, then the representatives of law enforcement agencies worked quite systematically and thoughtfully. Long before the start of the Orange Revolution, information was being “leaked” into the election headquarters of practically all political forces. At the level of the heads of the special services, secret meetings were held with the presidential candidates and their entourage, even with the then "opposition" candidate Viktor Yushchenko, various "assistance" was provided, and the counterintelligence leaders, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), were especially keen on this. The media published statements on behalf of "law enforcement officers", for example, from the SBU and the Foreign Intelligence Service, who "refused" to influence political events in the country, but in practice they actively did so. Many "far-sighted" bosses "worked" on two fronts, "just in case, hoping that the secret would not be revealed.
          Read more: http://vpk-news.ru/articles/3592
      3. +2
        December 18 2012
        ... in the same perspective about Dom2 and other "Shows" on our TV? Why are we surprised that there is a dibilization of our population.

        Debilitation is not due to D-2 and other TV shows, but due to the habit of the population, especially the younger generation, from reading. Since the latter is very conducive to thinking, generating images, concepts, analysis, comparison, etc.
        In such conditions, TV is evil. Because it operates with ready-made fast-food images and concepts. And a person accustomed to such fast food becomes especially suggestible and controllable.
        Sobst-na .., even the Amerukans themselves recognize such a disaster for their society.
        If the average amero-philistine cannot name the number of continents on the globe and show Washington on a contour map :))
  2. +3
    December 18 2012
    If such a part was disbanded, then there are two explanations for this:
    1. In reality, they did not do anything special or discover.
    2. They discovered so many important things and carried out such a gigantic work that they were gathered under a different "roof" with a different level of secrecy.
    1. 0
      December 18 2012
      Is the photo in the article a celebration of the "end of the world"? laughing
  3. Kaa
    December 18 2012
    Is this a disguised advertisement on the site topwar.ru of another "scam"? Judge for yourself, following the link, you run into the following:
    "We are recruiting students into specialized groups for classes on the methodology of developing intellectual capabilities and revealing the phenomenal abilities of a person. This technique, born in the depths of Russia's secret military programs, and now becoming the exclusive property of a civil society (" General Savin's Methodology "), allows you to develop intellectual abilities , as well as to slightly open the veil of mystery in the nature of human capabilities and give students a way to immerse themselves in the spiritual world, opening wide horizons in the knowledge of a new worldview.
    The full cycle of classes includes three stages (two classes on Saturday and Sunday lasting 4 hours daily):
    As a result of training, students will not only acquire a number of phenomenal qualities, such as:
    - the ability to characterize any person by his photo, initials, number in the list of employees of organizations;
    - the ability to assess a person’s situation at work, in his personal life, in individual contacts with people, etc .;
    - the ability to determine the intentions of opponents or partners;
    - the ability to describe complex technical, socio-political and economic processes in a simple language and succinctly;
    - the development of other creative inclinations and abilities, also related to the phenomenal,
    but they will also gain knowledge that allows them to organize a new content of intelligence called the “Cosmic consciousness”.
    Classes are held by: A.Yu. Savin, V.I. Sidorova.
    Recruitment in groups is by appointment.
    Already there were DEIR, Scientology, Kashperism and other perversions ... apparently, the topic is profitable ... for the organizers ...
    1. +2
      December 18 2012
      Yes, ugly, however ...
    2. +1
      December 18 2012
      - the ability to characterize any person by his photo, initials, number in the list of employees of organizations;
      - the ability to assess a person’s situation at work, in his personal life, in individual contacts with people, etc .;
      - the ability to determine the intentions of opponents or partners;

      All these skills are called "non-verbal behavior". Widely used in mediation (crisis and conflict resolution) - do not confuse with meditation. Google the link "Body language", "non-verbal behavior" - and you will be able to evaluate a person and understand their intentions without any courses of Savin and other hack.
      1. Kaa
        December 18 2012
        Quote: Botanologist
        All these skills are called "non-verbal behavior".

        A person receives 90% of the information per day in a non-verbal way, even psycholukhs in universities teach a little about these "gadgets" ... you see, with the salary of the teachers, it was decided to cheat on the "mysterious military topic". This is a necessary business (salaries are small), but why should people fool their heads, the number of paranoids, already not small, should be multiplied ... negative
        1. +1
          December 18 2012
          That's right. In fact, if you master this technique, plus a couple of courses to counter manipulative tactics, your life will become much easier and cleaner. And people whom you did not know yesterday how to get rid of will simply lose interest in you - they will understand that you are not their prey.
        2. +1
          December 18 2012
          You write, you write ...
          Boa Kaa - do you write ???
          You must ventriloquist - "to me, bandarlogs, to me .."
          Right now, we’ll start the Kaa death dance.
          And you're talking about some .... va .. verbal images.
          1. 0
            December 18 2012
            Въ..no verbal images, verbal reactions.
          2. Kaa
            December 18 2012
            Quote: Igarr
            Right now we’ll start the Kaa death dance

            "I'll finish this right now - and ..."
    3. 0
      December 18 2012
      Yes, all this has already happened and most of all it is zombies, especially the Indian sects trap it.
      People do not want to live because of this. Kasperism or Savinism is very dangerous.
  4. 0
    December 18 2012
    international cooperation in the field of psychophysiological safety.
    But this does not need to rush. As always, we will reveal everything, and will use our work. First you need to find out everything for yourself
  5. djon3volta
    December 18 2012
    those who praise American weapons and blaspheme Putin on this site use these weapons. if I’m right? these weapons are brainwashed by Russians all over Runet, right? by the way, where does Putin keep his $ 130 billion? Tell me, it’s very interesting, and also I want to know when Putin will destroy Russia and destroy all Russians, who knows, tell me ..
    1. +1
      December 18 2012
      Quote: djon3volta
      vilifies Putin

      Information weapon. I took it out of context, the meaning has changed. Just diorea, nothing personal.
      1. vav
        December 18 2012
        But you, however, are familiar with some tricks ...
    2. -1
      December 18 2012
      Quote: djon3volta
      those who praise American weapons and blaspheme Putin on this site use these weapons. Am I right?

      And such options:
      - those who do not praise American weapons and blaspheme Putin;
      - those who praise American weapons and do not blaspheme Putin;
      - those who do not praise American weapons and do not vilify Putin;
      - those who defame American weapons and defame Putin.
  6. 0
    December 18 2012
    Remember how at one o'clock all the main employees of the CPSU’s main financial department calmly went out onto their balconies (sort of accidentally located on the upper floors) and without smoking cigarettes in front of the TV set and before eating, the soups in the kitchen silently jumped down with their heads! Gold party however!
    1. +1
      December 18 2012
      Quote: taseka
      Remember how at one o'clock all the main employees of the main financial department of the CPSU calmly went to their balconies

      And they went back. Do not replicate nonsense.
  7. not good
    December 18 2012
    You will read such an article, compare the last decades of our country with the foregoing, and begin to believe that American brain experts did a good job of both Gorbachev and Yeltsin. Not leaders, but empty-headed dolls. But our achievements, for some reason, did not help us.
    1. Volkhov
      December 18 2012
      Yeltsin just beat the Americans due to personal qualities - a real wizard.
    2. +3
      December 18 2012
      and you begin to believe that both American Gorbachev and Yeltsin were well-trained by American thinkers.

      Humpback was treated, which was quite easy for his psychotype. He is generally a weak person. And Yeltsin stupidly sold out. I wanted power - I got power. By the way, it would be more difficult to handle it, a very stable psyche. Therefore, we got along with the standard set of manipulations - they caught "weakly" and something else. So everything is simple and banal - so far they do without secret waves, antennae from the head and other crap.
      1. +1
        December 18 2012
        Quote: Botanologist
        Hunchback was processed, which was completely uncomplicated with his psychotype. He is generally a weak man. And Yeltsin stupidly sold out

        The remaining 250 million watched with curiosity and did nothing. As a result, they raped what they deserved. It is easiest to blame your own laziness, stupidity, greed and indifference for the machinations of damned enemies.
  8. anchonsha
    December 18 2012
    Bastards, you can no longer call the American-British military. Well, they would have thrown all their energy into scientific work against human diseases, and first of all from cancer, AIDS, and cardiovascular diseases. Already now people would live up to 100 years or more.
  9. +2
    December 18 2012
    Quote: Ustas
    The last massacre in elementary school in the USA also seems to me to be the result of neuroprogramming. And Breivik is also from the same opera.

    Quote: djon3volta
    those who praise American weapons and blaspheme Putin on this site use these weapons. I’m right

    ... absolutely true, colleagues!

    Words tend to materialize and take over minds ...
    There are vaccinations - knowledge of the history of your people, roots, language, way of thinking ...
    Memorizing in the subcortex - what is good and what is bad ...

    But when all this mixes up - people fall into confusion, lose their core and faith, turning into a shaky mess for crafty craftsmen to sculpt what they need ...
  10. +1
    December 18 2012
    Everything is somehow muddy, in my opinion ... There are certainly techniques for influencing the subconscious and many other brain systems, but God forbid we experience them on our own, no one knows what kind of mental changes this can lead to ....
    1. vav
      December 18 2012
      Do not be discouraged ... We are all already testing these techniques on ourselves!
      This is all their charm: the object does not realize that it is under the influence!
  11. Gorchakov
    December 18 2012
    I absolutely agree with the author .... This is rarely the case with me ... Article +
  12. +1
    December 18 2012
    Why post such articles. They don’t pull on science, they don’t carry knowledge. Such nonsense can be seen on REN TV, from Monday to Friday.
  13. +1
    December 18 2012
    Shudegov also stressed that in recent years 20 thousand rural schools have been closed, under the threat of the preservation of military education, the law adopted on Tuesday is trying to "finish off" primary vocational education and has already "taken up" higher education.

    The state needs the illiterate - they are easier to manage.
  14. 0
    December 19 2012
    By youth, by my stupidity, I got into this psychic crap. In Penza there was such a club, they were engaged in all kinds of biofields, meditations and other brainwaves. I’ll say one thing - it certainly has all of this, but hammer on it. Firstly, one does not have to go there, and secondly, it is powerless against prayer. Believe it or not.
  15. +1
    December 19 2012
    Quote from the article:
    "Today, the domestic training school, which won in the confrontation with the United States, makes it possible to teach extraordinary qualities to almost any person in a short time (3-5 months)."

    Psychological dispensaries simply cannot withstand the influx of "almost any person"
  16. 0
    December 19 2012
    Quote: Simple
    psychiatric dispensaries simply cannot withstand the influx of "almost any person"

    ... relevant on the eve of 21.12.2012 laughing
    especially given the worldwide hysteria ...

    By the way, in connection with this,
    Dear colleagues, who and how is going to "survive" this momentous date? fellow
    1. 0
      December 20 2012
      I am modest and tasteful.
      So to speak - in the family circle.
      Why go vabank is not the last end of the world.
  17. 0
    December 20 2012
    Already got this drizzling rain.
    When will it snow?

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