On the Crimean bridge started the movement of cars in reverse mode

On the Crimean bridge started the movement of cars in reverse mode

While in Kyiv they continue to declare about the "blocked logistics" of the Russian army due to the undermining of the Crimean bridge, car traffic has been launched on the bridge itself, while in reverse mode. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin in his TG channel.

Traffic on the automobile part of the bridge was restored after midnight, the first cars went along the extreme right lane of the Taman-Kerch direction. While traffic is allowed only for cars, trucks are still transported through the ferry crossing. According to Khusnullin, preliminary diagnostics showed that traffic on the bridge is possible, in addition, tests were carried out on the span displaced during the explosion.

As was reported to the President today, the bridge was prepared for launch as soon as possible. Carried out a preliminary diagnosis of the structures of spans, which confirmed that their condition allows you to start the movement

- wrote the Deputy Prime Minister in his TG channel.

Reverse traffic is carried out only in the area of ​​the damaged part, in the future two lanes are open for motorists. At the moment, a temporary traffic scheme has been developed. It will remain in effect until the completion of restoration work, which will take, as already reported, up to two months on one side of the bridge, and more than three on the other.

As previously reported, the Ukrainian terrorists did not manage to damage the bridge piers, only two spans were damaged as a result of two explosions. One will be completely changed, the second will carry out restoration work.
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    1. +1
      18 July 2023 06: 19
      It is somewhat different from what was published here and what Khusnullin VVP reported ...
      Khusnullin told how traffic flows from the peninsula are organized and reported on the condition of the bridge.

      - One track [of the railway part of the bridge] has minor damage that does not affect the movement of trains. Railway builders are conducting a survey to determine the scope of work, the vice-premier said. - Traffic on the automobile part has been suspended for the time being, based on the results of a visual inspection of the span supports, it was found that as a result of the terrorist attack, one span of the motorway part in Taman was completely destroyed and cannot be restored. Another span on the second side, in the direction of Kerch, was damaged, there was an axial displacement of 70–80 centimeters, but in general it is on a support. Builders and designers conduct a full survey. Divers are working. I can report that, according to the first preliminary inspections of divers, there is no damage to the supports.

    2. -3
      18 July 2023 06: 24
      It turns out that security is ensured, since traffic was opened? Before that, they didn’t remember about security and safety?
      1. -2
        18 July 2023 06: 27
        These are uncomfortable questions for our leadership. It is unlikely that they will be answered directly.
        They will be redirected to Peskov - he will figure out how to voice them. Let it out.

        zy Skabeeva yesterday just on this topic was noisy on the air, demanding real retaliatory actions for the terrorist attack.
      2. +2
        18 July 2023 07: 43
        Quote from: dmi.pris1
        It turns out that security is ensured, since traffic has been opened?

        And we always have the highest level of security! The only exception is the moment of explosion. What to do about it is still an open question.

        The best thing to do is to demolish the Bandera regime as quickly as possible. Or you shouldn't have touched it at all. Because it will not be possible to negotiate peace with him. The infamous "non-alternative" Minsk agreements turned out to be complete bullshit and deceit for our leadership. But again they are not averse to agreeing!
      3. +3
        18 July 2023 09: 06
        Everything was provided at the time of the report,
        and then the fiesta happened.
    3. -1
      18 July 2023 06: 25
      It is obvious that with such an approach to protecting the bridge, they may well disable the railway bridge.
    4. 0
      18 July 2023 07: 40
      The idea comes that when designing a bridge, in addition to the direct and return tracks, it was worth building a spare.
      1. +1
        18 July 2023 08: 16
        they all did it!!! each branch goes separately, in fact it is 3 bridges
      2. 0
        19 July 2023 17: 55
        in addition to the direct and return routes, it was worth building a spare.
        Yes, it's better to dig a tunnel right away ... fellow where ferries go, the distance is only 4,5 km between the shores. Sobyanin, with his metro construction, don’t give a damn, or rather, not build a couple of extra metro stations in Moscow. I would sign up as a volunteer for such a construction site, grind with my tongue ... lol
    5. 0
      18 July 2023 08: 14
      Taking into account the fact that the cars were inspected, and because of this there was a delay, it is unlikely that the total traffic will drop significantly compared to what it was a week ago.
    6. 0
      18 July 2023 09: 14
      Interestingly, additional protection appeared in order to save the second canvas?
    7. 0
      18 July 2023 11: 22
      Ukrainian terrorists failed to damage the pillars
      What nafig "Ukrainian terrorists"? When will they call a spade a spade? Only Western intelligence agencies had the technical ability to do this.

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