Tanks Stridsvagn 122 came to Ukraine

Tanks Stridsvagn 122 came to Ukraine
Один из tanks Strv 122 in Ukraine

A few months ago, Sweden promised to hand over to the Kyiv regime several Strv 122 main battle tanks, a modified version of the German Leopard 2. Recently it became known that such equipment has reached Ukraine and is now being prepared for shipment to the front. With its help, they plan to make up for the losses incurred and restore the performance of tank units. However, the possibility of successfully solving combat missions is now in question.

10 tanks

The first reports about the future delivery of Swedish tanks to Ukraine appeared in the foreign press in the last days of February. Shortly after these publications, the Swedish military department officially announced a new assistance package, which actually included MBTs. It was reported about the intention to ship only 10 vehicles of the Stridsvagn 122 type from the presence of our own army. The timing of the transfer was not specified.

In mid-May, the Swedish media revealed new details of cooperation with the Kyiv regime. It was reported that during the spring, the Swedish armed forces were training Ukrainian military personnel at their bases. From 3 to 5 people have been trained. Among other things, they were trained in the operation of transferred military equipment, incl. Strv 122 tanks. At the same time, the Swedish press did not specify whether deliveries of MBT and other combat vehicles had begun.

Over the next few weeks, no new information about the delivery of Swedish MBTs was received. The situation cleared up only a few days ago. At the beginning of the tenth of July, a short video appeared on Ukrainian resources showing the newly received foreign armored vehicles. There were seven NATO tanks in the frame.

Strv 122 of the Swedish army. There are no protective covers - the reinforced armor of the hull and turret is clearly visible

Swedish Strv 122s are easily recognized in this technique. They can be recognized by the characteristic contours of the hull and turret, as well as some external elements. In addition, the machines have camouflage covers such as Barracuda. This equipment is typical for Leopards-2 in the version for Sweden.

Judging by a recent video, the former Swedish tanks have not yet reached the front. They are mastered in the rear and prepared for battles. Considering the situation in all the main areas, we can expect that the received Strv 122 will be thrown into battle in the very near future. At the same time, it is already possible to predict the results of the combat use of such MBTs - they will be sad for the Ukrainian side.

Swedish modification

In the early nineties, the Swedish army decided to abandon the development of its own MBT and acquire foreign equipment. A competition was held, the winner of which was the German tank Leopard 2A5 of German design. In 1994, several contracts were signed that determined the procedure for building equipment and modernizing the tank fleet.

At the first stage, Sweden, as a temporary measure, received 160 ready-made Leopards of the 2A4 modification from the Federal Republic of Germany. They entered service with the Swedish army under the designation Strv 121. At the same time, they were preparing to release a version of the Leopard 2A5, Strv 122, modified according to Swedish requirements. The order provided for the supply of 120 of these tanks.

Under the terms of the agreement, the first 29 tanks of the new model were assembled in Germany at the Krauss-Maffei Wegmann plant. Then the production was moved to Sweden, to the enterprises of Bofors and Hägglunds. The assembly of the Strv 122 continued until 2002. After receiving all the desired tanks of the new model, the army began to decommission and return the previously delivered Strv 121 to the FRG. As a result, by the end of the 122s, only the new-built Strv XNUMX remained in service with Sweden.

During the service Strv 122 was upgraded several times. So, already at the beginning of the 122s, part of the machines began to be rebuilt according to the Strv 122B project, which provided for improved mine protection and other changes. Based on it, Strv XNUMXB Int. For use abroad as part of international groups, he received new means of communication and control, compatible with NATO. In addition, measures have been taken for operation in hot climates. The following modifications with the letters "C" and "D" provided for one or another improvement in the fire control system, etc.

Important differences

MBT Stridsvagn 122 is a modification of the German Leopard 2A5, modified in accordance with the special requirements of the Swedish ground forces. He retained the overall architecture and a number of units of the base sample, but received new systems and tools. First of all, we paid attention to the issue of improving the main combat characteristics - protection and fire efficiency.

At the development stage of the original Strv 122 project, enhanced frontal projection protection was introduced. The forehead of the hull and turret received combined armor with tungsten, ceramic and plastic elements. An increase in the level of protection compared to the original Leopard 2A5 is reported, but the exact characteristics are not called. In the Strv 122B project, additional armor was introduced on the bottom, designed to protect the crew and vital units from mines. There are also covers of the Barracuda system, which give camouflage from observation and reduce the infrared signature of the tank.

The armament of the Strv 122 generally corresponds to the original Leopard 2. The main 120-mm gun from Rheinmetall, 44 klb long, remained in its place; unitary shots are still placed in the hull and aft recess of the turret. In this case, coaxial and anti-aircraft machine guns of the Ksp m / 94 type (Swedish designation for the German MG3) and French-made GALIX smoke grenade launchers are used.

For the Strv 122, a new fire control system was developed that surpassed the original equipment of the Leopard 2A5 in its characteristics. It was built on the basis of advanced components for its time. Due to this, it was possible to increase the speed and reliability of detection and identification of targets with the subsequent calculation of data for firing. In addition, there was a function of saving several targets with their successive shelling. Also introduced new means of communication.

exposed to risks

MBT Strv 122 for the ground forces of Sweden was developed on the basis of the latest Leopard 2A5 at that time. Significant measures were taken to improve the basic combat characteristics, as a result of which the modification for the Swedish army surpassed the original vehicle and may even be compared with the next version of the "2A6". In the near future, such tanks will reach the battlefield and be able to show their potential.

From a technical point of view, Stridsvagn 122 of later modifications is a completely modern main tank with fairly high performance characteristics. He is able to solve a wide range of tasks characteristic of such technology. However, in recent weeks and months it has become clear that even modern foreign MBTs have limited prospects and risks.

An attempt by Ukrainian formations to use the Strv 122 in the next episode of the notorious counter-offensive will naturally end in the loss of such equipment and the failure to fulfill the assigned combat mission. The prospects of Swedish technology can be assessed by the results of the use of the Leopard 2A4 and 2A6 MBTs, which have no fundamental differences from the Strv 122. German tanks were used in different areas without any success, but with heavy losses.

As the experience of the battles of the recent past has shown, the first threat to the Strv 122 on the battlefield will be minefields in front of Russian defensive positions. The Swedish version of the Leopard 2A5 features enhanced mine protection, but its exact characteristics are unknown. Probably, additional armor elements make it possible to protect the crew and internal units from undermining, but the full preservation of combat capability is not guaranteed. In particular, MBT can lose mobility and become an easy target for any firepower.

The Swedish army at one time ordered a strengthening of the frontal projection booking. At the same time, other elements of protection remained the same or changed slightly. It is not known exactly what protection the Strv 122's forehead provides, but it cannot be ruled out that not all Russian anti-tank weapons penetrate it. At the same time, from other angles, defeating a tank remains not the most difficult task.

With the correct organization of combat work, Strv 122 tanks will be hit and destroyed by modern anti-tank missile systems, in portable, self-propelled or aircraft versions, artillery from closed positions and even light UAVs with an appropriate combat load. At the same time, in most cases, a Ukrainian tank will not even be able to get close to our positions at an effective fire range. In this case, its usefulness for the offensive will drop sharply - even if it is not undermined or knocked out.

Wreckage and trophies

Thus, the Swedish Strv 122 tanks promised a few months ago finally ended up in Ukraine. Now they are being mastered and prepared to be sent into battle. As in many previous cases, a foreign model of armored vehicles causes unhealthy excitement among the enemy and may become another object of worship.

However, the experience of previous battles with the participation of NATO armored vehicles clearly showed that in the current conditions it has no advantages and even faces certain risks. As a result, the former Swedish Strv 122 MBTs will have to repeat the fate of the Leopard 2 from different countries - some will simply die, while others will be able to get by with less damage and become a trophy of the Russian troops.
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  1. +2
    18 July 2023 05: 02
    The same eggs, only in profile ...
    1. +1
      18 July 2023 07: 04
      10 vehicles, in the conditions of positional battles 2-3 attacks. I bet on minefields.
      1. -2
        18 July 2023 11: 40
        any tank affected in the upper hemisphere
        : shells, UAS, guided mines, loitering ammunition
        therefore, here you need to put KAZ like our Arena-M, 6 defensive shots on 2 sides = 12
        but of them 2 x 2 = 4 are placed upside down to undermine towards the upper hemisphere
        in the photo you can see 2 single ones at an angle of 70-80 degrees
  2. +18
    18 July 2023 05: 06
    Dangerous machine... I hope our soldiers can handle it.
    As always, the delivery of this equipment to the Armed Forces of Ukraine passed without any complications on our part.
    The flow of supplies does not dry up ... logistics at the borders does not collapse ... in general, things are worthless ... for me, NWO has long been no longer NWO, but a real war with the Western crusaders.
    1. +9
      18 July 2023 11: 58
      any tank is dangerous, and any tank is hit in the tower
      deliveries of product 53 "Lancet-3" for salvo launch directly from TPK began
      launcher for 1 or 4 Lancet-3
      1. +1
        20 July 2023 07: 24
        Here is a UAZ in the back and a finished DRG
    2. 0
      18 July 2023 19: 46
      How do you propose to destroy logistics and, most importantly, why?
      It is much easier (as the Ministry of Defense does in principle) not to run after every train and truck - this is the lot of couch analysts, but to wait until they gather in warehouses and so on. Or do you think what geraniums and calibers often hit on?
  3. -2
    18 July 2023 05: 33
    Unfortunate Europe. That sausages Europeans without a raw material base. Any weapons will be put in the hope of biting off the territory from the eastern neighbor. There is no water. There are no minerals. Soon the air will run out, and like a centipede crushed by a slipper, Europe will squirm and try to bite everyone it can reach.
    The Swedes, too, those still. When Norway rolled out their gas bills, the Swedes quickly sobered up. But so, cheerfully declared Russia to be the culprit of all their national troubles. Hm. Their interest is understandable. Dismember the Russian bear, and then "enough for our century."
    Europe collapses. Let's wait, there it seems like France decided to reduce electricity exports. On what "green electricity" the Swedes will cook steel, I don’t even guess.

    PS I read about Strv122, as I understand it, the same Leo, only in the Swedish way. The entire base is from the Bundes, from the barrel to the motor.
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      18 July 2023 17: 02
      Quote: Gnefredov
      Unfortunate Europe. That sausages Europeans without a raw material base.

      So by war they reduce it even more.
    2. 0
      20 July 2023 14: 14
      Do you believe this, seriously? Reclaim territories? The EU was created with the aim of ending wars in Europe, since it is more profitable to trade than to fight.
  4. +6
    18 July 2023 05: 58
    In general, history resembles the events of the Second World War when not only Germany, but the whole of Europe, which lay down under Hitler's boot, fought against the USSR. I believe - everything will end absolutely the same - we will win and the victory will be ours.
    1. 0
      18 July 2023 06: 14
      Quote from novoku
      I believe - everything will end absolutely the same - we will win and the victory will be ours.

      Also - will we win at the cost of the lives of ~ 10 million military personnel?
      1. +12
        18 July 2023 08: 32
        Yes, "talkers" do not care what to blurt out. Similar to the main "nutcracker" and "burner" of tanks
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. +7
      18 July 2023 18: 13
      Of course, the USA, Great Britain, Canada .... everyone was on the side of the Reich! There was no Lend-Lease AT ALL and the USSR was declining alone!
      1. The comment was deleted.
  5. +6
    18 July 2023 05: 59
    Imported equipment, like any other military equipment, is always dangerous ...
    So far, enemy technology has not succeeded in the main thing for which heavy armored vehicles are made - to break through somewhere
    In addition to mines, there are also ATGMs, ATGMs, our own tanks, guns and attack aircraft, while they are trying to gnaw their way to the first heavy line of defense under our fire
    Let's wish our military good luck!
  6. +2
    18 July 2023 06: 14
    Quote from Sith
    Imported equipment, like any other military equipment, is always dangerous ...
    So far, enemy technology has not succeeded in the main thing for which heavy armored vehicles are made - to break through somewhere
    In addition to mines, there are also ATGMs, ATGMs, our own tanks, guns and attack aircraft, while they are trying to gnaw their way to the first heavy line of defense under our fire
    Let's wish our military good luck!

    Well it is clear. Any cracker is dangerous. But in this news, I was interested in this, did it mean that even the greedy Swedes were shaken? lol
    Interesting interesting.
  7. +1
    18 July 2023 06: 21
    The armor has been reinforced, but the tracks are the same. Exploding mines will be exactly the same. And when the tank is immobilized, it is a target for everything that is intended for firing at tanks. And there are also helicopters, and the 404 does not have anti-aircraft weapons at all, but it is very lacking. Of course, fighters could help, but there are even fewer of them than anti-aircraft guns, and the F-16s will be delivered no one knows how many, and no one knows when, but definitely not tomorrow.
  8. +1
    18 July 2023 07: 38
    It is clear that all the equipment is being sent to Ukraine not for victory, but for testing in a real battle.
  9. 0
    18 July 2023 08: 23
    This is all of course interesting, but I'm more confused by what kind of art the flow of information has dried up. Why would all of a sudden, since the notorious "counterattack", on the contrary, showed the greater significance of this one than just tanks.?. what
  10. +3
    18 July 2023 10: 53
    I hope reinforced tracks are included. In a place with rollers, torsion bars, engineers and repairmen, balancing tables, or do they expect an easy walk around Ukraine?
  11. +1
    18 July 2023 15: 54
    I'm still waiting for the svvg, which is without a tower with 105mm ... where are they?
  12. +1
    20 July 2023 16: 37
    There are no invulnerable tanks .... and these will be hit. The question is how long and how much they will supply Ukraine. soldier
  13. +1
    23 July 2023 15: 42
    The tank is only one of the elements that make up the military mechanism. Anyone who has the slightest idea in military affairs understands that the "wunderwaffe" exists and existed only in the speeches of Goebbels. In German magazines for 1944, they also wrote about a miracle tank that would decide the war with the Russians. It was another fantasy based on her "King Tiger." Now the work is going on according to the manuals of the Third Reich, but the result is the same.
  14. 0
    30 July 2023 05: 35
    Suppliers are comfortable: they dispose of equipment and get more money for it))