About missile defense systems, press and competence

Sometimes it is that good news upon further consideration, they turn out to be at least ambiguous or even frankly strange. A few days ago, an article appeared in an old and respected publication, which can be considered an excellent example of this phenomenon. This time, strange news related to the Moscow missile defense system.

According to Izvestia, the command of the aerospace defense forces has determined the time limits for testing the new A-235 “Samolet-M” antimissile system. A certain source in the command of the Armed Forces of the East Kazakhstan region told the publication that the main test work will take place next year. At the same time, the source could not decide on exact dates. According to him, the rockets and related equipment will be tested in the last weeks of the spring of the future 2013 of the year or in the fall. Shortly after trial runs, the A-235 system will be put into service.

An anonymous source shared some test details. He argues that the purpose of future test launches is the development of 53Т6 (Gazelle according to NATO classification) missiles, which in the future will replace the current A-135 Samolet, which have been operated since the seventies of the last century. The main advantage of the new missile is the possibility of using a nuclear warhead, as on A-135, or a new kinetic one. Izvestiya provides information on the reasons for the appearance of a kinetic warhead: the development of radio-electronic technologies has so far resulted in the possibility of a significant increase in the accuracy of missile guidance. As a result, the A-235 missiles are said to be capable of pointing at a target with an accuracy of a few centimeters.

The article "Izvestia" also provides an interesting comparison of the A-235 system with the C-400 and C-500 anti-aircraft missile systems. In favor of the "Samoleta-M" is given a high altitude (up to 30 kilometers) and a large range (up to 100 km) interception. Also, the advantage of А-235 is the high speed of the intercepted targets. At the same time, according to the authors of the publication, the anti-missile system is inferior to the anti-aircraft system on the principle of targeting a missile at a target. The radio command guidance system of the Samoleta-M missiles has been declared a minus. However, an anonymous source of "Izvestia" agrees with the expediency of such a technical solution. According to him, the non-use of equipment for self-guidance is justified by the fact that when flying at high altitudes around the anti-missile a cloud of plasma is formed. As a result, the homing head does not have the ability to effectively search for a target. In this case, the missile can be aimed at a target only with the help of a powerful control signal from the ground.

At first glance, the good news is about the development of domestic anti-missile systems. However, upon closer examination, a number of characteristic things are striking that cast doubt on, at a minimum, the competence of the source “in command of the East-Kazakhstan region”. We start in order and first deal with the issue of names and time of creation of systems. First, it is worth noting that the names A-135, A-235 and 53Т6 really belong to real samples of military equipment. However, even there are errors. Person familiar with history Russian rocket technology, I would immediately notice an error with the specified deadline for the A-135 system. In fact, in the seventies, Moscow began to defend the A-35M complex. As for the A-135 “Amur” system, at that time its development was just beginning. In 1990, its trial operation began, and in 1995 it was put into service. Also worth a separate stop on the rocket 53Т6 (PRS-1). Such an ammunition does exist, but the mass production of these missiles was discontinued in 1993 year. Since then, test launches are regularly conducted, the purpose of which is to check the status of existing missiles and extend their warranty period. According to various estimates, the total number of 53Т6 rockets assembled is approximately five hundred. A tenth of this amount was used during the test.

Project A-235 also exists. Development work on the “Samolet-M” theme was launched soon after the start of construction of the A-135 complex systems. The overwhelming majority of information about this project is still classified, but some facts have already appeared in open sources. According to reports, rocket tests are currently underway for this complex, however this is not 53Т6 of А-135 system, but 53Т6М, representing an upgrade of the previous anti-missile ammunition. According to open sources, the current upgrade is to install on the rocket of the new engine and updated electronics. Also, apparently, some changes have undergone launcher and ground-based computing complex. The first launch of 53Т6М was made in November last year. In the future, this missile may become one of the means of intercepting the A-235 system. With the available characteristics, the 53Т6М rocket can be used to intercept ballistic targets at short distances. According to the authors of the site Military Russia, the appearance of medium and long-range missiles is possible, which will allow attacking targets at a distance of at least a thousand kilometers and at an altitude of about 500-600 km. However, it is currently known that only the 53Т6М rocket exists.

Data on the type of warhead updated anti-missile has not yet been published. With high probability it can be argued that after upgrading the 53Т6 rocket with the letter "M" retains the nuclear warhead. At the same time, the development of technology suggests the possibility of using non-nuclear weapons, including kinetic weapons. So, the American anti-missile SM-3 uses precisely this principle of destroying the intercepted target. When the rocket speed in 2500-2700 meters per second and the same or greater speed of the target, the collision of the antimissile with the intercepted object leads to the complete destruction of the design of both. Therefore, if it is possible to provide adequate targeting accuracy, it is possible to simplify the design of the rocket, removing from its composition a relatively heavy nuclear or high-explosive fragmentation warhead. At the same time, kinetic interception requires special precision guidance and, as a result, complicates electronic equipment anti-missiles. According to the most common opinion, the 53Т6М rocket, like its predecessor, will carry a warhead with a high-explosive fragmentation strike or a nuclear one.

The use of a radio command missile guidance system was used on all previous domestic anti-missile systems and fully justified itself. Its main advantage is the simplification and simplification of the missile control system. In addition, a quick calculation of the target trajectory and the development of control commands requires appropriate computing power, which until a certain time could be placed only on the ground. As a result, the 53Т6М rocket will retain command guidance using signals sent from the ground. As for the so-called. plasma cocoon, its formation is not due to flight altitude, but its speed. When a rocket moves at hypersonic speed, a layer of air is formed around it, which has passed into the plasma state. It screens all radio signals, which is why domestic designers had to apply an interesting technical solution. All antennas of the 53Т6 rocket are of such size and shape that they “punch” a layer of plasma. For shielding from ionized gas during the flight, they are sprayed with freon. Thus, small holes are formed in the dense plasma cloud, which allow receiving radio signals from the ground.

In combination with ground computing equipment and the original design of receiving antennas, the radio command guidance method provides the 53Т6 rocket with high accuracy. At the same time, specific deviations from the target have not yet been published. Information about the A-235 project suggests that the accuracy of the 53Т6М missiles will at least slightly exceed the performance of the basic design.

As already mentioned, the main part of information about the project A-235 is still secret. However, not so long ago - in 2010 and 2011 - information appeared in some media about work to restore the production of some components for antimissiles. This fact transparently hints at the future of the 53Т6 missiles. It is likely that the products stored in the warehouses will be converted to the state 53Т6М.

The overall secrecy of the project does not allow us to confidently talk about further actions in the course of the “Samolet-M” program, as well as the timing of the tests and adoption. In principle, one could listen to the words of an anonymous source of "Izvestia". However, a number of rather gross mistakes in his words make it possible to doubt the veracity of the information expressed. Of course, the source of the newspaper may not be related to the technical part of the project and know only the most general things of the administrative plan. Nevertheless, the competence of the “representative of the command of the troops of the EKR” makes it possible to doubt not only his words, but also the very existence of such a high-ranking source. Because of this, it would be most reasonable to take into account the information voiced by Izvestia, but not to draw far-reaching conclusions from them. Under the conditions of general secrecy of the А-235 project, as well as in a number of other cases, it is better to wait for official information from the Ministry of Defense or organizations involved in the implementation of the anti-missile program.

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  1. +9
    18 December 2012 08: 01
    "As Izvestia was informed," - I already feel sorry for this "old and respected" publication laughing already straight becomes a household name of the icteric press
    1. +5
      18 December 2012 10: 01
      Quote: bddrus
      "As Izvestia was informed," - for some reason I feel sorry for this "old and respected" edition is already becoming a household name in the jaundiced press

      Like British scientists)))
      1. +5
        18 December 2012 13: 16
        Quote: Vladimirets
        Like British scientists)))

        + 100 !!

        Article niac, sucked out of a finger. Everything is built on the fact that "A source in the command of the VKO troops told the publication." some data that even journalists thought was considered doubtful by journalists.

        The actual question arises:
        - and why the hell finally climb for "insider info" in the command of the East Kazakhstan region ?! in obscure ways creeping into someone for information about new developments - and the fact that this is most likely not confusing secret data? Such things are usually not printed in yellow, gray, or in any other open press ....
        If you want to know new items - please contact the MO, the press service with a request. Get official data, verified and guaranteed not to damage the country's defense. But this is how illegal, with a certain "source in command" James Bond usually work. Only they do not complain in the press when counterintelligence gives them "misinformation".

        And these "journalists" still complain about the quality of the obtained information !!! Like, some kind of garbage ... You see, we wanted to squeeze the real secrets about the latest developments in a rag, but this is some kind of incomprehensible garbage ... let him be ashamed ...

        This makes no sense.
        1. +3
          18 December 2012 16: 13
          According to Izvestia,

          You can not read further.
    2. +1
      18 December 2012 10: 32
      “Izvestia” has recently become not something that has become a yellow press, this edition is more suited in color to the color of children's surprise and in content too. This is how you have to not love yourself in order to slide down to the level of an information bum - dirty and smelly.
      1. 0
        18 December 2012 11: 27

        1. +3
          18 December 2012 18: 27
          Quote: Civil

          correctly posted and horizontally
        2. postman
          18 December 2012 19: 39
          Quote: Civil

          This is not a 53T6, but only a "case" (TPK), and without a ROCKET
          The heating system is not connected and does not function essno.
          / in such weather is not permissible /
          It just brought the container back

          with a rocket in such weather should be like this:

          not like that:
          1. +1
            18 December 2012 19: 59
            Quote: Postman
            The heating system is not connected and does not function essno.

            On the APU Topol or YRS TVR in the TPK is supported by the NHC (heating and refrigeration unit) which works continuously and automatically adjusts the temperature in the container in the range from 20 to 25 C
            It is located between the 5th and 6th axis on the TPK. True, pipes look more civilian.?
            Not in reproach but in order of general information
            1. postman
              18 December 2012 22: 44
              Quote: Ascetic
              True pipes look more civilian.?

              I don’t understand why not use a system similar to heating a truck’s body (it’s of course tied to a TPK)
              They lowered the TPK to the carrier, the pin went into the groove, the exhaust flap partially sent the heat flow (exhaust) to the TPK, partially to the exhaust system ..
              What the garden was to fence ... Such a unmasking factor
              1. Misantrop
                18 December 2012 23: 01
                But very simple. The task of heating the body of a dump truck is to prevent the contents from freezing, the specific temperature is not very important. And that system has provide a temperature corridor + -2 degrees, otherwise the traction characteristics of the engine at the start will give results TOO different from the nominal. At least this temperature range was on 971 projects ("Shark"). For comparison, the temperature range for the storage of liquid-propellant rockets of the Makeev Design Bureau is + -10 degrees
                1. postman
                  19 December 2012 02: 56
                  Quote: Misantrop
                  At the truck body heating

                  So I don’t mind. I am against that mondula, who make sideways.
                  Make heating TPK on the basis of the body-elementary, with the required temperature.
                  Thermostat sensor, remember the same thing on the exhaust system and the three-way valve. Everything. I mean about the SELF exhaust connection.
                  Not on the side, but on the bottom, I loaded the TPK-connected (no people)
          2. +2
            19 December 2012 01: 06
            Quote: Postman
            with a rocket in such weather should be like this:

            nikoli25 is right.
            Quote: nikoli25
            on maintenance but ready to launch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Permanent database location missiles in silos. Transportation, storage for routine maintenance for the technical position is carried out using sealed TPKs. Inside it, the necessary temperature, pressure and humidity are maintained, which allows for a long time to store the anti-ballistic missile in the open air, in a vertical and horizontal position. During transportation and storage, the TPK from both ends is closed with special covers, which allows the transportation to use a heating system connected to the conveyor for heating the rocket in the TPK. When installed in the silos, the covers are removed. Missile launch made from closed TPK, for which it is closed in front with a special rubber cap, and with a rubber bottom on the back. When a missile is launched, the front cover and the bottom of the TPK break simultaneously at the same time with the toe of the rocket and the gas jet of the engine. To transport the TPK with a rocket and install the TPK on a loading machine, a 5T93 transport vehicle on the MAZ-543M chassis is used. The machine is equipped with a rocket heating system for the winter season ( as in your photo
            1. postman
              19 December 2012 03: 01
              Quote: Ascetic
              Inside it the necessary temperature, pressure and humidity are maintained.

              Yes, no one argues, but what is supported. In the TPK for 53T6 only by exhaust gases, there are no HCHs like on Poplar.
              And there is no electric heating (even from an external one, there would otherwise be a cable like on refs in a port or in the hold of a ferry)

              And the streets are a clear minus. TPK is still not a thermos, and comparing the dimensions (diameter) of 53T6 and TPK, I come to the conclusion that foamed polystyrene and Rocquel basalt wool are not there (or very little)

              Most likely, there is a "parked" container on the Civilian photo, but not darkness ..
              Which I wrote ..
        3. +1
          18 December 2012 21: 50
          on maintenance but ready to launch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3. lotus04
      18 December 2012 14: 54
      Quote: bddrus
      "As Izvestia reported," - for something I feel sorry for this "old and respected" edition laughing is already becoming a household name in the jaundiced press

      What the press, what TV! ORT, Russia, NTV - they began to "drive" such that before, even in the "yellow" press they did not publish.
  2. Lech e-mine
    18 December 2012 08: 43
    The Yellow Press A PERFECT PLACE for stuffing all kinds of fairy tales for gullible people.
  3. keylogger
    18 December 2012 09: 57
    Self-esteem is a lost concept for a large part of the media.
    Become trash before you leave - probably. a kind of "sports" trend.
  4. Vasily79
    18 December 2012 10: 44
    Well, finally, at least about something secrecy has been introduced, or even fucking the whole world in secret and under the Chinese copy machine.
  5. 0
    18 December 2012 11: 23
    There is no point in looking for grains of truthful information in Izvestia's articles about the army. Because Izvestia does not have any "source in the command of the VKO", nor anywhere else in the army, but only open information from the Internet + journalistic imagination.
    1. yustas
      18 December 2012 13: 01
      Quote: rlanry
      There is no point in looking for grains of truthful information in Izvestia's articles about the army. Because Izvestia has no "source"

      + How so no ??? There is a generator of articles, as a crossword puzzle generator you enter the basic words and it generates all sorts of nonsense, but there you can’t paint it .... one smell
  6. +1
    18 December 2012 13: 37
    This, as they used to say, "There is no news in Pravda, and there is no truth in Izvestia."
  7. 0
    18 December 2012 15: 34
    Yes, the quality of information in our (and not only) media is poor .... Article plus, thanks!
  8. The comment was deleted.
  9. +1
    18 December 2012 15: 58
    Something about the system on the site http://militaryrussia.ru/blog/topic-350.html. Enough of that. And so many unnecessary details are published in the open press.
    1. postman
      18 December 2012 19: 59
      Quote: gregor6549
      And so many unnecessary details

      there are still "sunbathing" warriors leading LiveJournal

      everyone has a phone

      and the phone has a camera, features like spyware (in the XNUMXth century)
      But we see such masterpieces:

  10. ozs
    18 December 2012 20: 30
    I wonder how things are going with the 51T6 "Azov"
  11. +2
    18 December 2012 22: 50
    Quote: bddrus
    "As Izvestia was informed," - for some reason I feel sorry for this "old and respected" edition is already becoming a household name in the jaundiced press

    ... indeed, for some time now, this once worthy publication belongs to the group that produces Life and Your Day.
    Until May 2008, Izvestia was owned by Gazprom Media. The current owners of the newspaper are St. Petersburg media tycoon Yuri Kovalchuk and the Sogaz group. Izvestia is now in the hands of the publisher of the yellow newspapers Aram Gabrelyanov ...
  12. Karmin
    19 December 2012 00: 47
    Quote: Rus2012
    With a high degree of probability, it can be argued that after modernization, the 53T6 missile with the letter "M" retains a nuclear warhead.

    If this is so, then the system as it was shit remained so to them!
    1. postman
      19 December 2012 12: 13
      Quote: karmin
      If so, then the system

      I do not agree. Absolutely.
      For its time, the system was not bad.
      Expensive. But for its time, quite effective.

      Saturn and Taran
      In principle, all development is no worse than a likely opponent.

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