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Weapons from the pass


Being engaged in the events of more than fifty years ago, I could not have imagined that as a result I would write an article on this topic that was absolutely not relevant to me. weapons. But, as they say, the ways of the Creator are inscrutable, so I will begin from afar and in order.

Soon 54 will be filled with events in the mountains of the northern Urals: a group of 9 tourists died there, killed under mysterious circumstances. History the death of tourists is still not forgotten, there are many newspaper publications, several films, Hollywood will release a thriller on this topic next year. If these long-standing events interest someone, type in the search engine "Dyatlov pass", and thousands of links will be published, ranging from Wikipedia to UFO fan forums.

I plunged into the topic of the Dyatlov Pass for a long time, I have my own opinion about these events. Some of the materials in a truncated form are published in KP, if anyone is interested in reading the full versions of articles, then they are VKontakte:

Attempting to understand what really happened there in early February 1959goda led to paradoxical conclusions:

- All nine tourists were killed by an unknown type of weapon.

- Warning shots of an unknown weapon injured people, forcing them to urgently leave the tent without outerwear and shoes.

- The weapon acted only on the line of sight.

- In four cases, in the absence of external damage, the bones were broken.

- The five dead did not have any visible (even at autopsy) damage.

- Simultaneously with the death of a man, his watch (mechanical) stopped.

- All died without agonal movements, in the pose of the last frozen moment.

- If the person did not die, then he was still immobilized.

- The use of weapons did not cause the body to be "thrown back"; on the contrary, the body fell over towards the shot.

- The use of weapons was virtually silent.

The only real option for such a weapon was a high-speed bullet moving at a speed of about 1000km / s and microscopic dimensions of the order of 0,1mm in diameter and long 0,5mm., With such characteristics, its energy corresponds to the lethal force of an ordinary rifle bullet.

At first it seemed like a fantastic assumption, but when dealing with the physics of the movement of this hypothetical bullet in a gas and solid medium (conventionally, of course, the human body is 70% water ...) it turned out that this is not only possible, but already partially implemented in modern weapons.

This article is devoted to justifying the reality of such a bullet and the attendant effects of its use, which are very unusual and do not fit into the everyday associations associated with small arms.

How to disperse a bullet (projectile) to such speeds in this article will not be described, but you can create such a rifle installation on the basis of existing powder technologies, a separate article on this topic will follow.

Bullet from the pass

Let us once again fix the initial conditions of the reasoning - in order for a bullet to be a million times lighter than an ordinary bullet from a rifle, possess the same destructive power, it must fly at a speed a thousand times faster.

To obtain a bullet mass by a million times smaller, all bullet sizes must be reduced by a factor of 100. For rifle bullets with a diameter of 1 cm., And a length of 5 cm. the size is 0,1mm. in diameter, and 0,5mm. in length, and this is the size visible to the naked eye (whose eyes are good), and certainly in any optical microscope. This is a “micropool”, and we will call it further to exactly match the name and physical essence of the object.

With a speed easier, the usual rifle bullet flies at a speed (rounded upwards) 1km / s, so the “micro bullet” should fly at a speed a thousand times faster, that is, 1000km / s.

First, let us substantiate the theoretical possibility of its passage through the atmosphere (gaseous medium), then we will discuss the mechanism for the breakdown of such a high-speed “microbullet” of a solid.

High-speed microbullet movement.

The main objection of experts when discussing this issue arises immediately - this micro bullet should burn from air friction. At first glance, yes, this is how all microscopic bodies falling to the earth with cosmic velocities behave. But this is only at certain ratios size-configuration-speed. High-speed objects can pass through dense media in another way, practically without friction.

This is not a hypothesis, but a working technology, it was mentioned in the article "The Dead Don't Lie". This refers to the method used in the Soviet, until recently secret underwater missile (torpedo) "Shkval". The "Shkval" torpedo can move under water with practically no friction at a speed of 500 km / h. For this, the method of the cavitation tunnel is used, which is an elongated gas droplet in which the torpedo is located during its movement.

Here's how this artist figuratively and fairly accurately portrayed:

Weapons from the pass

 But the image of this torpedo, and keep in mind, it is in service with the 1977 year, and began to be developed in the 1960 year:

Pay attention to its head, this is the most important part of the technology, the so-called "cavitator" and the exhaust holes of the gas generator for forcing gas into the cavity. The water environment of this device is moved apart to the sides, perpendicular to the direction of movement, so that the torpedo's body does not experience friction against water. 

The method of movement proposed by Soviet scientists is so unusual that the Americans did not believe in the presence of such torpedoes from the USSR, referring to the fundamental impossibility of movement in water at such speeds.

A strange coincidence is the fact that the development of this torpedo began in less than a year after the events on the Dyatlov Pass.

The same method of creating a tunnel to reduce friction is also used for movement in a gas medium, only in this case the "cavity" will be purely vacuum, filled with discharged plasma.

Such devices are equipped with hypersonic maneuvering warheads of Russian ballistic missiles. Of course, these are absolutely secret, reliable photographs, of course not, but the Internet is full of references to this technology, called “plasma shelter”. Rumors about a certain plasma generator to create such a shelter have been around for a long time and it looks like there is a photo of such a plasma generator. Of course, one cannot say this with absolute certainty, I only make an assumption, see for yourself, here's a snapshot:

On the nose cone of a standard S-200 anti-aircraft missile, there is a part very similar to a plasma generator, although it is officially called an air-jet engine. By the way, this secret Russian project has a meaningful name - "Cold", I think further explanations are not appropriate, and so everything is clear.

Maneuvering warheads equipped with this technology practically do not heat up, friction against the atmosphere is minimized, this allows you to move with hypersonic speeds up to 10km / sec in the atmosphere.

"Micropump" to eliminate the mechanism of friction against air and, accordingly, to prevent heating, of course, cannot have a special device for creating a vacuum tunnel. But there may well work a slightly different physical principle of creating a vacuum tunnel.

An object with a speed significantly higher than the speed of movement of molecules in a gas (about 500m / sec) will itself create a plasma (the so-called impact ionization). If it is in the form of an “arrow” at microscopic dimensions, then colliding with gas molecules at the tip of an arrow, it will discard them at speeds comparable to its own speed, 1000km / sec, which is 2000 times faster than the usual velocity of molecules in air .

Such accelerated gas molecules, when scattering, will transfer kinetic energy to other molecules and a vacuum channel will be formed around the moving “micro-bullets” due to secondary collisions.

With the vacuum channel for the movement of a bullet, everything is quite clear, it is more difficult to understand the processes associated with the tip of the “micro bullets”, because it is he who creates the vacuum channel.

About impact ionization has already been written, but the processes at the tip of the “micro-bullets” are not limited to this, constant collisions with gas molecules will naturally warm it. But warming up is not important, because due to the large difference in the velocities of the molecules and the tip of the vector of application of forces from collisions will be almost unidirectional.

And this excludes the transfer of energy into heat, the entropy remains unchanged, and therefore not heating up, but compression of the tip will be observed.

The tip of the "micro-bullet" will squeeze over the entire contact area (tapered surface), heating for such a speed difference is insignificant. Moreover, it will be limited by the endothermic process (heat absorption) of plasma formation by the shock method.

In addition, the tip of “micro bullets” sharpened to a cone with an angle of convergence of 15-20 degrees, to avoid collisions with all air molecules in the cross section of “micro bullets” due to secondary collisions of air molecules between themselves. One air molecule colliding with the “micro bullet” will, on average, push more 100 molecules out of the cross section of the passage channel, and this also significantly reduces the heating of a moving object.

As a conclusion from all the above, it can be argued that the “micro bulbs” will not burn when moving through the air; moreover, the effect of creating a vacuum tunnel will be observed.

Vacuum tunnel.

Now I hope it is clear that such a “micro bullet” is not fiction, but the effectiveness of such a bullet will be small, it will be intensively slowed down, and the dynamic load applied at a point remote from the center of mass will inevitably lead to its tumbling and, as a result, rapid destruction.

In addition, from the analysis of the damaging factor of an unknown weapon used on the Dyatlov Pass, it follows that the vacuum channel created by its movement and falling into the human body filled it up to meet the shot. If we estimate up to the order of the diameter of the vacuum channel created by the movement of such a bullet, it turns out about 10 millimeters, and this is not enough to overwhelm a person towards the movement of a “microbullet”.

To obtain the effect of collapsing towards the bullet, the vacuum channel must have a size in the 5-10cm region. in diameter. So the “micro bullet” should have a more efficient mechanism for creating a vacuum tunnel and it looks like it was used in weapons on the pass, traces of radioactive contamination found on the clothes of the dead show this.

If a bullet is made of uranium, then it immediately acquires two additional mechanisms involved in the more efficient creation of a vacuum channel, these are: Pyrophoricity (a chemical oxidation reaction when heated) and an abelatory effect (in other words, self-sharpening).

The tip of the “microbullets” made of uranium by itself due to its high pyrophore will become an effective plasma generator and will burn as it moves, and due to the effect of self-shaking, always maintain its conical shape.

Positive ions of uranium oxide forming such a plasma will have additional energy and, therefore, a speed due to the high energy of the oxidation process, approximately equal to the explosion of the same weight of TNT. The massive and bulky uranium oxide U238 molecule resulting from such a chemical reaction will be much more efficient in transferring kinetic energy to air molecules to form a vacuum channel.

A rough calculation shows that the vacuum channel for such a uranium “micro-bullet” will be exactly the 10 we need in centimeters in diameter, and the length of such a tunnel will be about 50 meters. In addition, it is clear that the “micropoles” should actually have the proportions of the arrow, i.e. have a diameter-to-length ratio at 1: 20 or even 1: 40, like modern uranium armor-piercing shells.

If we return to the topic of the hypersonic maneuvering warhead of Russian ballistic missiles, then we can assume that its plasma generator is a uranium cone, additionally equipped with a device for pressurizing oxygen for an effective pyrophoric plasma generation process.

It is possible that other unknown effects are used, many experiments are described in the publications that violate the kinetic and chemical heat balance equations in uranium cores (for example, an article in the journal Science and Life by Dr. M. Marakhtanov).

Solid body collision

And so, with the super-speed “micro-bullet” movement through the air, the mechanism of collapsing bodies towards the bullet movement became clear, and not vice versa, as we used to.

Although not illuminated, but the mechanism of its noiseless movement is understandable, the fact is that the shock wave (not to be confused with the sound one) has a very short period of its action, not more than 1-3 milliseconds, and the human ear cannot pick up oscillations with a duration less than 10-25 milliseconds, no matter how powerful they are.

It remains to deal with the damaging factor, i.e. body breakdown mechanism such a microscopic bullet. Here we are faced with a stable household association, contrary to the very idea of ​​destruction from a microscopic object. Immediately remember the usual medical needle and how it calmly and without consequences pierces the human body. 

So we have to calculate a little, the bullet will push a solid body to the width of its diameter, at the angle of sharpening the tip at 45 degrees, the spreading speed will exactly coincide with the speed of the bullet itself, which in our case is 1000km / sec. The volume of the accelerated substance in a solid will be equal to the diameter of the bullet multiplied by the length of the channel pierced in the body. If we calculate the mass of the accelerated substance, then it will be many times greater than the mass of the bullet and the bullet, respectively, will sharply slow down. Such a microscopic bullet will not slip through the body without consequences, it will spend a significant part of its energy on pushing the body through the direction perpendicular to the velocity vector, on a shock wave inside the body.

When colliding with a solid body, the velocity object leaves a very small inlet and outlet. This hole is almost the same diameter as the object. There are no torn pieces in case of such a defeat. This is how it looks in the case of armor penetration by a uranium projectile:

"Micropump" will leave in any solid of precisely this nature holes, comparable to its own diameter, for one simple reason, at high speeds all solid bodies become similar in their properties to the steel from this picture. Accordingly, if the “micro bullet” has a diameter of about 0,1 millimeters, then the hole in the human body will be at the level of the natural pores of the skin. Such an inlet and outlet will not be detectable, unless you know of course what to look for.

Take another close look at the armor breakdown picture, what do you think, where is the inlet, and where is the outlet? It is difficult to understand, we are accustomed to associate an inlet with a depressed area, and an exit with a convexity area. But in the picture both holes have bulges, paradoxically at first glance ...

Artillerymen have long known that a projectile, getting into armor, forces it like a liquid. The “microwaves” will also behave in any solid body, including the human body. With this mechanism of advancement in a solid body, the main energy will be spent not on moving forward, but on moving apart to the sides perpendicular to the vector of motion of the solid body parts that are in the path of such a “microbullet”.

The energy of the bullet will not be transmitted as we used to see in action films, such as the body from a bullet hit is discarded. Far from it, the body will not even shake, the energy of the “micro-bullet” will turn into a shock wave inside the body directed perpendicularly to the movement of such a bullet.

A person who has got such an "infection" will have a powerful concussion, if at that moment there was a mechanical watch on his hand, then it will definitely stop immediately, which was observed among the tourists killed on the pass.

And by the way, two tourists who died near the fire might have been fatally contused by the hitting of “micro bullets” into the trunk of the cedar on which they were located. This explains the fact why this cedar was subsequently cut down, not to remove the landmark (as the researchers of the tragedy suggest), but to search for traces of “micro bullets” in its trunk.

Here is another snapshot of the armor breakdown channel by the percussion core of a cumulative charge now, its speed is ten times more (30-40 km / s), and the mass is about one gram, the projectile itself was blown up (formation of the impact core) at a distance of 100 meters from armor sheet thickness 70 centimeters:

The armor does not break through, but is burned, and the burned is not at all usual; all the chemical bonds between the metal atoms are destroyed by the impact, impact ionization is in progress and fragments of atoms in the form of plasma begin to "erupt" through the entrance channel.

The inlet is much larger than the most impacting core due to the breakdown of the walls of the breakdown channel by a plasma jet. This is closer to what the “micro bullet” will leave when the human body is broken, the inlet can be determined by a small burn on the skin.

It remains to understand only the difference of the damaging effects on the bodies of tourists.

On the pass, tourists died from the use of this weapon in two ways; in the first case, there was no visible damage, and in the other case, death was accompanied by extensive internal bone damage.

But everything is simple, the clothes, the skin of the body when a high-speed “micro-bullet” hits it, behaves like a sheet of iron hit by a sledgehammer, if there are bones under this sheet, they break, if there are no bones under it (stomach for example) no visible damage will occur, the organs do not tear, since the displacements with such a blow are minimal, at the level of the diameter of the “microbullet” itself.

There should be an ending here, but ...

Coming to this article, I even suspected that I would dig up such interesting material on the Internet. It is unlikely that this article would appear in the public domain, if it were not for one circumstance that translates the problem into a much more serious plane, literally of a cosmic scale.

The fact is that such high-speed objects, of a much larger cosmic scale, were registered: - “Tunguska meteorite”, and most likely the “Vitim meteorite” belongs to the same type. The circumstances of their fall and the detected destruction at the site of the fall completely fit into the picture of movement through the atmosphere and the breakdown of a solid by a high-speed compact object.

These meteorites are characterized by two unique properties; the absence of craters from the fall of meteorites, and the absence of meteoritic matter in the place of the supposed epicenter.

In addition, the places of the fall of these meteorites have another feature, the forest fall in the place of their fall. The shape of the fall of a very characteristic configuration, far from the circle, is in the form of a butterfly, and with specific directions of falling trees in this fall.

The absence of meteoric matter in the case of an object moving at speeds of the order of 1000km / s. it is simply explained, the object went into the earth for hundreds of meters, where it cannot be found. Such a high-speed and compact object will not leave an explosive crater, so it will not be detected. This is observed in both cases of the fall of these meteorites - neither a funnel, nor a meteoritic substance, only characteristic traces of dust of cosmic origin.

There is an even more obvious sign of the superhigh-speed movement of these meteorite objects, the fall of the forest, of the same form in both cases.

It has already been said about the vacuum channel that occurs when such a high-speed object passes through the atmosphere, but there is also a zone of increased pressure beyond the boundary of the vacuum channel; the boundary between these two zones is a shock wave. Apparently it was these zones of various pressures that caused the forest to fall out of a specific shape in the form of a butterfly. These same processes of the emergence and collapse of the vacuum zone explain the orientation of the tree trunks at the boundaries of forest fall zones, which is extremely unusual for an explosion.

On the Dyatlov Pass, “micropuls”, of course, could not have made a forest fall, but when they got into the snow, they left characteristic hollows of the crust. Search engines found strange “funnels” at the scene and even fixed them on photos, here’s one of these photos:

These are clearly not the traces of a human or animal, it is a trace from the vacuum channel when “micro-bullets” hit the snow.

Maybe this is another coincidence, but the Academy of Sciences of the USSR regularly conducted expeditions from 1960 to the site of the fall of the Tunguska meteorite, whose main task was to map the forest fallout zones. For this, even a special method was developed for registering the exact directions of fallen trees trunks.

If the reasoning is correct, then astronomers did not register the absolutely unknown form of meteorites, space objects with such speeds in the vicinity of the solar system, traces of the falls of the Tungussky and Vitimsky meteorites clearly indicate the existence of such compact and superhigh-speed objects with cosmic-scale energy.  

And now the end.

And so, there is no doubt about the fundamental possibility of the existence of a "micro-bullet". In the article "The Dead Don't Lie", based on the similarity of the circumstances of the deaths of nine tourists, it was concluded that they all died from the use of the same unknown weapon. Injuries on bodies, body postures, stopped clocks, the very reconstruction of events with time bindings can only be explained by the defeat of all nine tourists by such "micro-bullets".

 Naturally, I am not claiming that in reality the "micro-bullet" was exactly of this size and had such a speed, these figures were taken as some conditional reference points, nothing more. The very principle of movement and the damaging effect of such an ultra-high-speed compact object is important.

It remains the case for small things, to understand on what principles the gun itself is arranged, shooting these “micro bullets”.

It may seem that some unknown physical principles are used for this, maybe so. But it is possible to disperse the “microbullet” with the help of well-known powder technologies, and with much greater efficiency than in modern weapons.

So no mystery, but this will be the next article, entitled "The principle of the lemon seed."


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  1. Vanek
    Vanek 18 December 2012 08: 05
    I don’t think that nine people had to be “put” in order to experience this "micro bullet". Moreover, in such conditions - mountains, snow, etc. ....................Although.....
    1. ikrut
      ikrut 18 December 2012 14: 21
      The author is not talking about "tests of micro-bullets", but about the fact that it could be some unknown type of meteorite. And he gives an example of a "micro-bullet" in order to explain the "physics" of the process.
      1. postman
        postman 19 December 2012 14: 35
        Quote: ikrut
        but that it could be some unknown type of meteorite.

        not found "some unknown meteorites" read how the meteorite (found) is identified from the earth's rock.
        Quote: ikrut
        And he gives an example of a "micro-bullet" in order to explain the "physics" of the process.

        The physics of the process is not true.
    2. подводник
      подводник 19 December 2012 12: 03
      I agree with you.
      Most of this article can be described in two simple words: utter nonsense .....
      Although about the torpedoes, the full truth .... we have them ...
      About the principle and mechanism of action of the "micro-bullet" is on the conscience of the author of the article and competent researchers ...
      As for the "traces of micro-bullet impact" on the snow ...
      I do not want to offend the author, but these are just traces of a person, and absolutely fresh!
      Everyone who has lived even a little in the north knows that the winds in the mountains and in the northern latitudes are very strong and long.
      In the photo it is clearly visible, snow drifts are located along the impact of air currents ...
      Moreover, the upper crust of snow is frozen, this can be seen from the characteristic "shine"
      snow infusion ...
      These are just traces of a person (possibly a rescuer) ...
      As for the author’s version, that the participants were allegedly destroyed by some unusual weapons ... I want to ask one simple question, WHY ????
      They were mistaken for saboteurs who tried to penetrate some top-secret object - it seems like nonsense (sorry Author)
      If there was (possibly) any object, then for its normal functionality it is necessary:
      1. Electricity.
      2. Heat energy.
      3. Constant supply of food for the personnel of the facility.
      4. Constant supply of fuel.
      That is, it turns out that in the remote mountains there is a certain object, but despite its size and the number of personnel and working personnel, it is absolutely invisible to anyone ... just transparent ...
      Although we must pay tribute to even this version - in Soviet times, there were "closed towns" in the Urals where people lived, developed and made nuclear weapons ... They were reliably guarded ...
      But even at that time we heard that there are such "towns" ...
      That is, the author pushes us to such a possible version ...
      Well then, you just have to look for this secret base or town ...

      Although I have for you another option of what happened ... along with this I must say that I have never done research on this topic.
      But I have something to say.
      For a long time I lived in the territory that is located north of the site referred to in this article, and specifically in the Subpolar Urals .. in the city of Inta
      The same nature and weather conditions in summer and winter ..
      At that wonderful time, I was a child and my friends and I loved winter very much and disappeared on the street practically around the clock during the winter holidays, played hockey, went to the nearest thickets of the forest (taiga) on "hikes" ...
      Not to say that there was no beast in the taiga, it was not true .. it was ..wolves, bears, moose, deer, but they didn’t come close to human housing, well, they just had enough food, and they were afraid of a man.
      There was an avid hunter in our yard, I remember that he spent the whole weekend in the forest, well, almost lived there laughing
      And then one day he came from the forest, and we played hockey in the yard .. He comes up to us, and his face is white and his eyes are round, he breathes as if he had passed 50 km on skis, and he screams so loudly so that we will never again the forest did not go !!!
      1. подводник
        подводник 19 December 2012 12: 05
        Without explaining anything, he left ... Well, as if nothing had happened, we immediately forgot about it and played on ... And already at home, our parents once again strictly forbade us to leave for the next taiga thicket ...
        Then they told me that this hunter found a bear corpse near the city, whose mouth was broken in half, apparently this hunter was shocked by what he saw then and was like that .. I could not even imagine who could do such a thing with the bear, what kind of strength is needed ..
        Then there were some rumors about the "Bigfoot", although no one had ever seen him ...
        But I think there will be no smoke without fire ..
        So these tourists knew where they were going, they hoped to find something, to see someone ..And they found death ...
        That's all I wanted to say ...
        1. alexng
          alexng 19 December 2012 14: 42
          Although as far as I know, this place where 9 people died is called "the valley of death" and knowledgeable hunters avoided such places. And even more so they could not even dream of staying there. So I think that the reason for the death of the group was not mythical "micro bullets", but ordinary human macro-stupidity and disbelief in what the locals tell them.
          1. s1н7т
            s1н7т 20 December 2012 07: 54
            Quote: alexneg
            disbelief in what the locals tell them.

            Here you are wrong. Local residents were even tortured to fetch more, but nothing interesting was said to Mansi.
    3. webdog
      webdog 19 December 2012 17: 04
      author, how did your fucking bullet stop the clock? at the very beginning, this fact "confirmed" the use of fantastic kinetic weapons))))))))))))
      Sds did not expect such nonsense ....)))))))
      the author should go to the library and at least spend some time studying physics for a school course.
      you, my friend, physics apparently passed in school, passed by)))))))))
      okay, stop joking already.
      the fact may have existed, but the bullets have nothing to do with it, and the effect described as a "vacuum" bubble has no direct value for such developments.
      I think so.
      1. webdog
        webdog 19 December 2012 17: 24
        the author, for which minus set me? it's not my fault that you didn’t teach physics at school. but it was necessary)))))
    4. Botanologist
      Botanologist 19 December 2012 20: 35
      Yesterday I did not have time to write, I will add my opinion as a botanist. Or rather, a biologist.
      Any hunter who has ever shot at an animal with a high-energy bullet knows perfectly well that the barrel of a wound along the course of a bullet, even from a Bars carbine, is covered with baked blood and "boiled" meat. Scientifically speaking, at high energy any protein coagulates - that is, folds. If the author speaks of a bullet with a speed of 1000 km / sec., Then such a wound will be a cylinder of boiled meat. The diameter can be calculated by rummaging in the literature, but lazily.
      So, if the energy of the bullet is enough for the "wave" described by the author, or the hydrodynamic blow of blood to the internal organs, then the proteins in the zone of this blow will simply crumble. And the wound will be visible not only well - it will be conspicuous due to the black-purple color and red border around the circumference.
      In addition, even if such a bullet flies by, there will be tissue breaks on the body. When a rocket ruptures, flying at a speed of 2 max, when flying from a person’s body closer than 20 centimeters, it ruptures tissue and breaks bones.
      So from a biological point of view, this is nonsense.
  2. Lech e-mine
    Lech e-mine 18 December 2012 08: 48
    I would like to read in detail the official conclusion of the pathologists about the cause of the death of these people.
    1. Vanek
      Vanek 18 December 2012 08: 56
      I think we won’t find out the truth. Everything is there, just not something that can be explained.

      Good afternoon, Alexey.
      1. postman
        postman 19 December 2012 15: 31
        Quote: Vanek
        I think we won’t find out the truth

        Less ufologists need to read
        Quote: Lech e-mine
        I would like to read in detail the official conclusion of pathologists

        Forensic medical examination of the bodies of Yuri Doroshenko, George Krivonischenko, Zinaida Kolmogorova and Igor Dyatlov.
        On March 4, the expert of the regional Bureau of Forensic Medicine Boris Alekseevich Revived and forensic expert of the city of Severouralsk, Ivan Ivanovich Laptev, examined four bodies of dead tourists brought to Ivdel. In order to correctly assess the circumstances of what happened on the slope of Kholat-Syakhil, we describe the clothes in which the dead tourists were delivered for anatomical research and the main injuries noted by experts:
        a) Yuri Doroshenko, one of two tourists found under the cedar. It is known that this was the strongest and tallest (180 cm) member of the Dyatlov group. He was wearing a tank top and a staple (ie broadcloth, not flannel) short-sleeved cowboy shirt; swimming trunks, satin briefs and knitted underpants. All 6 buttons of the cowboy were buttoned, and both breast pockets were empty. On the legs - a different number of socks: on the left - two knitted and a thick woolen one with a burnt area of ​​2,0 * 5,0 cm, and on the right - the remnants of cotton and woolen socks. Doroshenko's underpants were badly torn: the left leg in the middle third of the inner thigh had a gap of 13,0 * 13,0 cm, and the right leg on the front of the thigh was even larger - 22,0 * 23,0 cm. In the hair of the deceased the expert found particles of moss and needles, in addition, the ends of the hair were burned on the right side of the head in its temporal, parietal and occipital parts. The complexion of the deceased was defined by the phrase "brown-purple". Cadaveric spots were located on the back of the neck, trunk and limbs, which contradicted the position of the body in which it was found (recall, Yuri Doroshenko was lying face down, respectively, cadaveric spots should have been observed on the chest, abdomen and front surfaces of the limbs). The experts did not explain this contradiction in their conclusion, simply bypassing it in silence (therefore, in the future, we will have to do this).
        Vozrozhdenny and Laptev recorded the following bodily injuries of Yuriy Doroshenko (for clarity, imagine them on the anatomical diagram):

    2. pogis
      pogis 18 December 2012 11: 02
      You are welcome!
      The story is really mysterious!
      1. caiman crocodilus
        caiman crocodilus 18 December 2012 14: 46
        Yes, this is by far the most detailed and plausible version of what happened to the Dyatlov group.
        1. s1н7т
          s1н7т 20 December 2012 07: 56
          This "version" is complete nonsense, however. It has already been taken apart in detail.
    3. biglow
      biglow 18 December 2012 11: 55
      all materials on this case have long been open. There is nothing secret. The mistake of the leader of the group cost the lives of everyone else E. V. Buyanov, B. E. Slobtsov MYSTERY OF DYATLOV GROUP DAMAGES Documentary investigation
      1. s1н7т
        s1н7т 20 December 2012 07: 58
        Gee! As far as I remember, Buyanov no longer insists on his version.
 20 December 2012 14: 58
          Yes? Does he agree with some other?
          The version of Buyanov and Stolbtsov, whatever one may say, is the most plausible. Explains most of the facts without involving any alien and conspiracy crap.
    4. postman
      postman 19 December 2012 15: 14
      Quote: Leha e-mine
      I would like to read in detail the official conclusion of the pathologists about the cause of the death of these people.

      There is it and there are conclusions:
      February 1, the air temperature dropped sharply by at least 10 ° C to minus (21-25) ° С,
      the tent with food and equipment was abandoned and strongly swept by the snow and a chain of tracks led down from the tent - they walked without shoes (this is what the author says: "vacuum channels and traces of micro-bullets")
      George Krivonischenko and Yuri Doroshenko were at the remains of the bonfire, and Igor Dyatlov, Zina Kolmogorova and Rustem Slobodin were somewhat distant from the fire and from each other.
      Rustem Slobodin had a closed head injury (a crack in the skull detected by the pathologist only at autopsy)
      All five died from freezing.

      Separately in the bed of the stream, under a 4 m layer of snow:
      Sasha Kolevatov, died from freezing
      Alexander Zolotarev unilateral fracture of the ribs, from severe injuries
      Kohl Thibault-Brignoles, from a severe craniocerebral injury (temporal part and fracture of the base of the cranial arch). He had two hours on his hand. / So what? Probably a micro bullet? /
      Lyusya Dubinina, from freezing, a bilateral fracture of the ribs and the tongue and the entire diaphragm of the oral cavity were absent (and the sublingual cartilage had increased mobility). The local inhabitants of the stream tried

      Well, they found traces of radioactivity on the clothes of Dubinina and Zolotarev. So what? "Plasma cavitation?" (remember about ground and air nuclear tests around the world)

      Yudin did not recognize as the things that he saw from the dead, but which were found next to them: ebonite sheath (for a knife, they were found near the tent) and a small piece of greatcoat cloth (found on laying from tree trunks in the hollow of a stream, next to the bodies of four dead) ... And?

      The guys got bogged down due to mistakes and confluence of the situation, and UVologists can think of everything to maintain the "steam pressure". The Americans have Zrna 51 (or 15), will we have "Mountain of the Dead"?

      “SPT: Set up the tent right!”
      Do not place the tent under the possible impact of an avalanche, under the impact of a tree (which may fall), or under the impact of a rockfall (under rocks and talus.)
      Put the tent in a place protected from the wind (do not put in the wind!), Put it firmly (firmly securing the rods), along the stormy (with deepening in the snow and protecting it with a snow wall).
      Put a tent near fuel and water (firewood nearby - an additional security guarantee in case of frost and snowstorm) ...
      If the tent is destroyed or lost, be ready and be able to build another shelter that protects against wind and cold: a snow hut (igloo), a hut or a tent made of bound poles covered with lapnik and snow bricks.
      Do not lose clothes, shoes and equipment - it is very dangerous!
      (loss of equipment is a loss of protection, loss of a possible human environment)
      Beware and defend yourself from the terrible danger of the cold!
      Wind and altitude significantly increase the risk of cold!
      (thermal reserves and reserves of protection against cold in humans are very limited
      1. tun1313
        tun1313 19 December 2012 16: 36
        +1 Years 10 - 15 years ago Rafted along the Polar Urals in August, during the day on the water in the valley in a T-shirt because the mosquito was current (on the water), by the evening they left the valley, parking, at night a storm, the water rose 1,5 meters above me and the leader laughed at why they forced the raft pulled ashore to moor, by the middle of the night he, moored in the middle of the river, was hanging out. In the dvushka (the tent was shit), an arc burst, the tent lay down. In general, the six in the four sat holding arcs and this despite all the fixed stormy stretch marks. In general, the temperature fell sharply, in the morning snow fell on the peaks in the mountains, it was funny. I even left two pictures from one place with a difference of 12 hours. Type of Crimea and type of pole. The Polar Urals, although not high, are very insidious. Everything worked out for us, even there was no cold. But really it was possible to get at a time.
        1. postman
          postman 21 December 2012 17: 15
          Quote: tun1313
          About 10 - 15 years ago Rafted in the Polar Urals

          And I in Karelia in the woods fornicated, "Detom2 is enough.
          And the taiga (traveled on a raft) in 1986 was impressive. The book, the house, the city, the village is one, and the nature is wild, and even the mountains are different. I have not seen, I have not felt = do not understand ... I saw in
      2. s1н7т
        s1н7т 20 December 2012 08: 01
        Quote: Postman
        “SPT: Set up the tent right!”
        Do not place the tent under the possible impact of an avalanche, under the impact of a tree (which may fall), or under the impact of a rockfall (under rocks and talus.)

        They knew all this very well. Let me remind you that by that time they had already "instructed" themselves.
 20 December 2012 15: 06
          Quote: c1n7
          Let me remind you that they had already "instructed" themselves by that time.

          So what? Firstly, they didn’t mean that they were observing. Secondly, and now no one recognizes the great danger in the Northern Urals. The probability is too low.
        2. postman
          postman 21 December 2012 17: 20
          Quote: c1n7
          They knew all this very well.

          I’m not that they didn’t know.
          Here is the driver (pilot), professional, specialist, experience ... may make a mistake. and we see that admit. And read about the results.
          Human factor.
          By the way, their tent was not set up correctly.
          And they made the last transition in a hurry and in the dark.
          Time zones, sunset time, the influence of the slope were not taken into account. It would be better to stay at the storehouse for another night.
          This stupid schedule "for the Congress of the CPSU" ....
          I’m reading the article myself now (not this one, but A.I. Rakitin, I haven’t seen a better analysis, it’s more entertaining to read than a detective)
          To the author: if it were not for "micro-bullets" and "plasma" cavitation, I would say 100% thanks (and so thanks), touched upon, interested, read. Before, everything was diagonal.
          She bo: it would be better if the American special forces attracted ...
      3. postman
        postman 21 December 2012 17: 23
        Quote: Postman
        (recall the ground and air nuclear tests around the world)

        remove this argument:
        1. the soil around does not have traces of radioactivity, to assume "point" rain or "point" radioactive dust on Dubinina and Zolotarev is nonsense.
        2. Beta radiation, which radionuclide is not fixed.
        (from experience all cores, drills, cavities of deep adits) have Cobalt -60 beta radiation.
        Something is not right here.
        there are no caves nearby ...
    5. davoks
      davoks 19 December 2012 17: 14
      there is an official on wikipedia.
      % B0
  3. Aryan
    Aryan 18 December 2012 09: 11
    The author urgently needs to contact a psychiatrist ... with a sociological survey ... wassat
    Gitrela was also killed by a secret bullet, which, after a secret start, knew how to knock on the bunker door. bully
  4. Wedmak
    Wedmak 18 December 2012 09: 39
    I don’t know, I don’t know ... the technology is too subtle for this micro-bullet. Moreover, the author first says that for a bullet to overcome the gaseous medium, the tip should be a cone in 15-20 degrees, and when it enters the body - 45. How so?
    The person who has got such an “infection” will have a powerful shell shock, if he had a mechanical watch at that moment, then they will definitely stop immediately, as was observed in the tourists killed on the pass.

    Excuse me, but how is the concussion associated with stopping a mechanical watch? Almost nothing acts on the watch, there are no vibrations, there is no mechanical impulse, there is no explosion, there is no shock wave, there is no electromagnetic pulse.
    In general, only theories.
    1. Armata
      Armata 18 December 2012 21: 12
      Greetings Denis
      Quote: Wedmak
      that for a bullet to overcome the gaseous medium, the tip must be a cone in 15-20 degrees, and when it enters the body - 45. How so?

      Tipo stupid friction against the air. laughing
      Quote: Wedmak
      Almost nothing acts on the watch, there are no vibrations, there is no mechanical impulse, there is no explosion, there is no shock wave, there is no electromagnetic pulse.
      Yes, it's just a fairy tale. There is not even a mechanism for accelerating a micropulite, and even with a powder charge, gas throttling must (of course count the pressure off-screen) 12 to the 32 degree (K Bar). At this pressure, the tsar will break the cannon with a bullet in 0,1mm. Unrealistic.
      1. El13
        El13 19 December 2012 16: 40
        Why did you discard the option of multi-stage overclocking? One hundred and fifty-sixth step will accelerate the bullet to the necessary speed ... Article - the delirium of the amateur, i.e. the author is not only an amateur in all the issues discussed, he also raves ... I read further comments am you learn a lot of interesting things about the members of the local gang
        1. webdog
          webdog 19 December 2012 17: 13
          El13, you think ...))
          Germans in World War II developed an ultra-long-range cannon with a 4-stage dispersal of the projectile ...
          and about the author I agree with you.
          I will say, so as not to offend him - the author sincerely believes in his nonsense based on reading information from magazines written by such amateurs as he is.
          he had to teach physics at school, but now it’s too late (((
        2. postman
          postman 19 December 2012 17: 30
          Quote: El13
          those. the author is not only an amateur in all the issues considered, he also raves ..

        3. Wedmak
          Wedmak 19 December 2012 19: 04
          Why did you discard the option of multi-stage overclocking? One hundred fifty-sixth step will accelerate the bullet to the required speed ..

          And the trunk should be a kilometer long? This is not a rocket, this is a bullet, where to wind all these steps?
          1. El13
            El13 20 December 2012 17: 44
            If only they would put an emoticon ... or how did you rise to the rank of general?
    2. webdog
      webdog 19 December 2012 17: 10
      Wedmak, it seems to me that the author has a specific jamb not only with knowledge, but also with the syllable.
      at the expense of hours - you aptly noticed it)))
  5. Volkhov
    Volkhov 18 December 2012 09: 42
    At the meteorological station they saw a "jellyfish" in the stratosphere, there is a rock with a hole, the faces of the dead are red from being hit by electrons (beta radiation), that is, the dead accidentally fell under the comet's explosion element - a leader discharge. It is itself a beam of positive ions, but it causes the emission of electrons from surrounding bodies and soil.
    The cause of death was blinding and polymerization of the tissues of the face and hands, then they froze. Such electrons do not pierce thick clothes, that is, they could have escaped simply by lying under the covers, but they did not know this, started running and died. Dogs and children have this natural phenomenon and the instinct to climb into a secluded place in the presence of thunder, "Bedouin" clothes with a coiled face are also useful.
    No "tests" were carried out on tourists, they were just unlucky. Of course, you won't believe it, because personal experience is needed (for the majority), but in a few years you will have such an opportunity.
    There are "micro-bullets" in comet explosions (steel balls in fractions of a mm) at a speed of 2000 m / s, but they usually do not kill, penetration up to 2 cm is simply unpleasant, in this case this factor is small because of the weakness and range of the explosion.
    1. Chamber No. 6
      Chamber No. 6 18 December 2012 20: 10
      You certainly will not believe it, because you need personal experience (for most), but in a few years you will have such an opportunity.
      You probably have such experience ?! So, so, this is already interesting! You have to understand, do you consider yourself to be a "minority" who can understand what others cannot understand? So enlighten, damn it!
      1. Volkhov
        Volkhov 18 December 2012 21: 03
        Just a specialty, I have been studying for more than 10 years, there is nothing special in these processes, but if you want to "enter", you will need from several months to years of preparation.
        The story with the pass, like the Tunguska meteorite, is a classic manifestation of one process, but they lead to interesting physics, so a line is drawn to "shaggy grandma" for decades so that people (from their point of view) do not understand too much.
        1. Chamber No. 6
          Chamber No. 6 19 December 2012 10: 03
          the line "shaggy grandmother" has been drawn for decades so that people (from their point of view) do not understand
          Eh, after all, I always told my neighbors in the ward that not "everything is calm with us in the Danish kingdom" !!!
          What kind of physical processes are capable of shaking the worldview ?!
          It seems to me that the line "shaggy grandmother" is still carried out at the state level, but far from in the field of "interesting physics" ...
          Correct if something is wrong.
    2. arduan
      arduan 18 December 2012 23: 35
      Quote: Volkhov
      The cause of death - blinding and polymerization of the tissues of the face and hands, then they froze.

      I join. I read the same thing in nine hundred and a half year. None of this mystery has ever been made. Orange-red tan, blindness, injuries from running in socks on a rocky slope .. When the panic subsided, those who could have tried to return to the tent, but did not find it, because they did not see anything. But it is somehow even mundane, much more interesting and more profitable to give birth to another sensational exposure (of the military, UFOs, special services) to the next anniversary of the terrible and ridiculous death of the guys.
      1. Volkhov
        Volkhov 19 December 2012 10: 41
        Polymerization was weak to a degree during the Vitim explosion - there the children were released from school because it was difficult for them to write - the hands were open and the skin was pierced by radiation.
        Back in the 30s, experiments were carried out on the effect of the flow of electrons on materials - bacon became like plastic, gasoline - like jelly, that is, with a decent dose, people "petrify" - this is even in fairy tales.
        1. Kir
          Kir 19 December 2012 15: 33
          Volkhov, could you give a link to the relevant literature, it’s just interesting, since although I was undereducated, I still had to connect my life with synthetics-special fiber! And a quick look about B radiation, in general, it only follows that in the body there is a synthesis of compounds unusual for a living object and plus oxidative reactions, Eye burns, etc., etc., but I did not find about polymerization! And the question of the power of these sources also exists.
          With regard to petrification, there is no direct correlation at all, because phenomena of a different nature can also lead to petrification, see Ankylosing spondylitis.
          With regards to flight, it is most likely related to acoustic waves, as they say I haven’t experienced it myself, but these effects can be related to the same snow avalanche, and given the name, it’s most likely a GPZ, from which it’s not an accidental death.
          1. Volkhov
            Volkhov 23 December 2012 10: 59
            Take the technological literature on strengthening nylon (gears) by irradiation, this is a fairly applied process, additional bonds arise there and strength increases. The experiments of the 30s are described in the journal "Tekhnika Molodyozhi" in the 70s, there is no issue at hand now, but if you want to, you can find it by searching through the archive, the article is mainly about how they made an electron gun with a beam exit into the atmosphere and incidentally about the experiments of irradiation.
            Polymerization in the presence of electrons works almost everywhere, from the formation of raindrops from steam, hydrogen peroxide to the "petrification" of Lot's wife in the Bible, who looked at the glow after the explosion.
            Ankylosing spondylitis is psychology, of course, acoustic waves were stronger than from a cannon, the discharge of a funnel knocks out, and therefore panic.
  6. Antipov
    Antipov 18 December 2012 09: 52
    The cumulative jet just penetrates the armor, and does not burn through ... And its speed "only" is 5-7 km / s. The article is nonsense ...
    1. IRBIS
      IRBIS 18 December 2012 13: 52
      Do not be surprised, but a cumulative projectile neither burns through armor, nor does it penetrate. The main indicator is the pressure created by the explosion. The cumulative jet formed by the explosion "washes away" the armor under enormous pressure. Any artilleryman or tanker will confirm this process.
      1. PLO
        PLO 18 December 2012 14: 04
        Do not be surprised, but the cumulative projectile does not burn through and does not pierce. The main indicator is the pressure created by the explosion.

        well this is a matter of terminology
        the main penetration (leaching) causes enormous pressure of the cumulative jet on a small portion of the armor, which is many times higher than the yield strength of the armor, and not the huge temperature that melts / burns through the armor)

        Well, how to more accurately call this process a penetration or leaching from the point of view of science, I do not know, although I tend to penetrate

        ps in general, I personally with the burning myth I parted as a child in school, when in the OBZh class I saw a poster with RPG-7 and the principle of its operation
    2. terp 50
      terp 50 19 December 2012 09: 31
      ... venerable! Give a man a fantasy! Oh ,, brainstorming ,, heard? - The crowd gathers and begins to carry everything up to an open fairy tale (... BUT! Into the topic), as a result SOMEONE has a brilliant idea. Mb ,, Flurry ,, from the same ,, opera ,,? Do not cut man ,, wings ,,
  7. zambo
    zambo 18 December 2012 10: 07
    From the cycle "Obvious-Incredible" ... And there - who knows ...
  8. Middle-brother
    Middle-brother 18 December 2012 10: 46
    So unexpectedly, one of the mysteries of the 20 century was discovered, hidden by a veil of 50 summer secret! fellow
    Many thanks to the author and request, if there is reliable information about who killed Kennedy, immediately publish it on the site in the very near future! laughing
  9. Shabur
    Shabur 18 December 2012 11: 19
    With a Tunguska meteorite that does not converge there, after all, the roots of the trees located in the ground were deified, as if electric discharges raged there. The theory of the weapons of Nikola Tesla seems more believable. IMHO)
    1. Volkhov
      Volkhov 18 December 2012 13: 18
      With such explosions there is a powerful emission of electrons from the ground, there are cases of even burning columns of soil (clay), but Tesla has no reason, everything is natural.
  10. Leisure
    Leisure 18 December 2012 12: 31
    Some kind of savagery is UFOlogical. The author has a very expanded consciousness. I will wait for the continuation.
  11. core
    core 18 December 2012 13: 19
    normal reaction, normal people to the article (delirium). this is one of the reasons that we are so far behind amers in weapons technology. our misfortune is the lack of imagination, unbelief, and most importantly, HERE ALL SPECIALS and immediately in all areas.
  12. Shabur
    Shabur 18 December 2012 13: 42
    But isn't Flurry a secret rocket anymore?
    1. El13
      El13 19 December 2012 16: 59
      ... and the Germans also left the village!
  13. Pacifist
    Pacifist 18 December 2012 13: 57
    "The armor does not break through, but is burned through, and the burn is not at all ordinary, from the impact all chemical bonds between the metal atoms break down, the process of impact ionization takes place and debris of atoms begins to" erupt "through the entrance channel in the form of plasma."

    How much can one repeat already, that one does not need to repeat other people's nonsense.

    When a cumulative jet acts on an obstacle, their interaction is described according to the laws of interaction of viscous fluids. There is no burning, but in simple terms "the armor is floating", the temperature is not high, and there can be no talk of any burning. Zadolbalsya already repeating. This site had the correct article on this topic.
    The rest ... you have to think. The idea itself, which at first glance is interesting and incorrect, sometimes does not diminish this interest.
  14. Skavron
    Skavron 18 December 2012 14: 02
    Duc has long been painted and laid out on the shelves ... there is nothing supernatural and military in the deaths of tourists.
    Search through the forums of the Dyatlovites, everything is explained in detail there.
    1. Alexander 1958
      Alexander 1958 18 December 2012 14: 45
      Good afternoon!
      As far as I know, not one, but several groups of geologists and tourists died on this pass. In the local language, it is called the pass of the 9 dead. in these dead groups there were exactly 9 people. One of the groups died approximately as described i.e. who in what jumped out of the tent, everyone lost their sight, and trying to escape, they ran away and froze.

      Another group. geologists also slept in the tent and the dead bodies form a circle around the tent. At least, the arrangement of the bodies of the dead is depicted in the diagram.
      Alexander 1958
      1. Skavron
        Skavron 18 December 2012 14: 59
        give a link or source indicate where you can read about the rest.
        With respect.
        1. Alexander 1958
          Alexander 1958 18 December 2012 19: 43
          Unfortunately I can’t provide a link because I watched the plot in the form of a movie on TV. The only thing I can add is that this pass was called so by the local Aboriginal people (TRANSFER 9 DEAD DEADS), long before the death of the Dyatlov group and after that also, according to the article, a group of geologists and others died. The film, in my opinion, inspires confidence if not 100% then mainly because used data from criminal cases, diagrams and photographs are given. eyewitness accounts, interrogation records
          Alexander 1958
          1. Skavron
            Skavron 18 December 2012 22: 11
            Yes, I was looking for something, but I could not find it. But probably googled a little or not as it should. I'll try again. I heard about the name that it is not translated literally, but very close to Russian, as simply "dead mountain", i.e. a mountain where no one lives and never happens ...
          2. davoks
            davoks 19 December 2012 17: 20
            do not say mysticism. Mount Kholutchahl (Kholat-Syakhl, translated from Mansi - “Mountain of the Dead”). the pass was nameless until the death of the Dyatlov group
      2. arduan
        arduan 19 December 2012 00: 22
        I have a friend, an avid tourist who came from the northern and circumpolar Urals, collecting such stories. Possessing the gift of a narrator, he polished them at evening bonfires, brought them, so to speak, to literary perfection. Tales about the Black Tourist and the White Speleologist could poison for hours.
        Quote: Alexander 1958
        dead bodies form a circle around the tent

        In some cases, there was only shoes arranged in a circle, another nine bodies were found from a group of 12 people, nine were dead. Before the creation of the Internet, this folklore was local. I especially liked the snowman killed from the berdank, whom the wolves devoured during the night and carried away the bones ... they are wolves.
        1. Skavron
          Skavron 19 December 2012 00: 47
          laughing good Yeah, I'm talking about these stories and did not remember)))
        2. Alexander 1958
          Alexander 1958 20 December 2012 09: 47
          Good afternoon!
          For sho I bought, for that, and I sell .., but the circle of bodies around the tent was material from a criminal case i.e. location scheme tel.
          Alexander 1958
    2. s1н7т
      s1н7т 20 December 2012 08: 11
      Quote: Skavron
      there is nothing supernatural and military in the death of tourists.

      About "military" I agree. The rest is still in question.
  15. Antistaks
    Antistaks 18 December 2012 14: 29
    No need to go to the forums, I will tell you here in brief. There was a terrible cold, wind and a small snow avalanche. Some people simply suffocated in a tent under an avalanche, and those who managed to jump out simply froze. They would not be found right away, and at the watch the factory simply ended.
    About the cum shells, the author writes complete nonsense.
    And the most correct way to designate the effect of the cum jet is that it SPLASHES the armor.
    1. pogis
      pogis 18 December 2012 14: 37
      You apparently did not read the info on my link.
    2. xorgi
      xorgi 18 December 2012 21: 57
      Not one was suffocated in the tent, and the last of the dead were quite warmly dressed. And according to the calculations, there was no avalanche. Snow tent fell asleep later.
    3. s1н7т
      s1н7т 20 December 2012 08: 12
      Quote: Antistaks
      No need to go to the forums, I'll tell you here in a nutshell

      Quote: Antistaks
      the author writes complete nonsense

      Self-critical! laughing
  16. xorgi
    xorgi 18 December 2012 14: 49
    The information regarding the Dyatlov group is stupid, I don’t speak about micropulles since I’m not a specialist. All tourists died from natural causes: injury or hypothermia. Mysterious in this story is:
    - the reason for the panic and abandonment of the tent (the most important part, there is still no correct perception of the reason);
    - strange behavior of individual members of the group (some things can be explained only with a big stretch);
    - incomprehensible injuries on the body of some members of the group (more precisely, burns that did not lead to death).
    There is a good wikipedia article on this story, surprisingly quite detailed and objective.
    1. Skavron
      Skavron 18 December 2012 14: 56
      Burns ...
      then you obviously didn’t freeze your legs - your hands ... when you stop feeling them, you just want to shove them right into the fire ... by the way, you don’t feel the pain of a burn.
      this is the most plausible explanation.
      1. pogis
        pogis 18 December 2012 15: 03
        Frozen hands do not light a fire! And if they have lighted, what frostbite can there be after that?
        1. Skavron
          Skavron 18 December 2012 15: 07
          why? Not frozen in the trash, of course, but when the fingers are still bent, and the sensitivity is close to zero.
          1. pogis
            pogis 18 December 2012 16: 37
            When your fingers are frozen, consider that they are not!
            1. Skavron
              Skavron 18 December 2012 18: 11
              yah? here I just got frozen so sho a scribe ... but nothing ... warmed up ... here I sit knocking on the clave.
      2. xorgi
        xorgi 18 December 2012 21: 51
        The fact of the matter is that the burns were not on the hands and feet, or rather, not only, they were local, as if splashed on them with something. From here the version was born that they were tortured. Plus severe skull injuries, plus complexion, plus foam on the lips of some. But this can be somehow explained, with a stretch of the nose, but it is possible, but why they left the tent in such a strange way and why didn’t they go to their warehouse, but climbed through the hollow to the cedar, and many more strange why ...
        1. davoks
          davoks 19 December 2012 17: 35
          there was no foam on the lips. there was nosebleed and internal
          1. xorgi
            xorgi 19 December 2012 22: 37
            there may be a difference in the sources, according to my data, Kolmagorova and Dyatlov had foam on their lips
            1. davoks
              davoks 20 December 2012 19: 40
              source - Rakitin?
    2. pogis
      pogis 18 December 2012 15: 01
      - incomprehensible injuries on the body of some members of the group (more precisely, burns that did not lead to death).
      And the lack of tongue and eyes!
      1. Skavron
        Skavron 18 December 2012 15: 08
        Even easier - birds, arctic foxes ...
        1. pogis
          pogis 18 December 2012 16: 34
          Do they not eat lips?
          1. Skavron
            Skavron 18 December 2012 18: 10
            ... and eyebrows too. In conclusion, pathologists indicated the absence of tissues in the area of ​​the superciliary arches ...

            By the way, what about your version of what happened?
            1. pogis
              pogis 20 December 2012 11: 17
              1. Ludmila Dubinina’s lack of language, and with it the diaphragm of the mouth (these are the muscles that form the bottom of the oral cavity and participate in the movements of the lower jaw) was very strange. It is impossible to understand what happened to the language of the deceased from the document drawn up by the Renaissance - this was not at all reproached to the expert, but a statement of fact. If the language had been cut out, then there would have to be (theoretically, at least) recognizable traces, but such are not described. It is difficult to imagine what natural causes could lead to the disappearance of the tongue and the diaphragm of the mouth. It is known that aquatic inhabitants, especially crustaceans, can very much damage corpses in a very short time, but there can be no talk of any fish or crayfish in a stream with melt water. Mice cannot be suspected either. In winter, mice can be active under snow for up to 3 hours a day, but they do not feed on frozen flesh (all the more, they are unlikely to eat weight many times greater than their own weight, which is calculated in grams). It is difficult to judge the culinary preferences of mice and rats, but it is well known that they usually eat up protruding parts of the head - nose, ears. If Dubinina had had this kind of damage, then the disappearance of the tongue would not have looked so suspicious. However, none of the Dyatlov group had traces of damage to the skin by small animals (the only exception is the corpse of Krivonischenko, the tip of the nose of which was allegedly bent by birds)
              2. I don’t know! But something or someone made the strong, courageous, brave people drop everything and run 1.5 km barefoot in the snow! I think people killed them!
       20 December 2012 15: 29
                Quote: pogis
                But something or someone made strong, courageous, courageous people give up everything and run 1.5 km barefoot in the snow

                Fear, panic. We will never know the reasons that caused them.

                Quote: pogis
                I think people killed them!

                No. All versions about people - complete nonsense. Who and why could this be needed?

              2. davoks
                davoks 20 December 2012 18: 12
                there was no blood on Dubinina's sweater - that means she lost her tongue and eyes after death
              3. davoks
                davoks 20 December 2012 19: 39
                there were no traces of people near the tent except their own
              4. Botanologist
                Botanologist 21 December 2012 17: 47
                As for the language, a summer walrus can eat a walrus corpse. In freshwater rivers it is not, but in general, fauna must be taken into account with such speculation.
    3. gennadi
      gennadi 18 December 2012 20: 06
      Yes, missile trials and crashes could take place, and spilled heptyl explains the yellowness of individuals.
      However, I know 2 or 3 members of that expedition, but in this new life they don’t remember that past, m. Unfortunately.
  17. srha
    srha 18 December 2012 14: 51
    "The energy of the bullet will not be transmitted as we are used to seeing in action films, such as the body is thrown away from being hit by a bullet. By no means, the body will not even stagger, the energy of the" micro-bullet "will go into a shock wave inside the body directed perpendicular to the movement of such a bullet. - so also the law of conservation of momentum has ceased to operate?
    1. old rocket man
      old rocket man 19 December 2012 17: 11
      Quote: srha
      so also the law of conservation of momentum ceased to apply?

      The law of conservation of momentum does not cease to apply. The direction of the vector of the pulse changes, although the terminology is not entirely scientific, it is not the point. HYPOTHESIS, I emphasize, it is a hypothesis that deserves attention, and the categorization of some comments can be explained by third-year syndrome,who knows everything, in fact, a fairly "high education and awareness" is still not sufficient for such high-profile judgments.
      The article is interesting, at least, and has a right to exist.
      The biggest trouble in any business is not ignorance, but attempts to reject the incomprehensible and not ordinary
      1. Chamber No. 6
        Chamber No. 6 23 December 2012 11: 17
        The biggest trouble in any business is not ignorance, but attempts to reject the incomprehensible and not ordinary
        Alas! It is what it is!
  18. carbofo
    carbofo 18 December 2012 15: 25
    It is difficult to say what and how, certain conclusions can objectively be drawn only after we can in practice study the effect of such high-speed objects.
    In principle, everything is logical, but there is no practical evidence base!
  19. IRBIS
    IRBIS 18 December 2012 15: 56
    It looks like a transmission from the REN-TV channel, doesn't it? Diameters, angles, speeds - everything is calculated and justified. It seems to be. I immediately wanted to read about the lemon seed. I will languish in anticipation ... I wonder if the article will have time to come out before the end of the world?
  20. Humpty
    Humpty 18 December 2012 16: 00
    After reading a lot of published materials about this tragedy, my conclusion is that there was a criminal story inside the Dyatlov group. This version is usually dismissed not for objective reasons, but for ethical reasons.
    1. pogis
      pogis 18 December 2012 16: 45
      What year of birth are you? Or have you revised American militants? Even in my years (1970 gr) this could not be, because it could not be any time !!!!
    2. xorgi
      xorgi 18 December 2012 22: 00
      There was money left in the tent (a considerable amount) they didn’t even try to pull it out, felt boots and skis, with a split, the last one left would inevitably have taken it (felt boots and skis at least for himself).
  21. sniper
    sniper 18 December 2012 17: 37
    A funny article, unfortunately I do not have the necessary knowledge to comment on it, but it was written in a fascinating way, I liked it ... Besides, almost all the achievements of science were described long ago by science fiction writers .... So why not?
    1. Wedmak
      Wedmak 18 December 2012 21: 23
      So far no one has accelerated such small objects to such speeds. And as you can guess, the physics of processes at huge speeds and pressures is different from the "usual" one. What is described by science fiction writers does not always agree even with ordinary physics, but here there are already such fantasies ... I'm not a tough physicist, of course, but if you start to find fault with the article, then only one thing remains - the Dyatlov polybla group. All. From what - it is not clear.
  22. Kir
    Kir 18 December 2012 17: 41
    Well, some micro-bullets survived, I wonder where the author’s imagination will lead next time.
    Now, with regards to all sorts of miracles from science, my late father had, if I'm not mistaken, a fellow student, well, in short, they studied together at the Kaliningrad VVMU, and so he tried to develop such an apparatus that would give a "piece of cardboard" such an angular velocity that he had to "cut "PL adversaries.
    With regard to the sizes visible to the eye, let the author measure at his leisure with a micrometer the size - "diameter" of the hair, or "twist" a 0.2mm drill in his hands
    With regards to the Tunguska phenomenon, according to one of the versions it was generally a plasmoid, maybe the author should read about the miracles done by CMM ball lightning. And besides, according to some assumptions, and most likely it will be in the general "heap" of CMM Reasonable plasmoids, and indeed reasonable ones, could also have got in the way, for plasma, like living matter, has the property of self-structuring.
  23. Alf
    Alf 18 December 2012 20: 30
    Quite a strange hypothesis.
    1. Even "bloody commies" were hardly frostbitten enough to
    put 9 people to test the secret weapon. If it was so impatient, then it was possible to experience on death row or "dolls" and ends in the water, but not on the tourists who will be looking for.
    2. The author is persistently trying to forget the fact that the shamans of this tribe talked about the deaths of all groups of 9 people climbing this mountain. No wonder the locals called the mountain "the mountain of 9 dead". Moreover, these observations were made by shamans long before the 20th century. I don't think that such weapons were tested at 19, 18, etc. centuries.
    1. mamba
      mamba 19 December 2012 10: 39
      Quote: Alf
      Even the "bloody commies" were hardly frostbitten enough to put 9 people to test a secret weapon. If it was so impatient, then it was possible to experience on death row or "dolls" and ends in the water, but not on the tourists who will be looking for.

      I agree. Areas where tests of secret weapons are carried out have always been securely closed. Dyatlov’s group would simply not be allowed even to the surroundings of such a zone. And if they knew about its existence, but still went there and violated the secrecy regime, then an outfit with machine guns and dogs would come, would tie everyone and bring them to the commandant’s office.
      Quote: Alf
      The author is persistently trying to forget the fact that the shamans of this tribe talked about the deaths of all groups of 9 people climbing this mountain. No wonder the locals called the mountain "the mountain of 9 dead".

      It is possible that this infa was "far-fetched" after the tragedy and as a result of an inaccurate translation of the name of the mountain. Remember the famous "miracles" of the translation of Khrushchev's phrase "We will bury you" - "We will bury you" - "We will bury you." Until the moment when the amers figured out the Great and Mighty, they were offended for a long time.
      The author of the article made a mistake, mentioning the U208. Of course, such an isotope does not exist in nature. All known isotopes of uranium start with U217 and end with U242. Of these, only U238 is the most stable and occurs in nature, where it is 99,3% relative to the other two natural isotopes U234 and U235. Other isotopes are not found in nature, because broke up long ago.
      1. s1н7т
        s1н7т 20 December 2012 08: 17
        Quote: mamba
        It is possible that this infa was "far-fetched"

  24. tichsha
    tichsha 18 December 2012 21: 16
    In the article “The Dead Don't Lie,” based on the similarity of the circumstances of the death of nine tourists, it was concluded that they all died from the use of the same unknown weapons. Injuries to bodies, body postures, stopped watches, the reconstruction of events with time references can only be explained by the defeat of all nine tourists by such “micropuli”.

    Complete nonsense! there was a release of the battle of psychics about these dyatlovtsy, and they went over everything there (they even said that the dyatlovtsy tested LSD on themselves))) but in the end they didn’t name what. I am familiar with this story and I think that they died because of the avalanche and that's all!
  25. major1976
    major1976 18 December 2012 22: 41
    About the Dyatlov pass, namely, the said tragedy has been written more than once, and moreover, professional tourists and climbers. If the author is not in the know, there was a so-called avalanche accident with the Dyatlov group. Therefore, the dead so quickly left the tent, wounding the wounded down (the wounds were received during the descent of a small avalanche), fearing the descent of another, because this happens often. But the group made a mistake in the direction and went not to their crib, but to the side. After leaving the wounded below, the strongest and most healthy went back to take things and food, but not one went out to the tent, everyone froze. In short, a tragic thing happened mistake-people were afraid of the descent of the repeated avalanche, although only one layer came down, and did not take equipment with them.
    1. arduan
      arduan 18 December 2012 23: 58
      Quote: major1976
      wounds were received at a small avalanche

      Here is the landscape there. An avalanche can happen here only with the help of a good bulldozer, and even then if the winter is snowy and calm, it happens and it blows everything away with a breeze. It’s a pity the photos weren’t preserved from the hikes to those parts, I would have laid out my own.
    2. davoks
      davoks 19 December 2012 16: 23
      this is only one of the versions. which does not explain intravital damage to the entire group. their injuries were such that many could not move independently. nevertheless, they were far from the tent. In addition, if severe injury to several tourists was caused by an avalanche, then the selectivity of the traumatic effects on Dubinina, Zolotarev and Thibault-Brignoles is completely incomprehensible and it seems unlikely that three such seriously injured people can move from the tent to the place where their bodies were found. hence the conclusion - they received injuries outside the camp. Also, an avalanche does not explain the presence of radioactive substances on their clothes. About the luminous balls said and rescuers and Mansi. The avalanche also does not explain where they got the burns from.
    3. s1н7т
      s1н7т 20 December 2012 08: 20
      Quote: major1976
      so-called avalanche accident occurred with Dyatlov’s group

      Do not know - do not state. There was no avalanche there!
  26. uladzimir.surko
    uladzimir.surko 19 December 2012 00: 20
    Aftor is confusing something, or am I wrong, explain the fool what kind of cumulative ammunition is detonated 100 meters from the meeting point with the target penetrates 700mm of armor? Dasist is fantastic! hi
  27. taseka
    taseka 19 December 2012 08: 48
    " The use of the weapon was practically silent. " - Who stood there and listened to how the pulba was going with micro-bullets with lemon seeds at that time? The anomaly of the "Mountain of the Nine Dead" - the local name of this mountain, the Mansi centuries before the death of the Dyatlov group, is explained by the resonant ultrasound of the wind of a natural draft along the slope, direction and speed!
    However, who knows? Maybe the KGB!
    1. terp 50
      terp 50 19 December 2012 09: 39
      ... and also the CIA, M 5, Siguranza, the GRU, the FSB and, of course, could not do without the Mossad ... And, m. also Malyuta Skuratov walked with the Holy Inquisition.
  28. gizz
    gizz 19 December 2012 09: 39
    Nonsense. Bloody gebnya in action)
  29. kopar
    kopar 19 December 2012 10: 35
    Everyone has the right to express their thoughts. Also, everyone has the right to agree or disagree with the opinion of the opponent. In any case, thanks to the author for the article. Once there are so many comments on it, it has already been written for good reason.
  30. Chamber No. 6
    Chamber No. 6 19 December 2012 10: 47
    If anyone is interested:
    1. pogis
      pogis 20 December 2012 11: 25
      Thank you colleague for duplicating my link! If only you would read it much less write all sorts of nonsense!
      1. 20 December 2012 15: 38
        Quote: pogis
        If only they would read it much less, write all sorts of nonsense!

        Yes, there is so much water poured that you can see right away - based on speculation! Fantasy of the author and nothing more.
  31. I'm a patriot
    I'm a patriot 19 December 2012 11: 24
    The article is interesting, to the author +. And for those who criticize the article and believe that there are no and cannot be such technologies (I'm talking about micropools), I can only say one thing - remember the times when Leonardo Da Vinci said that in the future all people will be able to fly like birds, they simply ridiculed him, no one He did not believe him and they said: Yes, this is nonsense of a sick person! So here is the conclusion: perhaps the author is right and such technologies (namely, dispersal of missiles or bullets by several tens or hundreds of kilometers) will be available to mankind, but only after many years ooooooooooo.
  32. crambol
    crambol 19 December 2012 11: 51
    On the nose fairing of a standard S-200 anti-aircraft missile, a certain part is installed, very similar to a plasma generator, although officially it is called an air-jet engine.

    This detail was shown together with the rocket head at one of the first post-perestroika exhibitions in Moscow. In the plate to the exhibit it was written that this ramjet is a ramjet engine. The missile served to create the initial speed necessary for ramjet operation. All this has been put on public display and there is nothing to subtilize and attract fiction.
  33. Miffody
    Miffody 19 December 2012 14: 20
    It seems like they spent the Internet in a madhouse ... belay An article urgently published in the newspaper Izvestia, you can still make a film and show it on Ren-tv in Military Secret on TV-3. laughing
    1. postman
      postman 19 December 2012 15: 15
      Quote: Miffody
      It looks like they spent the Internet in a madhouse ..

      Very true comment.
  34. postman
    postman 19 December 2012 15: 23
    The author REALLY "plunged into the subject" very deeply.
    Usually (what are written hypotheses and calculations about cavitation, Americans, micrometeorites - bullets and "plasma" lubrication) happens after a good "smoked something".
    In order not to interrupt the process, I propose to continue:
    The secret of the death of General Chernyakhovsky
    -the death of the first cosmonauts and especially Gagarin (there is a version that he actually controlled either Lunokhod 1 or 2)
    -the death of "Kursk"
    Large Hadron Collider
    well and so on
  35. Asgard
    Asgard 19 December 2012 19: 15
    Interesting look. But it is hardly comparable with reality. To accelerate a milligram of an alleged bullet to such speeds, energy is needed that is not comparable even to a cannon shot (and this is to kill "tourists"))) Then, to disperse an ordinary bullet, you can do with an ordinary piece of iron with a hole drilled in a special way, where excessive pressure is created in the space behind the bullet as it grows exponentially and at the same time the direction vector is set ... Where the shell losses during friction against the barrel can be neglected, but here the bullet (ugh) weighs less friction losses and naturally its acceleration should not be gas pressure and any friction something is out of the question ...

    Now, about the movement of this "object" - bullets in a gas atmosphere .... So small, they are big and clever Uncles for us, and the atmosphere does not care about its size, that a tank shell, that a small bullet fly according to the same laws, the numbers differ in the equations ... and the applied forces (which, however, are also numbers)) and with an increase in speed, resistance and temperature drift increase (the bullet will burn out in any way)) plasma to form - the application of energies is needed to create a flight corridor and this, unfortunately, by pushing air molecules - do not create .... We remember = the bullet is small, huge energy is supplied to it for movement, there is no mass of gulkin "forge" aerodynamics at such speeds (all dense objects at the slightest defect in the crystal lattice breaks fuck ... incredible ....

    Now, regarding the entry into the water environment (Human Body)), remember that it is about 1 times denser than gas in the atmosphere, then it is necessary to take into account such an ANOMALY in water as surface tension, which increases the bursting energy once again. We remember that the surface tension of fluids is higher only for Mercury .... The human body is very heterogeneous in density, therefore, the plasma effect must increase many times for the "bullet" to slip through the body of tourists, or it must collapse when it enters the human body with release energy during destruction, well, approximately like a mini-nuclear explosion with scattering of scraps of flesh (water in which does not compress)) ...

    Now why should the application of the energy of the plasma accompaniment of the "bullet" increase? The flight through the air is quite simple (relatively speaking)) and the cavitation tunnel has a certain duration in front, the bullet speed is constant or slightly falls, and the air in front is pushed (let) by gas molecules from collision with the tip, do they acquire energy and double the speed? and direction of movement ??? create a zone of comfortable flight, however, in order to make a tunnel in the human body and push molecules with bonds much larger than in the air, and the speed is constant, and the time t, you will have to spend a lot more, which means an explosion and evaporation of the bullet is inevitable ...

    By the way, when a barrage torpedo is stuck in a submarine or aircraft carrier, then an explosion occurs, since the ship's hull is much denser than water .....

    something like this .... the article is not scientific, let’s say diplomatically ................ I can’t say anything definite about the death of a group of Tourists, I need a good reason to cut the tent and run without shoes from the camp, then many bones are broken and there are burns, so the impact was, whose and why it is not clear. I heard. out of the ear, that there are some centers for the production of Creatures (nonhumans)) and sometimes these creatures run away and do something like that .....
    my assumption is in the spirit of the article and has no evidence base, only the conspiracy theory .....
    1. Volkhov
      Volkhov 23 December 2012 23: 43
      If you are so impressed by the fantasy about "micro-bullets", take for example a real natural micro-bullet - a steel (nickel-iron) ball is formed by the explosion of comets from the steam of the iron fraction, quite clean due to dynamic separation, flies at a speed of about 2000 m / s, the speed is constant as a balance between electrostatics, which accelerates it and aerodynamics, which slows it down.
      Penetrates bone up to 2 cm, in Russian folklore - perun hot. It has many useful and amazing properties, for example, it does not rust for 10000 years.
      To illustrate, Martian samples are better - they are larger and better visible there, earthly ones need to be pulled out of the burning layer with a magnet.

      However, the speed is only twice as high as the bullet.
  36. Nechai
    Nechai 19 December 2012 19: 18
    Quote: IRBIS
    The cumulative jet generated by the explosion "washes away" the armor under enormous pressure. Any artilleryman or tanker will confirm this process.

    Quote: Pacifist
    When a cumulative jet acts on an obstacle, their interaction is described by the laws of interaction of viscous fluids.

    Absolutely right. The movement of a quasi-fluid jet with a higher density in a quasi-fluid with a lower density. In fact, such process models, in detail, have a state status under the bar.
    Quote: arduan
    Here is the landscape there. An avalanche can happen here only with the help of a good bulldozer, and even then if the winter is snowy and calm, it happens and it blows everything away in the low ground.

    Here is another version of the death of the group: The first tests of the "Battle Mole" took place in the autumn of 1964. The underground boat showed amazing results, having passed difficult soil "like a knife through the oil" and destroying the underground bunker of a conditional enemy. Further tests continued in the Urals, in the Rostov region and in the Nakhabino region near Moscow ... However, during the next tests, an accident occurred that entailed an explosion and an underground boat with a crew, including paratroopers and commander Colonel Semyon Budnikov, remained forever walled up in the rock mass of the Ural Mountains. In connection with this incident, the tests were stopped, and after Brezhnev came to power, the project was closed, and all materials were strictly classified. “The group was not lucky to be at that moment ABOVE the subterrine.
    There is a film - "Secret Projects - Underground Cruiser.
  37. vovanrusich
    vovanrusich 19 December 2012 21: 21
    By the way guys! I usually sit here and real liberal guys usually live there!
    1. подводник
      подводник 19 December 2012 22: 24
      Well, dwell there ... why are you popping up for us? .....
  38. Lone gunman
    Lone gunman 19 December 2012 21: 34
    the author is 100% right, and all sorts of amateurs, postmen, stoves, connected with the secrets of the Motherland lead us all on the wrong paths, and who questioned the beloved programs of the whole people here - these are all, double alien agents, enemies of mankind !!! ... but I read it with great interest, thought moves science, maybe 30 years later the words of the author will not seem so complete nonsense as it seemed to some specialists, in my opinion the technology of the future will not recognize physical boundaries - this is about a large collider that hadron. .. the author well done!
    1. postman
      postman 20 December 2012 12: 17
      Quote: Lone gunman
      the author is 100% right, and all sorts of amateurs, postmen, stoves

      about the postman-Pechkin, this is probably a bargain.
      READY TO LISTEN TO THE OPINION OF A NOT A Lone gunman, NOT A DOUBLE ALIEN AGENT, and being a friend of the people.
      1. Lone gunman
        Lone gunman 20 December 2012 17: 54
        ))) Well, of course, I am not SPECIAL and in this matter, by the way, I don’t possess encyclopedic knowledge in the field of aircraft building and weapons ... of course, as for the article, see above or should I rewrite it?!, but I can add, that this zone is abnormal due to radiation or some faults in the earth’s crust, I just can’t say right now ... I read many hypotheses and the anomalous and special services supposedly involved in the sad event can all be analyzed, but that’s what interests me to these tragic events, it’s that none of the 9 people survived, the avalanche theory to which the authorities adhere and the majority of sane people is the most probable, but the deviation for the avalanche is unlikely to prune, do not prune the slope for the trench, I myself know what mountains, and so, but some special or non-special group of people or nonhumans didn’t even stray to them? This is my opinion like IMHO, no offense for the amateur?
        1. postman
          postman 21 December 2012 01: 12
          Quote: Lone gunman
          This is my opinion like IMHO, no offense for the amateur?

          but it seems to me to use the "Occam's blade":
          “One should not multiply things unnecessarily”
          (or "You should not attract new entities without the most urgent need for that")
          You just need to answer simple questions:
          Is the scene of a hazardous area?
          - ambient temperature (weather conditions) at the time of the incident?
          -qualification of victims (as climbers) and their psychological compatibility (after all, 9 people)?
          Who benefited from their death?
          -Who was interested in their death?
          -What is the point of lying (criminally punishable) to a court of medical experts, operas, investigators, witnesses?
          -if the special services (the best in the world at the moment that we, the Americans) -why so clumsy, why did not hide the traces (which is very easy to do)?
          - if the anomalous zone is not investigated why (Tunguska is much more difficult - how much did they crawl there and how many will be)?

          Quote: Lone gunman
          the fact that none of the 9th people were left alive

          In 1840, near Nassau, the Rosalie ship was found, which drifted on its own. The ship belonged to France, the sails were raised, the ship was functioning normally. Amazed only by the complete absence of the crew. In the ship's journal there were no records of what happened.

          In 1902, a German merchant ship was discovered in the Atlantic Ocean without a crew. The reasons for the crew’s loss remained a mystery, as no entries were left.

          December 5, 1945. The link of American torpedo bombers made a training flight over the Bermuda Triangle. At about 15.15 after completing a combat training mission for torpedo throwing, the pilots turned around to return to base.
          The last words of the pilots, which were adopted by radio amateurs, were shocking: "They look like us .. We enter white water .. We are dying." Further, no one heard the link of the aircraft.

          Only in 1991, a ship called Deep Sea, which was searching for treasures in the sunken Spanish galleon northeast of Fort Lauderdale, discovered a link to the sunken Avengers.

          The disappearance from the radar screens of the National Airlines passenger airliner, which performed a maneuver for approaching the landing ambassador in Maimi. After 10 minutes, the liner appeared, and landed 10 minutes late. Pilots and passengers did not notice anything unusual. However, all the hours that were on board the plane lagged behind for 10 minutes.

          And yet x heap stories. Most likely they have a reasonable physical explanation.
          But not micropools with a plasma cavitator ....
          1. postman
            postman 21 December 2012 01: 17
            Lone gunman

            1) According to the author's logic (and the "thought" of a decrease in friction when a body moves in the atmosphere at high speed, when a plasma cavity appears, a "decrease in friction" by orders of magnitude), all spacecraft, Shuttles, Burana (8 km / s) and Apollo ( under 11,3 km / s) WOULD NOT BE BRAKED on the atmosphere But on the contrary, it would have glided from the 1st or 2nd space, before meeting the surface ...

            Quote: Author
            microscopic dimensions of the order of 0,1mm

            Atmosphere: 78,08% nitrogen, 20,95% oxygen
            ATOM SIZE N2: 0,074 nm / Interatomic distance in the molecule: 0,110 nm.
            O2 ATOM SIZE: 0,066 nm. / Atomic distance in the molecule: 0,12074 nm
            The average distance between air molecules under normal conditions is about 10 nm,

            0,1 mm = 1/10 000 m = 100 000 nm
            nano 1 / 1 m

            five orders of magnitude!
            No "pushing atoms / molecules away"!
            100 000nm will not SLIP m / y 10nm
            -9 degree we remove for micropulles and for distance m / y with air molecules
            (that would lead to digestible meters / kilometers)
            Kilda with a diameter of 100 km will crawl m / y balls located at a distance of 10 meters ???? The answer is Crap

            And the balls "according to FIG" will be this splash with a diameter of 100 km or 10 000 km (a body of 1 m in diameter) - NO DIFFERENCE.

            Atoms and molecules are in continuous chaotic motion,
            interact with each other by forces of an electrical nature. Gravitational interaction between particles is negligible.

            Brownian particle trajectory

            Kinetic model of ideal gas

            There will be practically no difference in the movement of the m / y of 1 m of the body and 0,1 mm (no, sorry, 0,1 mm will burn immediately if its structure is not entirely of neutrons)

            1. Lone gunman
              Lone gunman 21 December 2012 02: 28
              "EVERYTHING IS SIMPLE" - well, be it in your opinion, then by what principle does the squall underwater rocket move, or will you argue that its speed is several times less than 500 km / h, because you have observed objects under water that have a very high speed? that you are very close to the physics of elementary particles and your knowledge is impressive, you are clearly an engineer in some kind of research institute, or an active employee or a former and it will not be difficult for you to explain from the point of view of the physics of the movement of an object in an aquatic environment, such as Shkval, if it is not secret himself principle?
              1. postman
                postman 21 December 2012 16: 52
                Quote: Lone gunman
                What is the principle of moving an underwater flurry rocket, or will you say that its speed is several times less than 500 km / h, because objects under water have a very high speed?

                I will send you to cavitation. Read hu from cavitation.
                AND WHAT DOES HERE MOVE IN GAS AND PLASMA-XZ, to the author.
                and in the article:
                1. It is pretended that we are the first in cavitation (Germans and Japanese), we borrowed the principle and technology from the Germans after having overweighted 2MB.
                2. It is pretended that Americans-fleas were hunting for our torpedo because they did not know (They both knew the Germans and they had cavitating torpedo-missiles - better, and even with control)
                3. The principle is incorrectly described (note the "blob on the nose and the traction leading to it)
                4. About resistance, also googled. Both range and DEPTH are limited (did not think why)
                5.500km / h is advertising.
                6. It is not indicated that the torpedo will instantly collapse if the bubble "flies off" (note: the maximum height of a jump into the water in a special suit is about 50m - and the speed there is not 200mph, the jump is like onto a concrete slab). in general, the principle is not correctly described, at least I looked in popmeh
                Quote: Lone gunman
                you are very close to particle physics

                No, no, I'm almost "zero" in this area. I still understand the strings, string theory does not reach.

                Quote: Lone gunman
                from the point of view of the physics of the movement of an object in an aquatic environment, Tipo Flurry

                Yes, the principle is simple (the Germans used it for anti-submarine shells and bombs in 2MV, and the Americans too)
                P1V1 = P2V2 (p-pressure, V- volume = express b / w area and speed)
                The fluid is not compressible or "burstable". Begin to move the SOLID body through the liquid. The gradient of the fluid velocity along the plane secant to the body along the axis: from 0 m / s to the body speed
                A fluid from a certain point will undergo pressure below the threshold pressure (tensile stress), the integrity of its flow is violated, and vaporous cavities are formed: vapor-gas.
                The body is surrounded by gas (vapor-cavity), there is no resistance to the movement of the body, but there is resistance to the movement of vapor (vapor bubble) in water. Steam all the time "belongs" back, together with the fluid, which at the point of contact has a speed LESS than the speed of the body.
                Well, if it’s absolutely rough, superfluid for a liquid / body pair
                STEAM IS NECESSARY TO GENERATE ALL THE TIME (cavitator on the nose and "feed" the steam generator)
                Now all this "push" forward with high speed (and the steam generator "blows" against the velocity vector (braking)
                And we get in the dimensions of a flurry somewhere 10km (if I'm not mistaken)
                And deeply impossible (water pressure rises: 1 atm per 10m): the cavity will collapse.)

                And how to apply all this trebuden to the movement of the body in the atmosphere?
                Who said that "plasma" (electrons are stripped from air atoms) has less resistance to movement than just air?
                The energy of the plasma is MORE, the speed of "stripped" atoms and electrons in the plasma is MORE, they move chaotically, in the same direction in the volume (we look forward / backward, towards the body from the body and at an angle - we throw it away) in the direction and against.
                Which will influence the resistance to motion more strongly: a "dead" air molecule or "energetic" ions and electrons?
  39. FunkschNNX
    FunkschNNX 19 December 2012 21: 35
    They were afraid of something (avalanches, beasts, etc.), and it was not necessary that the threat was sandy, it might have seemed. In a panic, they ran out plainly without dressing and at night lost their way in a snowstorm. The result is sad: momentum more.
    1. davoks
      davoks 19 December 2012 22: 20
      and wounds - fractures of ribs, skulls, burns? Is it because they got lost?
      1. подводник
        подводник 19 December 2012 22: 26
        And you go there alone ... where no one goes ... then tell me here ...
        1. FunkschNNX
          FunkschNNX 20 December 2012 14: 43
          I walked because of this and I know how to panic from the fact that in ordinary life, even fear will not cause.
      2. FunkschNNX
        FunkschNNX 20 December 2012 14: 42
        They tried to keep warm - they made bonfires.
        They fell during the descent, and in February the crust can be very dense, tree trunks and crippled about it.
  40. tomket
    tomket 19 December 2012 22: 19
    I just want to say in a boring voice, my colleague justify the article! It’s not clear what the article is about, if it’s about super weapons, and I first decided to look at the photo of the missiles, it’s strange to experience super weapons in the woods in the wilderness, far from the devices that you shot would be indicators where the traces of numerous designers and directors of plants at which they were going to release all this, and thirdly why they didn’t take the corpses for a detailed study of the effectiveness of these weapons, it would be easier for Solzhenitsyn, for example, to use these weapons in the Gulag and not to hell and roga.Esli this article on the cosmic effect it, something like that again, our scientists have long been clarified by.statya is neither fish nor fowl, the author should send to Mulder's search for the truth.
  41. 916-th
    916-th 19 December 2012 22: 51
    The article is interesting, I give credit to the author - good language and argumentation of the "micro-bullet" phenomenon. However, there is more BUT, mentioned in passing at the end of the article:
    It remains the case for small things, to understand on what principles the gun itself is arranged, shooting these “micro bullets”.

    Let's first find a way to accelerate this "micro-bullet" to 1000 km / sec, and then discuss the emerging phenomena.

    Although the method "by contradiction" also has a right to exist.
  42. major1976
    major1976 20 December 2012 00: 58
    In addition to the above, I want to add clarifications (I won’t discuss the weapons topic, I think it’s not relevant).
    As such, there was no avalanche, but there was only a slipping of a layer of snow about 1-1,5 meters thick and several squares in area due to improper setting of the tent (they cut the snow layer, put it on the leeward slope, almost on top), and in this case a bulldozer not needed. The temperature fell deep below zero after a long thaw - you don’t have to be a glaciologist to understand the possible consequences. Consider the time of the incident — there was no modern camping equipment — the tent was put on skiing in a row !!! Now imagine a person lying on a hard surface on which a concrete slab falls from a height of 1-1,5 meters (by weight a layer of snow 1 meter thick and a few squares does not differ much). The injury is incompatible with life, namely, the impressed fracture of the skull was received only by Thibault-Brignoles, who was reputed to be an ascetic (he could use a ski boot or a camera instead of a pillow), the rest injured had only broken ribs. I emphasize the injuries sustained during life and in the tent. Three were injured, two of whom could move independently; the third was led down by two people under their arms. Burns explain no sense and so clearly. In general, comrades Buyanov and Slobtsov several decades ago described this topic in detail in a book with photos and other documents. And I personally have no reason not to trust the masters of sports in tourism. Do not make an elephant out of a fly, but draw an appropriate conclusion and not repeat tragic mistakes. Mountains, even if the smallest mistakes are not forgiven, believe an experienced person. And the guys feel sorry. Let us remember them. And as far as I know, apart from the Dyatlov group, no one (thank God) died in this place, and the mountain is called 9 dead only according to the Mansi legend.
    1. davoks
      davoks 20 December 2012 18: 38
      This mountain has a slope of 15 degrees. with such a slope, something can be sprinkled only with a bulldozer. there is no large thickness of snow in the photo.

      and the second time I repeat - if they were injured in the tent, then they couldn’t get away from there and go to the cedar and to the ravine. And certainly they would have gone out of there capturing their belongings and clothes. The tent was only sprinkled with snow. and this happened much later. the amount of snow is visible in the photo. such amount of snow of some kind of damage like a broken rib could only be done in science fiction

      the mountain is called Holutchahl - in translation from Mansi the mountain of the dead. but not 9 dead. open the wiki at least
      1. postman
        postman 21 December 2012 17: 11
        Quote: davoks
        15 degrees. with such a slope, something can be sprinkled only with a bulldozer.

        the truth could be like this:

        link: website "Mysterious Crimes of the Past" (
        But the rest is true.
        Threat. You are careful with these photos, it is clearly written:
        The essay presented below is subject to the Law of the Russian Federation of July 9, 1993 No. 5351-I "On Copyright and Related Rights" (as amended on July 19, 1995, July 20, 2004). Removal of "copyright" marks placed on this page (or replacement of them with others) when copying these materials and their subsequent reproduction in electronic networks, is a gross violation of Article 9 ("The origin of copyright. Presumption of authorship.") of the said Law. The use of materials posted as meaningful content in the production of various kinds of printed materials (anthologies, almanacs, anthologies, etc.), without indicating their source of origin (ie, the site "Mysterious Crimes of the Past" (http: //www.murders .ru /)) is a gross violation of Article 11 ("Copyright of the compilers of collections and other composite works") of the same RF Law "On Copyright and Related Rights".
        Section V ("Protection of copyright and related rights") of the said Law, as well as part 4 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, provide the creators of the site "Mysterious Crimes of the Past" wWider opportunities to prosecute plagiarists in court and protect their property interests (receiving from defendants: a) compensation, b) compensation for non-pecuniary damage and c) lost profit) for 70 years from the date of our copyright (i.e., at least until 2080).
        1. davoks
          davoks 24 December 2012 13: 43
          This photo is freely available on Wikipedia. do not grind nonsense. compare your drawing with a photograph and think again - could it be so
      2. major1976
        major1976 21 December 2012 19: 24
        I’m sorry I don’t know Mansi and I wasn’t on this mountain, but I was several dozen others lower and higher. And you don’t know glaciology and traumatology! Found them a few weeks later - the snow just blew off the wind! Fortunately neither I hope you are in such stories didn’t fall, you think it while sitting in warmth and comfort, and imagine night, frost, a hurting wind piercing to the bones, three wounded, in one of which there is hardly a greenhouse life, plus a descending layer of snow mistaken for an avalanche and people expected another . What to do? And at the moment a decision is being made to escort the wounded down to the storehouse and then go back for things !!! But they didn’t go to the storehouse made a mistake in the dark and didn’t return back just froze !!! Read the sources understand !!! My respect
        1. davoks
          davoks 24 December 2012 13: 42
          it’s very difficult to believe about a blown avalanche by the wind. if not naive. especially considering the snowfall. not to mention that people would surely take their things, and not run away in socks. roughly called this is to create mind-blowing versions and customize facts to them
  43. Temer
    Temer 20 December 2012 06: 38
    Article in the furnace. Complete nonsense. The author has greatly misread the NF.
    FREGATENKAPITAN 20 December 2012 06: 52
    Guys . read the wikipedia on this occasion ..... everything is convincingly interpreted ...... An interesting version of B. Akunin ..... there’s no point in giving a link, it's easy to find
  45. Temnik1
    Temnik1 20 December 2012 13: 47
    I completely agree with Major 1976 !!!
    He also wanted to write, but he got ahead.
    + him.
    And an article from the category of ufologistic nonsense.
    Author teach physics!