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The Ministry of Defense will equate the military personnel protecting the border regions with the participants of the NWO

The Ministry of Defense will equate the military personnel protecting the border regions with the participants of the NWO

Russian military personnel who are not officially participating in the SVO, but reflecting the attacks of various Ukrainian sabotage groups on the territory of the border regions of Russia, will be equated with participants in a special military operation. The corresponding bill was prepared by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The Russian military serving in the border areas, participating in repelling attacks from the Ukrainian armed formations, will be equated to the members of the SVO with the receipt of appropriate salaries and benefits. The bill proposed by the military is already undergoing the necessary approvals and should be adopted in the near future.

According to RIA News, in June of this year, the head of the Just Russia - For Truth faction, Sergei Mironov, sent a letter to Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu asking him to consider the issue of providing appropriate benefits to servicemen who repel attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Russian territory, but are not officially participating in the SVO. Previously, this issue was repeatedly raised by military correspondents who worked in the Belgorod region and other border regions.

Military personnel performing tasks to repel an armed incursion into the territory of the Russian Federation in areas adjacent to the territories where a special military operation is being carried out are not currently established by the legislation of the Russian Federation with the status of a combat veteran and the corresponding social guarantees. In order to resolve this problem, the Ministry of Defense of Russia has prepared a draft federal law "On the introduction of notices to the Federal Law "On Veterans"

- the letter says.

Sergei Mironov confirmed that he had received a response from the Russian Ministry of Defense, the bill proposed by the military has already been posted on the government's official website.

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  1. Amateur
    Amateur 14 July 2023 06: 23
    During the Afghan war, my distant relative, a colonel in a general's position at the headquarters of the TurkVO, was in Tashkent. But once a month he flew to Kabul for 3 days in order to receive "front-line" allowances and benefits.
    "Arbat" generals decided to remember their youth and now they will go to Smolensk or Kursk for bonuses?
    1. dmi.pris1
      dmi.pris1 14 July 2023 06: 27
      Yes, and the devil is with them, such. In principle, they have enough without these allowances. It is a matter of conscience for everyone
    2. alystan
      alystan 14 July 2023 14: 01
      And suddenly, but not immediately, among the servicemen defending the border regions, the children of high-ranking officials will "light up", who will not only be equated with the participants of the NVO with the receipt of appropriate salaries and benefits, but will also receive the highest state awards.
      Some are well deserved, but I'm not talking about them.
  2. dmi.pris1
    dmi.pris1 14 July 2023 06: 24
    This is the right decision. And what about those local people. From the defense?
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 14 July 2023 06: 40
    The decision is correct and fair. What is the difference between the soldier who risks his life on the LBS while performing combat missions from the one who risks the same repelling enemy attacks in the border regions of Russia? Yes, nothing. And here and there a combat clash with the enemy, who is going to destroy you. It's just that at the LBS this is a daily job, and in the border districts as danger arises.