December 17 - Strategic Missile Forces Day

The Strategic Missile Forces are the main component of Russia's strategic nuclear forces. The task of this kind of troops is to contain nuclear potential aggression, by ensuring the destruction of the strategic targets of the enemy, which form the basis of the military and economic potential of the enemy with nuclear missiles.

Having overcome the difficulties of its development, the strategic rocket forces became an essential component of the combat power of the Russian armed forces, a reliable support of the state. The Strategic Missile Forces are a reliable shield for Russia, one of the guarantors of its military security and state sovereignty. From the very moment of its creation, this branch of service is at the center of attention of military technical science, and its units continue to be staffed with the most advanced developments in the field of rocket technology.

Now the RVSN is armed with 6 types of 4-th and 5-th missile complexes (according to the 3 mine and mobile ground-based complex). The Strategic Missile Forces accumulate around 2 / 3 the nuclear carriers of Russia's strategic nuclear forces, thanks to which the troops are capable of destroying any targets on enemy territory in a matter of minutes.

Organizational structure of the troops
In addition to command, the Strategic Missile Forces include:
• 3 missile armies;
• polygon "Kapustin Yar" (Astrakhan region);
• several arsenals and repair factories.

Personnel training is carried out by the following agencies of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the Strategic Missile Forces units:
• Military Academy. Peter the Great in Moscow (branches in Serpukhov and Rostov-on-Don);
• training centers in Pereslavl-Zalessky (Yaroslavl region), Ostrov (Pskov region);
• a school of technicians at the Kapustin Yar training ground.

The troops trained six twice Heroes of the Soviet Union, one hundred and one Heroes of the Soviet Union, two full cavaliers of the Order of Glory, and six Heroes of the Russian Federation. 38 missile specialists were awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor, 66 received the Lenin Prize, 324 won the State Prize of the Soviet Union, 20 received the State Prize of the Russian Federation, more than a hundred people received the Prize of the Council of Ministers of the USSR and the VLKSM Central Committee.

The future of the Strategic Missile Forces
The development of the Strategic Missile Forces is continuously ongoing at the present time. On the eve of the professional holiday, it became known that the program of re-equipment of the Strategic Missile Forces to the Topol-M missile system will be completed by the end of this year, after which the shock group of the Strategic Missile Forces will incorporate 96 launchers of the newest Topol-M and Yars "- This was recently reported by ITAR-TASS, referring to the statement by Colonel-General Sergei Karakaev, commander of the Strategic Missile Forces, in which he also assured journalists that 11 training launches of intercontinental missiles are planned for next year. The general said that the share of the new technology in service in the troops entrusted to him will constantly increase, and by the year 2021 will reach 98%. In addition, Karakaev said that now Russian experts are working on the creation of a new solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missile, which in the future should replace the fifth-generation missile systems in service.

Strategic Missile Forces and the START Treaty
According to the provisions of the Treaty on Strategic Offensive Arms (START), Russia and the United States provided each other with data on strategic offensive arms, including information on the geographical coordinates of the location of the silo launchers of intercontinental ballistic missiles. The commander of the Strategic Missile Forces assured that this information is confidential and not disclosed by the parties to the contract.

Data exchange on the locations of strategic offensive arms has been carried out by Russia and the United States since the introduction of the idea of ​​mutual checks in the framework of bilateral agreements. According to the commander of the Strategic Missile Forces, the agreement does not restrict the possibilities of modernizing weapons and creating new types of weapons, and the latest developments for the needs of the Strategic Missile Forces are carried out taking into account all the requirements of a bilateral treaty.

The new START Treaty of February 5, 2011, obliges both parties to limit the number of all types of strategic offensive weapons. The agreement provides for the possibility of conducting mutual inspections of facilities with 6 on April 2011. In the framework of the fulfillment of obligations to reduce offensive weapons, Russia and the United States regularly exchange information on the current number of weapons.
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    1. Sarus
      December 17 2012
      Happy holiday.
      I wish you frequent exercises of a reliable rear and strong nerves so as not to "bang".
      Thank you for your service .. Thanks to you, we reckon with our opinion ..
      For a quiet life. For the security of our country.
      1. +14
        December 17 2012
        Join us!
        I need to congratulate the uncle! Although he probably already congratulated himself)
      2. 755962
        December 17 2012
        Quote: Sarus
        strong nerves so as not to "bang".

        a drop of humor ...
      3. +7
        December 17 2012
        Quote: Sarus
        Happy holiday.
        I wish you frequent exercises of a reliable rear and strong nerves so as not to "bang".

        Join drinks
        We had a toast - "So let's drink so that we never have to do what we were taught, but if necessary, we managed to anticipate." drinks soldier
        BUT PPiP rdn
    2. +21
      December 17 2012
      I congratulate all the Strategic Missile Forces warriors, those currently on combat duty, and veterans - I congratulate you on your professional holiday! Happiness, peace, health, all the best!

      1. bask
        December 17 2012
    3. +17
      December 17 2012
      "Strategists" with a holiday! Endurance, calmness and good mood! Your weapon is our main "Argument" smile
    4. +14
      December 17 2012
      On the occasion of the Strategic Missile Forces troops, you are our main shield, thanks to the presence of which Russia still exists, otherwise the resources would have been shared for a long time.
      God forbid you never use your weapons for their intended purpose.

      PS Good luck in the service !!!
      1. +5
        December 17 2012
        Happy holiday Strategic Rocket Forces! Thank you for the peaceful sky above your head! drinks
    5. +9
      December 17 2012
      Yuri, I agree with you, that's just a reduction in strategic forces for the country is fatal. Money for strategists is not required much.
    6. +10
      December 17 2012
      all missile launchers on holiday drinks
    7. +15
      December 17 2012
      Happy birthday, rocket launchers. Long live we serving and serving in the Strategic Rocket Forces. Those who hold and those who support (respected crafts) the vigorous shield of our Motherland. Well, the rest do not get sick.
      1. +2
        December 17 2012
        Damn, they threw it on the feast of the colonel. Serving the Fatherland!
    8. +17
      December 17 2012
      Congratulations to all members of the Strategic Missile Forces on HOLIDAY !!!
      1. +4
        December 17 2012
        thank you and happy holiday to all of us
    9. +8
      December 17 2012
      I join the above.
      Happy Holidays!
    10. +8
      December 17 2012
      Happy holiday drinks rocket men!
    11. +10
      December 17 2012
      All strategic missile launchers with a holiday!
      13th Orenburg Red Banner Missile Division 92-94
    12. +7
      December 17 2012
      Happy Holiday !!! Thank you for having a clear, peaceful sky above our heads.
    13. +15
      December 17 2012
      I did not often go abroad, but I was on the western and eastern borders. And when (especially this was felt in Europe) it was necessary to enter into dialogue with the Europeans, then some fear or fear of something was felt. At first I did not understand what was happening. And then he guessed ... We (Russians or Russians, as it is more convenient for us) are born without fear that someone will attack us, unlike the Europeans, who are just waiting for aggression. To test my guesses, I asked students if they feel fear of defenselessness. And of course I got an answer like: Topol is not scared, or Poplar dispersed all the horror stories, etc. etc. So, that our children would be born without fear and live without fear, long live the Strategic Missile Forces !!!
    14. Nymp
      December 17 2012
      May God grant the children good health and long years, they are our strength and pride.
    15. Optics
      December 17 2012
      Co-workers with a holiday! good luck in the service, more reason, less red folders!
    16. +7
      December 17 2012
      Happy Holidays
      1. bask
        December 17 2012
        Strategic Missile Forces, the main shock fist of Russia ... NATO is still afraid and the amers of our missiles ----- WITH A HOLIDAY !!!
    17. +7
      December 17 2012
      All my rocket friends - a happy holiday! Russia - clear skies!
    18. +7
      December 17 2012
      Comrades! Expensive! Happy holiday to you! I wish you strong (steel) nerves, health!
    19. +14
      December 17 2012
      Guys with a holiday.

      1. +4
        December 17 2012
        padstal good lol

        Happy Holidays to all who served and are serving in the Strategic Rocket Forces!
    20. anchonsha
      December 17 2012
      Happy holiday to you, defenders of the sky over the Motherland !!! Health to you, personal happiness and good luck !!!
    21. Odessa
      December 17 2012
      All the best, calm everyday life and happy holidays, health, and good luck! drinks
      1. +8
        December 17 2012
        Quote: Odessa
        happy holidays, health, and good luck!

        Join in! With fun and humor, too, everything is in order. The comic video was shot not by professional directors and artists, but by ordinary rocket men of the 90s of the last century. Filming along the way was conducted in the Kanskoye District at the TRB military unit 03592. In 2007, it was disbanded and real estate objects were put up for sale by Serdyukovsky DIO Vasilyeva.

        1. Odessa
          December 17 2012
          Join in! With fun and humor, too, everything is in order.

          An officer flies into the room of the rocket console.
          - Who touched the remote?
          - None!
          “And where did Belgium go, your mother!” Three outfits out of turn!

          Do you dream of going to America? Join the missile forces!

          The American president convinces the Russian president:
          - If Russia reduces its missiles, they can be used for something useful!
          - Yeah, we will make border posts on the border with China! And put it somewhere immediately beyond the Urals ...

          American rocketers are sitting.
          - Well, a bit?
          - Well, thimble?
          - Well, a glass?
          - Well, let’s launch a rocket in Russians?
          Our rocket men are sitting.
          - Well, a glass?
          - Well, a bottle?
          - Well, by canister?
          Hitting all the fingers on the remote control:
          - This Victory Day! ..

          Third World War. The commander of the missile division reports on the walkie-talkie to the general: - Comrade General! As you ordered, nothing was left of the city. Spell: Nikolai, Ivan, Khariton, Ulyana, Jacob! I repeat: nothing! drinks
          1. +10
            December 17 2012
            Ukrainian hackers hacked the TOMOGAWK rocket now it is called "BOOMERANG" laughing

            Why do not the MIKROSOFT system be placed on rockets?
            Because they either hang,
            Or return for confirmation what

            The conscript got into the missile unit. Let's go rocket launch. So far
            yes ce - lit near some booth. Here comes the major:
            - $ #% ^ $ # $ ^% & ^% $% ^ !!! DO NOT SMOKE TYPE ON THE OBJECT !!! NOT WRITTEN?!
            Urgently write 100 tablets !!!

            Well, what to do - the soldier writes "no smoking" signs and hangs on everything
            poles and walls ... In the evening, the bosses come to launch. Everyone watching
            from a distance. Rumble, flash, mine covers fly into the forest, demolish the booth,
            a rocket flies out - a 30 meter torch, the grass burns, everything is charred!
            - NO ... YOURSELF "DO NOT SMOKE" !! belay

            Commercial script
            Taiga. Snow. There is a rocket launcher. The taut officer begins
            Countdown. The rocket takes off. Orbit. Slowly breaks up into compound
            maternal warhead. A small dot passes through the atmosphere.
            Flies quickly to the ground. Flies in someone’s window, a wild female is heard
            screech. An officer with a gentle and caring face turns to the audience.
            "Tampax - conversion! - To the millimeter!" good
        2. +3
          December 17 2012
          Ordinary rockets with a holiday from waterfowl hi
          1. +2
            December 17 2012
            Quote: Korzhik_77

            Ordinary rockets with a holiday from waterfowl

            Thanks a lot! I don’t know what to wish you, Either seven feet keel, or seven feet overhead. I wish everyone that our "pencils" are used only for educational purposes and never needed for combat ... soldier
            1. +5
              December 17 2012
              Quote: Nick
              Either seven feet keel, or seven feet overhead. I wish everyone that our "pencils" are used only for educational purposes and never needed for combat.

              I would like them to meet amers on their snow-white pants when they meet with them ..

              There are two boats in the Caribbean: Russian and American. A commander in a white tunic, from a Soviet one, a commander in a cap and a striped vest appears from an American boat. The Americans are in a panic, do not know what to say to the Russians, as their words may be misunderstood. After some discussion, we decided that everyone knew at least a little English. The American commander shouts into the megaphone: "Hello Russian". The Russian commander hears this and replies: “What is this crappy painted? Urgent immersion. First, second torpedo tubes tovs! " "Prepare for a torpedo attack!" angry
    22. +5
      December 17 2012
      I heartily congratulate you on the holiday! Strategic Rocket Forces is our everything!
    23. +7
      December 17 2012
      HOORAY!!! My holiday!
      1. +4
        December 17 2012
        and mine too (Uzhur 1986-88) drinks
        1. 89889109868
          December 17 2012
          uzhur-4 1987-89: happy holiday!
    24. RVSN209
      December 17 2012
      Congratulations to everyone especially 14 rd !!!!
    25. +6
      December 17 2012
      Neither the ocean nor the mountains separate us.
      "Disarm" - someone says.
      The police and prosecutors will not protect
      The nuclear missile shield guards us.

      Many complexes went to scrapping,
      may the earth be safer
      BZHRK and "Satan", of course, it was a pity,
      but there is also Topol in Russia.

      And there’s not one problem in the world now,
      would say even too much
      but the speech of "Uncle Sam" is careful,
      and at the same time vassals that from NATO.

      Teaching, anxiety, training.
      Only one signal will be received ...
      Ready for battle launchers,
      rockets from the deep sea will go.

      What a crazy man wander !?
      Everyone will always get the answer in Russian!
      This shield keeps us that year!
      Let only launches be training.

      As part of the Strategic Missile Forces as of September 20, 2012 there were 391 missile systems capable of carrying 1299 nuclear warheads, including in the Strategic Missile Forces there were 58 heavy missiles R-36MUTTH and R-36M2 (SS-18, Satan), 70 missiles UR-100N UTTH (SS-19), 171 mobile soil complex RT-2PM "Topol" (SS-25 ), 56 RT-2PM2 Topol-M complexes of a mine based (SS-27), 18 RT-2PM2 Topol-M complexes of a mobile (SS-27)] and 18 RS-24 Yars mobile complexes

    26. Samovar
      December 17 2012
    27. Nickname
      December 17 2012
      Good luck in military and political training!
      And that would be the number of starts equal to the number of accurate hits.
    28. +4
      December 17 2012
      I congratulate the staff of the Strategic Missile Forces, as well as the fighters and commanders of the "second site" of the Kapustin Yar training ground on their professional holiday.
    29. oldmen1973
      December 17 2012
      Happy holiday friends! Today, a friend on Odnoklassnikov’s website sent a congratulation in verse, I want to share with you:
      For the Strategic Missile Forces, for the TRB, regiments, hundreds of them!
      For Kartaly, Uzhur, Aleisk, for Bologoye and Kozelsk!
      For Pervomaisk, for Icy, for a fraternity, almost native!
      For RTB, BRSS, for all who carried the missile CROSS,
      For Strategic Rocket Forces, for Kharkov and other universities!
      For the lieutenant sweat by the river, for all the guys, for you and me!
      For Kansk, Derzhavinsk and Tagil, for those who burned their lives!
      For Teykovo, Zhangiztobe, for all who are in life and in fate!
      For the steppe, taiga and desert, for mines, dust, frost and frost!
      For the wind, hurricanes, blizzards, for everything that forged a friend!
      For super-cool technology, for the homeland, always native!
      For a rocket launch, incomparable, for the "OS", "BZHRK" without makeup!
      For “Baikonur” launches, for heavy loads!
      For the "ORDER" that did not come, for the "Satanic" shot "at stake"!
      For those who are “6 to 6” through “12”, for our 11th compartment,
      For those with whom you shared it, for their relatives, for them, for all!
      For the night that we did not sleep, for whom. regiments that throats tore,
      For hell of a flurry of checks, for "training" and "Signal"!
      For dancing in the House of Officers, for violence, sometimes without measure!
      For the holidays, there were few of them, for everything, life was just beginning!
      For SHGs and super-precision, for roofs heaviness and super-strength!
      For the fact that the SRT did not smell, all the guys “WISH” for it!

      After these lines and add nothing !!! Once again, happy holiday !!!!
    30. +9
      December 17 2012
      I congratulate all the rocket men on the occasion. Do not forget that it all started with a very modest rocket, a monument of which stands not far from site # 2 of the Kapustin Yar test site (pictured) and that between this rocket and modern Topols there are years of hard work of thousands of scientists, designers, workers, officers and soldiers
    31. Orator
      December 17 2012
      Congratulations to the designers, factory workers, builders, installers! All colleagues!
    32. cool.ya-nikola
      December 17 2012
      Congratulations to all the rocket launchers, as well as all those involved in the development, design, testing and creation of the whole great machine - Strategic Missile Forces, which we have the right to be proud of!
      Quote: gregor6549
      Do not forget that it all started with a very modest rocket

      We will not forget, and we will try to remember the descendants! And we started with the R-5 (8K61)!
      Once again, all with the Holiday, with the best wishes! Successes, health, happiness! Good service to you guys! While you are, there will be Russia!
      1. +3
        December 17 2012
        Quote: cool.ya-nikola
        And we started with P-5 (8K61)!

        And we are with 8K98B Happy holiday comrade!
        1. cool.ya-nikola
          December 17 2012
          Quote: Nick
          Happy holiday comrade!

          Thank you colleague! About your "cars", in our time and did not dream! The limit of our dreams was the R-5M, and then there were the R-12 (8K63)! (44th RD in the 43rd RA of the city of Kolomyia, military unit 43291) And it was a good time!
          1. +1
            December 18 2012
            Quote: cool.ya-nikola
            About your "cars", in our time and did not dream! The limit of our dreams was the R-5M, and then there were the R-12 (8K63)! (44th RD in the 43rd RA of the city of Kolomyia, military unit 43291) And it was a good time!

            Yes, the time was good, but apparently in the Strategic Missile Forces now everything is not so bad either. (Military unit 13991, 122 platform, 01349)
    33. +5
      December 17 2012
      I wish you obedient missiles,
      And the will of the nuclear, and the forces
      Deployments, yes boring,
      And the god of war to love you.
      So that the goals clearly give in,
      So that "Poplars - M" obeyed,
      So that the rear is always reliable
      Happy home, love zest!
    34. +3
      December 17 2012
      All serving and employees in the Strategic Missile Forces Happy Holiday! Health, family happiness, success in business and a peaceful sky above your head! love
    35. I. Brovkin
      December 17 2012
      Happy holiday to all rocket launchers! More health and new missiles. soldier
    36. +5
      December 17 2012
      HOLIDAY, MEN !!!
      1. +2
        December 17 2012
        .... Hello to the current veterans, 42rd, 804rp :)))
        And with the beginning of the first arm !!!
    37. +3
      December 17 2012
      Thank you for 53 years of peaceful sky! Happy holiday to you, rocketeers! drinks
    38. +4
      December 17 2012
      Happy holiday !!!!!
      Congratulations to all, all strategic missile launchers. Especially the missiles of the Mozyr division. Rocketeers Petrikovsky and Rechitsky regiments, where he had the honor to serve.
      Suppose that this division is no longer there, but we have remained and will remember our native Belarus.
      All greetings and best wishes!
      PKP Group Commander (Petrikov 1988-1994)
      Deputy commander of the 3rd division (Rechitsa 1994-1995)
      Guard Major Belugin V.A.
    39. +4
      December 17 2012

      Happy holiday, colleagues !!!
    40. +3
      December 17 2012
      Congratulations to all involved in the Strategic Missile Forces! Special congratulations to those who served in Vlasikha in the “thirty-four”.
    41. 0
      December 18 2012
      Happy Holiday Rocketeers!

      (Thoughtfully, I wonder how many kilotons there are aimed at my unfortunate head?)

      Do not pay attention to the grumbling of the old gunner, I just envy ...

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