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Where do American Rambo come from: the most prestigious US special forces training courses

The US military is not only famous for creating super-high-precision weapons. They also pay great attention to the training of soldiers, because they are confident that, in spite of all the progressive military equipment, manpower on the battlefield cannot be dispensed with. Among the most advanced schools and special training courses are the following: ranger school, basic naval intelligence courses, special forces qualification courses, underwater saboteurs courses, and special forces courses of the Delta unit.

Where do American Rambo come from: the most prestigious US special forces training courses

If we talk about the rangers' school, then historically they appeared on American territory back in 1756 year. Its founder was Major Rogers from Britain. The main task of the rangers unit was to fight against the Indians, because the regular troops were not able to cope with them. Modern same история The rangers began during the Second World War, when the 5 battalion was formed.

To date, all rangers are consolidated into one 75 regiment of the armed forces of the United States of America, which has a number of 1830 people and consists of 3 battalions. In each battalion there are three combat and one staff company. The main task of the “black berets” is to carry out sabotage and assault activities in the enemy’s rear, therefore, they must be trained accordingly.

In order to become a ranger, you must complete special courses that last the day 72. The main objective of these courses is to prepare the commander of the assault team, who will be able to act decisively even in extremely difficult combat conditions. The whole program is to test the strength, endurance and courage of the candidates. It contains elements such as push-ups, sliding along a rope for a set distance, performing more than 35 gymnastic speed exercises, descending a rope from a platform and then falling into water from seven meters in height, swimming in equipment and uniform, overcoming a beam located on height 20 meters, descending a rope from a cliff. In addition, cadets must cover the 3,2 kilometer distance in less than 12 minutes; over the course of four days, make the same number of 10 kilometer marches across rough terrain with 18 kilogram and 20 kilograms (two throws). In this case, the standard for each march is only 1,5 hours.

The course is divided into several stages. The first stage has a duration of 338 hours. At the initial stage, candidates undergo initial training in orienteering, physical training, working with a radio station, and adjusting fire aviation and artillery, subversion, first aid.

The stage of mountain training lasts 309 hours. The focus of this period is on mastering the technique of climbing and long transitions in mountainous terrain.

The third stage lasts 376 hours. At this time, cadets learn the conduct of hostilities, the detection of locations of enemy groups, reserves, nuclear missiles. For the entire course of the course, servicemen are divided into pairs. According to experts, this should contribute to the successful overcoming of obstacles and create a spirit of mutual assistance.

Ends course delivery tests. Those who have successfully passed all the tests (and, as a rule, about half of all candidates) receive a ranger certificate and a golden-yellow-black patch with the inscription “Ranger”, as well as a black beret.

American marines appeared in the period of the struggle for independence. It currently numbers 226 thousands of people. It has three operational and one reserve division. Each of the three divisions has its own sabotage and reconnaissance group of combat swimmers, whose mission is to conduct a hidden study of the terrain before the start of the operation. Scout training is the longest and most intense. Any marine who has been in the rank of corporal, who has served in the marines for at least 3-5 years and has good characteristics can be a candidate.

At the first stage of selection, candidates pass a physical test, within which a three-mile cross, pulling, squatting, and overcoming an obstacle course for a time are conducted. In addition, you need to go swimming test - in shoes and clothes for 17 minutes to overcome 450 meters, then a minute to go on the water with M-16 in hand. Then, after a short break, candidates must make an 2,5 hour march with a backpack weighing 22,5 a kilogram. After that, the cadets must pass a written examination of fitness and interview with veterans of the naval intelligence service, who will determine who is eligible for service. The qualifying exam is held once a month. As a rule, it is held by the entire 3-4 person from 20 willing.

Those who managed to pass the selection, waiting for several stages of combat training, which lasts two years. The structure of this training includes individual training, training in the training unit, training in the expeditionary unit, as well as training in the deployment of the combat unit and training in the unit after the deployment.

Individual preparation of candidates lasts six months. During this period, cadets are trained in tactics and patrol techniques, infantry tactical techniques, and they also undergo a full course of airborne training. In addition, candidates study closed-loop and open-cycle breathing apparatus, take courses in captivity and survival, acquire the skills of proper behavior during interrogations, organize the behavior of other prisoners in order to counter the enemy, and also learn how to escape and survive in the wild . Also for two months, training courses for rangers, trackers, mountain guides, in which students acquire the skills of climbing and survival in mountainous areas in the winter, are held. In parallel with this, candidates also make parachute jumps, undergo medical training, and study shooting.

After this, the second stage begins, which also lasts six months. During this period, cadets master long-distance radio communications, in particular, learn Morse code, satellite communications. Then comes the period of amphibious training, which includes training in the conduct of hydrographic surveys, the development of underwater submarine landing, and landing. In addition, training in light diving training, aviation guidance, the study of foreign weapons and the firing of them, parachute training at altitude with planning is conducted.

This stage ends with several exercises, during which cadets demonstrate acquired knowledge. After that, they are distributed by expeditionary units. And again, over the course of six months they are learning how to accomplish the tasks of direct impact. They are completing training programs for courses in the subversive case, to work out the interaction with the air force, actions in the conditions of the city. Those units that are engaged in anti-terrorism activities, additionally undergo training on the release of hostages, landing on ships from helicopters.

The next stage - the deployment of a combat unit - also lasts six months. Teams are sent to an internship in the zone of the western Pacific Ocean or in the Persian Gulf, depending on the subsequent direction. Exercises are conducted in accordance with the plans of combat training of this unit.

The intensity of training is different and special forces of the United States Armed Forces of America, known in the world as "green berets". These are elite units whose history began in the 1952 year and which are intended for the organization and conduct of sabotage, guerrilla and terrorist operations. Among the main tasks that these units perform are special intelligence, the organization of the fight against terrorism, the conduct of search and rescue operations, participation in humanitarian and peacekeeping operations, the fight against drug trafficking, demining, and the direct conduct of hostilities.

All military personnel who want to get into the unit must undergo qualification courses of special forces forces, which are held at the John F. Kennedy school of special methods of warfare. This course has remained unchanged for the past ten years. Preparation of future "green berets" consists of three stages. At the first stage, the evaluation and selection of candidates is carried out. Opportunity to enter the unit have only those soldiers who served or serve, and completed the course of a young fighter. At the same time, it is necessary to be prepared for the fact that at any stage each of the candidates can be expelled and sent to their previous duty station. Candidates are selected through physical and psychological testing, so the cadet’s health must be perfect. As part of physical testing, marches are conducted for endurance and speed, in full display and athletic form, pull-ups, swimming, squats, push-ups, overcoming an obstacle course, and squatting. Psychological testing includes tests to determine the nature of the character, the speed of assessment of the situation and adaptation to it, on mental development, literacy.

In addition, at this stage, cadets also receive basic knowledge of topography, tactics, and development of command skills. The whole stage lasts 3 week, and for all this time, cadets are forbidden to leave the military base. No candidates and weekends.

The second stage is the main course, qualification. During this period, cadets are trained in engineering and sapper training, military medicine and first aid, as well as communications equipment, studying weapons and ammunition. Lectures and practical exercises alternate with training in hand-to-hand combat, shooting, survival, the use of scuba diving and parachuting. At the end of the course tests and exams are held. The entire second stage lasts about six months.

At the third stage, each cadet chooses one of the specializations for deeper study. In addition, they are also engaged in the study of one of the most common languages ​​in the world, or one that may be useful to them in their future service. Much attention is paid to the perception of speech by ear and speaking practice. This stage can last approximately 17-23 week, it depends on the degree of complexity of the selected language. Together with the language, the cadets also study the cultural traditions of the country whose language was chosen.

At the end of the course, all the “green berets” are distributed into regional groups, but they must pass training once a year, in which they pass tests for professional fitness, as well as study new military equipment.

Underwater saboteurs of the US Navy, or, as they are called - "fur seals" - along with the special forces "Delta" is the main combat unit of the American army. The main task of this unit is to conduct sabotage and rescue operations.

Currently, for those who want to get into the service in the elite squad of swimmers, saboteurs, you must pass a special course, which is divided into three main stages.

At the first stage, trainings on running, physical exercises and swimming take place. In this case, tests every day are becoming increasingly difficult. Every week we run four miles at a time, cadets also need to overcome an obstacle course, swim two miles in flippers. But all these four weeks are just a preparation for the so-called “week of hell”, the fifth week, when all the physical and psychological strengths of the cadets are tested for strength. During this time, the cadets have to overcome up to 200 miles, spend in physical exercises for 20 hours a day. Only 4 hours for five days are given for sleep. After such a test, practically at 90 percent of candidates, the desire to continue learning disappears.

Then, for three weeks, the study of methods and methods of conducting hydrographic studies.

Seven weeks for the soldiers held physical training in the water. Much attention at this time is paid to the mastery of light diving combat equipment.

Over the next eight weeks, enhanced ground-based training is conducted, during which candidates are taught methods of reconnaissance, the use of weapons, and subversive work. Workouts in swimming, running and overcoming obstacles also continue, but the time to overcome them is further reduced. The focus of this stage is on the study of ground navigation, descending on the ropes from a height, the tactics of using small units, the design of underwater and ground blasts and the use of weapons.

Intensive training is also being conducted in the detachment of the special forces "Delta" - a military unit that is engaged in the fight against terrorism, carries out actions of direct action, and in addition, carries out secret operations and releases hostages.

In the unit, as a rule, recruit candidates from the army special forces and the ranger squad. Candidates are selected according to the standard scheme: all of them are tested for physical training - push-ups, squats, running for 3 kilometers, and swimming for the 100-meter distance with full uniforms. Then cadets are checked for their ability to navigate the terrain. This stage consists of a night trip to 29 kilometers with display weight 19 kilogram. After this complex psychological testing is carried out.

Those who have successfully passed the selection, are trained operatives units, which lasts six months. During this time, they are studying methods of conducting counter-intelligence activities and combating terrorism. There is also a thorough fire training, which includes several stages. At the first stage, operatives are trained in shooting at static targets from a short distance. When high accuracy is achieved, training is conducted on shooting at moving targets. Then there is a course of fire training, during which skills of shooting indoors are practiced. First, all the exercises are performed one by one with a constant increase in the group to 4 people. After that, hostage targets appear in the room.

At the next stage of preparation, engineering and explosive, operatives are taught how to properly undermine cars, buildings, safes, and make improvised explosive devices. Training is often combined with the training of other US intelligence agencies, in particular, the FBI and special forces of the marines.

In addition, the training course of Delta includes training in sniping, conspiracy skills, the use of alarms, surveillance, and the protection of important government officials.

Thus, analyzing the methods of training the various units of American special forces, we can conclude that they all perform similar tasks aimed at protecting and preserving the security of their state and its territory.

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  1. redcod
    redcod 17 December 2012 08: 17
    And in the last picture everything is with Kalash. It can be seen that professionals in America prefer the best.
    1. Doom
      Doom 17 December 2012 09: 15
      these are Iraqis in the foreground
      1. crazyrom
        crazyrom 17 December 2012 23: 26
        Yeah, cool pancake rangers, in lifejackets crawl in shallow water.
    2. Aleshty
      Aleshty 17 December 2012 10: 04
      2003 year. Americans storm Baghdad. We go to Philadelphia. The pilot came, brought a bunch of fresh newspapers, threw them not on the table. Upper Washington Post. On the entire first page is a huge sniper photo with a cover group. There was no time to read or to squander too much, they got down to business. We walk along the river, while we spend time talking about politics. When he realized that the crew was Russian, he got excited. He sang a song about the bloody regime in Moscow, of course I remembered Chechnya. Then our guys on the deck pulled something with tugs. The guy wound up at all. In the end, he betrayed that Russians always have everything through w * pu. Of course this is often the case, but not him to talk about it. I got it! I took a Washington post from the table and showed him under his nose that they had everything through ass, you sent an army to fight and forgot to arm. The poor Americans have to fight by the fact that they will take away the Iraqis. He did not understand at first the hint, then he looked at the picture and fell silent. And in the photo there is a sniper with SVD, and a cover group with Kalash.
      1. vyatom
        vyatom 17 December 2012 13: 11
        It would be necessary to break the scoreboard to this bobik.
        We are so in Canada, in St. John's came. So at our cap the pilot (seemingly a decent man) shot cigarettes all the time. Yes, and their pilots are crap.
      2. Selevc
        Selevc 17 December 2012 21: 24
        Otozh !!! Their ultramodern and high-precision weapons are a long-standing ideological myth and propaganda !!!
        How much they themselves have soaked their own in Iraq and Afghanistan - you don't have to go far with such information, even on YouTube ... It was from them that such an interesting concept as "friendly fire" came from, that is, when their own people are firing ...
        So what for then all these tricky gadgets are asked - GPS systems, helmets, intercoms and a single control point for fighters - if your bomber was covering his own infantry ... It turns out that all this electronic crap somehow doesn’t work at all !! !
      3. saper
        saper 17 December 2012 21: 43
        well thought up ++++
    3. donchepano
      donchepano 17 December 2012 10: 20
      Quote: redcod

      It can be seen that professionals in America prefer the best.

      1. Administrator
        Administrator 17 December 2012 18: 59
        And not only Amers, the Israeli commando "Cats of the Sea" sparkle with kolash on every second photo. We changed the butts and a few more details, and diving into the cart when it comes out knows, there will be no misfires. Reliability is a guarantee of health.
        1. Denzel13
          Denzel13 17 December 2012 21: 03
          That's just in his hands a very strange alteration. I wonder how he will distort the bolt frame (and will it move there in general?) And remove it from the fuse when the butt is folded to this side? Or a folded butt is a fuse. laughing
          1. Dikremnij
            Dikremnij 4 January 2013 20: 01
            "Those who successfully pass all the tests (which, as a rule, about half of all candidates), receive a certificate of a ranger and a golden-yellow-black patch with the word 'Ranger', as well as a black beret."
            This has not been so for a long time: now sandy berets are worn in the 75th ranger regiment:
            ype = post & id = 140500 [/ img]

  2. tdv-78
    tdv-78 17 December 2012 08: 38
    and on the penultimate Yankees, they are apparently preparing for what the Russian brothers would do with them when they fall into their hands.
    1. Bubo
      Bubo 17 December 2012 09: 12
      Nevertheless, you should not underestimate a potential opponent ...
  3. omsbon
    omsbon 17 December 2012 09: 13
    And in the first picture you can clearly see that the Remba press still swing and swing. Weak!
    1. Hon
      Hon 17 December 2012 11: 44
      And they don’t show off before the girls ...
  4. erased
    erased 17 December 2012 09: 42
    Quite normal training programs. Everything is painted, taken into account. additions and refinements are quickly introduced.
    Serious adversary. But is he ready to fight until complete destruction? It is difficult to say, and would not like to find out in practice.
    1. Hon
      Hon 17 December 2012 11: 46
      It’s better not to find out, otherwise I’m suddenly ready ...
    2. Egen
      Egen 17 December 2012 11: 59
      Quote: erased
      But is he ready to fight until complete destruction?

      Interest Ask. Probably still.
      Unfortunately, I did not study at the mentioned schools, although it would be interesting to compare. But a lot of time he lived in the States in simple families. What are the conclusions.
      Physics training and sports in general in America receive much attention, from school. In-1, the cult of successful athletes, in-2 opportunities - in the seediest college there are such gyms and simulators that we didn’t even dream about :( And they have enough time to do this sport. The black ones who survive as a result of natural selection - former slaves generally muzzled whites there :(. But they have a cult of physical education, not fights, although pitching, but rather hand-to-hand fighting :) Karate, etc. oddly enough, despite Van Damme and others units are engaged.
      Americans are generally simple on the drum what is happening overseas, in Russia or elsewhere. That America creeps into every gag is a matter of a handful of politicians, and not of a simple people who are simply processed by modern political technologies, propaganda, etc. For a simple American as well as for any person, the main thing is simple values ​​- a house, a family. Well, the money earned :). Therefore, I think for their home and children on their territory, they will fight until the end. But these are purely human principles, not national-state ones.
      If we take the propaganda treatment of the population. Here (purely IMHO) I think the American people are fooled by "democracy" much stronger than us. Maybe it's a purely "Russian soul" or "Russian revolt" or something else ... On the one hand, the common people do not care what is going on over the hill, on the other hand, they sincerely believe in the power of democracy, law, and election. If they are told that the Afghans need to be soaked in the mountains to protect their home, they will believe. And don't doubt the way we would.
      Example: I was in the United States just at the height of the scandal surrounding Monica Lewinsky, if anyone remembers this :). The 70-year-old college teacher I lived with resented Clinton. I tried to joke that if our Yeltsin had become so famous, the people would have respected him ... he respected :) He did not understand, he began to prove with foam at the mouth that I did not understand that he, as president, had no right to do so and etc. etc. In general, he was terribly offended at me :(. In my opinion, this proves their foolishness :)
      Therefore, probably, and in a foreign territory with such a crushing ideology superiority, they will be able to fight.
      BUT I got the impression that this whole propaganda treatment is based only on the principle of the superiority of their democracy. If they believe that the United States is an advanced country - it should always be and in all advanced. In Vietnam, this myth shook somewhat, but today many ordinary people were hammered out that the battlefield remained with the Americans, despite their departure :) In the Middle East, they are winning. In the economy, too - everywhere there are good roads and a stake :)
      But if you press them with your muzzle on the table right away, right away ... well, not your hands up, but your moral stability will drop, and accordingly your morale :)
      This is purely IMHO :)
      1. Skavron
        Skavron 17 December 2012 15: 56

        I fully support! He himself had to communicate repeatedly with ordinary American people ... only pleasant impressions remained surprisingly.
      2. pogis
        pogis 17 December 2012 20: 55
        BUT I got the impression that this whole propaganda treatment is based only on the principle of the superiority of their democracy.
        Don't you think this is a particularly perverse form of racism ?!
        1. Egen
          Egen 18 December 2012 05: 27
          What do you mean, do not understand? What does racism have to do with it? As far as I know, racism is the oppression of one race by another. In the States, black generally prevailed, the real oppression of whites. Or do you mean that blacks and outside the United States drive such a policy? :)
          And if you mean the superiority of the American nation as such ... I did not think about it, but there is something in your mind.
          1. Su24
            Su24 18 December 2012 17: 15
            No, you poorly know what racism is. Building political systems or different cultures in a hierarchy will also be racism. In this sense, all of Western civilization is racist.
        2. Su24
          Su24 18 December 2012 17: 02
          Americans are racists, yes.
      3. Su24
        Su24 18 December 2012 17: 06
        I do not agree. Whatever one may say, in the USA the population has more influence on politics, including foreign, at least through the support of the corresponding candidate in the elections. So ordinary Americans are responsible for the actions of their government abroad, for his crimes.
 19 December 2012 01: 12
          Quote: Su24
          So ordinary Americans are responsible for the actions of their government abroad, for his crimes.

          And we, therefore, do not bear? :)
  5. Egoza
    Egoza 17 December 2012 10: 21
    And it all starts with the fact that already in ordinary high schools in the senior grades they are trained in ways of behaving in case of bombing, enemy attacks, etc. Just in the lesson they can say: “Anxiety! Bombing! "And everyone falls between the rows, covering their heads with their hands. This is all bullshit, of course, BUT That is why they are psychologically ready to take such courses. Here is just a paradox - they do not expect to perceive their compatriot in the role of an attacking enemy. All of them seem to be Russians!
    1. Sanches
      Sanches 17 December 2012 11: 25
      Egoza Today, 10: 21
      in simple high schools in high school they are trained in behaviors in case of bombing
      when I was studying, we had the same thing. There is just a bomb shelter near the cinema, not far from the school.

      The US military is known not only for the creation of high-precision ultra-modern weapons ...
      Again praised. This is known for the German company Heckler & Koch. The training of soldiers with them depends only on how good a particular soldier can afford to buy weapons and equipment, the rest is an ordinary drill, covered with a gloss of journalistic exaggeration
      1. Egen
        Egen 17 December 2012 12: 05
        Quote: Sanches
        when I was studying, we had the same thing

        You would still, dear, remember Zarnitsa :( Now my children have nothing at school - I’m ashamed to say, my son doesn’t know how to disassemble Kalash :( And in my time, even girls handed over for a while :(
        1. Cosmonaut
          Cosmonaut 17 December 2012 16: 17
          What a wretched school you have there?
          Now he is a student, but two years ago, when he was in school, there was a lightning-ball, and military training camps, in high school they learned about this topic.
          True, the automaton to disassemble / assemble most of them is taught only at training camps, the "chosen ones" study the assault rifle, combatant, charter and much more in the lightning.
          1. Egen
            Egen 17 December 2012 16: 34
            nuuu, cool you have something to say :( And where do you have it? We are in Siberia, although in the regional center :) My children Lyceum, but as far as I know, in general throughout the city we don’t have any lightning. Well, yes, but ... like in kindergarten :) Maybe the training programs are different?
            In our school, there were machine guns and fees went, and then in the mid-90s, even the military departments from the medical and polytechnics removed what they say about schools :(
            1. Cosmonaut
              Cosmonaut 20 December 2012 00: 37
              Arkhangelsk region Koryazhma. Ordinary school.
            2. Aventurinka
              Aventurinka 27 December 2012 15: 40
              And in the Stavropol Territory there is also Zarnitsa
    2. Hon
      Hon 17 December 2012 11: 50
      During the Caribbean crisis, our conscripts, not special forces, were transported under inhuman conditions. The Americans tried to repeat experimentally, it didn’t work, the cats couldn’t stand it
  6. Andreitas
    Andreitas 17 December 2012 11: 06
    Such is their normal preparation. The main thing is set well and is clearly observed.
  7. Simple
    Simple 17 December 2012 11: 44
    SEAL Special Forces Class 234 BUD / s - 1 Series

  8. zmey
    zmey 17 December 2012 12: 46
    Their training is beautiful, they train fighters seriously! only I have the same serious doubts !?
    22,5 kg load per fighter - this is less than 1 bag of tile glue!
    that one of us in a good backpack will not bring one bag of glue? I do not believe!
    And then remember your service, your physical activity. Yes, this is unas "gray" and out of the bar, and unikh is beautiful and of their own free will.
    1. Skavron
      Skavron 17 December 2012 15: 59
      Incidentally, I read somewhere that the American military leadership was seriously worried that the soldiers were pulling 50kg each. cargo in combat conditions. And with such a load, the soldier is simply not able to adequately and quickly join the battle.
      1. Denzel13
        Denzel13 17 December 2012 21: 09
        Well, what can I say, they carry around like we do by weight. For grenade launchers and machine gunners in general, 50 kg is happiness.
    2. Insurgent 23
      Insurgent 23 17 December 2012 18: 08
      Quote: zmey
      22,5 kg load per fighter - this is less than 1 bag of tile glue!

      Well, take a bag of tile glue and drive the march with it, and then write)))))
    3. 18 December 2012 03: 32
      Quote: zmey
      that one of us in a good backpack will not bring one bag of glue? I do not believe!

      It will convey it ... But for a while, not everyone. Although, if a month to practice ...)
      1. Egen
        Egen 18 December 2012 05: 30
        one bag of glue

        and now run with glue? :) Snickering :)) And we at one time sand and bricks ... and now we switched to finish trimming ... :))))
  9. Oidsoldier
    Oidsoldier 17 December 2012 12: 52
    According to Discovery, there was a program about America’s special forces. I was impressed by an interview with one of the cadets who stated bluntly that he didn’t come here for the sake of money (we also have the opinion that the main criterion for selection is the desire to earn good money), but in order to kill, rape, break into the homes of civilians and enjoy their fear. In short, a pure felon. It turns out that the Americans are taking potential criminals from their streets, they are being prepared and used for the good of their country. Very pragmatic. Why not adopt such an experience?
    1. Simple
      Simple 17 December 2012 13: 05
      Someone who went there to earn money leaves there for a maximum of six months.
      However, as in any other structure of this type.
    2. 18 December 2012 03: 38
      Quote: Oidsoldier
      It turns out that the Americans are taking potential criminals from their streets, they are being prepared and used for the good of their country. Very pragmatic. Why not adopt such an experience?

      Ill or something? Or let anyone serve, if not for me? A person with such inclinations - to kill, rape, enjoy the fear of civilians - must be in prison or treated in a psychiatric hospital.
      1. Oidsoldier
        Oidsoldier 18 December 2012 10: 43
        What is the use of society if the criminal is in a slammer? Is it really possible for a person to be imprisoned or treated in a psychiatric hospital for inclinations to crime? Amers have established a system of "steam release" from hot heads. There is nothing to break the riots in your country, if you can do the same, but for the good of America and even enroll in heroes. Are there few hot heads under pressure in Russia? The Caucasus region alone is worth something. Who can say that in our case "steam" is released correctly ???
 18 December 2012 11: 45
          Quote: Oidsoldier
          What is the use of society if the offender is in jail?

          Well, I want some good - let him cut down the forest or sew gloves.
          Inclinations tend to manifest themselves. And for the manifestation must be planted. And if a person declares such inclinations, then in the fig he also give weapons?
          Quote: Oidsoldier
          Are there few hot heads under pressure in Russia? The Caucasus region alone is worth something. Who can say that in our case "steam" is released correctly ???

          Yes, it is not produced in our country. And what, we are fighting a lot abroad to adopt such a vile experience? Why do we need incidents with civilians in Tajikistan, for example? Or let it terrorize its citizens? :) Isn’t the love of the people for the police a little for us, let’s finally quarrel the army and society?
    3. Sanches
      Sanches 18 December 2012 10: 05
      Oidsoldier Yesterday, 12:52
      Mostly boys from poor areas go there in order to somehow earn money. It is clear that most of them are scumbags. Army youth workers distribute flyers to people on the streets, such as Jehovah's Witnesses or Avon's "Witnesses" or any other "witness". After reading the leaflet, such a kid understands that there is a prestigious way of earning money, which is better than stealing and better than working in a tire changer, for example, but which also allows him to "take revenge on this cruel world" (c). We also have enough thugs, but our criminal world has its own concepts, ethics, left over from the thieves' laws of the Soviet era, which are completely absent in their criminal world. Even if we copy their army, it is unlikely that ours will go into the army to "rape and kill"
  10. Fox
    Fox 17 December 2012 13: 06
    I wouldn’t write like that in boiling water from their preparation, they have everything through courses, even instructions for household appliances on a video tape or on a disk ... read instructions for using equipment and weapons, cooler than Zadornov.
  11. Simple
    Simple 17 December 2012 13: 18
    I will not argue.
    Fact is fact:
    Someone who went there to earn money leaves there for a maximum of six months.
    However, as in any other structure of this type.
  12. IRBIS
    IRBIS 17 December 2012 13: 48
    It must be admitted that their "faithful dogs" in the States are prepared very well. I had to see them at joint exercises (! Baltops ") - serious guys, professionals in their craft. They stand out sharply even against the background of ordinary US Marines with their behavior and training. neglect to talk about them, even if they are Americans. You need to prepare your own, taking into account that these guys are a possible enemy. Revive the destroyed units and special forces. The level of training should be brought in line with the current realities. The tasks are complete, these are not worth it either. in place ...
    1. Egen
      Egen 17 December 2012 15: 11
      Quote: IRBIS
      To revive

      It's easy to say ... Here you need to completely change the whole approach to the army, incl. - to the special forces. In my time there was still "romance", the USSR, intuzizism ... although there was no such modern technique :)) And now - money. In America it is already ...? A hundred years? They mastered it, and we could not be ashamed to adopt something. For instance.
      Who has served in the army for 4 (5? - forgotten) years, receives a state scholarship to study at the UNIVERSITY (not college!), Up to the MBA degree. And this is cool with them and security for the rest of their lives. Therefore, many go to the army from the poor (who do not shine with their minds to receive scholarships and wealth to pay for their studies). And we have? While you serve - for payroll or on a contract basis - they pay money, and then ... - just a pension?
      This is in the States. In Australia, a friend served 4g in the landing - not in a command post, he was trained in a good civil profession (almost an engineer by the volume of knowledge) and also some kind of benefits for studying at the university, but I didn’t understand some kind of sophisticated system.
      This is me to the point that we need to increase the prestige and preferences of the service in general. They have an army as an additional impetus to a further civilian career.
      1. Misantrop
        Misantrop 17 December 2012 15: 27
        This is because they know how to count there. And a little bit of strategic planning mastered. And in our place, instead of preferences, they also try to call a parasite on the neck of the taxpayer
    2. Denzel13
      Denzel13 17 December 2012 21: 13
      Reviving will not be easy, as the continuity has been broken. Transfer of experience, according to the principle "do as I do", whatever you say, the most effective. A little more time will pass and who will say do as I do?
  13. bazis
    bazis 17 December 2012 15: 00
    In Kosovo, I saw such REX, confident guys. And what infa what salaries do they have? And pensions ???
  14. Stiletto
    Stiletto 17 December 2012 15: 31
    All this garbage is their preparation, it looks great like our "Eaglet" or "Zarnitsa".
    The farmer’s son writes home after a month of military service:
    - Dad, this is not life, but a holiday: we wake up at 7 in the morning, and I sleep two hours more than at home!
    1. Insurgent 23
      Insurgent 23 17 December 2012 18: 15
      Quote: Stiletto
      All this garbage is their preparation, it looks like our "Eaglet" or "Zarnitsa". PS The farmer's son writes home after a month of service in the army: - Dad, this is not life, but a holiday: we wake up at 7 in the morning, and I sleep for two hours more than home!

      whoever is familiar with agriculture and labor on earth would not have made such stupid conclusions, it’s great that you look like a youngster
      1. Egen
        Egen 18 December 2012 05: 32
        Quote: Insurgent 23
        he would not have made such stupid conclusions

        Why? I don’t know about America, but we are in the village from morning until late ... but in the summer :), but it is short with us :(, and in the winter we slept :))
  15. Kir
    Kir 17 December 2012 20: 29
    I honestly admit I did not understand the meaning of the article, I saw only the way to the so-called elite and nothing more! Now, with regards to the coolness of the Amer special forces, I’ll say right away that I’m not domestic !!! According to the ratings, they are not even in the top three, but with regards to the equipment of the KPPR underwater command, what can I say:
    1 combat knives, there were attempts from stainless steel, it didn’t work out very well. they don’t know how to cook, but they buy it, and here too there were breaks, it’s enough to remember a three-layer sanmay or 154 cm, who did not munch it took either ExtrimaRatio or Japanese
    2so called rebreathers (devices of a closed or semi-closed type), had acquaintance with serious divers.Although for me better light divers or something like that, preference was given to British systems
    3 Masks should not be confused with half masks, it is better French-Italian with the possibility of lens selection
  16. pogis
    pogis 17 December 2012 21: 36
    I was searching for the rules of the TRP 1939 on the internet! According to the memoirs of veterans who passed the gold badge before the war, the tests for SEAL candidates were copied from the regulations for the silver badge of the TRP (for all ages) Especially diving in the pool for objects!
  17. Pripyatchanin
    Pripyatchanin 17 December 2012 21: 53
    By the way, "black berets" are the combined arms of the US Army. Rangers have a sand-colored beret
  18. Krilion
    Krilion 18 December 2012 03: 37
    all pen dos special forces - frail nerds ...

  19. AvadaCedavra
    AvadaCedavra 18 December 2012 06: 30
    Quote: Krilion
    all pen dos special forces - frail nerds ...

    Only the majority of Russians have “warriors”, before these “frail nerds,” as before China with cancer. These soldiers are the perfect weapon, the messengers of Hell, praying that war would begin tomorrow. They are superbly prepared physically and mentally, possessing outstanding intelligence, specially selected according to psychological parameters, having the best equipment in the world and mastering weapons perfectly, in a word - ELITE.
    1. Kir
      Kir 18 December 2012 06: 59
      Well, I don’t have to talk about the intellect of the middle amer, not to mention morally strong-willed, it’s enough for carpet bombing and all sorts of sadistic tricks !!! the same torture is worth it, so this elite is only among its kind of amers, like the British commandos in general as far as the moon, not to mention our Elite, in the truest sense of the word, and the Yankees also say we’ll fight with a minus sign and ambition at least add some shit.
    2. Denzel13
      Denzel13 18 December 2012 16: 39
      In the State Department, the singers directly breed by budding.

      Quote: AvadaCedavra
      perfect weapons, in a word - ELITE

      Have you ever encountered them alive? Or judgments according to Hollywood "pearls"?
  20. AvadaCedavra
    AvadaCedavra 18 December 2012 07: 26

    The intelligence of the average US citizen is not inferior to the intelligence of citizens of other countries, or even surpasses it. No wonder the United States is one of the most advanced countries - a bastion of freedom and democracy. In the United States, the most modern and efficient, professional army in the world, almost constantly participating in hostilities and conflicts, the last 50 years, if not more. In Russia, despite the lack of a modern professional army, there are well-trained special forces, which of course do not surpass, but at least in no way inferior to similar units of the United States and other developed countries.
    1. RUSSIA75
      RUSSIA75 18 December 2012 22: 51
      Quote: AvadaCedavra
      In the United States, the most modern and efficient, professional army in the world, almost constantly participating in hostilities and conflicts, the last 50 years, if not more. In Russia, despite the lack of a modern professional army, there are well-trained special forces, which of course do not surpass, but at least in no way inferior to similar units of the United States and other developed countries.

      You are either stupid or naive, or the person is not at all in the subject! Better keep quiet and you will seem smarter! Do you know who wins the competition between the special forces of the United States and Russia? (In spetsnaz slang, such competitions are called "horse racing") Here is one example, you can find the rest If desired, I generally keep quiet about hand-to-hand combat. As they say, comments are unnecessary. I hope I didn't upset you too much? Just don't cry :)
  21. AvadaCedavra
    AvadaCedavra 19 December 2012 16: 20
    Quote: RUSSIA75

    Respected! I am not stupid and not naive, although by virtue of the profession a little cynical. If you are trying to prove to me the superiority of the special forces of the Russian army over similar units of the US army, referring to the "weighty" arguments given in the article published in "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", and other "authoritative publications" and programs like the programs: "Shock Force" on ORT and “Military Secret with Igor Prokopenko” on REN TV, this speaks not only about your intellectual abilities, but also about age development, which is clearly at the level of a primary school student. I have some doubts that such a "recognized expert" as Sergei Ptichkin, who is the author of the above article, can comprehensively and objectively approach the coverage of the competitions of special intelligence groups, especially since these competitions could not be in reality.
    If you really have a desire to prove something to me, then try to do this, referring to truly authoritative and preferably foreign publications, videos and programs.
    Of course, I understand that my comments cause people like you - ardent kvass patriots (or who consider themselves as such, due to their age and mental abilities) psychological disorder and an attack of verbal diarrhea, expressed in a clear desire to prove that Russia has at least something else Someone can compete with developed, civilized countries and has not completely slipped into a full ass, but your reaction does not cause anything but pity. Well, continue to believe in the superiority of Russia, its strength and power, saying: Credo, quia verum.
    1. Misantrop
      Misantrop 19 December 2012 17: 11
      Quote: AvadaCedavra
      try to do this, citing truly authoritative and preferably foreign publications

      Desirable - American, right? wink Despite what has long been known: the superiority of Russian units or equipment, these guys recognize in the ONLY case - when you need to breed Congress for additional funding. Then they would not mind conjecturing if there is no actual data ... winked All the rest of the time they report for the money spent on them. Accordingly, cooler than them - only boiled eggs laughing
      Russia has quite a few superbly trained specialists. One problem - most of them went into the reserve, not getting along with the "parquet" leaders. Those who rode to Chechnya for orders, titles and marks in their personal files. One such “young talent” once reproached his brother: “What a business trip you had, only two“ two hundredths. ”Here we have a third“ in zinc ”returned ...” And about the fact that only 74 field workers were destroyed during the trip. commander (not counting the rank and file mercenaries), it was not even in the know. His brother then advised him, instead of going to Chechnya, to shoot half of his subordinates right in Kubinka. The result is the same, but less fuss wink It is clear that real pros do not get along with SUCH leaders. Especially when these "gifts" creep into the leadership. And who is really worth what, the special forces are well versed with each other (not at all on forums, fists or rasping). On joint business trips in the same UN missions in hot spots
    2. RUSSIA75
      RUSSIA75 20 December 2012 00: 08
      Quote: AvadaCedavra
      all the more so since these competitions could not be in reality.

      Are you questioning the fact of the "races" in 97 near the city of Asbestos?
      Quote: AvadaCedavra
      If you really have a desire to prove something to me, then try to do this, referring to truly authoritative and preferably foreign publications, videos and programs.

      Are you suggesting that I refer to the media that in 2008 issued video footage of outrageous Georgians for the crimes of the Russians? Are you suggesting that I refer to the media that gagged the Ossetian girl on live air when she started telling the truth? Are you suggesting that I refer to the media that showed riots with palm trees on the streets and passed it off as Moscow? Are you suggesting that I refer to the media that deliberately keep silent about what is really happening in Libya, Syria, Iraq? Are you suggesting that I refer to the media that trumpet the whole world that America defeated fascism, and the USSR seems to be out of business? Are you out of your mind? Your idolatry of the "civilized" country, the "truthful" media, its "invincible" army is clearly clinical in nature! Here's a little more fact for you about the police special forces competition already in the USA!
      Super SWAT International Round-Up - 2011, held in Orlando, Florida, USA. Open world championship among police (mostly) special forces. The sensation of the championship was the performance of the management team “A” of the Special Purpose Center of the FSB of Russia. The team consisted of eleven people, including two snipers.
      After the Alpha employees showed the highest results, specialists from other countries approached them and asked questions: where did you come from, guys ?! Although at first the Americans in private conversations twisted their lips: you, they say, should be glad of the very fact of participation in such a prestigious tournament. And accordingly, do not think about any prizes.
      And now - a sensation!
      In the test box of our squad - the first and second places in Super SWAT, “silver” in “Remington super sniper”. And the title of "Best International Team." Again not true? Will you deny the obvious? No tears :)
      1. Lavr75
        Lavr75 25 December 2012 10: 10
        Ah well done !!!
  22. Svatdevostator
    Svatdevostator 21 December 2012 13: 26
    Their commandos are smoking on the sidelines compared to our Krapovikami !!!!!!!!!
    1. Suvorov000
      Suvorov000 27 December 2012 14: 57
      In 41, our country also reasoned with respect to the Germans, we know the result, the victory is ours but at what cost
      1. Kir
        Kir 27 December 2012 16: 36
        Suvorov000, Well, firstly, the Germans are still warriors! clearly not a couple of this, and secondly, it is not necessary to engage in speculation, because that the Germans did not attack the question was not. the question was deadlines and it was necessary to somehow tune the people for the upcoming events, it turned out clumsy and noticeable, but at the cost of many lives they won, but the Yankees have a different picture if they fight in dreams, although they are already fighting in such a way, but by other methods: destroying the economy and making ideological sabotage through the fifth column and indirectly sponsoring the separatists, but as warriors, to put it mildly, not really, name at least one country with which they fought, which would be worthy, in the sense of strength! enemy, we are always lucky in quotes!
  23. Dikremnij
    Dikremnij 4 January 2013 20: 41
    The article is so-so, in the sense that it’s very old: the U.S. KMP reconnaissance and deviracing groups have long ago been the U.S. KMP special battalions, and the 75th ranger regiment does not wear black berets, but began to wear sandbags after the reform of the American army
  24. воронов
    воронов 15 January 2013 20: 57
    In any case, the enemy should not be underestimated, even if he has an increase of 1m.50cm. and he is armed with a stone knife
  25. slovak007
    slovak007 25 March 2017 21: 00
    The whole program is to test the strength, endurance and courage of candidates. It contains elements such as push-ups from the floor, sliding along the rope to a specified distance, performing more than 35 gymnastic speed exercises, descending the rope from the platform and then falling into the water from a height of seven meters, swimming in equipment and uniform, overcoming the beam located on 20 meters high, downhill from a cliff. In addition, cadets must cover a distance of 3,2 kilometers in less than 12 minutes, and within four days make the same number of march-throws 10 kilometers long over rough terrain with a load of 18 kilograms and 20 kilograms (two throws each). At the same time, the standard for each march is only 1,5 hours.

    Somehow it looks flimsy in comparison with the requirements for obtaining a maroon beret in the BB (ROSGVARDII now).