I am not Robin Hood, I am Ruslan Dukans

I am not Robin Hood, I am Ruslan DukansSenior Lieutenant Popov asked Vladimir Fritzisovich when he came to the unit to visit his son: “Have you been preparing him for the special forces all his life?”

It turns out that Ruslan has been preparing himself for special forces since ... six years. First there was swimming - for common development. Then athletics - speed and agility. Barbell exercise poured strength into the muscles. Boxing taught how to beat and defend well. And there were chess - mind gymnastics.

By the age of eighteen, he did not become a superman - he simply became a handsome guy who knows how to love life in all its manifestations. He knew the price of every day, hour, minute. Culinary school - only for laughs the object of jokes, for Ruslan - it is comprehension of a serious profession. He was used to doing useful work from a young age.

From the Latvian roots, from the right family upbringing in him were diligence, accuracy, politeness and tact, male elegance ...

As soon as a team of recruits, including seven Sochi residents, ended up in the training center, the officer in the krapovom beret pointed out Ruslan and his cousin Vitaly: “These are for me!” Both guys are ninety meters long and broad. From the first days only these two "young" trained with the "old men". Three months later, the commander said: "You can donate to the maroon beret." Six months later, we went to the Caucasus ...

When the parents of other Sochi children who got into the war learned that Dukans went to visit their son in part, they advised to set an example in the "saving children". Ruslan's father answered shortly: “My son will not become a deserter, he will not be brought up so well.”

They traveled to the North Ossetian village Chermen in agitation. Vladikavkaz was already crowded with troops - the contrast with the resort of Sochi was striking. The commandant in Chermen, having learned who the guests came to, immediately volunteered to help: “We all know these brothers - the golden guys! We will deliver them to you! You will live in the officer room for the time being, and my men and soldiers spend the night ”. In those circumstances, it was a special sign of appreciation ...

Ruslan and Vitaly arrived at the front line with clean, vigorous. And still, Lyubov Mikhailovna shed a tear ... Her father, Vladimir Fritzisovich, tried to keep his nerves in his fist. He himself urgently served in the operational regiment of the internal troops, was with a unit in Grozny in the 1973 year, when riots occurred there. But then the troops, acting on behalf of a strong state, quickly put things in order without blood. Today everything is different both in the state and in Chechnya ...

Resting brothers a couple of days for the glory. To part was not easy. Already at the station, my father gave a little slack, quietly and confusedly suggested to his son: “Ruslan, you won back your own in Chechnya, how many months already there. Maybe I will talk with my superiors to transfer you to another part, closer to home? ”-“ What are you, Dad! But what about the guys who stayed there? .. "

A company of special purpose went on serious missions: they beat out militants from Assinovskaya, stormed Bamut. It so happened that the first wounded was assisted by Ruslan. He did artificial respiration to a friend who no longer showed signs of life. He was told: “Everything, Ruslan, is already useless!” But he didn’t want to believe in the death of a friend: “Maybe we can save more! ..” Soon he received a contusion and a fragment in his eyebrow. I considered all this nothing. After a short respite there were fights again ...

On that cold morning of 10 on April 1995 of the year, the special forces were covering the riot policemen who were combing the village of Zakan-Yurt. On the eve of the local elders urged the command: "Do not worry, there will not be a single shot from our side, we agreed with the militants, they left ..."

Already at the end of the street, when the special forces were in the open, they were hit in the back by several automatic rifles and AGS.

Grenade exploded in a meter from Ruslan. He, all tattered by splinters, still managed to order: “Go back to Batra!” He decided to cover himself: he got on his knee, started up a grenade from a grenade launcher according to the “spirits” ...

"Pinwheel" came in a couple of minutes. Vitaly bent over his brother with a flask of water.

- Fields on the chest, it's hot, - Ruslan asked and coughed up blood. Then on the bloodied face flashed a semblance of encouraging smile. - Nitsche-e! Three days later - I'm with you!

- Okay, okay, shut up! - Vitaly understood that now he should be constantly with his seriously wounded brother. - I'll fly with you!

But he was expelled from the ambulance helicopter by a company officer: “Get out! See, there is no one to fight! ”

In the hospital, Ruslan died. Vitaly still believes that if he were there, he would have been able to save him ...

Private special forces of the internal troops Ruslan Dukans turned out to be the fifth scoop who died in Chechnya. They wanted to carry the coffin on their hands on the main in the city of Kurortny Avenue. The militia was alarmed - in those April days, the Supreme was at the resort, side by side. Mothers, fathers, fellow soldiers and classmates of Russian soldiers who had fallen in the Caucasus threatened to go on a demonstration to Bocharov brook, to the state dacha ... Bitter tears washed away the cold spring rain from their faces.

In the room of Ruslana there are icons and candles, a portrait, and a maroon beret. Here came his comrades from Astrakhan, Naberezhnye Chelny, Krasnodar, Rostov. At the town cemetery, the monument is up to its full height: a bright person is in a marbled black cold. Orthodox cross, special forces emblem and lines of a soldier’s poet:
Who saw the death and the blood of friends,
Salty sweat, eye strain,
He knows us.

We are called - special forces.

There is a surname Dukans on the monument in Krasnodar and in the operational division, where he served ...

One day, even before the service, he stood up for the girl, to whom drunken revelers stuck at the disco. Punched them, but ... fuss, police, protocol.

The attendant in the department, seeing a sober and sensible guy in front of him, asked in surprise: “Did you need it? What are you, Robin Hood? "
The answer was short, with dignity: "I am not Robin Hood, I am Ruslan Dukans."
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  1. Lech e-mine
    22 December 2012 10: 00
    HOW MUCH GOOD GUYS died in this damned war.
    1. +3
      23 December 2012 18: 41
      The best, not good ones. And the hamsters in the capital drag their wives, teachers, by the boobs around the institutes. All this "creative class" is time to go to Siberia ...

      - We recognize all Soviet Gypsies as Romanians and the indigenous population of Siberia ... Have you ever been to Siberia?
      - Autumn in Siberia is a sight for sore eyes. And the air! And the will! Siberia is a gypsy region. Homeland of gypsies!
      (film "Hare over the Abyss" Comrade Brezhnev L.I.)
      1. Salut71
        23 December 2012 20: 06
        Mlyn. What a habit, all ... d ... o send to us! And so already incurred ...
      2. Alver
        23 December 2012 20: 10
        same sight smile It was somewhere in the Tatarstan in the 70s near Almetyevsk smile
    2. Lucky
      25 December 2012 17: 00
      Sorry for the guy !!!!!!!!
  2. +22
    22 December 2012 10: 08
    Another wonderful person .... Thanks to the author, one more surname, one more destiny became known to those who care who folded their heads for us .... Eternal memory to Ruslan ...
    1. +6
      22 December 2012 14: 26
      This article is a good example of ideology. Even if some other hero is in some ways not perfect, but NEEDS IDALIZING CERTAIN FEATURES, keeping silent about the rest, even if it suddenly is. Then others will be guided by a certain absolute ideal ... The image of the hero is forgotten, but it is needed today.
  3. +9
    22 December 2012 10: 16
    Soldiers, officers - heroes and victims of the war unleashed by the authorities because of their ambitions. The internal division of the dough led to such results.
    It's a shame for those who died. They are real heroes and the color of the people. And scum at the top counted bucks and rubbed his hands. But the perpetrators were never punished.
    1. YuDDP
      22 December 2012 22: 01
      Quote: erased
      war unleashed by the authorities because of their ambitions

      Year, so in 1987 or 1988 I carried out political information. For my speech I used an article from "Arguments and Facts", in which it was directly written that the shortest way for Baku oil and, in my opinion, oil from the Tengiz field to Novorossiysk lies through Chechnya and that transnational oil corporations will seek to prevent this by organizing unrest, growth nationalism - just to exclude the possibility of building an oil pipeline.
      This is about the one who started the war.
  4. +7
    22 December 2012 11: 53
    Good guy. In war, as always, the best die. In a war unleashed by the kami, for your own gain.
  5. +8
    22 December 2012 12: 12
    Here he died, a smart, brave guy. And after him there will be no one left. And some kind of dumb is sitting in the Moscow office, peeing on social networks, eating, drinking copulates and believes that he "pays taxes" and everyone owes him. And the same "taxpayers" will be born from him. "And everyone will be happy." Why?
    1. newFeofan
      23 December 2012 22: 27
      But isn’t it for this that we should fight so that other people can work in the office and sit in social networks, and drink, and copulate? Forgive me for the fact that not all people are philosophers, poets and architects. These are the people as they are and there is no need to reduce them to the level of cattle, no need to glance with contempt from above. How do you differ from them in that you left your post here, and not on Twitter?
  6. Alexey Prikazchikov
    22 December 2012 12: 24
    Oh blyaaa. I read an article on my brother about 5 years ago. There was a time when the Balts and Russians lived normally and this guy is a direct confirmation of this. What happened to us all is that people or have we already forgotten that we are all just people ?!
  7. +10
    22 December 2012 14: 54
    The attendant in the department, seeing a sober and sensible guy in front of him, asked in surprise: “Did you need it? What are you, Robin Hood? "

    that’s the whole truth of life. And it’s still true that such guys often die because they are not allowed to betray their comrade. The best leave, remain Serdyukov
  8. +14
    22 December 2012 15: 15
    Yes ... And his father was real: "My son will not become a deserter." Such fathers have such sons
  9. Fox
    22 December 2012 16: 23
    guys who fumble, make a selection of such articles so that in one place it is ... very convenient for working with youth. Thank you in advance.
  10. +8
    22 December 2012 19: 49
    The war takes the very best, and scum sit behind other people's backs and arrange such wars.
    1. +2
      23 December 2012 01: 23
      Quote: Megatron
      The war takes the very best, and scum sit behind other people's backs and arrange such wars.

      This unfair regularity is striking in its cruelty and it is a pity that such guys do not have time to leave offspring after themselves. It is time for the state to think about it when it takes young boys to war without giving them a chance to continue the clan. They should select the genetic material and then, maybe, some girl would want to give birth to a son to such a person. Such desperate thoughts come to mind when you read such sad articles.
  11. +2
    23 December 2012 06: 19
    And how many such guys were killed by our politicians ... None of them answered for their criminal mistakes or mercenary intentions, as a result of which our soldiers die. Correctly say, the soldier does not choose his opponent himself.
  12. sergey05
    23 December 2012 10: 33
    It was necessary not to take cerimonium but to smear that filthy village with artillery along with militants and rat elders !!! We suffer from our kindness.
  13. +5
    23 December 2012 10: 52
    Guys! Again, some eulogies. Maybe you need to find out if you need help with the family. Would we be asking, who can and helped?
  14. +3
    23 December 2012 11: 58
    It’s a pity that such guys did not leave behind their sons.
  15. +2
    23 December 2012 20: 36
    Eternal memory to the Soldier of Russia.
  16. 0
    24 December 2012 02: 47
    It is time for the state to think about it when it takes young boys to war without giving them a chance to continue the clan. Must select genetic material

    It seems that in some countries this is practiced?
  17. zambo
    24 December 2012 13: 35
    Bright memory.
  18. +1
    24 December 2012 17: 48
    And in the zomboyaschik they talk about other "heroes". Glory to guys like Ruslan Dukans.
  19. gladiatorakz
    24 December 2012 20: 26
    Yes, life is not a movie ... Glory to the guy, glory to his Father !!! There would be more of these guys. WARRIOR!!!
  20. Download Do Re Mi
    25 December 2012 13: 18
    Eternal memory to the real Hero, a soldier of his homeland! And the office plankton with pierced navels and lips can never understand what a feat that Ruslan performed! Eternal memory to him in our hearts, and eternal memory to all the guys who died there!
  21. 0
    25 December 2012 17: 36
    Eeeh ... Such a guy was, A man in the full sense and with a capital letter!
  22. 0
    27 December 2012 09: 07
    Land rest in peace .......
  23. 0
    27 December 2012 14: 16
    Real men !!!! Land him rest in peace.
  24. vadity
    4 January 2013 20: 16
    the coolest !!!!!! I have never seen a comment! With the GENERAL STAFF! For the bastards they have !!!!!! with the old soldier !!! note !!!!! pidorasy iznachalnye !!!!! ё! ё !!!!!
  25. murad345
    12 January 2013 14: 49
    I wanted to express myself for a long time. But the computer was out of tune, old already. So when we were taken from the 83st or 1nd year of institutes to the army in the 2rd year (they didn’t take only in medical and agricultural higher educational institutions), and then many to Afghanistan, then a fellow student candidate or master of sports in weightlifting did not join the army went-not good because of sight (-0,5 was), even without glasses went. But his dad was the second secretary of the Central Committee of the republic. Then he became a big man-minister, it seems, and he stole a lot of money. But the former President and current Prime Minister Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev was also my age and also studied to be a lawyer at the Leningrad University. But he did not go to the army, he was not fit (was there something with his head?). And the same dad at LSU his was a professor of law and his mother, an assistant professor of law. And so our comrades in Afghanistan died or became disabled (also in Chechnya), and these "heroic sons" made a career and big "grandmothers" beat

"Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

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