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The Admiralty Shipyards undergoes hydraulic tests of the Rostov-on-Don submarine of project 06363

The Admiralty Shipyards undergoes hydraulic tests of the Rostov-on-Don submarine of project 06363

In late November, the Admiralty Shipyards successfully conducted hydraulic tests of the aft block module of the Rostov-on-Don submarine of the 06363 project - the second order in the series of diesel-electric submarines being built at the shipyard for the Russian Navy, reported to the Central Naval Portal source at the Admiralty Shipyards.

These tests were the ninth out of ten hydraulics envisaged by the construction schedules of orders at the plant in 2012. Seven of them were conducted by workshop number 9.

In 2013, the Admiralty shipbuilders were assigned the task: to advance the construction schedule of two submarine series (for both domestic and foreign customers) and to conduct ten more hydraulic tests.

Currently, Admiralty Shipyards is building three diesel-electric submarines (DEPLs) of the modernized project 06363 Varshavyanka, commissioned by the Russian Ministry of Defense. The first diesel submarine for the Black Sea fleet (B-261 "Novorossiysk") was laid in August 2010, its launching is scheduled for late 2013. In total, until 2017, the Navy will receive six Project 0636 submarines.

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  1. 123dv
    123dv 15 December 2012 09: 21
    A boat a year for us, and on the other line, for export, is very good!
    An export line can always be used competently if the case is often ...
  2. scrack
    scrack 15 December 2012 10: 01
    It is necessary to arm the Black Sea Fleet more, otherwise it smells like a big war in those parts
  3. Fox
    Fox 15 December 2012 10: 22
    the main thing is that the boats are real, not beautiful models ...
  4. Kyrgyz
    Kyrgyz 15 December 2012 11: 55
    Is there a VNEU?
    1. 123dv
      123dv 15 December 2012 12: 43
      No, it's Varshavyanochka dear.
  5. bremest
    bremest 15 December 2012 13: 02
    Time left little need to hurry. The adversary has evil thoughts and they need something to cool ...........
  6. bremest
    bremest 15 December 2012 15: 53
    Watching on TV Star Dock. a film about the Russian-Turkish war of 1914-1918 (the Caucasian Front) and the 1st World War. And in our time, everything is in the same scenario. So that such boats need more .......
  7. homosum20
    homosum20 15 December 2012 16: 02
    The information is good.
    But our main defense is nuclear weapons (at least for now). Of the nuclear triad, the most protected (not in vain is classified as a retaliatory weapon) is SSBN. The day before yesterday, looking at "Northwind", I asked the question \ 6 why aren't we building new ones? To which I received an answer - where to put them? Each submarine requires a certain infrastructure from the base. Without it, a product that surpasses the spacecraft in complexity is a tin. It's not enough to build a boat, it's not enough to test a rocket - you need to rebuild the bases.
    This is a lot of money. And I think now, I can somehow sacrifice social programs (I already hear a mate in my address), the salary of state employees, or something else - otherwise everything will end badly. This time is crucial. bifurcation point.
    1. Misantrop
      Misantrop 15 December 2012 23: 02
      And what are the current bases not good for? The infrastructure there, "sharpened" specifically for the maintenance of nuclear submarines, has long been built, only a small modernization is required. And the vacant seats at the piers after a large-scale reduction of past years have freed up to hell. Only on Kola, about 30 new nuclear submarines can be easily deployed without "pushing their elbows." So it is not difficult to "determine the residence permit", if only they build wink
  8. bart74
    bart74 16 December 2012 21: 38
    Great news. Varshavyanka proven for years project!