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Czech machine CZ 805 BREN


Czech Republic has always been famous for its weaponsHowever, lately there has been no clear advantage of their samples over weapons from other countries, but everything returned to normal in 2009. It was this year at the IDET exhibition that the first Czech CZ 805 machine gun was introduced, which later “made” even the Belgian SCAR in the competition for a new weapon for the Czech army. Let's try to get more closely acquainted with this sample and find out what exactly is its uniqueness, and most importantly, what makes this sample stand out from many other, by no means the worst samples of machines that have received the highest marks.

The appearance of the CZ 805 fits in with all the modern trends of the weapon fashion and you can find in it a lot of similar details with other samples from other manufacturers, but some details should be noted. The first thing that catches the eye is that the bolt handle can be easily rearranged from the left to the right side, and this is the simplest realized, as is actually the case in Czech samples of weapons. On both sides of the weapon, the fuse switch is duplicated, it is also the translator of automatic fire modes. The weapon realized the possibility of firing with a cut-off of two rounds, so the switch itself has 4 positions: “Fuse on”, “Single fire”, “Fire with cut-off”, “Automatic fire”. The switch itself is located quite comfortably above the handle of holding the weapon, and it is fairly easy to switch with the thumb of the holding hand, which literally falls on this control itself. Unfortunately, or maybe not, the designers did not implement the possibility of changing the side of the ejection of the spent cartridge case in this automaton sample. So, the window for ejection of spent cartridges is located on the right side. However, under the condition of the classic layout, this should not greatly affect the use of the machine gun left-handed or when shooting with the left hand. Although irritation of the mucous powder gases, is clearly not an advantage of this machine for people who prefer to use their left hand as the main one. The standard butt of a weapon has a design similar to the butts of the ARX-160 automatons of the Italian company Beretta, as well as the Belgian SCARs, but in addition to the basic version, other butts can be installed. Thus, the standard butt has the ability to adjust along its length, and can also be folded to the right, which does not prevent the use of weapons at all. There is a long picatinny-type mounting plate on top of the machine, it also serves as a seat for open sights of weapons, which consist of the rear sight and the front sight and besides that they can be removed, they can also be folded for more convenient use of other sighting devices. In addition to the long mounting bracket on the sides of the arms, there are also shorter ones for mounting flashlights, laser designators and other devices. Under the barrel of the weapon there is also an attachment bar for an additional arm to hold the weapon or for an under-barrel grenade launcher. In addition, a simple plastic handguard can be installed on this fastening bar. Why - it is not clear. A rather interesting feature of the rifle is that its stores are not standard NATO-accepted; however, after replacing the store shaft, which is made as a separate part and can be easily removed after removing just one pin, the weapon becomes adapted for firing from the M16 stores.

Much more interesting is that the weapon was made immediately under several ammunition, and given the modularity of the design, any rifle can be adapted for firing with NATO standard 5,56 cartridges, Soviet 7,62x39, and prospective 6,8xNNXX Rem SPC ammunition. At the same time, for each of the ammunition there is immediately an 43 version of interchangeable barrels, that is, 3 barrels and 9 bolt and 3 store mines can be used for this weapon (taking into account non-standard Czech stores under 4). In order not to get entangled in all this ugliness, a fairly simple weapon designation system was proposed, which carries information about what kind of ammunition the gun was used for, as well as what kind of gun it was equipped with. So, after the name CZ 5,56 BREN can stand the following letters: A, B and C, which correspond to the cartridges 805 x5,56, 45 x7,62 and ammunition 39 x6,8 Rem SPC. The barrels are denoted by the numbers 43 and 1,2, which come after the letter designation of ammunition. So under the unit “hides” the barrel length 3 millimeters, under the two a shortened barrel length 360 millimeters, the three is the heavy elongated barrel of the weapon that turns this machine gun into a light machine gun. Thus, the designation CZ 277 BREN С805, will tell us that this is a shortened version of the weapon, using cartridges 2x6,8. In principle, absolutely nothing prevents further expansion of the amount of ammunition used in these weapons, so if, after all, 43 turns out to be "overboard" and a new NATO patron, any other ammunition, then by simple manipulations with the barrel and bolt CZ 6,8 BREN does not lose its relevance. By the way, nothing prevents to adapt this weapon under 805, there would be trunks and bolts. So to say, modularity.

The topic of 6,5x43 ammunition has been repeatedly raised, but since this cartridge is relatively new and is still the leading one that claims to be the place of NATO 5,56 ammunition, it’s necessary to say a few words about it. This munition was developed in the 2002 year, just to replace the 5,56, which was considered to be an insufficiently effective cartridge. Experts of the US Special Operations Forces took an active part in the development of this cartridge, which should have meant guaranteed success for this ammunition, but the financial side outweighed the 5,56x45 cartridge until now. The cartridge itself was created by shortening and re-cutting the sleeve from the .30 Rem ammunition, so the length of the ammunition sleeve was equal to 42,84 of a millimeter, and the total length of the cartridge 57,4 of a millimeter. The standard bullet for the 6,8x43 Rem SPC cartridge has become a bullet with a hollow nose weighing 7,45 grams, but in addition to it, bullets and other structures can be used. The initial velocity of a standard bullet is about 800 meters per second, which is slightly lower than the 5,56x45 bullet speed, but in this case, due to the weight of the bullet, its kinetic energy reaches almost 2400 Joule. As stated by the developers of this munition, due to the fact that the bullet has a larger caliber and due to its design, the effectiveness of getting into the body of the enemy increases one and a half times. True, it is not entirely clear where exactly this one and a half times is taken. In any case, the tests of this cartridge prove its greater effectiveness in comparison with the current patrons of the NATO model 5,56x45.

When creating this cartridge, the designers set themselves the goal of making the munition not only superior to the effectiveness of hitting a live target with 5,56 cartridges, but also a more long-range cartridge. The fact is that during the last military clashes, quite often “enemies of democracy” are armed with Soviet weapons under the 7,62x39 cartridges, and at maximum distances this ammunition behaves much more predictably than 5,56X45, not to mention the fact that it has the advantage stopping action. Thus, the weapon of “carriers of democracy” turns out to be less effective than the old Soviet models, both at long and short distances, which made us think about how effective 5,56 is. However, we thought about it from the very beginning of the adoption of this ammunition for armament, although there were enough other obvious flaws and problems. In addition, a separate goal was to create a cartridge that would be most effective when used in short gun barrels, while having a shot it had a tolerable return (although the issue here is more likely to arms) and was also interchangeable with the 5,56 cartridge as much as possible. The last requirement was never fulfilled, although this weapon partially fits into it, which gives it a huge advantage over other cartridges. So, unlike all other ammunition, which are positioned as promising and have a clear advantage over 5,56x45 cartridges, this ammunition can be charged to stores that were previously used to power a weapon with 5,56X45 cartridges. Thus, in order to adapt the weapon itself for a given ammunition, it suffices to replace the barrel of the machine gun and the combat larvae of the bolt. At the moment, many manufacturers produce barrels and bolts for their weapons in separate sets, including those for the civilian market, so, in my opinion, the rejection of 5,56 will happen very soon, and will make foreign weapons more efficient. However, it all comes down to money.

But back to the Czech machine CZ 805 BREN. The automatics of this sample, as it is not difficult to guess, is built according to a scheme with a part of the powder gases removed from the bore of the weapon, the gas piston has a short stroke. Barrel locking occurs when you turn the bolt on two ledges. In general, in its design weapons are quite traditional, traditional and Czech quality. In general, the weapon turned out quite interesting and convenient. Questions only arise on the receiver of a lightweight aluminum alloy and plastic trigger block. Of course, the world experience of using these materials in weapons is quite extensive, but such massive innovations from each manufacturer need to be considered separately, although judging by the fact that this weapon has already been used and even surpassed Belgian SCARs, it already says that the automatic weapon fall apart in the hands of. Another noteworthy point in this machine is that the bayonet was developed specifically for it, and they say that it’s no longer relevant to go for bayonet attacks, although this is more a tribute to tradition than a really necessary element of a modern machine gun.

The length of the machine with a standard barrel length of 360 millimeters, unfolded and extended by the standard butt is 910 millimeters, with a weight of 3,6 weapons kilogram, without ammunition. Weapon stores for each of the ammunition have a capacity of 20 and 30 cartridges, while it is also possible that food from drum-type stores, with the consistent supply of cartridges from each drum. Capacity 100 ammunition, which is important when using a machine gun with a heavy barrel as a light machine gun. As noted earlier, the Czechs decided to stand out, and created shops for the 5,56X45 cartridge of their design, which is made entirely of transparent plastic and is not compatible with the shops from M16, although their use is possible when installing the appropriate receiver store.

Here is such a relatively new machine gun that the Czech Republic’s army is currently receiving, it’s certainly not super-sophisticated rifle complexes with electronic brains, but, nevertheless, the weapon is quite modern and, judging by the fact that it was recognized even better than the Belgian samples, then the Czech gunsmiths seriously thought to regain their special place in the arms market. However, many believe that the widespread use of plastic and light alloys can in no way be to the benefit of weapons and significantly affects its reliability in a combat situation. Somewhere a fighter landed on a weapon, somewhere it fell or was simply used as a heavy object to shake the inner world of the enemy and not every machine would sustain it. On the other hand, heavy-duty polymers have been known for quite a long time, and light alloys stand not far from steel because of their strength, so everything is curled by the exact materials used in the weapon, and nobody will say that. So we will believe in the honesty of the tests that this machine has passed and will be considered in absentia sufficiently strong.

Czech machine CZ 805 BREN


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  1. Mikhado
    Mikhado 18 December 2012 08: 45
    Well, another variation on the G-36 theme, those, by the way, have a more elegant solution to the issue of "two-handed" reloading - it is on top, the handle is spring-loaded and easily deflects in both directions.
    The Czechs, it seems, bought licenses for Baryshev’s scheme - they could have done something original. for the sake of accuracy of fire, small production volumes and overall good Czech quality would have pulled this.
    But no, damn it, let's make another faceless clone of the 36th, it's not even funny anymore
  2. bddrus
    bddrus 18 December 2012 09: 04
    all are enemies - CZ is generally a motorcycle, I remember it laughing
  3. Begemot
    Begemot 18 December 2012 16: 26
    Well, at least take a look at the disassembled form, then you can draw some preliminary conclusions, or just make a new machine and make sure that it is unlikely to become massive and legendary.
    1. evgen2124
      evgen2124 18 December 2012 21: 18
      the Czechs have already launched the civilian version of chz-805 on our market for 140000 rubles! By the way, the impressions of the living sample are quite positive in terms of ergonomics and accuracy (caliber 5,56) than from the clone ar15! the only negative that covers all the pros is the price tag and only delivery on order from 2 months!
  4. Kir
    Kir 18 December 2012 17: 05
    I don’t know to anyone how, BUT in general, any product made on the principle of this can be changed, and then it will always be more likely to fail than, if I may say so constant configuration. And a sentence like
    "However, many believe ...." and further in the text, it only speaks about who thinks so simply do not know the properties of materials related to these "classes", the same titanium can easily be attributed to light in relation to "iron", the only question is the fact that many of those comparable or superior in properties are hardly cheaper if not more expensive.
    In general, in appearance, the Czech creation is more reminiscent of a children's toy.
    1. koosss
      koosss 18 December 2012 21: 30
      Quote: Kir
      In general, in appearance, the Czech creation is more reminiscent of a children's toy.

      I would not like to be shot at from such a toy)
    2. scrabler
      18 December 2012 21: 49
      I would say that modern toys strongly resemble military weapons laughing Going into the children's world, you sometimes think that you are walking around the black market for firearms. Last time even grenades were seen luminous, all the small number of "controls" are fully functional.
  5. crambol
    crambol 18 December 2012 23: 28
    Quote: Mikhado
    The Czechs, it seems, bought licenses for Baryshev’s scheme - they could have done something original. for the sake of accuracy

    It seems to me that Baryshev’s ideas will not work here. Pay attention to Baryshev’s weapons - both the assault rifle, the assault rifle, and the machine gun have relatively long barrels, they are longer than weapons with a gas pipe. Thus, the Czech machine gun would become longer, and this would worsen its rather elegant appearance. It is very likely that other problems would follow here.
  6. Lone gunman
    Lone gunman 19 December 2012 13: 20
    what kind of "plastic china" he is, does not inspire confidence, but the fact that they can be killed is also killed with a stick, it is not serious ...
  7. Dikremnij
    Dikremnij 20 December 2012 05: 31
    The Czechs are well done, they are developing, they don’t * fuck up their weapons school + they created weapons for the future and the set of barrels and bolts is good, nothing more. I don’t know about the reliability of the Cz-805, but I think that if these weapons come into service, then only the special forces of the Czech army and police, as well as for export to third world countries.
  8. wasjasibirjac
    wasjasibirjac 20 December 2012 07: 30
    the unit is interesting. here’s another way to look at the internal device, and then the attachment point of the gas outlet pipe looks like a hedgehog on the AK. yes and the shutter description is also some AKashchechnoe and not western. they like to lock on 6-8 fighting stops
  9. the47th
    the47th 24 December 2012 12: 35
    In my opinion, the concept of modular weapons for the troops is flawed. The spare barrel, and even less the kit for changing the caliber, the fighter will not carry with him, it is better to take a couple of spare stores. Keep them in a gun and install the barrel as needed? In the long march you will not foresee everything, therefore they will put a standard trunk. For DRG, who are on the mission for days, this is also not necessary, the battles will take place on different terrain. Such weapons may be needed only for police special forces, when the place of use is known: a city or an open area.
  10. zmey
    zmey 25 February 2013 15: 00
    I do not think that each "ogregat" from the factory will come with 9 barrels, with 3 locks and 4 receivers for shops + 4 types of shops !!!
    Here we are talking about the possibility of a quick change of the barrel / type of cartridge / magazine or ordinary lure for a specific customer.
    For me, the "Czech" looks more like a berret.