The secret of Chinese success

Recent months have been rich in news about chinese aviation industry. With a difference of just a few days, the new CAIC WZ-10 attack helicopter was demonstrated, the Shenyang J-15 fighter first landed on the deck of the Liaoning aircraft carrier, and the first flight of the promising Shenyang J-31 fighter took place. The latter attracted the most attention. The fact is that according to the Chinese classification, the J-31 belongs to the fourth generation. The list of features of the “Chinese” fourth generation is similar to the criteria of the fifth generation fighter used in other countries. Thus, China became the second country in the world to acquire two of its own fifth-generation fighter projects at once. Of course, this fact has become the subject of serious debate on various topics. A variety of opinions were expressed about the J-31 and at the end of November the Chinese themselves decided to take the floor. In the last days of autumn, the Zhongguo gongye bao newspaper published an article that details in some detail the Chinese version of the prerequisites for the current successes in aircraft manufacturing.

The secret of Chinese success

The material begins with general words about the first demonstration of the aircraft and the date of its first flight. In addition, the authors focused on the description of the general aspects of the design of the new J-31. The twin-engined single-seat aircraft, named “Guin” (“Falcon”), has oblique keels in the tail section, however, it is not equipped with the front horizontal tail, which its predecessor J-20 had. It is noteworthy that the characteristic lines of the air intakes of the fighter were given a rather original name: “the shape of the mollusk shells”. Considering the appearance of the car, the Chinese authors cite the words of some unnamed foreign experts, according to which there is every reason to believe that the J-31 has better flight data than the American fighter, Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II. In favor of this statement, an argument is made in the form of thinner aircraft shapes and a larger wing span. Unfortunately, the Chinese authors did not bother to indicate in their work any detailed characteristics of the new aircraft.

The lack of specific numbers was due to the fact that the main purpose of the article was not a story about the aircraft itself, but about its development. First of all, it is noted that the main successes in the design of new technology are associated with new technologies used in the design work. Several years ago, all such work was carried out "in 2D format": on paper. Because of this, the preparation of drawing documentation took a lot of time. In addition, with this approach to research and design, we had to spend time agreeing on different parts of the project, for which different groups of employees were responsible. Next, a transition was made to a new form of design, combining old and new methods. During this “transitional period,” the designers of the Shenyang Aircraft Building Corporation prepared drawings in a two-dimensional format using computer-aided design systems. The third stage of the change in design technology was the complete transition to computer-based three-dimensional tools. All this has greatly simplified the workflow, using only electronic drawings and documents.

Of course, the transition to a fully computer-aided design was not easy. All these processes required retraining of personnel and significant changes in the entire system for the development of new technology. However, such costs are more than paid off, allowing you to save a lot of time on the various features of the "paper" design. At the same time as time was saved, the need to develop new work coordination systems emerged. Integrated development systems, in which several designers have the opportunity to work simultaneously on one part, and large groups of engineers can interact in the same way when working on large scales, despite the apparent simplification of the design, in some cases even complicated the work. The question of optimizing the interaction made me start research on solving such problems. However, at first, the chief designers of the project and their assistants had to independently engage in determining the existing problems of integrating various units.

In the course of work on the transfer of the Shenyang Aircraft Corporation to a new design principle, a new software platform was created with the symbol Lean R&D, intended for joint design work and more convenient integration of the design bureau departments. In addition, inspection and quality control capabilities are included in this specially designed system. Chinese journalists consider the time required for the development of new aircraft to be an example of the results of the transition to new methods of designing aircraft. So, at the beginning of the 10s, it took about 15-31 years to develop, test and start mass production of a new aircraft. In the case of the new J-19 fighter, the period from the start of development to the first flight was only XNUMX months. Approximately the same amount of time is planned to be spent on testing and deploying mass production. Thus, the entire creation cycle of "Falcon" will not exceed three to five years. There is a clear benefit from the transition to new systems.

Of particular interest is another fact cited in an article by the Zhongguo gunye bao newspaper. Its authors argue that the creation of an integrated design system Lean R&D, as well as the start of tests of the J-31 fighter, followed by the unloading of personnel from the design bureau of the Shenyang Aircraft Corporation, made it possible to start working on issues related to fifth generation fighters. In this context, the Chinese classification is again applied, so that the new aircraft will correspond to the generally accepted sixth generation. It is quite understandable that no details of the appearance of the new aircraft were given. Obviously, Chinese engineers themselves have no idea about them yet. However, the beginning of work towards the fifth / sixth generation once again demonstrates the Chinese zeal for the development of its aviation industry.

A quick look at Chinese material about new programming technologies evokes strong associations. One gets the impression that the Chinese J-31 fighter is similar to the American F-35 not only in appearance, but also in "origin", namely in design technologies. When creating the F-35 and the previous F-22, all organizations involved in the projects used a single software. Thanks to the use of the CATIA system, several dozen independent firms and organizations could synchronize their actions. It is quite possible that the Chinese Lean R&D system repeats the architecture of the American CATIA software package. Thus, Chinese engineers managed to master advanced design technologies. It is too early to say exactly what consequences the introduction of new software will have, but it is already clear that the Chinese aircraft industry has every chance to accelerate the creation of new technology and catch up with the world leaders in the industry.

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  1. Consmo
    14 December 2012 09: 56
    All this is interesting. But in order to draw (before) you need to come up with.
    Judging by the article, the Chinese are able to draw on paper and on a computer.
    Do you have brains? Yes, and it is necessary to purge airplanes and create modern materials.
    And to call generations 4-5 or 76 of the mind a lot is not necessary for this is not very much asked.
    Creteria where then?
    Won amers created 5 wunder waffles.
    And then it turned out that at the super-sound, they could not shoot rockets.
    Self destruct however. -_-
    1. AK-47
      14 December 2012 12: 29
      Quote: Konsmo
      Judging by the article, the Chinese are able to draw both on paper and on a computer. Are there any brains?

      There is no doubt, there is.
      For the entire foreseeable history, they have come up with as much as no other people have dreamed. Brains need to be created and they will begin to work, which is now being done in China, the ability to invent is in their genes.
      Today's Chinese technology may still not catch up, but this is temporary.
      It is not worth ironizing, it is necessary to draw conclusions against whom they are so actively arming themselves.
      1. BruderV
        14 December 2012 13: 27
        For all the history, the Chinese did not make a single great geographical discovery, although they could not have conquered all of Asia, the Mongols did it for them, invented gunpowder, but used it mainly in fireworks, and later the Europeans who came to him who found him worthy of military use, robbed China of its independence. Now the CCP itself has dug up the grave of its people with politics by one family, one child. After 20 years, they will have more pensioners than working people, and this, in the absence of any pensions in the country, then the population will decline and the economy will collapse. One child in the family will have to feed his two retired parents without a pension, and even drag the family with his wife and children. The government will have to raise the level of earnings, production in China will become unprofitable, Western corporations will be attracted to India and other Asian countries, and the Chinese economy will remain at a developing level, because there will be no influx of foreign technologies, and it will not be enough for its own money. If they introduce at least a minimal social policy, the whole country will drown in debt today. Budget holes are already available. It may certainly be softer, but I described an optimistic option for us.
        1. AK-47
          14 December 2012 16: 38
          Quote: BruderV
          Throughout history, the Chinese never made a single great geographical discovery, although they could

          They did not need this, God forbid, to master their vast territory, in addition, they had other problems, it was not for nothing that they built the Great Wall of China.

          Quote: BruderV
          Now the CCP itself has dug up the grave of its people with politics by one family, one child.

          It is easy to fix, to establish - one family - (two-three) children.

          Quote: BruderV
          If they introduce at least a minimum social

          They have already decided to increase social programs, I am sure that this will not lead to decline.

          I welcome optimism. fellow
          1. BruderV
            14 December 2012 18: 17
            They mastered their territory thousands of years ago 2 years ago, fenced off from the world with a great wall and settled down on this, anticipating millennia of serene prosperity. What does it mean to install 2-3 children? The Chinese are not robots that need to be programmed how many children they have. Anyone born in a family with one child will not want to have more than one of their own, worsening both their own and their standard of living. An example of Japan is evident, now it has one of the lowest birth rates. In addition to cheap labor and a soft tax regime, China generally has no competitive advantages in production. If they lose it, then the economy will bend. And given the fact that poverty is returning to Europe, this is more than likely. They will have to fight for access to cheap resources, but no one will let them do it.
      2. VAF
        14 December 2012 14: 53
        Quote: AK-47
        Today's Chinese technology may still not catch up, but this is temporary.
        Do not be ironic, you need to draw conclusions against whom they are so actively arming

        I absolutely agree with you, +! What "ways" are they Chinese. do it..that's a different question, but that this is no longer "stupid" cloning. and already "attempts" to create their own developments and technologies ... it's a fact!
        Well, and at what rate is this happening ....... here without words! recourse

        Now we are waiting for a new transport aircraft!

        Developed by the Chinese heavy military transport aircraft Y-20. , here it is very clearly visible that this aircraft is structurally similar to the Russian Il-76, European A400M and American S-17.
        But the first batches of Y-20 will be equipped with Russian-made D-30KP turbofan engines. wassat

        1. +1
          14 December 2012 18: 06
          Well, what can I say ... Well done.
  2. 0
    14 December 2012 10: 15
    Maybe this is the hacked f35, only a two-digit version (they even can’t copy our movers, but here it’s such a technological one ...)
  3. BruderV
    14 December 2012 11: 38
    All this is highly doubtful. Isn't it window dressing? It's like an abibas sneaker looks like it looks the same three strips on the side, and you start to wear all your feet so wet and in corns. So here I certify f-35, and what is inside of him is unknown to anyone. The manufacturing technologies of iPhones and sophisticated military electronics are still different, and the superiority of the f-35 in avionics can easily nullify all Chinese attempts to blind something. How real is their direction of radar absorbing materials? Will the radioprotective cover be washed off from the first rain, as is often the case with the Americans? What about thermal signature? Maybe on the radar it will be inconspicuous, but at the same time it can be demolished by its primitive Stinger or arrow. Judging by the usual round nozzles, everything is on the 4th generation level. What about electronic warfare and noise immunity on-board systems? There are no answers to this and apparently will not, and indeed when China last participated in a major war, on the basis of what experience they create planes, and photographs can be viewed endlessly. There are no trifles in aviation; the value of a combat unit is considered for all the totality of its systems parameters. If the plane is referred to as the 5th generation, then it should correspond to it in all respects, but for now it is only visible that they can copy-paste the form of the airframe and work with 3D design and nothing more. With the same success, you can remove weapons on the Su-35 in the internal compartments, reducing the EPR, paint it black and call it the 5th generation. Iranians also trumpet that American drones are copying, but with their elemental base of the 70s level this is ridiculous.
    1. +6
      14 December 2012 12: 11
      Quote: BruderV
      With the same success, it is possible to remove weapons on the Su-35 in the internal compartments, reducing the EPR

      In aircraft of the Su-27 family, the compressor shines the most. Therefore, if you remove the weapons nothing coordinated will not improve. As there was an EPR of about 22 square meters when viewed from the front.

      Stealth (and not only in the radar range) - it is certainly good, but you need to consider all the characteristics in a complex ... Stealth itself does not mean anything.
  4. +3
    14 December 2012 12: 05
    "The J-31 has better flight performance than the American Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II fighter. the argument in the form of thinner forms of the aircraft and a larger wingspan."
    So it turns out what the "flight data" depends on. winked
    Now our designers have to make a thin and wide airplane and that’s all, we are invincible.
    1. rolik
      14 December 2012 14: 31
      Quote: Фкенщь13
      Now our designers have to make a thin and wide airplane and that’s all, we are invincible.

      Is it like plywood ??? To fly over Paris ??? laughing drinks
      But seriously, copying the look is one thing. And using the latest technologies in materials and production is a completely different matter. The most recent (and not very recent) technologies, I repeat, the Chinese do not. And I don't think they were sold or given to them. Therefore, the F 35 copied by them will shine no less than an ordinary plane. If only the appearance will be modern, let them rejoice at the appearance of their "falcons", with the contours of "shells of a mollusk", and our anti-aircraft gunners will closely follow them on the screens of their radars.
  5. Nikor
    14 December 2012 15: 51
    we buy iPad fasten the motor with the propeller and here’s the drone for you. Flat, wide scope, high-resolution camera, high-resolution touch display))))) laughing
  6. +2
    14 December 2012 19: 09
    Our company designs in 3-D years five. In this case, to catch up with the Westerners the chances are like a hare's tortoise.
    You need to understand that any design goes under a specific manufacturing technology, and if this technology is not there - you should design at least in 8D - the result is 0. I don’t think that China has state technologies.
    1. BruderV
      14 December 2012 23: 39
      Quote: homosum20
      I don't think China has state technology

      If China had them, then the States themselves in their present form would certainly not have existed, they would not have stood the competition and the yuan would have been the world currency, not the dollar. The US apparently does not really care about this Chinese high-tech, at least no one knocks on the drum and does not inflate a new cold war. And nobody blows at us that we need to urgently arm ourselves. That means there is probably no reason to talk about a Chinese breakthrough in the defense industry. In general, it seems to me that we have divided the partnership for the development of PAFA with India (apparently all of them have already eaten up Chinese non-lethal copies), and therefore China is trying with all its might to try to portray at least something similar to the 5th generation. The main thing is that you yourself won’t be scared from the characteristics of your fake crafts
  7. bart74
    15 December 2012 01: 17
    I think that the main goal of the Chinese to do is not so much good as a lot, and so will come down. I read here at Regnum that the Chinese today have poured more per month today than Amers per year. Not all the same goes to cans. Yes and more. All the same, the layout of the future Amers war with China is more real than the Chinese against us. Russia, with all its oil production, pumps oil five times less than China consumes. And for some reason no one is shouting that the 2nd territory in the world (CANADA) with a population of 34 million, without nuclear weapons is waiting for someone to intervene.
    I think hysteria about the Chinese threat should not be fanned. Yes, keep in mind, but nothing more.
    Amers have one approach, pit-weaken, divide and dominate.
  8. arthur_hammer
    15 December 2012 14: 37
    I agree the quality of Chinese products is poor)))
  9. brush
    16 December 2012 18: 26
    The quality of Chinese products depends on the buyer's pocket. Here they sing that the Chinese have no technology. I do not know. The speed with which they master new technologies is simply amazing. Show the Chinese some thing, he will bungle her for you in a day.
    And along the way he will ask what to do. Original or slightly cheaper copy. You will see that in 2-3 years they will launch these aircraft in a small series.
  10. 0
    21 December 2012 19: 42
    A Chinese sold his soul to the devil, in two days the soul broke,

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