About Bandera in the Rada. They need to be reminded who the Ukrainians fought for

About Bandera in the Rada. They need to be reminded who the Ukrainians fought for

December 12 in Kiev will host the first meeting of the newly elected Verkhovna Rada of the seventh convocation. This national assembly will differ qualitatively from other parliaments that have arisen in the territory of the former USSR over the past twenty years. The best permanent activist of the Bandera movement in Ukraine Bogdan Chervak ​​formulated this best of all: “Yevgeny Konovalets, Andrei Melnik, Stepan Bandera, Roman Shukhevych, Oleg Olzhich, Elena Teliga will invisibly be present in the Ukrainian parliament together with the nationalist deputies.” In other words, the ideologists and practitioners of the most ferocious, misanthropic ideology will tangibly soar in the new Ukrainian parliament.

As it is known, neo-Nazis from the Freedom party got 37 from 450 seats in the Rada of the new convocation (of which 25 seats are on party lists and 12 on majority districts). This is the largest parliamentary victory for neo-Nazis in post-war Europe. We are talking about direct followers of the most terrible executioners of the recent past, flaunting Nazi symbols and inciting hatred and bloodshed. Not a single European country was able to fascist revanchists to arrange such a successful breakthrough into power.

Last Saturday, the Freedom congress took place, the head of which was unanimously elected its leader, Oleg Tyagnibok. What is characteristic: there were no other candidates. Among those present stood the former commander of the Ukrainian Navy, Admiral Igor Tenyukh. Having joined this party recently, he gives it the appearance of a solid institution, correcting the ingrained perception of it as a bunch of hooligans headed by electoral buzotter Andrei Michnik. After the election, he, without a bit of embarrassment, told the press about his intention to hold a 1 march in January in honor of the birthday of the criminal and collaborator Bandera.

The leader of Batkovschina, the second largest party in Ukraine, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, took part in the congress. Only three years ago, Yatsenyuk himself was the victim of dirty fascist defamation by the mayor of Uzhgorod Ratushnyak. And now he himself openly proclaims the Nazi criminals as heroes and is proud of his alliance with the Svoboda party: “I am very glad that we managed to reverse the negative tradition of the Ukrainian grumpy political party: we signed an agreement, and none of us departed from the text of the partnership agreement” - he said.

It was precisely this course of events that the Ukrainian anti-fascists feared: a breakthrough of the neo-Nazi core in the “Rada” and the recognition of its legitimacy by moderate forces. This is how someone Hitler came to power, using the weakness of Weimar democracy.

We already see the great companions at the Freedom convention. Not far from Admiral Tenyukh, it was possible to notice well-known lawyer and diplomat Vladimir Vasilenko. This decently dressed man with a higher education ascended to the rostrum and immediately proceeded to russophobic incitement: “to win the war against Russian imperialism ... this anti-Ukrainian power, which is a toy in the hands of the Kremlin”.

The anti-Russian theme prevails among the Bandera revanchists today. Of course, the idea of ​​harassing the “Jews” and their extermination did not fade, and Roman Shukhevych, canonized by “Freedom,” who was directly canonized by “Freedom”, was engaged directly in the war. But in the general stream of hatred of Bandera’s shortages, Russians and Russia account for the vast majority of demonic energy.

It is strange that Russian human rights activists and anti-fascists are silent. Their calls for a boycott of the totalitarian “Freedom”, originally called the “Socially National Party of Ukraine”, are not heard. The passivity of the Russian deputies of the State Duma and members of the Council of Federation is also surprising. Wouldn’t it be appropriate to close the entrance to Russia to all members of the neo-Nazi “Freedom” and its main supporters?

It is noteworthy that concern about the brown epidemic in Ukraine was expressed in the NATO bloc itself. The fame of the Nazi Oleg Tyagniboka went far beyond the borders of Ukraine. The NATO Parliamentary Assembly prepared a draft report on “post-orange Ukraine,” in which Pygnibokov's Freedom was called an “anti-Western, anti-liberal, anti-European, anti-Semitic, but most of all, anti-Russian” party. It also stresses that the emergence of such a party in a politically unstable Ukraine is extremely dangerous.

If recently the US State Department and its European allies turned a blind eye to the glorification of Nazi criminals and the oppression of Russians in Ukraine and the Baltic States, the current brown breakthrough in Kiev made Western leaders think about the possible consequences of extreme Russophobia. They put up with a brown tint, but the thick brown paint in Ukraine seemed to them too saturated.

It is safe to say that the Tyagnibok National Socialists can be stopped with the help of a joint Russian and international action. We are obliged to remind Ukrainians and the whole world that six million sons of Ukraine fought in the ranks of the Soviet army in the fields of World War II and another half a million went into partisans. In the ranks of Bandera’s traitors of various stripes, we count no more than three hundred thousand goals. Such is historical true.

It is a pity that the laws prohibiting neo-Nazi activities, following the example of many European countries, were not adopted in Ukraine on time. However, it is not too late.
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  1. Freder
    14 December 2012 07: 47
    "They need to be reminded who the Ukrainians fought for" writes us
    Avigdor Eskin is an Israeli publicist and public figure. laughing laughing without a snotty avigdorchik we will figure out who and what to remind ... everyone fought for the liberation of the Jewish people, you can still be sure of that !! the Wassermans Leontyevs and others, like all Kurginians, went there, fortunately for now lol surviving representatives of respected peoples with their advice ...
    Glory To Ukraine! Glory to the heroes !
    1. +15
      14 December 2012 08: 09
      Today is the day of open caches!
      Therefore, the smell of Bandera stank, creatures crawled out!
      1. +3
        14 December 2012 08: 52
        Quote: omsbon
        Therefore, the smell of Bandera stank, creatures crawled out!

        They still sleep, soon the hunter will come with his retinue. WTO then really stinks.
        1. 0
          14 December 2012 09: 58
          The article was held back a little ... In the Rada, Klitschko and K had already organized the ring for the third day ... And the metal repair at the same time, they cut down the fence ... Civilized power struggle ... laughing
          1. +5
            14 December 2012 10: 08
            Oh, they slammed me minus - then I wake up banderlogs are gray-haired.
            Well, come to the distribution, I have a great mood. angry
          2. Kaa
            14 December 2012 11: 09
            Quote: domokl
            In Parliament, Klitschko and K ring already organized the third day ... And the metal repair at the same time, they cut down the fence.

            No, Klitschko "gives a grudge" that there will be no fight in ZRada ... These are all "svobodovtsy are bad" with the former doctor-proctologist Vyrvibok at the head ... dashing freedom. Showmastgowan, in short. And while they were doing valiant amusements, the regionals and the communists put their speaker as "overseer" of the parliament, in the sense of choosing, and a new old "overseer" of the budget "common fund" - Azirov. And for a complete joke, they organized a "TV" with a presidential show performance:
            "The President of Ukraine said that the state will gradually join the rules of the Customs Union. It is he who is a large market where Ukrainian goods can be sold. According to him, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia are a market for selling the goods of our country. And this means that the Ukrainian state should join these countries.However, this process will be gradual.In addition, the guarantor noted that the government of Ukraine will do everything necessary to ensure that the country is in good relations with the states of the Customs Union, not only in the economic, but also social, humanitarian and scientific.
            "Obshchak" is empty, the WTO does not want to accept the 371st amendment of Ukraine on goods ... in short, "finances sing romances" ... "an offer that cannot be refused" was received, therefore "earlier information appeared that Yanukovych was will go to Moscow, where he will discuss the possibility of Ukraine's participation in the eastern integration process, in particular, joining the Customs Union. " http://lb.ua/news/17/18/2012/12_yanukovich_rasskazal_deputatam.html
            And if anyone resists, they will immediately point to Tyagnibok and Farion byaka and scare them that they will put forward the slogan “Ukraine uber alles” and they will “spot” everyone and check for Galician roots. By the way, about the roots of ... "svobodovism". As the author writes in the article, " Of course, the idea of ​​persecuting the "Jews" and their extermination did not go out, which Roman Shukhevych, the canonized "Freedom", was directly involved in during the war."?. There is already a complete ... split personalities belay "The ideologist of Ukrainian nationalism Lev Rebet competed with Stepan Bandera and died just like him. Rebet, in particular, denied the idea of ​​"Ukraine for Ukrainian", which Bandera and Stetsko professed, accusing them of "attachment to totalitarianism and authoritarianism." I don't understand ... request you can’t figure it out without a bottle ... drinks , especially when you consider that their ideological forerunner was Dmitry Ivanovich Dontsov, a Russian from Melitopol, who "constantly defended Ukrainian interests and remained a fierce enemy of both" red "and" white "Russia http://zn.ua/
            In general, tune in to the Ukrainian channel of the Verkhovna Rada ... it will be fun ... the mind will rest smile
            1. +4
              14 December 2012 11: 43
              I saw a fight a couple of times on TV and cutting the fence. Emotions, however, are overwhelming and the mind is really sleeping. +++
              1. slas
                14 December 2012 13: 50
                Quote: Ross
                Emotions, however, are overwhelming and the mind is really sleeping.

                What mind is Otkell he has with them? http://ru.tsn.ua/ukrayina/farion-prizvala-detey-vrazhey-zloy-krovyu-volyu-orosit
      2. +4
        14 December 2012 10: 01
        fucking weak ... repression just against such creatures carried out ....
      3. dom.lazar
        14 December 2012 10: 38
        naive people - there are no nationalists - Bandera - but just another PR project
        organized by the money of business groups to push their little people in the Rada
        and the redneck-electorate can be waved with a pseudo-nationalist idea in front of the nose — and here are the next chosen people of the people laughing merrily at the suckers by voters — they count future profits
        you can not discuss anyone and do not stigmatize -there are no nationalists -and only regular dough seekers will swear allegiance to Nenko -Ukraine and tell what patriots they are to shit laughing
        1. slas
          14 December 2012 13: 55
          Quote: dom.lazar
          there are no nationalists - Bandera - but just another PR project

          What are you negating? Quite right, the man said money — money govern their thoughts and found a niche they were not busy with, and developed a profitable topic Or, too, from a kagala who thinks that Pyndo-si is the most Democratic country? )))
    2. Vasily79
      14 December 2012 08: 12
      freder You didn’t mislead anything, and even the brain can be taken out at a time.
      1. Vanek
        14 December 2012 08: 14
        Quote: Vasily79
        the brain can be taken out at times.

        laughing Which is not laughing
        1. +2
          14 December 2012 08: 31
          So winter has begun. Instead of brains there is antifreeze. laughing
        2. Alpha-omega
          14 December 2012 08: 54
          The brains are now being carried out by ordinary Ukrainians, who (strange thing!) Voted for these uninhabited Svobodovites. I must admit, I was surprised when I saw the results of the elections in the zombie box, because they seem to have gained 1 or 2% in the last elections, and now they are in parliament, and they are in a coalition with the same people who are in parliament under other signs gone. from all this I can only make one conclusion - society is degrading.

          Soon! In all textbooks Ukraine!
          1. 0
            14 December 2012 10: 02
            Quote: Alpha-Omega
            society is degrading.
            Alas, the zombie box acts on most people like a boa constrictor ... They vote on the principle that they couldn’t do anything fast, so you need to try those ... Maybe they can ... The protest vote .. you can’t get anywhere .. And the people here, again, alas, nothing to do with it ... The people are the herd that leads the slaughter goat-provocateur ... like a sheep’s meat factory ...
            1. pakukr
              14 December 2012 13: 51
              Thank God, not all sheep are here. Russian Ambassador to Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov presented 14-year-old resident of Kiev Andrei Savelyev with a commemorative watch "President of Russia" and an iPad as a token of gratitude for preventing the desecration of the Russian flag by nationalist forces in the Ukrainian capital in October. The rebuff will grow stronger, not all the fascists of pensioners and women are smitten
  2. +7
    14 December 2012 08: 04
    It’s shitty that our grandfathers didn’t add up comrades with photos.
    1. Vanek
      14 December 2012 08: 10
      Quote: Vladimirets
      Our grandfathers didn’t catch it at one time.

      The grandmother told from the words of the grandfather. Without going into details, they chopped them with axes, but raised them on forks. The bullets spared, but these were not.
      1. +7
        14 December 2012 08: 47
        Quote: Vanek
        The bullets spared

        Today, every one of them will go out to the website, the worshipers of the “heroes.” I will not regret the minuses, let them try on the skulls. nd face.
      2. +8
        14 December 2012 10: 04
        My grandfather commanded a partisan detachment in Belarus ... He also told me that they didn’t take them prisoner ... I was always amazed at the little boy that he spoke calmly about the Germans, even with respect (except for the SS and the Gestapo), and when he said the lads went wild
        1. +3
          14 December 2012 17: 09
          For Alexander, and my great-grandfather returned from the 1949 war in the year since they finished off Bandera and other evil spirits, apparently they did not finish it.
    2. 0
      14 December 2012 17: 06
      Greetings to all, for Vladimir, eh, this is very shitty !!! Bl .... and, unfinished Fritz !!!
  3. predator.3
    14 December 2012 08: 31
    Yes, This is Lavrenty Palych's "cant", he did not catch in his time!
    1. +2
      14 December 2012 10: 05
      Quote: predator.3
      Yes, This is Lavrenty Palych's "cant", he did not catch in his time!
      Well, we are struggling with mice, but they still live ... laughing
    2. +1
      14 December 2012 11: 39
      Lavrenty Pavlovich finished them, but showed mercy and left alive ...
    3. Net
      14 December 2012 12: 20
      The destruction of these reptiles ceased in 1953. Date as if hinting ...
    4. 0
      14 December 2012 13: 11
      The end of the world does not begin suddenly, but slowly ... Now all the creatures have climbed out of historical graves than zombies: there was nothing human in them before - and now ... C face persons already skin drains into the ground, and they continue to carry all evil to people!
    5. sribnuu
      15 December 2012 13: 04
      Why are you so!
    6. Vito
      15 December 2012 13: 13
      predator.3 (1)/ Good day to you hi
      Thanks for the PHOTO! drinks
      I want to add only one.
      The old woman on the right side in black glasses looks like a PINKET!
  4. +6
    14 December 2012 08: 40
    And after all crawled out .. During the USSR they were afraid to piss ...
    1. +3
      14 December 2012 08: 48
      Quote: Mitek

      And after all crawled out .. Under the USSR they were afraid to piss go ..

      And who helped them crawl out, our "partners" from Washington.
      1. 0
        14 December 2012 10: 08
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        And who helped them crawl out, our "partners" from Washington.
        They helped everyone ... Well, on the other hand ... If you remove these freaks as heroes, what will remain of the Ukrainian independence? Zero ... The whole story before that is the history of Russia .. You need to have something different, something that Russia is not dependent ...
      2. +1
        14 December 2012 17: 11
        I welcome you, Alexander Romanov, it would be more correct to have Fashington
    2. +4
      14 December 2012 08: 57
      Quote: Mitek
      And after all crawled out .. During the USSR they were afraid to piss ...

      They did not just crawl out, but rode out on a white horse. At one time, Yushchenko made them equal with the veterans of the Great Patriotic War, he wanted to sit at a "common table". Only our RIGHT grandfathers sent him in the right direction along with the Nazi nedobitki.
    3. chisya
      14 December 2012 10: 44
      Quote: Mitek
      And after all crawled out .. During the USSR they were afraid to piss ...

      Of the current ardent Natsiks and the opposition in general, many during the USSR held quite high posts themselves or their relatives, were secretaries of the CPSU. But as independence came, abruptly from somewhere "correct" patriotism in embroidered shirts emerged.

      On the whole, to say that they were greatly helped from somewhere is not entirely true, while those who shouted more about patriotism were progressing well, especially in those areas.

      But in general, nationalists crawled thanks to 3 regions (Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopol), these by themselves would not have voted for the eastern candidate, and their old party did not justify the trust.
    4. 0
      14 December 2012 17: 10
      For Mitka, + you liked the comment !!!
  5. Captain Vrungel
    14 December 2012 08: 48
    Why did the nationalists slip through? Everything is very simple. People are tired of the same faces in parliament, shuffling from one political force to another in search of a better place at the lump. People, biomass and "these kazly interfering with their life" are needed only before the elections. There is nothing to choose from and no one to choose from. Old OL-outright gang of thieves. Impudent, disingenuous. United Opposition, Yes, it is not. The head is a cowardly "rabbit" with his selfish interest to get into parliament. He is afraid of the coalition like fire. He marks himself as a "president". You have to work in a coalition and prove that you are worthy to become president (which is unlikely, since the people do not like power). And yapping in opposition, only the language works. Klitschko and "Blow" voted for him as for a new force, but his team has many retired politicians who have been worked out and removed from power. Communist populists. Using com. banner. as a screen, this pack of SIMONENKO is more likely "Bolsheviks" for their talent in fighting the world and domestic enemy capitalism and social justice in loud statements and slogans. In fact, they have been faithfully serving big capital for 20 years, bargaining for their support, tidbits. The people see this political mess of the same people in a tangle rushing to the power trough and voted for a new force to excite this tangle and prevent the remnants of Ukraine from being quietly redeemed. Nationalism is dangerous, but the power itself pushed it to power with its cynicism, nonsense, hypocrisy towards the common people.
    What I want to clarify is that both the government and the opposition, and nationalists are headed by leaders whose roots go to the inhabitants of the Jordan Valley. Sacred to ....
    1. +2
      14 December 2012 10: 09
      I completely agree! The nationalists marched on the wave of a simple vote ... The ones doing now do nothing, maybe these will do ...
    2. dom.lazar
      14 December 2012 10: 41
      the column - AGAINST ALL, unfortunately - canceled -
  6. +3
    14 December 2012 09: 01
    well, right now it’ll start ..
    These words to me - "..In the ranks of Bandera traitors of various stripes, we number no more than three hundred thousand heads... "- somehow .. not very much.
    Instead of goals - I would - members of... put.
    This would be one to one consistent - the concept - Member.
    I watched the report from the meeting of the Rada yesterday. It was unexpectedly Glad.
    Especially for Klitschko’s smile.
    1. +1
      14 December 2012 09: 30
      Quote: Igarr
      Instead of goals - I would - members ... set.
      This would be one to one consistent - the concept - Member.

      Soon these members of they will be overwhelmed with saith, and revered about themselves. laughing
      Quote: Igarr
      I watched the report from the meeting of the Rada yesterday. It was unexpectedly Glad.

      And why is it neoid, there is fun every day. Watch tomorrow on the "Boitsovsky Club" TV channel another round of "debates" from the Rada laughing
    2. +4
      14 December 2012 10: 12
      laughing here you are ... and tolerance? Of course, the members sound better and more true, but ... Well, grandfathers didn’t finish it, it happens ... How many people fought with cockroaches, but for some reason they disappeared ... Now we even miss it pets laughing
  7. +20
    14 December 2012 09: 23
    Here it is, a female face (reminiscent of the ecstasy of Hitler's speeches) of the Bandera composition of the Rada from the Tyagnibok team. The notorious Irina Farion, an ardent Russophobe who demanded that the taxi driver be fired for appealing to her in Russian, offers to imprison 5 of millions of “degenerates who do not speak Ukrainian, in February 2010 spoke in kindergarten and urged children not to use Russian diminutively - affectionate names (for example, not Misha, but only Mikhailik, not Natasha, but Natalochka). “If you become Alyona, then you need to pack your bags and leave for Muscovy,” said Farion to a preschool girl who called herself Olenka.

    Are they Ukrainians, Slavs? No - these are non-people from the past, without clan and tribe, who for centuries stood cancer under the "empires of democratic Europe" but, for some reason, they do not remember this. But we remember - these are the followers and accomplices of the fascists. Scum!

    If this goes on, then most citizens of the south-east of Ukraine and Crimea will soon have to demand Russian citizenship despite the ban! Khrushchevsky redistribution and liquidation of the Donetsk-Kryvyi Rih Soviet Republic, I personally, are no longer satisfied!
    1. +3
      14 December 2012 09: 35
      Quote: VadimSt
      Irina Farion - ardent Russophobe

      Yes, look at her face and immediately everything is clear, there is schizophrenia all the way to the very jo .... negative
      1. +8
        14 December 2012 09: 51
        So after all the surname "obliges" Farion in the explanatory Ukrainian dictionary is an intriguer. Translated from Yiddish (as O. Buzina found out - Ukrainian writer, journalist) - a swindler. So that is the "bright representative" of the whole team. And what a hypocrite to look for. It's okay to come to the kindergarten and ask the children to change their Russian names to Ukrainian ones! Is it too little to change your name? There is no such name in Ukrainian - Irina - there is Yarina! But no, the lady is in no hurry, but teaching the correct translation is yes! Well, she is outraged when, when translating a text from English. the translator said "shut up!" And according to her - you need to "shut up!" Also a characteristic feature. God forbid he goes to the education committee!
    2. serge
      14 December 2012 12: 59
      The word "farion" in the Hutsul dialect means "intriguer". And this word came from Yiddish, in which it means "swindler". There is a rare symbiosis of a person with his own surname. Before dressing up in the skin of a Ukrainian nationalist, she didn't even bother changing her surname. Not only is she an intriguer, she is also a fool.
    3. Vito
      15 December 2012 13: 16
      VadimSt . I welcome you dear! hi
      Again by photo MADAME Farion.
      I'm afraid that medicine in this case is powerless! Too everything is running.
  8. +9
    14 December 2012 09: 25
    At least one good news - the last UPA colonel died yesterday.
    And what is "Freedom" - they perfectly showed at the opening of the VR, beating up the guard who did not allow them to pass in the wrong place when they started breaking down the doors! This is their whole point - to beat people who cannot answer them. ABOUT! Europe has already called on our "democratic opposition" not to unite with Svoboda, as with an anti-democratic and anti-Semitic organization. And one shouldn't think that the people supported Svoboda as a new party. Yushchenko has launched a flywheel for the rehabilitation of these pallets. And for five years of his power, with active agitation, they did their job, taking into account the fact that all the shortcomings began to actively creep out of the underground. Galicia felt that she could seize power and keep it by fanning fear. And the current government continued to flirt with Galicia, thinking that they will make a horror story out of Freedom for the people and people will vote for the PR only to prevent this scum from coming to power. It could have been so, but the enemy was underestimated. They turned a blind eye to the fact that local decrees began to pay extra pensions to all these "heroes", massively erect monuments to Bandera and his comrades, bring young people to them, organize summer paramilitary camps, and much more. So we got it. Moreover, the parliamentary immunity has not yet been removed, and the question will be removed. And already Tyagnibok said that Svoboda will itself nominate its representative for the presidential elections. it's not hard to guess who. The most interesting thing is that Brodsky sponsored them, and somehow Tyagnibok himself forgot about his Jewish grandmother. I am not against Jews, I have many acquaintances and friends among them who are terrified of what is happening. I am amazed at how quickly Tyagnibok and his comrades forget about their roots and turn into "Ukrainian nationalists", followed by the descendants of those who killed these Jews in Babi Yar.
    1. Kaa
      14 December 2012 11: 21
      Quote: Egoza
      The most interesting thing is that Brodsky sponsored them, and somehow Tyagnibok himself forgot about Jewish grandmother

      But his grandmother’s relatives did not forget him ...
      "Experts have long come to the conclusion that Igor Kolomoisky was eagerly looking at Svoboda. It has long been rumored that the Dnipropetrovsk oligarch secured the victory of Svoboda in local elections in the western regions." Http://job-sbu.org /kto-sponsiruet-svobodu.html And who is the entot oligarch there? "Igor Kolomoisky is one of the most influential and richest people in Ukraine. Entrepreneur with Ukrainian and Israeli citizenship, the most closed character of the highest caste of Ukrainian business. In March 2009, the Communist leader Petro Symonenko said that, according to his information, businessman Igor Kolomoysky provided financing for the election campaign of the Freedom association in the Ternopol Oblast Council. “You see what you did with the elections in Ternopol to the regional council? I reminded the representatives of this people that in 32, they brought Hitler to power, representatives of this people, and Kolomoisky financed the elections of “Freedom”, - said Symonenko ("UkrRudProm", March 21, 2009. "Kolomoisky was also a co-owner (together with another well-known Jewish entrepreneur Vadim Rabinovich) Jewish TV channel Jewish News 1 (JN1), which began broadcasting in eight languages ​​in September 2011. In October 2010, Kolomoisky was elected for five years. Chairman of the European Council of Jewish Communities [9], [8], and in April 2011 - also for five years - by the chairman European Jewish Union (European Jewish Union; EJU) http://upravda.com.ua/lib/14160381/ Oh how! belay
  9. columbus2
    14 December 2012 10: 03

    The arrest of Avigdor Eskin and the trial of him throw us back - during the time of the fierce intrigues of the KGB. Eskin challenged the authorities. The authorities tried to break and crush him. Eskin was alone and alone. But he survived and won.

    Gee-s ... you can not read further. laughing
    1. +1
      14 December 2012 10: 11
      Quote: columbus2

      I didn’t read further, it’s not possible to show the level of intelligence more brightly, well done.
      That the Columbus promoted everyone, well, keep my minus, I rarely put it with such pleasure.
  10. Lech e-mine
    14 December 2012 10: 11
    In the photo, Bandera guards people who are soon to be shot.
    1. Marine One
      14 December 2012 11: 41
      Quote: Leha e-mine
      In the photo, Bandera guards people

      Your photo from the chronicle of the Jewish pogrom organized by the Germans and the "Ukrainian people's militia" in occupied Lvov (end of June-beginning of July 1941).
      1. sribnuu
        15 December 2012 13: 01
        We remember about you!
    14 December 2012 10: 23
    C'mon, let them do stupid things there, they have democracy !!!!
    1. +4
      14 December 2012 12: 27
      They saw the fly change avu
  12. +5
    14 December 2012 10: 43
    The Nazis came to power thanks to our democrats who have ruined the country, who are still politically correct. These are after all the descendants of those thugs who killed 50 soldiers of the Soviet army, and how many Jews, partisans, underground workers, communists, Soviet workers, teachers. The social composition of these Nazis is mainly kulak and their intelligentsia are also from there. It would be necessary for Stalin not to stand on ceremony with them, but to send the uninhabited with their wives and children to different places so that they could not connect. And now, not a single telecast is broadcast, not a single speech on a zombie hunter, wherever they spit on the Communists, in the USSR. Overthrew Soviet power, get the Nazis. And the bourgeois always supported the Nazis in Germany, and in other countries
    1. sribnuu
      15 December 2012 13: 02
      It didn’t go from Ukraine!
  13. 0
    14 December 2012 11: 49
    Everything goes according to plan. A real ground is being created for the completion of the failed experiment "Nezalezhna Ukrayina".
    Let the fascists-Bandera leave for their Austro-Hungarian Empire, whose province they essentially are, and let Europe itself moderate these degenerates of democracy.
    For the rest, let historical justice triumph ...
    And yet .... hai gentlemen Ukrainians are not offended, but these elections (and the whole 20-year history) that the people of Ukraine are dumb and do not seek to gain intelligence. The small-town-farmer's idea (just don’t touch me!) Firmly stuck in the minds. Hence such elections. There are no normal parties (only the Communists are trying to defend issues of social and historical justice), the rest are stupidly sawing the country.
    And the electorate each found a warm place or left tries!
    For 21 years of independence the population decreased from 52 to 45 million. Without a war, without repression and without a "Kremlin regime" .....
    1. Captain Vrungel
      14 December 2012 12: 45
      Dear PPSh! You are not a resident of Ukraine and therefore do not know what is hidden under the name of the Communist Party of Ukraine. The Communist Party died along with the USSR. This is a bunch of crooks (according to Simonenko, not a single Communist of the CPSU has stained our ranks) using appeals and slogans pleasing to the people and hiding behind a red flag, they have a true flag of all colors of the rainbow, since lick the ass to everyone who comes to power) is only able to bargain for themselves tasty morsels at the trough of power. Cynical yesterday was the speech of a patented, professional political prostitute, the leader of prostitution "fighters" under the red flag for their personal interests. Having defeated the activities of Azarov in 2.5 years, emphasizing that not a single program of the government has even begun and the activities of the government, it is just he, having paused and stretching out his mouth in a wide smile, cynically, with his inherent meanness, said "the communists will vote for Azarov so that he fulfilled his unfulfilled programs: this is the hidden enemy of the people (or rather the grandparents, whom he traditionally threw once again). These are the sticky hollows Two-faced Januses. The priests Gapons in the service of the oligarchic authorities. Bloodsuckers, as Azarov says (bloodsuckers). There is not a single political force thinking about Ukraine, about the people. A struggle for the presidency begins, including Klitschko with “Blow” and Tyagnybok with “Svoboda.” For the people, the expensive series “Who Lives Well in Ukraine” continues.
  14. biglow
    14 December 2012 12: 19
    On the other hand, with the advent of the Nazis in power, most likely the last head of the Ukrainian state will come. In our Crimea, these freaks got only half a percent in the elections due to builders from Galicia? We will not put up with them like many other regions here.
  15. serge
    14 December 2012 12: 42
    Tyagnibok is Ukrainian Zhirinovsky. Zhirinovsky, as you know, has a dad a lawyer, and Tyagnibok has a mother of the appropriate nationality. Maternal grandmother Tyagnibok had the surname Frotman, and grandfather - Lengin Tsegelsky. So the terrible Urkain fosyst Tyagnibok turned out to be Frotman-Tsegelsky. One of Tyagnibok’s main sponsors is the Ukrainian Jewish oligarch Benny Kolomoets, an Israeli citizen (Igor Kolomoisky).
    Another Urkain patriot is Arseniy Yatsenyuk. Yatsenyuk's mother, whose maiden name is Bakai, belongs to the ancient Jewish family of Rabbi Bakai. Yatsenyuk proves that he is not a Jew, and in order to remove the Jewish theme, Arseniy Yatsenyuk publicly fraternized with an allegedly "Ukrainian nationalist" in the parliamentary elections in Ukraine, but in fact another Jew - Oleg Tyagnibok.
    The rams who voted for these Jewish rogues are bred like rabbits. Ukrainian "nationalism" was created by the Jewish mafia, it is also financed and used to drive a wedge between different branches of the Russian people in Ukraine (there has never been another nation in Ukraine by definition).
    1. biglow
      14 December 2012 13: 44
      As for the comparison with Zhirinovsky, it’s not entirely true. The tyagnibok and his bastards have more aggressive intentions that they are trying to realize. And the fact that the tyagnibok is a Jew is a fact. Dad was the chief physician of the USSR cycling team
  16. Brother Sarych
    14 December 2012 12: 48
    A terrible impression of what he saw - and this is the people's representatives? Horror, not even quiet, but rather violent ...
    Thank God, you will not see this in our country - they are also not special intellectuals in appearance, but they don’t climb into each other’s faces ...
  17. escobar
    14 December 2012 13: 11
    I look at the first fight in the fucking rad and I understand that there is no way out. You need to divide the country, like Czechoslovakia.
    1. biglow
      14 December 2012 13: 41
      when everything ripens, it will be so
    2. WW3
      14 December 2012 15: 41
      Quote: escobar
      I look at the first fight in the fucking rad

      Here is just the video of the latest fight in the Ukrainian parliament angry Immediately decided right off the bat ... a test of strength of the coalition VS opposition, well, the fact that the extremists, the Nazis came from freedom, additionally adds fuel to the fire ...
  18. sevsor
    14 December 2012 15: 34
    When O. Tyagnibok came to Sevastopol within the framework of his election campaign, then after a "very hot" reception given to him here, he indignantly yelled into the TV camera: "I got the impression that I was abroad!" So that he (Pan Tyagnibok) is already prepared.
    1. biglow
      14 December 2012 15: 51
      I hope that soon for him and we like him abroad we will become
  19. -2
    14 December 2012 15: 51
    In the article, Bendera and other nationalists, like collaborators and neo-Nazis, are stigmatized. But for the sake of objectivity, it is worth mentioning the fact that of the above leaders and leaders (Evgeny Konovalets, Andrey Melnik, Stepan Bandera, Roman Shukhevych, Oleg Olzhich, Elena Teliga), the last two were shot by the Germans in the Syretsk concentration camp, Stepan Bandera was sitting in Sachsenhausen and two of his brothers were killed there .... Again, the article mentions Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who became the target of anti-Semitic impromptu measures in Uzhgorod Ratushnyak. But after all, Ratushnyak is a creature of Balogi, a member of the Yanukovych government. In turn, the President of Ukraine is known for his pro-Russian views. The Freedom party is even more interesting. Paradoxically, the policy of Freedom is most consistent with Russia's foreign policy postulates regarding Ukraine. Freedom opposes NATO and European integration, unlike the pro-Russian Yanukovych, who really wants to go to Europe, but is not shaking hands there.
    1. biglow
      14 December 2012 19: 58
      Slota is fascists and that's it. Hitler and Napoleon also fought for united Europe
      1. 0
        14 December 2012 20: 15
        Slota is fascists and that's it. Hitler and Napoleon also fought for united Europe
        Svolota is sponsored by comrades Kolomoisky and Brodsky. Although they put forward rather aggressive slogans, the Ukrainian government does not stop them. Accordingly, they are grown for something interesting.
        1. Captain Vrungel
          14 December 2012 21: 23
          Grow up. The answer is on the surface. Constantly split the people of Ukraine. Divide into Bandera and her. Prevent the people of the east and west from uniting, for the people will sweep them away like a tsunami wave. This is where the "general line" of power is. This is who the tyagniboks in the west and the simonenks in the east serve. And above them there is a "pakhanat" of power who will go to any provocations in order to stay in power. The scary thing is that the people do not understand that they are artificially divided into two varieties and set against each other. Both in the East and in the West, people want to live normally. The spring of popular anger is compressed and the government is doing everything so that the spring is pressed not from one end (then it will sweep them away), but from two. Then the blow will not be on them, but on one of the pressing ones. This is where the cynicism and meanness of the authorities lies.
  20. 0
    15 December 2012 13: 15
    If recently the US State Department and its European allies turned a blind eye to the glorification of Nazi criminals and the oppression of Russians in Ukraine and the Baltic States, the current brown breakthrough in Kiev made Western leaders think about the possible consequences of extreme Russophobia. They put up with a brown tint, but the thick brown paint in Ukraine seemed to them too saturated.

    As a vote at the UN for a resolution condemning the propaganda of Nazism showed, this quote does not correspond to the truth.
    Any mess in Ukraine is beneficial for the West, it sleeps and sees that the massacre in Crimea begins as in Kosovo.
    Clinton told you that she would not allow re-Sovietization, and Merkel said that admission to the EU is closed, there are no more places. So do not be Ukraine in the EU.
    Hunger is not aunt and life will make you turn to Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan face, not fillet, as it is now.
    Our politics and yours threaten to fall between two chairs.
    And in the photo, hera, sorry for the partisans of Kovpak, everyone was already dying, they would have reminded them how they drove them to the Carpathians.
    - the first battle with the Red Army near Brody and fled like rats.