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Secrets of the HAARP Laboratory

Secrets of the HAARP Laboratory

"HAARP" is deciphered as a "project of high-frequency active research of the Aurora". The name of this American project is camouflaging the fact that it has the potential to become a greater catastrophe for humanity than the creation of an atomic bomb. The truth of the matter is that the HAARP installation can be used for science-fiction type combat. Here we are dealing with a reckless experiment. Under the guise of the innocuous name "HAARP", the American government plans to bombard the sky with the rays of the energy of huge antenna structures. These energy rays will then be reflected back, to Earth, from the ionosphere, as electromagnetic waves of extremely low frequency (EEF).
This process is able to transform these EEF waves into a very insidious weapon:
1. These EEF vibrations are able to penetrate the brain of humans and animals if these vibrations were aimed at them. This will not only immobilize the victim, preventing any movement or protective action, but also cause mental distress. A useful weapon for the military, these waves can also penetrate brick walls and steel.
2. EeF frequencies improve radio contact and [radio] reception, even inside bunkers and atomic submarines.
3. EeF vibrations can penetrate the Earth’s thickness and detect hidden bunkers.
4. EeF waves can be used to track and accurately detect missiles, airplanes and other aircraft, even on the other side of the globe.
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These capabilities, however, represent only one facet of HAARP technology. Side effects are possible which, as warning signs, should also be considered. In fact, to date, no one fully understands how the ionosphere reacts to the impact of these rays. We must bear in mind that the ionosphere is very fragile. Together with the ozone layer, it protects the planet Earth and all life forms from the deadly rays of outer space. It is definitely possible that the additional energy rays emitted by the HAARP program will not only disturb, but actually destroy this sensitive system and the protective ozone layer. Of course, various military groups and their scientists refuse to recognize this danger, since they cheerfully suggest that nothing should happen. Therefore, they continue this project, despite the warnings and to 2003. [installed] 180 antennas that trigger this madness. Currently being tested using approximately 60 assembled antennas. At the foot of the mountains of Alaska, a forest of antennas is being built as a test site for the radio. Here's how it should work: Above the ozone layer is a fragile ionosphere, a gas layer enriched with electric particles called ions. Scientists intend to heat up this ionosphere, using powerful HAARP antennas so that a beam of high-frequency radio waves can be released into certain areas of the ionosphere. In turn, it will create artificial ionic clouds that can function like optical lenses. These lenses will be used to reflect low-frequency EEF waves. These vibrations can be used, for example, to determine the presence of an airplane, but they are also useful for embarrassing and deadly targets: they can be directed to other regions of the Earth's surface depending on the angle at which radio frequencies are reflected from ionic lenses. A long time ago Mars lost its atmosphere. Such an inheritance may soon threaten the Earth ... the result of irresponsible and insane Americans, who should also be responsible for the most destructive madness of the Second World War — the atomic bomb. The US government is trying to reassure everyone, arguing that HAARP is a purely scientific experiment, but in fact the HAARP is a disguise of a gigantic project of radiation weapons. These antennas serve as a giant, new advantage for the military elite, while they represent a potential danger to the entire planet and to all its life forms. Obligatory study of the environmental impact of the HAARP project warns of the possibility of ionospheric changes that, among other effects, may affect the ozone layer. Interestingly enough, this study was not done by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), but by the Air Force and the US Navy. It should not be surprising that in reality the US military intends to bombard the ozone layer and the ionosphere with this radiation weapon. After all, Americans always wanted to be the greatest and most powerful nation on earth. However, it is obvious that this responsibility cannot be assigned to those American citizens who are against this program and who have sincere, positive human intentions. They are also not responsible for certain disgusting elements that have influence, and also that other people are limited to enter this circle. Despite this, the question remains: why is such a risk consciously undertaken with this kind of uncontrollable chain reaction within the boundaries of both the ozone layer and the ionosphere?

HAARP technology can "unleash" a force with which even remotely nothing can be opposed. Until today, all nuclear attack scenarios included the bombing of several explosive devices, creating strong electromagnetic pulses (EMP), which were detonated at high altitude. Using HAARP as a weapon, the same result can be achieved even without atomic energy. However, HAARP can do much more because it can penetrate deep into the earth, where, for example, oil reserves or previously mentioned secret bunkers can be located. The fact that certain types of radiation are not only dangerous but actually deadly to people, plants and animals is simply accepted without a doubt. Despite the fact that HAARP can be used as a super-radar device and, at the same time, as a destructive device against an aircraft, there is no excuse for endangering the lives of all people, animals and plants, and in general the whole existence of the planet. This fact seems out of place to the military elite, officials of large corporations, and people in power in the US government. In contrast, these groups seem to be satisfied that they do not violate agreements to cease nuclear testing (which continue in any case), nor about missile defense systems or disarmament. Moreover, they are satisfied that their criminal attempts have escaped worldwide attention until today, since their activities were kept almost in complete secrecy and due to the fact that, in general, the public simply does not pay attention to this situation. Beam guns and microwave wars are almost a reality; a person cannot afford to lose the ozone layer or any other layer surrounding the planet, to lose his own life and the life of the plant and animal world. Mankind can not afford to plunge into the atmosphere the rays of gigawatt devices that squeeze out the layers of the atmosphere surrounding the Earth, intervene and even destroy their harmony. At a minimum, these wounds inflicted on these strata by insanity will never be healed and endanger life on earth, perhaps forever. Currently, the HAARP facility is used only for a decent test, climatic disturbances are already occurring around the world, to which one can no longer be ignored. These facts do not seem very unpleasant to those people who are responsible for the HAARP program, or to their subordinates. They even deny that natural disasters, which are now occurring on a global scale, are not related to their dangerous experiments. The Pleiadians / Pleasurerans insist, however, that there is indeed a direct link between pollution and environmental destruction and global warming. Even if the HAARP tests are still low, this program already includes floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and storm weather conditions.

Aircraft pilots are instructed to avoid approaching this structure, so this operation may already be in full swing or will be somewhere in 1998. Just one gigawatt of energy is enough to make a hole in the ionosphere. But the full power of this beam weapon will be increased to 100 gigawatts ... 100 billion watts. In fact, this new radiation weapon will affect and damage the consciousness of human beings and animals and, of course, the entire genetic stock of terrestrial animals, plants and people. Also, the entire highly sensitive energy field of the Earth can be affected to the extent that the poles shift. The bombardment of the ionosphere presents many dangerous, destructive and deadly possibilities, but those responsible for this do not give these thoughts even a second plan. As a result, they forge with full speed this project of a secret weapon, allowing to undermine a part of ozone and warm up the ionosphere. In 1945, US scientists under the mandate of the Government and the military of the United States detonated the first atomic bomb in modern stories. Later, they admitted that they did not manage to take in advance into account what could actually happen during the explosion; perhaps it could be the result of a nuclear chain reaction that would burn the entire atmosphere of the earth, even the whole planet. Their position is now the same as it was with the tests of a nuclear bomb, and the chance of destruction from HAARP remains 50: 50.

This experiment is being conducted today with the same dangers as the bomb blast in 1945. Even if our worst fears did not materialize then “everything went well”, other scary scenarios were the result of these previous experiments. New bombs were built and dropped on residential areas, destroying hundreds of thousands of people. An unspeakable number of people were mutilated by burns, and many descendants of radiation-exposed victims grew into monstrous creatures instead of becoming human beings. Later, vast territories were contaminated with radionuclides all over the world and now have become unsuitable for habitation for thousands of years. The result of testing atomic bombs, as well as commercial use, was infection. As if this were not enough, atomic materials used for peaceful purposes created an unspeakable number of victims all over the world, contaminating through radiation, by chance, through negligence or criminal intent.

In these matters, the United States heads the list of violators, since the power-loving people of this nation have sanctioned secret research, criminally using radioactive processing, treatment, etc. on thousands of innocent people in a multitude of villages and cities. This type of research demonstrates such a lack of human compassion that we question whether they were or are simply horrible, bloodthirsty and irresponsible monsters? The atomic bomb, which was used and continues to be used for commercial purposes as a "peaceful source of atomic energy", caused endless pain, poverty and irreparable damage throughout the world. The destruction continues. Despite this, US scientists are currently conducting and are planning, in secrecy, a new atrocity against humanity, an extremely controversial series of tests that will launch a new, futuristic, destructive and deadly weapon system. This system can be as destructive and deadly as an atomic bomb for the entire planet and all its life forms, including humanity. The immediate result, as well as the long-term results of this madness, was a similar lack of separation, as in 1945, when the first atomic bomb was exploded. Indeed, some shocked scientists do not want to be relevant to the whole issue. They are of the opinion that life on earth in its present form and the existence of the planet are again threatened by the actions of power-hungry people, in particular, by the US Government and military.

HAARP is considered one of the greatest threats to the ozone layer by those scientists who still have a sense of responsibility. Moreover, HAARP can affect many aspects of the Earth, including its outer spheres and all life forms. Opportunities range from skin cancer to changes in climatic zones, from wild rails and droughts to floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. It is clear that all this is a daily phenomenon even now, caused by the madness of overpopulation and its consequences, like, for example, the destruction and pollution of our environment, the resulting global warming and weight shift in the upper layer of the Earth. However, the ongoing experiments of HAARP are at the same time responsible for climate change, which in turn has included earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods and environmental disasters around the world. Those who are responsible for the HAARP program, of course, deny that such a test generates this mess. But the Pleiadans / Pleasant Persons categorically state that this is so. Further, they argue that HAARP will cause so much destruction, pain, suffering and devastation in the future that neither nature nor any living creature will ever be able to return to a normal state of equilibrium. Long-term effects will negatively affect everything on Earth, and recovery will be impossible. Now for some time, the worldwide hunt for ozone destroyers, such as fluorochlorocarbons, continues, and rightly so.

Even the American industry and the Government have blocked many environmental wounds, and seem indifferent to the promotion and protection of life in general. This is proved by America’s commitment to financial penalties, which many of its citizens are glorified, and they are used mercilessly. An example of the same despotic indifference to the well-being of the people of the American power elite and its subordinates is the acquisition of HAARP weapons. Without advising any other human inhabitants of this planet, their military are breaking through dangerous holes in the fragile ionosphere and, thus, threaten all life on earth. These powerful people take on these tough decisions without caring for anyone else, except for their abominable madness of power and megalomania. Indeed, the ionosphere will be damaged and partially dissolved by the HAARP program, thus allowing dangerous cosmic radiation to penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere unhindered. At least this proves that HAARP is an irresponsible project. Such madness can be seen in the annals of human history, but this, according to established practice, is hidden from people. In 1958, for example, three atomic bombs were detonated in the atmosphere to affect the weather.

During the two years following this blunt action, a series of climate catastrophes resulted. Three hundred and fifty thousand copper needles, each approximately 1-2 cm long, were shot at the ionosphere at 1961. The result was that the Earth avenged an Alaska earthquake measured in Richter scale 8.5, while Chile is large part of the coast slipped into the ocean. In 1963, the US and USSR military detonated three hundred-megaton atomic bombs in the stratosphere and proportioned the giant holes in the ozone layer. These are just some of the many criminal atrocities carried out against humanity by officials of the governments of the United States and the former USSR. In truth, a few dozen of such crimes can be attributed to Americans, French, Russians, French, Israelis, Chinese, and others who pursue such malicious purposes. What HAARP can penetrate is much worse than anyone has ever seen. The threat comes from its location, 320 km (200 miles) northeast of Anchorage. In this solitude of northern Alaska, a forest of antennas is being built, which will consist of 360 towers, 24 meters (72 feet) in height, with which the military will shoot high-frequency beams into the ionosphere.

In an experimental form, this has been happening for some time now, with the result that the number of disasters related to hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions has increased. The purpose of these experiments is to heat and partially remove the protective layer surrounding our planet. At the same time, giant “lenses” are burned in the ionosphere with the intention of reflecting the emitted EE-waves to Earth. Bernard Eastlund, an irresponsible student Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), prepared the scientific basis for HAARP. He patented his work in 1985 under the threatening title: "Method and mechanism for changing the atmosphere, ionosphere and / or Earth's magnetosphere." This project has become global vandalism due to the fact that an immense amount of energy with gigawatt power is thrown into the outer spheres of the Earth. The impact of the present and the future effects of this planet and all life forms, human, animal, and vegetable, cannot be evaluated in any way. A few years after his invention, estlund lost control of his patent when he encountered financial problems.

He wrote that the antenna facility in Alaska is in fact a massive ray gun capable of destroying not only all communication networks, but also missiles, aircraft, satellites and much more. He argued for side effects, both wanted and undesired, including climate catastrophes around the world or at least in some regions, and unlimited deadly radiation from which there is no protection. The choice of locations for these riots will lie in the hands of irresponsible military and government officials and others. There is also an extraneous effect of deadly radiations passing to the surface of the Earth, from which there is no protection. Translation into Russian (c) 1998 russianetе[email protected] Permission is granted to copy and distribute to anyone who is interested. Those EeFs can completely block the electronic devices and radio communications of the enemy.

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