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Vyborg Shipyard laid the icebreaker and launched a unique press for bending metal

Vyborg Shipyard laid the icebreaker and launched a unique press for bending metal

12 December 2012 of the year, ahead of the schedule, a solemn ceremony was held to lay the linear diesel-electric icebreaker of the 21900 project M. The ship is being built by order of the Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport.
The solemn ceremony was attended by representatives of USC OJSC, the Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport, FSUE "Rosmorport", FAA "RMRS". By tradition, a mortgage board was installed on the inset section of the vessel. The ceremony of laying the icebreaker ended with the solemn launch of a unique press for bending sheet metal. The press develops an effort up to 1000 tons and is capable of bending sheet metal parts with a thickness of 50 mm and more.

“Before this, the plant had the opportunity to bend parts with a thickness up to 20 mm, and the maximum force was equal to 450 tons. With the reorientation of the company to the construction of icebreakers, where the thickness of the outer skin reaches 40-50 mm, the plant is faced with the problem of bending such parts. Thanks to the commissioning of this press, the Vyborg Shipyard will be able to work with a sheet of metal of the required thickness, ”commented Alexander Solovyov, General Director of Vyborg Shipyard OJSC.

The linear diesel-electric icebreaker of the 21900M project will be completed in October of the 2015 year.
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  1. YARY
    YARY 13 December 2012 07: 50
    Project D \ E Icebreaker
    1. YARY
      YARY 13 December 2012 07: 52
      And III again
  2. sergei1709
    sergei1709 13 December 2012 07: 52
    Beautiful ship!
    1. tun1313
      tun1313 13 December 2012 10: 12
      Beautiful butuz.
  3. Vanek
    Vanek 13 December 2012 07: 54
    As you call a yacht, so it will sail. smile
    1. tun1313
      tun1313 13 December 2012 10: 11
      I mean - project 21900M, how it should float wink ?
      1. remez
        remez 13 December 2012 10: 26
        Do not swim, but walk! shit floats, and ships go.
  4. mar.tira
    mar.tira 13 December 2012 08: 02
    Well done authors! They are following the progress of the icebreaker project! This is not the first article to be published. Well, it seems to me that the construction should take place under the strict control of the customer. And without any kickbacks or price increases. For corruption under the current production system is omnipotent!
    1. Trailer
      Trailer 13 December 2012 08: 43
      I read your speech about corruption, and I can still hear in the background music from a patriotic American action movie. And so, beautiful, only a question, why not atomic?
      1. urzul
        urzul 13 December 2012 09: 44
        So the first of the 2 atomic already laid at the Baltic plant
        1. Armata
          Armata 13 December 2012 09: 55
          Quote: Karavan
          And so, beautiful, only a question, why not atomic?

          Good day to all. Well, each ship has its own purpose from here and the type is chosen. This icebreaker will work on the pilotage of ships on the ice, but the new ones will master new routes.
        2. homeland
          homeland 13 December 2012 10: 33
          Judging by the information, this is the second of the three planned icebreakers of the 21900M project.
          And in total - this is already the 4th icebreaker laid down in 2012:
          1. Project R-70202
          2. Project 22600
          3. 2 projects 21900M
      2. mar.tira
        mar.tira 13 December 2012 10: 55
        Quote: Karavan
        we are talking about corruption,

        1. Do not understand the Kazakh logic of circulation? What are you talking about? 2. If you do not know, then this project is a little different. I will explain !!! For work in mixed, river-sea areas, diesel-electric ship! Diesel-electroho
        q to explain too? Find the first articles on this topic, and then comment!
  5. Stiletto
    Stiletto 13 December 2012 09: 34
    Yes, after the atomic "Lenin" it would be necessary to build at least something like that, and not go back to the last century.
    1. urzul
      urzul 13 December 2012 09: 56
      Lenin was launched in the 1957 year; 1959 was commissioned.
      And now we look at the list of Icebreakers in our country, compare the atomic / diesel ratio and carefully for the year of commissioning. At least here:Ледоколы_России#.D0.90.D1.82.D0.BE.D0
    2. mar.tira
      mar.tira 13 December 2012 11: 10
      Quote: Stiletto
      return to the last century.

      The last century doesn’t mean bad! Previously, ships were built with such characteristics that when it was impossible to move further on water, they were moved on ice! I froze in the ice twice. And with all the possibilities of modern technology, I could not do anything. And I didn’t pray and pray for anyone there. It’s good that the hulls were not cut and not crushed by ice. But wintering until spring is an unpleasant activity ! And besides, it’s costly. But we didn’t have an icebreaker of this class nearby. And helicopters do not have such characteristics! Therefore, this project is awesome!
    3. PLO
      PLO 13 December 2012 12: 52
      nuclear icebreaker in the Baltic? good joke
  6. sakmagon
    sakmagon 13 December 2012 10: 04
    There are ports and coastal zones, there is a hovercraft, each icebreaker has its own tasks, no one will plow the Gulf of Finland with the "Arctic"
    1. Trailer
      Trailer 13 December 2012 10: 34
      So for which region are diesel engines being built? For the Baltic?
  7. strannik595
    strannik595 13 December 2012 10: 21
    on the Neva, such bootuses go ice breaking, so that people from Petropavlovka to the Hermitage did not trample laughing for domestic use
  8. Comrade1945
    Comrade1945 13 December 2012 18: 28
    On December 12, 2012, Vyborg Shipbuilding Plant OJSC, ahead of schedule, hosted the solemn ceremony of laying the linear diesel-electric icebreaker of project 21900 M

    A diesel-electric is, of course, good, but ...
  9. Kosmodrom
    Kosmodrom 14 December 2012 14: 30
    Judging by the statements of some part of the audience of this site, all icebreakers and submarines (and preferably other ships) should be "nuclear". Where do such representations come from ?? and desires: - "We have all the greatest - OOOOOO !!!". There is a huge variety of regions and conditions for the use of the icebreaker fleet, which presupposes a wide range of types of applicable ship models.