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The Mi-35 helicopter is a multipurpose attack, "flying infantry fighting vehicle" developed in Mil Design Bureau. This helicopter is an export version of the famous in Russia multipurpose attack helicopter Mi-24В.

Helicopters of this type were delivered to many countries around the world. In 1999, Rostvertol developed a program to upgrade these helicopters. As a result of modernization, the helicopters were equipped with Russian-made night vision devices. The installation of the new IRTV-445MGH thermal imaging surveillance system makes it possible to detect and recognize objects around the clock more than 4 km.

The GPS115L GARMIN satellite navigation system with the VPS-200 interface box installed on the upgraded helicopters provides for determining the current coordinates of the helicopter and flight navigation parameters when operating in the GPS system, as well as providing navigation data to the video monitor of the monitoring system and recording information on the videotape.

Mi-35 and Mi-35П helicopters (designation for the domestic market - Mi-24В and Mi-24Д, respectively), mass-produced by Rostvertol, are intended to destroy armored vehicles, fire support for ground forces, airborne assault and evacuation of the wounded, as well as transportation cargo in the cabin and on the external load.

Both helicopters are equipped with 2 TVZ-117BMA engines with 2225 horsepower. each, providing maximum and cruising speeds of 320 and 280 km per hour, respectively, with a normal range of 450 km.

Normal ferrying distance 1000 km. Take-off weight - 11,2 t, maximum - 11,5 t. Static ceiling - 1750 m, dynamic - 4500 m. Crew - 2 person.

The armament of the combat version of Mi-35P and Mi-35 helicopters includes a complex of Sturm-V anti-tank guided missiles (up to 8 9М114 missiles with a cumulative warhead) gondola with outboard cannon weapons in various embodiments (gun 9-A-629 caliber 12,7 mm; 2 gun 9-A-622 caliber 7,62 mm grenade 9-A-800 caliber 30 mm) as well as the bombing (bomb weighing 50 to 500 kg) and mine (container KMGU-2) weapons.

The Mi-35P combat helicopter, which is a modification of the Mi-35 helicopter, differs in that instead of the 9-A-624 12,7 mm caliber built-in mobile machine gun, the 30 caliber GSH-30 stationary cannon is located on the right side of the fuselage.

The Mi-35P and Mi-35 helicopters can also be used in the airborne transport version (8 paratroopers with weapons) and in the transport version with an external suspension with a load capacity of 2,4 t. In addition, the Mi-35P has a sanitary version (2 lying and 2 seated wounded in accompanied by a health worker).


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  1. Forward
    Forward April 17 2011 08: 02
    Great helicopter. Nightmare of the NATO tank. Powerful weapons and the ability to transport infantry makes it universal. There is a weak spot. Strong infrared footprint. Rocket find him on him. Stinger, by the way, was designed specifically to deal with him.
    1. Sasha_Bykov
      Sasha_Bykov April 6 2014 16: 26
      Well, yes, the appearance of stingers among the mujahideen sharply reduced the effectiveness of mi-24 in avgan,
  2. sturmovik_vv
    sturmovik_vv 27 May 2014 21: 51
    Hi Sasha. Please do not you have a photo of the use of the Stingers on Soviet helicopters, or planes in Afghanistan? Thank.