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US military intelligence reform: smart loves to learn, and a fool to teach

Recently it became known that the Pentagon began to reform military intelligence. First conversion provide for increase in the number of employees of the Defense Intelligence Agency abroad.

Over the next five years, the number of operational staff of RUMO working in other countries, including under cover (primarily diplomatic), is planned to be brought to about 1600 people. Now in RUMO there are about 500 operational workers abroad — they are only working under cover. In accordance with US-approved plans, the number of “cover-ups” will be brought to 2018 by 800, or even by 1000 people.

In addition, the US Department of Defense is going to ensure closer cooperation with the CIA and the CIA and the Special Operations Command (SOKOM) of the US Armed Forces. According to the latest information from the Washington Post, the priorities in the activities of the RUMO will henceforth be the tracking of Islamist groups in Africa, supplies of North Korea and Iran weapons other states, and, of course, the modernization of the Chinese armed forces. The operative of the RUMO will share tasks with the workers: if the latter pursue mainly political goals, then the former will be interested in military aspects.

The expansion of the Intelligence Agency at the time of the economic crisis is something new for the administration of Barack Obama. However, in the latest decision of the Pentagon there is some internal logic.

America will save. As representatives of the Pentagon have specifically emphasized, the transformation does not mean that the DIPO now has new powers or expanded funding. Creation of new staff rates will occur due to the reduction of other departments and changes in staffing.

However, the plan is already got from the “Washington Post” characterization of the “ambitious”. In fact, we are talking about the rapid transformation of the intelligence department of the Ministry of Defense into a special intelligence network. By the way, according to plans, the scouts will be trained by the CIA, but they will obey the Pentagon.

In the British newspaper The Guardian believethat a set of new agents will create an unprecedented spy network in the world. Among the new agents of RUMO there will be military attaches and other similar people working openly, as well as many spies acting secretly. "Guardian" writes that this department

“Increasingly hiring civilians among university professors or businessmen in strategically important regions from a military perspective.”

At the same time, the newspaper reminds that the CIA itself has also dramatically increased its staff: over the past 11 years, the CIA anti-terrorism department has expanded from 300 employees to two thousand people. However, the CIA ... are tired. They believe that the intelligence officers have to perform too many tasks, and therefore with the help of the new plan they hope to transfer purely military operations to the extended DIA. For example, the CIA would not want to simultaneously search for ground-to-air missiles in Libya and at the same time evaluate the forces of the Syrian opposition. It is too tiring.

The newspaper also points out that in Washington, many progressive comrades are opposed to expanding the arena of RUMO activities. Indeed, unlike the CIA, military intelligence is not controlled by Congress.

As for the economy and reduction of the military budget of the Pentagon, it seems that other carriers of the legislative branch of power are implementing the electoral promises of Mitt Romney rather than the program of Barack Obama. Recall that the Democrats control the House of Representatives, and the majority in the Senate are retained by the Republicans.

The other day, the Senate unanimously adopted the budget of the “defense” department for 2013 a year in the amount of 631 billion dollars. (Obama has not signed it yet and may well block it). The Pentagon has previously requested 614 billion dollars. 526 billion from here will go for “general military spending”: the creation of new types of weapons, the development of modern equipment, the production of weapons, aircraft and ships, the increase in the military’s allowance by 1,7% (according to the last point, the additional costs are 17 billion, hence the marked increase in the budget). Money for the expansion of RUMO are included in the "common expenses".

In addition to the officially declared goals - about the weapons of North Korea, the unfriendly Iran, the strengthening Islamists in Africa and non-brotherly China with its rapidly modernizing army - there are also those that are not advertised by the CIA and the Pentagon. In particular, the increase in the number of spies and the division of tasks between the CIA and the RUMO - despite the fact that the Rulers will be trained by the workers - is associated, among other things, with poor preparation of the first, due to which they often failed operations or performed only on paper. The bad habits of military intelligence workers also became talk of the town: the guys were constantly drunk, they didn’t know the languages ​​well, they didn’t know how to recruit agents. Even to analyze the documents - and they did it very badly. Actually, it is still unclear what they can do?

The current US Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, indicates analyst Nil Nikandrov, previously headed the CIA, and therefore is better than anyone else aware of the weaknesses of RUMO. Probably, he decided that there was no place to postpone the reform of intelligence.

Now at the CIA training base in Virginia, the operatives of the new division of the Department for Regional Security Management - Defense Clandestine Service (DCS) are already being trained. After studying, American intelligence officers will be sent to "practice" in Afghanistan, Iraq, in the "crisis countries" of Africa and Latin America. In the five-year term, DCS will become the leading department of RUMO, providing military intelligence information.

A separate line in the alarming American intelligence plans is China. In this regard, General Michael Flynn, the current chief of the US military intelligence, said that "this is not about cosmetic changes in DIA, but about major changes in national security strategy."

For almost a year in the USA there is a document entitled “Sustaining US Global Leadership: Priorities for 21 Century Defense”. In this strategy, dated January 2012, it is stated that the strengthening of the PRC in the long term may affect the US economy and security. The key points in the adopted US military strategy are reduced to a reduction in the number of American armed forces while simultaneously concentrating budget resources on the development of satellites and unmanned aircraft. The strategy also implies a reorientation of resources to the APR.

Obama starts and wins - that's the plan for the White House. The strategy that strengthens the US presence in the APR and the reform of the RUMO are links of one American chain. Today, the PRC is the central enemy of the United States.

In the latest OECD report, “A look at 2060 year: long-term growth prospects” было отменено among other things, that by 2060, the share of China and India in world GDP will surpass all the 34 countries that are members of the OECD (the total weight of the two countries mentioned is now just over a third). China will overtake the European Union by the end of this year, and 4 will become the world's largest economy a year later.

The United States is in the first place in the world economy, while China is in the second. Washington is not going to take positions, and China is not going to stop its “locomotive” flying at full steam. Who is to be the hegemon in the coming years - that is the question. The economy often determines policy, and in fact in the trade rating of China and the United States exchanged places over the last six years. Today, China is the leading trading partner of 127 countries (for comparison: the United States is the main partner of 76 countries). China is ahead of the United States in the markets of their strong allies, such as Australia and South Korea. Where the US is retreating, China is pushing hard. Therefore, the trained Rumians in the near future can go to the Middle Kingdom.

It is not a secret that in geopolitics the United States is also rapidly losing credibility. If after the Cold War, Washington’s authority was almost unchallenged, in the past decade, against the background of failures in the Middle East, tightening “democratic” nuts in our own country suffering from recession, unemployment, and rising government debt (more than 16 trillion dollars), The White House began to shrink.

At the same time, Washington is not going to abandon its former strategy of total domination. It is the military aspect of strengthening China’s global position, считает N. Nikandrov, prompts the Pentagon to create "deeply echeloned" structures of the RUMO in the territory of this country and in the APR states:

“It should be noted that the mockery of American experts over the secondary nature (“ bad copies of the originals ”) of Chinese weapons is becoming less and less common. The Chinese test of an anti-satellite missile in 2007 was a shocking surprise for the Pentagon. In the analytical reports of the RUMO on this issue, it was reasonably noted: China in the event of a conflict with the United States will be able to disable the satellite tracking and communication system. The Pentagon does not doubt the “authorship” of hacker intrusions into the computer databases of US government and financial institutions, objects of the military-industrial complex, etc. The conclusions are alarming: China is working on methods of waging electronic warfare. After successfully testing the latest Dongfeng-41 intercontinental ballistic missile capable of hitting objects in the US, Washington’s concern about the “unpredictable plans” of the Middle Kingdom has become particularly noticeable. ”

The RUMO also does not like the fact that in recent years Sino-Latin American cooperation has been actively strengthening - precisely along the military-technical line. Arms supplies from China to the named region are growing. We are talking about planes, landing ships, tanks, artillery mounts and billions of dollars. Therefore, destabilization of the PRC is extremely important for the United States. And who should be entrusted with destabilization, if not spies who have completed special courses of the CIA and "practice" in the already destabilized regions?

As for Iran, another goal of the updated DIA, Washington, along with Tel Aviv, is still worried that Tehran is not engaged in a peaceful atom, but in the implementation of a program to build and produce nuclear weapons. However, Frank Kearney, a retired US Army lieutenant-general, recently said in a speech that the war with Iran would do little. In his opinion, even a tactical strike against the nuclear facilities of the Islamic Republic will not be useful: such a measure will temporarily suspend Iran’s activities in the field of nuclear research, and nothing more. The strike will not destroy the country's nuclear forces: after all, it is unthinkable to try to destroy intellectual reserves with tactical measures. An attack on Iran will only weaken the existing regime. And one more thing: research in the field of nuclear technology may be discarded a few years ago, but in return, the Iranians will receive an incentive to complete the development of nuclear weapons, and then even test them ... on the US. To this we can add the following: if the Iranians have not developed nuclear weapons so far, then after the tactical strikes of the Americans or Israelis, they will certainly develop them. This topic - against the background of protests against all American - will become extremely popular in the country. If we add here frequent appearances against the USA in the Muslim countries of the Middle East and North Africa, then pieces of the geopolitical mosaic will obviously not be in favor of the “Big Brother”.

That is why Iran is planning to take on the forces of RUMO, whose task is to sow the seeds of destabilization openly and covertly, through military representatives, through spies and the people recruited by them. And the final result (since RUMO tasks are still performed by the military) may be a war with the seizure of territories or “carpet bombing” - but already a war with a weakened state, undermined by internal sabotage and terrorist attacks. Here you need to see the true "international" goals of the reformed RUMO.

And about these global goals, it seems, in the last days, some suspicious American senators have got wind of it. In the Senate, there has been a movement to block the Pentagon’s plan to fund hundreds of additional foreign spies. Today, the plan has the status of "temporarily blocked."

December 11 Greg Miller ("Washington Post") рассказалthat, firstly, the senators talked about big problems with the new expenses that will inevitably arise when funding the secret acts of additional spies abroad. Secondly, senators believe that RUMO spies are constantly haunted by failure. And all the intelligence of the Ministry of Defense regularly go to the cat's tail.

The Pentagon, severely criticized for unsuccessful espionage activities, is offered

“Demonstrate that he can improve the intellectual management of espionage before embarking on further expansion.”

Probably, the Senate, which expresses deep skepticism about the implementation of the Pentagon’s stated plan, will soon completely block the expansion of the staffing schedule of RUMO. As a result, the number of intelligence officers will remain at the same level as last year. Now the Pentagon has requested an “independent assessment of the costs” of new spy services, as well as a plan for where and when the newly recruited spies will work for the good of democracy.

The Senate’s submission contains a rather long list of problems that exist with the existing Pentagon’s intelligence services, including reports that previously trained personnel were “unproductive” by completing missions abroad.

In simple terms, Mr. Senators not only doubted the high intelligence of the Pentagon workers, but also made it clear that the military department was artificially inflating the states, without being prepared to report on what the newly spies would do.

The senate’s submission also states that the committee on the armed forces instructs the Ministry of Defense to cancel any agreements previously reached with other agencies, including the CIA, which were supposed to have been involved in the creation of a new covert service.

Moreover, the Senate expressed the opinion that the Pentagon

“It is necessary to do business by reducing costs, rather than leaving them at the same level or allowing them to increase”.

Independent reviewer Max Booth (“Commentary”), also skeptical about RUMO, believes that

"We already have enough intelligence officers, and we must focus on improving their quality."

The US Department of Defense has a lot of problems with “human intelligence”. Here are special equipment, technology - there is, and human intelligence - no. Max Boot is critical even of the ability of the agents of RUMO and other spies to influence the Arab Spring.

The author of the note recommends that RUMO undertake a completely different reform: cut off a thick layer of bureaucracy in the department, change the bosses and hire talented and intelligent people to join the ranks of intelligence, first of all those who are familiar with foreign cultures and know languages. In the meantime, it is obvious that RUMO only intends to expand the existing bureaucracy, and this, the journalist notes, is unacceptable.

Thus, in the Senate and the press, they remembered what had not been talked about in America before. Earlier, Washington taught the whole planet to the rational mind, but now, it’s time to realize the correctness of the Russian proverb - the one that Anton Pavlovich Chekhov liked to repeat: the smart likes to learn, and the fool - to teach. While the ever-drunk and stunned American spies were flooded with operations in Afghanistan and were looking for biological weapons in Iraq, Russia has ceased to reckon with the will of the White House, and China has increased in economic and military terms so that it will not frighten you with the latest strategy. Especially this, in which the most important component is completely missing: intellect.

Observed and translated by Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. WW3
    WW3 12 December 2012 08: 29
    However, the Pentagon’s latest solution has some internal logic.
    America will save.

    1. MG42
      MG42 12 December 2012 10: 27
      Having blown up the Pentagon of the USA can save a lot of money! Nobody still believes, except for the amers themselves, that the Boeing flew into the Pentagon, so they already have experience.
  2. Apollo
    Apollo 12 December 2012 08: 53
    Thank you Oleg, a very good article, I hope the special authorities of Russia will take (rather have already taken) the changes taking place in the US intelligence agencies. and draw the appropriate conclusions.
    1. Joker
      Joker 12 December 2012 14: 42
      And there is no one to take a note, the FSB hunts incomprehensibly for whom and catches officers of the GRU and the Airborne Forces for invented reasons, and the GRU reduces and reduces everything, so there is no one to oppose.
  3. omsbon
    omsbon 12 December 2012 09: 57
    Article +. Thank you Oleg!
    It really worries how quickly and in what volume our GRU will recover after the reforms of the traitor-stool
    I hope that quickly and in full.
  4. kotdavin4i
    kotdavin4i 12 December 2012 10: 13
    By the number of spies, RUMO will never reach China. There, every person living abroad merges all the information available to him at home. In terms of the quality of applicants, they are again far from the CIA and the FBI, and the NSA, as these offices grab smart graduates faster and have a higher status than military intelligence. There is still a senate dissatisfied with the inability to control the RUMO, an attempt may be a good BUT as the senators said: First, prove that you know how to work and then expand the states.
  5. 8 company
    8 company 12 December 2012 12: 35
    "While forever drunk and stoned American spies flooded operations in Afghanistan and looked for biological weapons in Iraq."

    Another contemptuous hatred, well, well. Unlike Russia, the United States does not reduce its military intelligence.
    1. datur
      datur 12 December 2012 13: 56
      8 company RUSSIA lives and will live, independent of the activities of these freaks !! and you this news as a balm for wounds? wink
      1. 8 company
        8 company 12 December 2012 15: 20
        Quote: datur
        and you this news as a balm for wounds?

        And you, I see, the destruction of the GRU Taburetkin as a balm for wounds? You are our patriotic.
  6. Kaa
    Kaa 12 December 2012 12: 36
    Here are the first results of the introduction of the law on NGOs. Previously, to one real employee of the intelligence community, the local crowd made an appointment with a crowd for grants, and he also turned up his nose, choosing which infa is of better quality, which "agent of influence" would be cooler ... Now - come to work "in the field" with everyone the ensuing consequences. And then for more than 20 years they thought they were in a fairy tale. Let them restore the long-lost skills of obtaining, developing, providing, escorting, covering ... belay
  7. IRBIS
    IRBIS 12 December 2012 15: 10
    It is hoped that the events described in this article will show our leaders the need to strengthen their own services. Yes, and Sailor's silence needs to be repaired, cameras must be prepared - the people should be increased three times ...
  8. Kibl
    Kibl 12 December 2012 15: 57
    yes let them get more idiots, fan the bureaucratic apparatus, it’s better for us! if there are no sensible field agents, then this intelligence is doomed, you won’t get intelligence with staples and staplers, you’ll tweet it! bully
      OSTAP BENDER 12 December 2012 20: 16
      Serdyuk with Medvedev to help them! These morons have a good reform experience!