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"Although I was a fireman Gabriel,
Gavrila gave the film to shoot. "
("The Golden Calf". Gavriliada)

I read one article about the army. In essence, this article is about our Serdyukov, and his reforms in the army.
So this article mentions the record of the US Secretary of Defense, and the track record of our ... Marshal "The Stool"
Impressive however.
Then I decided to see the service records of the ministers of defense of Germany, France and England.
Here's what I got

Gates, Robert Michael
(US Secretary of Defense)

1966 - worked at the CIA, began serving as an expert analyst. He worked as a member of the headquarters of the Special Assistant Director of the CIA for Strategic Arms Reduction and as one of two assistants to a national intelligence officer on strategic programs.
1974 — 1979 — served on the National Security Council (SNB).
1979 - returned to the CIA, was appointed a national intelligence officer for the Soviet Union (that is, the chief expert of the CIA in this area with the rank of a member of the National Intelligence Council).
1981 - Gates became the head of the executive headquarters under the director of the CIA.
1982 is the deputy director of the CIA for Intelligence.
1983, simultaneously, chairman of the National Intelligence Council.
1986 - 1989. First Deputy Director of the CIA During Casey's illness, in December 1986 - May 1987 performed the duties of the Director of the CIA.
1989 - Deputy Assistant to the President for National Security.
1989 is Assistant to President George W. Bush and Deputy Presidential Advisor on National Security Brent Scowcroft.
In 1991 — 1993 is the director of the CIA.
1993, after being elected Democrat Bill Clinton as president, left the civil service. Lectured at a number of American universities - Harvard, Yale, John Hopkins, Vanderbilt, Georgetown, Indiana, Louisiana, Oklahoma,
1999-2001 Acting Dean of the George W. Bush School of Administration and Public Administration at A&M University in Texas.
2004 - together with Zbignev Brzezinski prepared a report in which he spoke in favor of a “soft” course towards Iran.
2005 - refused the offer to take the post of director of national intelligence of the USA - coordinator of the activities of American special services (according to experts, this post is associated with great responsibility in the absence of real power).
8 November 2006 - Bush nominated Gates as US Secretary of Defense. In December, Gates's candidacy was approved by the US Congress, and he began to lead the Pentagon.
Robert Michael Gates became the second Russian specialist and the second former presidential aide on national security in the US government (along with Condoleezza Rice).
December 1 2008 - Newly elected US President Barack Obama announced his decision to keep Gates as secretary of defense in the new administration.

Professional affiliation - personnel intelligence officer, politician.

Bob ainsworth
(UK Secretary of Defense)

British politician, Secretary of Defense of the United Kingdom since June 5 2009.
He worked at a car factory Jaguar.
Participated in the trade union movement.
For some time he was associated with the Trotskyist organization of the International Marxist Group.
1984 - was elected to Coventry City Council.
1992 - was elected to the House of Commons from Labor, and since then has been constantly re-elected. After the Labor Party came to power
1997 - worked in the ministries of ecology, finance, internal affairs and defense.
2005 - became a member of the Privy Council.
29 June 2007 - the year was appointed Minister for the Armed Forces (Minister of State for the Armed Forces) - the second most important post in the Department of Defense of the United Kingdom, subordinate to the Secretary of Defense (Secretary of State for Defense).
5 June 2009 - Ainsworth replaced the retired John Hutton as Minister of Defense of Great Britain. When Ainsworth in the UK began construction of aircraft carriers of a new generation.

Professional affiliation - a politician, a specialist in the affairs of the armed forces.

Karl-Theodore zu Guttenberg
(German Defense Minister)

Guttenberg's political career began with the entry into the youth organization of the CSU Bavaria.
2002 - Guttenberg became a member of the Bundestag from his party - the CSU. He was chosen not by party lists, but by direct vote from Kulmbach district [2]. 2005 to November
December 8 2007 - Guttenberg was elected Chairman of the CSU office in Upper Franconia. Guttenberg becomes a member of the Presidium of the CSU and works in a group responsible for foreign and security policy.
3 November 2008 of the year - was chosen as the general secretary of the CSU [4].
2008 - Guttenberg was in the leadership of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the CDU / CSU faction in the Bundestag, as well as the official representative of the faction on disarmament, non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and arms control.
After the resignation of the elderly Minister of Economy Michael Gloss [5], who decided to leave his post at the height of the global financial crisis, 10 February 2009, 37-year-old Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg took his place, thus becoming the youngest Minister stories countries [6].
The struggle for salvation from bankruptcy of German auto giant Opel (which ended uncertainly), concern Arcandor AG (in June 2009 company declared bankruptcy) and Hypo Real Estate (saved and nationalized) became serious tests during his tenure as Minister of Economy.
In the elections to the Bundestag, which took place on 27 on September 2009, Guttenberg received 68,1% of votes in his constituency - Kulmbach.
From October 28 2009, Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg becomes German Defense Minister.

Professional affiliation - a politician, a specialist in disarmament and security.

Herve Moran
(Minister of Defense of France)

French politician, Minister of Defense of the French Republic since 18 May 2007, the leader of the European Social Liberal Party.
Hervé Morin was a member of the French National Assembly and the leader of the Union faction for French democracy. However, he disagreed with Francois Bayrou on the issue of cooperation with the socialists. Unlike Francois Bayrou, who created the Democratic Movement and considers it possible to cooperate with the socialist party, Herve Moran strongly opposes this. He and his like-minded people from the Union for French Democracy created the European Social Liberal Party to cooperate with Nicolas Sarkozy.
He played for the return of France to the military structures of NATO. (Interview with Herve Morin
Herve Morin is an active supporter of international issues with the participation of Russia. So he believes that the entry of Georgia and Ukraine into NATO is impossible without consultation with Russia. Thanks largely to his opinion, France does not support the Eastern Partnership program, aimed at cooperation with the post-Soviet republics without the participation of Russia. [1]
Professional affiliation is a politician.

Serdyukov Anatoly Eduardovich
(Minister of Defense of Russia)

In 1984 — 1985 he served in the Soviet Army of the Armed Forces of the USSR. He graduated from officer courses and was dismissed as a reserve officer. [1]
From 1985 to 1991, he worked as Deputy Head of Section, and later Head of Section of Shop No. 3 of Lenmebeltorg (Leningrad). [1] In 1991-1993, he served as Deputy Director for Commercial Work of Lenmebeltorg.
From 1993, he worked at Mebel-Market JSC St. Petersburg - Deputy (1993), Marketing Director (1993 — 1995), General Director (1995 — 2000)
[edit] Service in MNF
From 2000 to 2001, he was the deputy head of the Interdistrict Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service of Russia No. 1 in St. Petersburg (specialized in working with the largest taxpayers in St. Petersburg). In May, 2001 was appointed Deputy Head of the Directorate of the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection of Russia for St. Petersburg, and in November 2001 of the year - Head of the Directorate of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties of Russia for St. Petersburg.
Since February, 2004 of the year - Head of the Department of the Ministry of Taxation of Russia for Moscow. [3]
2 March 2004, he was appointed Deputy Minister of Taxation of the Russian Federation. Through 2 week, 16 March, 2004, became and. about. Minister of the Russian Federation for Taxes and Duties.
By order of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 27 July 2004, the number 999 was appointed the head of the Federal Tax Service of Russia.
From February 15 2007 - Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Professional affiliation - merchant, manager.

Until Serdyukov, the Minister of Defense was Sergei Ivanov. Here is his file:

In 1974, he was sent to study English at Ealing Technical College (United Kingdom)
In 1975, he joined the KGB of the USSR.
In 1976 — 1977 — an employee of the 1 (personnel) department of the KGB Directorate for Leningrad and the Leningrad Region, where he worked in the same department along with the future President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin.
In 1981 — 1983, according to some reports, he worked as second secretary at the Soviet embassy in London, after which he was expelled on charges of espionage (the British Foreign Ministry denies this).
He worked until 1985 in residency in Finland and then in Kenya
In 1991 — 1998 continued to work in the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service. Service in intelligence ended the first deputy director of the European department of the SVR of Russia
Since August, 1998 has been appointed Deputy Director of the FSB - Head of the Analysis, Forecast and Strategic Planning Department (the FSB was headed at that time by Vladimir Putin)
From November 15 1999 - Secretary of the Russian Security Council.
From 15 in November, 1999 was a permanent member of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, he continued to hold this post when he was appointed Minister and First Deputy Prime Minister and held this post until 25 in May 2008, when forming the new Security Council, President of the Russian Federation D. A. Medvedev did not include him in the new composition of the Security Council.
From 9 November 2000 of the year fired from active military service to the reserve
March 28 2001 appointed Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation
Professional affiliation - a professional intelligence officer ..

************************************************** ******

Draw your own conclusions.

But if after Serdyukov Ksenia Sobchak becomes our defense minister, then I would not be surprised at anything. And what? ... Fighting girl. Can try.
And then ... I do not know why a professional intelligence officer was replaced by a bargaining clerk, but with such a secretary of defense I will not have a sense of security in the event of a large-scale war against Russia.
No, I do not want to say anything about Serdyukov. I do not know him. Maybe as a manager, he is even very personal. But why !!! ????? .... After all, commerce and the Armed Forces are diametrically opposed concepts.
Well, now Vekselberg set to build a "City of the Future" (no one knows what it is). Well, here it is clear - construction and commerce are always there (I want to swear, but I will refrain). But at the head of the Army, put a person who thinks in terms of buy and sell .... It does not go into any gate.
Well, even assuming the impossible, that Serdyukov is an honest man. But he was a tailor all his life, and here he needed a shoemaker. How does he, without knowledge and experience, make decisions on reforming the Army?! ... Who is his adviser? ... Or maybe Serdyukov - a screen? ... Funk! ... Yes, I understand that the General Headquarters takes the combat decisions. But after all, the General Staff is forming the same - Serdyukov. ... Baluyevsky, he has come from the Ministry of Defense.
Well, now put me in order to restore order in the space industry. But this is nonsense. No matter how I was the organizer of filming, I DEFINITION would not be a good organizer in the space industry.

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