Sergei Shoigu demands to develop military education

Sergei Shoigu continues to be actively mastered in the chair of the Minister of Defense. And the longer time passes since its appointment, the more positive news comes from the main military department. More recently, Russia has in fact become accustomed to the fact that military reform should take place only as a complex operation without any anesthesia, and if anesthesia is given, it is only to conceal the scale of the “operational flaws”. And after the reformed patient in the person of the entire Russian army came after the termination of the narcosis in himself, he often found scars on his body, indicating that the next surgical intervention had taken place. And if this intervention was associated with the removal of appendicitis or with the removal of an important organ, the question remained open. Unfortunately, the removal of vital organs took place, and therefore, the further the reform went, the worse the patient felt.

But Sergei Shoigu once again shows that military reform can also proceed without serious consequences. And not only painlessly, but also with an obvious focus on efficiency. After all, before this, the Russians could not understand why an increase in the combat capability of the army required reducing to the limit the number of military universities and dismissing experienced military teachers. The previous heads of the military department could not explain it either, who only allowed themselves some unintelligible mumbling that everything was going according to plan, they said, this was necessary, and who are you to ask your stupid questions. We have, they say, military reform is gaining momentum, and no one has yet canceled military secrecy ...

And now, when the new head of the Ministry of Defense looked into the depths of this military secret, he apparently realized that the reforming algorithms were far from always connected with common sense.
One of the segments of military reform, which Sergey Shoigu drew attention to, was military education. The minister said that in the course of the reform, the well-reasoned state order for the training of military specialists in the relevant higher educational institutions of the country was not yet determined. Shoigu laments the fact that military education in Russia, despite all the talk about modernizing the army itself, clearly does not respond to requests from the state. Many military universities still use training programs and standards that were used even 20-25 years ago (this is still the best). The minister stressed that the future of the Russian army itself depends on the quality of training officers, their knowledge and skills.

At the same time, Sergei Shoigu allowed himself a very harsh remark about the ongoing reform in the field of military education: “the ongoing reform of military education formed a negative public opinion about the Ministry of Defense as a whole”.

And with these words it is difficult to argue. Indeed, when it comes with enviable regularity that it is reported that another military university has been disbanded in a certain region, which allegedly ceased to be effective and in demand for the army, you involuntarily catch yourself thinking that the whole reform is not aimed at improving the quality of the country's defense , and on the release of funds, persistently referred to as optimization.

In this regard, the words of Sergei Shoigu, who sets himself and the Ministry headed by him the tasks of developing the military education system in Russia, are like a balm for the soul. The main thing is that this balm does not clouded the head, and contributed to the real embodiment of ideas in life.

Shoigu instructs all military authorities, for which, in essence, officers are trained, by the beginning of April 2013, to develop a list of qualification requirements for vocational training of graduates of military universities.
And by January of next year, the Russian President should be presented proposals on changing the composition of the network of military universities, as well as a draft regulatory framework on the creation of independent military universities. Examples: Chelyabinsk Higher Military School of Navigators, Military Academy of Military Air Defense, etc.

The minister is focusing on the fact that new military equipment began to arrive in the army, which Russian military personnel must skillfully exploit. And in order for such skills to appear, it is necessary to carefully study the educational standards that are used in the remaining military higher educational institutions today, and to make a competent and thoughtful adjustment.

I would like to hope that those persons to whom Sergei Shoigu gives such instructions will understand his concern correctly. After all, it often happens with us that even the most positive aspirations in some inexplicable way distort beyond recognition. The minister said “to make adjustments” - they can lead such that didactic innovations come to light, the realization of which can lead to depressing consequences. If, even in the field of military education, the level of efficiency of higher education institutions is measured by the same patterns as in the civilian sphere, namely the number of foreign students (cadets) and the area of ​​space for a single student, then the quality of training of graduates is unlikely to seriously improve.

Obviously, the military education system in the first place needs to be modernized. After all, if we carry out measures for the rearmament of army units, but at the same time in military high schools only use the textbooks of the Cold War era, we should not expect well-trained young officers to appear in the army.

Frankly, I want to say that the modernization of military education was going along with the development of military science, which today is also far from being in a festive condition. And if in the course of reform in the military education environment traditional teaching methods are used along with methodological innovations based on the use of updated material and technical base, then the result will not take long.
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  1. +4
    11 December 2012 08: 42
    it is necessary to change the system of military education, it is necessary for new equipment to enter the institutes, then competent specialists will come to the troops! and remove non-core subjects from training programs!
    1. Footmansur86
      11 December 2012 09: 57
      I studied at the NVVKU (VI) in Novosibirsk, the material and technical base was, although it was killed, the main problem was in electronics or batteries for it, and in technology everything was fine, except that having a modern complex equipped for studying BMP-3 and BRM -2 We did not use the "Lynx", but studied on the BMP-1,2 and BRM-1k "Korshun".
      But at the moment, NVVKU is a branch of some kind of Moscow Academy, instead of the general position, the school is headed by a colonel and money does not go directly to the institute, but through the main university, so draw conclusions, thanks to Serdyukov, he ruined a military education.
    2. +5
      11 December 2012 11: 49
      Not just a new technology, but also a foreign technology, so that they knew it through the live, not by the pictures. Moreover, so that the domestic corresponded, or even surpassed. Although I probably rolled lip ...
  2. Brother Sarych
    11 December 2012 08: 59
    Still, the author Volodin amuses me a lot - is it hard to hesitate in accordance with the line of the party, especially when the party has long been gone?
    So Shoigu came and how did the sun from behind the clouds - illuminate everything at once, correct it all at once? Oh well...
  3. +9
    11 December 2012 09: 11
    Comparing the actions of Mr. Shoigu and Serdyukov, one gets the impression that American intelligence has succeeded in its work. Serdyukov reminds me of Gorbachev to break, destroy and destroy, being in prostration! Nothing creative.
    1. 0
      11 December 2012 09: 54
      Quote: Apollon
      Comparing the actions of Mr. Shoigu and Serdyukov, one gets the impression that American intelligence has succeeded in its work. Serdyukov reminds me of Gorbachev to break, destroy and destroy, being in prostration! Nothing creative.

      After Gorbachev there was Yeltsin, did you prepare Shoigu for the role of Bori? Maybe, maybe ......
      1. DmitriRazumov
        11 December 2012 11: 23
        I agree. Shoigu is a dark horse. So far, he has not shown himself at the state level, except for good relations with the rulers. And the amusing department of the Ministry of Emergencies, created especially for him, generally requires special consideration. No less money is laundered through this structure ... EMERCOM for 20 years of its existence has not solved a single problem, which. set before him. What is one System 112 worth?
        1. +1
          11 December 2012 13: 03
          Moreover, how many fire brigades were destroyed - the entire outback is exposed, and those that remained have the equipment given by the Soviet authorities ...
  4. +2
    11 December 2012 09: 22
    Another successful step Shoigu!
    To date, many such steps must be taken in raising the country's defense capability!
  5. +2
    11 December 2012 10: 10
    Well done, Shoigu! The main thing is not to be distracted by all sorts of "newfangled" trends like the Bologna system, which the authors also recognized as ineffective, but we still grab it .. Canceled it? - GREAT! But the provision of military universities really needs to be revised. And to throw kerosene to the pilots, and the fact that it turns out - pilots who have never flown until the last course !!!!
  6. Vasily79
    11 December 2012 10: 25
    Everyone says Shoigu is cool I do not argue, I also like it, but I want to trace what he really does step by step, it is interesting that no one keeps statistics on his orders. Request to a respected author Alexei Volodin summarize the month of the captain on a sinking boat, Thank you.
  7. Rezun
    11 December 2012 10: 26
    We will make them AUTOGEN, THROUGH ...
  8. +6
    11 December 2012 11: 00
    Hopefully, those people whom Sergei Shoigu gives such instructions will understand his concern correctly. After all, it often happens that even the most positive aspirations in some incomprehensible way pervert beyond recognition.

    There is no need to understand the concern here. The ARMY SYSTEM of command and task setting, which was completely absent in Serdyukov’s new face, should return. Determine the goals, forces and means to set clear tasks for the performers and control the progress of their implementation in stages. This is the main thing that needs to be returned in the first place. everything else is details.
    1. 0
      11 December 2012 21: 40
      Ascetic completely agrees with your post about the army system. But, I would like the concept of responsibility to return to this system, I emphasize personal responsibility, the one who sets these goals and objectives or voices. Recently, the desire to lead and command exceeds the ability to do this for many commanders and leaders. And if personal responsibility (criminal, administrative, or public censure) is paramount angry ) then perhaps those who want to steer or careerists
      there would be less and sensible commanders would have more chances to take a niche of leaders a higher rank. I do not like the subjunctive mood but in a different way.
  9. +3
    11 December 2012 11: 30
    Sergei Shoigu allowed himself a rather harsh remark about the ongoing reform in the field of military education: "the ongoing reform of military education has formed a negative public opinion about the Ministry of Defense as a whole."

    Come on, Sergey Kozhugetovich, come on dear! Maybe you’ll slowly restore the army! Good luck to you!
  10. 0
    11 December 2012 13: 24
    Guys .... well, let's dance from the stove .... education -------- right, but with what reference point ??. remember the story ... how our grandfathers overthrew the nomads ..... remember the beginning .... 300 years at least ... we paid for our wives and children not to be touched ..... remember Prince Dmitry ... when he came for a blessing at the battle of Sergei of Radonezh ... and how Sergei reassured ... and blessed the entire Russian people for victory ... remember those two monks (monks) --- Peresvet and Oslyabya ... ..who pierced the previously invincible Chelubey ... the warlock and the magician (greetings from me personally - white and black magic ... and don't try too much in vain our cross on our body) ..... our Russian stronghold in our Orthodox faith ..... remember the events of 1941 ... November the enemy is near the capital .... hopes for no one, only God ... Stalin understood who to turn to at the last hour ... to the people of God .. ... to the Orthodox ... to the icon of the Mother of God ... and after that the enemy did not pass ... glory to our people --- they laid down bones but did not let the Aryans go for Moscow ... and there were not only Russians who met German tanks with their breasts ..... remember the story of BEKA " "Volokoglamskoe shosse" ..... our Kazakh brother, how he competently beat the Fritzes .... how he took care of his soldiers .... I bow my head and honor the holy memory of the commander .... sorry, I was distracted ----- so this is the basis of our being is Orthodoxy ... and you have to dance from this stove ... with respect ... brothers ... let's talk ...
  11. 0
    11 December 2012 14: 20
    Again jubilant phrases and glorifications of Shoigu ... He hasn’t done anything yet, but only his words already cause concern. Firstly, comrade Serdyukov said something similar in his time, and secondly, the words that UNIVERSITIES use training programs and standards, which were used as early as 20-25 years ago somehow suggest that it is either not on the topic at all, or wants to confuse the layman in order to screw up something again ....
  12. 0
    11 December 2012 17: 30
    Breaking - not building. How thoughtfully and sensibly they created the SYSTEM of military education in the USSR1 For example: new planes have not yet arrived in the army, but pilots, navigators, technicians, engineers are trained in advance, so that there are already military personnel for re-equipment of units. Even during the Second World War, starting in mid-1942, all students of the academies sent to the front were returned to complete the full course. A new higher education institution is being created - at first they build housing for teachers.
    Now the teachers have been successfully dispersed, the educational material base has been purposefully destroyed, no one - neither specialists nor young people will now believe in the stability and prospects of this good, but belated undertaking of the next minister.

    In the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation, Shoigu succeeded in making his academy and school out of unnecessary army of higher educational institutions. But
    MILITARY EDUCATION SYSTEM destroyed. The current country is not able to create it - neither materially nor morally. Late to drink Borjomi ...
    1. 0
      11 December 2012 18: 47
      Please in more detail about how Shoigu created his academy and school from unnecessary army of higher educational institutions ???))))
      1. stranik72
        11 December 2012 22: 00
        An institute was created on the basis of the Voronezh Fire School, an academy in Moscow was created on the basis of the training center of the USSR Civil Defense. As for military universities, the comrade made a reservation, they were not used to create universities of the Ministry of Emergencies.
        1. 0
          12 December 2012 00: 47
          The question was precisely about the unnecessary entry of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation .... and not about the fire-technical schools that had no relation to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation ....
  13. +1
    11 December 2012 19: 59
    I want to believe that there will be no more reductions in the army.
  14. kvodrato
    28 December 2012 15: 34
    Shoigu is a big man, and a real patriot !!!!

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