Supply or co-production. TPz Fuchs armored personnel carrier for Ukrainian formations

Supply or co-production. TPz Fuchs armored personnel carrier for Ukrainian formations
BTR TPz Fuchs base model

The German government supports the Kiev regime on a permanent basis and regularly transfers various weapons and equipment to it. So, recently the discussion of the issue of the supply of TPz Fuchs wheeled armored personnel carriers, from the presence of the Bundeswehr or a new assembly, began again. In addition, there was a proposal to create an assembly line on Ukrainian territory for the production of such equipment.

Development of cooperation

The first reports of the possible dispatch to Ukraine of Fuchs armored personnel carriers, decommissioned by the German army, appeared last year. Then this topic was not developed and did not advance beyond rumors and the most general discussions. At the same time, the German leadership nevertheless decided to provide the Kyiv regime with its armored vehicles, but of other types. However, recently they again remembered wheeled armored personnel carriers.

On May 13, the German company Rheinmetall and the Ukrainian state concern Ukroboronprom signed an agreement on strategic cooperation. According to the signed document, new sites for the production of weapons and military equipment will appear on Ukrainian territory in the near future. The German side, represented by Rheinmetall, will have to provide the necessary technologies, as well as ensure the supply of the required components and products.

It was alleged that the first production line will appear in Ukraine in the coming months. They were going to launch it by mid-July. So far, we are only talking about the maintenance and repair of automotive equipment that came from Germany. In the future, they plan to establish more complex processes, such as assembling equipment from foreign components.

Commercial plans

In early June, the official presentation of its new development took place at the site of Rheinmetall Landsysteme GmbH in Kassel. For the first time, specialists and the press were shown the upgraded wheeled armored personnel carrier TPz Fuchs Evolution. As part of the presentation, they revealed the main features of the project, and also demonstrated a prototype on the go, incl. showing brand new features.

Interesting statements were made during the presentation. Thus, Rheinmetall Landsysteme sales manager Marius Meiering recalled a recent cooperation agreement with Ukroboronprom. He also noted that Ukraine could become the first buyer of the Fuchs Evolution armored personnel carrier.

The Rheinmetall representative suggested that Ukraine could receive not only ready-made armored personnel carriers. The assembly of such equipment may begin at joint ventures created in accordance with a recent agreement. At the same time, the German side will have to supply almost all the necessary units.

It is not clear how M. Meiering's words should be taken. This may be a simple assessment of the prospects from a representative of a company interested in cooperation, or a hint of real plans. Probably, this issue will be clarified in the near future, against the backdrop of the promised launch of joint production.

large series

The Transportpanzer Fuchs armored personnel carrier was developed by order of the German army during the seventies. The project was created by Daimler-Benz, but serial production was entrusted to Rheinstahl Wehrtechnik. After further transformations, the production and development of the Fuchs armored personnel carrier was transferred to one of the divisions of Rheinmetall.

The starting contract for the production of TPz Fuchs for the Bundeswehr appeared in 1977, and in 1979 the customer received the first batch of equipment. Until 1986, inclusive of their own army, they delivered approx. 1 thousand armored vehicles in several modifications. In the early nineties, an additional order for only 45 units appeared.

Most of this technology is still in use today. Measures are taken to extend the service life and maintain the required characteristics. So, the plant in Kassel annually repairs and modernizes about a hundred Fuchs.

The TPz Fuchs armored personnel carrier has been repeatedly upgraded. Updates consisted in replacing various units to improve technical and operational characteristics. The largest modernization was developed in the middle of the 2s. The TPz Fuchs XNUMX project involved changing the protection, replacing the power plant, etc. For various reasons, the Bundeswehr did not purchase such equipment.

German wheeled armored personnel carriers are in some demand on the international market. Fuchs of both major modifications were supplied to 10 foreign countries. Algeria became the largest foreign customer. In the early 2s, he decided to purchase almost a thousand Fuchs-XNUMX machines, as well as a license to assemble them.

Experienced BTR Fuchs Evolution

The next customer, as well as an assembler of licensed equipment, may be Ukraine. However, so far we are talking only about the fundamental possibility that a new German-Ukrainian agreement may provide in the future. Whether it will be possible to fulfill all the announced plans, build factories and start production is a big question.

old design

TPz Fuchs is a wheeled armored personnel carrier designed to transport and provide fire support to motorized infantry. The appearance of this machine meets the tactical and technical requirements relevant at the time of its creation. In the future, this led to certain restrictions, which were fought through certain upgrades.

BTR "Fuchs" has a length of 7,4 m with a width of approx. 3 m and a height (on the roof) of 2,5 m. The combat weight already in the first modifications reached 23-23,5 tons. Later, despite all the improvements, the dimensions and weight of the structure only slightly grew.

The machine is built on the basis of a welded armored hull of a characteristic shape. Used single-layer armor protects against small arms bullets weapons and parts of fragments. Various overhead booking options have been proposed that improve ballistic and mine protection. The hull has a mid-engine layout with a forward control compartment and an aft troop compartment.

Driving a modernized armored personnel carrier using a video system

The first versions of the Fuchs were equipped with a Mercedes-Benz OM 402A V-8 diesel engine with a power of 320 hp. It was mated to a ZF automatic transmission. Torque was distributed to all wheels. The Fuchs 2 modernization project used a more powerful 456-horsepower MTU 6V 199 TE20 V6 engine and a corresponding transmission. In all cases, a six-wheel undercarriage with independent suspension of all wheels on vertical springs is used. In the stern there are propellers for moving through the water.

The forward control compartment of the machine is designed for two people. It has large-area glazing, covered by movable shields, and separate side doors. The landing force is located in the rear of the vehicle. The first versions of TPz Fuchs carried up to ten people; Fuchs 2 takes one less on board. Access to the compartment is provided by aft doors and hatches in the roof.

Depending on the modification and purpose, TPz Fuchs could carry machine guns and other weapons. The first modifications used open installations on the roof. In the future, they switched to other methods of mounting weapons. So, in the Fuchs 2 project, a full-fledged machine-gun combat module with remote control is offered.

Communication station KWS RMB based on "Fuchs"

The recently presented Fuchs Evolution modernization project provides for equipping the existing armored personnel carrier with a number of new devices. So, a set of video cameras was placed along the perimeter of the case with the issuance of a signal to virtual reality glasses. A remote control system has appeared that allows the driver to remain outside the car. It is likely that new features will be added in the future.

At the grade level

Rumors and assumptions about the possible delivery of German TPz Fuchs armored personnel carriers to Ukraine appeared a long time ago, but have not been confirmed. Recently, this topic has been discussed again, and now the possibility of joint production of armored vehicles at Ukrainian sites is already mentioned. However, the likelihood of such plans being implemented is low. The Ukrainian military industry has already suffered heavy losses, and it will not be allowed to restore its potential and competencies.

It should be noted that sending German wheeled armored personnel carriers to Ukraine also does not make sense. Regardless of the specific modification, Fuchs products have limited characteristics and combat capabilities. In this respect, they do not differ from the mass of other foreign samples that have been successfully affected and are affected by various means. In such a situation, even a set of remote controls and cameras on the case will not give any advantages. Imported armored personnel carriers risk becoming the next victims of forced demilitarization.
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  1. +11
    7 June 2023 04: 35
    the possibility of joint production of armored vehicles at Ukrainian sites is mentioned. However, the likelihood of such plans being implemented is low. The Ukrainian military industry has already suffered heavy losses, and it will not be allowed to restore its potential and competencies.

    What never ceases to amaze me in the author of this publication is the amazing fertility (two articles a day is necessary to be able to do) and inexhaustible optimism bordering on naivety.
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      7 June 2023 06: 11
      Quote: zyablik.olga
      What never ceases to amaze me in the author of this publication is the amazing fertility (two articles a day is necessary to be able to do) and inexhaustible optimism bordering on naivety.

      Such "fertility" has a very negative effect on the quality of the material, and reckless statements undermine the author's reputation. negative
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        7 June 2023 08: 57
        Oh, and Fuchs has already been thrown with hats ... when only these "pros" have time like Borshchev A.G. "And write articles and burn German armored vehicles."
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        8 June 2023 03: 43
        The reputation of this author is already everything and there is nothing further to undermine. Ryabov - and everyone immediately understood what was going to be discussed.
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      7 June 2023 10: 06
      I suppose "Ryabov Kirill" is a literary pseudonym for a group of people or any author who writes simple content to fill in pauses on VO between sensible articles. During social networks, it is easy to google and not find such a well-known expert in them.
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        7 June 2023 20: 21
        Dear doctor, I think exactly the same as you. hi
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    7 June 2023 05: 28
    Do we have communication stations (as I understand it, repeaters) on armored chassis?
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      7 June 2023 06: 07
      Quote: Ingvar 72
      Soviet times, R-145s were operated on the BTR-60 chassis.

      In Soviet times, R-145s were operated on the BTR-60 chassis. Now the troops have R-149 on the chassis of the BTR-80. But these are KShM, not repeaters. Radio relays on non-armored chassis.
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    7 June 2023 06: 15
    Fuchs products have limited characteristics and combat capabilities.

    Well, Ryabov! And to compare? For example, with the BTR-80.
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    7 June 2023 07: 34
    Who the hell knows ... But the panoramic window in front is a so-so solution, and even in conjunction with
    designed for transportation and fire support of motorized infantry

    Looks like a funny joke. And shields will not help much here, obviously a solution suitable for parades, and nothing more.
    It's like in Johnny Johnson's memoirs that he said that the fighter's cockpit is too cramped, to which he was told that after the first battle you will say that it is too healthy, it is easier to get into it
    1. -1
      7 June 2023 21: 55
      Fuchs is not made from aluminum alloy, like the BTR-80, but is made from German armored steel. This is a very successful, time-tested and battle-tested machine. In addition, it is not expensive and not complicated like modern MCIs.
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    7 June 2023 08: 32
    Interesting pictures. The product "Fuchs" has rubber designed for movement on paved roads
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    7 June 2023 16: 41
    Not fuchs, but fuchs. "Ch" in German is read as "x", but "chs" is read as "ks".
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      7 June 2023 21: 58
      It depends on what dialect of German you speak. Correctly between Fuchs and Fuchs, ks and xs to speak. It is as difficult for a Russian person as it is for a German to pronounce words ending in the letters I, a Russian will say Sanya, a German - Sanya.