Romanian leader Klaus Iohannis ruled out military support for Moldova in the event of the outbreak of hostilities on its territory

Romanian leader Klaus Iohannis ruled out military support for Moldova in the event of the outbreak of hostilities on its territory

Romania will not provide military support to Moldova in the event of a military conflict on its territory, said Romanian President Klaus Iohannis.

The Romanian leader was asked to answer the question whether Romania will be able to ensure the security of Moldova if it is involved in the conflict in Ukraine, to which Johanes answered in the negative. According to him, Moldova is not part of NATO, which means that Article 5 of the Alliance's Charter does not apply to it. Romania will not be able to send its troops, but it will provide other assistance, in particular, in the preparation of the Moldovan army. It is the same with the protection of the airspace, Chisinau will not receive any assistance from Bucharest.

Romania is a member of NATO, Moldova is a neutral country. Therefore, I do not see the possibility of military intervention in the alleged conflict, but we can help by training people, provide other assistance.

Yohanis said.

Currently, the Moldovan authorities, headed by Maia Sandu, are promoting the topic of an alleged military threat from Russia and increasing defense spending under it. The West is very happy about this and is implementing several programs on the territory of the country aimed at providing military assistance to the Moldovan army, supplying it with various obsolete weapons from the arsenals of European countries. At the same time, the West is trying to make a second Ukraine out of Moldova, opposing it to Russia.

In addition, it is not excluded that Ukraine will launch an attack on Transnistria, the territory of which Moldova considers its own. In Kyiv, a plan has long been prepared to invade and seize warehouses in Kolbasna, where hundreds of thousands of artillery ammunition are stored. So far, in Chisinau, Zelensky has been restrained.
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    1. +2
      1 June 2023 21: 08
      Moldovans can sleep peacefully. If Sandu doesn’t let them down under the monastery, or the Ukrainians don’t attack
      1. +11
        1 June 2023 21: 20
        Unfortunately, they can’t sleep peacefully, and the Romanian woman leads to the monastery, I repeat once again on May 9 showed that for the people of Moldova, Victory Day is a Holy Day, Moldovans were not afraid of fines or threats, relatives say that if at the beginning of the NWO the balance was 60 for Russia Matushka and 40 for ukroreich, now 90 for Mother Russia, the vast majority are waiting for Russia.
        1. +4
          1 June 2023 23: 40
          Only a Romanian president consistently drags the country to hell. The very first will fall down.
    2. +5
      1 June 2023 21: 08
      And who will ask this Romania whether to help Moldova or not, in cases of military conflict. They say Moldova is not a member of the NATO circle. And what, Ukraine is perhaps a member of the NATO circle, but America ordered Romania, and Romania put both weapons and military logistics into Ukraine. It is not necessary to be a member of a circle. Enough to be a cock circle...
      1. +4
        1 June 2023 21: 10
        north 2 .... Enough to be a cock circle ...

        M. Sandu is perfect for this role.
        1. +8
          1 June 2023 21: 42
          Saya Mandu. Probably more correct
        2. +2
          1 June 2023 22: 05
          SandA rushed over the bumps!
          Oh, I'm afraid this jump will shake poor Moldova to the last screw. And the billions of the European Union will not be saved.
        3. The comment was deleted.
      2. +2
        1 June 2023 22: 53
        It's just that NATO's "brains" that were hit by a Russian missile that visited the building of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine were taken out by air ambulance flights through Romania! The result of the rocket’s work made a depressing impression on the Romanian Johannes. And he realized what could happen to Romania and to him if he had an itching desire to get into a fight with Russia! And by the way, there was a case - in World War II, Romania fought for Hitler, but when she saw that Hitler was coming "kirdyk" she quickly switched sides! And the Romanian king received the Order of Victory from Stalin! Maybe Johannes was good at history at school...
        1. 0
          1 June 2023 23: 42
          Rather, it is natural plays. If necessary, he quickly changes clothes.
        2. 0
          2 June 2023 00: 23
          Quote: Vicontas
          Maybe Johannes was good at history at school...

          He studied according to the correct textbooks. Yes
    3. +2
      1 June 2023 21: 14
      Dear editors,

      wäre es nicht langsam auch mal der Mühe wert, euer
      geneigtes Publikum wissen zu lassen, welche Recherchen
      DIESE online-Zeitung betrieben hat um zu erfahren wie der
      "Plan B" (oder sollte ich sagen Plan A ?!?)
      Russland seiner Enklave samt den dort stationierten russischen
      Soldaten und Menschen in Transnistrien zur Hilfe eilen wird, wenn die
      Gangster aus der EU und den USA IHRE schon lange vorbereiteten
      Plane Moldavien und auch Rumänien in diesen Konflikt mit der
      Ukraine ebenfalls hineinzuziehen umsetzen werden...?!?

      Die Gefahr ist mehr als offensichtlich und die USA lassen auch hier keine
      Gelegenheit aus, einen weiteren Kriegs-Schauplatz zu inszenieren...!!!
    4. +6
      1 June 2023 21: 22
      After Sandu's words that, if necessary, the Armed Forces of Ukraine could use the territory of Moldova to deal with warehouses and personnel in Transnistria, the gypsies apparently became a little timid.
      1. +3
        1 June 2023 21: 42
        Firstly, is it a fake, secondly, are Moldovans not gypsies, or are you intentionally insulting?
    5. +2
      1 June 2023 21: 27
      Oh how... Quite an unexpected statement. Personally, I didn't expect this... what
    6. +1
      1 June 2023 21: 42
      Of course, Moldova will be thrown to the slaughter, as well as the population of Ukraine. And no one will help them
    7. +1
      1 June 2023 21: 44
      Who would doubt: if there is a bigger hyena in Europe than Poland, then this is Romania.
    8. +3
      1 June 2023 21: 56
      Quote: Soviet Moldovan
      Firstly, is it a fake, secondly, are Moldovans not gypsies, or are you intentionally insulting?

      Might be fake. I don't vouch for one hundred percent. But many sources picked up. And the news of Tiraspol as well. But why did the Romanians recoil so much? So there was something to grab on to.
      Third, read carefully. Yes, intentionally, Romanians.
      1. +4
        1 June 2023 22: 00
        Read more carefully, my inattention hi
    9. +2
      1 June 2023 21: 58
      Romanian leader Klaus Iohannis ruled out military support for Moldova in the event of the outbreak of hostilities on its territory
      . BABY! He clearly explained that "a goat does not need such a button accordion and naf"!
    10. +4
      1 June 2023 22: 18
      Quote: Soviet Moldovan
      Read more carefully, my inattention hi

      Happens. To be honest, I myself sometimes sin.
    11. -2
      1 June 2023 22: 22
      There are two fools left in Europe - Ukraine and Moldova.
      1. NSV
        2 June 2023 03: 15
        Well, the liver chancellor!) Their leader and leader!
    12. +1
      2 June 2023 00: 21
      Now I know two normal Romanians - President Iohannis and Senator Shoshoake. )))
      1. +1
        2 June 2023 01: 37
        So Yohannis is German)) so minus one)
        1. +1
          2 June 2023 02: 46
          And Shoshoake, along the line of the pope, goes back to North Macedonia.
          Maybe there in Romania they recruited people from everywhere, now they want to make Moldovans Romanians?
          I know that there are a lot of Crimean Tatars there.
    13. NSV
      2 June 2023 03: 13
      This is not Romania Ceausescu, which could, if not done, then loudly hit the table !!!
    14. 0
      2 June 2023 03: 19
      Here it is. He leaves his brothers and sisters, again RUSSIA will have to protect the remaining Russian people. Cover the entire grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Carpathian region, oh, how it should be.
    15. 0
      2 June 2023 08: 30
      Someone from the top leadership of Georgia said that the country would be left alone in the event of a conflict with Russia. And here's another confirmation for you. Everyone should fight the Russians, for the interests of NATO. And not vice versa!
      This smoky Zeliboba believed to the last that now Europe will help the Armed Forces of Ukraine with people ...................

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