New York Times: Washington concerned about increased threat from Russia's Northern Fleet

New York Times: Washington concerned about increased threat from Russia's Northern Fleet

The West is increasingly interested in the situation in the Arctic region against the backdrop of a difficult geopolitical situation in the world. He is particularly concerned that much of the Arctic is under Russian control.

As the American newspaper New York Times writes, Washington is alarmed by the likely increase in the threat from the Russian fleet in the Arctic region. According to columnist Stephen Erlanger, the reasons for this were climate change, which leads to the melting of glaciers, thus opening up new sea routes in the North. All this increases competition between countries in the Arctic, says Erlanger.

The observer noted that the fear of the Americans is caused by the modernized Russian Northern Fleet, which could inflict a “red right hook” on the United States - this is how NATO called the passage of Russian (formerly Soviet) ships through the straits between Greenland, Iceland and Great Britain to threaten the US east coast.

According to Erlanger, Russia has a strong position in the Arctic due to modern arms and naval bases, unlike NATO, which are highly vulnerable in the region.

It is obvious that one of the main tasks of NATO should be to contain Russia in the Arctic

concluded the New York Times columnist.

Eight states are considered to be Arctic countries, six of which (except Russia and Sweden) are members of the North Atlantic Alliance.
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    1. +1
      1 June 2023 15: 56
      Through the joint venture, the shortest path to the United States for our ICBMs from mobile and mine complexes, and for the Dagger, too. "Warming" of the climate has nothing to do with it. The joint venture 41 is not drifting through clean water.
    2. -1
      1 June 2023 15: 56
      So that's why all this screeching about global warming!
      Are Caliber scared in the Greenland area?
      It seems that the Americans would be satisfied with a new ice age.
    3. +5
      1 June 2023 15: 58
      Yes, it's not even funny, stuffing for relaxation, no more
    4. +2
      1 June 2023 16: 00
      That's right, NATO members are worried. Two powerful bases have been built, on Franz Josef Land and on about. Kotelny, Novosibirsk archipelago. Plus Our Northern Fleet, which is primarily provided by new (modern) ships and submarines. Plus Our most powerful icebreaking fleet in the world. The northern direction is closed by missile strike early warning stations and air defense systems. We have nowhere to go. We have the longest border in the basin of the Arctic Ocean. The melting of the ice makes it possible to use the Northern Sea Route for a longer time. And the desire to create a competitive route, southern traffic, from Asia through the north.
    5. +3
      1 June 2023 16: 04
      Washington is concerned about the increased threat from the Russian Northern Fleet
      . Come on. It would be surprising if they did not touch upon this topic, at the same time and in general.
    6. -2
      1 June 2023 16: 09
      Here is another pain in the ass of the Americans, she counts polar bears there, by the way, she drifts cool, so she doesn’t carry her into the Denmark Strait, even if you crack.
    7. +1
      1 June 2023 16: 10
      And what am the threat from the northern fleet? Chebanenko old man? Peter 1 half-dead with ancient weapons and air defense? Maybe Nakhimov is at the slipway stage? Or is Kuznetsov threatening 100 dryers with a drill with an aircoil? Enough already to pull an owl on the globe ... In the Navy, only strategists can more or less threaten them, and then 1 time per service. NK leaked clean
      1. 0
        1 June 2023 22: 10
        Quote from: FoBoss_VM
        And what am the threat from the northern fleet? Chebanenko old man? Peter 1 half-dead with ancient weapons and air defense? Maybe Nakhimov is at the slipway stage? Or Kuznetsov threatens aviation

        And why are you so disrespectful to the surface forces of the Northern Fleet?
        Firstly, there are already three new frigates, Project 22350, which have Zircons and Poiment-Redut.
        Secondly, "Nakhimov" and "Kuznetsov" are close to the completion of modernization and this year they will go on the running gear, and next year they will return to service. And their potential will be very significant.
        In the third, the modernization of the BOD pr. 1155 continues. One is already ready, and will also be the carrier of "Zircons".
        And the only Sarych in this fleet is completing a major overhaul.
        "Pyotr" will go into modernization immediately after the return of "Nakhimov" to service, and its modernization will go much faster (all the experiments and leapfrog changes in the modernization project were completed at "Nakhimov").
        Yes, and the main striking force of the Northern Fleet is still SSBNs, SSGNs and MAPLs. Construction, repairs and modernization of submarines continue and their number in service is growing.
        Quote from: FoBoss_VM
        In the Navy, only strategists can more or less create a threat

        Do you not believe so much in our new hypersonic anti-ship missiles?
        If I were you, I wouldn't be so categorical.
        Moreover, the construction of new frigates pr. 22350 and 22350.1 went on as usual, the "engine curse" has been overcome, the power plants are proceeding rhythmically, from next year two frigates will come into operation annually at least in 2024 and 2025.
        So the Northern Fleet is a quite effective force and this force will grow every year. And if this year a contract is nevertheless signed for the laying of the first two "large frigates" pr. 22350M in the new St. Petersburg boathouse, then new normal first ranks will also go to the Fleet.

        But the US nonsense about the "threat to the US from the Northern Fleet", nonsense by definition - the Northern Fleet has always been such a threat, because it includes SSBNs, which are OBLIGED to constitute such a threat. The threat is just US warships and submarines in this region, but this is also a thing for granted.
    8. +1
      1 June 2023 16: 14
      It is obvious that one of the main tasks of NATO should be to contain Russia in the Arctic
      They are not going to restrain Russia, but China (they can talk anything to avert their eyes). The "Northern Sea Route" is important to China because he understands that a long confrontation awaits him.
    9. +2
      1 June 2023 16: 19
      Well?! That's right, we should be afraid. Well, at least the Anglo-Saxons remembered our KSF. Happy Holidays, Day of the Northern Fleet of all Brothers!
    10. +3
      1 June 2023 16: 28

      Happy birthday my dear Northern Fleet!!!
    11. -1
      1 June 2023 16: 49
      Feels the sword over the criminal's neck, it's time to turn on the brains!
    12. +2
      1 June 2023 17: 49
      Do you yourself conduct naval exercises in the Arctic region, but scare everyone with the Northern Fleet of the Russian Federation?
    13. +1
      1 June 2023 21: 23
      And what's the squeal? Well, if there was ice, would submarines not pass or something ???

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