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Goodbye Enterprise!

Goodbye Enterprise!

1 December 2012 held a ceremony to deactivate the “nuclear heart” of the mighty aircraft carrier Enterprise, at the Norfolk Naval Base (Virginia). Fifty years of service in the name of democracy, flew like one day - and behold, the 340-meter-long ship froze at the quay wall.

From March to November 2012, the Enterprise made its last combat trip to the Persian Gulf zone. Alas, the interesting conspiracy hypothesis of bringing the old ship as a pretext for an attack on Iran was not confirmed - the carrier group had completed tasks in the Arabian Sea and returned safely to Norfolk.

Even when approaching the shores of North America, right in the open ocean, the operation to unload ammunition began: during the day and night for several days, elevators raised thousands of ammunition to the flight deck, which then, using helicopters, were delivered to the vehicles going abeam the Enterprise supply. 1260 helicopter flights were required to empty the giant cellars of the old aircraft carrier. At the moment, nuclear fuel is being unloaded from eight reactors of the aircraft carrier Enterprise: huge technological holes are ruthlessly cut out in its powerful casing to extract the reactor compartments as a whole.

An unarmed and stationary ship will be part of fleet at least until mid-2013. Only after the launch of the new nuclear carrier “Gerald R. Ford” will the official ceremony of removing the Enterprise from the Navy take place. In the career of the world's first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the final phase will begin: the cutting of the ship for metal will begin. Enterprise recycling should be completed by 2015.

The proposal to turn the Enterprise into a floating museum did not receive support: too expensive, difficult and unsafe. The only thing that can be preserved from the old aircraft carrier is its superstructure - the “island”, which is planned to be installed on the coast as a memorial.

Life and death of the strike aircraft carrier

The "Enterprise" (respectfully referred to by the sailors as the "Big E") was a kind of landmark ship in the sea stories - the first atomic aircraft carrier, laid down in 1958, turned into a global scarecrow for many decades, personifying American ominous with its sinister and fantastic appearance.
The very first combat mission of the Enterprise almost put the world on the brink of a nuclear catastrophe. During the blockade of Cuba (Caribbean crisis, 1962), the newest atomic aircraft carrier was one of the "trump cards" of the Pentagon.

Taking advantage of the worldwide popularity of the Enterprise, the Americans tried to maximize their super-ship: 31 July 1964 of the "1" Rapid Connection as part of the atomic carrier "Enterprise", the atomic cruiser "Long Beach" and the Atomic Cruiser " Bainbridge. The purpose of the operation "Marine Orbit" * was circumnavigation to demonstrate the capabilities of the US Navy and the intimidation of all geopolitical opponents. Over the 65 days of the Around the World, the squadron passed 30 thousands of nautical miles, making calls to the ports of Karachi (Pakistan), Sydney (Australia) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

* Repetition of the propaganda around-the-world campaign of the American battleship 16 (1907-1909).

Around the World in 65 Days. Top down: Bainbridge, Long Beach, Enterprise

On the account of "Enterprise" - the quintessence of all the advanced scientific achievements, there were many other world records:

- the first nuclear aircraft carrier in 60-ies retained the title of the largest ship (full w / and Enterprise 93 thousands of tons),
- A phased-array radar (SCANFAR) first appeared on the Enterprise,
- first ship, with pure aviation weapons (cost overruns forced designers to abandon any self-defense systems, only in 1967 the first Sea Sparrow air defense systems were installed on the ship)
- the largest number of nuclear reactors — as many as 8 units — is installed onboard the Enterprise (a dubious achievement, which only speaks about the imperfection of nuclear technologies in the 50s),
- the first nuclear-powered ship to take part in the hostilities,
- in December 1969, during the Vietnam War, the aircraft from the aircraft carrier "Enterprise" set an unbroken record so far by completing 178 sorties in 24 hours,
- the longest service in the current fleet (51 year),
- Finally, the Enterprise is the first of the nuclear giants of the aircraft, which must undergo a process of disposal.

Vivid everyday life hides behind bright highlights and interesting technical details: a bloody trail stretches behind the Enterprise across the globe. Vietnam, Iraq, the tanker war and the pogrom of the Iranian fleet (Operation Mantis), the Philippines, the Balkans, Afghanistan ... the schedule of military campaigns was so intense that the active reactor zone burned out in two years instead of the planned 13 years of operation.
Alas, none of the victims managed to get even with his abuser - the Enterprise bombed them all and quietly rested in fame and prosperity.

USS Enterprise (CVN-65) passes the Suez Canal

Judgment Day

However, Enterprise itself once got its revenge on Nature itself for all of its vile deeds: 14 January 1969, the newest super-aircraft carrier almost burned off the coast of Hawaii. The plot is simple: a carelessly parked tractor with an auxiliary power unit caused heating of the ammunition suspended under the wing of the Phantom, ready for departure. Bah! This detonated 127 mm rocket "Zuni", all the feed "Enterprise" in a flash turned hellish inferno.

American sailors puzzled to view the ship’s burnt stern

Under the crash of detonating bombs and flash fireworks from flying shrapnels, the crew rushed to extinguish their ship. As it was established later, 18 explosions thundered on the deck (including eight 227 kg bombs and several tens of aviation kerosene were detonated)! Through the holes in the armored flight deck, the flames descended into the hangar, where more than three hours were raging - from many planes only the refractory elements of the engine structure remained.
The accident killed 27 sailors, 300 were injured and burned. The fire destroyed 15 aircraft, another ten cars were damaged. The explosions seriously damaged the structure of the flight deck, the repair of the Enterprise lasted a whole month.

Hi, Enterprise!

The current "Enterprise" (operational code CVN-65) - the eighth warship in US history with this name, was in turn named in honor of the hero of World War II, the heavy aircraft carrier "Enterprise" (such as "Yorktown").
1 December 2012, during the ceremony of deactivating the aircraft carrier Enterprise, Minister of the Navy Ray Mabus announced that his name, according to tradition, will go to the future aircraft carrier CVN-80 (Ford type). The statement was greeted with applause.
As a testament for the crew of the future Enterprise, the sailors of the current ship prepared the 200-pound time capsule, which will be built into the design of the new aircraft carrier. There are notes, souvenirs, wishes, particles of the hull of the old ship. Whatever you may say, the carrier carrier “Daring” (this is how the Enterprise can be translated) has beautifully ended its life.
Now the number of US aircraft carriers has decreased to 10 units, and this situation will continue until the 2015 year.

A couple of photos from the deactivation ceremony

You know what a guy he was!

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  1. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 7 December 2012 08: 23
    A worthy opponent must be respected. And the Enterprise was just such an enemy ...
    How much trouble he delivered to our fleet, and especially to its aviation and submariners. Countless miles have been covered by them in his search and escort ... One of the main symbols of the Cold War and the American threat ...
    Goodbye Enterprise! You will not powder our brains anymore. And it pleases!..
    1. Follow us
      Follow us 7 December 2012 08: 29
      In short - "Maxim died, and to hell with him"
      1. Papakiko
        Papakiko 7 December 2012 18: 48
        Strongly and others join too!
        Watch 1.35-1.45
        1. M. Peter
          M. Peter 8 December 2012 17: 27
          Aircraft carrier Enterprise

    2. Col.
      Col. 7 December 2012 11: 31
      Quote: Chicot 1
      A worthy adversary must be respected.

      And we respected him! Even the name has become a symbol. Probably, in almost every military town, the largest building was called "Enterprise", I also had the honor to live in "Enterprise" in Monino as a child. By the way, it was demolished recently, this fall. Symbolically, however!
    3. Leonid
      Leonid 7 December 2012 21: 20
      But this is not for long! The King is dead, long live the King! The NEWEST aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford is replacing!
      1. Zabvo
        Zabvo 9 December 2012 18: 18
        Only, this is another story ...
    4. L. konstantin
      L. konstantin 8 December 2012 07: 57
      Well done Americans! like their story is not as vast as ours. and state. in comparison with our youth. and a significant rebuff can give! Yes, and also bend + Yes, and their military equipment is at a high level! except of course air defense. but air defense is only a defense)))
    5. L. konstantin
      L. konstantin 8 December 2012 09: 53
      Of course you’ve gone too far about powdering your brains) right now the children will scream cheers and minus all! Well, you have an extra star! I generally get the feeling that it excites you here from the pursuit of all)))
    6. Dnepropetrovsk
      Dnepropetrovsk 11 December 2012 00: 30
      "Fifty years of service in the name of democracy flew by like one day" We know this American democracy.
  2. Bykov.
    Bykov. 7 December 2012 08: 54
    And the rest, too, let them saw.
    1. Vito
      Vito 7 December 2012 09: 17
      Quote: Bulls.

      And the rest, too, let them saw.

      Of course they’ll cut it after the new ones are released!
      Good day to you. hi
    2. Leonid
      Leonid 7 December 2012 21: 22
      Soon Peter the Great will be sawing, as well as the county of Moscow
      1. L. konstantin
        L. konstantin 8 December 2012 08: 02
        that's for sure) )))
      2. Zabvo
        Zabvo 9 December 2012 18: 22
        "And then Astapa suffered ..." negative
    3. L. konstantin
      L. konstantin 8 December 2012 08: 04
      they are not so fools unlike ours! Russian Roly can only sell his mother! laugh at chocks !!!) and chocks well done! each one’s head will tear off one another! Yes, and parents are held in high esteem
  3. Vito
    Vito 7 December 2012 09: 01
    Good morning to all my FRIENDS! hi
    Quote: Chicot 1
    Goodbye Enterprise! You will not powder our brains anymore. And it pleases!.

    Well, how can I tell you, so as not to upset. A new aircraft carrier, the GERALD FORD class, is under construction. Guess what name it will have?
    OLEG, hello dear thanks for the article and for the photo (as always on top), I was struck by the fact of the quick restoration of this colossus after such injuries and fire! Maybe one month is still not quite right? drinks
    Yes, and with the formula on the deck they did not turn out badly!
    1. Chicot 1
      Chicot 1 7 December 2012 11: 01
      And good morning to you, dear Vito! hi
      Regarding the name for the new aircraft carrier. It is clear that, by tradition, Americans will easily stick to it the name "Enterprise" ... But by and large, let them at least call it "Mayflower". laughing This is their full right. I talked about this and a particular ship ... wink
      1. Leonid
        Leonid 7 December 2012 21: 27
        This envy says to you and she gnaws at the soul. There will be, under such leaders, unfortunately, no aircraft carriers!
    2. Santa Fe
      7 December 2012 13: 17
      Wow Vito! hi
      Quote: Vito
      ), I was struck by the fact of a quick recovery of this colossus after such injuries and fire! Maybe one month is still not quite right?

      The fire occurred on 14 on January 1969 (70 miles from Hawaii, during the Operational Readiness Inspection before a military campaign)
      1 March 1969 year, the ship began to perform tasks off the coast of Vietnam

      A whole month of repair (even if a short February laughing ) - this is by American standards a lot. This means that the ship had six lower decks damaged by fire.

      In general, what I like about amers is the ability to quickly perform any production tasks. When you get acquainted with such facts, it sounds like a joke against the background of modern Russian reality:
      - build a ship in 4 days 15 hours (1942 year)
      - 102-story skyscraper for the year (it was in 1929 - they took and built it without any helicopters and nanotechnologies)
      - highway to Alaska - (2500 km, through 5 mountain ranges, 130 bridges, 1942 year) for 8 months (remember how many BAM were built, this is a joke simply)))))))
      - By the way, during the Second World War they threshed 160 aircraft carriers, it’s really funny and sad
  4. black_eagle
    black_eagle 7 December 2012 09: 29
    He was the first and unique. It’s a pity as a ship and it doesn’t matter to whom it belongs
  5. AK-47
    AK-47 7 December 2012 09: 33
    I read somewhere about the idea of ​​fixing one sailor:
    -complete a loop in the submarine and sink the Enterprise.
    A man's dream has been stolen, there is no more Enterprise.
    1. Ljubomir
      Ljubomir 7 December 2012 10: 16
      Yes, for him a golden b was given to the boat commander.
    2. Delta
      Delta 7 December 2012 14: 40
      that person is most likely no longer either. According to that bike, he conditionally attacked the Enterprise, which caused the fire due to the sharp maneuver of the aircraft carrier at the time of the landing of the fighter
      1. Santa Fe
        7 December 2012 19: 50
        Quote: Delta
        According to that bike, he conditionally attacked the Enterprise, which caused the fire due to the sharp maneuver of the aircraft carrier at the time of the landing of the fighter

        There was no such thing.

        There was a case with the non-nuclear "John F. Kennedy", when he began to turn into the wind and demolished the superstructure of the cruiser "Belknap":
        1. Delta
          Delta 9 December 2012 23: 41
          I actually wrote about the bike
      2. Leonid
        Leonid 7 December 2012 21: 29
        It was in your sore brain.
  6. TRex
    TRex 7 December 2012 11: 00
    In some matters, it is not a sin to learn from a potential adversary ...
    Suppose the continuity of the historical names of warships.
    Our TAKRs, what names did not have to please the historical moment?
    And it's not a fact that "Admiral of the Fleet Kuznetsov" tomorrow will not suddenly turn into "General Shoigu" or "VVP" - Navy these freaks remember.

    The author lied about the service life of the warship - she went to the Black Sea Fleet Kommuna back in tsarist times ...

    As for the Enterprise specifically, it was a serious opponent worthy of respect and fear.
    God grant that Russia has two or three such arguments ...
    1. Santa Fe
      7 December 2012 12: 55
      Quote: TRex
      will suddenly turn into "General Shoigu"


      Quote: TRex
      The author lied about the service life of the warship - she went to the Black Sea Fleet Kommuna back in tsarist times ...

      The battleship "Paris Commune"? So she was decommissioned in 1956

      In fact, there are numerous cases when the ships served much longer: the large landing ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet were laid down in the 60s and are still in service. In Mexico in 2006, a destroyer built in 1941 was decommissioned. Our destroyers are "sevens "laid down in the 30s were used until the end of the 80s, albeit as special means: ships for nuclear tests (tug, radiometric equipment, equipment for deactivation, etc.)
      There are many examples.

      However, the Enterprise, unlike all of the above cases, was used until the last day on the front line and represented a formidable force. Few of the modern ships would be able to resist it in the event of a real naval battle.

      Quote: TRex
      As for the Enterprise specifically, it was a serious opponent worthy of respect and fear.
      God grant that Russia has two or three such arguments ...

      I would prefer a system of air bases around the world (Camran - Guantanamo - Tartus - Grossenhain)
      1. viktorR
        viktorR 7 December 2012 15: 28
        There is not a battleship, but a search and rescue or something else, catamaran type. The article here was about half a year ago
    2. Zabvo
      Zabvo 10 December 2012 10: 28
      "Commune" walked under the tsar and found us only thanks to the alloy of steel from which it was made. It is a pity that now we ourselves do not know exactly how to create this alloy. Although, if this alloy was created once, then we can again, if desired. It can be said, even for the best, that in the 90s we did not know the technology of this alloy, otherwise we would have sold it "to some one to someone" for 100 bucks (sorry, but this is in fact). soldier
  7. sprut
    sprut 7 December 2012 11: 16
    Russia would have such ships ... We need to build aircraft carriers.
  8. Skiff
    Skiff 7 December 2012 11: 55
    AAAaamin Enterprise, we will not cry, I will go and have a glass, although I rarely drink.
    And a bit of humor.
    1. tambourine 2012
      tambourine 2012 7 December 2012 12: 43
      because of them the ship was written off :-)))
    2. Denzel13
      Denzel13 7 December 2012 15: 50
      Yes, he also drew attention to the nationality, and the Chinese shpien of male nationality had an expression on his face - as if he were just negroes standing on the right side. wassat
      1. Leonid
        Leonid 7 December 2012 21: 33
        It is in Russia that people are divided into pigs, animals, Jews ... But in the USA, ALL Americans love their country, not a leader!
        1. MG42
          MG42 7 December 2012 23: 14
          Quote: Leonid
          And in the US, ALL Americans and love their country

          Is that all right? Here the photo below proves the opposite - amers burn their flag in protest.
        2. green
          green 8 December 2012 01: 09
          Come on, they don’t share, you go to Harlem and say it.
          1. WW3
            WW3 8 December 2012 01: 26
            Quote: vert
            Come on don't share

            Even as they divide, in the history of the USA there was such an organization as the Ku Klux Klan, the theory of racial superiority .... quite right, the white in Harlem or the beggar in Beverly Hills feel very uncomfortable ... there are bars for the entrance for white people there institution exclusively for niggas ... there's Chinatown with its own laws ... America - a country of contrasts ... lol
        3. ded-mazai
          ded-mazai 8 December 2012 11: 38
          Tell their Indians.
    3. Blat
      Blat 7 December 2012 16: 36
      not shpiyony.skorey maid in tea))))))))))))))))) this is the topic that, by law, all military must be carried out in the United States))))))))))))))
      1. Santa Fe
        7 December 2012 18: 39
        Quote: blat
        this is the topic that, by law, everything military should be carried out in the United States))))))))))))))

        Chinatown? What is not an option?
        1. Belo_ticketnik
          Belo_ticketnik 8 December 2012 08: 41
          Lyonya, go to your America, since it’s so good there ... And let us not in chocolate, but we will somehow live in our homeland wink
  9. snek
    snek 7 December 2012 12: 07
    An excellent ship, in fact, a prototype of modern aircraft carriers (class "Nimitz" and class "Gerald Ford" under construction).
  10. leon-iv
    leon-iv 7 December 2012 12: 31
    By the way the ship era.
    But here is an interesting fact that 1 ZUNI has done and what will happen if our mineral arrives?
    1. Santa Fe
      7 December 2012 13: 27
      Quote: leon-iv
      But here is an interesting fact that 1 ZUNI has done and what will happen if our mineral arrives?

      And what did the smashed cover from the Yekaterinburg SSBN do?
      What has one accidental spark done with the battleships Vanguard, Mutsu, Jaime?

      Any catastrophe is based on an accidental spark, an unbroken hatch, and so on.

      Quote: leon-iv
      and what will happen if our mineral arrives?

      Anything. It is impossible to predict the consequences.
  11. 755962
    755962 7 December 2012 14: 35
    The legend of world shipbuilding .. I pay tribute to both designers and sailors who have been honored to serve on it. hi
  12. Brother Sarych
    Brother Sarych 7 December 2012 16: 23
    I would love to see him drowning, as well as any of his brother! I'm not going to breed snot on this occasion ...
    I don’t understand another thing - why carry weapons with helicopters on the go? Is this their option for cutting the military budget? Not only is expensive, but also accidents could be with unpredictable consequences ...
    1. Leonid
      Leonid 7 December 2012 21: 37
      This is so that there would be no danger of an explosion and other state of emergency at the place of dismantling the aircraft carrier. And helicopters flying at very short distances, transports went in parallel courses.
  13. to water
    to water 7 December 2012 18: 07
    Eh "let Syria down" with Iran. I was one hundred percent sure that when he went to the Persian Gulf they would drown him there and accuse whoever was needed of deceit, because it was also cheaper and he would free his hands for full-scale hostilities. But no, the Persians with the Arabs turned out to be smarter than they were judged, and after all, they did not succumb to provocations, after all, "freaks". Now what is the Pentagon to do with this "rusty piece of iron" eight atomic reactors alone?
  14. MG42
    MG42 7 December 2012 20: 44
    Goodbye Enterprise!

    Not a bit sorry, it's nice to read such news, at least every day! feel I would read and read.
    1. Leonid
      Leonid 7 December 2012 21: 41
      God doesn’t give horns to a vigorous cow! Better read how they rob Russia in Moscow every day
      1. MG42
        MG42 7 December 2012 22: 10
        Quote: Leonid
        Better read how they rob Russia in Moscow every day

        What should I read, I’ll figure it out myself. winked
        Quote: Leonid
        God does not give horns to a vigorous cow!

        Well, what is it - trolls butt, like today I didn’t comment on anyone at all. sad
  15. homosum20
    homosum20 7 December 2012 21: 14
    And how we were upset!
  16. mazdie
    mazdie 7 December 2012 23: 30
    Until the end of my life, I really want to see the moment when, due to the deep financial crisis, the USA will fall apart and transfer all its nuclear weapons to Texas (similar to what they did to us in 90), and the fleet will be sawed into needles for our money .
  17. green
    green 8 December 2012 01: 05
    Join us!
  18. freder
    freder 8 December 2012 06: 59
    Cocoko laughing how did you get offended and lowered laughing they did ahaha with us, without sucker and life is bad, and if they didn’t do anything seriously, you need to be a complete idiot to not understand that sooner or later the nomenclature with control over resources will privatize them, yeah, Rosneft Gazprom and other nyashki will also once again take away in probability of 99,9% then a new generation of suckers will again crow about the insidious Americans who ruined the dewdrop laughing
  19. smel
    smel 8 December 2012 08: 15
    this aircraft carrier is a good role model: how to build, how to use, how to dispose and store memory
  20. sdohnisuka
    sdohnisuka 29 August 2013 11: 49
    Russian blacksmiths are just fucked up by a little guy compared to him