The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine spoke about the night strikes of the RF Armed Forces on targets in the Kharkiv and Dnepropetrovsk regions

The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine spoke about the night strikes of the RF Armed Forces on targets in the Kharkiv and Dnepropetrovsk regions

Attack unmanned aerial vehicles and missiles were involved in another massive attack of the Russian Armed Forces against Ukrainian military facilities this night. The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported about the night attack in its usual form.

According to the Ukrainian side, in order to carry out an attack on the RF Armed Forces, in addition to strike drones, used X-101 / X-555 and S-300 / S-400 missiles. The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine claims that 17 missiles and 31 attack drones were fired at Ukraine. They hit targets on the territory of Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk regions.

The statistics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are quite expected: it is reported that 10 cruise missiles were launched from the waters of the Caspian Sea, 7 anti-aircraft guided missiles S-300 / S-400 from the Tokmak region to justify the destruction caused by the operation of the Ukrainian air defense systems), as well as 31 drones in the south and north.

Unlike previous reports, the Ukrainian military this time did not claim that all missiles and drones were downed. They stressed that they had destroyed 10 cruise missiles and 23 drone.

Thus, the Ukrainian command "generously allowed" seven missiles and eight drones not to be shot down in its press release. Otherwise, assurances that almost all missiles have been shot down look too implausible, despite the fact that a single missile manages to hit targets in several regions of the country at once.
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    1. +3
      26 May 2023
      The commentary of the management of bloomers may not be published - 100500 daggers, iskanders and balalaikas were shot down.
      1. 0
        26 May 2023
        And also that we no longer have missiles, back in March 22 ended
    2. +4
      26 May 2023
      I know from my own experience that if the target doubles in your eyes, you need to shoot not at the right or left, but you need to shoot in the middle between the targets, you will definitely hit. drinks
      1. +1
        26 May 2023
        Quote: tralflot1832
        I know for myself that if the target doubles in the eyes, it is necessary to shoot not in the right or left

        Late in the evening, we are sitting with dad in the gazebo, and he says: "I see three lanterns, and you?" I looked and see also three, although there is only one lamp. So think about which one to shoot.
        1. 0
          26 May 2023
          Three is cool - maybe solar activity, geomagnetic storms have covered everything? hi Here, probably, it is necessary to shoot six of us, someone will hit!?
    3. +1
      26 May 2023
      seven missiles and eight drones, the Ukrainian command "generously allowed" not to be shot down in a press release
      Obviously, the result of strikes, even for the stubborn, cannot be attributed to the fall of "fragments of downed missiles", so they are forced in messages to "shoot down" not 100% of the targets, as previously stated, but 70-80% for plausibility. Did several SAM and radar launchers destroyed this night in Kyiv also "shoot down" Russian missiles?
    4. Sharovannye media they are the most advanced.
      Everybody knows.
      Where and what.
      Shoigu and Gerasimov personally voice everything to them.
      And then the miracle of air defense knocks everything down.
      Country 404.
      The truth is bitter.
    5. 0
      26 May 2023
      Judging by the fact that everything was predictably shot down, except for the S-300 missiles that hit residential buildings, the PPO worked as usual.

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