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T-72 Timur Soldatov hit 12 times!

The average Russian citizen judges the Chechen war only by publications in newspapers and television reports. Unfortunately, in most cases only a small part of what is actually happening in Chechnya is made public. The complete picture of the Chechen war is known only to those who have been there and have experienced the charms of the anti-terrorist operation on their own skin. Timur Soldatov was a simple tanker and traveled the rebellious republic up and down. The difficult fate of the army threw our countryman into the thick of it - as many 12 times as his fighting machine was hit by militants. For his military work, Timur was awarded a soldier's reward - the medal "For Courage".

In early January, a column of Russian troops 2000 reeled kilometers of Chechen roads onto tracks. The infantry armor of the BMP-2 was pressed against the motorized infantry to each other. And although winter in the North Caucasus is milder than in central Russia, riding a vehicle is not a pleasant pleasure. It's cold, and at any moment the guys can be covered with lead rain. But hiding inside the car is even more dangerous - a bomb explosion and it will turn into a pile of twisted iron. No wonder that the BMP was deciphered as a "mass grave of infantry." T-72B tank of our countryman closed the column. Molded with small boxes of dynamic protection, the “seventy-two” looked like a prehistoric lizard. The multi-ton hulk seemed to sniff out the lurking Chechens with its long barrel. But militants were taught the art of disguise by foreign Afghan and Arab advisers. None of our ambush noticed.

The monotonous clang of caterpillars and the roar of engines broke the rumble of shelling. As Timur recalls, several rocket-propelled grenades fell into the tank. The Ural armor withstood the first blows of PG-7, but then the car still crashed. The main part of the enemy fire took over the engine. Only then they counted six hits. Now many domestic abuse Tanks. But according to Timur, the fact that he survived this war is a merit of tank builders from Nizhny Tagil. Of course, the places from where the fire was fired were retaliated. But it was difficult to judge its results. The militants seemed to dissolve in the air. And in our ranks such a sortie only increased the number of losses. The soldiers admit that out of 400 fighters of the battalion they returned absolutely unscathed about fifty. And so hatred for the militants was such a fierce one.

Especially not stand on ceremony with any kind of mercenaries. And among them many brothers of Slavs from western Ukraine came across. They savages fanatics were closer than the Russians. Not done in the second war, and without female snipers. Some of them were notable for being too talkative, and when they went on the air, they launched revelations about their hard share of hired killers. Probably, they still tormented conscience.

And although in the days of the most intense fighting in Chechnya, the almost 100-thousand Russian group was fighting, it happened that our people were surrounded. Since January 16, the militants have attacked the roadblock, where the Soldiers were, for almost two days. This small camp was like a bone to the insurgents. But their fierce attacks met with no less fierce resistance. In the end, help came. Three defenders were injured and one was missing.

The most difficult, according to Timur, for their part was the battle near the village of Komsomolskoye. It found its end a gang of militants numbering almost a thousand people. Ours have quit for the atrocities in the peaceful Russian cities and for the bitterness of the stolen victory in the First Chechen. The feds did not hesitate to use thermobaric ammunition (volumetric explosion). The 9M114F missiles of the Sturm complex with a high-explosive fragmentation warhead and TOS-1 heavy flamethrower systems with the somewhat frivolous name Buratino showed themselves to be especially good. Therefore, the streets of the village were literally littered with corpses. In the last war there were a lot of complaints about the interaction between the Russian army and the internal forces. In this company, according to Timur, everything was much better. Security forces tried to help each other when it was necessary.

During one of the battles, the Soldiers received a serious shrapnel wound. And fight again. This time for their health. And no longer on the battlefields, but in the silence of the hospital wards and in the sterile cleanliness of the operating rooms of the military hospital. And Timur emerged victorious from this battle. He managed to defeat a difficult illness and returned to the ranks.

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  1. cth; fyn
    cth; fyn 11 December 2012 09: 13
    "Seventy-two" was like a prehistoric pangolin.

    Although the car is really old, it still remains one of the best in the world, it doesn’t matter that it is at the back of the list of the best of the best, the main thing is that this car is there.
    1. old rocket man
      old rocket man 11 December 2012 10: 56
      cth; fyn,
      Quite right, it is old by the date it was put into service, but the "critics" do not take into account the constant modernization and the fact that it was significantly ahead of its competitors in its time. complex combat and operational qualities I want to note that the praised, sophisticated Abrams. showed themselves in Iraq is far from the best side
      1. Maks111
        Maks111 11 December 2012 13: 02
        And the t-72 in Iraq showed themselves from which side? You do not know? So read it.
        1. ka5280
          ka5280 11 December 2012 13: 18
          V Iraqe T-72 eksportnoj modifikacii bili. A eto oblegchenaja mashina. I boepripasov u irakcev sovremennih tozhe ne bilo! So uchi mat.chast!
          1. bootlegger
            bootlegger 11 December 2012 14: 31
            So the tanks in Iraq were mostly knocked out remotely. Didn’t the Abrams attack them in the forehead? And if there is no proper cover, then T 34 and Abrams and Leopards will be burned from above. Sooner or later.
            Abrams can and will burn a little longer than the T34 but not by much. It’s almost all the same what ammunition is in the tanks if they are attacked by helicopters and airplanes.
          2. biglow
            biglow 11 December 2012 15: 03
            ka5280, write through the service and everything will be in Cyrillic
          3. Maks111
            Maks111 11 December 2012 16: 47
            I’m just saying that it’s not necessary to underestimate foreign technology, it’s not the amateur who invent it in the same way as ours should not be overestimated. Our technology also has a lot of disadvantages. Ours all the time laughed at the NATO troops when they said that our tanks were detonating, but then during the Chechen wars and the war with Georgia it turned out that our tanks were really detonating.
            1. Cynic
              Cynic 11 December 2012 18: 56
              Quote: Max111
              Our people all the time laughed at the NATO troops when they said that our tanks were detonating,

              Here the question is most likely purely semantic. Different meanings are embedded in one phenomenon.
            2. Gren9
              Gren9 12 December 2012 02: 13
              do you know tanks that don’t detonate?
              1. Cynic
                Cynic 12 December 2012 14: 37
                Quote: Gren9
                tanks that don't detonate?

                Depending on what exactly you are investing in this concept.
            3. Baboon
              Baboon 12 December 2012 23: 26
              So I would have looked at NATO tanks, if they were in the same conditions instead of the t-72, judging by your logic, would NATO technology have destroyed the US army in Iraq? Was there a problem in the t-72?
        2. Rowicz
          Rowicz 11 December 2012 14: 19
          Even the most modern car in the hands of stupid people becomes scrap
        3. Cynic
          Cynic 11 December 2012 15: 59
          Quote: Max111
          A t-72 in Iraq

          Fortunately, even though you were not there
        4. pinachet
          pinachet 11 December 2012 22: 23
          depending on where to read. !
        5. orfo
          orfo 11 December 2012 23: 32
          in Iraq he was without dynamic protection, and what to do against missiles then?
        6. carbofo
          carbofo 13 December 2012 15: 14
          There was not a single tank duel in Iraq, at least officially.
          1. Roman A
            Roman A 16 December 2012 19: 43
            There was not a single tank duel in Iraq, at least officially.
            During Operation Desert Storm, both Iraq and Kuwait (Yugoslavian М72) had T-84s, albeit in incomparable quantities. In addition, they did not meet in battle, since the Kuwaiti M84 solemnly entered the capital of the country, the city of Kuwait, after its liberation by multinational forces. At the moment, some information is available only about the battles of the Iraqi T-72 and American "Abrams", and these data are very contradictory, both from one side and the other. Obviously, in terms of a number of important indicators, the T-72 was partially comparable to the Ml and IPM1, which were still armed with 105-mm cannons, but it did not stand up to any comparison with the M1A1 and especially with the M1A1NA. These latest modifications of the Abrams were defended in the frontal projection almost 1,5 times better, had much more powerful armor-piercing sub-caliber shells with depleted uranium cores, modern observation and communication equipment, and a developed automated control system. The information reported in some domestic publications about the practical invulnerability of the T-72M during that war, about the loss of only 14 tanks as a result of fire, and about the destruction of about 70 Abrams by them do not stand up to any serious criticism. At the same time, in analytical reviews, when comparing with American tanks, the tactical and technical characteristics of the T-72 tanks that entered service with the Soviet Army are often given, and it is forgotten that the export vehicles were significantly inferior to them. At the same time, it is quite obvious that the Iraqi side suffered the greatest losses from air strikes.
  2. Samovar
    Samovar 11 December 2012 09: 13
    Glory to such soldiers as Timur and eternal memory to those who did not return. Today, by the way, is December 11, so the article is very much in topic.
    1. lab29
      lab29 11 December 2012 13: 32
      Well done, which I reminded, I began to forget, on December 11, 1994 that day became a year old and away we go, LenPech is forever.
  3. Prometey
    Prometey 11 December 2012 09: 20
    This is probably about this tank was reported, which was hit in Komsomolsky, but his crew continued to fight until they ran out of ammunition. What happened to the crew later - the information is different - according to one version, he died, according to another version, he was helped to break out of the environment of the GRU special forces, which wandered around.
    there were many complaints about the interaction between the Russian army and internal troops. In this company, according to Timur, everything was much better.
    And here opinions differ. According to the participants in the battle, Komsomolskoye represented a standard of complete confusion on the interaction between the army and other units. While it was decided who was responsible for the operation, the militants entrenched themselves and strengthened themselves. But in the end Gelayev again miraculously left.
    1. The centurion
      The centurion 11 December 2012 10: 16
      Quote: Prometey
      But in the end Gelayev again miraculously left.

      Or maybe he was allowed to leave, so that he would then lead another Chechen brigade into a trap. One Chechen said that Gelayev could be given the Hero of Russia posthumously, as much, in his opinion, he had done harm to Ichkeria.
      1. zambo
        zambo 11 December 2012 11: 11
        Sotnik, completely agree with you, and even more - being in the hospital in the early 2000s, met with the captain (commander of the special intelligence unit of one of the border detachments of the North Caucasus Federal District), whom Gelayev called his personal enemy. Here he told me that several times they surrounded Gelayev with another gang in the mountains and fucked them themselves with the help of aviation, but about 3 times the command at the end of the operation slowed them down and Gelayev left. And many thanks for the article, often such stories.
  4. tambourine 2012
    tambourine 2012 11 December 2012 10: 07
    God bless the fighter
  5. zmey
    zmey 11 December 2012 10: 58
    Six hits in the tank!
    Which tank or heavy infantry fighting vehicle can withstand this?

    God give you health and prosperity !!!
    1. neri73-r
      neri73-r 11 December 2012 11: 18
      Which tank or heavy infantry fighting vehicle can withstand this?

      Our will stand !!!
    2. Maks111
      Maks111 11 December 2012 13: 34
      No matter how many hits. There is a thickness of the armor and the shell, the shell either breaks through the armor or does not break through, that's all.
      1. Cynic
        Cynic 11 December 2012 16: 04
        Quote: Max111
        There is a thickness of the armor and the shell, the shell either breaks through the armor or does not break through

        Can not be !
      2. arduan
        arduan 11 December 2012 19: 56
        Quote: Max111
        shell, shell either breaks through the armor, or does not break through

        Once, during the delivery to the state customer, one tank from the batch, as usual, was rolled out to the landfill. Running tests, shooting and shelling of the tank itself. After ONE hit to the tower, the inspector looked inside, canceled all further "measures" and rejected the entire batch of cars. Outside, only the paint is visually scratched, inside from the impact half of the welded bonks and brackets flew off (part of the equipment is mounted after running in). The verdict of the commission - "The crew died."
        They didn't even look at any "if" or "other cars."
        1. Cynic
          Cynic 11 December 2012 20: 19
          Quote: arduan
          one tank from the party, as usual, rolled out to the landfill

          Twenty years in this cooked, but did not know such details.
          Quote: arduan
          After ONE hit the tower, the receiver looked inside,

          Have you ever heard of the institute of PP?
        2. kopar
          kopar 12 December 2012 10: 03
          At the firing range, the Izhora "box" was fired upon. After a shot "in the forehead", the feed fell off. The welded seam turned out to be electrodes, pieces of wire. The welded ones fiddled. Kipezh reached Moscow ...
        3. carbofo
          carbofo 13 December 2012 15: 23
          The nonsense is complete, each tank is rolled in and shot off, the operation of units and weapons is checked, after that only if there are no complaints the car goes to send. This is called a state military acceptance, in part they must get a ready-made machine checked for defects and failures, and there are factory tests, each one passes them from the factory, if everything is normal, then the tank is rolled out to the government acceptance by the military representative.
          Shelling selectively a tank from a batch is just the same nonsense, at this price it is too much.
          I can’t fall off the brackets in principle due to the low inertia mass and high strength, I just ate it with a blotch, but it will be noticeable immediately and without firing.
          1. Cynic
            Cynic 13 December 2012 18: 47
            Quote: carbofo
            Shelling selectively a tank from a batch is just the same nonsense, at this price it is too much.

            Regularly at one time the machine was going to be shot!
            Well, not economized in the military commissariat on quality and reliability!
            Yes, there were people in our time,
            A powerful, dashing tribe:
            Bogatyri - not you.
    3. tforik
      tforik 11 December 2012 15: 20
      Yes, even the Israeli Merkava 4 will survive. And the ATGM baby will survive.
      1. Cynic
        Cynic 11 December 2012 16: 05
        Quote: tforik
        Yes, even

        Example please.
        1. tforik
          tforik 11 December 2012 16: 42
          An excellent analytical article (in my opinion) described cases of tank survival and crew salvage during multiple hits by RPGs and ATGMs

  6. Alligator_S
    Alligator_S 11 December 2012 12: 15
    The heavenly army was replenished then with many courageous and selfless warriors. Let us remember the words of the Lord: “There is no more love than if someone lay down his life for his friends” (John 15,13). And could the warriors from the decaying "developed countries" be able to fight like this ??? What do they think there that homosexuals will die for each other ???
    1. cth; fyn
      cth; fyn 11 December 2012 12: 56
      Yes, along with them emoncipated women will fight laughing
  7. silver_roman
    silver_roman 11 December 2012 13: 37
    Eternal glory to our defenders - the heroes of Russia and confident victories both over the enemy and over all ailments!
    1. AlexR
      AlexR 11 December 2012 20: 23
      Whatever you say, the Russian army is strong in spirit.
      Generals and politicians, only, s..uka, as always spoil everything.
      1. valerei
        valerei 12 December 2012 12: 52
        AlexR, as they say: wins the battles of soldiers, and the general loses.
  8. Jah
    Jah 11 December 2012 21: 59
    ... "But hiding inside the car is even more dangerous - the explosion of a land mine and it will turn into a pile of twisted iron." ...
    The author of the article offers an alternative:
    a) Go to the BMP and die in a mine blast.
    b) Ride on the armor and stay alive in case of a detonation of a land mine.
    The author of the article, a fool at all, if he admits the possibility of surviving while exploding a land mine, if traveling on an armor.
    A fool for the whole head.
    1. Cynic
      Cynic 11 December 2012 22: 06
      Quote: Jah
      But hiding inside the car ...

      What an owl on a stump, what a hemp on an owl!
      Good at least no reasoning:
      Then by plane. NO !!! MANPADS are there !!!
      On foot, NO, mines!
      Well, where to go to the poor peasant ?!
      1. Ro-man
        Ro-man 13 December 2012 03: 29
        Together with the author, apparently, fools and all fighters that went there on the armor ...
    2. Gren9
      Gren9 12 December 2012 02: 17
      the author of the article does not understand what he is writing about, because armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles are intended for transporting personnel to the place of the combat mission, rather than performing police functions and escorting convoys
      1. Hariva
        Hariva 12 December 2012 15: 53
        By an unbelievable set of circumstances for you, that’s what the BMP did in Chechnya. They escorted the columns and performed police functions.
  9. nnz226
    nnz226 11 December 2012 23: 18
    It's about such guys that you need to shoot action films, and more abruptly than about any Rembs ... And our filmmakers and TV producers are exactly that du-sera ..... They drive all the dregs on TV, talk shows with chatter about the life of all kinds of "stars" and "stars" like: who sleeps with whom and from whom has children ... And then Putin talks about patriotic education ...
  10. Max raut
    Max raut 12 December 2012 03: 05
    great article!
    thanks to those who fought, I was just a child yet ...
  11. Wolkin
    Wolkin 12 December 2012 15: 45
    On this topic I advise you to read - Zaripov Albert Maratovich "Pervomaika" There is something to think about.
  12. Alyans
    Alyans 12 December 2012 21: 05
    Jah, it is preferable "on the armor" - there is a chance to stay alive. Experience is available.
    1. Cynic
      Cynic 12 December 2012 21: 44
      Quote: AlYaNS
      preferable "on armor"

      Here back the conversation about the nuances.
      The operation of mines and landmines under the armor is not the same thing.
      Now, if a high-pound kilo of 500 works here ...
  13. Kaetani
    Kaetani 12 December 2012 23: 59
    On the armor definitely.
    Inside, it’s scary and you don’t understand and do not see nichrome - and from here panic.

    At the command of the battle from the armored personnel carrier, the 3 group of minute readiness fell out, shots were heard, and they jump out with huge eyes and do not understand nichrome. Slavik. the sergeant from Nizhny Novgorod as I remember now - forgot to fasten the store - although it was far from the first time he left.
    I personally drove joyfully on the armor. Personally, I was under armor. I was scared and not ashamed of me at all for that. I understood that they could shoot from greenbacks - but better than getting hit by a shot or being blown up on a land mine.

    SANYCHU our respect and bow to our armored personnel carrier.
  14. Cynic
    Cynic 13 December 2012 13: 00
    Quote: Kaetani
    Inside, scary and nichrome do not understand

    What is true is true. From the outside: Reliably and As in the tank synonyms. But in life ...
  15. Aleksey94
    Aleksey94 13 December 2012 14: 42
    Lucky fighter - turned out to be strong and survived. May God grant him health!
  16. Voin sveta82
    Voin sveta82 13 December 2012 20: 35
    Well done soldiers ..)))
  17. cool.ya-nikola
    cool.ya-nikola 14 December 2012 20: 37
    Quote: nnz226
    That's about these guys need to shoot fighters

    From our TV people, you will wait! "Not a format", your mother ...! On the 9th Day of the Heroes of the Fatherland, it seems like it should be mentioned about the heroes! So, no, not a single word! ... But on NTV, it seems, they talked about a "thief in law"! About his hard life, about how hard it was for him in this damned life! It was very touching (as much as a tear broke through!), But it is not clear, he is then to the heroes, which side?
    Well, and talking about soldiers, it's not so glamorous! How was the "Serdyukov women's battalion" sophisticated there? ... "Little green men" ?!
  18. knight 77
    knight 77 14 December 2012 20: 49
    you fucking novels write straight the whole truth told a fucking science fiction
  19. Agronomist
    Agronomist 15 December 2012 12: 15
    Funny to read laughing , the author clearly picked up the tops of the network, perhaps he also heard a lot of "pi **** catching nagibators", of which we now have a great many. Although by the number of comments, it seems that he found listeners wassat .
  20. Faza
    Faza 15 December 2012 21: 44
    I would say thanks to such guys
  21. olo-olo
    olo-olo 15 December 2012 22: 15
    Chechen war is a disgrace to Russian history
    1. Cynic
      Cynic 16 December 2012 14: 37
      Quote: olo-olo
      Chechen War

      Which one?
      They always fought there, there’s even a lullaby

      Terek flows over the stones
      The muddy ramparts;
      Angry Chechen crawling to the shore
      Sharpen his dagger;
      But your father is an old warrior,
      Hardened in battle:
      So that war, if impersonal. War.
      Or are you purely rhetorical? Type: At least I’ll insert a word ?!
      Sleep baby, be calm
      Baiushki bye.

      You will find out yourself, there will be time,
      Feel free to put your foot in the stirrup
      And take a gun.
      I'm a battle saddle
      I will send silk ...
      Sleep, my dear child
      Baiushki bye.
      1. olo-olo
        olo-olo 16 December 2012 14: 55
        West defeated there
        1. Kaetani
          Kaetani 17 December 2012 22: 53
          If the West had won, long ago the Wahhabis and mercenaries would have fought in Rostov Voronezh Tula and Kostroma
    2. Kaetani
      Kaetani 17 December 2012 22: 55
      The shame of the leadership is the first war in general natural political impotence. And this is with normal healthy people
  22. slava.iwasenko
    slava.iwasenko 4 January 2013 23: 56
    T-72, great car !!!