Sergey Mikheev: "Monetization of consciousness is ruining Russia"

Sergey Mikheev: "Monetization of consciousness is ruining Russia"Conversation with the Director General of the Political Situation Center

- We often hear conversations in public transport, on the streets, when a lot of citizens, from young to old, utter only the words “thing”, “bucks”, “eureka”, “loot”. Moreover, these people are not poor, not starving, well-dressed. It’s as if in Soviet times we all had enough money, but now it’s not. Well, the dream of the West has come true to turn us - if not without exception - into people who measure everything in rubles or foreign currency?

- This can not be pondered, not to mention religion. In fact, the materialistic orientation is the quintessence of the non-religious world. Yes, and it appeared as a result of a massive and complex falling away from the faith, when money was put at the forefront. And, unfortunately, in our country it did not start in the nineties.

I risk getting angry responses from readers, and nevertheless, I will remind you that Marxism, on which the Soviet state was built, was an absolutely materialistic ideology that oriented people to receive exclusively earthly benefits, because, by and large, the principle of socialism was formulated as each according to his ability, each according to his work ", and the principle of communism sounded:" From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs. " All life goals are hung up on consumption.

In our country, this naked materialism was later clothed with a certain “Code of the Builder of Communism,” which, by the way, was not invented by Karl Marx. But in fact, all the moral values ​​and goal-setting of the Soviet period is an echo of the Orthodox worldview of the Russian people. It’s just that even in Soviet times, it quickly became clear: it’s simply impossible to live solely on quotes and excerpts from Karl Marx. The same Stalin realized that to keep such a country as Russia in his hands on bare Marxism would not work. Including, for this reason, he so severely repressed various “loyal Leninists” and Trotskyists with their delusional cosmopolitan ideas about the world revolution.

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels are, first of all, materialism and consumption issues, only money, only ownership of the means of production and a more equitable redistribution of wealth. And the fact that with a stretch in their work can be attributed to certain ideals, it was still viewed through the prism of production, redistribution and consumption. Therefore, much of the Soviet past, what we call spiritualized phenomena, is in fact a distortion of Marxism and a tribute to traditional Russian, Russian culture, the very basis that could not exist without moral and ethical messages. It makes no sense to deny: these very promises were a kind of revised and adapted Orthodoxy, from which God was removed. They left the commandments - but removed Christ. I think, by the way, that Marx would not have approved it.

Therefore, the transition to a society of total consumption, in which we now live, was, unfortunately, prepared by the Soviet period. To deny it is meaningless. Let's remember the times when NS was in power. Khrushchev. When it began the decomposition of the Soviet tenets that were introduced in society. He set a goal for society: “Overtake and overtake America!”. What to catch up with and what to overtake? In the consumption of material goods. A person must have a refrigerator, a cottage, a car, a cooperative apartment, and so on. Actually, these were the landmarks of communist construction.

Already from that time began a serious degradation and decomposition of the Soviet ideological model, however, in my opinion, initially suffering from a mass of “birth injuries” that predetermined the final. After all, there was an actual recognition that the level of consumption is the only measure of the effectiveness of the social system. Everything else is chimera. The Soviet leaders, perhaps, did not understand then that in such a situation they also put their own ideals under a big question. And to win the race of consumption, we had no chance.

By the end of the eighties, all this led to a complete defeat in the sphere of ideology, the existing matrix was destroyed. As soon as some problems began to grow with consumption, the entire ideological superstructure flew to hell.

- It's like that. Today, we everywhere see a sharp aggravation of this “grasping instinct”. Can you imagine what will happen next?

- Now we are dealing with the continuation of the same materialistic doctrine, but on a different basis, it is cleared even from a certain similarity of moral goal-setting. In their time, the Bolsheviks ruined with delight all the ideals of old Russia, without noticing at the same time how they laid the time bomb under their own. It's all a continuation of one. stories. In 1991, we actually declared ourselves: “Enough with us any ideologies! The whole life is explained by the economy, it is necessary to strive for personal well-being, everything else is a chimera. ” If you look at this process from a religious point of view, then any believer will tell you: "In fact, both the Soviet and the present stages are a continuation of the same struggle." The struggle for the repression of God, as the basis of moral laws, from the soul of man. And the funds may vary. And all this fits into the eschatological theory of development, not progressive, but leading to regression - the end of the world, as a natural result of the moral degradation of humanity.

In the West, the departure from religion began precisely with the assertion of a progressive ideology that asserts that the farther the better. Why? Yes, because a person has the opportunity to acquire more material values, various technical devices that facilitate the life of an individual, so everything is in the name of man and for the good of man. After all, Marxism, as you know, was flesh and flesh a product of the Western school of philosophy, a classic continuation of progressive materialist positivist theories that claim that the world is knowable, everything in it is understandable, it develops ascending, from worst to best, everything new means good ... Well, and so on.

But this concept is based on one postulate: “A man lives only in order to raise his consumption norms”. In the USSR, they merely made a nod to reality. Because in the head of a Soviet person so frankly stupid, primitive attitude towards life did not fit. Although, if you recall the revolution, on what slogans did the Bolsheviks come to power? The land is for peasants, the plants are for workers, the world is for peoples. The latter is in the quality of appendage. I will decipher the essence of the slogans: stop doing nonsense and carry nonsense, it is necessary to redistribute the means of production, to carry out the redistribution of land - after which we will all heal. And most importantly - all of all will be in bulk.

- And that's what we came to. The average salary in the country today is about 23 thousand rubles, this figure is calculated taking into account the earnings of top managers of leading corporations, whose incomes are estimated at millions of dollars a year. At current prices and rates for payment of utilities, you see, sparsely. Little and bad work? Many dependents in families?

- I think the problem is complex, and it must be considered philosophically. Today we have a society that has cast aside the last vestiges of moral goal-setting. In the nineties, I repeat, people were told that the main thing was to be enriched. Who has become rich - well done, who has not made a fortune - a loser, that's all. Any other morality has been replaced by a simple formula: “Good is effective, bad is ineffective.” If it is even simpler, “It’s good when I have money, bad when it’s not. Well, when I stole, bad - when they stole from me. " In this form, the social Darwinian formulation has become the slogan of the nineties. It is today we - not very loud ... - started talking about some kind of social protection, and then social Darwinism was asserted. Successful was the one who could find himself in that world. Who could not - well, he must die. Yegor Gaidar talked about this almost completely openly. This is the ideology that allows for the possible and normal existence of a large number of socially unprotected people.

By the way, it is very significant that the most ardent and cynical liberals were precisely those who came from party, Soviet and Komsomol structures, and not even dissidents, about whom they generally quite quickly forgotten. Liberals were people who, even in Soviet times, clearly understood that the material dominates over the spiritual. By the way, many of them are very educated people and well familiar with the classics of Marxism-Leninism.

Today there is also the logic of development understood by successful people who consider themselves to be successful: “There isn’t much money, the more - the better!”. In reality, the poverty of a part of our population, including those who work honestly, is often the result of the extra-greediness of entrepreneurs, our Russian business. He, I repeat, the instinct of saturation, when it comes to money, is missing. We must take as much as possible, give as little as possible. Get the maximum possible profit in the shortest possible time - at minimum cost.

I will not keep here from reminiscences on the Soviet theme. How did the Soviet system represent us entrepreneurs, businessmen and capitalists? Cynical, ruthless, inhuman sharks who have achieved their success, walking on the corpses. Here they are - our new nouveau riche - and have become. Exactly on Soviet propaganda patterns, only with a change of sign, from minus to plus. No other image of “civilized business”, about the absence of which we often lament, has never been in their head.

There is another problem. Unfortunately, indeed, the work culture in our society has seriously degraded in the last 20-25 years. Nobody remembers what happened before 1917. The Soviet cult of labor for the benefit of society booed. Trying to become an almost Protestant country - according to Max Weber, we ignore many quite obvious things, and they are unlikely to appear in the minds of people. It is sad, but less and less people in Russia — even among the poor — who are ready to work hard and with high quality.

This is a huge problem. People, especially young people, being “in business”, try to work as little as possible - and get as much money as possible.

- There is a direct link between the decline in the real sector of the economy and low wages. The Gaidar Institute in October brought the following calculations: the level of wages in industry ceased to attract potential workers. The worst wages are in the most problematic sectors: in machine building, 46 percent of workers estimate their incomes below normal, 42 percent in light industry, and 28 percent in forestry. No secret, everywhere - a shortage of skilled workers in a multitude of specialties. The “old men” are gone, there are practically no young people. “The times ended when the working profession guaranteed a salary higher than that of doctors and teachers, not to mention various privileges,” a reporter of the Italian newspaper Repubblika appreciated the Russian realities. - Workers gradually disappeared. And parents recommend children not to engage in manual labor. ” So, we loudly call for the development of real production - and do we condemn ourselves to “pipe feeding”? The paradox is obvious.

- Yes, the paradox is obvious. On the one hand, we proclaim that the economy is at the forefront - and everyone agrees. And, on the other hand, nobody wants to work. A generation has grown up, in whose heads one dominant: “You shouldn’t be able to do anything, the main thing is to work out to do less and get more.” Why? Yes, because you should have as much fun! This is another aspect of the same problem. Together with the destruction of the former life, together with the introduction of social Darwinism, we actively cultivate the worldview of extreme hedonism. What is a sense of life? Before the revolution, it was said that one should believe in God. In Soviet times - about the need to work for the good of society. Well, what's the point of being today?

It is argued that the meaning is in obtaining the maximum pleasure per unit of time. That's what you need to live for. And how do you get money for this - does not matter. These are the other consequences of the loss of moral goal setting. There is a degradation of the human person, we recognize honestly. But it is this ideology that has been introduced into our society for the last twenty to twenty five years.

I would venture to receive reproaches and accusations in conspiracy, but I am sure that all this is not accidental. There are, of course, people who do not know what they are doing, but in principle hedonism is being introduced quite consciously. Because in the same West, in the same United States, the situation looks somewhat different. There, to this day, the cult of a self-made man, that is, a person who has achieved everything by his own work, is being promoted and introduced from childhood. He begins to work "down", and only then, if he is talented, rises "up." Every day he works, sticks to sweat at his workplace, even if this work is not loved, not enjoyable.

We are also selling some kind of truncated, “export” version of achieving success - with the direct support of Russian pro-Western elites. For our use it is proposed to understand that in life there is no other meaning than entertainment. Rest, "hang out" And work for the "suckers." Standing at the bench is just funny, “zapadlo”.

In this case, I note, creates a certain contrast. A person who does not know how to do anything and does not want to do anything, but has enormous demands, is doomed to dissatisfaction. Always and in all. His ambitions are artificially heated. He is told that he deserves much better life. But at the same time, an installation was introduced into the brain — not to learn, not to work, not to endure, not to strain. Such a person is doomed to failure in advance, but at the same time he will be sure that he is not to blame for this.

Of these dissatisfied, dissatisfied, a critical mass of people is created who constantly demand certain “revolutions”. They demanded them twenty and fifteen years ago, they are calling for them today. I assure you that they will also “call for barricades” in two decades - even if they receive five hundred thousand rubles a month.

In this way, a basis is laid for constantly unmet ambitions and demands, which are easiest to compare with the pursuit of the horizon line. In the minds of these people, the bar of needs only rises, but real labor productivity cannot keep pace with them. But this person will not blame himself for this, but the society, which he “did not need”. The factor is destructive, and cultivated completely intentionally.

- The residents of small cities consider 28 thousands as the normal level of per capita income, while Muscovites consider 52 thousands of rubles. And the average assessment of the “dream level” by citizens, according to sociologists, is at the level of 107 thousand rubles. On such a monthly income, "you can live without deny yourself anything," says the average Russian.

Could it be that Richard Layard, a professor at the London School of Business, called the “hedonistic dynamo”? What was once a dream becomes a necessity, people cannot stop, advertising only spurs them on, banks are ready to give loans to almost everyone ... On the other hand, what should you complain about? We will not talk about the heroes of the Forbes magazine list. However, according to the results of research conducted by the National Center for Strategic Research and the Center for Social Policy, published on November 14, a middle class appeared in our country, the poor have disappeared.

- The situation can not be decomposed into a primitive black and white. For me personally, neither the loyalist point of view, which claims that everything is fine with us, nor the opposition-minded one, who thinks that everything is terrible in Russia, is close to me.

First of all, there is a serious stratification of society. There are quite large groups of poor fellow citizens, especially in rural areas and small towns - they slipped into this category, primarily because they didn’t have a job. The structure of the economy has changed, a huge number of industrial enterprises collapsed, where their parents once worked, and then themselves. They have no work, and this forces them to lead a very modest lifestyle.

On the other hand, there is the phenomenon of “big cities”. Their population, the most dissatisfied with the current situation in the country, in fact, for the most part, is sufficiently secured. It’s a paradox, but a fact: disgruntled residents of large cities do not really live in poverty, they allow themselves to buy expensive things, spend money on entertainment - and yet this particular phenomenon of the “hedonistic dynamo” applies to them. They are constantly chasing the horizon line - and never clearly feel satisfied.

- It seems that the "monetization of consciousness" has made us optimistic: according to recent polls. 68 percent of fellow citizens are confident that through 3, they will earn one and a half times more than they do now. So feel free to take loans. Over the past year, almost every second resident of the country took out a loan for certain needs. Only then every third person who took the loan had difficulty paying for it. In this case, potential debtors, as a rule, are young people aged from 18 to 24 years. We complain about traffic jams - and we buy cars; in 2011, 44 percent of all new cars were bought with loan funds. In debt - and happy, not realizing that the debt must be paid?

- Well, these are all the direct consequences of the same consumer dynamo. A person is inspired by the idea that it is necessary to “take everything from life”, “try everything”, “live here and now”, and most importantly - live for yourself, loved one. After all, there are so many calls in advertising now - “Love yourself”! This is a direct challenge to the Christian "Love your neighbor." It is strange how people do not notice this and rush out of the last of their forces to “rejoice” in life. At the same time, the joy of life by modern culture is interpreted exclusively in a material, tangible expression. A person is urged not to think about the consequences of his actions, because in this case he will inevitably have to treat himself critically and somehow limit himself. And this is a blow to the ideals of consumption.

Frankly, a person in this state is no longer completely mentally sane. This is very convenient, since such a person is easier to manipulate. And when a person is not in himself, he loses the ability to soberly evaluate himself and the world around him, and, moreover, he cannot think about tomorrow. Consumption becomes a form of addiction for him. It is said that when God turns away from man, the latter loses his mind. Unfortunately, this is what happens to many of us.

- Maybe we can still go back? Or should we first go through the American way of worshiping the golden calf to the end? Gregg Easterbrook’s book, The Paradox of Progress: Life Becomes Better, and People Feel the Worse, was quite popular in the United States. “Most of what people really want to get out of life — love, friendship, respect, family, position in society — cannot be found on the market,” he writes. “If the price tag is not attached to something, it means that you cannot buy this thing, and no matter how much money you have, they will not help you.” Americans are actively inculcated in versions of our well-known proverb that happiness is not in money. We will not?

- Hard to say. If we follow the American model, then we have no prospects. Both the United States and the West as a whole are also tormented by the most complex economic problems similar to ours: here is the decline in production, and the transition of the country's citizens to a kind of virtual life, where they do it and why they live, and they live on credit. They swallow advertising pictures, run to the banks for money, and they seem to live well. With that, the economy of the United States is seriously ill.

If we talk about the system as such, then it is simply sharpened by the constant growth of the consumption bar - it is considered as the engine of the economy. Advertising - banks - loans, here is a vicious circle of life in the West. And everything seems to be good, until the time when either the borrower does not fall into a difficult situation, or the whole country does not fall into crisis.

As for the spiritual sphere, there is simply absolutely nothing to imitate. Conceptually, the West is still at the forefront of this fall. It has been a very long time that it generates, systematically develops and introduces into the world culture the most destructive philosophical, pseudo-religious and ideological concepts leading to the total degradation of humanity. This process is the inevitable consequence of the conscious fall of the West from Christianity. It’s just that in the western countries themselves this is hindered by the same relatively high level of consumption, which, by the way, is largely due to the rest of the world.

However, this is not easier for us, and this should not justify ourselves. Because you need to think with your head, and not constantly blame others. We have repeatedly bought and continue to enjoy buying their tricks. But for the Russians, there is no other way to return to genuine moral values ​​other than religious ones. Everything else does not cause much confidence. In the non-religious consciousness there are no grounds for doing good deeds and not doing bad ones. In itself, the concept of good and evil in such a mind is chimerical, and friendship, and love too. After all, they can not be touched, put on yourself to show off, or ride on them through the streets, causing the envy of others.

I can hardly say smarter than others. Let me remind Fyodor Dostoevsky, his famous "If there is no God, then everything is allowed." Absolutely universal formula. I am allowed to shoot down people at a pedestrian crossing - because I need to be in time. I am allowed to steal money from the state budget - because life is short, and I must have time to grab as much as possible. I am allowed to behave in a boorish way towards others - because I so want. I will not continue, everything is clear. There are no serious restrictions for “I want it so much” apart from the religious consciousness! Especially in Russia, because, of course, you and I are not a simple country with a not simple, but completely non-random fate.

- You can always go back to the basics of genuine morality. Are there signs that we are turning back?

- I think this process is not linear, some people will begin to return and is already returning. Other fundamentally will not do that. Unfortunately, we have more of the latter. Those who have their particular personal momentary benefit — even often understood very crookedly — are put at the forefront.

You know, when a thermometer breaks, droplets of mercury roll out onto the floor. And then the droplets scatter in different directions - some gather in one place, and others in another. The same thing happens with us. For some, these things will remain or become the main principle of life. Others choose a different path. But, most importantly - before each is a choice between good and evil. No Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels or Adam Smith, as well as today's new-fangled trends, will not save a person from the need to do it. A person wants to leave the choice, say that there is no good and no evil in the world, he just wants to work as a manager ... No, it will not work. In his life, each person will have to make a choice. And everyone will make their decision.

For the state, it is important that it is based on a system of values. This is what the modern Russian project is losing to the Western: there is some kind of similar system present, and it has to do with moral goal setting. For me personally, she is fake, however, able to conquer the minds of a large number of people.

The biggest misfortune of our modern Russian project is that it deals only with money. And nothing more. In a situation where the entire state, the entire elite is focused only on the idea of ​​rubles-dollars-euros, the whole society will live the same way.
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  1. +2
    7 December 2012 07: 13
    Wasn't there a desire for material wealth in spiritually developed and wildly religious pre-revolutionary Russia? Have believing rich people renounced their wealth? Are they out of love for their neighbor brought the people to poverty, which led to the revolution? Religion has always been and will be an instrument of the ruling elite, and in its current form, it will also be a profitable commercial enterprise. Education and ideology are a problem of power, and power should solve them. But priests now and so without soap go into all the cracks, and there is no limit to their gracefulness, which confirms the idea that there is not much money in the church.
    1. +2
      7 December 2012 08: 11
      Peace on Earth will triumph only when the spiritual and material balance. If one of these components prevails, an imbalance occurs in the minds of people and they become either fanatics or adherents of the golden calf, and the predominance of one of them leads to confrontation and to wars.
      1. +2
        7 December 2012 11: 34
        Good idea! The race for money makes a man a slave!
        Let's take a closer look. Previously, during the Soviet era, people used to calculate their savings and purchases. There was some measure of consumption.
        Today, bankers give light loans to the left and right, thereby tempting a person to spend more than he can afford. So he becomes a slave to money. To pay the bills, he must earn as soon as he can and wherever he can. Hence the neurosis and constant thoughts only about money. What spirituality is there?
    2. Che
      7 December 2012 08: 20
      Michael m,
      All rot from the west rushing towards us. This ideology is enriched at someone else's expense and at all costs from the Tolerasts.
      1. +1
        7 December 2012 12: 05
        Quote: Che
        All rot from the west rushing towards us
        in general, you are right, but if you throw grain on dry ground, nothing comes up
    3. 0
      7 December 2012 08: 40
      Morality, religion and the church in Russia are completely different things independent of each other.
      1. Winter
        7 December 2012 11: 45
        Morality - it is morality. Either it is, or it is not.
        If a person was born com, then he will die, no arguments will affect him. Our trouble is that in the current situation, ki gained an advantage, they have fewer doubts, there are practically no deterrents and they are completely confident in their own rightness and exclusiveness, the end justifies the means; he who dared, he ate; man to man - a wolf and other and other ...
        Man is made man not by prosperity and prosperity, but by suffering. Therefore, they will not keep you waiting. We ourselves call them.
    4. +1
      7 December 2012 11: 12
      Quote: Mikhail M
      Are they out of love for their neighbor brought the people to poverty, which led to the revolution?

      And the revolution in Libya can also from poverty? Well enough mantra to sing, after all. Study the question and see that the standard of living in Tsarist Russia was no less than the American or European. But the revolution can be stirred up out of the blue, there would be competent agents.
      Quote: Mikhail M
      Have believing rich people renounced their wealth?

      No one forces believers to give up wealth.
  2. +3
    7 December 2012 07: 18
    Great article. Nobody, let alone Orthodoxy, calls to be poor. We are simply told: "Own money, the main thing is that money does not own you." In other words, do not "hover your head" in the eternal pursuit of dough. You have to work and this is also a requirement of Orthodoxy, but you should not think that your personal happiness depends on the amount of your cash.
    It seems that everything is simple, but, damn it, our heads are full of all sorts of Hollywood (and Mosfilm) images, which is impossible without this race. And ready to go on their heads and clutch at the throat.
    I remember my aunt that in my time I was dreaming about everything about a headset and about crystal. She bit it all, the poor woman was already shaking. Well, she got this headset and crystal. And where are they? In the trash. Is this the meaning of life?
    Salvage and all other benefits should attached to our life, but not to be the ultimate goal of life. This cannot be explained to a woman, their brains are sharpened differently and this is normal, but we must strive for higher creative tasks, according to the talents that the Lord gave.
    1. +3
      7 December 2012 08: 15
      Crystal showed guests the level in the host society. It doesn’t matter whether a turner or an artist is Lada, crystal, carpets - you are respected, and who did not know you, seeing this, was respected. And talents often depended on the shaggyness of the helping hand.
      1. +3
        7 December 2012 12: 02
        Quote: Pule
        Crystal showed guests the level in the host society. It doesn’t matter whether a turner or an artist is Lada, crystal, carpets - you are respected, and who did not know you, seeing this, was respected. And talents often depended on the shaggyness of the helping hand.

        I think your statement is more suitable for our times, all the same, before, they looked more at the inner world of a person than at his shell. And I didn’t understand something about talents, how can they depend on the helping hand?
        In general, as far as the article is concerned, a very sore subject has been touched upon, and it has been deployed very fully. A Russian person really can’t put money as the goal of his life! Well, it’s inconvenient for him to live before God for such a purpose! And a thousand times Dostoevsky is right in saying:
        "If there is no God, then everything is allowed."

        It’s also allowed not to miss an ambulance, and it’ll even fall into her tail!
    2. S_mirnov
      7 December 2012 12: 26
      Very good article, there would be more of these. Unfortunately, traders were allowed to power. Now have to disentangle.
    3. 0
      7 December 2012 12: 33
      Quote: Magadan
      No one, especially Orthodoxy, calls for being a beggar

      "You cannot serve God and mammon (purse."
      Quote: Magadan
      We must work and this is also a demand of Orthodoxy,

      "Look at the birds of the air: they do not sow, they do not reap, they do not gather into barns; and your Father in heaven feeds them. Are you not much better than them?"
      "So do not worry and do not say: what do we eat? Or what to drink? Or what to wear? Because the Gentiles are looking for all this, and because your Father in heaven knows that you have a need for all this."
      Religion was originally created for the poor, so as to cover up the injustice of the created world. The principle: do not hatch, endure and you will have a "kingdom of God" when you give an oak tree. A man was created to develop and learn, work and love. To give birth to children and strive for a better life ...
    4. +1
      7 December 2012 14: 05
      Quote: Magadan
      Никто, тем Р ± РѕР »РµРµ РџСЂР ° РІРѕСЃР» Р ° РІРёРµ, РЅРµ РїСЂРёР · С ‹РІР ° ет Р ± С ‹С‚СЊ РЅРёС ‰ РёРј.

      R 'трР° РґРёС † РёРѕРЅРЅРѕРјР …РѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРѓРРХодить РѕР ± РѕСЂРІР ° РЅРЅС ‹Рј Рё Р ± Р ± РѕСЃРёРєРѕРј никто РЅРµ РїСЂРёР · С‹ РІР ° РµС ‚. R ”еньги нужны, СЗ С‚РѕР ± С ‹Р¶РёС‚СЊ. Рђ СЂР ° РґРё денег жить РЅРµ СЃС‚РѕРёС ‚.
  3. +3
    7 December 2012 07: 42
    Normal, do not read, I liked the article.
    I posted yesterday, I was minuscule, but there the post is from the very same thing as this article, and the conclusions are almost the same, with the only difference being that it is written in a more wooden language. Well, excuse me. The most interesting thing was that they messed me up there. So, I will pay him one more time, in solidarity with the conclusions in this article, and I will insist on my own, but at least get the hell out of it, somehow I give a damn about it. Not somehow, but absolutely to the point. Moreover, the more minuses, the better - it means the truth stabs in the eye:
    Quote: grizzlir

    Not stolen, but purposefully replaced by faith in crispy bills

    - Grizzlies, super! Sorry, you can only have one plus! This is all due to the fact that the financier was made the main thing, like that of a heatman in a house under construction - I had such a post, read? Both the financier and the thermal engineer should have one assessment of their work - the best assessment when no one notices their work. It’s warm at home, at the right moment the money falls on the bill. And when do they notice? When a heatman makes his heat the main commodity. And the financier too.
    So I’m thinking - maybe the one who wrote the Sermon on the Mount (I’m an agnostic, and I think that it was still a man. BUT A MAN!), Foresaw all this and wrote. these commandments are like a lighthouse, like a landmark. If you ignore the lighthouse, you are sailing the wrong way and you can run into reefs. In your post it is clearly visible that we are swimming in the wrong direction, sucking in the wrong direction.
    And the most interesting - this is not Putin should do! Putin - is there such a situation, such is the current situation, now I have such resources, what can be done to get the most digestible result in this situation? He does and does well. Qualitatively, we can only improve the situation ourselves !!!!! The masses themselves, massively rejecting the recognition of the financier as the main figure and returning to those Mountainous values! That’s the whole secret.
    1. Winter
      7 December 2012 11: 53
      Previously, bankers, appraisers were the lowest, most despised part of the business world! But today how everything turned upside down!
      1. +5
        7 December 2012 12: 08
        Quote: Winter
        Previously, bankers, appraisers were the lowest, most despised part of the business world! But today how everything turned upside down!
        - Well, Duc and actors were not much different.
        by social status from expensive courtesans laughing But now in most magazines there is nothing to read, only they are printed laughing And how do you read why the same Korikova left Osadchy (a very professional operator), about that story even a song was written "she wanted to live in Manhattan and share secrets with Demi Moore, but he is just an operator, a guy, in general, not poor , but! ", about the reason for this abandonment, which is a reflection of her inner worldview (by the way, she also directly voices it!), so howl hunting. Then my daughter reads it, and then it takes a long time to dissuade her.
        Winter, plus you. Even though one realized that it was not at all for the Clericalization of the state, they understood me too bluntly sad Is it necessary to chew your position with a long post?
        1. admiral
          7 December 2012 12: 35
          In the comments it is forbidden: insult and threats, obscenities, inciting ethnic hatred
          Quote: aksakal
          Then my daughter reads it, and then it takes a long time to convince her

          Thank you for not writing essays on the subject in schools!
          Thank God I don’t know who Korikova is with Osadchim, but the prima donna with the ugly maxim has already been taken!
          1. +2
            7 December 2012 15: 26
            Quote: Admiral
            Say thank you that until schools write essays on this topic! Thank God I don’t know who Korikova and Osadchim are, but we already got the diva with the maxim ugly!

            greetings, Admiral. The prima donna and Max still all right, they do not voice disgusting consumer sentiments at every step, here is how the article describes: "We live once, live - come off!" and so on. And if they are interviewing, then at least they say the right things. There are simply too many of them on television, so they are annoying. Thank God, the dog was thrown out of the TV and jumped. Now, whatever they might forget, he prints all sorts of nasty things on Twitter. Black PR is also PR (advertising slogan).
  4. vladsolo56
    7 December 2012 08: 01
    Religion has never made a person spiritual, thousands of examples. Tsarist Russia was a completely religious state, and so what? there were no criminals, maybe there were no prostitutes, no one bothers to think that religious fanatics rely on faith in their crimes. But even if they do not commit anything illegal, they hysterically howl at any occasion of an atheistic worldview.
    The USSR was affected here, and so we were educated in the spirit of honor and justice, but as the modern youth is educated, the author himself cited examples from modern life
    1. admiral
      7 December 2012 12: 37
      In the comments it is forbidden: insult and threats, obscenities, inciting ethnic hatred
      Quote: vladsolo56
      so we were brought up in the spirit of honor and justice,

      And this is religion! That is - FAITH !!!
    2. -4
      7 December 2012 12: 55
      Religion has never made a person spiritual.
      Very true noticed !!!
      Respect to you for your comment

      And the article is smart and true. The meaning of life is not in the financial plane !!!
    3. +3
      7 December 2012 15: 33
      Quote: vladsolo56
      Religion has never made a person spiritual, thousands of examples. Tsarist Russia was a completely religious state, and so what? there were no criminals, maybe there were no prostitutes, no one bothers to think that religious fanatics rely on faith in their crimes. But even if they do not commit anything illegal, they hysterically howl at any occasion of an atheistic worldview. The USSR was affected here, and so we were educated in the spirit of honor and justice, but as the modern youth is educated, the author himself cited examples from modern life

      - Vladsolo, let's argue with you on this topic, when you even read the wiki and find out the difference between the CLEARIZATION OF SOCIETY AND STATE and just the piety of the population, adherence and observance by the people of the norms and rules of their religion. Moreover, you can follow the norms and parvilas of religion without being a believer. "Thou shalt not kill", "Thou shalt not steal" and other points (I confidently carry out these two, "out of love" and "do not be gluttonous" - it does not always work out -))) - they can be performed by an ordinary person. These are the norms of decency. I wrote about this. Why did he take biblical prohibitions? Education and decency do not always save you from evil deeds. The German burgher, having believed in his time possessed compatriot, for the most part was a decent and well-mannered person. The burgher has forgotten God, that's the whole story. You are now confusing one with the other.
  5. +4
    7 December 2012 08: 14
    a good article, many are obsessed with the ruble, you need to be a man, not a slave to these pieces of paper ... they, of course, are needed, but they enslaved us ...
  6. s1н7т
    7 December 2012 08: 21
    Shrpipets, First - blah blah blah about nothing, but in the end - everything to church! laughing
    Any religion is a refuge for the poor and weak-willed. This is the "value" imposed on us as a nat. ideas? laughing
    However, someone voted for Putin and Medvedev, so there will always be consumers for this surrogate laughing
    1. Che
      7 December 2012 08: 26
      Sasha 19871987,
      Money should work for a person, but nothing more. And when they became a fetish, that’s bad. Faith in the golden calf is also instilled in us by the very successful tolerast west.
    2. admiral
      7 December 2012 12: 39
      In the comments it is forbidden: insult and threats, obscenities, inciting ethnic hatred
      Quote: c1n7
      Every religion is the refuge of the wretched and weak-willed.

      According to you, "Thou shalt not kill" is this squalor? And "do not steal" - lack of will? .. fool
      1. s1н7т
        8 December 2012 11: 15
        Quote: Admiral
        According to you, "Thou shalt not kill" is this squalor? And "do not steal" - lack of will? .. fool

        Something prevents you from reasoning reasonably - are you a religious religious fanatic? laughing If there is a lack of education, find at least Wikipedia a definition of religion laughing And the postulates cited by you are stupidly the rules of human society, which are used by religions for the social organization of their "flocks"
    3. +1
      7 December 2012 15: 36
      s1n7, let's argue with you on this topic when you even read the wiki and find out the difference between the CLEARIZATION OF SOCIETY AND STATE and just the piety of the population, following and observance by the people of the norms and rules of their religion. Moreover, you can follow the norms and parvilas of religion without being a believer. "Thou shalt not kill", "Thou shalt not steal" and other points (I confidently carry out these two, "out of love" and "do not be gluttonous" - it does not always work out -))) - they can be performed by an ordinary person. These are the norms of decency. I wrote about this. Why did he take biblical prohibitions? Education and decency do not always save one from bad deeds. The German burgher, having believed in his time possessed compatriot, for the most part was a decent and well-mannered person. The burgher forgot God, that's the whole story. You are now confusing one with the other
      1. s1н7т
        8 December 2012 11: 21
        Aksakal, what is there to argue about if you wrote down in the "biblical prohibitions" the norms of human community, formed in society long before the Bible ?! laughing laughing laughing
        Every time I meet an adherent of "faith", the informational blindness is striking - apparently the insufficient level of education, replaced by erudition in a limited sphere, affects.
  7. +2
    7 December 2012 08: 27
    Good article. The quintessence of my thoughts. I can only add: the compulsion to worship the "golden calf" is what destroys us, not lack of spirituality, not without religiosity, a religion new to Russia, old to Europe. She has her own gods, her idols, her temples, her postulates, her saints. The most offensive thing is that modern Orthodoxy has in an amazing organic way intertwined with the religion of the golden calf.
  8. 0
    7 December 2012 08: 37
    Until 2020, a generation of hungry and embittered 90s is growing up. Much has changed since 2000. They began to sing the hymn, proudly look at the rising flag, and the coat of arms is not called "chicken leg". People get tired of money. Young millionaires no longer earn money, but a status that allows them to influence the environment. House, car, spouse, children have replaced Soviet apartments, Zhiguli, crystal. But the meaning remained. The story goes in a spiral. In ancient times, the middle class went to fight others. Lived, returned - rich. Middle times corrected the concept of "fight" in defense of the Faith. The fascists replaced Faith with the Purity of the Race. Amer - Democracy. And it was, is and will be - money is a tool for "getting closer to God." And they remember Him at the moment of the collapse of the Tower of Babel, Sadom and Gomorrah, i.e. when God takes away "toys".
    Nothing new now!
  9. liachenko
    7 December 2012 10: 18
    We just need to do nothing of the important ...
    What should an ordinary person do in order to live in a Fair World, not in fairy tales and in this world We don’t agree to argue, but it’s not worth it to be silent ... The evolutionary program action, do not agree, argue, without censorship, (last time the Smolny Institute of noble girls ended badly)
  10. +5
    7 December 2012 10: 28
    The happiness of creativity is replaced by the pursuit of pleasure at any cost, in any way. You can only regret such "racers" - there is never a lot of money, and envy does not bring happiness. It’s bad, very bad when billions are stolen from the Ministry of Defense. But it is scary, terribly scary, when in another MO they steal the souls of our children, turning them into stupid consumers. Textbooks, curricula, USE - the height of perfection! It remains to introduce a compulsory study of the "Law of God" and get an obedient "flock" at the exit! Also, to get into the family with dirty paws YuYu, so as not to teach "what is not needed." No matter how you feel about the Soviet power, the priority was UNIVERSAL, COMPLETE, FREE EDUCATION ! The result, as they say, on the face! Until now, at the very least, but ALIVE Russia!
    1. -1
      7 December 2012 14: 11
      Р'С ‹РЅРµ вутР° йте тепл РѕРµ СЃ РјСЏРіРєРёРј. РќРµ РЅР ° РґРѕ РІР ° Р »РёС‚СЊ РІСЃРµ РІ РѕР ± С ‰ СѓСЋ РєСѓС З Сѓ.
    2. s1н7т
      8 December 2012 11: 23
      I fully support you!
  11. +3
    7 December 2012 11: 09
    The article is interesting, but the author has gathered everything together. The main idea, as I understood it, is that a society where the main criterion for everything and everything is money has no future. I agree with this, if I understand correctly. The author also talks about the absence of ideology, and this is true. But I am always wary of when they want to sell religion in any form as an ideology. For our country, this is dangerous and fraught with conflicts. The author is right when he says that "a system of values ​​is important for the state as a basis." , that is, ideology. In modern Russia it is absent, replaced by money. True. But I disagree with the author on this: in Soviet times, "they left the commandments, removed Christ", he writes, but those moral and ethical principles laid down in the commandments existed long before Christ. What has religion to do with it?
    1. 0
      7 December 2012 20: 48
      Baltic-18, in this case, religion should not be accepted as an appeal to the Clericalization of the state, but as
      Quote: baltika-18
      those moral principles laid down in the commandments
      elevate to the rank of holy concepts. Religion is simply the most suitable for this. It is simply necessary that the people have something sacred, namely sacred. There is no worse characteristic when they say "there is nothing sacred for him!" To do this, you do not need to become a believer, for this you can remain an agnostic (or atheist) as you wish, but treat those commandments as holy things, that is, so that ... In short, I am tongue-tied, the new ones understood me.
    2. s1н7т
      8 December 2012 11: 32
      Quote: baltika-18
      What does religion have to do with it?

      Despite the fact that in religion everything is based on blind faith. For example, all power is from God! And Churov can rest laughing A joke, of course, but bitter.
  12. +3
    7 December 2012 11: 49
    if the national idea is material enrichment, then the end of the state is inevitable .......... not by bread alone, it has long been said
    1. -1
      7 December 2012 14: 14
      Quote: strannik595
      если РЅР ° С † РёРѕРЅР ° Р» СЊРЅР ° СЏ РёРґґµµЏ - РјР ° териР° Р »СЊРЅРѕРµ РсР ± РѕРіР ° С ‰ еннаЀЀЀЀЀнЀнннннннннннн ен ........

      АмерикР° РЅСЃРєР ° СЏ РјРµС З С‚Р ° - РЅР ° РіР »СЏРґРЅС‹ Р№ пример. ОстР° Р »РѕСЃСЊ немного подождР° ть
  13. 0
    7 December 2012 15: 48
    An article about sore, BUT!

    The author is like a small one. Scaredooo .... And, head under the covers!

    With great pleasure and solidarity I read the comments of many participants on the fallacy of the main conclusions of the author.
    I immediately remembered Leo Tolstoy and his non-church Christianity.
    Here is an article on this topic -
    1. 0
      7 December 2012 16: 35
      And I want to say with regret.
      Recovery from the misfortune described by the author can occur only through pain that is equally proportional to the so-called experienced. well-being ...
      It is the movement towards the greatest satisfaction that is the true source of wars and all kinds of disasters of mankind .....
  14. ironman
    7 December 2012 17: 14
    Quote: aksakal
    Education and decency do not always save us from evil deeds. The German burgher, having once believed a demoniac compatriot, for the most part was a decent and well-mannered person.

    It's like that. Only on his head was he sick. And the sick on the head and a good upbringing and fear of God do not help.
    1. +1
      7 December 2012 20: 39
      Quote: ironman
      It's like that. Only on his head was he sick. And the sick on the head and a good upbringing and fear of God do not help.
      - Ironman, in fact, a burgher is a collective image of millions of Germans, you can only declare them sick on their head only on emotions, and I understand and accept your emotions, and join .. But at the moment I'm only interested in cold facts. And the facts say the following - there cannot be such a number of mentally ill in one place. I insist on my own - namely, they have lost God.
  15. 0
    7 December 2012 21: 28
    In the 1980s, the famous drug lord Escobar was once again hiding from criminal prosecution in the mountains. Along with him, the drug lord took his son, daughter Manuel and several million dollars.
    When a man saw that his daughter was freezing, he made a fire of almost $ 2 million. At the same fire, the drug lord also prepared dinner. And who is now ready to burn a bunch of bucks, euros ... to warm a loved one?

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