In Russia, a line of universal FPV drones "Joker" has been developed for use in the NWO zone

In Russia, a line of universal FPV drones "Joker" has been developed for use in the NWO zone

Specialists of the Center for Integrated Unmanned Solutions (CCBR) have developed a line of FPV-drones "Joker", capable of performing the entire range of combat missions in the special operation zone. This was announced by the Director General of the center Dmitry Kuzyakin.

New drones are developed on the basis of sports drones, they differ from the usual ones in their versatility. Thanks to the applied solutions, Drones "Jokers" are capable of performing various tasks without interfering with the structure. Those. the same drone can conduct reconnaissance, attack enemy positions by dropping ammunition, or act as a kamikaze. For attaching the payload, the drones have a multifunctional payload attachment platform.

We (...) based on sports drones made a universal line "Joker". (...) Now this "station wagon" does not need to be soldered, remade, changed suspensions on ties or hang additional equipment

- leads TASS Kuzyakin's words.

According to the CEO, the idea was taken from foreign developers, deeply reworked and added with their own solutions. The output was a universal "Joker". Moreover, the drones go to the SVO zone already with standard settings, firmware, etc., so the fighters do not need to think about how to customize it for themselves.

Earlier it was reported that the TsKRB received an American-made FPV drone from the special operation zone, which our military got as a trophy. It is possible that a number of technologies of this particular drone were used to develop the Joker drone line. Currently, FPV drones are widely used at the front, the Russian army needs a large number of drones for various purposes.
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    1. -2
      23 May 2023 06: 35
      You see the patriot.... bang bang bang..... evaporated!
      1. -2
        23 May 2023 08: 35
        Developed? It's nothing. Made a batch for the army? Honor and respect to you!
      2. +1
        23 May 2023 10: 54
        Quote from Enceladus
        Do you see a patriot

        Learn Russian, Lyokha!
        It will be useful ... wink
    2. -1
      23 May 2023 06: 47
      Recently, a program was shown about a similar device Dobrynya. Like 7 times it was specially thrown onto the concrete - everything works on the side. Immediately in the kit there are clamps for transporting and dropping conventional grenades and RPG rounds. even demonstrated dropping a training grenade.
      The type will soon be mass-produced.
      1. -1
        23 May 2023 07: 40
        As soon as an agreement is reached with China. I know my comment is too short.
      2. -1
        23 May 2023 08: 49
        This has been done for a long time. A complete set has been stamped on an industrial scale for a decade.
        Very soon it will be massively imported to Russia. Silk Road he is, yes ...
    3. -1
      23 May 2023 09: 59
      Good deal! I also thought about the versatility of drones ... there are ideas. In any case, a concept "looms" with a basic "carrier" "platform", a universal mounting panel for various loads (ammunition or equipment), power supply modules and applications: 1. kamikaze; 2. "drummer" with the possibility of return; 3. reconnaissance spotter; 4. repeater-transmitter of radio interference; 5. UAV interceptor: 6.using the basic "platform", get a drone of both an aircraft type and a copter type, adding various "components" ...
      I was going to share the concept with the guys from the "office" like the one mentioned in this article, but it seems I'm too late!
    4. 0
      23 May 2023 10: 33
      Guys, when will you learn to think before you cheer?
      Take a look here:
      The company is 3 people, organized a little over a year with an authorized capital of as much as 10 rubles.
      It’s a no brainer that another “horns and hooves” to drink the budget on a fashionable topic.
      1. -1
        23 May 2023 14: 14
        And when was it supposed to be created, if the understanding of their necessity came quite recently? In the MO, for example, not everyone still has such an understanding.
        1. -1
          23 May 2023 22: 31
          And when was it supposed to be created, if the understanding of their necessity came quite recently? In the MO, for example, not everyone still has such an understanding.

          Do you seriously believe that an LLC with only 3 employees and 10 authorized capital can create something there?
    5. 0
      23 May 2023 14: 12
      And in the conditions of counteraction to electronic warfare in the theater of operations, were they tested? Any videos with results? Over there, the Older Eda channel is promoting their "Ghoul" in full PR and posted a dozen vidos with real work in the conditions of the use of electronic warfare by the enemy.

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