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The USA again cheats, and their charges shoot schoolchildren

The USA again cheats, and their charges shoot schoolchildrenThe states have already done quite a lot in Iraq. The reason for the invasion was allegedly the threat of the use of chemical weapons (although which country will use weapons, chemical or any other, if no one attacks it? So far only the US and allies are doing it!). Hundreds of thousands of people were victims of American aggression, the country was plunged into chaos for a long time, and no chemical weapons were found. Then it turned out that the reason for the invasion in general was rigged, and the Texas cowboy Bush knew about it perfectly. But the thirst for war was stronger than this knowledge.

Now the bloody cowboy Bush has already safely rested from the affairs of the state, and another party is in power - and Obama takes lessons from him, as an obedient student of a black magic teacher. He fiddles with some kind of retorts, preparing the potion of the next war, and wants to make a bigger blow. And the assistant next door is Hillary Clinton, Mrs. “Wow” (remember that she exclaimed in response to the monstrous in its cruelty Gaddafi’s murder?), She won’t wait for the occasion to repeat her exclamation again ...

Once again, the Department of State and the administration of the President of the United States began talking about "Syrian chemical weapons." Voiced the topic entrusted to the former Syrian general, and now the miserable fugitive and coward Manaf Tlas. He obediently voiced memorized phrases that “the Syrian regime is ready to use chemical weapons” (he stated this in July, clearly, on whose prompting). And again the start button of the next hysteria at the international level is pressed.

Obama spoke at the National University of Defense. The occasion for his belligerent statements was the anniversary of the “Cooperative Threat Reduction Program”, adopted between the USA and Russia, in whose honor the speech was. Only here in the words of the American president were words that by no means contribute to reducing the threat. On the contrary, he threatened Syria with war.

“We simply cannot allow the 21 century to be overshadowed by the worst weapon of the 20 century! - Obama flooded, shaking his fists from the podium, - I want to unequivocally tell Assad and all who obey him: the use of chemical weapons is unacceptable. There will be consequences, and you will bear responsibility. ”

And Obama still dares to talk about “the worst weapon of the 20 of the 20th century! Does it really happen to him that atomic weapons are much worse? And which country, the only one in the world, used it against civilians? His own country in 1945!

Suppose, according to Obama, chemical weapons are even worse. Did he “forget” that the United States worked in Vietnam by spraying toxic substances from airplanes? Has anyone bore responsibility for this? And who was responsible for the use of depleted uranium against the Serbs? So far, only the Serbs themselves have carried it. First, bombs with depleted uranium rained down on their heads, and then their leaders were seized and brought to trial in The Hague - thoroughly biased, justifying any crime against Serb citizens, but incredibly cruel against Serbs, from private to President ...

Here is “justice” in the American way, here is the “reduction of threats” in the American way, here is their “peacemaking”!

Okay, someone will say - it was all up to Obama. But who should be responsible for the defeated Libya? Who should - he does not carry it. But he threatens with punishments to others ... It is not enough for him to have just one war, this Nobel Peace Prize winner. It’s necessary to work out the prize: as in the well-known joke “There will be no war, there will be such a struggle for peace that there will be no stone unturned”.

Obama's statements to America seemed small, and, apparently, to increase the volume of hysteria, Mrs. Clinton joined in, which revealed that "the use of chemical weapons is a kind of red line for the United States." While in the Czech Republic, she added: “We again warn Assad that his behavior is reprehensible. His actions against his own people are tragic. I will not specify what we will do, but we plan to take measures. ”

Apparently, the actions of Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi, who had usurped power, who had been usurped by power, had trampled on the Constitution and now violently suppress demonstrations in Cairo, do not seem tragic to the actions of the Arab Spring. It did not seem to this mistress the reprehensible measures of her boyfriend - Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, who staged a massacre on Turkey's Independence Day. It did not seem tragic to her and the measures of their own government to disperse the demonstrations "Occupy Wall Street".

That is, the United States, through the mouths of two high-ranking politicians at once, makes belligerent statements, forgetting their own history, forgetting their atrocities and their failures, forgetting their former peace-loving words and promises. Predators want blood, and again they want to hide behind a pretext that has already been used and has been fake.

It is still difficult to say whether preparations for another war are under way in American “laboratories” or is this another psychological attack on the leadership, the army and the people of Syria. But it is clear that the USA is aggravating the situation. Along with the hysteria about the "Syrian chemical weapons," NATO countries agreed to deploy American Patriots in Turkey. Allegedly - to protect against Syria. However, did Syria make at least one belligerent statement to Turkey? Did Syria threaten war with its northern neighbor? Is Syria, exsanguinated by the fight against terrorism imported from outside, is preparing to attack a pathetic fragment of the Ottoman Empire, which, however, seeks to revive its former greatness?

No, the opposite is true. Turkey is organizing militant bases on its territory, calling them “refugee camps”. This is Turkey hysteria on every occasion, threatening with "tough measures" and running for protection to NATO. It is Turkey that searches civilian airplanes flying to Syria, even if there are passengers with children or humanitarian aid.

And most importantly - both Turkey and its American masters, crying about the “cruel regime” in Syria, support those who actually commit unprecedented cruelties.

Here are some more bloody atrocities of those who are supported by these “fighters for peace”:

December 2 in the city of Homs terrorists blew up a car bomb parked in the quarter of Harm. 15 civilians died. 24 people were injured, many of them in serious condition. Residential buildings near the explosion site were destroyed - that is, dozens more people were left homeless.
December 4 militants continued their monstrous campaign to kill national cadres. In Damascus, in the Tadamun quarter, Syrian journalist Naji al-Saad was killed. He was killed near his house when he left the entrance to go to work, to the editorial office of the newspaper “Tishrin”. I had to write a lot about the fact that militants kill journalists, writers, poets, musicians, actors, engineers, unwanted members of the intelligentsia who, under these conditions, remain loyal to their state and people. And here is another case ...

And now I will have to tell you about the absolutely monstrous crime of the militants.

In 20 kilometers from Damascus, in the village of Al-Wafidin, American-Turkish protégés bombarded a school with mortars. 8 students and their teacher died on the spot. Another 20 children injured, some of them in critical condition.

How can you not remember the Nazis? How not to remember Mark Bernes's song about the murdered Yugoslav children of the city of Kragujevac, who were guilty of the fascists that their parents did not submit to the invaders, and were shot along with the teacher?

Guerrillas beat in the mountains of the Nazis,
Furious Germans fail.
Shoot teenage high school students
Resolved parents on fear.
Stones, stones, why are you silent ?!
Stirs gray hair breeze ...
Says Gestapo teacher
"Do not bother to continue the lesson!"
And while at least somewhere in the world
Wars are collecting their dues,
Blood is shed and children die -
Go on, teacher, your lesson!

And again the children are silent, and blood is shed again, only Fascism is now not under the banner of the swastika, but under the black flags of radical Islamism, and behind them are the star-striped flags of the United States and the blue cloths of NATO.

For this monstrous crime, Clinton and Obama, as well as all their servants, would have to at least apologize to the parents of these students, who never received the children from class. Obama says he will continue to “conduct a dialogue with the opposition and provide it with humanitarian assistance.” That is, it will not only conduct a dialogue with the child-killers, but also feed them from their own palms.

Instead of threatening the leadership of Syria, its president, its citizens - why not Clinton and Obama threaten their wards? What, they say, is another terrorist attack against civilians - and there will be consequences, at least - refusal to support? No, they are only planning to increase this support, turning a blind eye even to such atrocities as shelling a school - not a government institution, not a police station, not army headquarters, but an ordinary school, where students like all other countries who want to go home after class? Gentlemen, do you have children? Condemn infanticide!
Do not condemn. Do not stop support. And again and again there will be threats to a country that wants to live in peace and whose children want to gain knowledge ... Who will stop the new world fascism?
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  1. YARY
    YARY 5 December 2012 08: 51
    And to blame for everything else
    Only because
    I want to eat!
    1. Deniska999
      Deniska999 5 December 2012 11: 52
      Beat America!
      1. Sandov
        Sandov 5 December 2012 20: 29
        Yankees go home. Drown in the blood of the people you killed.
    2. crazyrom
      crazyrom 5 December 2012 15: 22
      Not long they left, less than five years (and even 2-3 years). One thing is encouraging - the following hegemonic candidates - Russia and China - are not bloodthirsty.
  2. Lech e-mine
    Lech e-mine 5 December 2012 08: 56
    how painfully all this is familiar — everywhere where it tears to the AUTHORITIES the PRO-AMERICAN OPPOSITION WOMEN AND CHILDREN KILLED — their blood is on the conscience of US politicians.
    1. Armata
      Armata 5 December 2012 21: 27
      Quote: Leha e-mine
      as all this is painfully familiar - everywhere where it breaks to the AUTHORITIES, PRO-AMERICAN OPPOSITION WOMEN AND CHILDREN KILLED - their blood is on the conscience of US politicians.
      In hell, they will remember everything. It is a pity that we will not see this.
  3. dirty trick
    dirty trick 5 December 2012 09: 04
    And again the children are silent, and blood is shed again, only Fascism is now not under the banner of the swastika, but under the black flags of radical Islamism, and behind them are the star-striped flags of the United States and the blue cloths of NATO.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 5 December 2012 09: 10
      Quote: dirty trick
      the children are silent again, and blood is pouring again, only fascism now comes not under the banners with the swastika, but under the black flags of radical Islamism, and behind them the star-striped US flags and the blue NATO banners clearly come out.

      And in the end, stop this madness - again we have to.
      1. Green
        Green 5 December 2012 09: 39
        The main thing is to stop again not in the vicinity of Moscow. But while Hizbut Tahrir and other Wahhabi structures funded by the SA and Qatar are freely opening their "theological circles" almost in Yamal, and the whole "royal army" is busy with something incomprehensible. The country is being mined by Wahhabite cells, and when this process is completed, it will not be up to Syria. The calmness of the authorities in this regard is simply bewildering.
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 5 December 2012 10: 01
          Quote: Verde

          The main thing is to stop again not in near Moscow

          At the current level of armaments, no one will reach Moscow anymore, except perhaps the ashes will bring wind hi
          1. Green
            Green 5 December 2012 10: 16
            Don't talk nonsense, where is this? The problem is that everything is no longer near Moscow, but in Moscow. They sit waiting in the wings. Wars Have Changed. Everyone thought that nuclear weapons would forever leave wars in the past. Fuck bald, "the best minds of mankind" have invented a new type of war. And this is the reality of the 21st century. And Russian generals are still preparing with tank avalanches on the fifth day to break through the Channel. Russia is completely unprepared for new challenges, so moreover, no one is scratching themselves. and here are not the first bells, the fire siren howls loudly. Subversive Wahhabi cells have crawled out of the Islamic regions and are opening in large numbers in traditionally Russian regions.
        2. Bekzat
          Bekzat 5 December 2012 14: 15
          Greetings to all, Ilya. You are right, during my service on the border with the XUAR we had a strengthening at one time, as Hizbut Tahrir intensified its movement. While the "royal army" divides and destroys, and says a lot about something, our countries are slowly, as you correctly put it, mining "theological schools", and from there graduates are sent to study in the Eastern countries in madrasahs. And then they wonder where we got radical Islam from?
        3. Armata
          Armata 5 December 2012 21: 32
          Quote: Verde
          The main thing is to stop again not in near Moscow

          And what difference does it make, under Moiska or on the border of Damassk, Bishkek, Grozny, and to hell with him under any village. Everything is the same where we put the crowd of heads, the main thing is that the guy from the next house put our flag on the ruins of our enemy.
          1. Bekzat
            Bekzat 6 December 2012 10: 28
            For Eugene, and after the Victory, we or other guys from a neighboring house, village, city, country, at the Parade will drop enemy flags and standards !!!
      2. dirty trick
        dirty trick 5 December 2012 09: 42
        it was a quote from an article, I just hooked a demotivator that fits the meaning
    2. Bekzat
      Bekzat 6 December 2012 10: 23
      Greetings to all, for dirty tricks, so to speak, in the continuation of your post
  4. Dimon Lviv
    Dimon Lviv 5 December 2012 09: 18
    Now all sorts of villains will start speaking that "in fact, his own people are fighting against Assad" ...
  5. taurus69
    taurus69 5 December 2012 09: 32
    you just need to declare Tartus our naval base, and send troops to defend Russian business missions, media, etc. in Syria. and if at least one shot in their direction - wet the shooters until they turn blue (cadaveric). rather than mooing something limp ...
    1. Green
      Green 5 December 2012 09: 51
      Well, put a bunch of guys in urban battles. The base is not difficult to strengthen and defend, but in a city in a dense Middle East building, to destroy guys with zero experience in fighting in such strange, unfamiliar territory, where it is unclear who is friend and who is enemy ... If only you volunteer there. Do you have extensive experience in conducting such hostilities? Or, judging by the flag from cozy Europe in front of the TV, you will support the Russian guys when they return in coffins. Russia doesn’t really even have drones to render assistance even in reconnaissance and target designation. At the distant approaches, the Wahhabi infection was already slammed. Now it’s time to prepare for countering this infection in Russia, but this is not being done. All abide in blissful inaction.
      1. taurus69
        taurus69 5 December 2012 13: 21
        unfortunately, I can’t go myself, because the age is not the same, the circumstances are all different. but why troops without experience? and Chechnya, a formidable sample of the beginning of the XNUMXs. Is everyone quit? and about friends and enemies, the Syrian army and specialists will tell.
    2. mda
      mda 5 December 2012 17: 02
      Quote: taurus69

      you just need to declare Tartus our naval base, and send troops to defend Russian business missions, media, etc. in Syria. and if at least one shot in their direction - wet the shooters until they turn blue (cadaveric). rather than mooing something limp ...

      It’s not necessary to send soldiers, otherwise for NATO it will be a signal for intervention
  6. Mujahiddin777
    Mujahiddin777 5 December 2012 10: 11
    Yesterday there was a dialogue with one doctor, he told me that in the south of Tajikistan the number of people who received the radiation dose increased .. Then intelligence reported that the amers are not disposing of waste and nobody controls it ... I understand that they use Afghanistan to its fullest, they drag oil and drugs from that place, they carry all kinds of waste ... It doesn’t cause anger !!!
    1. Green
      Green 5 December 2012 10: 29
      Stupidity. Oil in Afghanistan is not growing in the fields. To her at great depths through the rocks you need to break through. A bunch of bulky and extremely vulnerable equipment for sabotage. SNF storage in Afghanistan is also difficult for objective technological reasons. These are conjectures and fairy tales beyond logic and reason, like fairy tales about the fact that the Jews of Palestinian infants gutted organs. The spread of such rumors in view of their absurdity only discredits rather those who disseminate them.
      1. Mujahiddin777
        Mujahiddin777 6 December 2012 13: 01
        Have you been there Eyes generally seen Afghan ?? You read in Google ... Che? Just to leave a comment?
        1. Green
          Green 6 December 2012 13: 43
          And what will I see when I am in Afghanistan? Oil growing in trees?
          1. Mujahiddin777
            Mujahiddin777 6 December 2012 14: 08
            I don’t know where your oil grows, but you can see the buried waste underground if you dig a little deeper ... As far as I know, they first dug a hole, then stupidly buried it, already with the waste ...
  7. Saracen
    Saracen 5 December 2012 11: 04
    Many strange questions:
    1. In the city there are fierce battles, and children study in schools. And what kind of parent is letting his child out of the house at such a time?
    2. During the civil war, where there is no solid front line, it is not known who is who, and from where it was fired. Except in cases where weapons not available to the enemy are used. For example, aviation (and how many video frames of bombed hospitals, schools, houses are specifically aviation).
    3. There is an intensified information war, and the one with more media wins.
    4. And regarding the fact that the Western media and human rights defenders either support the rebels, or condemn. The United States has appointed an opposition government for the fourth or fifth time, and again the rebels have rejected it. That is, they put pressure on them, if you do not accept our conditions, you will be terrorists. A couple of weeks ago, a topic was promoted with the shooting of 4 captured Asad soldiers.
    1. 11Goor11
      11Goor11 5 December 2012 13: 20
      Everything is somewhat different than you imagine - in Syria not there is a widespread civil war, and many areas have been destroyed, some have been abandoned by residents, but in most others, oddly enough, a peaceful life is preserved. People go to work, study, trade and shop in the markets, and that's when the "fighters for democracy" get them.
      1. Saracen
        Saracen 5 December 2012 14: 39
        This event took place in a specific area, namely, a suburb of Damascus where fierce battles have been going on for at least 2 weeks, during which Assad air strikes, and you want to say that in this situation, children go to school.
        1. 11Goor11
          11Goor11 5 December 2012 17: 36
          ... it’s the suburb of Damascus where for at least 2 weeks there have been fierce battles against which Assad’s air strikes,

          according to all the news there is information about the refugee camp Wafiddin, which was not mentioned anywhere before
          Syrian "rebels" fired mortars at a school in the Wafiddin refugee camp on the outskirts of Damascus

          And only anna-news which has first-hand information (Marat Musin) gives the name of the Muhayyam Alvafeydein district, which before this tragedy also did not go through the news.
          anna news
          As a result of mortar shelling by militants of a school in the Muhayyam Alvafeydin district of Damascus province, 9 students and one teacher were killed in a programming lesson in grade 24.

          Where did you get the idea that fierce fighting has been going on in this area for 2 weeks, this is a refugee camp and "Assad's aircraft are striking at it"? Have you read it on your ceiling? Or from the definition "Assad is bad, rebels are good"?
          1. Saracen
            Saracen 5 December 2012 18: 40
            Can you read?
            Quote: 11Goor11
            outskirts of Damascus

            Quote: 11Goor11
            suburb of damascus

            not the same thing?

            Quote: 11Goor11
            this is a refugee camp and "Assad's aircraft are striking at it"
            these are your words
            I wrote
            Quote: 11Goor11
            namely, the suburbs of Damascus, where for at least 2 weeks there have been fierce battles against which Assad air strikes

            and which of us is reading from the ceiling?

            Quote: 11Goor11
            Read it on my ceiling

            Syrian aviation bombing the vicinity of Damascus
            On the eve of the metropolitan suburbs, powerful blows to the rebels were inflicted by aircraft and artillery. Actively used armored vehicles.
            All operations are accompanied by massive air strikes at CCA positions.
            and dozens and dozens of reports from various sources about the use of aviation in the suburbs of Damascus
            and where did they get one God knows
            1. Saracen
              Saracen 5 December 2012 23: 59
              Media: Syrian aviation dropped cluster bombs on children playing
              Read more:
  8. demon ada
    demon ada 5 December 2012 11: 28
    everything that happens in the world amazes me,
    Of course, maybe my opinion is biased and I judge one-sidedly,
    but why is this a group of countries guided by self-interest (or whatever), brazenly intervenes in other countries, and kills its inhabitants, destroys the usual system, hiding behind obscure words. What to do in such a situation. I understand that no one will fight. That Syria is doomed, but simply the answer WHY?
    1. Saracen
      Saracen 5 December 2012 11: 44
      It has always been like this in world history:
      colonization of Africa and America
      1 and 2 world wars
      hundreds of local conflicts
  9. Turdaun
    Turdaun 5 December 2012 11: 48
    Yes "USA" will punish (deliberately with small letters) ALMOST !!! The adversaries have completely turned off. The third world war is inevitable, and in it the Sesheans will burn out in the heat of shame and retribution !!! Soon, very soon ...
    1. mda
      mda 5 December 2012 17: 07
      Quote: Turdahun
      The third world war is inevitable, and in it the Sesheans will burn in the heat of shame and retribution !!! Soon, very soon ....

      World War III is not necessary because the United States will definitely use nuclear weapons.
  10. Saracen
    Saracen 5 December 2012 11: 50
    Quote: demon ada
    I understand that no one will fight

    fought, are at war, and will be at war.
    Especially when there is a deep financial crisis in the West, there is no raw material, and expensive European goods refuse to buy, the West returned to its original craft: robbery and open colonization.
  11. demon ada
    demon ada 5 December 2012 12: 49
    I'm afraid they will write later in history books
    2012 did not portend the beginning of a new World War 3.
    pah pah pah - 333 times
  12. DAOSS
    DAOSS 5 December 2012 16: 06
    The war is on, and Russia is silent. And it will shut up until the next June 22 at 4 a.m.
    Only this time she will not have allies and assistants since she all threw!!!
    1. Karlsonn
      Karlsonn 5 December 2012 20: 31
      Quote: DAOSS
      because she left everyone !!!

      it is necessary not so, it is necessary right from the trump card:
      ... Russia forcibly forced all other republics to secede from the USSR, and then led aggressive Russophobic propaganda on their territory, violating the laws of these already independent subjects of international law!
      And then you somehow sluggishly troll out.
  13. Larus
    Larus 5 December 2012 16: 47
    We always supported the bloodthirsty forces that didn’t matter what was happening in their country. Previously, even the USSR opposed this, and now there is nobody and completely insolent these killers untied their hands around the world and do whatever they want.
  14. 1st_user
    1st_user 5 December 2012 17: 45
    The use of chemical weapons is 100% excluded. After all, in order to apply it, external intervention is needed, in order to carry out external intervention, an excuse is needed in the form of the use of chemical weapons. A vicious circle turns out, which, by the way, works in Syria's favor, and this is good. This means that the only scenario for the use of chemical weapons is the use by the "rebels" of a charge brought from the United States or another NATO country, i.e. a terrorist attack with a clearly provocative purpose, where the naked truth will be revealed as it is (for those who still do not understand).
    1. Karlsonn
      Karlsonn 5 December 2012 20: 44
      Quote: 1st_user
      those. terrorist attack with clearly provocative aim, where the naked truth will be revealed
      Evano the black man shook a bubble with white powder at a meeting, the war began then the truth was revealed - so what?
      If you start to list the wars that began with a provocation, in particular Amer’s wars, such a sheet will come out that hoo.
      This situation does not change when the West is ready, or the situation will be favorable, he will find anyone, arrange a provocation with his or her own hands and start a war, and the truth will be revealed or not. Everyone knows that the United States lied about Yugoslavia, and about Iraq and Afghanistan, but it doesn’t touch either ordinary people (the so-called world community) or international organizations.
      After the disappearance of the USSR as a deterrent, such a thing as international law disappeared, and the reactions and actions of all, without exception, international institutions were likened to the behavior of a cheap street prostitute.
  15. voxpopuli
    voxpopuli 6 December 2012 00: 17
    One of the senior representatives of the Israeli intelligence said in an interview with the 2nd channel of Israeli TV that soon the border with Syria will turn into the hottest place in Israel, and the intensity of events in the north will not be comparable to what is happening in Gaza and Sinai.

    According to the Israeli intelligence officer, the Syrian Air Force is the only advantage that keeps the Assad regime afloat. He said: "The situation in which Assad is located is directly dependent on the Air Force. The Air Force is losing two combat vehicles a day - a level that Syria simply cannot afford. The collapse of the Air Force would mean the immediate collapse of the regime in Damascus. The days of Assad are numbered, behind him. chaos will follow, which will inevitably splash out on the border - on the Golan Heights. "

    The spy said that foreign jihadists are already concentrating near the border with Israel, and accumulating large quantities of weapons. From Israel's point of view, the main danger is not the local Syrian terrorist movements fighting against Assad, but the international terrorists who have arrived in Syria in anticipation of the impending war with Israel. It should be noted that Sunni fanatics and militants from Arab states did not appear in Syria yesterday. Bashar al-Assad, without showing great intelligence, supported the al-Qaeda networks in Iraq, allowing them to establish rear bases in eastern Syria during the jihad against the American occupation (more on this can be found here). According to Israeli intelligence estimates, 3-4 thousand jihadists associated with the international Salafi movements and Al-Qaeda are currently in Syria.

    According to the Israeli commander, "several hundred" militants have already been deployed to the border with Israel in the Quneitra, Bir-Ajam and Barik areas: "We estimate that they possess a large number of modern weapons that are not used against Assad, but will be used against our soldiers. "We are talking about Milan, Metis-M missiles, Kornet anti-tank missiles and Igla portable anti-aircraft systems, which are especially problematic."

    The intelligence forecast is completely disappointing: “We expect that once the rebels are done with Assad, they will turn their full attention to our northern border. We have no doubt about that. They have accumulated a large number of missiles, and this is bringing our northern settlements back on the line. As soon as Assad falls, there will be "incidents" on the border. It will start like on the border with Egypt, where it came to shelling our patrols with anti-tank missiles, but in the Golan Heights we should expect much worse. It really doesn't matter who will take the place of Assad. From the point of view of Israel, there is no positive prospect in Syria. "
    1. Karlsonn
      Karlsonn 6 December 2012 12: 40
      I am always alarmed by the statements of senior intelligence officials, at best this is the official point of view of the authorities, in the worst case, although this is usually one of the moves in the multi-stage game conducted by the intelligence of this country. Believing much more productive not in such statements, but in Santa Claus - more productive wink .
      Quote: voxpopuli
      From the point of view of Israel, in Syria there is no positive perspective

      From Himler’s point of view, the prospects for the Jews were even less rosy, and how it turned out. We’ll say what’s next.