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Polish version of the weapon and equipment of the soldier of the XXI century

At the end of the past and the beginning of this century, many countries decided to make trunks in the framework of the “soldier of the future”,weapon future "and so on. Despite the fact that most of the models with which they are trying to prove their inordinate coolness and development, many countries are frankly nonsense and are stillborn, there are quite interesting models among such samples that at least look like weapons and not fake Hollywood blasters from movies. However, even from the most incredible in their design samples they manage to draw out something useful, but the money that is spent on obviously worthless samples weighing under 10 a kilogram could be spent on more useful things. On the other hand, domestic gunsmiths do not suffer from such foolishness, which is good news, so let the “probable enemy” continue in the same vein. In the same article we will try to disassemble one of the most realistic options for equipment and weapons of the “soldier of the future”, namely the Polish Titan.

It all started in 2007, when the idea of ​​developing a new weapon and equipment was born. By 2008, the basic requirements for the whole case were formulated and immediately began development. The first task was to create a replacement for the Beryl and Mini Beryl automata, which were essentially Tantal and Onyks with 5,45 under 5,56, in other words we are talking about options for the Kalashnikov. Many experts said that the Beryl machines must completely change the bolt group and also modify the trigger mechanism, that is, in essence, create an almost new weapon. The military experts noted that by adding modern electron-optical sights to Beryl, it is possible to extend the service life of the weapon in years on the 10-20. Familiar words, is not it? But, paradoxically, the decision was made very different from what was expected and the weapon decided to create a new one. But there is one snag, the whole complex of weapons, that is, modular machine guns, machine guns and submachine guns (this is especially interesting, what parts of software will be interchangeable with more “adult” samples) will be ready in 2012-2015. At the same time, it should be noted separately that the machine gun will be supplied with both standard NATO 5,56x45 cartridges and the new cartridgeless cartridge, which is also being developed for this weapon. In general, there’s nothing much to tell about weapons.

But much is known for electronics, which is currently "driven around" on the machines Beryl. First of all, it should be noted the new electron-optical sight, which combines the functions of an optical sight, a night vision device, a ballistic computer, both for the machine gun and for a grenade launcher, and also acts as a camera transmitting the image to the operator, which makes it possible to better coordinate the actions of the fighters. By the way, the grenade launcher itself may be a forty millimeter, but the very essence, of undermining the grenade as it approaches the target that was once proposed in the United States, will continue. However, it is possible that the caliber of the grenade-shot will be reduced, it’s difficult to predict something with one hundred percent likelihood orienting on what we have now, since it’s not difficult to reconfigure the electronics for other parameters. But the main feature of the electronic sight of the weapon is that it consists of two parts. One part is attached as standard, on top of the weapon, and is used as usual. The second part is mounted on a warrior’s helmet and is connected to the main sight with a fiber-optic cable. Thus, the data obtained from the main sight are transmitted to this additional console, that is, for more or less aimed fire, the fighter does not need to look at all in the same direction that you want to shoot, which allows you to fire from behind shelters completely hiding behind them.

In fact, such a performance of electronics, if you can’t get rid of it in any way, is optimal in the near future. But everything is fine in theory. So, personally, I have questions of delay, which will be between real actions and what the fighter will see in his monocular, and in any case, they will be quite tangible. So, as it were, good intentions and progress did not lead to substantial losses among the personnel. However, the electronic system Titan had already given up at the beginning of the year to the troops in the number of 200 kits. It is also planned to test this system in combat operations in Afghanistan among Polish servicemen. So far, without any data on the effectiveness and reliability of electronics, it is planned to "rivet" about 28 thousands of sets, but the question of export will already be resolved based on the results of combat use.

Of course, it is still too early to draw conclusions about the whole complex, since it is not yet ready for a weapon that I personally have a very great interest in, in particular, with regard to the sleeveless cartridge. However, the fact that the electronic part of the complex is actually standing with one foot in service indicates that the Poles still managed to catch the essence of the issue of weapons and equipment of the “soldier of the future.” However, taking into account the same cartridgeless cartridge, it should be noted that in this case a crane is caught in the sky, well, or a crane. Although to exclude the fact that an ammunition will be created without a sleeve, which at its cost will be less than 30 ordinary and will not turn, after several shots, a weapon into a pile of dirty metal, without a hint of working capacity without a major cleaning, is also impossible. As for the weapon itself, it is possible to say with some confidence that nothing fundamentally new will be proposed. The grenade launcher will most likely be removable, after all, the integral design is the main negative point in other samples, and given that the previous nuances were taken into account by the Poles, it can be assumed that they will fix this. In general, we will wait and see, but for now we will wait for quick results on the baptism of the electronic part of the complex.

Polish version of the weapon and equipment of the soldier of the XXI century


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  1. Skiff
    Skiff 5 December 2012 09: 34
    Well done, in appearance and description, everything seems to be culturally, there is only little information on protecting the complex itself from splinters, bullets, fire, it is not clear what about temperature conditions and wear resistance.
    1. scrabler
      5 December 2012 13: 09
      If it were known for sure, there would be such information. Plus, you need to take into account that this may still not be the final version, since even there are no weapons specifically in this program.
  2. Parabelum
    Parabelum 5 December 2012 09: 43
    1. Alexander Petrovich
      Alexander Petrovich 6 December 2012 02: 58
      my opinion is that the helmet is not very good, it looks cool, of course, but isn’t it the main thing, it does not protect the back of the head and ears, but only the upper hemisphere of the head. I think the helmet of the 21st century should fully protect the head.
      1. Sanches
        Sanches 6 December 2012 10: 09
        the helmet looks like plastic, upholstered with fabric from an ordinary Chinese down jacket, and even with patches request
        they probably tear it from this:
        1. Sanches
          Sanches 6 December 2012 10: 27
          and what is screaming red there? him turn signals on double-sided tape pasted ??
          1. bddrus
            bddrus 7 December 2012 05: 54
            this is he rubbed his eye to redness smile
        2. Karlsonn
          Karlsonn 6 December 2012 13: 37

          If you don’t know, ask! see my post above.
      2. Karlsonn
        Karlsonn 6 December 2012 13: 35
        Alexander Petrovich

        Quote: Alexander Petrovich
        my opinion, the helmet is not very good

        in vain you are, this is FAST Ballistic Helmet (Future Assault Shell Technology) created by OPS -CORE Originally for USAF
        and then was approved for a limited contingent of the US Army
        (such as USSOCOM) and law enforcement. The original helmet is equipped with modular systems like the M4 SOPMOD carbine
        And according to the manufacturer with its ballistic qualities
        not inferior to ACH \ MICH.
        1. Alexander Petrovich
          Alexander Petrovich 6 December 2012 15: 59
          Very nice, but how will you protect the back of your head, take a look, half of your head is bare. Shards you know are not jokes, they can fly from anywhere.
          1. Sanches
            Sanches 6 December 2012 18: 05
            I guessed about plastic - it's carbon fiber. As for the down jacket, I think, too - the original looks somewhat cooler, with a lining from a sports jacket at the top. In fact, he is either covered with camouflage or nothing. Yes, and the red tape complete with FAST Ballistic Helmet was not seen in any advertisement, only two-week bristles included wassat
            1. Alexander Petrovich
              Alexander Petrovich 6 December 2012 22: 43
              Is plastic a reliable material for helmets? I heard amers conducted experiments but they failed miserably.
              1. Lopatov
                Lopatov 12 March 2013 17: 06
                Yes reliable
        2. Lopatov
          Lopatov 12 March 2013 17: 05
          The manufacturer has a lot to say. In any case, if you trace the line PASGT-MICH-ACH, there is a clear tendency to turn the helmet into a cap.
  3. Footmansur86
    Footmansur86 5 December 2012 11: 19
    Yes, cool, they sewed a form (we also bought a fabric), we bought electronics abroad, we attached it all to the AK-74 and voila UBER soldier
    1. PSih2097
      PSih2097 5 December 2012 13: 38
      I wonder how much the Kalash in the second photo of a standing soldier weighs. seven kilograms or more?
      1. Karlsonn
        Karlsonn 6 December 2012 13: 50

        5.5 - 6 kg. which is a lot for the machine, after six hours, the hands just fall off, tested on themselves. Like for a patrol or something like that, they brought you by car, you ran 400 meters, and shot, you were taken by a machine --- otherwise, pipets.
    2. Karlsonn
      Karlsonn 6 December 2012 13: 29

      Quote: Footmansur86
      Yes, cool, sewed a form (we also bought fabric) bought electronics abroad attached

      I can’t make out what kind of boots the soldiers have on their feet, but the rest of the equipment bought from the west, there are not many replicas, so there’s nothing to look at. But in the event of an atomic war, to nail this and to loot --- just alessgood wassat .
  4. Mikhado
    Mikhado 5 December 2012 11: 36
    Aw, cool. All these Polish attempts - MBT, soldier’s equipment ...
    We have for all such things at least THEORETICALLY loot is, they would steal less, and then the country is bankrupt in life.
    Another Polish is not overpowered ??
    Pysy. Did you close the bakery on horseradish? So as not to ask, until he wins?
    1. koosss
      koosss 5 December 2012 13: 03
      Quote: Mikhado
      One part mounts as standard top arms, and is used as usual. Second part fixed on the helmet fighter and connects to the main sight using fiber optic cable

      essentially a fighter and weapons are connected by cable?) i.e. the machine is so easy to take and you won’t throw it out, you need to disconnect the cable .. what
      1. scrabler
        5 December 2012 13: 07
        At the cost of all this happiness, it is surprising that handcuffed weapons are not fastened to the fighter smile
    2. Karlsonn
      Karlsonn 6 December 2012 13: 52
      Quote: Mikhado
      and here is a bankrupt country for life.

      The states defend the Polish defense industry, and it’s tricky: the US Congress allocates money to Poland for the army, and Poland buys the bulk of the equipment from the USA with the money it takes on credit.
  5. Footmansur86
    Footmansur86 5 December 2012 15: 07
    Damn, they would have shown how they will run 3 km in this miracle, and dressed like a woman at the age of marriage, went out to take a picture and took it slowly, took it off and forgot.
    And it’s better to overcome the scout’s path and calculate the state’s losses from broken electronics and equipment, a couple of times you’ll slam the machine on the fence while you climb and count all the salaries and you won’t get all 10 salaries (this applies to contractors)
    1. scrabler
      5 December 2012 16: 28
      Here, rather, for small postrelushki in the city, this whole thing is intended. I think that at least minimal protection from external physical. there are influences on all this miracle of technology, but yes, you will close the machine yourself. In general, it’s a bit ridiculous to watch this measurement of ... trunks, but each new sample is getting closer to being accepted into service no longer on paper, but in reality, which is a little annoying. Even according to the Polish version, it is clear that people here were already working closer to reality, and if you wish, or if necessary, you can throw away all the pribludy or put it separately and keep only the "naked" machine gun. True, it is not clear what kind of weapon they will have under this program, but soon, I think, the first samples will be presented.
      1. Footmansur86
        Footmansur86 5 December 2012 16: 40
        I look at the comforter and cry, how can the guys spray without even getting physical exertion, this is all a crap for taxpayers to show, but in practice everything will go into a garbage bin.
        1. scrabler
          5 December 2012 17: 06
          "The soldier is obliged to bravely and courageously endure all the burdens and deprivations of military service" How it will be even without physical activity can be seen already by the face of the "photo model", clearly not from modesty, it blushed and shines) But in winter it is good) Could, by the way, shave before the photo session smile
          The toad will strangle everything into the garbage bucket) The Amers also spent almost 20 years on their "promising" shooting complex, figured out in the end that they spent money, it is not clear what, and on its basis they made an automatic grenade launcher, which is the only option for using their "smart "shots with a caliber of 25 mm, if we close our eyes to the cost of each shot. The Pole will have at least a new machine gun and developments on a caseless cartridge, so that part of the money spent will not be spent in vain.
  6. Larus
    Larus 5 December 2012 16: 34
    The Polish version is jackal while the owner permits, and as soon as the owner throws, then the Poles run away.
  7. Yankuz
    Yankuz 5 December 2012 16: 34
    Not bad. More serious than ours.
  8. Garrin
    Garrin 5 December 2012 17: 46
    And in Georgia, at one time, they were not sickly packed either ...
  9. cth; fyn
    cth; fyn 5 December 2012 17: 51
    Hmm, and I positively like the Poles, they did exactly what I thought: a sight-sensor on the weapon and a computer-receiver in a helmet. I would run the cable down the sleeve and connect it with the weapon through a glove and a weapon handle (well, ideally), or through a plug in the pistol grip, so I unhooked the machine gun and hand-to-hand with a cry of Hurray! in general, the performance is lame, the equipment is bulky (from experience I know that such sights weigh about 1kg and plus a 1kg grenade and that 5kg machine gun), optical fiber is also not ideal, but it is the fastest, but at the same time fiber is the most fragile, here you need to use something then another, or to arm the cable, the helmet-mounted sight narrows the viewing angle, ideally it was necessary to make a transparent visor-monitor. I think there will be no delay anyway, many of my friends are playing counter (Counter Strik, I myself do not play, because it is worse than a bot, but drinking beer for the company is always, and even hunting bikes), even a twisted pair does not give a delay, but what talk about fiber if it's even faster than twisted pair? No, there can be no question of a delay. It is a pity that there is no information about the class of protection, but I think the armor is modular from the 3rd to the 6th class, I liked that the torso is completely protected, if the suit made of armor is generally superb, I was worried about the compatibility of sighting devices and the suit itself with the means of RChBZ, especially with gas mask. It saddened that the shoes do not have mine protection, ordinary "ankle boots", and also saddened by the lack of a cartridge counter, by the way, there is an analogy with the CS, there you always need to keep an eye on the cartridges, otherwise they run out at the most inopportune moment, in general, the cartridge counter is a great Thing!
    What can I say? it doesn’t draw on the equipment of the soldier of the future, but rather on the soldier of today, although the Poles did well, they did their best, although there are many shortcomings, the sight still needs to be booked so that it would not break in the heat of battle, well, the above, too, well done guys, created a normal battle set for the soldier of the 2020s of the XXI century.
    1. Sanches
      Sanches 6 December 2012 10: 36
      the lack of an ammo counter was also saddening, by the way the analogy with CS is there, you always need to keep an eye on ammo, otherwise they end at the most inopportune moment, in general an ammo counter is a great thing!
      in the new Russian machine gun stores the number of rounds is clearly visible. Poles didn’t even think of such a thing.

      1. Lopatov
        Lopatov 12 March 2013 17: 08
        Have the Germans copied it? It is still unknown how this miracle will show itself.
      2. VARCHUN
        VARCHUN 24 October 2013 02: 38
        Well thought up a pity that during the service there were none.
    GOLUBENKO 5 December 2012 21: 08
    Labuda all their harness. In the movie, only shoot. laughing
    Most likely, the Polish Army is also sawing the budget for "weapons of the future." bully
    Let them with this shnyaga in Afghanistan rush to test.
    If the fighter does not throw the ends away from heat stroke, then his spirits will lay him naked AK and RPG. angry
  11. phantom359
    phantom359 6 December 2012 02: 02
    Even psheki chuhaya. They invent something of their own. Not what we have. Although they can, only no one needs it. In Russia there is "Soyuzspetsosnaschenie", excellent examples of uniforms and equipment.
    DERWISH 11 December 2012 01: 22
    bullshit all at once! rain dirt cold and kapets all this!
    1. Mrgangster
      Mrgangster 19 February 2013 21: 13
      no, it’s not garbage, it would be garbage for it would not spend money so much that would rearm the whole army!
  13. Dikremnij
    Dikremnij 11 December 2012 19: 59
    Pshek see also plan to change into multicam.
  14. engineer74
    engineer74 11 December 2012 20: 42
    I have one stupid question, to what depth will the helmet-mounted monocular enter the head if it stupidly slip? what
    1. Evrepid
      Evrepid 12 March 2013 16: 43
      probably 1-2 cm, and if you help with a hammer, then 3 will be ... laughing
    2. Lopatov
      Lopatov 12 March 2013 17: 14
      In theory, no matter how much. For NATO, wearing ballistic glasses is almost standard. For some reason, we pay very little attention to this.
  15. Vinogradov
    Vinogradov April 2 2013 20: 32
    Tell the dark man - do they have our AK or another modification and alteration?
  16. smershspy
    smershspy April 24 2013 16: 34
    All this is nonsense! You need to deal with soldiers and make a soldier a real professional! And the form has already been created! And you don’t need to create a bicycle - it has already been created! This is all done for show! A soldier must be able to think, analyze, and do not need to make a stupid robot out of him - the more equipment - the easier it is to control and disturb him! It is necessary to analyze and do everything so that the soldier can be saved and defended, so that he can successfully fight! I know - I studied military uniform !!! I even have something to offer, unlike those who simply spend human money on exhibitions and window dressing!
    1. shvindin2012
      shvindin2012 3 May 2013 00: 08
      The massive use of electronics is the inevitability of our time! It simplifies the processing of incoming information so quickly that it is simply impossible to not use its endless dance. Especially for a soldier this is very important, the more and faster he receives information, the better for him!
      1. VARCHUN
        VARCHUN 24 October 2013 02: 37
        It seems to me that a thermal imager and NVD are enough, the main skill is war and professionalism, it’s advisable to drag the hunter in any case in any case.
  17. Glover
    Glover 17 June 2013 10: 17
    Dream! Dream! I won’t interfere! laughing
  18. aver
    aver 29 January 2014 16: 56
    The Poles and the war? .. they didn’t let them out to the training ground at the Druzhba-89 exercises ...
  19. Juleandr
    Juleandr 12 March 2015 00: 52
    Quote: Alexander Petrovich
    Is plastic a reliable material for helmets?

    It is completely reliable. Now they began to make helmets made of polyethylene. Although they are slightly inferior to the Kevlar ones, they are slightly easier and noticeably cheaper!