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And again passions for Arestovich

And again passions for Arestovich

Not in unison with Kyiv

What and who usually easily emerges and, as a rule, does not sink, our readers, we think, do not need to be explained and reminded. Our today's character, which has already been written about (Why is Lucy a volunteer? To the resignation of Arestovich), just one of those, which, moreover, nothing takes, and by and large does not touch the soul.

In Moscow, there will always be someone to work in unison with Kiev - this is considered to be, and this is no secret to anyone. But immediately after the criticism of Zelensky by the disgraced Arestovich, the latter in Russia was immediately included in the lists of terrorists and extremists, this, you see, is something.

Moreover, Arestovich was promptly “recorded” not just anywhere, but in the financial supervision bodies, once completely independent, and now vegetating under the heel of the Ministry of Finance and the Federal Customs Service. Albeit under the sonorous name of Rosfinmonitoring.

It would seem that you would think - the former "talking head" of the Ukrainian president criticizes his former "patron". What are we up to? And what about that body of financial control, which in our country is lame not on two, but on all four legs?

And it would seem, on the contrary, Russia should have supported Arestovich, who spoke extremely sharply about the infringement of the rights of Russian speakers in Ukraine, proposing to introduce criminal liability for this. But the reaction suddenly turned out to be diametrically opposite. The answer is simple: apparently, Arestovich earned a lot in Russia, and he said a lot in Ukraine.

Political scientists generally promised Arestovich after his resignation and anti-Ukrainian escapades a good career in Russia, but so far it has not grown together somehow. Or maybe it’s even simpler - it’s Arestovich, and not Zaluzhny or someone else, who is listed today as the main rivals of the clown president Zelensky.

And let him continue to beg as much as he likes for the "smoke" wherever he can, right up to the Holy See. Zelensky can now be presented as a universal scarecrow, but this, apparently, caused fears and even “passion for Arestovich” in a number of circles around the Kremlin.

Not scared, but bogey

You can’t make Arestovich a scarecrow: for all his reputation, especially because of his roles in the cinema, and above all - Lucy Zaitseva, he is too cunning, although not to say that he is especially smart. The most interesting thing is that the mentioned list of the RPF has not yet included, for example, Irina Farion, indirectly criticized by Arestovich, who campaigned for the need to beat her grandchildren for the Russian language.

Of course, our Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against her, but things are still there. The question is that Farion in Russia, apparently, has no assets, from the word "completely." Therefore, this is the elusive Joe, whom no one catches, because no one needs him.

In addition, Farion's biography is suspicious: a former Komsomol leader who could theoretically have connections with the Soviet KGB. Moscow rather than Kyiv needs such “people”, since this is an eternal “bogey”, and not just another garden scarecrow that no one is interested in.

This kind of "bogey" (by the way, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov-Lenin was very fond of this word) is even more optimal than the Western puppet Zelensky. It remains only to promote it well, and let it be considered that the authors are doing just that.

Elementary, boss!

So, about the boss of Irina Farion, Oleg Tyagnibok, in general, there is no talk in Russia, it seems that he was generally lost sight of. They definitely didn’t forget about the assets of Petro Poroshenko in Russia: what he did not have time to transfer to offshore companies is systematically taken away, or they try to confiscate into state property through many judicial ordeals.

But it is unlikely that the same Arestovich has rich assets in Russia. He played, being an actor, roles in many Russian films. He apparently received a lot, but, of course, this cannot be compared with the Russian assets of Petro Poroshenko.

Only the far-sighted retired president of the "square" Poroshenko, the son of a party functionary, even before Maidan 2014, took care of legal support in advance, because if you "squeeze" all this from him according to the law, the legal costs are huge.

Arestovich, apparently, thought that this would not happen, he was more concerned about making money on political propaganda and parapsychological training. But it's also something else.

Arestovich, although a Belarusian, has recently shown himself, like Lukashenka, as a supporter of Ukraine as an "alternative to Russia." Hence the fact that his rhetoric boiled down to defending the Russian-speakers and the Russian Orthodox Church, hence the harsh statements about the open aggression of the Kyiv authorities against the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, etc.

However, no one in the Kremlin wants the rights of Russian-speaking residents of Ukraine and the parishioners of the Russian Orthodox Church to be protected by such an uncontrollable personality.

Who will not bet on in the Kremlin?

Completely demoralized and completely controlled would-be lawyer Medvedchuk, apparently, suits the Moscow political technologists more, and this is a big mistake. But this is not even the worst. Arestovich, just a few days before his disgrace, no longer in Ukraine, but in Russia, publicly declared that he would perfectly cope with the role of the president of Russia.

Cool, isn't it?

And not only that, you see, it will realize all the starting opportunities of Russia in 10 years, and during this period its economic power will overtake China 100 times, and possibly even surpass the United States in terms of GDP. Earlier, a very interesting prediction about “Lucy” was made by Russian political scientist Rostislav Ishchenko, who cannot be suspected of sympathizing with those who now rule in Kyiv.

He stated that if Arestovich fled to Russia, then of all the "lucky Ukrainians" who are here (referring, probably, primarily to Medvedchuk and Yanukovych), he will be the smartest and most promising. Moscow could not have reacted differently to the combination of such factors.

Isn't that why financial controllers were chosen as executioners in the Kremlin? Or could they not choose anyone else?

And it is quite another thing that Arestovich's career in Russia is still in the realm of fantasy. Defectors are not liked anywhere, although there are exceptions.

Peace or not war?

But about how possible, if Arestovich comes to power in Ukraine, a peaceful process of resolving the conflict, we can and should talk in more detail.

On the one hand, “Lyusya” frankly threatened either Russia with missiles, or the DPR and LPR with demonstrative flogging.

On the other hand, seeing the most severe political and military crisis in his country, he quickly changed his shoes in flight.

So is it worth waiting now that Arestovich will turn out to be more adequate than Zelensky and will pursue a more thoughtful and balanced foreign policy?

Most likely it will. And not because he is against the war. He simply realizes that he has nowhere to go if there is a social explosion in Ukraine. Because of the actual, albeit veiled, criticism of Western partners, he will never be accepted there.

In Russia, however, as experience shows, everything is possible: after all, Yanukovych was sheltered, who brutally robbed businesses in the Russian-speaking regions that voted for him, and did not really protest against the expansion of relations between Ukraine and the European Union.
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  1. Vladimir_2U
    Vladimir_2U 17 May 2023 04: 56
    Yes, to Russia, to speak at the state expense, as with all sorts of Medvedchuk and other Kivs. (Sarcasm)
  2. Thrifty
    Thrifty 17 May 2023 05: 12
    So, after all, Medvedchuk is related to someone who knows himself, and the arrestovich is just an ordinary cunning, thinking first of all about his own skin, no matter how the "taxidermists" from the SBU start to beat the dust out of it! He spoke a lot while he had a high position, now he says so to speak, according to inertia, but apart from blah blah blah, it’s of no use! So there are heaps of birds of talkers in their own country!
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 17 May 2023 05: 32
    that he has nowhere to go if there is a social explosion in Ukraine
    And if it happens in Russia before? And if it happens at the same time, there and there? And if a social explosion does not occur in Ukraine? Krch, too much if. Yes, and Arestovich, not the kind of figure that would waste letters and words on him.
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 17 May 2023 05: 45
    The beginning of the article corresponds to the title and tells that it "does not sink". Suddenly a sharp jump in criticism of Rosfinmonitoring and the Investigative Committee. So I didn’t understand well or badly that what “does not sink” was included in the lists of terrorists and extremists? The authors hint that it is bad, because he allegedly works into the hands of Russia with his statements. Have the authors not read (heard) his other statements? Regarding Farion, there is again some kind of duality. About Medvedchuk, to be honest, I don’t want to remember. For this they gave 215 soldiers - including 108 "Azov". A total of 124 officers - including employees of the SBU, the border service and other departments. This "exchange" will go down in history as the most useless and harmful for Russia. Well, the conclusion of the article is a whole ode to Arestovich.
  5. dmi.pris1
    dmi.pris1 17 May 2023 06: 34
    Pull here (or attract) all sorts of trash ..
  6. Adrey
    Adrey 17 May 2023 07: 31
    Article from the non-science fiction section laughing
    But there is one interesting point:
    Arestovich, literally a few days before his disgrace, was no longer in Ukraine, but in Russia, he publicly stated, which will perfectly cope with the ROLE of the President of Russia.

    It may very well be. But it takes a lot of makeup laughing
  7. kor1vet1974
    kor1vet1974 17 May 2023 08: 00
    Apparently, the crisis of the genre, if they remembered Arestovich. One thing is not clear, financial hitting, is it good or bad for Arestovich? Yes, and not much off topic, Tolik Chubais, they say, received Israeli citizenship, he is going to give lectures there on the topic: "How can we improve Israel." Chubais is somehow dearer than Arestovich. Yes, and not a traitor at all. English, without saying goodbye, silently, in the sense that he did not say anything about the NWO. smile
  8. Yaroslavl
    Yaroslavl 17 May 2023 09: 06
    For all the ambiguity of Arestovich's figure, he is very smart, well-read and does not position himself as a Nazi and other rabble ... he is the best of the worst, at least
  9. Mishka78
    Mishka78 17 May 2023 10: 02
    That's terrible. PMSM to seriously discuss the political prospects of arrest, Medvedchuk and Yanukovych in 2023 is nonsense ...
    This is a set of political corpses, the galvanization of which will not lead to anything good.
  10. Maks1995
    Maks1995 17 May 2023 10: 12
    Distraction of attention to some kind of switchmen, without money and property.

    But they stopped writing about the oligarchs, their property in Ukraine and Russia.
    Not only Poroshenko had a business in the Russian Federation. And other Ukrainian oligarchs.
    Because YOURSELF?

    They do not write about oligarchs who have left, such as Prokhorov.
    They don't write about secret-carriers of officials who left, such as Chubais.
    Probably because OWN for power? With money and connections...
  11. QuestionsNeudobny
    QuestionsNeudobny 17 May 2023 10: 24
    once betrayed!
    The text of your comment is too short and in the opinion of the site administration does not carry useful information.

    Yes Yes..
  12. AlexKruglov1976
    AlexKruglov1976 18 May 2023 00: 01
    All the trash in one article collected. Put them all on one steamer and sink it into the sea.
  13. Illanatol
    Illanatol 18 May 2023 08: 37
    Quote: parusnik
    And if it happens in Russia earlier?

    Absolutely out of the question. There is no one to blow up, there is nothing to blow up.
    Full stabilizer, no options.
  14. bambr731
    bambr731 19 May 2023 18: 30
    Poroshenko, the son of a party functionary, took care of legal support even before Maidan 2014, because if you “squeeze” all this from him according to the law, the legal costs are huge.

    What is the law? belay What kind of nonsense? Everything was squeezed out of Russia without any law !!! Just confiscate and that's it. And there is nothing to explain anything to anyone in the West. Already tired of the Russian "correctness" am Stop throwing pearls in front of the pigs - they still won't appreciate
  15. odisey3000
    odisey3000 20 May 2023 19: 01
    Arestovich is Goebbels in modern times and a sad fate awaits him, let him familiarize himself with the combat and labor biography of Mr. Goebbels, especially his last days. A very instructive picture is obtained. And this nonsense about the fact that Arestovich will suddenly become the president of Russia. Well, what can I say, there are many people who want to Kanachikov's dachas, I propose to consider the candidacy of Mr. Well, this is another song. The elections are still only in 2024, but look how many candidates and saviors of the Fatherland have been flooded.