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Polish myth in anti-Russian propaganda

Today, one of the top priorities of anti-Russian propaganda in the territories west of Smolensk is to turn the 150 anniversary of the Polish insurrection 1863 into a symbol of the Polish-Lithuanian-Belarusian unity based on Russophobia. A kind of ideological bogey, which should serve as the identification of today's Russia with the "damned tsarism." And not so much in propolsky, as in the anti-Russian vein. This is done in a Jesuit manner, with characteristic omissions and silencing the truth about events, which even contemporaries called “bloody poop” ...

Lithuania. In May of this year, the Lithuanian Saeima declared 2013 as the Year of the 1863 uprising of the year against the Russian Empire. It is planned to release a commemorative coin, a postage stamp, a documentary film, introductory television programs, etc. The official statement states that "The January Uprising tied together the destinies of three nations - Poles, Belarusians and Lithuanians, and this showed them the direction of development ...". “It is necessary to cherish the memory of the uprising,” said Lithuanian Foreign Minister Audronius Ažubalis, who initiated this idea, at the opening of a memorial plaque on the 1863 events of the year at the Museum of Applied Arts in Vilnius.

Such statements indicate not cherished memory, but historical amnesia of the Lithuanian authorities. The national formation of the Lithuanians became possible only thanks to the suppression of the Polish gentry that rebelled in January 1863. And not vice versa. This fact was also recognized by the US government, who regarded the rebellion as an attempt by aristocrats to restore serfdom and fully supported the then Russian authorities.

The formation of the Lithuanian intelligentsia and national identity was facilitated by: 1) a petition by the Governor-General of the North-West Territory M.N. Muravyov-Vilensky, who was then labeled as a “hangman” by 2) by the Russian intelligentsia, with which many “young Litolians” »Became famous figures of Lithuanian culture and art (for example, M. Čiurlionis, who at first did not know a word in his“ native language ”and received artistic education and world fame in St. Petersburg).

25 August 1866 issued a decree of Alexander II, which guaranteed the Lithuanian language (then it was called Zhmud) official status in schools of Suwalki and other so-called. Lithuanian territories. The goal - to bring the local population out of the influence of polchishizny. First of all, the primary education of children of peasants was established. Throughout the territory, schools began to work with instruction in the Lithuanian language. A Lithuanian gymnasium in Mariampol, a permanent teacher’s seminar in Wavers, was organized. A number of scholarships were also established at Russian universities, designed specifically for children of peasants from Lithuanian provinces.

At the same time, many young people from wealthy families, including J. Basanavicius, A. Smeton and other future founders of the Lithuanian state, went for education to the universities of the Russian Empire. Studied at the University of Moscow and the founder of the “Grammar of the Lithuanian language” J.Jablonskis. This language was first normalized by him with the help of Professor Perm University K. Bug in 1901, thanks to the introduction of the original alphabet based on the Latin alphabet. The books printed on it began to appear from 1904 onwards. Prior to this, printed publications in the Lithuanian language (which Catholic priests cultivated in the outback, for example, A. Baranauskas, who was educated at the St. Petersburg Theological Academy) were published in Cyrillic.

So it was precisely the defeat of the Polish insurgents in 1865 that gave both political and cultural impulse to the formation of the modern Lithuanian nation.

Belarus. Following the Lithuanians, the Belarusian pro-Western “oppositionists” created 22 June this year. in Minsk "the organizing committee for the celebration of the Year of Kalinowski." According to them, “with the appropriate work, Kalinowski could become a brand of Belarus, like Belarusian Che Guevara,” and “The Year of Kalinowski can become international”. The figure of the hero is chosen as the appropriate: a mentally ill young man, a native of Poland, who, after an unsuccessful (due to illness) attempt to make a career in the Ministry of State Property of the Russian Empire, rushed headlong to “make a revolution” in the hope of becoming “the king of Lithuania”. And he made his motto the words "the Polish business is our business, this is the business of freedom."

The plans of the Belarusian committee members are immense: holding conferences, publishing a collection of documents, holding art exhibitions, open-airs, contests of paintings and literary works of young authors, etc. etc. As they say, if only the sponsors abroad and in the government singled out pionyongzy. The organizers are sure: “The year of Kalinowski will allow us to find points of cooperation. If we are unable to agree on political issues with the authorities, we will be able to reach cultural ones. ” This is not a baseless statement. For the Ministry of Culture, which today is headed by extremely indifferent to all Polish officials, the budget of the Republic of Belarus on 2013 provides for 5 times more money than for the Ministry of Industry (980 and 193 billion, respectively)!

The events began in autumn 2012 of the year (it is planned that they will be held during the whole 2013 of the year) with solemn readings in Grodno, devoted to the 150 anniversary of the release of the first issue of “Men of Prazdy”, which was printed in Latin letters supposedly in the “Grodno dialect of the Belarusian language” in Poland and Vilnius. The fact that in all seven issues of this edition there is not a single mention of Belarus, Belarusians, Litvin or at least cognates, but the Poles are mentioned almost in every column, the organizers silently kept silent.

Just as they are silent about the fact that forcing the peasants to sign a paper on the support of the uprising, the “lords of the Khalyavskys” hung or cut out those who refused to do so. Often with families. Even with this in mind, the Belarusian men "participated" in the mutiny less than 20%. In connection with this, Kalinowski declared: “The insurgent’s ax should not stop even above the infant’s cradle”! Words do not disagree with the case. Polish “daggers” (they killed the loyal oath of their own Polish compatriots with a stab in the back) killed about 20 times more people (in total - more than 2000 peasants, village officials, police and civilians, including teenage girls) than the rebels were executed (128 hanged on sentences of the courts). The gangs, which were often run by Catholic priests, punctured people’s eyes, pulled arms and legs out of joints “so that they could perform their duty properly”, nailed Russian passports to the chest with nails, and buried them in the ground with teachers alive “St. Andrew’s flag” or “uniform”, which was “fastened” with buttons of a real bureaucratic uniform, was peeled off scalps from the peasants, accompanying it with notes “broke his Polish bear for sympathy and Russian servants”. That is why the peasants began to create self-defense units.

All of this does not prevent some descendants of these unfortunates from erecting monuments to “Kalinov’s heroes” today, being engaged in the cultivation and perpetuation of their own parochialism. And at the same time destroy the memory of the past, even undermining the church archives. Belarusian scholars who study the rebellion, working at the National Historical Archive of the Republic of Belarus, state with bitterness: “A number of cases that were once stored in the Minsk Spiritual Consistory Foundation (136 Foundation) have been lost forever. So there are no cases in the fund: “On the killing by Polish insurgents of the Bogushevichsky church of Priest Daniil Konopasevich and on rendering his allowance to the family” (No. 51622 according to the old inventory); “On the opening of a subscription to the maintenance of a monument over the grave of the Priest Daniil Konopasevich tortured to death by Poles in Bogushevichi” (No. 53475 according to star. Op.) “On the metrics of Alexy and Lyudmila Konopasevichy and the service record of Priest Daniil Konopasevich (#53837 by star. Op.). Together with the case of the murder of Father Daniel, the case “On the killing by the Polish insurgents of the Svyatovol church of the clerk Theodore Yuzefovich” (No. XXUMX by the old name) is also missing. When and under what circumstances these cases disappeared from the fund, and whether their disappearance was an accident, it is difficult to say now. But the fact remains a fact ”(quoted in: Shcheglov, G.E. 51648). Forgotten pages. - Mn .: Brotherhood in honor of the Holy Archangel Michael in Minsk, Minsk eparchy of the Belarusian Orthodox Church, 1863. - s.2005-4 ).

The historical truth corrected in this way by the Belarusian Westernizers-Russophobes spreads on the Internet, spilling beyond Belarus. Thus, until recently, pseudo-historical myths were popularized even on the MGIMO website of the Russian Foreign Ministry, where one of the authors assured readers: “The Belarusian state was liquidated at the end of the 18th century ... There was no“ reunification ”of Belarus and Russia. As a result, the territory of Belarus was ceded to Russia and our people had no statehood for more than a hundred years ... There were continuous riots, conspiracies and revolts against Russian rule, the organizers and main participants of which were nobles (Tadeush Kostyushko, Yakub Yasinsky, Stefan Grabowski, Tomasz Volzhetsky, Michal Valovich, Kastus Kalinovsky and others) ... Vincent Konstantin Kalinovsky (1838-1864) - our national hero, one of the leaders of the 1863-1864 uprising, entered into the list of XNUMX-XNUMX insurgents who entered the instigation of the revolution. united future fighters for the will of our Fatherland ... Before he died, he managed to send through prison bars the "List from under the gallows" - his spiritual testament, in which he expressed confidence that "only tady, narodze, shchaslіva, kalі over the tabo mask Maslo Nyo Budze ".

Poland. On August 3, the Polish Senate, headed by Marshal B. Borusewicz, received the so-called Eulogy, announcing the year of 2013 as the Year of the January Uprising (Uchwala Senatu Rzeczyposcrychys pchitech Polskiej ustanawiajaca rok 2013 Rokiem Powstania Styczniowego), the purpose of which, according to the senators, was “restitution (restoring boundaries. V.V. speech), and the words were restitution (restoration of borders - V.V. Speech by the words of restitution (restoration of borders. - V.R.Rych chrchp) 17 Narodow). The initiators of the document are representatives of the conservative-clerical (now considered oppositional) Party of Law and Justice (PiS) of former Prime Minister J. Kaczynski, noted by Russophobic initiatives as early as during the presidency of his brother-President L. Kaczynski.

Opposition members skillfully use this initiative against the ruling Civic Platform Party (“GP”), Prime Minister D. Tusk. While the Prime Minister’s associates are trying, if possible, to distance themselves from tough attacks on Russia, characteristic of the authorities in post-Soviet Poland, the opposition is playing on Russophobic strings in the souls of the Polish electorate and criticizing the “pro-Moscow liberals” for the lack of patriotism.

However, the ruling party, as far as possible, exploits the theme of “Russian imperialists”, 150 years ago “failed to cope with the spouting patriotism of the Polish soul” (nie potrafili sobie poradzic z eksplodujaca patriotyzmem polska dusza) because Y. Pilšudsky sobie poradzic z eksplodujaca patriotyzmem polska dusza) because Yu. Commonwealth, which absorbed pieces of Lithuania, Belarus, and Ukraine more than half a century after the events of 1863, considered these territories to be the "cornerstone of independence."

If the party “Law and Justice” uses the myth of “patriotic dedication and gentle sacrifice” 150-years ago in the domestic political aspect, then the Civic Platform, which has a majority in the Polish Senate, does this mainly for external use. First of all, for pro-Western Belarusian and Ukrainian oppositionists and politicized youth, which has been lured to Poland for several years through the K. Kalinowski scholarship program. Of course, they don’t say anything about the messages of the rebellious gentry to the emperor Alexander II with Poland and Lithuania to join these courses ...

Just do not talk about real heroes. Just one example. In mid-August 1863, a detachment under the command of the 25-year-old captain of the Life Guards of the Grodno Hussar Regiment (staffed mainly by aristocrats born in the lands of the former Rzecz Pospolita) Alexander Grabbe in the number of 42-people (Hussars, Don and line kazakhs. a gang of several hundred insurgents who terrorized the local population. The insurgents led by Pan Bentkowski, who had fled in the whole spirit of the insurgents, were overtaken near the village of Sedziejowice, where another gang was lodged - Pan Tachanovsky. The combined forces of the rebels comprised over 1200 cavalrymen and more than 400 infantry - just up to 2000 people. Immediately emboldened, they surrounded a small detachment of persecutors, promising their “brothers-gentry” life for issuing Cossacks and switching to their side. Those in response ... attacked 40-fold superior enemy forces. The unequal battle lasted several hours. Almost all the hussars and Cossacks, who were cut while the palm could squeeze the blade, died, only 4 of the injured people remained alive.

In addition to this "victory", the Poles, all the while hoping for military intervention by Britain and France, did not take a single city and did not win a single victory in direct combat clashes. Actually, there were few collisions as such. The key role in pacifying the rebellion was not played by the blades of the hussars and the Cossacks, but by the ardent word of M.N. Katkov, who quickly discharged the atmosphere of the "liberal-advanced" society of the Russian capital, heated by pro-Polish mood. So apparently, in October 2012, the Commission on Culture of the Seimas RP (Komisja Kultury Sejmu RP) expressed its attitude to the Senate Eulogy, announcing the year 2013 as the Year of the Uprising: the celebration of similar anniversaries in Poland is „masochistyczne katowanie sie porazkami” math. ).



His Excellency
Mr. Rector of the Imperial St. Petersburg University
secret adviser and cavalier Peter Alexandrovich Pletnev

IV year student
Faculty of Law,
discharge of cameral sciences
Vikenti Kalinowski


A few years ago, I suffered a disease similar to epilepsy. I resorted to many doctors, but to no avail; finally I turned to Mr. Zdekaur, on the advice of which, even though my health was a bit better, but since I couldn’t fulfill all the conditions prescribed by Mr. Zdekaur because of my poor condition, my illness was not completely cured. Now, 5 of this month, as can be seen from the development, that the same disease has returned again. Deprived of all the means to use myself, I have the honor to most humbly ask Your Excellency to appoint me as a last resort although 30 rub. to my healing.

Vikenty Kalinovsky

October 14 Day 1859 of the year.

Cit. by: Kalіnoўski K. For our volnasy. Tvory, documents / Laying., Pradm., Paslyasl. i kament. G. Kisyalyova - Minsk: “Belaruskіnіgazbor”, 1999. - S. 83.

Note: Epilepsy (epilepsy) is a chronic disease of the human brain, characterized mainly by repeated seizures, as well as the gradual development of personality changes.


The Provisional Government is obliged to immediately send to all the provinces proclamations to the peasants in local dialects:

1. On the complete liberation of them with the land without redemption.

2. On the termination of the payment of taxes to the treasury.

3. From each family there should be one hunter for 10 huts, 1 horse and cart. Forage and food for 5 people from 3-s to 7 days.

4. Proclamations to the schismatics: that they take advantage of the uprising of Poland to restore the ancient religion.

Emissaries who have been appointed to revolt the dissenters should enter into intercourse with (volost) clerks, priests in sketes and, in general, with the heads of the Old Believers' villages. The suit of emissaries should not differ from the peasant. They must be middle-aged, with beards and know well the language and terrain. In order to develop this plan, it is necessary to send out appeals to the Russian youth in all educational institutions. Expressing the sanctity of the business, it is necessary to disclose all the means and ways in which the youth can achieve the goal. Success will depend on a good presentation. For more action, the proclamations may have the signatures of Herzen, Bakunin, etc.

Proclamations to the troops are urgently needed, especially to the officers.

Rumor up:

that Konstantin Pavlovich is alive, that the revolution wants to return to him the abducted throne, that France, England and Sweden go to war, that the Sovereign promised landowners to once again secure the peasants and never give them land,

that all raznovertsev will by force lead to Orthodoxy, or refer to the Caucasus, that in St. Petersburg make preparations for the flight of the Tsar's Last Name and all wealth goes abroad, that the conspirator matured a conspiracy, etc.

Use all sorts of means to disturb the peasants and schismatics.

All the Don and Ural Cossacks are dissenters, therefore, among them throw the first seeds of hatred of Orthodoxy.

In the whole space to drive out the priests and burn Russian churches, preserving the chapels.

In the Russian districts cause the killing of landlords and Zemstvo police officials.

To act in factory places, to break up garrisons, prisons - to destroy archives, judicial places and all signs of authority.

Trying to form cavalry detachments, in a partisan - it is essential for movement.

Food carried in bags, avoiding cities, kept in villages. Not to have a wagon train, it is difficult to make retreats when following a wagenburg.

Retreating, spoil the road, tear down bridges, overturn trees. When following artillery, saw off piles of bridges, make pits. Day and night to tire the enemy with fake anxieties, for this to have two units: day and night. During the rest of the first, the second acts.

All attacks must be taken by surprise and mostly at night, so that our enemies do not know our strength.

Patrols and pickets should be awake during the holidays.

In the Belovezhskaya forests to arrange the center of the army (partisans). Bison abundant in those forests can serve as food. All Poles, and officers, and soldiers serving in the Russian army, to call for a revolution, under the fear of curse and alienation. Forcing parents to call their children from the service. Establish secret police in all cities.

In the villages of capable people, as well as the children of landlords to take in the detachment by force. A squad, trained and experienced, is divided into small gangs from 50 to 100 people and goes to different points, each gang, taking in turn capable people, can thus increase.

Signals give whistles. In a guerrilla war, the most important thing is to know the forces of the enemy, hiding your own.

Battles take a vantage point. Avoid decisive battles, destroy small troops, delay transport, mail and couriers. Wells in the fields to cover the boards and fall asleep sand or sod, so that they fell through.

During the summer heat, the road on which the enemy detachment follows, sprinkled with toxic substances (a list of these substances is reported to the committee), raised dust penetrates the eyes and respiratory organs, causing dangerous diseases. Vodka, diluted with acid, to have not only in the detachments, but also in the estates, so that they are poisoned during the robbery. Not bad to apply this to food.

For lack of harness, weaned guns from the harness should be driven up and thrown into a swamp or river.

On the post roads during the pursuit of cavalry, pull ropes or wires from telegraph lines from the tree to the tree, but above the horse's head to drop the riders.

To make every effort to entice Jews into revolution. All yard people are obliged to join the ranks of insurgents.

Villages in which peasants are seen in treason, betray the flame.

At the railway station to attack, destroying the first telegraph.

Gangs operating near the cities should have a constant connection with each other, in order, if necessary, to concentrate forces at the far point.

In the event of a Russian attack, you must have a hidden unit: while one half is fighting, the other, making a detour, attacks from behind, in order to put the enemy between two fires.

In the case of a close attack on the bayonets, shoot shot, chopped tin, at most, even with small stones.

In the cities, broken glass, bottles in the streets, and boards in the form of chips, armed with nails, along the roads make it difficult to pursue cavalry.

In each county town there must be a branch of the Central Committee, of the most loyal. The police and other authorities should be at his disposal. The duties of the department are as follows:

1. Collection of monetary contributions from the city and county.

2. The recruitment of hunters, equipping them, equal preparation weapons and provisions.

3. Police supervision, report on the status of the troops and on the movements.

4. Destruction of spies and police.

5. Surrender to the fire of judicial places.

6. Publication of written or printed leaflets.

7. Relationship with insurgents and supervision of the wounded and sick.

For the arrangement of special telegraphs between townspeople and insurgents, signals can be invented that will be understood by them and unknown to Russians. For example: during the gospel to the liturgy, the agreed beats to the bell; chimney sweeps on tall buildings; lighting famous windows or perfect darkness; kite and the like

Cit. by: Archival materials of the Muravyov Museum relating to the Polish uprising 1863-1864 within the North-Western Territory ... Part 2. Vilna, 1915. With .430-432.

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  1. valokordin
    valokordin 5 December 2012 15: 29
    Yes, both Lithuanians and Poles and Western Belarusians, with the support of Westerners, incite hatred in Russia for Russians. To counter this, one does not have to justify oneself and talk about our good deeds in their respect. They don’t understand, they don’t want to. It would be nice in every central newspaper, regardless of political orientation, for every event related to unfriendly attacks, acts, and aggressive manifestations addressed to the USSR and Russia on their part, to publish DAILY jubilee articles. For example, the 91 year death of 30 Red Army soldiers in Polish captivity, etc.
    1. donchepano
      donchepano 5 December 2012 16: 22
      Quote: valokordin

      To publish about the death of 30 Red Army soldiers in Polish captivity, etc.

      It would be nice
    2. Vadivak
      Vadivak 5 December 2012 16: 53
      Quote: valokordin
      Yes, both Lithuanians and Poles and Western Belarusians, with the support of Westerners, incite hatred in Russia,

      Something like this,
    3. Ross
      Ross 5 December 2012 18: 27

      Again, non-profit organizations are probably financing ...
      1. Cadet787
        Cadet787 5 December 2012 20: 59
        How modest the article looks, but it should "shout" at every crossroads about those events, otherwise psya krev and their hangers-on rewrite the story in their own way, winning the information confrontation.
      2. edge
        edge 6 December 2012 02: 51
        Well, these are the ideas of Brzezinski, Rothschilds, Rockefellers and companies + money ordering music. For a long time it would be time to move to the physical elimination of these freaks ........... like a left Bernstein.
        1. alexng
          alexng 6 December 2012 08: 51
          Yeah! You're right!
          "Once upon a time, died, dried up" - watch the new blockbuster "The Mummy"!
    4. 53-Sciborskiy
      53-Sciborskiy 5 December 2012 19: 05
      All representatives of the Russian people, whether Great Russians, Little Russians or Belarusians, should be united in categorically rejecting any manifestations of Russophobic historical myths. First of all, we are talking about those unscrupulous theories whose authors worked on our fooling, dividing and clashing our foreheads among themselves.

      The centuries-old black labor of our enemies must be in vain!
    5. kush62
      kush62 5 December 2012 19: 29
      Correct valocordin, they constantly need to be reminded of what bastards they are. Put them in place. And then they are white and fluffy, and we are damned killers. If we start to bill for all times, shut up faster.
    6. Cadet787
      Cadet787 5 December 2012 21: 04
      A small clarification of more than 80000 Red Army soldiers went missing in Polish captivity, and we are modestly silent.
      1. krymskij
        krymskij 5 December 2012 21: 15
        And here it is useless for us to be "politically correct" to be silent. And then, as Katyn, so solid apologies, but about the rest somehow, it seems, there was nothing. By the way, it has long been clear that our overseas partners will fully support the Poles in opposition to the Germans, who pragmatically do not quarrel with Russia and do not shout to the whole world, like give our "Koenigsberg".
  2. david210512
    david210512 5 December 2012 15: 37
    valokordinthey chose their way
  3. donchepano
    donchepano 5 December 2012 15: 38
    "insurgents", something familiar in this name ...
  4. kush62
    kush62 5 December 2012 16: 16
    The dog barks, the caravan goes on. In this case, the dog is the Russians haters choking in their saliva, the Poles, the Poles and others like them. And the caravan, that is, we, Russia, saw them all in one place.
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 5 December 2012 16: 57
      Quote: kush62
      haters of the Baltic states, Poles and others like them.

      Well, the attitude towards the Poles is also ambiguous, especially in Ukraine
      Lviv Monument to Polish professors killed by the Nazis.
      So he looked on May 9-10, 2009.
      So for what hate hate will return
      1. petro
        petro 5 December 2012 22: 04
        With his photograph, he put many into a standstill, many have a brain inflammation and many have no easy choice - for whom to troll, for Poles or Bendera.
    2. mda
      mda 5 December 2012 16: 58
      Quote: kush62
      haters choking in their saliva

      Not just choking, but going crazy.
      1. edge
        edge 6 December 2012 02: 55
        aggravation always occurs at the turn of the era .........
  5. Leisure
    Leisure 5 December 2012 16: 22
    Duc, just put a monument to M.N. Muraviev-Vilensky on Red Square, next to Minin and Pozharsky with fanfare. We were all engaged in one thing, the Poles were "chmyril".
    1. Roman Skomorokhov
      Roman Skomorokhov 5 December 2012 16: 58
      A fucking thought!
      And the second monument is somewhere closer to the border, as a reminder.
      1. vikontas56
        vikontas56 6 December 2012 04: 19
        It is best to establish at the site of the fall of Kaczynski, who was a model of Russophobe! That's just what a squeal would raise Pshek, I can imagine! And Russophobia is being introduced not only in Poland! When I look at the textbooks of my schoolgirl daughter, I want to find a machine gun and make a colander from those bastards who are trying to make enemies of Russia from our children!
      2. Rowicz
        Rowicz 6 December 2012 09: 52
        How is it somewhere, I think it should be Smolensk and only Smolensk. soldier
  6. Kostya pedestrian
    Kostya pedestrian 5 December 2012 17: 06
    A good and informative article, and, most importantly, reflects those events is not as biased and loud as it is done in the anti-Russian press, which once again proves that the truth does not need to be shouted.

    Personally, I met a number of history books written by our Belarusian, rather respected and patriotic authors, in the late 90s. There is no such hatred of the Russian people as can be found in the extreme, and in moderate nationalist literature of our neighbor, but all the events are described in such a way that you come to the conclusion that we have not lived with Russia all this time, but fought. All the leaders of Russia, whether it be Peter the Great or Vladimir Ilyich, act as oppressors and barbarians. Only the advanced west acts as our brothers in reason and the saviors of our souls, including this uprising.

    Although, I always asked myself the question, the Lithuanians themselves, like the Cossacks of the time of Pugachev, were always in solidarity in asserting their rights as owners of the land, i.e. our traditions are from Novgorod and then Kievan Rus Vladimir, why then the uprising against the abolition of serfdom in Lithuania; would a goat should have been a holiday?

    You feel the influence from the outside ... hmm. I never trusted these crusaders.
    1. donchepano
      donchepano 5 December 2012 19: 16
      [quote = Kostya the pedestrian]

      1. kush62
        kush62 5 December 2012 19: 33
        possibly temporarily deprived of the right to drive vehicles
        1. petro
          petro 5 December 2012 22: 05
          Then you need to drink less. And not only to him in this forum.
      2. Kostya pedestrian
        Kostya pedestrian 6 December 2012 16: 05
        1. And how am I on the hillock, yes, by car? I'm over the hill now. But BMP can’t be declassified.
        2. You need to drink no less, but better!

  7. andrei332809
    andrei332809 5 December 2012 17: 21
    how tired of these under-states with their barking. for some reason they also drew bulbs. it will be interesting to hear what Father will answer them
  8. artist-mamluk
    artist-mamluk 5 December 2012 17: 35
    He who studies the history of Russia not from textbooks, but from the people, from the archives, from the annals, who made history, knows who those who are against Russia may rest in peace, but about the drunkards either well or in silence. And this article is specifically about candidates for the title of those about whom it is either good or not. God be their judge, let them bark like that Pug on an elephant.
  9. Machingver
    Machingver 5 December 2012 17: 53
    And in this case, the Russian Federation is lagging ...
    1. artist-mamluk
      artist-mamluk 5 December 2012 19: 51
      Well, how else, we still need to somehow save you, for the story.
    2. mamba
      mamba 5 December 2012 21: 50
      Quote: Machingver
      And in this case, the Russian Federation is lagging ...

      It seems that someone shouted from behind? But nobody is visible .... Far away, probably ... request
  10. homosum20
    homosum20 5 December 2012 17: 54
    Russia has two allies. And these are not Belarusians, Ukrainians, especially not Poles with Balts. Her allies are her army and navy. Allies will be strong - let this trash suburban bark and rage. Let's make them weak - we will be strangled even without this seam.
    1. Machingver
      Machingver 5 December 2012 19: 04
      Quote: homosum20
      Her allies are her army and navy.

      - Well, in the Russian Federation - no army, no navy, no economy ... only Putin - and he is "unbendable crying th "back.
      1. mamba
        mamba 5 December 2012 21: 41
        Quote: Machingver
        Well, in the Russian Federation, there is no army, no navy, no economy ... only Putin, and that "unbendable" back.

        The humor of a "real" Ukrainian: a blind person stabs a crooked eye. You can also say: do not throw stones at your neighbor if you live in a glass house.
        But it’s a sin to scoff at the diseases of others. When you twist yourself, remember what you are punished for.
      2. alexng
        alexng 6 December 2012 06: 26
        Nevertheless, Putin, according to Forebs, was one of the three most influential people in the world. And yet, a person laughing at the non-existent shortcomings of another person himself acquires them. Look, Mashingver, don't bend yourself.
      3. Kostya pedestrian
        Kostya pedestrian 6 December 2012 16: 24
        Do not wish the other that you do not wish for yourself. Bad sign! and in V.I. Lenin, as I understand it, you do not believe - then there will be no one to help in the darkness.

        Pies: as I understand it, but you are not bending badly, that Romania (R-U-M-Y-N-I-I, which is the most unsuccessful country in the EEC - for thanks giving all its resources that could make Romania the Brunei of Europe, to the Nazis who squandered Romanian oil in the fields near Moscow at 41, Kursk 43, and when dragging from "Bagration" at 44, etc., etc.) she chopped off your territories, and your sesheassists teach North America a new order, but they keep silent about what happened with an unbending bender, and with (to) the poor nationalist UPSA or legions of goat-footed people from Galicia! It is not for nothing that America switched to coupons when such teachers and (o) troubles were piled there.

        In short, the whole "your samastia and separate" history is replete with victories and exploits, but this is, according to Suvorov, in broken English. And what in fact A. V. Suvorov says: "The vigilance of the chief is the best calmness of his subordinates. His perspicacity wins over accident."
    2. smel
      smel 5 December 2012 19: 58
      Let me remind you that "Russia has two allies - the army and the navy," said the great Russian Emperor. But the President of the Russian Federation, while on a visit to a South African country, tried to refute this. Apparently too early ...
  11. Kolyan 2
    Kolyan 2 5 December 2012 19: 49
    Machingver (1) Today, 19:04 ↑ ↓ new -3
    Quote: homosum20
    Her allies are her army and navy.

    - Well, in the Russian Federation, there is no army, no navy, no economy ... only Putin, and he has "unbendable" backs.

    Who are you? Do you care Russia? And what are you doing, sha ka lenok, I respect the Ukrainians, but I dunk you --- you aren’t. It’s not a bazaar but a fact. where.
  12. vovan1949
    vovan1949 5 December 2012 19: 55
    But you, Mashingver, have an army, a navy, and especially an economy. The last fuy without salt you eat up and something else hiss. At all times, the Poles, the Baltic states, the western regions of Ukraine and Belarus were selling cheap things. There is nothing constructive and heroic in your story, just meanness. It happened so historically. So you will be yapping at the direction of your masters from across the ocean. I feel sorry for you.
  13. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 5 December 2012 20: 58
    << ... if only sponsors abroad and in the government allocated pienendza. The organizers are confident: “The Year of Kalinovsky will allow us to find points of cooperation. >>
    For many centuries of rabid Russophobia spreading in Europe and actively sponsored, primarily by the Nugglo Saxons, Russophobia has taken on the character of a chronic incurable disease that has affected more or less significant segments of European peoples, which are affected by it at the genetic level so that their descendants again and again, despite the changed world reproduce more and more incurable Russophobia.
    And in this row, of course, ahead of the rest of the planet are the Polish gentry geeks, and some representatives of the "independent", whose roof was blown away from the suddenly acquired independence. They all understood long ago that russophobia
    an excellent product, for which it has long been well paid, and the more stench, squeals and anti-Russian screams with splashing saliva, the more GREEN PYENEONDS. It is strange, however, to observe the position of the official authorities of the "independent", some of which swear good feelings for the Russian people. Did they also want GREEN PYENEONDS?
  14. wax
    wax 5 December 2012 22: 58
    Georgians were also trained by Russians, and also by spitting in the direction of Russia. Prostitutes. They are given to the one who pays and feeds.
  15. Magadan
    Magadan 6 December 2012 00: 00
    They say that how many times do not say the word halva, in the mouth will not be sweeter. It turns out that it will become! It doesn’t matter what reasonable arguments are given, just stupid swotting of the same clichés and mantras takes over in the mind.
    You can, of course, invent your own "mantras" and blame the Poles for the murder of 30 thousand Red Army men and the Time of Troubles, but this will also hook normal Poles. Poles, to hell with them, but to start smearing Belarusians with mud because of a handful of idiots, I personally do not agree.
    So you need to come up with your own moves specifically against such half-fools, without clinging to the whole nation
    1. Goodmen
      Goodmen 6 December 2012 09: 24
      I completely agree. About the moves. I think that the result of the move is a fatal outcome for the opponent. What it will be and what it will look like is secondary: an ice ax, a car accident, sudden death from a cardiac arrest, etc. And so around the world, caress especially zealous activists. Whatever understanding was in my mind, I started barking at Russia - you can write a will. am
      And of course, everything is done in such a way that no one officially rolls cylinders at us. wink
  16. svit55
    svit55 6 December 2012 00: 35
    It is less necessary to make excuses, who, what does not like in our history, will chew, but they can also choke. And then our rulers took a little fashion - "sorry, our fathers and grandfathers were wrong." The tsars divided Poland three times, and each time on business. And don't fucking make excuses, since we won, then the truth is on our side.
    GOLUBENKO 6 December 2012 01: 33
    Good article.
    Poland and Russia,
    The Commonwealth and the Moscow kingdom.
    The Commonwealth and the Russian Empire.
    Poland and the USSR.
    For the millennium of our neighborhood, we are always on the knives. They always fought and it is not surprising that in the XNUMXst century the Russian-Polish confrontation continued. The Poles cannot reconcile with the loss of Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine.
    1. Sanches
      Sanches 6 December 2012 09: 00
      Right The Western and Eastern Slavs throughout the whole history were enemies of each other, from the very religious and political split of the Slavs and the founding of Russia. And there is. And will be. That is, Czechs, Poles, Hungarians, Slovenes, Balts. But their barking in our direction for several centuries makes no sense, because its meaning was lost along with the right and the possibility of owning Moscow lands (only akan left from them). This inertia is continued only by an ancient insult
    2. Kostya pedestrian
      Kostya pedestrian 6 December 2012 16: 42
      I agree, but not completely. To lose something, you need to own it, and these territories have always been Lithuanian, read in the modern context, Russian, Belarusian and Lithuanian.

      The Commonwealth's speech is a federation of states. Poles need a monument to I.V. To deliver to Stalin what Belastok gave them (a deceleration for the casualties and losses of the Polish Army in the fields of World War II).

      In addition, Poles need to think more about their citizens who do not want to move to the UK, and most of them in the eastern regions, even by dialect, do not differ from Belarusians, and many of them have relatives living in Belarus. He would have to learn how to manage Poland himself, and not sit on the chain of advanced militarists for the sake of painting the Russian bear.
  18. edge
    edge 6 December 2012 03: 08
    Psheks are mutants poisoned by Catholic sectarianism, such can not be cured ........ only drastic measures. soldier Rome must be destroyed
    1. Olegovi4
      Olegovi4 6 December 2012 13: 45
      Rome (third) is us. So, it’s better to think again.
  19. Olegovi4
    Olegovi4 6 December 2012 13: 44
    It is necessary to "invent" your own list of M-th and include such Russophobes there. Deny them all relations with Russia. After all, many of these monsters are fed from our "dining room".