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About the fate of the Air Force frankly. Reasonable proposals to strengthen military aviation

Like a veteran of the Air fleet and the former commander in chief of the Air Force of the Soviet Union, the Union of Independent States and the Russian Federation for seven years (from 1991 to 1998), I have every moral right to once again make proposals in the open press to further strengthen the country's national security in the military sphere.

These proposals were discussed by 23 in November 2012 of the year in the course of a frank conversation of the former commanders of the Air Force, E. I. Shaposhnikov, A. M. Kornukov, V. S. Mikhailov, A. N. Zelina, and the author of these lines, P. S. Deinekina. At the same time, the chief commanders of different generations did not have any disagreements in conceptual views on both the current state and the further development of the Air Force.

Each of us has many years of military service experience. aviation, including me - four decades in the Air Force. The above does not contradict the views of the country's leadership on military reform and the modern face of the Armed Forces. At the same time, we propose to correct those errors in the reform of the army that in recent years have inflicted serious (but still quite fixable) damage to the combat capabilities of the Air Force. This applies not only to military aviation, but also to other types of the Armed Forces.

The situation can be corrected by the informed decisions of the Minister of Defense and the Chief of General Staff with the minimum expenditure of time, effort and resources. The Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force prepared an appeal to the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Vladimir Putin, on this issue, and also decided to publish their views on reforming the army in the media.

Main question

During the construction of the post-Soviet Russian army (from 7 in May 1992), after a sharp and long discussion in the upper echelons of power, a common understanding was reached on the content of the three types of Armed Forces on the geophysical areas of warfare: Land Forces - land, Navy - Ocean , Air Force - the sky. At the same time, the status of the Armed Forces of the Strategic Missile Forces and the Air Defense Forces of the country lost the status (but were not abolished!) Of the Armed Forces. As a result of this transformation, all types of military defense took their natural places: anti-tank and anti-amphibious - in the Ground Forces, anti-submarine and anti-mine - in the Navy, and anti-aircraft - in the Air Force. After such a union, the Minister of Defense (I. D. Sergeev) and the new Air Force Commander-in-Chief (A. M. Kornukov) conducted major exercises, after which they officially recognized the power of the Air Force as a new (combined with the Air Defense Forces) type of Armed Forces.

In 2005, the Russian Security Council decided to further strengthen the army through the development of a three-species structure.

It was assumed that new formations (for example, Aerospace Defense Forces) would be created inside the Air Force and thereby increase the combat capabilities of the Armed Forces in air and space defense. By the way, the term “defense against air and space” itself causes many people to be misunderstood. Anti-tank, anti-landing, anti-submarine, anti-mine, anti-fire, anti-aircraft and anti-missile - everything seems to be clear without further ado, but how can we defend against sky and space? Maybe create troops "anti-heaven" defense? Absurd!

About the fate of the Air Force frankly. Reasonable proposals to strengthen military aviation

However, the reformers of recent years have undertaken noble (at first glance) attempts to create aerospace defense (for separate personalities) not on the foundation of the Air Force, but due to the destruction of this type of Armed Forces. They led to the fact that two hundred thousand servicemen from the personnel were first dismissed from the army, and a couple of weeks later they announced the recruitment of thousands of young officers for military service 70.

Changes in the organizational structure of the Russian army over the past five years have eliminated the Air Force command and control system, sawed down the Air Defense Forces and distributed front-line aviation (FA) in military districts. These activities brought the Air Force back to 1941 a year and led to an apparent reduction in their combat power.

HR policy

Nothing costs us so cheaply and does not cost so much as erroneous appointments. We, Commanders-in-Chief of the Air Force, are proposing to the new leadership of the Armed Forces to follow the path of building aerospace defense (SPRN, air defense, missile defense, and missile defense) on the platform of the High Command of the Air Force. In addition, transfer to the Air Force and the Strategic Missile Forces, as was done in the US Air Force.

Management system

It is necessary to restore the broken control system of the Air Force and Air Defense. Reliable management is the main condition in any branch of human activity. To command the army (at first glance) is simple, however, in order to control aviation, you need to live a great life in it and understand it truly, from the inside. And it is difficult. The point is that flights according to combat training plans in the Air Force are conducted from Japan to the Baltic Sea all the time, day and night. And the abolition of the Air Force Central Command Center (TsKP Air Force) can be explained (if not by sabotage) by an elementary misunderstanding of the everyday life of military aircraft. I remember how one of the initiators of the military reform of 80-ies of the twentieth century declared: “But didn’t I fly a plane?”. Army General, he was, however, an eccentric. And how can you reform the case in which you do not understand a damn thing?

The same rash decisions can be confirmed by evicting the Main Operational Directorate from the General Staff building and placing a successful bank on its funds. Here is this "reforming"!

Here, our opponent was not asleep - he attacked South Ossetia during the period of this unfortunate move. By the way, for some reason their leader was not afraid of our aerospace defense, however, during the Russian air raid, they began to chew on their own necktie from fear, and his tank crews fled to where. And if our Supreme Commander again has to force the next aggressor to peace, then how will the commander-in-chief of the Air Force (without TsKP) control the aircraft? Again on a mobile phone, how is the general headquarters in 2008?

So, in order to avoid the repetition of such shame on the basis of the remaining protected command posts, it is necessary to recreate the abbreviated command post of the Central Air Force. It is possible in Anin or in Monin, on the Black River or in Engels, it is possible in other places. There is a choice. Let's hope that the underground cables and communication lines to them did not have time to cut.

Air Force Structure and Frontal Aviation

In the High Command of the Air Force it is necessary to retain the command of the FA (under the operational control of the commanders of military districts), the command of long-range aviation (YES) and the command of the Military Transport Aviation (BTA).

The organizational structures of the DA and the BTA are mostly balanced and are in accordance with the combat capabilities, the presence of aviation equipment and means of destruction.

Long-range aviation crews are on duty in the air (with in-flight refueling) on ​​Tu-95 turbo-prop missile carriers at 42 hours and on supersonic Tu-160 jet ships - at 22 hours without landing, and then with combat training everything is in order. And the position that military transport aviation (for transporting troops, military equipment and cargoes over long distances) should be strengthened is beyond question. This is an axiom, and for this purpose it is necessary to consider the creation of a military transport division based on airfields in the center of Russia, in the Trans-Baikal and in Primorye. These may be (for example) the airfields of Ulyanovsk-Vostochny, Ulan-Ude-Vostochny and Vozdvizhenka (Primorye).

As for the idea of ​​reconstituting the air armies of the Air Force and Air Defense, for this it is necessary to calculate the presence of forces. God forbid that they were enough for several full-fledged aviation divisions and air defense brigades.

It is necessary to return the FA from military districts under the banner of the Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force. Here the fact is that the recent distribution of fairly modest front-line aviation forces in military districts brought us back to the distant 1941 year. The Germans all four military years were inferior to us in the total number of aircraft on the Eastern Front, but due to the timely maneuver of their squadrons (in our opinion, by divisions) they skillfully changed the balance of forces on aviation in their favor where it was necessary.

And our aviation (except long-range aviation, ADD) was evenly dispersed from Murmansk to Odessa and imperiously trapped within the combined armies and fronts in the organizational structure of those years. Why are there aviation!

Recall the famous dictum of G. K. Zhukov near Moscow: “I command the front!”, And no nails. Even all adored by K. K. Rokossovsky at Stalingrad, the fresh attack army from the Don Front was handed over to A. I. Eremenko to repel the unlocking blow of the tankers of Goth only after Stalin’s personal intervention.

Other commanders also did not give "their" air force to other military leaders. For example, the aviation division at Airocobras, in which the legendary ace A.I. Pokryshkin fought, did not fight in the Kursk Bulge either from N.F. Vatutin or K. K. Rokossovsky. And try to take it from the Southern Front from the very authoritative after the Battle of Stalingrad R. Ya. Malinovsky - the enemy will remain for life. And this circumstance is one of the reasons that Stalin falcons (from the beginning of the war to the end of 1944) fought in the sky against Luftwaffe experts in the minority. Look through the "Red Star" of those years: then six against eighteen, then eight against thirty. And Senior Lieutenant Horovets fought off his own and remained alone in the sky, but, according to legend, he flunked nine “laptezhnikov” Yu-87. Hero!

Nowadays, the FA is contained in the Ground Forces, and questions arise regarding this situation. How can the Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force organize the combat training of the flight crew that was not under his command? How will he concentrate the main forces of the Air Force, which is not subject to him, on the main line?

But if the FAs are handed over under the command of aviators, then the professionals in the flight business will teach it to fight. As it should. And the Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force for aviation support of the Ground Forces by fire destruction of the enemy will be able to maneuver front-line aviation from the Pacific Don to the Pacific Ocean.

Combat training and education

It is necessary to return the centers of combat use and training of flight personnel to the subordination of the appropriate commanders. Long-range aviation return Ryazan, military transport aviation - Ivanovo, Torzhok to the heroic helicopter pilots, and front aviation to leave its native Lipetsk. The former structure of the subordination of these centers for decades worked without complaints, but recently it was broken by reformers. What for? For what purpose? Unclear.

It is required to restore the system of personnel training and return to each type of the Armed Forces its “native” academy. As a requiem, the lines below sound about two (former?) Air Force academies: engineering in Moscow and command in the Moscow region of Monina.

In the auditoriums of the Red Banner Air Force Engineering Order of Lenin and the October Revolution of the Academy named after N. Ye. Zhukovsky (founded in 1920), tens of thousands of Air Force engineers, prominent military leaders and creators of aviation equipment, students of foreign countries and cosmonauts received higher education. Among them are the future commanders of the Air Force, P. F. Zhigarev and A. K. Vershinin, general designers A. S. Yakovlev and S. V. Ilyushin, cosmonauts Yu. A. Gagarin and V. V. Tereshkova. On the basis of the operational department of the Zhukovsky Academy, on the eve of the war in Monin, a command academy of the Air Force was created.

In the Air Force Red Banner Order of Kutuzov Air Force Academy named after Yu. A. Gagarin (formed in 1940), after the war, 740 Heroes of the Soviet Union received higher military education. Thirty-nine of them were awarded this title twice, and Major I. N. Kozhedub studied, being a Hero three times. The inhabitants of the Moscow region lovingly called those listeners the Golden Horde, and when the heroes marched in parades on Red Square, the thunder of applause from the stands drowned out the marches of the consolidated orchestra. In addition, Moninskaya land is sacred to all air force personnel and veterans. In 1941, military aviation regiments were formed from the pilots of the civil air fleet at the Moninsky House of officers; in August, the long-range bomber aviation crews headed by M. V. Vodopyanov bombed Berlin from the Moninsky aerodrome; and in May, the 1942 crew of Eu.P. Pe-8 took people's commissar V. M. Molotov to America.

Here, at the memorial military cemetery, the remains of the leading personnel of the XDUMX Guards Division of the ADD were buried, the remains of those shot during the years of repression by Ya. V. Smushkevich and I. I. Proskurov are buried nearby.

In Monina, deep under the ground, there is a protected command center of the Air Force, and on the former airfield and in the hangars a unique Military Aviation Museum has been created. The relics offer a beautiful view from the windows of the Air Force Boarding School with the initial flight training, and its boys see themselves in flying in their sleep and in reality. A swimming pool and the stadium, where Vsevolod Bobrov played, are always open for them, and now the VVA-Moscow Region team, a multiple champion and rugby champion of the country, are training. Air Force Lieutenant Bobrov scored Chelsea (led by Sir Matthews) three goals out of five at Wembley Stadium in London at 1946 (led by Sir Matthews) and pulled the British team away for the Dynamo team. And our goals Seva scored not for the currency, but for free, on a voluntary basis. He did not go to the "Bentley", and in our national hero no scum would dare to throw a petard from the podium. Fans would have ripped this scoundrel on the spot. These were the people! And the coaches they had were not Italians and the Dutch, but rockers and beskovs. As for other sports, our oligarchs for some reason open sports schools in the United States. Strange, these Russians earn money from us in Russia, and they buy real estate and build stadiums abroad. What is this investment?

And what a stupid bureaucrat and heartless person should be in order to eliminate, in a rush of reform itch with one stroke of the pen, what has been created by the work of many generations!

It was possible to leave the academy on the Monin foundations and place dozens of new military units, however, the glorious military traditions turned out to be reformers and the academy was abolished. It was abolished, but the purest spirit of the Air Force remained in the sky of Monino and could not be eliminated. So let the soldiers in many specialties train in the beautiful Voronezh center, but it is not too late for the academy to return to its former location and revive its work as intended. By the way, it makes sense to provide a separate line funding for flight training of children from boarding schools of the Air Force in DOSAAF flying clubs in Russia, otherwise in the near future we will have to buy pilots abroad, and not just football players and coaches.


It is necessary to disperse aircraft with a density of the base of the regiment on the airfield. The purpose of this proposal is simple - to eliminate the simultaneous destruction of the runways (WFP) and a large number of aircraft concentrated on one airbase with two or three enemy ammunition. For example, the reformers decided to create a model military helicopter school. Not to recreate it on the former base of the abolished schools in Syzran and Ufa, but to build a new one in Engels.

But in Engels, with the 1955 of the year, the DA division is deployed on strategic aircraft. In the garrison and on the airfield, there is literally no place for an apple to fall; hundreds of homeless families live homeless, so another powerful organization is added there, flying from dawn to dusk. I didn’t have to meet such a landfill, which is actually planned in the Saratov sky, as well as on earth, for all my many years of service in aviation. So, the choice of a place for a new school should be revisited and, perhaps, tied to one of the newly built, but unpopulated residential neighborhoods.

Let us now return to such a concept as an air base. The reformers introduced this idea to us from America, not understanding its meaning. We already had our own airbases, but they did not command the regiments, but were engaged in maintaining the airfield network and all types of aviation support. This is what should be returned without serious consequences by assigning the former tasks to the airbases, and returning the structure that has been worked out for decades: the squadron - the regiment - the division - command.

Arctic region

We must return to the Arctic before it is privatized. Whoever owns this region owns all the wealth of the North, and without aviation it will be difficult to live and work outside the Arctic Circle. To ensure the maneuver of aviation of the Air Force and Navy, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Emergency Situations, it is necessary to maintain military commandant's offices along the northern coast of the country. For example, on the airfields of Deer, Tiksi and Anadyr (and border guards to be on islands in the ocean). With these forces we will support both aviation, and the fleet, and the Space Defense Forces.

It makes sense to organize all types of logistics support in the Arctic under contracts (the so-called outsourcing) with other interested ministries and departments. And in the General Staff it would not hurt to have a structure that deals specifically with the Arctic.

Military ranks

Instead of humiliating buckles, return epaulets to servicemen who were reintroduced into the Red Army in February 1943 after the defeat of the enemy hordes near Stalingrad was completed (we will commemorate this anniversary in 2013). For the army they were just as formidable weapons, like fur coats and felt boots, and the Germans on the Eastern Front froze in the caps and overcoats for the second Russian winter. They also received blitzkrieg in Russian from our people!

By the way, about uniform. In our Armed Forces (and other troops) serve army generals. These warriors (both veterans and cadre) are in the same military rank, but they wear different shoulder straps. Some - with a big star (as it was in the Soviet army), and others - as many as four stars, but smaller and in one row (as in NATO). So let's decide who we should follow? It is time to assign military ranks simultaneously with the appointment to the post. A military leader will then not have subordinates in his equal rank, and if a regiment or army has been entrusted to the beginning, then the corresponding rank must be assigned along with the assignment.

Sinecure or justice

It is necessary to determine the general inspectors and military advisers who are in various structures. Veterans and professional military personnel do not understand from what “extreme” position, by whom and on what basis is the contingent selected in the group of general inspectors? For the fact that they supported the former leadership of the Ministry of Defense? Or for other reasons?

Now in the group of general inspectors there is only one of the well-known ministers of defense, D.T. Yazov, but I. N. Rodionov and E.I. Shaposhnikov are absent. The deceased P.S. Grachev was not there either. Many commanders of the branches of the Armed Forces, as well as commanders of military districts, are not in the group. The apparent lack of principles of justice creates an undesirable psychological stress in the teams of veterans and military leaders, and this must be corrected.

In the course of the campaign for the election of the President of Russia, many officers who were retired, through the military commissars, were offered paid positions of advisers in command of the views of the Armed Forces and military districts. The elections were successful, but the employment offered by the military commissars did not take place. Naturally, people have a question: what was it - just PR or someone's ill-conceived impromptu in working with people?

General Principles

If there are ideas and plans for the creation of new military structures (like the EKR command), then they should be introduced into the existing military control bodies, while maintaining the basic principle of the use of the Armed Forces in geophysical areas: the earth ground - the Ground Forces, the ocean - the fleet, the sky and space - Air Force.

When ordering new equipment and weapons, it is necessary to take into account the professional opinion of leaders of all types of the Armed Forces. Then we will not purchase carbines abroad, Tanks and Mistral, and still export our weapons and military equipment.

There is a need to improve work with electronic and print media. The army is not a closed joint stock company. It is high time to tell people the truth and frankly tell our society about how we are going to protect the peaceful labor of our people in the new moral image of the Armed Forces. In this important matter, we are all set a good example by the well-organized press services of other ministries and departments. Propaganda and propaganda again!

Specific solutions

In 2012, in accordance with the presidential decree in our country, the first century of the Russian Air Force was celebrated at the state level. During this century they went through a thorny battle road through years and wars, devastation and rebirth, abolition and reconstruction. According to authoritative military experts, contrary to media statements, our aircraft did not know stagnation. It was the aviators who were the first Heroes of the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation, the first to test nuclear weapons and switch to jet propulsion. They conquered the sound barrier and were the first to send a military pilot into space. As the poet said: “And it’s not for nothing that the people call the color of the nation of those who were, who are and will be in aviation.”

One hundred years ago, our military aviation was organized in the form of the Imperial military air fleet. After the October Revolution, it was transformed into the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Air Fleet (RKKVF). In 1924, Commissar M.V. Frunze renamed RKKVF to the Air Force, and after Victory in World War II, Soviet aviation was transformed from a kind of troops into a formidable form of the Armed Forces with aircraft carrying nuclear weapons.

Now the Air Force is in a state of lifting and strengthening of combat power, they are experiencing a rebirth.

At the same time, this advance in recent years has been markedly restrained by reformers. In connection with the above, I would consider it expedient to invite to the conversation with the Minister of Defense and the Chief of the General Staff of all current Commanders of the Air Force. I confirm that the proposed measures do not require an increase in the number of staff and additional funding, but they are aimed at restoring the management system, strengthening the morale and increasing the combat capabilities of the Air Force, and preserving them as a type of Armed Forces.

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  1. Magadan
    Magadan 5 December 2012 07: 09
    All I am afraid is the immoderate appetites of the bureaucrats who have stuck to the Army in general and Aviation in particular, multiplied by the feeling of complete impunity and their servility to the Western master. I'm not saying that everyone is like that, but one high-ranking scum will erase the works of hundreds of honest workers, officers and designers. So it is necessary to start "from the stove". It's not that hard to spot the scum. It is necessary to restore the anonymous system and use a lie detector.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 5 December 2012 07: 26
      Quote: Magadan
      bureaucrats who stuck to the Army in general and to Aviation in particular, multiplied by a feeling of complete impunity and their servility to the western master.

      Their owner is "lord" dollar, everything else is just a consequence.
      Quote: Magadan
      . It is necessary to restore the system of anonymous letters

      Do not be afraid. That you too have a vindictive neighbor who has not been given money for a sober-haired person, will not roll on you. Responsibility should be tough and control at all levels. We do everything back to top, do-re-do, do it again. Such a feeling that our country does not have combat experience, they cannot understand how and what they want to do.
    2. alexng
      alexng 5 December 2012 08: 33
      Quote: Magadan
      use a lie detector

      As for the anonymous letters, I do not support it, but lie detectors should become the norm for employment and periodic checks, at least once every six months, also need to be done. Although this can also be a bargain, for bureaucrats, but there may be options that will reduce the appetite of kliftocrats and plutocrats.
    3. S_mirnov
      S_mirnov 5 December 2012 09: 51
      A competent thought, only the army is not a spherical horse in a vacuum, but a state institute and the army reflects in a mirror the processes occurring in the state. Therefore, the scum cleaning should not begin with the army, but with the head of state and beyond, the Duma, the prosecutor’s office, the army, the Ministry of Internal Affairs. And since now people in power who are happy with everything (notorious stability) are in power, waiting for the start of cleaning from above is futile. It is necessary to increase the political activity and consciousness of the People of the Russian Federation, to hold a referendum, the only way!
      1. strannik595
        strannik595 5 December 2012 15: 02
        hold a referendum, just like that! ..... and who will count the votes and how? hackneyed - "no matter how they vote, it is important how the wizards think" and ...... even more so ..... once the whole Union voted for its preservation and where is the USSR now? although you plus for the opinion
  2. aktanir
    aktanir 5 December 2012 07: 39
    Normal arguments of the former commander. Probably, he is right that forces should not be scattered throughout our vast country, but still somehow centralize, unite and organize the appropriate leadership. But history teaches us nothing. Then again there will be some respectable general and will pull the blanket over himself, changing everything in his own way to suit his "reasonable" arguments.
    1. Col.
      Col. 5 December 2012 09: 59
      Quote: aktanir
      Probably, he is right in that the forces should not be dispersed throughout our vast country, but still somehow centralized, united and organized the appropriate leadership.

      Yes, not probably, but 100% right! And not only in this, but in everything that is written! I, who served in aviation for 32 years, are painfully clear and familiar with all these problems. And any aviator with a higher military education (and I received it back in Soviet times, before the arrival of these "reformers") will say the same thing! It does not fit in my head: how could it be possible, with ease and persistence of an i-dota, to destroy what was created and tested in business for decades by real professionals ?! This cannot be called anything other than sabotage and betrayal. We can only hope that our "Supreme" people will finally see the light and listen to the proposals of people who are really "the color of the nation"!
      1. Lissyara
        Lissyara 5 December 2012 10: 13
        history simply did not teach.
        The generals have a short memory; they forgot the 1941 year.
        1. Col.
          Col. 5 December 2012 10: 36
          Quote: LiSSyara
          The generals have a short memory; they forgot the 1941 year.

          I think (I hope) that the general’s memory is just normal, professional, it should sit in the subcortex, but the political leadership, it seems, has completely disappeared, one business in my head ...
          1. military
            military 5 December 2012 13: 26
            Quote: Colonel
            I think (hopefully) that the general’s memory is just normal, professional

            and for some reason I immediately remember the old joke ... laughing
            "in the army, each officer has his own duties:
            - the lieutenant must be able to work ...
            - The senior lieutenant must be able to work independently ...
            - the captain should not work, but must be able to organize the work ...
            - the major should know where and what is being done ...
            - the lieutenant colonel may not know where and what is being done, but he must be able to report correctly ...
            - the colonel should be able to independently find a place where he should sign ...
            - the general must be able to sign on his own where he is told ... "
            1. Col.
              Col. 5 December 2012 14: 11
              Quote: military
              and for some reason I immediately remember the old joke

              There is also an anecdote, or maybe not an anecdote, but just an ironic joke (aviators, especially navigators, know): "The chief of staff must know everything! And the commander must know where the chief of staff is."
              1. military
                military 5 December 2012 16: 19
                Quote: Colonel
                And the commander should know where the chief of staff

                for the chiefs of staff! ... drinks
      2. military
        military 5 December 2012 11: 36
        Quote: Colonel
        This cannot be called anything other than sabotage and betrayal. We can only hope that our "Supreme" people will finally see the light and listen to the proposals of people who are really the "color of the nation"!

        traitors and saboteurs, as a rule, "see" in prison cells ... winked
    2. Ross
      Ross 5 December 2012 12: 06
      The centralization of control of those small forces (compared to the SA) that we now have is a very wise idea and the example of the German armed forces in the 2 world war is indicative. Yielding to their opponents in the total amount of forces and means, concentrating both tank divisions and aviation in the most important directions, they were able to maintain the front for so much time and even suffered such losses. A good example of Deinekin.
  3. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 5 December 2012 08: 02
    At one time, the famous and relevant phrase was said today:"Cadres are everything". She is the best suited for commenting on this material ...
    If there are qualified personnel employed in the field of military aviation (from engineers to mechanics, from technician to pilot, from commander-in-chief to crew commander), then the rest will follow. But what is really no longer needed is the reformers "a la Anatol Serdyukov (Taburetkin)" and others like him. Let the professionals deal with aviation, not furniture makers, gynecologists and (or) assinizers ...
  4. PLO
    PLO 5 December 2012 09: 18
    It is necessary to return to the Arctic before it is privatized.

    like Shoigu promised that Tiksi would be reanimated.
    let's see what happens
  5. patriot2
    patriot2 5 December 2012 09: 20
    The author, for the most part, of the revealed problems of rights.
    And the leadership of the Ministry of Defense, and the country, before making drastic decisions, it is necessary to consult not only with the "court" experts, but with the people who led the Air Force (as the author) and other types of the Armed Forces at different times. After all, thanks to these people, and not in spite of, we had a strong and combat-ready air force and other types of armed forces. Now there is no certainty that, for example, the Air Force is ready for combat operations as intended in several theaters of operations - where is the control? On an iPhone cell phone that can be tapped and pointed to?
    Therefore: the pies must bake the cakes, and the boots should be sharpened by the cobbler. But not a furniture maker, accountant and jailer.
    1. Lissyara
      Lissyara 5 December 2012 10: 14
      Nikolay, about management I drew below.
      This was the main problem with the unification of the air defense and the air force, in fact there was not and there is no "single information field".
  6. Lissyara
    Lissyara 5 December 2012 10: 11
    The article is positive! My +
    Petr Stepanovich is completely right, i.e. there is a desire to return to the almost Soviet air force system with some "modifications".
    About the unification of air defense and air force. Now this is no longer a secret, but in Soviet times, the air defense forces, as a type of the Armed Forces, were represented not by three types of troops (zrv, rtv, air defense IA), but by five (+ more about, pko). Who in the 80s of the last century studied at the air defense schools, remember at the lectures 2 white "secret" squares without inscriptions laughing (The information is no longer secret, by Directive of the General Staff of the USSR Armed Forces dated March 30, 1967, a new type of troops was introduced into the Air Defense Forces of the country - the Special Forces of the Anti-Ballistic and Anti-Space Defense (ABM and ASD). In July 1997, by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation, the RKO troops were transferred to the Strategic Missile Forces. This is probably the only thing that at that time related the Strategic Missile Forces and Air Defense).
    So, the trouble with combining the air defense and the air force was that there was (and, oddly enough, now there is no), a unified air defense and air force control system. The peculiarity is that the Air Force performs a wider range of tasks than air defense troops. For this, the formation of a single central control center on the basis of the air defense central control center (stuffed with air defense automated control systems, and intended exclusively for solving problems "by air") was not a particularly correct decision. It was necessary to develop a certain system for pairing the two types of aircraft, however, as is well known, in the crazy 90s there was no money for anything. I hope that the situation will change for the better now.
    About the VKO and the Strategic Missile Forces ... In general, the "cut" of the air defense turned out to be interesting. And not the Air Force, and not the space forces. Probably the most optimal is to return the aerospace defense to the Air Force (or rather the air defense forces).
    Strategic Missile Forces - this is so in the American system. We somehow historically happened that the Strategic Missile Forces stood apart. It is only unclear why they were transformed from a type of armed forces into a genus. For me, for example, this is still a mystery.
    Space troops. As far as I understand, space troops, as they stood apart, will be so (launches, satellites, reconnaissance, control, etc. - all the same, not the Air Force profile).
    Loved the saying The army is not a closed joint-stock company. It has long been time to tell people the truth and frankly tell our society about ... That's right, people should know their heroes by sight! And also all the negative things that happen "behind the scenes" when "some comrades" try not to wash dirty linen in public.
    About academies - here hands and feet FOR! By uniting and transferring the Academies to Voronezh (sTsutsko Luzhkov! Schaub choked on this loot!) And Krasnodar, they simply "killed" the teaching staff, and as you know, "raising" one teacher is 7-10 years (the teachers themselves at the school we were voiced such a term). We also need to revive science. And that was in the 90s of the ideology of uniting the scientific research institute of the Ministry of Defense on the principle of "Air Force + Stroybat" (crossing a snake with a hedgehog).
    Well, the term "anti-heaven defense troops" must be adopted. I liked it. laughing
    In the morning I do not drink, but the development and prosperity of the Air Force! drinks
  7. Igarr
    Igarr 5 December 2012 11: 50
    Although I had occasion to vilify the Air Force uniform, I do not consider myself a "winged" specialist.
    Just reading the material left some kind of sediment. Unpleasant, by the way, sediment.
    Times of war ... criticism of the front submission to aviation. six versus 12? And what about fighters always? How IA tasks were distributed during the war, those who wanted to know. And I imagine the YAKs flying around / grazing bombers and gnashing their teeth viciously - out there, 500 higher ... the four of the aircraft are beating with 16 Me, and we are here ... ironing.
    And what about the concentration of BA, ShA during the war?
    Reforms, reforms .... why only now do we need to collect all the former Commanders? WHO to collect? WHOM to collect? Could you organize yourself before?
    Mishiko’s tie ... well, I don’t understand Pyotr Stepanovich here. If he intends to tell his interpretation of this fact to the Supreme - then why collect them?
    The war, now, will begin and will be waged by the Air Force.
    God forbid that the brains of ALL, all in the Russian state, be enough to work in this direction.
    In strengthening the air force.
    I'm sorry, I read it again .. and then it covered me.
    Well, they’ll gather ... advisers ... who divided everything - the sky-winged, the sea-tailed, the earth - creeping.
    All right.
    And why did Peter Deinekin not say a word about UAVs in the article?
    Divide, unite / disconnect ... one thing. Rich, such a thing.
    And look beyond the horizon? What do the pilots do?
  8. skullcap
    skullcap 5 December 2012 12: 02
    It is not easy to discuss the article by the Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force purely from an ethical point of view, but in the end, for this purpose she is posted here.
    The article raised a lot of questions and we can agree with almost all the proposals to solve them: the re-establishment of the Central Air Force Center, the retention of the FA command in the Air Force, the return of the Air Force Academy to Monino, etc.
    But there is some feeling that this is a minimum program.
    1. So, the problems of army aviation are not considered at all. Apparently the Air Force has already come to terms with its loss.
    Meanwhile, in the interests of the defense of the whole country, it would be worthwhile to think that the training of both the pilots and the AA technicians would be carried out as part of the Air Force, since for land carriers this is barely touched by virgin soil, and in the Air Force it is already a century of experience. And to transfer specialists already trained in the Air Force centers to the districts.
    In addition, you can also think that the assault aircraft (on the Su-25) also transfer to the Air Force for maneuver it in the directions as a single fist. It is possible for this purpose to have in the Air Force and several helicopter parts.
    2. The issue of aviation dispersal is also worth considering in more detail. Copying the creation of air bases from the Americans is impossible, since they build them stationary on the basis of their overwhelming air superiority.
    We do not have this superiority, therefore, in peacetime, it is necessary to really disperse aviation with the density of the regiment's base on the airfield, but at the same time provide for the possibility of dispersal in a threatened period to the squadron, including GDP, built in Soviet times on highways.
    And for this purpose, it is necessary to have sufficient means of flight support in the air bases.
    3. As for the idea of ​​transferring the Strategic Missile Forces to the Air Force, here too it is not necessary to blindly copy the foe. It is not a sin to recall the Soviet experience when there were 5 types of aircraft.
    It’s not for nothing that the combination of the Air Force and Air Defense still has a lot of unsolved problems, since they are organic due to the fact that the Air Defense Force and the Air Force solve exactly the opposite tasks: repelling enemy strikes and striking the enemy.
    Apparently, it is necessary to build the Armed Forces based not on physical media, but on the effectiveness of their use in any environments, because both the Air Force, the Ground Forces and the Navy work in all environments.
    The use of (let's hope that - purely hypothetical) Strategic Missile Forces is extremely specific.
    Perhaps the only exception to the country's air defense and missile defense system (air and then space, since the border in 100 km is purely formal), in which it is necessary to have an anti-aircraft missile system, anti-aircraft missile and technical units, and air defense aviation.
    As they said before - every little man has to carry his backpack.
  9. Rus2012
    Rus2012 5 December 2012 14: 17
    The article was written by the Man who cares for the fate of the country ...
    It was written by a highly experienced military leader, who on his own shoulder carried the hardships of serving the Fatherland.
    Of course, there is subjectivity and the point of view "from a kind of troops", nevertheless, this conversation was worth starting. This refers to the "aerospace defense" and the offensive potential that revolves around all this ... Air defense-missile defense-Strategic Missile Forces-KV-Navy
    "Where does the defense end and the offensive begins?" - This question is very difficult in the current fleeting time, compressed by information flows. When the streams themselves are the arena of hostilities ...

    The article is very interesting, forcing a fresh look at the hackneyed truths ...
  10. Mihaylo Tishayshiy
    Mihaylo Tishayshiy 5 December 2012 14: 19
    I myself do not belong to the flower of the nation, it was the case, I only stood nearby (two years of military service in the Air Force), but I completely agree with Deinekin. Time passes, and periodically changes, and even full-fledged reforms are needed in any area. But how can we do without professionals? After all, any sane person, when starting repairs in a house for the first time, will first look at how others have done it, communicate with those who have gone through it so as not to break the wood - will consult with those who have done it themselves (with professionals). And then, after renovation, his house will be warm, light, comfortable, cozy and beautiful. But our "reformers" are guided by completely different rules and principles. And already tired of guessing - they do it out of stupidity and narrow-mindedness, or do it cleverly, purposefully and systematically. They are not fools and look very far. Now we can only guess - do they do it purely for selfish motives, on someone's order, or both together? And for me, there is nothing to guess - caused damage to the country's defense - welcome to us in Siberia under escort. If you cut some money on this, then now cut the taiga for 15 - 25 years (with complete confiscation of property, including those of all the closest relatives), but if you have it out of bewilderment, then like Leonid Filatov: " .. You are broad in your shoulders, but your head is completely withered, so you will fix your mind on the state-owned grubs! "
    I really want the appeal prepared by the Air Force commanders to the president to reach the addressee and be heard, and not become another voice crying in the desert.
    PS I am writing these lines, and on TV on the channel "Arms" is d.f. about the garrison "Belaya" in the Irkutsk region. It was nice to see the place where he served for two years and to find out that our YES regiments, as before, are ready at any moment to show the adversaries "Kuz'kin's mother"!
  11. The comment was deleted.
  12. tribeski
    tribeski 5 December 2012 15: 26
    Cry from the heart......
  13. Rus2012
    Rus2012 5 December 2012 15: 28
    Quote: LiSSyara
    Strategic Missile Forces - this is so in the American system. We somehow historically happened that the Strategic Missile Forces stood apart. It is only unclear why they were transformed from a type of armed forces into a genus. For me, for example, this is still a mystery.

    LiSSyara colleague, why it happened, I’ll answer ...
    From the very beginning, the Strategic Missile Forces absorbed two areas of the scientific and technological revolution monster - rocketry of colossal size and super-secret nuclear products, behind which eye-yes-eye. Plus, everything, the very same thing, was sent to these troops: people, material and technical ... and household supplies. It’s no secret that strategist towns were better provided for their heads ... Not as an example, the same cover squadrons that covered positional areas of strategists on c200.
    Of course, the whole army should be equally supplied with justice. But, there wasn’t enough for everyone ... They were equal among equals :)
    Here -
    very good Max Kranichfeld described these differences talentedly, clearly and with humor. A look, as it were, from parallel worlds ... :)))
  14. Lissyara
    Lissyara 5 December 2012 15: 50
    Rus, there is a historically dispersed car. No one was going to stop the heavy flywheel of the Strategic Missile Forces, even when 12 GU MO appeared.
    But the "throw-overs" from species to genus are not clear. Well, the PRO-PKO was taken out, and nothing seems to have changed.
    As for me, I liked the 5th species system of the USSR Armed Forces more.
  15. toguns
    toguns 5 December 2012 17: 47
    request I do not want to offend the author of the article, but it seems to me that the proposals to strengthen military aviation are very superficial.
    the idea of ​​creating a single concept for the development of the air force is not affected at all.
    1. Lissyara
      Lissyara 5 December 2012 19: 24
      Flaming, Yaroslav!
      This is the idea to return the Air Force to a normal system! Soviet times
  16. sashka
    sashka 5 December 2012 17: 59
    It is not clear .. And that for so many years they watched in silence.? Were waiting for manna or posts? What is suddenly so flooded right now? That's why you should have yelled at the top of your lungs earlier. The "national leader" has a back pain, now you can ??
    1. Lissyara
      Lissyara 5 December 2012 19: 23
      but nothing that many developments for the Air Force and Air Defense in the 90s we did on enthusiasm? When the salary was not paid for half a year, when Chechen companies were "not recommended" to travel to service in uniform (especially the Air Force).
      And there is a family, and the children want to eat!
      1. Alex 241
        Alex 241 5 December 2012 19: 28
        Seryoz, hi. after Rust, a veteran came up to me and said, well, you’re a son, but I don’t know what to say.
        1. Lissyara
          Lissyara 5 December 2012 19: 35
          Sanya, hi!
          Our school had bad karma. If the commander-in-chief of the Air Defense Forces came to us with an inspection, then at most in half a year he or he "left" from his post (except for AI Pokryshkin, but in those days I still walked under the table).
          I personally would have unscrewed the rust, because of this moron they jumped on alarm once, or even twice a week, light ... motor.
          There is a good joke:
          How many seats were there on Rust's plane?
          The answer is 2
          No - 8. Rust flew on it, as well as 2 marshals and 5 generals.
          1. military
            military 5 December 2012 21: 10
            Quote: LiSSyara
            because of this moron they jumped on alarm once, or even twice a week, light ... motorized.

            hi Is not the 207th zrbr an hour (Estonia, Tapu)? ... drinks
  17. Lissyara
    Lissyara 5 December 2012 19: 30
    Aw! My friends, krasvoenlet!
    And now the question is in the subject!
    How do you assess by 2016, 16 airbases throughout the territory of the Russian Federation for two basic manning.
    Category 1 - mixed "something" (a hybrid of army, frontline, air defense, etc. aviation / it's a no brainer that there are no strategists /).
    Category 2 - the same in weapons systems (roughly speaking, there is a regiment and fly him current on the Su-35).
    My opinion is complete stupidity!
    And 16 bases (B ... la, the regiment is aviation, squadrons and units), and not units!
    And 16 bases for the Russian Federation is a drop in the ocean (the CIS is not included, such as Kant)
    1. Alex 241
      Alex 241 5 December 2012 19: 34
      In touch! Earrings, in my opinion I was still talking on the phone about where the ears of this aunt Fenin's cow grow.
      1. Lissyara
        Lissyara 5 December 2012 19: 38
        As military engineers say: "Fluctuations or epidemics))))"
  18. Alex 241
    Alex 241 5 December 2012 19: 42
    In, I can bring a compression bucket laughing
    1. Lissyara
      Lissyara 5 December 2012 19: 44
      "Stabilizing fluid" from the MiG-25 wassat
      Read a higher post, what do you think about the "2" categories?
  19. Alex 241
    Alex 241 5 December 2012 19: 46
    Serge, you know my answer, the regular organizational structure of the USSR!
    1. Lissyara
      Lissyara 5 December 2012 20: 10
      From and I'm talking about identity. Pilot, senior pilot, unit, squadron, regiment.
      The units were during the First World War and partially civilian.
      More importantly, that this was not:
      Kuno is not a fig is not inserted.
  20. Alex 241
    Alex 241 5 December 2012 20: 17
    hold earrings

    And this is for you personally drinks
    1. Lissyara
      Lissyara 5 December 2012 20: 20
      About BTA. Interestingly, they are also called "shmotoshnik"? I just haven't talked for a long time.
  21. Alex 241
    Alex 241 5 December 2012 20: 23
    Yeah. The guys that they brought: Shilyalis and frontal for nine, there is still sweet cherry, will you take? laughing
  22. Lissyara
    Lissyara 5 December 2012 20: 44
    Pure in nature! I take half!
    I just remember the regiment in Artsyz (Odesa province), where the BTA regiment was stationed under the command of the GSS Rutsky, and the air defense IA on the MiG-23.
    It was 1990 or the 89th.
    When the transporters cut through on foreign cars, and fighters in turn fought on Dzhuguli.
  23. Alex 241
    Alex 241 5 December 2012 20: 46
    I’ll even say for sure in 89 Earrings, in the 90s they already drove the right-handed Cruiser.
  24. Lissyara
    Lissyara 5 December 2012 20: 55
    So I was not mistaken.
    Why did I remember that they don’t drink water there (it’s not possible to drink it). Only a homemade little screw))) Aki compote.
  25. Alex 241
    Alex 241 5 December 2012 20: 57
    Absolutely, my friend sometimes provided me with canisters a little vinyl with conveyors.
  26. Lissyara
    Lissyara 5 December 2012 21: 13
    And I was a cadet there.
    He returned to Kiev with 5 Winston blocks and 60 liters of vinchik laughing
    Just on TV:
    A team can come to launch a Patriot from Turkey only from Brussels!
    Or me ..
    Putitn: "Patriot is far from the best system in the world"
  27. Alex 241
    Alex 241 5 December 2012 21: 16
    A Th not from Mars, with curiosity or whatever it is ....................... laughing
    1. Lissyara
      Lissyara 5 December 2012 21: 28
      Sanya, not on an Internet.
      I can’t dodge you!