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Electromagnetic grenades for the US Army

Electromagnetic grenades for the US ArmyGenre computer games, science fiction books, movies, animated videos have long demonstrated to us the possibility of using so-called electromagnetic grenades. But for a long time this idea of ​​science fiction remained unrealized in practice.

On the way to the realization of the idea of ​​using an electromagnetic pulse, grenades were decided by the American military developers. They wanted to start applying this. weapon against bombs laid by militants in various countries of the world.

One of the purposes of the weapon of the future can be the option of using it in terms of generating a microwave pulse, which will have to ensure the destruction of improvised explosive devices laid in the path of movement of automobile or armored vehicles. A powerful electromagnetic impulse will be able to force the activation of the electronics of the hellish machines, which eliminate themselves. It is obvious that the use of grenades will be effective only if the bomb is not laid in the place of a mass gathering of people. Or you need to pre-produce a series of evacuation work.

The Pentagon has placed a request with a proposal to create electromagnetic hand grenades. Such grenades will be able to enter the arsenal of an American infantryman, who can use them when participating in operations. In addition to the manual option, an option for RPGs, missile warheads and other weapons options is also being considered. Americans are counting on the fact that the grenade will be small in weight and size so that a person can easily throw it at a certain distance.

At the same time, customers of the EM grenade declare that the result of using such a grenade is not always an explosion. Ordinary grenade will be suitable for an explosion with the fragmentation of fragments. The goal is different. Here there should be a surge in the electromagnetic field, which will allow to violate the plans of the militants and terrorists.

One of the problems associated with the implementation of EM grenades is the problem of reducing the size, since the prototypes are still too large to be classified as hand grenades. In addition, such grenades can affect with their impulse the electronics included in the arsenal of a fighter using such weapons: a communication system may be disturbed, for example. Work to solve these problems is already underway.

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  1. snek
    snek 4 December 2012 08: 06
    As a means of demining, it is very doubtful, because you need to know exactly where the landmine lies or every time a person has to go ahead and throw such a grenade every few meters.
  2. ICT
    ICT 4 December 2012 08: 45
    it’s difficult, and it’s practically impossible at all, just to hammer the communication channel, it’s yes (yes, it is already used by our people to protect the columns), and so that any device doesn’t work from the microwave, it’s just not working to the extreme, the electronics will die, but power must be serious
    1. Gavrn
      Gavrn 12 December 2012 10: 35
      Why clog the communication channels, if it is possible at a distance of 10-15 meters, with a directional antenna, to create an EM field that shorts all the electronics nafig.
  3. Brother Sarych
    Brother Sarych 4 December 2012 08: 59
    Personally, I somehow can not imagine their real application, but this does not mean that the idea is bad ...
  4. Footmansur86
    Footmansur86 4 December 2012 09: 28
    Damn when the US Army will receive infantry lasers, photon guns, plasma guns, hypersonic missiles, adaptive camouflage, etc.
    I will immediately raise my paws up and go to give up))
  5. Kostyanich
    Kostyanich 4 December 2012 09: 45
    amers themselves do an EM bomb
    Arabs from electronics have only a cell and on AK47 it will not work
    but if Entu bomb (yes more) to detonate in New York laughing
    1. Dikremnij
      Dikremnij 7 December 2012 03: 09
      Yes, especially on the New York Stock Exchange, and see how the Yankees begin to rebuild democracy in their country laughing
      1. bask
        bask 12 December 2012 16: 48
        Quote: Dikremnij
        how the Yankees will begin to rebuild democracy in their country

        Stock Birch, This is a Sub Game
  6. 1c-inform-city
    1c-inform-city 4 December 2012 12: 45
    they just saw the loot even steeper than ours
    1. bask
      bask 12 December 2012 16: 49
      Quote: 1c-inform-city
      they just saw the loot even steeper than ours

      And we will have a bobla more.
  7. Simple
    Simple 4 December 2012 13: 39
    "In addition to the manual option, an option for RPGs, missile warheads and other weapons is also being considered."

    Not bad idea.
  8. understudy
    understudy 4 December 2012 14: 37
    If grenades are for the US Army, then this should be our invention. laughing And so it turns out that these pieces are from the arsenal of the Amer’s army. request
  9. gregor6549
    gregor6549 4 December 2012 14: 55
    EMP in general and these grenades in particular are a double-edged sword. Those. suppressing the enemy's electronics you can crush yours no less sickly. And given that terrorists have long been hiring highly educated specialists, it is not a problem to duplicate a radio fuse with primitive hours. A variant is possible when the EMP itself may well provoke a loud "boom". The Chinese are now trying to create an e / m weapon of directional / selective action so that the enemy gets sick and does not feel it himself. What will come of this will be seen, In general, this is a bad thing EMP, given the current saturation of troops with electronics and kibenimatics. And so far there is no effective protection of information networks from powerful EMP pulses.
  10. Letnab
    Letnab 4 December 2012 15: 04
    and after using such weapons, the strategy of using human waves armed with conventional weapons will again go ...
  11. Aryan
    Aryan 4 December 2012 15: 36
    The first EMP grenade we made in the last thousand years yes
    My friend and I somehow threw a kinescope down on the old b / w telly Horizon ...
    there, not only electronics was amazed ...
    but the morale of the neighbors also fell below zero
  12. Zlyden.Zlo
    Zlyden.Zlo 4 December 2012 16: 00
    a very promising weapon. explode next to the abrams. and here’s a big piece of iron, take a can opener and pick out the crew. All military equipment is stuffed with electronics. What is the radius of destruction?
  13. igordok
    igordok 4 December 2012 16: 44
    And if your grenades are detonated (activated) in the EMP pouch, the same electronics in the EMP grenades. soldier
  14. dmitreach
    dmitreach 4 December 2012 17: 11
    amers like prodigies. no, well done, of course, they know how to count grandmothers, even when they are sawing. those ideas that will appear in the circle of this topic may not be military, but they will help businessmen to earn more money. and maybe they will help those who, after some sort of det100, will return to the topic ... with new technologies ...
    but today .... it seems to me, they’re fighting another f117.
  15. Kir
    Kir 4 December 2012 20: 29
    Something confuses me with their use against "embedded explosive devices", especially since obviously not all devices can be "exchanged" in such a way, but against "fighters stuffed with electronics" of "friendly" peoples it is more like the truth, and not the fact that with the enemy "treated with such" weapons for an hour, which will not happen, but to prove that he was not "slammed" and he himself did not lean back from the sight of the army of the most democratic state, but it will be problematic !!!
    As a summary:
    This innovation will be directed with a greater probability against "manpower".
  16. Nord007hold
    Nord007hold 5 December 2012 03: 26
    In my opinion, the use of electromagnetic grenades to mine explosive devices is like shooting RPGs at sparrows.
    In my opinion, it is more efficient to use EM generators against heavy equipment, command posts, and communication lines.
    "According to the principle of destruction of technology, generators are divided into low-frequency, which use pickup in power lines to deliver destructive voltage, and high-frequency, which cause pickup directly in the elements of electronic devices and have a high penetrating ability - small enough slots and ventilation are enough for waves to penetrate into the equipment."
    The concept of such a generator has already been proposed (As a variant of the generator, a cylinder-shaped construction was proposed in which a standing wave is created; at the moment of activation, the cylinder walls are rapidly compressed by a directed explosion and collapse at the ends, resulting in a very short wavelength. Since the energy radiation is inversely proportional to the wavelength, as a result of a decrease in the volume of the cylinder, the radiation power increases sharply.), so the thing is small - the size.
    1. zelenchenkov.petr1
      zelenchenkov.petr1 5 December 2012 04: 14
      Quote: Nord007hold
      use EM generators against heavy equipment, command posts, communication lines.

      Quote: Nord007hold
      The concept of such a generator has already been proposed.

      And not only lines! Against all the electronics !!! Old as the world, however!
      Quote: Nord007hold
      a very short wave is produced

      A packet is created, a bunch, a saliton ... short in time, but the wavelength does not change. The device emits a saliton with an energy slightly less than the stored energy of the resonator.
      However, noise saliton generation is much more efficient! Which, obviously, is there.
  17. Honory
    Honory 26 December 2015 16: 52
    So there are already prototypes, it would be interesting to read more about them.