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"Docent" and "Gorynych"

"Docent" and "Gorynych"21 June 2011, the “A” command and combat group of the Special Operations Center of the FSB of Russia in the North Caucasus region, carried out the task of finding a base of illegal armed groups. Special Forces began the search at nightfall. I had to act in a wooded and marshy area along the river bed. With the help of night vision devices, a reconnaissance search team found a fresh trail in one of the wetlands. Special Forces officers decided to continue the search - in many ways the path could lead to the very base. Before dawn, they combed about four kilometers of forest belt. Moving along the reeds, thick bushes and overcoming marshy canals, the reconnaissance-search group continued to search until its head patrol went out to guard the large gang group. The fight started ... The base was very well fortified. The bandits were preparing for a meeting with any surprises. These were experienced, well-trained criminals, seasoned thugs, behind whom traces of murders, sabotage, and terrorist attacks lasted. The hardest battle lasted almost three days. In that clash, the Alfists lost two of their comrades, Captain Roman Lashin and Major Igor Panin. They were great friends, one day they came to Alpha, and then they met. We were friends with families. Ironically, they also died together, in the same battle ...


Roman Lashin was born 2 June 1978, in Moscow. He studied at the Moscow school number 666. From early childhood he was fond of sports, first sambo, then karate. In 12 for years, he came to the Alfa-Budo club to the legendary coach Roman Petrovich Stepin, and at 13 he had already won his first sports trophy - became the bronze medalist of the Moscow Region karate-do championship. After school, he entered the Russian State University of Physical Education at the Faculty of Martial Arts. During his studies he won many prestigious awards and titles, repeatedly became the winner and the winner of international competitions. He received a black belt in karate and was awarded the title of master of sports. The logical continuation of Roman's sports career was coaching - excellent athletic skills and pedagogical talent, multiplied by the scientific basis gained during the training period, made him an excellent karate coach he taught to children at school. He liked working with the guys very much, the schoolchildren always came to his classes with interest.

Even before serving in special forces, Roman met his future wife, Svetlana. The young people immediately liked each other and very soon played a wedding.

According to Svetlana, Roman never particularly wanted to serve in special forces or even just a military career. He was more seduced by sport and coaching. Therefore, his decision to go to Alpha was a complete surprise for the young wife.

In 2004, he passed all the exams, passed numerous tests and entered the service at Office "A". Standards for physical training for him were not a problem at all - Roman spent all his life playing sports, was strong and resilient. Already in “Alpha” he repeatedly became the prize-winner of the FSB in hand-to-hand fighting, and in 2009 he received the title of master of sports in hand-to-hand fighting. In addition to martial arts, he enthusiastically engaged in fire training - well shot from combat weapons, and in 2009, won the championship of the Office of “A” in the shooting of the PM. However, this was not his circle of interests. During the service, Roman took up diving business and also achieved significant success in this area - he became a full-time employee of the diving group of the Department “A”.

In general, service in special forces was for Lashin, as they say, the work of a lifetime. Here he was in his place. For him there were no difficult or incomprehensible disciplines, he, like a sponge, absorbed new knowledge, constantly striving for self-improvement. When he went through the “course of the young fighter”, the unit employees jokingly called him “jacket”, because he came to the Office from a citizen, he didn’t wear a shoulder strap and was not in military service. Romana was offended, and he tried to be on the same level with the veterans of the unit in everything, to keep up with them. His enthusiasm and zeal in learning very quickly yielded results. In a short time he became a real special forces wagon — he could work in an assault group, a sniper, and a grenade launcher. However, his vocation, his main business, was one of the most difficult, dangerous and responsible special forces specialties - Shieldman!

Employee of "Alpha", colleague Roman Lashin:
“Shchitovik is not a profession and not a specialty. This is a way of thinking. And here everything is important. It takes physical strength to carry a heavy shield. We need a clear calculation to understand how to enter the address correctly, how to cover the group as efficiently as possible, where the danger may come from, how to neutralize it. We need, after all, courage to be the first to go for a bullet. ”

When Lashin came to the unit, they were just starting to use heavy assault shields. There was a working off tactics of work, training in the use of the shield. At first, all the staff members took turns at the lessons with the shields so that one could replace the other. However, then the lessons with shields began to be carried out selectively - everyone should do his own thing, what he does best. Emerged specialization. The novel immediately showed itself well in working with the assault shield. He was ideally suited for this job because of his physical qualities: he was physically very strong, enduring, and besides, the dimensions of the shield almost perfectly hid his stocky figure, which was also a big plus in his work. The assault shield weighs about 25 kilograms - even walking with it is not easy, but during the operation you need to maneuver, if necessary, cover your comrades and in case of anything, open fire. Lashin did it very well. Moreover, he set the tone in working with the shield. Before him, the shield workers used a standard body kit that was put on the body to evenly distribute the load. And Roman came up with his own, more effective “strapping” and began to use it in his work. Colleagues, seeing his results, also began to apply a technical novelty, and soon it was already used everywhere.

Roman was always striving for the best - he wanted to bring everything to perfection. With my money I bought a new uniform and equipment, did a gun tuning and tried everything myself, conducted numerous tests, comprehensively examined each element of the equipment, trying to find the perfect option for combat work.

Employee of "Alpha", colleague Roman Lashin:
“Romka himself personally checked every holster, every collimator. I tried various body kit options, tested it in practice and then used it in combat work. Moreover, if some kind of sight, or, say, fixing yourself, was well shown in his work, then the rest of the guys from the unit tried to get the same equipment, because everyone knew that if Lashin was using, it means it works! ”

In the subdivision, Roman Lashin had the call sign "Docent". Already working in the Department "A", he continued his studies at RGUFK - he wrote his dissertation. Moreover, his pedagogical talents turned out to be in great demand at Alpha - and Roman was a born teacher. Being already an experienced operative, he began to conduct classes for young employees, to train them in a difficult spetsnaz craft. He was always listened to with undisguised interest, for youth he was an unquestioned authority. Not only that - even experienced employees came to listen to his lectures. In addition, Roman had a gift that was noted by all the people who knew him - an amazing ability to convince the interlocutor that he was right. He always knew how to insist on his own, not to impose his point of view, but to methodically and consistently, by the power of arguments, incline the opponent to his side. And as life has shown, in most cases he did turn out to be right.

In 2007, Svetlana and Roman had a son. It would be logical to assume that Roman, as a military man, an athlete, would be a very strict father. However, in reality everything turned out to be wrong. He was a very kind dad, spoiled his little boy, loved him immensely.

Svetlana, the widow of Roman Lashin:
“It is believed that if there is a boy in the family, then his father is raising him, and his mother loves him. Everything was different with us - I was engaged in education, and I loved Roma. ”
No matter how exemplary the family man was Roman, Svetlana knew that for her husband in the first place his “boys” were friends, comrades. For them, he was ready for anything. He could always be asked for help, and wherever he was, he hurried to the rescue.

Once, when he was on vacation, his department participated in a major operation, to which the attention of society and the press was riveted. As his wife recalls, in those days, Roman simply fell out of reality and did not leave the TV. He carefully watched what was happening, not missing a single issue News. He was very worried, he kept repeating: "How could my boys be without me ...".

All those who knew Roman Lashin recall one of the main features of his character - an amazing sense of humor. He was a very cheerful person, he could always support a joke, pin up someone kindly. Even in battle, no matter how hard the special forces were, he always found a place for a joke or a joke, and with this he very much encouraged his comrades.

After Roman, many good traditions remained in the department. For example, with its filing, all employees began to call each other by name and patronymic. Without pathos and official. In such an appeal to each other felt respect and attention.

On his first trip, Roman Lashin left just a few months after he entered Alpha. He returned from it with the Zhukov Medal. Then there were the medal "For Courage" and the Order of Courage, with which he was awarded posthumously ...


Igor Panin was born on October 17 1979 in Korolev. From early childhood I went in for sports. The 9 years went to the hockey section. Igor's father served in the police and often took his son to various departmental competitions, mostly, of course, these were tournaments in various martial arts. At one of these competitions, the boy became interested in judo. So much so that he wanted to immediately quit hockey and take up the fight. In judo, Igor achieved considerable success, and, repeatedly speaking at competitions, often won prizes. He then entered the Royal College of Space Engineering and Technology. At the end of it, Igor went into the army, got into the airborne troops. He served in a separate reconnaissance. Tasks had to be performed at the height of the second Chechen campaign. For several months he took part in fights with gangs. It was a hot year 1999, when militants invaded Dagestan from the territory of the so-called Ichkeria. During his service, he received the medal "For Services to the Fatherland" of the 2 degree with the image of swords.

After the army, Igor Panin continued active sports - entered the boxing section. And besides, he decided to get a higher education at the Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation. In 2004, he became a member of Office A. True, this did not happen immediately. When the first attempt ended in failure, Igor decided to go the other way: he became an employee of the FSB, but in another department. While working there, he continued to actively engage in sports, began to study hand-to-hand combat, took part in all departmental competitions, trying to draw attention to himself and show his high preparation and readiness for combat work. And in some competitions he achieved his goal. He won the tournament, which was attended by "alfovtsy" and attended the leadership unit. The young employee immediately became interested - what kind of a fighter, from which department? Igor immediately told one of the Alpha officers that he wanted to serve in the unit. True, the second attempt was also unsuccessful - the management, not wanting to lose the employee, did not release him from the service. And only the third time he entered the unit.

Physical training passed easily - because by that time he already had the title of candidate master of sports in boxing and judo, and already in Office “A” he also received a master of sports in hand-to-hand combat. When Igor Panin only got into “Alpha”, he got acquainted with Roman Lashin at the courses for young employees. They came to the unit in one day. The guys immediately became friends, then they became friends with their families. Both were avid athletes and often found themselves together in competitions. For the first time, my friends went away together.

At Alpha, Igor completed a specialized extreme driving course, completed medical first-aid courses, and went to diving courses with Roman Lashin. During his service in the unit, Panin brought his sporting form to absolute perfection. A year after admission - in 2005-m - won all the competitions, what is possible. He won the primacy of the CSN, the FSB, the city of Moscow, won the first prize at international competitions in Yalta. He had an incredible rise, it was a real peak! At one of the tournaments, he completed the final fight for 38 seconds!

Employee "Alpha", Igor Panin colleague:
“Igor was very fond of skiing, snowboarding. Somehow he called me to the mountains for a ride. I did not succeed then. And he came from there, all on emotion, told me that he had introduced his wife to the skis, and plans to put her daughter on skis when she grows up. He directly gushed with emotions, he always wanted something new: to learn, to achieve, to try. ”

Among other things, Igor was also an excellent coach. His sparring partners unanimously noted his methodological skills: he never brought the matter to injury, always paid attention to the opponent's mistakes, could pinpoint a weak spot and help tighten some element of training.
In recent years, Igor is very fascinated knife fight. Constantly bought a lot of literature. Waste decent money on books, new benefits, bought knives. In 2006, Igor received a serious injury at sports competitions, he had a screw fracture of his hip. The authorities were afraid that he would never be able to recover and continue to serve. But he recovered and even took part in martial arts competitions.

Galina, Igor Panin's widow:
“Igor always loved sports. And each new reception, learned in training, was happy as a child. Sometimes we walk, and he shows me a new trick. It looked very funny when on a busy street a healthy guy waving his legs and arms in front of the girl. People usually squinted with caution and immediately retreated away (smiles). ”

With his future wife, Galina, he met in the service 2003. He participated in some competitions, and Galina was secretary, wrote down the results, kept statistics. Then Igor remembered her with his good sense of humor - he constantly joked, joked. After the acquaintance, it turned out that young people, it turns out, are studying at the same institute, and both of them went in for sports - Galina was also a good hand-to-hand fighter. In 2009, they got married, and in 2010 they had their first child - a daughter. When the spouse said that she was pregnant with her second child, Igor immediately said that there would be a son, Mishka. So in the end what happened. His father was very caring.

Svetlana, a family friend:
“Family has always been a closed topic for Igor. It was his inviolable temple, which he did not let anyone in. The fact that he and his wife are waiting for their daughter, everyone learned when Galya was already in the seventh month of pregnancy, and Igor told friends only on a business trip a few days before his death ”.

Igor always loved children. Even in some joint feasts he didn’t sit at the table in moments of smoke breaks, but went to play with the kids, he could go and play football with the kids. In general, he was a very kind man, calm, balanced and surprisingly cheerful. He was not discouraged, even if something in life and in service did not develop.

For all the time he served in Alpha, he never quarreled with anyone, not even his voice was raised once. He himself was very quick and never offended anyone. The only thing he could not stand was injustice. He was a reliable friend. He knew how to talk a person, make him talk about his problems, and then he certainly tried to help with all his strength.

He told Galina very little about his work. He said: "Well, I run with a weapon, what's the big deal about this?" Usually when I called from a business trip, he told me how they "walk in the fresh air and bathe." In general, he always calmed everyone, his wife, relatives, friends - he asked me never to worry, he tried to support and somehow cheer. Surely there was enough experience in his soul, but he always hid them deeply within himself. Most likely because Igor went to the war very early and treated life in a special way, like any person who had looked death to him more than once. His call sign was memorable - “Gorynych”.

Igor Panin was capable of any tasks. If he could help with something, he would help. Was very responsible. The commander trusted him, often put elders in combat missions. In any battle, I kept the situation under control until the last shot. During his service, he was repeatedly honored with state awards. For the last battle, he received the Order of Courage, but posthumously ...

The last battle

In that battle, Roman Lashin went first - he was in the head patrol, worked as the second number for the machine gunner. It was he who first noticed the militants and opened fire on them. The battle broke out instantly, with such force that, as its participants say, "the earth shook around." Militants snapped at the Alpha fire aggressively. The terrorists were armed with machine guns, machine guns, grenade launchers - and all this deadly weapons covered with a powerful wave a group of special forces, pressed to the ground with heavy fire. As the special forces themselves say, it has never been so hard for them. Militants have attempted a breakthrough three times. With shouts of "Allah Akbar" they rushed to the position of special forces and each time they received a tough response. To enhance the flank calculations of machine guns and grenade launchers, it was decided to regroup the forces of the reconnaissance-search group. Captain Lashin, having the opportunity to roll back to the shelter, remained in position and, showing composure and courage, continued to hold the gangsters with automatic fire, thus giving valuable time to complete the maneuver of the machine-gunners and grenade launchers. The bullet overtook him suddenly. The wound was fatal - in the head. Having no success in the breakthrough of the reconnaissance-search group, the militants attempted to get to the special forces flank. Major Panin, who headed the rear guard, along with several employees from his group, made a leading maneuver and took up positions on the earthen wall in the direction of the bypassing fighters. The decisive actions of Igor Panin in this dagger fire contact prevented the maneuver of the bandits. His fire stopped the militants and warned comrades about the imminent danger. Covering his comrades, the commando was wounded. He didn’t have any kind of shock, he just jerked and with the words “Guys, I was wounded” fell to the ground. While the rest of the group was holding back the enemy, several people provided first aid to the wounded man. There was a lot of blood. Long could not find the exit from the bullet. Tried to do artificial respiration, heart massage. Igor gave some weak signs of life. Later it turned out that the commando died almost instantly. The exit hole could not be found, because it was not there - the bullet hit Major Panin right in the heart and was stuck there.

Employee "Alpha", Igor Panin colleague:
“Shortly before the guys died, Igor and I were at sea, swimming. And when I, already rather frozen, got out of the water, he continued to swim, could not enjoy this sea, caught every wave, rejoiced like a child. From him literally beat energy. Just at that moment, his wife Galya informed him that they would have a second child, he was very happy, all glowed straight from happiness.

After the death of Roman and Igor, I went to the sea and sat for a long time looking at the waves. And he could not believe that the guys are no more ... "

The dead "alfovtsev" buried with all military honors. On the day of the funeral in the ritual hall on Pnekhotnaya Street, the director of the FSB, Army General Alexander Bortnikov and his deputies, took their leave with officers. The officers were buried in the Nikolo-Arkhangelskoye cemetery, in the alley of the deceased state security officers. On that day, there was no end in sight and no rides and orders on the uniform of those who wanted to pay tribute to the special forces. Veterans of all generations of Group A of the KGB-FSB walked shoulder to shoulder in the funeral procession: Robert Yvon, Gennady Zaitsev, Mikhail Golovatov, Sergey Goncharov and current employees, including the head of the Special Purpose Center of the Federal Security Service of Russia Colonel-General Alexander Tikhonov and the head of the Directorate "A" Major General Vladimir Vinokurov. President of Ingushetia, Hero of Russia Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Defense of the State Duma, Colonel Igor Barinov, First Commander of the Vityaz Detachment Hero of Russia Sergey Lysyuk came to pay tribute to the victims.

The funeral ceremony was attended by over a thousand people!

The widow of Roman Lashin still does not dare to tell his four-year-old son that his dad was dead. Svetlana said that her father went on a business trip. She periodically buys her little boy presents and says that Roman gave them to him. Get used to the idea that the husband is no longer there, she just can not ...

The widow of Igor Panin is now raising her daughter Ira and her son Misha. The younger one will never see his brave father - he was born after his death. All those who knew Igor unanimously say that Mishka is a copy of Igor. A man grows in a family, with the same eyes as his father’s, with wide open eyes to the whole world and an open smile ...

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  1. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 4 December 2012 07: 32
    Here it is as it happens in life! There are many injustices in life, but HEROES WE SHOULD REMEMBER ALWAYS!
    1. Joker
      Joker 4 December 2012 14: 07
      I now wonder what the hell SPN Alpha is engaged in tracking and destruction, if their task is to free the hostages and storm the buildings? What a mess in our army, well, is it really not possible for each group to do what it was intended for? You look and the guys would be alive sad Why do we have to climb into the thick of it, to call a helicopter and it would break these militants, but no, we don’t accept that sad
      1. Karish
        Karish 4 December 2012 14: 26
        Quote: Joker
        What a mess in our army, well, is it really impossible for each group to do what it is intended for?

        Specialization in these matters is very important, the only way professionalism can be maximized



        List of IDF special forces and their specialization.
        1. phantom359
          phantom359 6 December 2012 01: 48
          Karish,I agree. I don’t understand why you were minus. The Jews have a very wonderful special forces. One "Saeret Mitkal" is worth something. Certainly not worse than "Pennant"
      2. Blat
        Blat 4 December 2012 16: 07
        this is because the combat readiness of the main parts is at a very high level. Here you have to plug all the holes with alpha. the truth is impermissible luxury
      3. orfo
        orfo 4 December 2012 22: 58
        an ancient tradition to send the elite to such things, since the Chechen times, the question remains what the mountain brigades are doing ... Karish is in some ways right, highly specialized units have more chances.
      4. gispanec
        gispanec 5 December 2012 10: 50
        Quote: Joker
        I'm wondering what the hell spn Alpha is engaged in tracking and destruction

        Alpha as Grushny (army) special forces must have combat skills. We will remember and honor .... everything and hold on to such officers ....
      5. kopar
        kopar 5 December 2012 12: 50
        I agree. When reading this article, I did not understand why "Alpha" was used in this way? Why did they not involve aviation? Or they didn’t tell us everything, or again someone’s mistake. "The heroism of the soldiers manifests itself when the generals make the wrong decisions."
      6. Konrad
        Konrad 5 December 2012 21: 50
        Quote: Joker
        I'm wondering

        It’s good that you are interested, you need to think about your proposal.
        Thank you!
  2. S_nami_strength
    S_nami_strength 4 December 2012 07: 46
    Eternal memory to the heroes !!!!!!!
    1. Lucky
      Lucky 4 December 2012 12: 25
  3. Force123
    Force123 4 December 2012 08: 19
    Heroes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I read it to the end and already wept !!!
  4. 123dv
    123dv 4 December 2012 08: 48
    Bright memory...
  5. serezhasoldatow
    serezhasoldatow 4 December 2012 09: 48
    These should be spoken about on all TV and radio channels not with a small note, but with detailed broadcasts instead of "Let's get married", etc. and not at 00 o'clock Moscow time, but at the time when the family gathers in front of the TV. I have not read such a beautiful story about our heroes for a long time. Blessed memory of them.
    1. npv554f
      npv554f 4 December 2012 20: 10
      Eternal memory to the Heroes! And about television, if it doesn’t bother you, please see what Hero of Russia, Colonel Vyacheslav Alekseevich Bocharov writes on this subject.
      1. rapid1934
        rapid1934 10 December 2012 18: 55
        Quote: npv554f

        Eternal memory to the Heroes! And about television, if it doesn’t bother you, please see what Hero of Russia, Colonel Vyacheslav Alekseevich Bocharov writes on this subject.

        I read it bitterly and dullly at heart.
        And to the fallen children a low bow and eternal memory.
  6. donchepano
    donchepano 4 December 2012 09: 57
    Unfortunately, the best people of Russia are leaving ...

  7. yustas
    yustas 4 December 2012 09: 59
    There is nothing to add to the above, real men, heroes of their homeland
    Glory to the heroes and may the earth rest in peace ...
  8. ksandr45
    ksandr45 4 December 2012 11: 02
    Eternal memory to the fallen defenders of the homeland!
  9. Akhtuba73
    Akhtuba73 4 December 2012 12: 51
    Let your children not know the bitterness of losing their father. Stay alive and healthy.
    Thank you for protecting our children! Low bow!
  10. Abel
    Abel 4 December 2012 13: 42
    Real men! The injustice of fate is incomprehensible ... why does death choose the most worthy?
    1. Stiletto
      Stiletto 4 December 2012 14: 23
      Because they are special forces, not staff workers.
    2. pogis
      pogis 5 December 2012 18: 43
      Death always takes the most worthy! Apparently PARADISE exists, but for us who survive, it’s burning in hell.
  11. biglow
    biglow 4 December 2012 15: 55
    I feel sorry for the people, of course, it is not clear why it is impossible to cover these bases with aviation and then to take apart the wreckage and finish off the survivors, Why substitute people, especially such specialists
    1. phantom359
      phantom359 6 December 2012 01: 52
      biglow, Here, too - it is not clear to me. It is much more expensive to learn a specialist than the work of attack aircraft.
  12. zeksus
    zeksus 4 December 2012 18: 21
    Glory to the heroes!!!!!!!!
  13. Sniper 1968
    Sniper 1968 4 December 2012 20: 42
    The Eternal Memory of the Knights ...
  14. pogis
    pogis 4 December 2012 21: 38
    I have been following the confrontation between the special forces and the Terras for a long time. The losses from the special forces are always, one to one, almost always, or even higher! Is something wrong?
    1. Prometey
      Prometey 5 December 2012 07: 41
      Unfortunately, I also noticed such sad statistics - or are the militants too lucky or their training at an unprecedented height?
      1. pogis
        pogis 5 December 2012 18: 17
        The people and the Army are one! Remember? After 1991 we don’t have kgb and sa, but we have FSB and ra, and something tells me that not only the Army but everything else fell from a great height and got injuries of varying severity! called the people! AND WHAT ALFA DID IN THE FOREST !!! I myself am in shock! But the worst thing was the battle of 3 !!! of the day and what is the level of development of equipment and weapons in modern aircraft? the answer is that it is not like a class! (Zhenya, Olya, Polina, Alena) 33 years ago, remember what Alpha did and with what losses! But she was used as an infantry by and large! WITHOUT SUPPORT FROM AIR !!!!! AND ARTIAGES!
    2. Midshipman
      Midshipman 5 December 2012 13: 34
      Special forces are almost always advancing or in search, and terrorists usually hold their defenses in fortified positions. The ratio of losses of the advancing and the defending sides in science should be somewhere in one to three, so that one to one is not such a bad ratio.
      1. knn54
        knn54 5 December 2012 15: 56
        This is statistics for the infantry. Unfortunately, thanks to the democrat Yeltsin (who shot the parliament and unleashed the Chechen war), what is called "succession of generations" happened to the special forces2 - when professionals are thrown out onto the street, that is, there is no one to teach young people and there is no reason for that. The KGB school has been disbanded. preparing specialists of the extra-class - training of one specialist of the "VIMPEL" unit cost ~ 100000 rubles / year (when salaries are 150-250 rubles; km of municipal services 12-15 rubles / month. gasoline is cheaper than beer is to represent the amount of costs, Amin's Palace took special forces -read about the balance of power and loss. Corruption, theft. fulfillment of tasks unusual for spetsnaz. low level of training, betrayal of werewolves in uniform and the howl of human rights defenders and tamed zhurnalyugs ... But I am really dying, the best.
    3. Alex_g23r
      Alex_g23r 11 December 2012 01: 52
      The point is not that "something is wrong", but that in the forest the chances are always 50 to 50.
  15. George
    George 4 December 2012 23: 19
    They were good fellows. Eternal memory!
  16. Kolyma
    Kolyma 5 December 2012 05: 45
    Eternal memory to the Soldiers, rest in peace
  17. Prometey
    Prometey 5 December 2012 07: 39
    I didn’t quite understand the same thing - is combing the area the task of anti-terrorist units, and not the usual infantry?
    1. zambo
      zambo 5 December 2012 09: 11
      The article says that group "A" performed the task of detecting the base of illegal armed groups (terrorists). The guys completed the task - they found it. It is clear that it would be best to transmit the coordinates for an air strike or artillery strike, but, most likely, the special forces were also discovered by the bandits and the most terrible battle turned out - the oncoming one. And for the guys - a bright memory ...
  18. skeptic
    skeptic 5 December 2012 08: 42
    Quote: Prometey

    I didn’t quite understand the same thing - is combing the area the task of anti-terrorist units, and not the usual infantry?

    Would it be more pleasant to read about dozens or hundreds of dead? It is not always possible to catch artillery in time, especially in a sudden oncoming battle. On the other hand, there were also serious specialists, they opened fire only after they realized that their base was uncovered. HUGE ACKNOWLEDGMENTS AND GLORY TO HEROES who are risking their lives every second for us and our HOMELAND. ETERNAL MEMORY OF DIED.
  19. Slavs69
    Slavs69 5 December 2012 08: 47
    Quote: Prometey
    Is combing the area the task of anti-terrorist units, and not the usual infantry?

    There is such a thing - operational information. What structure has taken possession of it, that implements it. In this case, the FSB had infa, and the unit that arrived on a business trip and was placed at the disposal of the territorial administration sent it to sell. This is observed in all structures working in the TFR. And another moment - since the FSB, the gang (its leader, strength, bloody trail, emphasizing) was quite serious, otherwise it would have been transferred to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the riot police and riot police had already gone to RPM.
  20. Rus2012
    Rus2012 5 December 2012 11: 17
  21. SIT
    SIT 5 December 2012 12: 16
    Damn these guys died! From the article it is clear that it was not just work that was done for a salary, but it was their vocation. These are the most valuable personnel. How can you put them like this because of a bunch of spirits !? Why look for this fucking base on foot !? You can make a decent drone less painful now without leaving the Mitinsky market! At night before dawn, when the underlying surface is cooled as much as possible with an IR scanner, it is not a problem to detect human bodies. By the location of the bodies, it will become clear that these are sentries and where the base itself is approximately located. Investigate the area around and on all trails leaving the area of ​​the base instruct MONKs. As soon as the sun rises to arrange the spirits a picture of the classic "rooks" have arrived. Those who remain alive after the airstrike will rush along the paths to MONK. But those who remain and after them can be met by specialists to take them alive and interrogate. And the guys cannot be returned ...
  22. RUS-36
    RUS-36 5 December 2012 12: 34
    Everlasting memory. The kingdom of heaven is to them!
  23. brush
    brush 5 December 2012 14: 04
    This battle was in Dagestan, in the Kizlyar district.
    The militants had machine guns, sniper rifles, and grenade launchers. The militants themselves were not boys, almost all over 30 years old. It was a "waiting" ambush.
    In those battles, not only the Alpha fighters but also the special forces of the internal troops were killed.

    In consolation, I can say that all the militants have already been destroyed. And now in the Kizlyar forests there has not been a single action movie since May of this year. Special Forces BB cleared everything to a mirror shine.
  24. Sleptsoff
    Sleptsoff 5 December 2012 16: 24
    And now, as it were, in my opinion, the amers would conduct this operation, they would call the turntables, give them the coordinates of the base and they would roll it into the ground.
    1. wax
      wax 5 December 2012 17: 53
      They ride in Afghanistan. To no avail.
      1. pogis
        pogis 5 December 2012 18: 37
        Duck and when they want, they can, and then they collect assembled frigged machines! Http: //
      2. Sleptsoff
        Sleptsoff 5 December 2012 20: 29
        There would be no victims, and accordingly this article, that’s the message.
  25. Lord of the Sith
    Lord of the Sith 5 December 2012 18: 54
    everlasting memory! It would be nice to make a film about them.
    1. Konrad
      Konrad 5 December 2012 21: 54
      Quote: Sith Lord

      everlasting memory! It would be nice to make a film about them.

      Maybe put the address? Thank you for your attention, you were not there, balabol!
      Minus signers!, Shove the minus into yourself in tuches, damn heroes!
  26. mazdie
    mazdie 5 December 2012 21: 50
    The feat of some is the carelessness of others. Sorry guys.
  27. SlavaP
    SlavaP 6 December 2012 00: 04
    It’s painful and insulting ... but some rear rat got a raise for the blood of the guys.
    1. Suvorov000
      Suvorov000 12 December 2012 16: 50
      In CSN, this does not work, there it is strictly