Friendship in exchange for helicopters and armored personnel carriers

Have you ever heard of such an incredible phenomenon as “humanitarian aid from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation to anyone's address?” So-and-so ... And it (humanitarian aid), it turns out, happens ... And not only it happens, but it may even concern citizens of foreign countries. And how can our police "humanitarian" to help foreigners? - Asks interested reader. - Really rubber truncheons or police suhpaykom? But away from irony, for it is in about this vein that the material support from the Russian law enforcement agencies of their Kyrgyz colleagues is implied.

At the end of last week, information came from Bishkek that Kyrgyz law enforcement officers would not mind if the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs allocates the old police uniform remaining in warehouses for the Kyrgyz Ministry of Internal Affairs, which became “non-statutory” after the well-known procedure of renaming the police to the police. This was stated by the head of the press service. Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kyrgyzstan Mr. Seitov. According to him, the Kyrgyz militia would have been given 40 thousands of sets of Russian uniforms, which are “very similar” to the form of Kyrgyz law enforcement agencies - only chevrons can be altered ...

It turns out that about 3 years ago, Russia thus already helped the fraternal Kyrgyz militia, but since 2009, the Russian form, as stated by an employee of one of the Bishkek regional departments, has pretty worn out, frayed in the wind and under the influence of the scorching Kirghiz sun. That is why Kyrgyz law enforcement agencies expect that the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs will not leave them in trouble, as there is nothing to order directly the Kyrgyz police uniform from Bishkek, judging by the statements of the press service.

As the classic said:

Ah, those that you sent
Last week,
We have already eaten a long time
And we wait, we will not wait,
When will you send again
To our supper
A dozen ...

However, this is not all the help that the Kyrgyz police expect from their Russian colleagues. In addition to the uniform, by the way, Bishkek asks Moscow for five BTR-80, 2 helicopters, 500 grenade launchers, 18 trucks, body armor, police helmets, radio stations, tents, Gazelle cars, 15 buses, SVD, pistols, night vision equipment and much another.

And one would think that Kyrgyzstan is going to buy all this from Russia, because the state is positioning itself, sort of like, independent and embarking on the path of a market economy. But no. Why buy when you can just ask well, because if Russia does not make fraternal concessions, then you can immediately begin a new round of bazaar trade regarding the location of the base in Kant and other Russian military facilities in Kyrgyzstan. Obviously, writing off a weighty debt in relation to Kyrgyzstan was not in vain and is already beginning to bear fruit ... We wanted the best, but got it ... After all, the write-off was aimed at more actively developing business partnership between the countries, more effectively agreeing to extend the period for the Russian base to the territory of Kyrgyzstan, and for the future to attract Bishkek on certain conditions to the Customs Union. However, Bishkek decided that if debt was written off, then you can go even further in communication with Russia: first, the form (they say, it’s still old and you don’t need it), then pistols, armored personnel carriers, helicopters, and then you can rely on some Something impressive loan, which in the end will still remain without payment.

No, no one is going to argue with the fact that Russia is not a poor country, and can afford to share with the fraternal people of Kyrgyzstan (and even more so with its militia). But somehow, lately, Russia itself has been accustomed to the fact that there can only be cheese in the world where it is free in the world. And if the agreements on payment of the lease of the territory in Kyrgyzstan by the Russian army are signed, then the next requests to write off something in exchange for the same Kant, to forgive, subject to restructuring or send in the form of humanitarian aid - very much looks like banal blackmail. Like, if you want to be friends with the states, then let us - coax us more, coax us completely. Yes, we, in principle, do not mind. Friends decided to give gifts, but only story teaches us something ... There were times when Russia, out of the goodness of her soul, was sprayed on improving life in the same Baltic republics, exposing them as a Soviet showcase. In one state, it seemed, they lived, and therefore the division to the first and second class was clearly not appropriate. But for some reason now, all these investments appear as “occupational insinuations”, used to confuse the ordinary Baltic citizen, who at all times aims at the path of democratization and independence. At least, the authorities of the three states “exhausted by the Soviet occupation” say exactly that. And where is the guarantee that such claims will not be made to us again: an attempt to “buy” incorruptible Kyrgyz law enforcement structures, for example ... Indeed, in this Central Asian country, the authorities can change with almost uncontrolled regularity. And with the huge desire of external and internal forces, the power of Kyrgyzstan can hardly be saved by the Kyrgyz police, equipped with the old Russian uniform, even if armed with Russian sniper rifles and night vision devices. Here we need to choose completely different mechanisms of cooperation (once again: it is cooperation, and not the fact that this concept is replaced), and not statements about the need to provide more than strange humanitarian assistance.

And in general, since when did pistols, helicopters and BTR-80 come to be counted as humanitarian aid? ..

It is worth noting that Russia has plans for the almost complete rearmament of the Kyrgyz army (of course, with the active support of these plans from Kyrgyzstan itself), which should begin to be implemented next year. For certain reasons, this will have to rid Kyrgyzstan of foreign (American) dependence in the supply of equipment and equipment. weapons. Taking into account the fact that the number of the Kyrgyz army is about 15 thousands of people, rearmament would look quite real. True, in this case it is necessary to take into account the fact that for the time being with the rearmament of the Russian army itself everything goes, to put it mildly, not quite smoothly. And about the fact that it is necessary to re-equip not only the army of Kyrgyzstan, but the units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of this country, it seems, there was no question at all ...

Apparently, the Kyrgyz authorities again show some special arithmetic, according to which friendship between countries should be based solely on the material component. Something like: helicopters and armored personnel carriers in exchange for an indestructible friendship ...
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  1. +6
    4 December 2012 07: 12
    Not well, the Kyrgyz and lip rolled out! Give it, give it! Not in their position to dictate the conditions!
    1. +9
      4 December 2012 07: 57
      Quote: tronin.maxim
      Give it, give it!

      And at the same time, they call themselves an independent country. Independent of money and only request
      1. YARY
        4 December 2012 08: 26
        Uv Alexander
        And after all, every "post-Soviet" aphid fancies itself independent!
        But the fact that on a suction all my life with RUSSIA- this is not indicative!
        1. -2
          4 December 2012 14: 52
          Comrades, calm down. Everything is much better than it seems. Kyrgyzstan will soon (like 2014) join our Customs Union, and for this we are raising the level of their economy a little so that there will be no big "pressure difference" upon joining.

          Now another question: If you are surrounded by crowds of zombies, it makes sense to give your neighbors a shotgun (if you have 2), so you two are more likely to survive. So, after Syria and Iran, our Asian republics, including Kyrgyzstan, are next in line for democratization. And if they are democratized, then they will go on us. So we need to strengthen them! It’s more useful for us!
          1. +12
            4 December 2012 16: 44
            And if your neighbor is prone to suicide and is not averse to becoming a zombie too, if it is more convenient for him? So from your shotgun at any moment he can shoot you, so it’s better to have a 2 shotgun and know that there are zombies against you, and not constantly be afraid that someone will shoot you in the back. Therefore, Nehru give handouts, separated? Introduce entry visas, strengthen borders, build a lot of radars in their territory and develop a powerful air defense system of various bases, on the water, in the air and on the ground, and buy those who are trying to cross the border illegally on the spot, let them fly in the border zone. You need to develop your economy and focus on ensuring that the country is self-sufficient, build factories for the production of clothing, food, electronics, and all this should be public, it is more profitable than to beat taxes from our Jews, as a result the country will provide itself supply products abroad. And everyone who wants to join us, or rather say, suck in the forest, let them develop their economy first, and then offer something mutually beneficial. If you help someone, then only Ukraine-Belarus and only with full integration, like the USSR but without any right to leave the composition, then you can help, knowing that all this through 100 will not disappear when someone decides freedom once more grab, do you want to go out? Then we dismantled all the factories that were built to join us, and we’ll take them for ourselves, leaving only with what we came with, it’s time to be arrogant and tougher, enough to grovel before any shit that a whole carriage didn’t have in a lifetime want to be friends? ONLY ON CONDITION OF COMPLETE INTEGRATION WITHOUT THE RIGHT TO EXIT OR WITH THE EXIT IN THE SAME CONDITION THAT HAS COME. That's all and press hard to join, a lot of pressure levers, and the most active screaming about klyutyh moskaly send to Siberia, develop new territories, and that there the West with the US will blather, send them to hell, still they blather and can and what about their citizens will think about us; we should not care when they become part of Ukraine-Belarus-Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Serbia, Mon
            Holia, we will not care at all, because with such power they can only squeak and walk for fear of themselves. To develop the economy in all regions, to make sure that there were no parasites and everyone could feed himself as part of it, shoot all evil spirits or use them as construction slaves, let them build factories, houses for residents of all countries in the block. That's all we need, and not to give endless handouts.
            1. -1
              5 December 2012 15: 08
              Apparently here on our website the Nazis got divorced, I don't consider people as Asians ... And then, after all, our fellow citizens from the USSR! Their grandfathers, together with ours, defended our country from the Nazis. And so "to protect", "visas" ... well, well.
          2. karimbaev
            4 December 2012 18: 29
            Kyrgyzstan will not join the customs union, they need to pay a WTO penalty of 1 cu, they don’t have that kind of money. They simply promised Russia that they would join the customs union and Moscow would write off 000 cuy. Moscow wrote off. and now the Kyrgyz they say that in two years they’ll set foot, and in two years much will change, the coup will be re-launched and again with an outstretched hand in the CIS. lay down better to divide it into parts and all.
        2. saper
          4 December 2012 20: 31
          Quote: Ardent
          And after all, every "post-Soviet" aphid fancies itself independent!

          first of all, Russia itself forgets who Dad is in the hut
          1. 0
            4 December 2012 21: 36
            That's just it, for a long time it is necessary to bend cancer clever people, and then through chur they began to be clever am
      2. +2
        4 December 2012 22: 58
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Independent of money and only

        They are independent of conscience.
    2. DmitryDmitry
      4 December 2012 07: 59
      I agree) well, I’d just ask for the form, but grenade launchers and even more so HELICOPTERS fool this is arrogance. In our Transbaikalia this year only 1 helicopter appeared)
      1. +3
        4 December 2012 08: 37
        It is necessary to help the smaller brothers ... In our country poverty has ended ..., pensioners began to live in prosperity ..., the army does not need anything ... Why not help?
      2. Lucky
        4 December 2012 11: 40
        Here, helicopters are superfluous))) they cannot fly anyway))
      3. +2
        4 December 2012 12: 33
        Quote: DmitryDmitry
        In our Transbaikalia this year only 1 helicopter appeared)

        Not fair! Only now, I feel that Russian helicopters will still appear in Kyrgyzstan, but Transbaikalia will continue to receive one at a time. I will be glad to be mistaken. Betrayal geopolitics, so its rastak.
      4. +3
        4 December 2012 16: 39
        Quote: DmitryDmitry
        well, they would only ask for a uniform, but grenade launchers and even more so HELICOPTERS

        Greetings Dmitry hi ... They do it according to the principle - "I'm talking about friendship with Russia, about the Uzbeks in the Osh region - I keep in mind ...". Figs they will put up with the fact that Uzbeks walk on their land! They will pick up forces, do their own weapons and "with pictures and jokes" again pogroms and massacres! ... Asia, sir, colleague ...!
        So, here is a very delicate situevina by our government ... recourse
    3. +1
      4 December 2012 08: 33
      East is a delicate matter...
    4. +6
      4 December 2012 10: 12
      I "like" these independent countries (the former republics of the USSR) ... They wanted to be independent so zealously that now they come to us to work and ask the Ministry of Internal Affairs to dress them, put shoes on and arm them, laugh and nothing more ... "Why don't you live in peace, you got no addiction and rejoice, enjoy life, but don't interfere with us" .....
      1. Gluxar_
        4 December 2012 10: 34
        They will rejoice and their militia will happily put on Afghan crocodiles, only for Russia it will fly not a pretty penny, but into millions of mutilated lives. Miser pays twice.
        1. +4
          4 December 2012 11: 01
          Quote: Gluxar_
          They will rejoice and their militia will happily put on Afghan crocodiles, only for Russia it will fly not a pretty penny, but into millions of mutilated lives. Miser pays twice.

          You are a naive person, if you think that having received all this, valiant Kyrgyz policemen, all as one will rush into the fight against drug trafficking ....
      2. +1
        4 December 2012 23: 09
        Quote: BlackScorp
        So eagerly wanted to be independent, that now they come to us to earn money

        I think that the people just did not want independence. They wanted politicians, but they don’t go anywhere to earn money. In my opinion, it’s easier to change the president to a more loyal one. Technologies have long been worked out.
    5. Gluxar_
      4 December 2012 10: 33
      Quote: tronin.maxim
      Not well, the Kyrgyz and lip rolled out! Give it, give it! Not in their position to dictate the conditions!

      They do not dictate conditions, but ask for help. And it's silly not to take advantage of such a situation. if you have the police of another state in custody, then this is a very effective lever to influence this state. The United States and Colombia have been messing around for 30 years and have never regretted it.
      1. +2
        4 December 2012 10: 47
        To do this, we need to send there our "advisers" to establish contacts. We must act diplomatically - the form should be provided in the near future, the advisers should be sent there even earlier ... We can wait with helicopters - we have orders in the queue for the next 3 years ... If we find anything, it won't be soon. And in exchange for all this, one can demand foreign policy concessions and other privileges.
    6. 0
      4 December 2012 10: 39
      They will now be capricious like little children, tk. Russia needs to build a base with them. Everyone knows very well about the military base in Manas. And the "heating" of the money is such that Russia should have turned out to be, according to the president ... then it remains only to guess how our relations with them will develop.
    7. +5
      4 December 2012 11: 06
      and why not give an irregular form? how can you not help an ally ?! but it is necessary to do this wisely, to link aid with the appointment to posts in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the army of allies, people who respect Russia, who, with their authority, could influence the domestic policy of the state.
    8. Lucky
      4 December 2012 11: 37
      Gubozakatyvayuschuyu machine them and not two helicopters))))
    9. tm70-71
      4 December 2012 15: 12
      No one is going to dictate or blackmail anyone. The topic was voiced: you can share, that is, the request. As previously it was announced that Russia plans to provide assistance to the Kyrgyz Armed Forces and the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the amount of 1,2 billion green. Here are our MV Deshniki and fussed,
      1. +2
        4 December 2012 16: 24
        Our hurry? What is the benefit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs? We have not even transferred all of them to a new form, and if we didn’t even see it at all, it’s Peter, you understand that in other areas. So everyone goes to the old, it is also necessary to give. All the same, as everything is natural, when the USSR collapsed and we didn’t have money, we didn’t care about everything, only we were watered with mud, and as soon as we started to rise we immediately leeched, where is your independence. I have already argued with someone, in my opinion with Sarych, on this topic, and so you have never been and never will be independent, more precisely, the status of the countries of parasites is more suitable, that they themselves do nothing, they only destroy it, for that they require money for free and it does not matter from whom, where your ass is warmer, I can argue with you on this subject. Develop your economy and then be friends, and you are all counting on handouts,
        1. tm70-71
          5 December 2012 16: 48
          So we were not going to leave the USSR, we ourselves were overtaken. Three uncles confronted the fact-walk on all four sides. And they do not care about our opinion. Remember the referendum, so Kyrgyzstan voted almost 100% to save the USSR.
  2. +7
    4 December 2012 08: 05
    A freebie quickly corrupts anyone, and even babaev and even more so makes professional freeloaders.
  3. +11
    4 December 2012 08: 07
    "I would like to drink some water, otherwise I want to eat so much, there is no place to spend the night"
  4. +1
    4 December 2012 08: 14
    They are independent only because nothing depends on them.
  5. broker
    4 December 2012 08: 30
    In inflated, would help in a quiet and all.
    1. Gluxar_
      4 December 2012 10: 36
      Quote: broker
      In inflated, would help in a quiet and all.

      Well, quiet is also impossible. Need a balance. If the police of a neighboring state asks for your support, then this is very good. It is important that the curator, on our part, does not abuse or create his own private structure. Dress and arm and defend OUR interests, which are largely common. Strengthen borders, interrupt drug trafficking, suppress pro-Western riots.
  6. MilaPhone
    4 December 2012 08: 38
    The Dastan anti-submarine torpedo weapon test base should not fall into the wrong hands.
  7. +2
    4 December 2012 08: 44
    No wonder - an ordinary Asian mentality! To pull "baksheesh" from everyone with whom the opportunity arises. And they will also start pulling from the amerikosov, because the decision to clear "Manas" from the amerovskoy base has already been announced. And the Kyrgyz bai will not miss the opportunity to blackmail them! recourse Like, give me something good, maybe we'll change our minds again. And the topic of "humanitarian" helicopters, armored personnel carriers and other "goodies" without any comments at all - an enviable appetite! We started with the uniform - finished (?) With heavy weapons. Black envy of the Kyrgyz cops seized - Russia is rearming the army, but what about us ?! And GIVE us!
  8. UPStoyan
    4 December 2012 08: 45
    Yes, how much you can feed them all for free. And how to receive a handout in such a whole queue of people who want, and how Russia needs something, so immediately scream about the oppression of their national independence.
    The question must be posed: either you are with us or go back to your "16th century" and live as you want at your own expense.
  9. boris.radevitch
    4 December 2012 08: 47
    We have more poplars, more poplars! bully
  10. +2
    4 December 2012 09: 04
    Politics by politics but
    money in the morning, chairs in the evening
  11. RUS-36
    4 December 2012 09: 17
    Separated, now go ......they themselves wanted sovereigntyand now give, help ... hypocrites ..
  12. Brother Sarych
    4 December 2012 09: 21
    Well, let’s help the old ones by this reason ... it’s possible to help them too - they won’t lose Russia! And as for the grenade launchers for the cops - here you have to think a hundred times ....
    1. Gluxar_
      4 December 2012 10: 39
      Kyrgyzstan is a side bordering with Afghanistan, a grenade launcher for criminals has been something mandatory for 20 years now.
      1. Shuhrat turani
        4 December 2012 10: 51
        Quote: Gluxar_
        Kyrgyzstan border with Afghanistan

        it doesn’t border on Afghanistan ... The Kyrgyz people themselves never produced anything, they lived off the robbery, time and the mentality does not change ...
  13. +3
    4 December 2012 09: 35
    There is nothing to think about, we have so much rubbish and rags in the storerooms of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which can be donated for free, except for helicopters. So after all they will steal and write off. Do not be offended by the Kyrgyz, they are like brothers to us. They won’t get away from us anywhere, but we’ll have to feed them once we have trained them. Americans also feed many. Soon Syria will not have to feed. Recently, the president was visiting the Janissaries, and it seemed that Assad would be surrendered soon. This Erdogan is an eagle in Russian, kills St. Bashir. And we will continue to supply Turkey with our tourists and women. Our Lavrov broke his arm there, not a good sign.
    1. +8
      4 December 2012 10: 02
      respected valokordin I could and agreed with you BUT - it is very accepted to spread rot Russians in Kyrgyzstan - during the velvet revolution they burned and killed - there were no more shouts of "suitcase vokzap Russia". They just killed, took away business and property. You think that something changed-NIFIGA. I saw such "relatives" in the robbery. At the expense of rearmament of the Kyrgyz army, a good STICK - one end of her Chinese - who are there like at home - from the other uncles are bearded - that's shaking this region - SO WHOM WE WILL ARM ???? - my opinion was given money for the edging - in drive your own rules of the game it is hard so that the local people were scared
    2. Gluxar_
      4 December 2012 10: 41
      Quote: valokordin
      There is nothing to think about, we have so much rubbish and rags in the storerooms of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which can be donated for free, except for helicopters. So after all they will steal and write off. Do not be offended by the Kyrgyz, they are like brothers to us. They won’t get away from us anywhere, but we’ll have to feed them once we have trained them. Americans also feed many. Soon Syria will not have to feed. Recently, the president was visiting the Janissaries, and it seemed that Assad would be surrendered soon. This Erdogan is an eagle in Russian, kills St. Bashir. And we will continue to supply Turkey with our tourists and women. Our Lavrov broke his arm there, not a good sign

      Well, most likely Putin explained to Erdogan that how much now. Assad is not touched, Turkey has already eaten promises from the allies. Slowly, they’ll cover everything.
  14. +2
    4 December 2012 09: 55
    Well, in general, an understandable policy. The policy of soft blackmail. Just as we find it, it doesn’t find anything in the food products of different states ... But Asians have it easier. Respect, then afraid. So you are no match for him. And tomorrow he will come to cut your throat, because you are a dumb sheep. This clearly needs to be understood by our rulers.
  15. 0
    4 December 2012 10: 10
    Kyrgyz need agreement with Recyclable everyone will benefit.
  16. +2
    4 December 2012 10: 20
    feed the Azeris again ... and they are also impudent, scoundrels ...
    1. -2
      4 December 2012 10: 57
      And what about Azerbaijan? And what are azeri ??
  17. 0
    4 December 2012 10: 21
    "We are responsible for those we have tamed" - Saint Exupery, "The Little Prince".
    Everything is fine, fits into the practice of the former colonial empires. We will share with our "smaller brothers" what we ourselves no longer need.
    1. sefirs
      4 December 2012 10: 48
      Quote: Navuxonastupil
      "We are responsible for those we have tamed"

      I think we need to help our poor allies. You look - and there will be a holiday on their street ...
  18. +4
    4 December 2012 10: 58
    it’s possible to provide this humanitarian aid, but you need to demand something in return!
  19. +4
    4 December 2012 10: 58
    Americans also feed many.

    Well, let the Americans feed. They have crazy money, they will run out, they will print for themselves (and not only for themselves). And the point here is not only, and not so much in helping Kyrgyzstan (Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan ... and further with all the stops), but in the fact that having sucked out of Russia what they need, these "calves" will calmly move to another "cash cow". No guarantees! And guarantees are needed! Or: you wanted independence, you got it. And then not our problems. Maybe I'm wrong, of course, but for me - to close the borders as once in the USSR, migrant workers (as the main carriers of drugs) - to hell from the beach and to the "udder" to be allowed only on prepayment. Dot. And on another fret will not!
  20. Dimon Lviv
    4 December 2012 11: 00
    Is it worth it? On the one hand, there is the risk of a coup in the country according to the Libyan scenario, and the opportunity to get an Islamist byak instead of neighbors. On the other - the Kyrgyz, tea, not small, and they themselves should take care of themselves ...
  21. Dendi
    4 December 2012 11: 15
    And here, Kazakhstan, on the contrary, is afraid of contacting Russia. Like again they will impose their principles on us, they will dictate to us. Many politicians (mainly nationalists) complain about the benefits to the CU, it seems to us no, only Russian cheap goods appear, and no one needs competition. So there will be no more fraternal relations, the heads are already washed.
    1. sq
      4 December 2012 11: 38
      One should not be afraid to get involved not with Russia, but with Russian oligarchs ("masters of life"). For them, everything around is dirt under their feet, foreigners, even purebred Russians. And fraternal relations are somehow alarming. It is better to follow the saying popular in our area: "A good neighbor is better than a relative."
    2. Shulz-1955
      5 December 2012 00: 12
  22. +2
    4 December 2012 11: 19
    Quote: Navuxonastupil
    Everything is fine - fits into the practice of the former colonial empires

    If the USSR is called a colony where the central part of the Russian Federation lived worse than any union republic, then Russia was more likely to be a colony for them, so the guys are trying to use it from the old memory. It is time for us to get out of the post of colonial syndrome and offer a more equal relationship, including for the remaining Russians in the neighboring territory.
  23. Odessa
    4 December 2012 11: 22
    Or why are you alarmed? Or only at the forums you know how to write, policemen from all countries unite! If you can send humanitarian aid, send it, and if not, then delivering it to the forum is not worth this request.
    1. -1
      4 December 2012 14: 27
      Dear, but here the request does not smell - and please answer - grenade launchers and the form of things are compatible? - Yes, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs is not the highest authority - such requests to the government are sent
      1. tm70-71
        4 December 2012 15: 24
        Dear, we need granules in order to cover the borders with Tajikistan. No, no, yes, guests sometimes break through to us. Do not attack our special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with knives on them!
        1. SSR
          4 December 2012 16: 55
          Quote: tm70-71
          Dear, we need granules in order to cover the borders with Tajikistan. No, no, yes, guests sometimes break through to us

          2000 year.
          I went on a train ... reserved seat ... next door a neighbor a Russian peasant lean ... and short ... well, for an acquaintance .. drank .. ate ... talked ...
          So the peasant turned out to be a citizen of Kyrgyzstan major .. the pilot a helicopter pilot (which I don’t remember) went on vacation and vacationed in Russia.
          So he said .. the Batken events happened (the militants pinned down) only two helicopters flew .. one with weapons and the second without ... and how they removed soldiers from conscripts from one high-rise building ....
          and they also told me .. when these events took place and the militants rushed into a village in which there was some general, accompanied by a sergeant driver (like), so the militants surrounded and said give up .. the general surrendered .. and the sergeant sent on. they just shot him ..
          Valery, tell me please, but in Kyrgyzstan, what is the status of the Russian language now?
          And so on the forum users do not be offended ... many have cognitive dissonance ..
          then turn the Empire))) then let the Americans feed you ... then let China dominate the region ... then the Russian aborigines are cutting out ...
          although many forget that in Russia itself Natsik and the same Rogozin organized a procession with brooms ...
          1. +1
            4 December 2012 22: 27
            Quote from S.S.R.
            And so on the forum users do not be offended ... many have cognitive dissonance ..

            that's for sure.
            Does anyone from the "good feed the losers" know what will happen on December 4,5 in Bishkek?
            By the way here is an article for a broader perspective.
          2. tm70-71
            5 December 2012 17: 03
            Thank you for your support! I was born here, grew up, took place as a person, I’ll tell you about the Kyrgyz, the ordinary Kyrgyz reminds me of an ordinary Russian peasant, with all the ensuing points, I don’t write about Uzbeks or Dungans, their mentality is completely different. Yes, over 20 years, much has flowed away, young people no longer remember all the bright things that were in the republic under the USSR. The status of the Russian language is official, i.e. almost the level of state, all inscriptions are duplicated either by Kyrgyz or Russian.
  24. +1
    4 December 2012 11: 25
    No, well, I like these guys!
    You see, yes, they organize colorful revolutions there once a year ...
    Money was given, the debt was written off, and they all "Give!"
    Russia, what, a cow with 8 tsitski, to drink and feed "for free"?
    Let then the territory under the air base be given for gratuitous-untimely use.
  25. Lucky
    4 December 2012 11: 44
    You can give, if only they begin to really fight drug trafficking, and so all this is pointless!
  26. Octavian avgust
    4 December 2012 13: 54
    Kyrgyz need help. This is the authority of Russia throughout the world. If not, the Americans will help.
    1. +2
      4 December 2012 22: 29
      there, and the Chinese do not mind "helping"
  27. +3
    4 December 2012 15: 01
    What the Kyrgyz are asking for is not so much, for the price of just a couple of houses from the generals)
  28. david210512
    4 December 2012 17: 58
    scorpido,totally agree with you .
  29. warlock
    4 December 2012 21: 59
    What is the old form in the warehouses? Let the Kyrgyz brothers come and find her ....
    There has long been no form there, either old or new.
  30. +1
    5 December 2012 01: 55
    Let the Kyrgyz gastar go back and guard with brooms, and our wipers will pay as they should, or give apartments as before.

    Regarding independence, I do not agree, except for the Balts, no one "took" it, the thief and corrupt shit Yeltsin, he "scattered" it to everyone.
  31. -1
    5 December 2012 16: 34
    Remember your favorite word - give it. The most common blackmail.
    Give the order, give the order, give the order no medal.

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