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Geopolitical mosaic: in the West, they believe that Assad began to move chemical weapons, and the American military in Okinawa continue to rage and drink

Geopolitical mosaic: in the West, they believe that Assad began to move chemical weapons, and the American military in Okinawa continue to rage and drink

Troika main in the "Big Twenty". G20 is a group of countries representing an informal forum of the largest economies in the world. A year ago, at the November summit of the G-20, it was decided to establish a coordinating institute in the form of a troika, the composition of which would change and consist of the current chairman, his predecessor and successor. Before 1 December 2012, Mexico chaired the G20, and last Saturday the chairmanship passed to Russia. Then, at the end of 2013 of the year, it will go to Australia. Told about it correspondent ITAR-TASS Pavel Vanichkin.

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Deputy Prime Minister, Country’s Chief Treasurer Wayne Swan, said in a joint statement that the Australian Prime Minister “sent a letter to Russian President Vladimir, congratulating him on the beginning of the G-20 presidency and expressing his readiness to maintain close working contacts in preparation for the G20 Summit in St. Petersburg in September 2013. ” Julia Gillard “welcomes Russia's plans to focus on realizing the main goals of the G20 - promoting economic growth and job creation.”

Russia is a positive coordinator. Roman Osharov ("Voice of America"), referring to the Kremlin’s press service, quoted Vladimir Putin’s words regarding the country's presidency of the G-20:

“For us, first of all, it is an opportunity to offer our partners a positive, meaningful agenda aimed at solving common problems that concern all countries of the world.

And, of course, we intend to effectively use our chairmanship to solve long-term national tasks and to strengthen Russia's position in the management of the global economy. ”

Putin noted that traditional themes for G20 are cooperation such as the state of the economy and the implementation of an agreement to ensure balanced growth, employment promotion, reform of the monetary system and the system of financial regulation and supervision, stability of global energy markets, promotion of international development, strengthening multilateral trade corruption, etc.

New topics for discussion in the framework of G20 will be the financing of investments as the basis for economic growth and the creation of jobs and the modernization of national systems of sovereign debt and government borrowing.

Recall that according to November's financial stability rating, compiled by the Financial Times newspaper (based on EU country requirements), ranked second among the G20 countries.

The experts considered the following factors in the ranking: economic growth of the country, the size of the state budget deficit and national debt in relation to GDP, the recovery of the economy after the global financial crisis (GDP and changes in debt and unemployment compared to 2009), as well as information current account balance deficit.

Saudi Arabia took the first place in the financial rating of the G20 countries, and China was the third.

Putin will meet with Erdogan. Andrey Fedyashin ("Voice of Russia") reports that today Comrade Putin will arrive on a working visit to Turkey, where he will meet with Turkish President Abdullah Gul, Prime Minister R. T. Erdogan and will participate in the third meeting of the Russian-Turkish High-Level Cooperation Council.

Sergey Demidenko, an expert on the Middle East, an employee of the Institute of Strategic Analysis and Assessment, said that the main aspect of relations between Turkey and Russia is economic, more precisely, energy. But the political background of the visit of the Russian president is not the most favorable.

“The crisis in Syria and the plans to deploy American Patriot systems in Turkey cast a shadow on it. Erdogan is one of the most convinced supporters of active military intervention in the Syrian crisis. He is on the side of the opposition to the regime of Bashar al-Assad. ”

In addition, the 12 October’s detention of a Syrian aircraft flying Moscow-Damascus had a negative impact on political relations.

However, the expert says, the quarrel between the neighbors did not happen.

“Moscow and Ankara have already learned very skillfully to separate politics in their strategic relations from the economy. Both sides are well aware that Syria is not an alternative to close Turkish-Russian business and trade relations. ”

Western intelligence believes that the "Middle East Poisoner" intensified. Western intelligence points to new signs of activity on Syrian sites where chemical weapon, writes, referring to The New York Times.

“In a sense, this is similar to what they (the Syrians) have done before,” said a senior American intelligence official who is referenced by the American newspaper. “But they also do some things that suggest an intention to use chemical weapons.” This is not just the movement of personnel and equipment. We are talking about other activities. ”

Such multi-valued statements about “doing other activities”, we add from ourselves, can mean anything: from a simple attempt to influence the new rumors on the world community to the preparation of a military operation against Syria, or rather, the preparation of a reason for such. Earlier, Western and some Arab media allowed "ducks" about the death of Assad, as well as about his emigration to an unnamed country. Earlier, it was reported about the planned Asad family relocation to Moscow (according to a different version - to Minsk, to the “dad”). There were other rumors, including the fall of Damascus under the onslaught of the brave "rebels."

It should be noted that rumors in the Western media are often served as a “bomb” - with references to anonymous “high-ranking” military, various “experts”, “witnesses”, at least to reports of opposition activists via Facebook or news reports from London. a diner where two human rights defenders from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights work tirelessly. Such a frame makes the man in the street take the false for the real. Half a year or a year of propaganda - and Asad appears to media consumers as a complete dictator and terrorist, holding half the world in a mustard fear.

Syria has re-connected to the Internet. 2 December Agency reported: after three days of almost complete blackout in the territory of Syria, the Internet was restored and mobile telephony began to work.

Residents of Damascus and the surrounding area reported that on December 1 they were able to go online again.

The Internet was turned off throughout the country last Thursday. The government stated that the reason for this was the sabotage of the rebels. However, some experts in the field of information technology believe that Syria is connected to the outside world by four main cables, the simultaneous decommissioning of which seems to be highly unlikely.

Lebanese army against Syrian rebels. Lebanese army soldiers engaged in battle with the Syrian rebels on the border of the two countries. Reports about it "" with reference to Reuters.

The clash occurred when a Lebanese border patrol tried to approach a detected group of Syrian rebels who opened fire. No one died.

The incident was the first case of direct clashes between the "rebels" and the Lebanese army during the entire civil war in Syria.

Seventeen out of fifty. As transmits correspondent RIA "News" Margarita KislovaIn the new Kuwaiti National Assembly, according to the official voting results, Shiite political forces received one third of the deputy mandates (17 from 50). But the Islamists, who won 23 seats during the last elections in February, shrank noticeably in parliament - they have only four seats left. By the way, three deputy chairs in the new parliament were women.

At the same time, the election of the new National Assembly was held on Saturday with an extremely low voter turnout (approximately from 26 to 39%). According to Kuwait’s ministry of information, voter turnout was 39% of 422,5’s thousands of eligible citizens. The opposition that has boycotted the elections insists on 26%. For comparison: in the February elections, voter turnout was 60%.

Observers believe that the new composition of the National Assembly will be more loyal to the regime of the ruling emir, Sheikh Al-Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, than the previous parliament. But in the eyes of the citizens of Kuwait, the new parliament will not have sufficient legitimacy: after all, firstly, the opposition boycotted the elections, and, secondly, the turnout was very low.

Ban Ki-moon: "Settlement activities are illegal ..." The construction of new Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories condemns the solution of the Middle East problem to failure, said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. This tells correspondent RIA "Novosti" Ivan Zakharchenko.

Last week, just after Palestine received observer status at the UN, the Israeli authorities allowed the erection of three thousand housing units in the Jewish settlements of East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

“Settlement activity is illegal from the point of view of international law, and if the so-called E-1 package is built, it will cause an almost fatal blow to the remaining chances of a settlement by creating two states,” the UN press service quoted Ban Ki-moon.

The Secretary General believes that the construction of the E-1 zone creates the risk that East Jerusalem will be cut off from the rest of the West Bank. Ban Ki-moon said: “In the interests of peace, plans for the E-1 must be canceled.”

"Vesti" they write that the approval of the construction plan in the occupied territories seems to be Tel Aviv measures taken in response to the fact that Palestine was recognized by the UN as an observer. “How it will all end is already clear: a new wave of discontent in the Palestinian territories, the shelling of the now new Jewish settlements and the disproportionately harsh response measures of Tel Aviv. In this way, the ground will be laid for a new conflict. ”

Also "Vesti" It is reported that the world community is demanding the elimination of existing settlements, and even the main ally of Tel Aviv, Washington, did not support the new construction project.

State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said: “I want to remind you that we have long condemned Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem, the construction of new ones and even plans for the construction of residential complexes. We believe that these actions are counterproductive, they impede the resumption of direct negotiations between Palestine and Israel. As well as the establishment of peaceful order coexistence of the two states. Direct negotiations are the only way to achieve this goal. ”

Yuval Steinitz: “We warned the United States ...” Israel will not transfer to the Palestinian Authority tax revenues collected for it under the Paris Agreements signed in 1994. The Minister of Finance of Israel Yuval Steinitz announced this during the Sunday session of the government, reports Rosbalt with a link to

He noted that we are talking about the defiant behavior of the leadership of the Palestinian Authority and the attempt to recognize the "Palestinian state" by the international community without agreeing this step with Israel.

Steinitz said: “We have warned the United States that if the PA goes to the UN, an immediate response to this step will follow. The time has come to make the distance between Maale Adumim and Jerusalem a single residential area. ”

Steinitz said that taxes collected from goods imported into the Palestinian Authority will be spent on paying off the PA's debt to Israeli companies, in particular to Hevrat Hashmal, which the Palestinians owe 700 million shekels to.

Rosbalt recalls that 100 million, collected monthly in taxes and duties, make up between half and two-thirds of the Palestinian Authority’s domestic income.

Incident in Jalalabad. All of the Taliban militants who attacked the NATO air base in Jalalabad in Afghanistan have been destroyed. Reports about it "" with links to France-Presse and Reuters.

At least 12 people were killed, among them five people in Afghan military uniforms, but only one of them knows that he was a soldier: the Taliban often wear military uniforms of the armed forces of Afghanistan. Three Afghan guards were killed, another six were injured. The bodies of six militants were also found. Wounded several people from the International Security Assistance Force.

Earlier, the Taliban spokesman Zabiulla Madjahid, as the Associated Press points out, reported that militants blew up a car at the entrance to Jalalabad airport and then entered its territory. As a result, "the enemy suffered serious losses." NATO and the Afghan Ministry of Defense confirm that suicide bombers participated in the attack, but refute the information that the Taliban were able to penetrate the airport.

Judicial boycott. The Egyptian Judges Club yesterday decided to boycott the national referendum on the draft new constitution of the Republic of Egypt scheduled for December 15. Reports about it ITAR-TASS with reference to the newspaper Al-Ahram.

The club also decided not to send representatives to observe the voting process. So the judges expressed their disagreement with the last Constitutional Declaration of President Mursi, which he is not going to cancel.

Nigerian Islamists slaughter Christians and kill policemen. Islamists from the radical group “Boko Haram” attacked a village in northeastern Nigeria and killed 10 Christians with a machete. Reports about it "" with links to Reuters and France-Presse.

Militants armed with rifles and machetes, broke into the Christian area of ​​the village at night. They slaughtered people and then set fire to their homes.

Also last Sunday, Boko Haram militants burned three Christian churches and a police station. The victims of the attack were two policemen.

Ten thousand Hungarians against the list of dangerous Jews. Yesterday in Budapest, about 10, thousands of people took part in a protest against the anti-Semitic statements of the leader of the nationalist party For Better Hungary, Marton Dyengyesh. He writes about it ""referring to Reuters.

The anti-fascist rally near the building of the Hungarian parliament was attended by ministers of the country, leaders of the ruling and opposition parties, ambassadors of the United States and Israel. The protesters demanded immediate action against the nationalist Hungarian movements, and at the same time the resignation of Gyöngyösi.

In turn, representatives of the For Better Hungary party (another name, “Jobbik”) called the rally “political alarmist”, adding that the behavior of the party’s rivals reflects their despair over the growing support of the extreme right-wing forces. And Mr. Diendyesi declared that he was not going to resign.

Earlier, reminds "Lenta", the leader of the nationalist party "For the Best Hungary" Marton Dyenyeshi made an appeal to the government of the country to draw up a list of the Jews in power who pose a threat to the security of Hungary. The proposal was made during a debate in Parliament on the situation in Israel. In response to a statement by Janos Martonyi, the Hungarian foreign minister who supported the signing of the peace agreement between Israel and Palestine, Gyöngyösi said it would be “timely” to compile a list of dangerous Jews in Hungary. Then Gyongyoshi apologized for his words and explained that he meant only people with dual citizenship - Hungary and Israel.

Vatican introduces microchips. As expert Andrea Tornielli reported on the Vatican Insider website, every employee of the Vatican will have to carry with him an ID card with a microchip from the new year, thanks to which it will be possible at any time to determine the location of the owner, transfers correspondent RIA "Novosti" Viktor Khrul.

Such strict electronic measures are a consequence of the Vatileaks scandal that flared up following the theft of confidential documents from the personal account of Pope Benedict XVI. The case was turned by his valet Paolo Gabriele, who was subsequently sentenced to one and a half years in prison.

With the new system, the card with the chip of its owner can be found anywhere within the apostolic palace.

Pay for the recipe. As the correspondent ITAR-TASS Yuri Kogalov, yesterday, tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Madrid to protest health care reform. About fifty thousand people - doctors and ordinary citizens took part in the demonstrations. Hand in hand, people surrounded several large metropolitan hospitals. So they expressed dissatisfaction with the intention of the regional government to privatize public hospitals, transfer the functions of their management to specialized organizations and even charge for ... each written prescription.

According to the representative of medical trade union Magdalena Salcedo, “a large number of elderly and disabled people take part in the protest rally”. They are the main consumers of medical services. “We must fight disease, not government,” participants in the rally say. “And the decisions of the authorities violate our rights, lead to increased poverty and social inequality.”

The protest ended with a rally at the Columbus Square. There was read an appeal to the government with the requirement to support this category of citizens, "which is already the most disadvantaged in Spanish society."

North Korea to launch missiles ready. The DPRK installed a single-stage rocket at the launch site of the Sohe space center, the South Korean news agency Yonhap reported today citing a source in diplomatic circles, reports "".

According to RIA "News", Referring to the Japanese agency Kyodo, Pyongyang notified Tokyo about the time window of the launch of the rocket. It will take place between 07: 00 and 12: 00 local time (02: 00 and 07: 00 Moscow time) on one of the days defined earlier - between 10 and 22 December.

About plans to launch a rocket, which, according to the official version, should deliver a research satellite, Pyongyang announced December 1. The launch date is timed to the anniversary of the death of Kim Jong-il: he passed away on December 17 of the year 2011.

The international community is concerned. Tokyo and Seoul believe that the DPRK under the guise of a research program is conducting tests of ballistic missiles. Satoshi Morimoto, the Minister of Defense of Japan, ordered to prepare for intercepting the missile before 7 December - in case she threatens the security of the country.

"Patriot" - on Okinawa. In the near future, Japan intends to place on about. Okinawa Patrik submarine (PAC-3) in preparation for an unforeseen situation during the planned launch of the DPRK missile, reports correspondent RIA "Novosti" Ekaterina Plyasunkova with reference to the NHK channel.

The Patriot installations will be deployed on Okinawa and several neighboring islands, over which the flight path of a North Korean missile is likely to pass. In addition, the anti-aircraft missile system will be located in the metropolitan area. Several ships equipped with the Aegis tracking system and SM3 long-range anti-aircraft missiles will take part in the operation for the possible interception of the rocket.

Hillary Clinton will go on tour. Corr. ITAR-TASS Dmitry Kirsanov reports that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is launching a European tour, in which she will take part in a meeting of the Russia-NATO Council at the ministerial level and in a meeting of the heads of foreign ministries of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) member countries.

A new trip to Europe will be for the current head of American diplomacy 38-th in a row. It is possible that it will be final. In the new administration of Barack Obama, the post of state secretary will move from Clinton to someone else - most likely, the US envoy to the UN, Susan Rice.

According to the program, Hillary Clinton is expected to visit the capitals of the Czech Republic, Belgium, Ireland and Northern Ireland from 3 to December 7.

In Prague, she is going to “discuss our efforts to promote the Czech Republic’s energy security, as well as promote human rights and democracy” throughout the world. In Brussels, Hillary plans to explore with everyone the “current security challenges in the Western Balkans” and the state of “NATO global partnerships”. Here, Clinton will co-chair the 4 meeting of the US-EU Energy Council. On the agenda there is the "deepening of cooperation in the fields of energy security and energy saving."

In the capital of Ireland, where the 19 meeting of the OSCE Foreign Ministers Council will be held, the US Secretary of State will discuss "proposals aimed at strengthening the OSCE's ability to promote comprehensive security in Eurasia," the State Department said. In addition, Clinton will meet with “representatives of civil society” of the OSCE area and make a “great speech about the US achievements in supporting human rights on a global scale.”

X. Clinton's 38 tour will end in Belfast. There, the Secretary of State is scheduled to meet with local leaders, where she is going to “reaffirm America’s commitment to a peaceful and prosperous Northern Ireland”.

Thus, we will add from ourselves, the theme of the tour is the same: the active introduction of American values ​​(synonym: human rights); energy resources; democratization of the whole world under the auspices of NATO.

More scouts, good and different. The Pentagon has begun to reform the US military intelligence, including providing for an increase in the number of its employees abroad. Told about it correspondent ITAR-TASS Dmitry Kirsanovreferring to the Washington Post.

In the next 5 years, the number of operational officers of the Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, working in other countries, including under cover (primarily diplomatic), is planned to reach approximately 1,6 thousands of people.

Now in RUMO there are about 500 operative workers operating under cover. In accordance with US-approved plans, the number of such individuals will be brought to 2018 by 800-1000 people.

The Pentagon is also going to ensure closer interaction between the RKMO and the CIA and the Special Operations Command (SOKOM) of the US armed forces. According to the information of the American newspaper, the priorities in the activities of RUMO for a five-year perspective will be the tracking of Islamist groups in Africa, the supply of weapons by North Korea and Iran to other states, as well as the modernization of the Chinese armed forces. The operative of the RUMO will share tasks with the workers: if the latter pursue mainly political goals, the former will be interested in the military aspects of the issues.

In this case, America will save. As the representatives of the Pentagon emphasized, the transformation does not mean that the DIPO now has new powers or expanded funding. Creation of new staff rates will occur due to the reduction of other departments and changes in staffing.

In the morning I drank - all day free. Indulge in the beloved passion - alcoholism - the US military, serving in Okinawa, can now only within their bases and only from eight o'clock in the morning until ten in the evening. Staying out after midnight, as well as drinking outside the base of the advanced carriers of democracy is now prohibited.

This is reported on page III of the Marine Expeditionary Forces in “Facebook”, reports "". Drunkards will be strictly controlled.

For example, drivers leaving the base will be checked with the help of a well-known “tube”. Those of them who have a blood alcohol level exceeding X-NUMX per thousand will not be let out of the gate. Such a severe restriction is in accordance with Japanese law.

Breathing into the tube will have not only the driver. Passengers and pedestrians who have become drunk will also be sent back home. And on the territory of the base, the dry law will operate from 22: 00 to 8: 00.

The ban was imposed after a series of incidents with the ever-drunk US military. As recalled by "Tape", in the latter case, the drunken military driver crashed into three cars (November 30). Earlier, another American soldier was arrested for unlawful entry into someone else’s house (he was sentenced to a fine of 100 thousand yen when he confessed that he was drunk all night long). In early November, an American military pilot who got drunk to death and jumped out the window was suspected of beating a teenager, and in October two American sailors were arrested on suspicion of rape.

Scientists warn ... As they say "Vesti" with references to ITAR-TASS and the scientific journal Nature, carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere last year increased by 3% and amounted to almost 38,2 billion tons.

Experts believe that the United States and Germany managed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions (by 2% respectively, to the level of 5,9 billion tons, and by 4%, to the level of 0,8 billion tons).

The largest amount of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere fell on 2011, China - 10 billion tons. Moreover, China increased its emissions by 10% last year.

The United States ranks second on the list of active ejectors, India is on the third, Russia is the fourth. Next come Japan, Germany, Iran, the Republic of Korea, Canada and South Africa.

According to the authors of a scientific report in Nature, these figures indicate that the world community in the near future will have to embark on significant reductions in carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. What for? And in order to prevent the increase in temperature on the planet by more than 2 degrees Celsius by the year 2020.

A few days earlier, scientists warned about the rapid melting of ice. As told correspondent ITAR-TASS Ivan Lebedevreferring to the Science magazine, ice melting in the Arctic over the past 20 years has intensified and is now happening three times faster than in the 1990s. This conclusion is contained in a report prepared by a group of scientists from 26 scientific laboratories in different countries that used data from satellites of NASA and the European Space Agency, as well as the results of ice aviation intelligence.

As a result of melting ice in the Arctic and on the Danish island of Greenland, the sea level has increased from 1992 of the year to 11,1 of a millimeter. In general, over the past two decades, he has risen by about a centimeter 0,5. The reasons for the increase are the warming of water in the world's oceans, the melting of mountain glaciers, and the change in the groundwater level as a result of mining. The ice cover of Greenland is shrinking now five times faster than twenty years ago.

If the Arctic ice disappears completely, it will accelerate the process of climate warming on the planet. At the same time, the reduction of ice cover in the Arctic will expand the possibilities of mining, in particular, the development of offshore oil and gas fields and their subsequent transportation.

Paradox, let us add: for the sake of oil, people are ready to drown. It is not difficult to find forecasts on the Internet that, for example, Bangladesh or Florida will not be on the world map by 2020, for example. That is, they will be - but in the form of blue marks of the depths. The cynical expression "after us even the flood", which characterized the consumer society, has now acquired an ominous meaning ...

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  1. Shuhrat turani
    Shuhrat turani 3 December 2012 12: 10
    Jewish fascists will not calm down in any way .... No wonder Hitler disliked them ...
  2. lotus04
    lotus04 3 December 2012 12: 13
    Well, since we started talking about chemical weapons (we have already gone through this), it means that "humanitarian" aid will begin soon.
    1. Lissyara
      Lissyara 3 December 2012 12: 25
      No, they now call it "democratization of the state". And it turns out shit-democratization.
      The Libyans are no longer happy with her (under Gaddafi, what’s received was lived, but with the words of freedom you won’t be full like that laughing )
      1. Gluxar_
        Gluxar_ 3 December 2012 12: 33
        The Libyans are now sitting in prisons and instead of the Internet in mosques, their foreheads are broken, but the guests and isoamists there come off completely.
    2. Retx
      Retx 3 December 2012 12: 29
      And they keep talking. The fleets of Russia and Iran are "guarding" the waters of Syria, and the air force and air defense bases are ready to prescribe a cure for the symptoms of "democracy." Another bunch of the west.
      The clashes between the Lebanese army and the terrorists are already interesting ...
      1. orfo
        orfo 3 December 2012 14: 51
        sounds somehow funny, "no one died", it seemed like it was said that the Lebanese army is weak, even at the beginning of the invasion some kind of video, or a message on the news showed that militants were passing through the Lebanese border into Syria in droves.
  3. strannik595
    strannik595 3 December 2012 12: 20
    poor forecasts ...... recourse went to build an ark
    1. Gluxar_
      Gluxar_ 3 December 2012 12: 24
      Quote: strannik595
      bad forecasts ...... went to build an ark

      Well, for Russia, there is still something to it. with warming, 80% of the territories will become favorable for life. If the whole tundra is planted with forests, then a significant part of the released CO2 resources will be tied in this region, though it is not so simple, but Russia was lucky in this matter more than everyone else.
      1. mda
        mda 3 December 2012 14: 20
        Quote: Gluxar_
        Well, for Russia, there is still something to it. with warming, 80% of the territories will become favorable for life. If you sow the whole tundra

        Moreover, in the Moscow region it will be possible to grow grapes, and in Western Europe the climate will be, as in Siberia
      2. arduan
        arduan 3 December 2012 17: 59
        Quote: Gluxar_
        for Russia, there is still something to it. with warming, 80% of the territories will become favorable for life. If you plant the whole tundra with forests

        In Russia, 15% of the territories are "favorable for life", and the tundra is a frozen swamp, and when it thaws, it will not seem a little to anyone.
 4 December 2012 22: 30
          Quote: arduan
          and the tundra is a frozen swamp and when it thaws, little will not seem to anyone

          Your mistake. The tundra is swamped because permafrost prevents water from going deeper. Well, or is a waterproof, in another way. When it thaws, the conditions will be like where is the thread in the Vologda region. Do not breed panic)
      3. Kaa
        Kaa 3 December 2012 18: 04
        Quote: Gluxar_
        All the same, Russia was lucky in this matter more than everyone else

        Yes, of course, to look at this ...
  4. Lissyara
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    Western intelligence believes that the "Middle East Poisoner" intensified.
    Don't you think that Americans are repeating themselves? In Iraq, too, they searched for chemical and vigorous weapons. I wonder what Zimbabwe is not looking for in what thread?
    Hillary Clinton will go on tour.
    We will give you our democracy and missile defense, and you will lick us. Bullshit of course, that in which case Russia in one gulp will cover the floor of Europe. America is far away.
    More scouts, good and different.
    But the Russian Federation, through the efforts of Feldmebl and Makar, disbanded the GRU (it still does not fit in the brains). For such things you just need to ... shoot. We will believe that Shoigu will revive this very structure.
    In the morning I drank - all day free.
    Hmmm. Whoever "drew" this order, apparently was "under the fly" himself. Those. like a slegantsa, I hid a couple of cans of pivasik, and on alert. Hmmm, an original approach. It would be better to come up with a thread of neutral territory, away from weapons and civilians (if such orders are strict). Fucked up in the trash, and no harm.
    "Patriot" - to Okinawa.
    A little spot ripples with the Japanese. Although, as far as I know, our troops of the East Kazakhstan region are also being brought into a state of increased BG.
    1. ozs
      ozs 3 December 2012 12: 44
      But the Russian Federation, through the efforts of Feldmebl and Makar, disbanded the GRU (it still does not fit in the brains). For such things you just need to ... shoot. We will believe that Shoigu will revive this very structure.

      And on the contrary, we give heroes for this. There Makar was given a hero for this, and the field assistants were allowed to play in the amusing army, meanwhile, not forgetting about your pocket.
      1. Lissyara
        Lissyara 3 December 2012 12: 55
        His expensive "tin" soldiers and "inflatable" tanks turned out.
        1. ozs
          ozs 3 December 2012 13: 41
          Well, he doesn’t want to eat alone.
          His fighting friends also want to live in mansions and swim in luxury.
          And for this, the army needs to be changed several times in 5 years, bought several expensive foreign toys, such as the Mistral, but you can’t get anywhere without inflatable tanks (though this topic is forgotten, the feldman started with it).
        2. kostello2004
          kostello2004 3 December 2012 14: 17
          not as expensive as they say
          1. ozs
            ozs 3 December 2012 14: 23
            Well, right, let's give money to French shipyards.
            We will support French shipbuilding, everything is fine with ours, he does not need money.
            Meanwhile, we will sell the entire infrastructure.
    2. koosss
      koosss 3 December 2012 13: 45
      Quote: LiSSyara
      vigorous weapon

    3. Jin
      Jin 3 December 2012 14: 34
      Quote: LiSSyara
      I wonder what Zimbabwe is not looking for in what thread?

      And who needs it, is Zimbabwe? There, besides malaria, fever, AIDS and impoverished natives, there’s nothing hi
      1. Lissyara
        Lissyara 3 December 2012 16: 53
        So right, you give more of the Zimbabwean tripper good and different in the USA!
      2. mda
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        Quote: Jin
        There, besides malaria, fever, AIDS and impoverished natives, there’s nothing

        But what about natural resources?
    4. orfo
      orfo 3 December 2012 14: 53
      in order to frighten like that, at least a combat volley should be fired at a non-friendly country, otherwise there are forces and means, but there is no will to use them.
    5. mda
      mda 3 December 2012 16: 48
      Quote: LiSSyara
      that in which case Russia in one gulp will cover the floor of Europe.

      And if "accidentally" get into a nuclear power plant?
      1. Lissyara
        Lissyara 3 December 2012 16: 56
        Well, it will be like in a joke:
        - We thought there was only 200 kilotons, but it’s like ... ban wassat
        1. mda
          mda 3 December 2012 18: 02
          Quote: LiSSyara
          - We thought there was only 200 kilotons, but it’s like ... ban

          and if he reaches the end of the next nuclear power plant in Europe!
          1. Lissyara
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            Anton, don’t be so sadugh! wassat
            1. mda
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              Quote: LiSSyara
              Anton, don’t be so sadugh!

              Sergey, firstly, I am not a sadist, and secondly, this Europe has managed to do so many bad things to us that it would be quite normal to kill them with a nuclear bombardment.
              1. SASCHAmIXEEW
                SASCHAmIXEEW 5 December 2012 09: 17
                This is true, over the past 200 years, how many times has the West come to us uninvited?
                1. mda
                  mda 5 December 2012 19: 58
                  Quote: SASCHAmIXEEW

                  This is true, over the past 200 years, how many times has the West come to us uninvited?

                  Yes, a lot, over there Germany calmed down, because in the 18,19 and 20 century Berlin was taken.
  5. Gluxar_
    Gluxar_ 3 December 2012 12: 31
    Americans are Americans. It is clear that those democratizers who really are in stressful conditions, Afghanistan and Iraq drink and prick. But Japanese tourists why revel in so much? They are there as if on vacation, but not all there to wear.

    What is worth paying attention to is the ideological and cultural side of the issue of the alliance of the United States and Japan. Everyone understands that the occupation is still ongoing, but the composition of the funds is clearly not enough for some kind of control. and if necessary, everything for the democrats will end quickly. The samurai is restrained only by a large Chinese comrade, who does not mind having lunch with the samurai.

    There is one more insignificant, but indicative moment of the "cultural" confrontation. I think most people are familiar with the resident evil franchise. And if the game part can be easily omitted, but from the cinematic point of view, everything is much more interesting. There are two series: American (5 parts of the film) and Japanese (3 full-length cartoons). So all the apocalyptic events of the use of the virus in the Japanese interpretation take place in the territory of "Eastern Slavs" and in the USA. At the same time, part 4 of the American brainchild shows the destroyed Tokyo, a tenth of Japan, as the samurai themselves say. A trifle but indicative of the needs of the country's population.
    1. ImpKonstantin
      ImpKonstantin 3 December 2012 21: 42
      Does Japan tolerate Americans because it is afraid of China? What do you mean ... After the war, unlike Germany, from where the industrial infrastructure was exported, in Japan it was decided to leave it on the basis of the "partnership" management of Japanese and American industrialists. And this is what it led to in the future.
      The first "boom" in the Japanese engineering industry (the flagship of the Japanese economy) occurs during the Korean War due to orders from the American army, the second occurs in the 70s, again due to the American market, when fuel prices soar and Japanese cars become incredibly popular and in the future, Americans are the main consumers of Japanese goods.
      So the basis of their "alliance" is not a common geopolitical adversary, but the Japanese economy tied to the US economy. If the "samurai" decided to pursue an absolutely independent policy from America, the latter would have found a lot of economic leverage to sober their heads.
    TUNISIA 3 December 2012 12: 38
    Western intelligence believes that the "Middle Eastern poisoner" has intensified. Western intelligence points to new signs of activity at Syrian sites where chemical weapons are stored, writes, citing The New York Times.

    Some strange feeling of "déjà vu" regarding the search for chemical weapons in an unwanted country ... Don't you think so? These statements are already more serious and indicate that we may not "be able to recapture" Syria in the near future.
    1. 4 December 2012 22: 42
      Quote: TUNISIA
      that we may not be able to recapture Syria in the near future

      Unfortunately, this is also evidenced by Putin’s visit to Turkey and the fact that France is actively trying to steer on the Syrian issue, and it seems to be doing Mistral to us. So it turns out that a country trading in oil and with ruined technological production cannot pursue an independent policy. You can, of course, turn off the gas ... But then the actions of the Europeans will force us to heat Europe with nuclear energy. And they will decide that it’s not getting warm fast enough ...
  7. Kolyan 2
    Kolyan 2 3 December 2012 12: 41
    In addition, Clinton will hold meetings with “representatives of civil society” in the OSCE area and deliver a “big speech on US achievements in supporting global human rights.”

    Interestingly, and she at least in something from the fact that the trend believes or not. Personally, I have an opinion that she believes in dermocracy. fool
  8. Volkhov
    Volkhov 3 December 2012 12: 41
    "The DPRK has installed a single-stage rocket at the launch pad of the Sohe cosmodrome, the South Korean agency Renhap reports today."

    If the rocket for the satellite is single-stage, then in Roscosmos it’s time to open Korean courses ...
  9. bubla5
    bubla5 3 December 2012 12: 49
    Similarly, we also need to make a list of Jews who are dangerous and pose a threat to our country, otherwise everyone changes when the government changes, and these are like r --- but they float and float
      SASCHAmIXEEW 5 December 2012 09: 32
      This Mr. needs to be driven away by a filthy broom from the beginning of that century, we are not Jews for them, slaves, so think whether we need these villains who consider everyone else to be their slaves, to drive them from RUSSIA !! All of these Abramovichs, Chubais, Germans, Kasparovs and so on. Wherever you look in power, everywhere is sim!
  10. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 3 December 2012 12: 53
    Clinton will leave, and in her place will come a new Rais. Now America will be ruled by two blacks. The recent slaves have become masters. So soon those who sweep the streets of the Islamists will rule Europe. Another reason for the Russian authorities to think about what liberalism can lead to.
  11. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 3 December 2012 12: 55
    and I do not condemn ....... Assad. If NATO sponsors gangs of robbers and is ready to jump with all its Electron-Steel might, why not sprinkle the "bugs" with dust?
  12. sergo0000
    sergo0000 3 December 2012 12: 58
    Thanks to Oleg for the review! +++
    “Welcomes Russia's plans ud attention to the implementation of the main twenty” - assistance to econom
    ich job creation. ”
    Due to what this PR in front of twenty, I now know, due to, of course, migrant workers!
    Hungarian Khanty woke up. There are enough people with dual citizenship in our government. But if Russia is powerless to do anything with them at home, then who will let them throw the Jews out of the government!
    Rather, an accident will happen to the leader of the Natsiks!
    On the tour, Klitor Khilom wants to designate the key word - "last" !!!
  13. vorobey
    vorobey 3 December 2012 13: 24
    March is a good day.

    Oleg, a boring review turned out. Middle East I don’t want to comment as usual someone else's chef in the kitchen steers.
    But the visit of our leader to Turkey is interesting. I don’t want to guess, but apparently a change in position in Syria will be included in the price of gas for Turkey.

    Vatican introduces microchips.

    and what to trifle, let’s immediately sculpt a barcode on your forehead.

    Flashing brains inexpensively, cost and coordinates in PM.

    Hillary Clinton will go on tour.

    some kind of buttock disease - not sitting at home.

    Hillary rides around his state NY with a driver and knocked a cow to death. Clearly smashed a wheelbarrow. Hilary says to the driver: Go to the nearest house and ask for help. After a couple of hours, the driver returns with a bunch of gifts. Hilary asks: What did you tell them that they received you so well? Driver: Nothing special ... I just reported that I am the driver of Hillary Clinton and I just killed the old Cow.

    In the morning I drank - all day free. The US military, serving in Okinawa, will now be able to indulge in their favorite passion — alcoholism — only within their base, and only from eight in the morning until ten in the evening. From now on, it’s now forbidden for frontiers of democracy to sit outside midnight and drink outside the base
    screw nuts. Well these are unbearable conditions of service. Already sorry for these internationalist warriors.

    More scouts, good and different.

    in our school there was such an anecdote about American spy, which was sent to us in order to study the training of tank officers and their level of knowledge.
    they sent the first - he returned six months later - they exposed.
    they ask well, and how did you sleep?
    And so he says - there is a lecture everyone is sleeping and I, as a fool, outline and burned

    send the second, taking into account the experience of the first - also returns in six months-
    exposed. Start to understand how?
    Well, the scout also says - the lecture is on, everyone is sleeping and I'm sleeping, self-training is on - everyone is sleeping, and I, as a fool in the secret of the lecture, restore, take notes - and exposed.

    they send a third - according to the experience of the first two, and he also returns in six months - as they ask, why?
    And so he says - a lecture is going on, they are sleeping and I am sleeping, there is a samp, everyone is sleeping and I am sleeping,
    the session came = everyone was writing, but I didn’t sit, they expelled.

    Let's add a paradox: for the sake of oil, people are ready to drown
    As my friend cynically remarked about what our life is, it is a long jump from the womb of the mother to the grave. We came out of the water into the water and will return, or rather, to the oil. Organikas gracious sovereigns, organikas.
    1. Mart
      3 December 2012 13: 41
      Quote: vorobey
      Oleg, a boring review turned out.

      Sorry, buddy. In a boring world we live.
      1. baltika-18
        baltika-18 3 December 2012 16: 08
        Quote: Mart
        Sorry, buddy. In a boring world we live.

        N-yes ... Something recently is not up to the fun .... what
    2. baltika-18
      baltika-18 3 December 2012 16: 06
      Quote: vorobey
      Organikas gracious sovereigns, organikas.

      Original. But better orgasmic.
  14. Nasty
    Nasty 3 December 2012 13: 28
    Vatican introduces microchips.
    So here he is, however, who is the antichrist
    1. kostello2004
      kostello2004 3 December 2012 14: 14
      what's wrong with chips?
  15. WW3
    WW3 3 December 2012 13: 43
    Indulge in the beloved passion - alcoholism - the US military, serving in Okinawa, can now only within their bases and only from eight o'clock in the morning until ten in the evening. Staying out after midnight, as well as drinking outside the base of the advanced carriers of democracy is now prohibited.

    Yes, they are strange at the base, not in a decent way, I already uploaded the photo a couple of weeks ago ... wassat
    1. Kaa
      Kaa 3 December 2012 18: 25
      Quote: WW3
      The US military, serving in Okinawa, will now be able to indulge in their favorite passion — alcoholism — only within their base, and only from eight in the morning until ten in the evening.

      The approximate daily routine of the Okinawan-American soldier:
      6.00 - rise
      7.00 - building
      8.00-breakfast, two 0,5 beers each -500 kcal, chips -100 g -250 kcal
      9.00-12.00 - discussion of plans for the day
      12.00-lunch -0.1 whiskey -300kcal, two each 0,5 beer -500kcal (whiskey without beer - bucks down the drain), something to chew -700 kcal.
      13.00 -17.00 - siesta !!!!!!
      17.00 - building
      18.00 - plans for the evening
      19.00 - lunch 0,2 whiskey, 600 kcal, two each 0,5 beer -500 kcal. Something to throw -500 kcal.
      21.00 - obtaining "dry ration" - (red or white) 0,7 -500 kcal.
      22.00 - the beginning of "combat duty" and dry law.
      Total: 4350 kcal - hard physical labor drinks
      1. WW3
        WW3 3 December 2012 20: 17
        Quote: Kaa
        Total: 4350 kcal - hard physical labor
        + drinks so...
        It seems that the US Armed Forces have a new serious adversary, more insidious than Al Qaeda and the Axis of Evil. It - obesity in US Army personnel caused by overeating... Modern American soldiers, in the opinion of the command, are too fat to fight effectively. According to CNN, this problem is acute in all branches of the military - from the elite units of the Marine Corps to the Air Force, which are generally firmly entrenched in the name "military sedentary forces." According to officers, thousands of soldiers are struggling with being overweight, and each year a large number of soldiers have to be fired from the army, who are defeated by them. Moreover, many recruits already suffer from obesity. At least 20% of men and 4% of women applying for service in the US Army fail to meet physical criteria. “This is already becoming a major concern in light of national security,” said Colonel Gaston Batalon, a nutrition expert. In his opinion, the rules regarding the limitation of the weight of soldiers must be changed, otherwise the US army risks being left without servicemen. Compared to the Civil War of 1861-1865, the current American Army soldier weighs 37 pounds (16,5 kilograms) more. Nutrition and obesity experts at a recent conference in Las Vegas expressed serious concern about the current state of affairs. Problems associated with being overweight not only affect the health of soldiers, but also lead to the fact that many soldiers are denied promotion. Trying to solve these problems, the soldiers begin to take pills and tablets of unknown origin, which sometimes leads to very sad consequences. Soldiers who leave the army face even greater difficulties. So, according to the Association of Veterans, a large number of soldiers who have served, without receiving the usual loads, begin to rapidly gain excess weight in the first years after the end of service, which leads to cardiovascular diseases. It should be noted that relatively recently, underweight has always been considered the main problem in the US Armed Forces. So, shortly after the Second World War, the US Congress approved a nationwide food program for schoolchildren, fattening them to the condition necessary for serving in the Army. “Now it's the other way around. There are many young people who are either physically underdeveloped or obese, ”said Colonel Carl Friedl, commander of the US Army Health and Environmental Research Institute. As you know, obesity is today generally one of the main problems of the US national health care. Moreover, this is due not only to the abundance of genetically modified foods and various additives in vegetables and meat. Captured by the ideology of a "consumer society" people find themselves unable to limit themselves in their pleasures - including the amount of delicious food, even in the event of a threat to their health and even life! What kind of war is there if "hamburgerization" still hits the heads of millions of Americans with different skin colors, worldviews and political convictions.
        1. Kaa
          Kaa 3 December 2012 22: 08
          Quote: WW3
          The current US Army soldier weighs 37 pounds (16,5 kilograms) more.

          What about future wars? wink
          1. WW3
            WW3 4 December 2012 00: 54
            Quote: Kaa
            What about future wars?

            It will look something like this + ... wassat more GMOs for them in food ... will be reborn into mutants ...
            1. Kaa
              Kaa 4 December 2012 02: 51
              Quote: WW3
              . reborn into mutants.

              And without camouflage ... in civilian life ... belay
              1. WW3
                WW3 4 December 2012 02: 58
                Somehow it turns out that in any country and in any
                the crowd can easily recognize an American. crying
            2. WW3
              WW3 4 December 2012 03: 05
              For such a disguise, you can still identify who it is .... am
  16. kostello2004
    kostello2004 3 December 2012 14: 14
    I put the article -
    chopped news warped facts.
    Syria let itself decide what it needs, my opinion is time for Assad to leave, he is like a tyrant vassal of Gadafi, who can do nothing more than regimes. As for Palestine, the dog should know its place, under the wing of a developed country it is not willing to work and live according to its custom. A shame. And what happens if they separate? and years will not live themselves bombed. Everyone should pay for education and health.
    As for the alleged 10 murdered Christians. 500 years ago, these Christians in batches massacred other nationalities, here is the memory of their ancestors and gives change. all honestly I shield
    1. vorobey
      vorobey 3 December 2012 15: 02

      I thought the general man is a way of thinking, and this is a diagnosis.

      Wrong books were read in childhood.
      1. kostello2004
        kostello2004 3 December 2012 15: 49
        they don’t and cannot be, you live in medieval coordinates and Arstotelian logic, from here there are problems with pseudo-patriotism and other nonsense, you have to live now and not make yourself a genre of D. arch
        1. vorobey
          vorobey 3 December 2012 15: 58
          Quote: kostello2004
          you have to live now and not make yourself a genre of D. ark

          That is, according to its own principle ass more expensive shirt closer to the body?

          Quote: kostello2004
          you live in medieval coordinates and Arstotelian logic, from here and problems with pseudo-patriotism and other nonsense

          Aristotle has nothing to do with it. There is no man without ancestors, and you seem to be ready to give up everything for the sake of this momentary good.

      2. Kaa
        Kaa 3 December 2012 18: 29
        Quote: vorobey
        Wrong books were read in childhood.

        They only master one ... belay
        1. 1goose3
          1goose3 3 December 2012 23: 43
          Yeah, read the introduction already.
    2. tomket
      tomket 3 December 2012 15: 11
      And why should Assad leave? Because the White House doesn’t like it, or because France doesn’t calm down after Dunkirk, and every five years it has a bout of militancy ???? And we see from the memory of our ancestors we have to burn Kazan once a year, and build a barn in Mongolia and burn it again, and the North Indians have a card blanche to eradicate the whole of Western civilization ????? About Palestine, well, I’ll create all the conditions for them , in the morning a Palestinian wakes up, and a Jew is right there for him, like a loaf with butter, eat dear, but that ungrateful brute for an automaton stretches out mol.ot you erysipelas doesn’t have anything !!!!
  17. tomket
    tomket 3 December 2012 15: 11
    excellent article
  18. Odessa
    Odessa 3 December 2012 15: 33
    Oleg, thanks, interesting, but not fun +! It remains only to wish everyone a great week! drinks
  19. Octavian avgust
    Octavian avgust 3 December 2012 21: 03
    America will fall apart by 2018-20!
    1. MG42
      MG42 4 December 2012 13: 49
      Perhaps this will happen earlier.
  20. ironman
    ironman 4 December 2012 11: 47
    Quote: Alexander Romanov
    So soon those who sweep the streets today will rule Europe

    Why such arrogance barchuk. Have you ever worked with your hands? Or parents of millionaires in the middle class brought? I don’t even want to spit in your direction, I disdain ....
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 4 December 2012 15: 21
      Quote: ironman
      I don’t even want to spit in your direction, I disdain ....

      And from Russia you lover of European culture is not sick yet? Would you go far away hi
    2. 4 December 2012 22: 56
      Quote: ironman
      Have you ever worked with your hands?

      Yes, I mean something else, here it is, for example:

      Hello tolerastam ...
  21. Saracen
    Saracen 4 December 2012 18: 10
    The US found a reason to invade Syria.

    Syria began to prepare chemical weapons for military use

    and before that
    Obama threatened Assad with "consequences" for the use of chemical weapons

    Israel asks Jordan for permission to bomb chemical weapons depots in Syria


    Turkey raised the alarm of fighter aircraft due to complications on the border with Syria


    plus to that
    UN withdraws part of foreign personnel from Syria


    and here the brothers also came to this opinion
    US and Israel are preparing the reasons for the invasion of Syria

    And on top of that, it is already the third day since the "Assad giraffe" disappeared, there are no reports that he is alive.
    And to better manage the operation
    NATO Ground Forces Command Center relocated to Turkey

      SASCHAmIXEEW 5 December 2012 09: 43
      Did you come up with this Saracen or had a dream?
  22. ironman
    ironman 5 December 2012 10: 43
    Quote: Alexander Romanov
    And from Russia you lover of European culture is not sick yet?

    Russia has never been famous for its arrogant velvet, they were talked about with a pork snout in a Kalash line. In Russia, 99 percent are working people and appreciate the work of janitors.
    1. Dendi
      Dendi 5 December 2012 12: 08
      The Russian people are 99% betrayed by officials who have nothing to do with the Russian people. And therefore it is necessary to live not as I wanted, but as given. This is still the main problem in my opinion