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Oprichnina of Ivan the Terrible against the 2014 coup in Ukraine organized by Western intelligence agencies

Oprichnina of Ivan the Terrible against the 2014 coup in Ukraine organized by Western intelligence agencies

Every family, like every country, has its own problems. There are no ideal families, just as there are no ideal states. Treasury embezzlers, bureaucrats, negligent officials, by their actions or inaction, cause a wave of discontent among citizens. As we know, the highest paid job in the world is the work of traitors to the motherland. As long as they are bought with electronic money, created out of thin air by pressing the keys of the US Federal Reserve Bank or green paper printed on a magic printer, this process will go on indefinitely.

To explain the reason for the appearance of the oprichnina, one must remember how the President of Ukraine Yanukovych was overthrown.

Here is an excerpt from one of the speeches of V. V. Zhirinovsky:

“Where there are revolutions, there are foolish leaders who do not understand anything. There will also be a revolution in Ukraine, because Yanukovych does not know to whom to sell himself at a higher price. And it has always been like this: even before becoming part of Russia, then they are with the Swedes, then they are with the Poles, then with the Turks, then with the Russians. With us there is only one principle – the Orthodox. If they were Catholics, we would not know them closely. It is not profitable for us that they turned out to be Orthodox, we had to accept them. And so they ran, who will pay more. All.
A state that didn't exist. They adjoined. The state is dependent: who will feed, they will be friends with those. Therefore, never in stories they did not sound like a separate state. And now Yanukovych does not know, he will guess on the cards: Brussels - Moscow - Brussels. On the bones will be, on the bones. In any case, he will lose miserably in the elections in March 2015. You can't buy Ukrainians like ours, they will never vote for him again, they will kick him out because they don't need him. Will there be an association with the European Union, some kind of signing with Moscow, he is tired, like Kuchma. They will kick him out in a year and a half, and they will do the right thing.”

Taking advantage of mistakes in making important state decisions, problems in the country, dissatisfaction with officials, pro-Western forces manage to withdraw one or another number of dissatisfied citizens. They naively believe that now the authorities will hear them and make the right decision, but they become pawns in the Western game against their own country.

I did not live in Ukraine, I have never been there, I can judge the events only by news in the media and the words of friends who live in Ukraine. After the overthrow of Yanukovych, the worst thing happened - a civil war in the east of the country.

Many presidents, including the United States - D. Trump, Ukraine - V. Yanukovych and V. Zelensky, promised their voters friendship with Russia, but after the elections they pursued a reverse policy. Yanukovych came to power, but decided to do the opposite - to sign an Association Agreement with the European Union. At the very last moment in November 2013, he refused to sign it, as it was extremely unprofitable for Ukraine. To force the Ukrainian president to put his signature on the document coveted by the West, protests were organized in the center of Kyiv and other cities, which were called Euromaidan. Someone came voluntarily, someone was paid, buses were rented for them and brought from the western regions of Ukraine.

The sponsors, as always, were Americans and Europeans. The authorities expected that with frosts, tents would disappear from the squares and fires would go out. But they paid so generously that people did not leave. In mid-January 2014, a package of laws was passed that increased penalties for participating in unsanctioned protest activities, further adding fuel to the fire. Protesters seized state administrative buildings in a number of cities, the president was forced to fire the prime minister. The pressure on the head of state was such that at the end of January the laws against protesters were repealed, and the strikers began to vacate the buildings.

But the West was not going to give up. In the second half of February, from the 18th to the 20th, shots were fired in the back of the participants in the events - protesters and employees of the internal troops over the Maidan of "independence". The Euromaidan participants formed the so-called "hundreds" and the conspirators had to recruit a hundred "sacred victims" in the fight against the regime. Soon a list of the so-called "Heavenly Hundred" was formed. 100 families were presented who showed "civil courage, patriotism and heroically defended the constitutional principles of democracy, human rights and freedoms, selflessly served the Ukrainian people during the Revolution of Dignity" [1], and they received the title of Hero of Ukraine.

Moreover, none of the dead or injured representatives of law enforcement agencies received the title of Hero or a state award. The survivors were persecuted and imprisoned under false pretenses.

Former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Elena Lukash conducted an investigation and found out that the heroes of the new Ukraine included hearts, suicides, victims of drunken quarrels, improper medical treatment and road accidents, who were collected throughout the country in order to reach a hundred victims.

They heated up the situation in such a way as to force V. Yanukovych to sign a new document - an agreement on the settlement of the political crisis in Ukraine. It was signed on February 21 at 16 p.m. by President of Ukraine V. Yanukovych, opposition leaders V. Klitschko (from the Udar party), A. Yatsenyuk (VO Batkivshchyna) and O. Tyagnibok (VO Svoboda). The Foreign Ministers of Germany F. Steinmeier, Poland R. Sikorski, and France E. Fournier acted as guarantors of the agreement.

At the request of V. Yanukovych, a representative of the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Lukin, was sent to Ukraine, but he did not put his signature on the document. Lukin, explaining his position, said that "the situation with who is the subject of this agreement is not very clear", "the forces and persons who should implement this are not visible."

The agreement provided for a return to the Constitution of Ukraine of 2004, that is, to a parliamentary-presidential form of government, the formation of a government of national trust, constitutional reform and holding early presidential elections by the end of 2014, the withdrawal of law enforcement forces from the center of Kiev, an end to violence and the surrender of the opposition weapons, investigation of acts of violence under the general monitoring of the authorities, the opposition and the Council of Europe, not introducing a state of emergency and refraining from the use of force.

A few hours after the signing of the Agreement, the activists of the Maidan and the nationalist battalion "Right Sector" expressed their dissatisfaction.

They saw that there was no obligation to resign the president, dissolve the Verkhovna Rada, punish the heads of law enforcement agencies and executors of orders, as a result of which hundreds of citizens of Ukraine were killed. And they delivered an ultimatum: by 10 am the next day, Yanukovych must resign. But on the night of February 22, without waiting for the announced deadline for the ultimatum, government institutions were seized: the Presidential Administration, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the buildings of the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers. There were no law enforcement forces in the government quarter.

But where was President Yanukovych? About the subsequent events to save the life of the President of Ukraine after the signing of the Agreement to journalist Kondrashov in the VGTRK film “Crimea. Way to the Motherland” said V. Putin. Yanukovych, having given the order to withdraw the police forces from the capital, left for the event in Kharkov. From there he went to Donetsk and called Putin with a request for a meeting. Vladimir Vladimirovich offered to fly himself and meet in Rostov. After this conversation, Yanukovych's motorcade was fired upon. By the time Putin found out about this, Yanukovych was already on his way to Crimea. The President of the Russian Federation gave an order to four power structures: to “take out” Yanukovych directly from Donetsk “by land, by sea and from the air.” From the moment of Yanukovych's call to Putin, the radio surveillance services of Russia began to conduct a cortege of the President of Ukraine.

Information was received that an ambush with heavy machine guns awaited Yanukovych along the way ... No one was going to talk to him. Russian special services deployed Yanukovych's cortege, gave instructions where to go, sent a helicopter group with special forces after him. On the advice of the Russian side, to facilitate the search, the cars of the motorcade turned on the high beams of their headlights and marked their location. Pilots spotted them and took them away. The President of Ukraine and members of his family were saved.

The special military operation began on February 24.02.2022, XNUMX.

Why did the SVO start?

We were often told that on the eve of the Great Patriotic War, I. V. Stalin received numerous intelligence data with the date and time of the attack of fascist Germany on the USSR, but he did not believe them, and the country paid a very high price - 27 million human lives. What do you think, if Stalin had been given a second chance, he, knowing what price the Motherland would pay, would have given the order not to wait until 4 am on June 22, but to fire volleys from Katyushas and all artillery at 4 am on June 21 against the enemy hordes, concentrated at the border?

After 80 years, when the head of state V.V. Putin received similar information, he believed them, did not wait, and the Special Military Operation began.

The President of the Russian Federation suggested that "Western partners" give written guarantees that Ukraine will not become a member of NATO. In response, not only a refusal, but also a lot of events showing the joint military plans of the alliance and the Armed Forces of Ukraine against Russia. I'll give some:

1. The withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan in 2021 so that the US and its allies “are not limited in the amount of assistance provided to Ukraine”, as stated by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in December 2022.

2. Submission of a draft law on lend-lease with Ukraine to the US Senate on January 19, 2022.

3. Loud statement by V. Zelensky on February 20, 2022: Ukraine can withdraw from the Budapest agreements and begin to ensure its own security with the help of nuclear weapons. Even under Poroshenko, work began on the creation of a "dirty bomb". In one of his interviews for foreign media, Zelensky said that they began preparing for a war with Russia several years before the start of the Special Military Operation.

In fact, they had the technology for the production of an atomic bomb since the times of the USSR, but even without this, the Western allies could supply atomic warheads. In addition, there is the so-called "dirty bomb", which is created using uranium and spent nuclear fuel from power plants. It is believed that a “dirty bomb” is a distant analogue of a chemical weapon that clogs the territory for a long time, and does not strike powerfully and simultaneously, as in an atomic explosion.

A year earlier, in the Rada, the head of the Servant of the People faction argued that Ukraine could blackmail the whole world if it had not given up nuclear weapons in the 1990s.

4. As on the eve before the start of the Great Patriotic War, there was a multiple increase in shelling of the DPR and LPR. If you go to the website of the OSCE mission [2], you can find information on daily monitoring of violations of the ceasefire regime from February 14 to 20:

February 14 17 ceasefire violations were recorded in the Donetsk region, including 1 explosion. In the Luhansk region, the Mission recorded 157 ceasefire violations, including 40 explosions.

February 16 in the Donetsk region there were 189 violations, including 128 explosions. During the previous reporting period, 24 violations were registered. In the Luhansk region, the OSCE mission for the same period recorded 402 violations, including 188 explosions. For the previous period there were 129 violations.

18 to 20 February 2 ceasefire violations were recorded in the Donetsk region, including 158 explosions. During the previous period, 1 violations were recorded in this area. There are 100 violations in the Luhansk region, including 591 explosions. During the previous reporting period, 1 violations were recorded.

5. "Guarantor of the Minsk Agreements" A. Merkel on December 7, 2022 gave an interview to the newspaper "Die Zeit". The article was published with the title "Did you think I would come with a tail?".

After reading the translation of her interview, I remembered the Vietnamese folk wisdom: "If the source is muddy, then all the water is muddy." The Frau Bundeskanzlerin made statements that once again confirmed the inability of Western elites, including heads of state, to negotiate.

Here are excerpts from her interview:

“I considered the initiation of the entry of Ukraine and Georgia into NATO, which was discussed in 2008, erroneous. Neither country had the necessary prerequisites, and we did not fully think through what the consequences of such a decision would be, both in relation to Russian actions against Georgia and Ukraine, and in relation to NATO and its rules of assistance. And the 2014 Minsk agreements were an attempt to give Ukraine time.
She (Ukraine) also used this time to become stronger, which can be seen today. The Ukraine of 2014/2015 is not today's Ukraine. As the battles for Debaltseve in early 2015 showed, Putin could have easily captured it then. And I doubt very much that the NATO countries could then have done as much as they are doing now to help Ukraine.
I will tell you about one point that worries me. It is connected with the fact that the Cold War never ended, because Russia, in principle, was not pacified. It is true that when Putin invaded Crimea in 2014, he was expelled from the G8. The NATO bloc has also deployed troops in the Baltic countries to show that we, as NATO, are ready to defend ourselves. In addition, we in the Alliance have decided to spend two percent of each country's gross domestic product on defence. The CDU and CSU were the only ones who still had this in their government program. We had to react faster to the aggressiveness of Russia” [3].

Some time later, in one of her speeches, she reaffirmed that the Minsk agreements were necessary for the preparation of the Ukrainian army.

6. Another participant in the negotiation process to resolve the conflict in Donbass is the former President of France in 2012-2017. F. Hollande, in an interview with the Ukrainian edition of Kyiv Independent, said that he was in solidarity with the former German Chancellor Angela Merkel:

“Yes, Angela Merkel is right. The Minsk agreements stopped the advance of the Russians for a while”, it was important “to know how the West will take advantage of this respite”. Ukraine has "strengthened its military position", the country's army has become better trained and equipped compared to 2014. “It is the merit of the Minsk agreements that the Ukrainian army got such an opportunity.”

Thus, in the West there is not a single top-level honest, negotiable politician.

7. A similar statement was made by ex-president of Ukraine P. Poroshenko in a conversation with Russian pranksters, who introduced themselves as former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul. He said during the video broadcast that the Minsk agreements were actually needed to gain time and strengthen the Ukrainian army with NATO support.

“I needed these Minsk agreements to get at least four years to form the Ukrainian armed forces, build the Ukrainian economy and train the Ukrainian military together with NATO to create the best armed forces in Eastern Europe, which were formed according to NATO standards,”

- Poroshenko declared.

8. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine D. Kuleba, in an interview for LB Live, said that the United States was preparing Ukraine for a war with Russia long before February 24.02.2022, XNUMX. “This story began in September last year, when Andrey Yermak and I were in Washington. At one of the meetings, they began to tell us about the prospect. Then the legendary phrase sounded: “Dig trenches. Start digging trenches."

For reference: A. Yermak is the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine.

9. A huge number of US biolaboratories around the Russian Federation. US Deputy Secretary of State V. Nuland said that there are biological research facilities in Ukraine, Kyiv and Washington are now working to prevent materials accumulated there from falling into the hands of Russian forces.

The official representative of the Ministry of Defense I. Konashenkov said:

“According to the documents, the American side planned to conduct work on pathogens of birds, bats and reptiles in Ukraine in 2022, with a further transition to studying the possibility of carrying African swine fever and anthrax.”

Exercises and trainings were conducted with pathogens of especially dangerous infections, the possibility of carrying dangerous pathogens by wild birds that migrate through Ukraine and Russia was studied.

Over time, more and more similar details and confessions will emerge.

According to the Kiel Institute for the World Economy [4], as of January 15, 2023, the United States allocated more weapons to Ukraine in 1 year than it spent on the war in Afghanistan in 10 years. Thus, 2022 billion dollars were allocated to Ukraine in 46,6, and 2001 billion dollars were allocated to Afghanistan in the period from 2010 to 43,4.

Today, the collective West, through Ukrainian hands, is at war with Russia. This is without taking into account the supply of weapons from other NATO member countries. At the head of the army of Ukraine - V. Zelensky. In different eras, he had predecessors, for example, Stefan Batory, Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler.

At all times, the West played the following game with Russia: they begin to mock the Slavs in Europe, who are close to the Russians, knowing that the Russians will stand up for their brothers. Once back in 1914, the Russian Empire stood up for the Serbs, got involved in the First World War, received a revolutionary stab in the back and sunk into oblivion. President Putin knows history very well, he tried in every possible way to avoid war, insisted on peace negotiations, compliance with the Minsk agreements, but when it became clear that they were inciting the Russians against Moscow Rus', he did not hesitate.

I need this story for another hypothetical example to explain what an oprichnina is.

Suppose that Yanukovych was not a corrupt president, under him Ukraine lived well (everything is known in comparison). Researchers cite evidence that Yanukovych signed agreements with oil-producing corporations for the long-term lease of Ukrainian lands with the right to subsequently extend them, and then this experience was continued by his followers, who gave the right to foreign multinational companies to buy Ukrainian black soil [5].

Even the exported grain, supposedly for the poor starving people of Africa, is a fiction, not only because it is not for African children, but because the lands of Ukraine were sold in bulk to foreigners, and the foreign owners exported their crops.

Experts note that only in the first two years after the Maidan, the Ukrainian economy collapsed by 20%, terrible unemployment and the collapse of the hryvnia.

And we will continue our example from the moment where Yanukovych's motorcade came under fire near Donetsk. He has a smartphone, and he goes live, where not only Ukraine, but the whole world sees what is happening.

Here all those law-abiding citizens of the “square” “wake up” who went to work, did not go on strikes against the Maidan and hoped that everything would settle down by itself. Rage rages in their hearts. If a maximum of 40-50 thousand people went to the Euromaidan in the center of Kiev, but the media provided a “picture” that there were 100 thousand people there, then several million take to the streets of villages, towns, cities and the capital.

The people of Kiev come out with shovels and bats to the Maidan and sweep away the nationalists in one breath, liberate the government quarter and go to the so-called opposition leaders and say: you fulfill the terms of the Agreement, do not touch the legitimate authorities, get out with your nationalist battalions or you will not see life as your own ears. They also appeal to the frightened deputies of the Verkhovna Rada: either they support the legitimate government and the president, or they will go to the dustbin of history with a wolf ticket. The people stand, do not disperse. In protest against the actions of foreign states that supported the coup, in front of the buildings of the embassies of the United States, France, Germany, Poland, the Baltic countries, people bring up bags with the words "for Nuland" and pour cookies, fake dollars and euros out of them.

Too bad this is just my hypothetical example.

Why did the patriotic forces not stand up for the country then? Patriots are always poorly organized. Patriots need to take care of the family, and not toil with foolishness. They have no time, they are engaged in real work for the good of the country.

And then Yanukovych settles in the East of Ukraine, organizes a press conference in Donetsk. At this time, opposition leaders come to him and give the floor on the air to the whole country to comply with all the terms of the Agreement. The President, feeling the enormous support of the citizens of the country, puts forward his conditions to the conspirators.

1. He introduces a state of emergency and a curfew in the country.

2. Withdraws internal troops to ensure law and order.

3. Establishes a special division SMERSH of direct presidential subordination to counter the conspiracies of foreign intelligence agencies and conduct investigations into the events with shots on the Maidan.

4. Introduces direct presidential rule in especially significant regions of the country.

5. Announces new elections to the Verkhovna Rada.

6. Introduces the death penalty for betrayal of the motherland and participation in paramilitary illegal nationalist formations.

7. Confiscates the assets of the oligarchs who financed the coup and nationalist battalions, directs these funds to restore the economy. These oligarchs are on trial.

8. Establishes a special judicial body for open consideration of cases of organizing a coup and shooting citizens.

9. Reduces the number of employees of the diplomatic missions of Western countries, closes the US embassies in Ukraine.

10. Closes secret US biological laboratories in Ukraine with the simultaneous release of laboratory materials.

11. Eliminates radical nationalist groups and associations, their camps and expels all foreign instructors, brings mercenaries to justice.

12. Introduces strict currency controls.

13. Creates a special control regime until the borders are completely closed, so that, for example, weapons from the border areas of Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and Moldova do not get to Ukraine.

You had to be not Yanukovych, but a genius to come up with and implement it.

Grozny was a genius

I drew a parallel between the events of the overthrow of Ivan IV by the inner circle in 1564 in Medieval Rus' and the pro-Western oligarchic structures led by the United States in Ukraine in 2014. The main difference was that the people loved, revered, respected, supported Grozny, did not let him overthrow , but Yanukovych is not.

In 2020, the Terrible series was released. I expected that at least in this series they would show the truth, but alas ... In this series, they showed that a small group of people expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the king suddenly left and sent a letter of renunciation.

But in real life it was not a group of people. The boyars and governors had their own small paramilitary detachments, squads, and they would not be scared just like that. Surrounded by the king were the richest people in the country, and they could easily call the children of the boyars or hire the so-called combat slaves.

Grozny resisted the power that dreamed of overthrowing him and putting his weak-willed cousin Vladimir Staritsky in his place. The first attempt to eliminate the king was in 1553, when he was 23 years old. This was included in historiography as "the time of the king's illness" after the capture of Kazan.

What is remarkable about that "unexpected illness"?

Grozny, thinking that he was dying of a serious illness, asked his cousin and his mother to kiss the cross, to take an oath of allegiance to his son Dmitry. But his mother refused to put the family seal on the charter. She was persuaded for a long time, the boyars went to her three times, in the end she put a seal with the words that this oath of allegiance does not mean anything, since it was given “involuntarily”.

L. Yu. Taimasova notes that Efrosinya was formally right for two reasons [6].

Firstly, at this time there was a fast, and it was forbidden to take oaths.

Secondly, Vladimir Staritsky was not 20 years old, and a cross-kissing oath could only be taken from the age of 20. It is noted that the Staritskys bargained for themselves the right, according to which they could keep in their inheritance "the governor with people" and "repair the court." But while traveling along the Sheksna River, two months after the tsar's illness, the tsar's son Dmitry dies, and the oath loses its force.

It soon became clear that the first wife of the Tsar, Anastasia, was expecting a child. After the birth of their son Ivan in March 1554, the Staritskys and the tsar agreed to sign a new spiritual charter. It included the following points:

- in the event of the death of Grozny and his children, Vladimir Staritsky was declared the heir to the throne with the obligation to allocate inheritances to the wife of Tsar Anastasia and his brother Yuri;

- Vladimir's renunciation of claims to the Dmitrovsky inheritance;

- Staritsky swears not to listen to his mother if she begins to "induce famously", that is, again weave conspiracies against the royal family and the state;

- the number of servants that the Staritskys could keep in the Moscow courtyard was limited.

This is a very interesting and important point.

You might mistakenly think that we are talking about courtyard people who wipe the dust and water the flowers on the Staritsky estate. It was this point that caused a storm of indignation in Euphrosyne. For a month they discussed the number of people that the Staritskys could keep with them, and agreed: in the Moscow courtyard there should be no more than 108 people of “all sorts of people”, the rest should be in the patrimony.

The conclusion suggests itself that there were more Staritsky people in Moscow before, and they were forced to reduce their numbers. After all, during the illness of the king in 1553, they were ready not only to seize power, but also to remove other powerful clans from the throne, for example, the Shuisky and Belsky, whom the West recognized as princes of the blood long before this event [7].

The violent death of the head of state is a catastrophe for the country. These words can be attributed not only to the Middle Ages, but also to the present. No one doubts the fact that Muammar Gaddafi was killed at the will of the United States. The whole world saw how happy the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in the bloody video of Gaddafi's assassination: "We came, we saw, and he died."

Saddam Hussein was hanged a few minutes before the beginning of the Muslim holiday Eid al-Adha after the invasion of coalition troops led by the US and Great Britain into Iraq. President L. G. Lukashenko and the whole of Belarus are lucky that they have a partner - the Russian Federation and a true friend Putin, who helped uncover the plot. The Republic of Turkey, Venezuela, Syria should also thank Vladimir Vladimirovich. The catastrophes and chaos generated by Western countries in Libya and Iraq could also be on the streets of these states.

Why should Türkiye be grateful to the Russian President?

Recep Tayyip Erdogan was resting at a hotel in Marmaris. The rebellious military arrived there, they were going to not only arrest him, but also kill him. He missed the traitors for just a few minutes. He received information from the Russian special services on Putin's orders. And this despite the fact that they shot down our plane.

Question: the president has bodyguards, they are professionals, why did the “Turkish Sultan” run away? There are police in Marmaris, they could also be called, and in a matter of minutes they would rush.

Maybe the forces were not equal, and the President of Turkey could die?

If the head of state breaks loose at night and flees from his residence, flees from the capital, does this not mean that something can happen that threatens not only his life, but also his family members, right?

I want to draw your attention to the difference between the actions of Erdogan and Yanukovych, and the consequences. Erdogan suppressed the coup, kept peace in the country, and Yanukovych was afraid to use power, the legal powers that the people had given him, and the consequence of inaction was a civil war in the country and the NWO.

This is precisely what Grozny prevented with his oprichnina.

The opposition in the Boyar Duma was not going to give up their positions, moreover, they were constantly in correspondence with A. Kurbsky, who had fled to the Polish king. This becomes known because, being outside the country, the traitor managed to describe the events that took place in Muscovy and comment on them. Taking into account the fact that Kurbsky led the 70-strong army of the "European Union of the Middle Ages" to capture Polotsk, and also asked for troops for the next campaign, one cannot discount that the fugitive prince could provide support for the foreign army to the conspirators in Moscow.

As historians describe, in December 1564, boyars and clergy began to come to Moscow from their destinies and estates. By this time, the friend and mentor of the king, Metropolitan Macarius, was no longer alive. If earlier the tsar convened the Consecrated Council, then this time they gathered themselves, but not all, namely the part that was in opposition to the tsar. Historians I. Ya. Froyanov and V. E. Shambarov came to the conclusion that not just a coup d'état was being prepared, but something extraordinary, something that had never happened before:

“And in such an environment, Ivan Vasilyevich suddenly became aware that another conspiracy was brewing among the nobility! He knew who was in it. He also learned that the murder of his entire family was being prepared ...
So guess what he had to do? Arrest, judge? Everything will come to an end again. Order to eliminate enemies without trial? Once he already got a confrontation with the entire boyars. Yes, and how much? Is he not a sovereign in his state? No, he decided... to leave. Where are the eyes looking?
The royal court was gathering on a pilgrimage. But the fees were unusual. The tsar called some boyars and clerks with him “with wives and children” and on December 3, having been blessed by the metropolitan, he left Moscow” [8].

Historians write that, unlike other pilgrimage trips, when he left a person in his place, this time he did not delegate his powers to anyone.

R. G. Skrynnikov described it this way:

“Most recently, the boyar Kurbsky blamed the tsar for his monstrous ingratitude, lamenting his exile to distant lands ... Now the miserable finale has come. The autocrat and anointed of God was "expelled" from his property by his serfs - the boyars. For a man who firmly believed in the divine origin of his power, renunciation was not a farce. Ivan IV experienced a terrible nervous shock. Almost all of his hair fell out. When the tsar returned from Sloboda to Moscow, many could not recognize him, he had changed so much. Apparently, complaints about the “exhaustion” of the body, the multiplication of bodily and spiritual scabs were not a simple rhetorical phrase of the king”[9].

Another injustice and bile of R. G. Skrynnikov, biased towards the tsar.

Firstly, I do not agree with why the historian compared Kurbsky and Grozny? Kurbsky fled as a traitor to the Motherland. Grozny is leaving, trying to save his family members and the state from turmoil. The tsar knew that since his first wife was poisoned, his son Dmitry was drowned, then nothing would stop them even now.

Secondly, one gets the feeling that the historian was glad that the king suffered, lost his hair and began to look bad. Changes in appearance and hair loss are not only proof of Grozny's emotional suffering, who understood that the state was on the verge of disaster, but also a consequence of poisoning.

For every force there is another force

It was the love of the Terrible for the Fatherland, the people for their king:

“It was the people, and not a narrow handful of boyars, that the tsar left to decide the future fate of the country (and with it his own fate). On December 3, 1564, Ivan the Terrible left Moscow with his family, a huge convoy and his closest servants, thereby silently, without any ostentatious declarations, testifying that he was abdicating the throne. The official letter of his abdication, as well as the Appeal to the townspeople of Moscow, the tsar sent already from the road ...
These letters were indeed announced on the palace square, “in front of all honest people.
The news that, not wanting to endure "many changeful deeds" of the boyars, the sovereign had abdicated, instantly spread throughout Moscow. “The crowd in the palace square arrived hour by hour ... its behavior became more and more menacing,” a riot was about to break out. The townspeople from all sides surrounded the metropolitan court in the Kremlin, where at the same time, seized with confusion and horror, the boyar Duma gathered. Most of its members could, without delay and with great joy, approve the abdication of Tsar Ivan. But... listening, must be, to the rumble of many thousands behind the walls of the house, they did not dare to do it.
Moreover, as if locked in a siege, the boyars were forced to admit representatives of the merchant class and artisans into the metropolitan's chambers. Allow and listen to their statement, more like an ultimatum.
The townspeople said that they remained faithful to the sovereign and would ask him “not to leave the state and not give them to the plunder of the wolves, but especially from the hands of the strong deliver; and whoever will be the sovereign's villain and traitor, they do not stand for those and will themselves consume them.
This direct threat to deal with the "wolves" and "lihodey", which sounded so clearly in the petition of the townspeople, immediately had its effect. On the same day, January 3, 1565, Metropolitan Athanasius and the boyar Duma sent a whole delegation of clergy to Ivan in Aleksandrovskaya Sloboda. Then representatives of the boyars went there. Finally, the “merchants and many black people ... of the city of Moscow themselves went to the tsar.
February 2, 1565 Ivan the Terrible solemnly returned to the capital.
Ivan announced that from now on he assumes the unlimited right to execute any traitor and take away his estates without any advice from the boyar Duma. It was also clear from the decree that if the tsar continued to rule one part of the country - the zemshchina together with the Duma, then the other part of the lands (chosen by him at his own discretion) was already proclaimed as a special "sovereign court", an oprichnina, over which the old boyar Duma had no power. It has.
Simultaneously with the establishment of the oprichnina, the tsar announced the creation for her of a special oprichnina Duma or Council (Counsel of the Opressini, according to an English source), as well as a special army, recruited mainly from small, humble nobles (although the nobility was present in the oprichnina squad Same).
The princes and boyars, for some reason not included in the number of guardsmen, but whose family estates were located precisely in the territories that had gone under the “sovereign court”, were subject to expulsion from there, their possessions were confiscated in favor of the state, and they themselves were granted estates (though not as extensive as the former "family nests", but still! ..) in other regions of the country, for example, in the Volga region.
In modern terms, by this decree, Ivan the Terrible for the first time introduced a state of emergency in some, from his point of view, especially strategically important regions of Russia. He introduced, as they would say now, the “direct rule” of the sovereign on these lands, where “besides” - that is, no one except himself, through a rigidly centralized apparatus of power, could no longer rule. Boyar freemen were completely excluded there” [10].

Terrible endured for a long time. I recall the phrase “a drop overflowed the cup”, the tsar’s patience burst, and he decided to take away the estates from the recalcitrant and pro-Western boyars, and send them to other areas, including the Volga region. And that, too, was a mercy on his part.

Firstly, he did not confiscate, but most often exchanged and sent to other regions of the country, including Kazan. Both in the Middle Ages and today, Kazan is a very beautiful and modern city.

Secondly, if we compare it with how the English Queen Elizabeth I ruled, then Grozny is generally a saint.

Historians write that during her reign, London was nicknamed the "city of the gallows." When they got tired of expelling people, hanging them, beheading them, they came up with a new means of fighting the common people - a link to other continents ... The chances of sailing and surviving on new lands are not on our modern ships, but in the holds of wooden ships with rats, a shortage of clean drinking water and lack of amenities were negligible.

Let's imagine such a situation. There is a criminal personality who nightmares the region, he has numerous connections, which for the time being, until an honest judge appeared, shied away from responsibility. He was imprisoned for violating the law and embezzlement, his property was confiscated, he served his term and is released from prison. He still has a lot of compromising evidence, connections, hidden money, sixes. It can destabilize the situation in the country. To prevent this, the authorities are resettling him without sixers and retinues in another region of the country. There he is not an authoritative person, and even vice versa, no one. He is forced to work and earn a living by honest work. How do you like this re-education?

It seems like some kind of unrealistic, mild punishment for a corrupt person, a good way out of the situation for the region.

This, too, was one of the manifestations of the oprichnina. Grozny, evicting his boyars in an environment that was uncomfortable for them, not only saved their lives, but also made Christian efforts for re-education:

“180 descendants of the Suzdal, Yaroslavl, Rostov, Starodub princes, together with their families, were sent to Kazan. Their patrimonial estates were confiscated. But this was not a punishment and a robbery. They remained in the service, received large estates in the Kazan region, material compensation for the move. On the other hand, the base, thanks to which they felt omnipotent, was undermined, their hereditary ties with “their” cities, villages, counties were torn” [11].

“So, half of the boyar and noble families sent to Kazan, a year later, in the spring of 1566, were returned to Central Russia. And next year - the second half. But they were no longer given estates, but estates, and not in the old family estates, but in other places, mainly in the Ryazan region. In turn, for this, land was signed off from large Ryazan estate owners - and they were given estates in other counties. As a result of such “castling”, the estates turned into a service nobility.
At the beginning of 1566, the tsar “bartered” an inheritance from Vladimir Andreevich (cousin of Grozny - ed.). He took Staritsa, Vereya, Aleksin into the oprichnina, and in return gave Dmitrov, Borovsk and Zvenigorod. In material terms, the sovereign's cousin won, having received larger and richer cities. But he was also torn away from those places where the population recognized him as master, where he was overgrown with servants and assistants.
However, it was not enough to remove the princes and estates themselves. After all, they are accustomed to consider the leaders of the local nobles. They got used to "their" boyars, intertwined kinship with them and with their neighbors, and groupings formed that went to work together, but also acted as a political force, ready to support the leader, to defend their own local interests. Ivan the Terrible also destroyed such enclaves” [12].

The eviction of the boyars in the new annexed regions and direct control are two necessary and interconnected components for resisting the coup undertaken by Grozny.

The meaning of oprichnina?

I will try to detail the meaning of the word "oprichnina". In Rus' in the Middle Ages, the word oprichnina was understood as part of the inheritance or estate that remained for the widow, and no one had the right to claim these lands.

“Organized according to the type of a specific principality, the “oprishna” was in the personal possession of the king. The oprichnina was ruled by a special Boyar Duma. Formally, it was headed by a specific prince, a young Kabardian Mikhail Cherkassky, the queen's brother. But in fact, the Pleshcheevs (boyars Alexei Basmanov and Zakhary Ochin, kravchiy Fyodor Basmanov) and their friends (Vyazemsky and Zaitsev) managed all the affairs in the Duma [13]. The tsar transferred strategically important regions (counties in Central and Western Rus', the entire North, some districts of Moscow, cities and volosts) under his personal management, possession and control, calling them oprichnina. All other lands were called "zemshchina", where the joint administration of the tsar and the boyars was preserved.
Oprichnina, as an incomprehensible phenomenon, will be perceived by someone as a raider seizure carried out by the tsar, or as nationalization, but this is something else.
There was a war and incessant attempts to assassinate the king and members of his family. The situation was very difficult. To clarify what an oprichnina is, let us turn to N. M. Pronina: “Some historians saw in the oprichnina a wise reform aimed at undermining the large princely-boyar land ownership, and, consequently, the destruction of the political influence of the heirs of the specific rulers. Others are a completely pointless, bloody undertaking. According to their research, although the oprichnina really dealt a serious blow to the ancient aristocracy, undermined its patrimonial land ownership, but did not completely destroy it. Many noble families successfully survived the time of repression.
First, about the lands that became part of the "oprichnina inheritance". In full accordance with the difficult conditions of wartime, the tsar took under personal control precisely the most important areas of his state in the military-strategic sense. Probably, Ivan Vasilievich spent more than one night over his map, thinking over and calculating everything to the last detail. A mistake could be fatal...

First of all, most of the Novgorod-Pskov region, which was directly connected with the theater of military operations in Livonia, departed to the oprichnina. Thus, "the most important trade roads to the north and east, a significant part of the coast of the White Sea, where the centers of Russian-English trade were located, crossed into the oprichnina." Taking these lands into the oprichnina, "Grozny undermined the foundations of independent Novgorod trade." In his hands were also the main centers of salt mining.
Important outposts fell - barriers on the western and southwestern borders of the state from the attacks of the Crimean Khan. Here it was supposed to create a new "notch line" - a strip of fortifications against the invasions of the Krymchaks, and here to allocate land to the bulk of the guardsmen, evicting the former owners from here" [14].

The historian N. Pronina notes that the regions that supplied salt and fish, the places from which iron was brought to Moscow, became oprichnina. Pasture lands for numerous herds fell under the personal control of Grozny:

“Already from this short, far from complete list alone, it is clear: the sovereign thought about everything - both about how to protect and feed people, and how to arm the troops.
In Moscow itself, under the control of the oprichnina, the sovereign took ... the streets that led to the west, led to the roads that connected the border regions with the Center and along which Russian troops usually moved, ammunition was delivered to the Livonian Front. Consequently, there was nothing illogical in this apparent (but only at first glance!) "division" of the city into oprichnina and zemstvo parts, for which Grozny was later blamed so much. The sovereign did not "divide" the capital, but only took the most important areas under personal control.
Mercilessly confiscating estates within these limits, ruining not only the old family nests of aristocrats, who, as a rule, did not carry out any public service, but also the “yards” of their numerous servants, nobles, Ivan dealt a “blow to the very foundation of the power of the boyars” [I. I. Smirnov]. At the same time, he also destroyed “private military forces, relying on which (let us recall, for example, Andrei Staritsky!) recalcitrant patrimonials were often more dangerous for the tsar than external enemies” [K. Valishevsky].
It is not surprising, therefore, that the common population - townspeople, merchants in large trading cities - “did not express dissatisfaction with such a change. Representatives of the English trading campaign even sought, as a favor, to be subordinated to the oprichnina. The Stroganovs also asked for the same. [TO. Valishevsky]” [15].

Candidate of Historical Sciences A. Fursov gives the following semantic meanings of the word "oprichnina":

“Ivan the Terrible gave a clear name to the emergency organ he invented, the “imperious hyperboloid” - “oprichnina”. Usually only one meaning of this word is mentioned: “oprich” means except. However, there are three more meanings, and all of them work for a new form, that is, they adequately characterize its content.
The second meaning of “oprichnina” was the name given to the peasants of the same social category, who enrolled in a monastery together (the oprichnina as - in form - the monastic brethren).
The third meaning is the widow's share: when a boyar (nobleman) died or died and there was no one to serve (no children, no nephews, or only daughters), most of the possessions were unsubscribed to the treasury, and part - "oprichnina" - was left to the widow.
A great lover of foolishness (and black humor), the king with gusto applied the “widow” interpretation to his new destiny.
Finally, the fourth meaning - "oprichnina" was called an exquisite, most delicious dish, which was served for delicacy after the main part of the guests departed, and the owner and the most dear guests - "the best people" remained at the table. This meaning of the oprichnina is the best way to characterize the discrepancy between the modest form and the rampant content of the oprichnina” [16].

Doctor of Historical Sciences A.V. Pyzhikov believes that the word guardsmen means "chosen" warriors:

“All these events are well described in the literature: they are traditionally qualified as treachery with a fair amount of mental insanity. Only in recent years have researchers been able to comprehend them differently, without modernizing medieval consciousness in a modern way. This made it possible to understand that the people of that era associated the actions of Ivan IV with the Last Judgment. In the context of such ideas, the word "guardsmen" did not mean "except", as was previously thought, but "chosen ones". By the way, this is exactly how it was translated by foreigners who talked about Muscovy” [17].

Some kind of emergency

In my opinion, guardsmen under Grozny performed the same functions as SMERSH during the Great Patriotic War.

SMERSH is intelligence and counterintelligence, radio games and misinforming the enemy, participating in battles and investigating crimes, checking prisoners of war and identifying traitors. During the war years, SMERSH employees neutralized thousands of saboteurs and agents [18].

In general, the most formidable Soviet intelligence service had broad functions and powers.
The main directorate of counterintelligence SMERSH was directly subordinated to the People's Commissar for Defense Stalin. Oprichniki also obeyed the head of state. If the operational personnel of SMERSH were formed from civilian lawyers, Chekists and front-line soldiers who had proven themselves well, then in order to select guardsmen Grozny had to

“to sort through” the cadres, “not to kill” them or “hange them”, but precisely to review, check who, where and how is serving, identify and elevate people who are active, conscientious, useful to the state, punish the negligent, bribe-takers and thieves .
Step by step, carrying out this gigantic "brute force" on an unprecedented scale, the tsar often even returned previously confiscated lands to their former owners. As it was, for example, in the spring of 1566, when Ivan issued a decree on the forgiveness of many princes, boyars and nobles exiled to the Kazan region. In the same way, gradually (as needed?), he also changed the composition of the oprichnina lands, abolishing the regime of personal control, returning to the zemshchina some territories that were originally taken in a “special courtyard”, and taking others in return. And this indicates that it is a mistake to consider the tough (like any emergency measure) oprichnina of Ivan the Terrible as an exclusively punitive institution.
Rather, according to the modern church writer [John (Snychev)], the oprichnina “became in the hands of (the sovereign) an instrument with which he sifted through all of Russian life, all its order and way of life, separating the good seeds from the chaff.” Seeds of sovereign unity and order from the tares of specific disunity and separatism” [19].

I recall Tsar Peter I, whose main thing in a person was not origin, name, wealth, but education, talent, the ability to perform the assigned task and achieve results. So he gathered associates and like-minded people from ordinary unborn people.

Grozny wanted the same, but in addition to everything, he wanted to select new cadres for the benefit of state affairs in the new government bodies with the additional requirement that they were in no way, especially by family ties, associated with the boyars and aristocrats around him, who were up to their ears in treacherous deeds and correspondence with enemies of the state. He wanted to unite the new staff with an oath of allegiance, or rather, an oath [20].

“And the tsar in the created “destiny” established his own governing bodies - a special oprichny court, the Duma, began to form an oprichny army from a thousand nobles, looking for reliable people for this. The Oprichnaya Duma was headed by the tsarina's brother Mikhail Temryukovich, the key posts were occupied by the Basmanovs, Vyazemsky, Pleshcheevs, Kolychevs, Buturlins. The affairs of the zemshchina were to be led by the old Boyar Duma, headed by Belsky and Mstislavsky. The Zakharyins also remained in its composition” [21].

Grozny established the Oprichnaya Duma. Including cooks, grooms, cooks and other attendants, with the guardsmen themselves in the first years of the institution there were 1, and over time their number reached 500 people. Remembering how proud A. Adashev and priest Sylvester, taken from the people and close, were proud, the tsar tried to avoid his own mistakes when he brought ordinary people closer to him, gave them rights and privileges. Therefore, the oprichnina was not only like SMERSH, a military-religious brotherhood, but also an administrative and economic system [6].

They had black uniforms with a dog's head on them. It was a distinction with a special meaning: to be faithful like dogs, to protect the state and sweep out evil spirits and traitors from it. Oprichniki did not carry dog ​​heads with them. They swore allegiance to the king. Grozny paid them more money and allocated more land than ordinary boyars. The oprichnina brotherhood, not in words, but in deeds, was religious and lived according to a strict monastic charter. The king participated in church services and wore strict clothes, like everyone else [23]. His cassock has been preserved and has come down to our days.

“Liberal historians unfoundedly claim that all this was hypocrisy. Say, the guardsmen wore golden clothes and furs under their cassocks, served honey and wine at meals, and feasted merrily. Excuse me, but ... did anyone dare to look under the guardsman's cassock?

- raises the question of the military historian V. E. Shambarov [24].

Grozny at first selected 300 young guardsmen. During the tenure of Adashev and Sylvester, he wanted to gather 1 people around him - a personal guard of brave warriors, but under the pretext that there were no lands around Moscow, the tsar's initiative was put on the brakes.

Since they wanted to kill the king, they clearly did not need 1 soldiers around him. Although they found a very strange reason for refusal. For some reason, in the Middle Ages, they did not find land for the resettlement of one thousand people.

There is a version that the idea of ​​​​creating an oprichnina army and oprichnina belongs to Maria Temryukovna. One had to be a brilliant statesman to come up with an oprichnina. Maria was too young and inexperienced to come up with such a thing. But on the other hand, when the oprichnina meant the causeless executions of the boyars, they blamed the Kabardian princess for this.

The historian and political scientist A.I. Fursov writes that the oprichnina is a slanderous phenomenon in Russian history, which arose to fight the oligarchic and princely-boyar system, which opposed the creation of an autocratic state. Therefore, only Grozny could come up with it:

“Oprichnina is a phenomenon adequate to its time. Ivan the Terrible turned out to be a brilliant technologist. Faced with a situation where all the institutions were working against the autocratic centralization of Rus', he invented his "Grozny engineer's hyperboloid". That is, the oprichnina, which in its essence was an emergency commission, designed to compensate for what other institutions could not provide” [25].

I will quote from the book of the military historian V. E. Shambarov:

“Maria participated in the creation of the oprichnina court, the selection of personnel. She undertook to protect her husband, she herself organized his protection. She insisted that one of the orders of the archers, 500 people, be allocated for permanent service under the king. And it’s not for nothing that the opposition hated her, just like her first wife, Kurbsky cursed in his libels” [26].

If we recall how Grozny's mother, Elena Glinskaya, who did so much for the country, was criticized, then drawing a parallel with Maria, we can draw a similar conclusion. None of the king's wives, except for Goshane, was criticized. It turns out that, being an assistant to the king, she served the country, thereby hindering the traitors. We can say that the formation of the first Russian special service in the Middle Ages took place under the personal control of Grozny and with the help of Maria Temryukovna.

Did Grozny want to execute without trial and investigation, taking advantage of the state of emergency introduced in the country? Were there many victims of the oprichnina?

Firstly, Grozny did not intend to execute anyone without trial or investigation. Once, during one of the press conferences, Putin said: “Why do you think that goodness should be powerless? I do not think so. I think that kindness implies the ability to protect oneself. The state must have fists to protect its citizens with them. Fists that V. Yanukovych did not use.

Grozny wanted to regain his stolen autocratic power to fight traitors and conspiracies:

“I dictated a number of conditions to the Duma and the Consecrated Council. The tsar received the right to punish the guilty without the trial of the Boyar Duma. The clergy did not interfere in his affairs. And in order to eradicate the bred evil, a state of emergency was introduced - the oprichnina" [27].

Second, the

“Five people were executed. The leaders of the conspiracy that pushed the king to extraordinary measures. A chronic participant in all past conspiracies, Alexander Gorbaty Shuisky, his son Peter (not at all 17 years old, like Karamzin, judging by his father’s respectable age, he was about 40), Pyotr Golovin, Ivan Sukhoi Kashin, Dmitry Shevyrev. Guilt - connection with Kurbsky, preparation of a coup and the murder of the royal family.
Two boyars were tonsured, four were forced to take a second oath and released on bail with a cash deposit. Yes, the Tsar became Terrible. And the oprichnina meant precisely terror. But its scale was not at all the same as it is “usually” portrayed.
Who accepted it? And why is it accepted? In order to fit the real facts to the conclusions about "tyranny", some historians have to be cunning. They write that after the massacre of the conspirators, executions “became commonplace,” and the chronicles stopped mentioning them. Well, yes! Also as mentioned. But there are far fewer of them than some would like. To a greater extent, the emphasis was still not on repressive, but on preventive measures” [28].

Periodically reading in the media about the billions of dollars concealed by embezzlers, I understand that the country needs an oprichnina ...

Here is an excerpt from A. Drugin's article:

“Ivan the Terrible created the oprichnina for two main purposes: to mobilize forces for a fierce war in the West and to restructure the administrative elite, unable to solve new problems. Having existed for 7 years, the oprichnina was abolished.
When the ruling elites freeze, the “elite rotation” stops, and in order to saturate the ruling class with new blood, it is necessary to create parallel hierarchies based on personal merit, energy, courage, passionarity, ideological conviction, in a word, on energetic idealism, in contrast to the previous, stable hierarchies, where nobility, wealth and clan ties guarantee a high place in the political and administrative system.
The Russian oprichnina is a textbook illustration of the law of “elite rotation”.
Oprichnina is clearly overdue in modern Russia. The situation is similar to the XNUMXth century: external threats (onslaught from the West, NATO expansion, “orange processes” in the CIS) and internal decay of the power vertical (hitherto unthinkable level of corruption, moral decline, alienation, incapacity of the elites). The need for it has matured functional, psychological, social, ideological.
There is no national ideology. Only the Order can save the situation.
One thing is clear that Putin is not Grozny, so the new oprichnina should not be organized along personal lines. The Order had only Holy Rus', hidden under the rubble and drifts of history. There is also an enemy – “orange” and Atlanticist, internal and external” [29].

Thus, the oprichnina was called upon to counteract internal enemies, whose activities were aimed at organizing a coup d'état with the murder of the royal family during the Livonian War through the establishment of a special order of state administration, when a certain state of emergency is introduced, separate command and control bodies are created, new personnel are selected.

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In this "first circle" were representatives of the main clans / clans of the Suzdal nobility - the princes Shuisky, Yaroslavl, Starodubsky and Rostov. In fact, the tsar “dug the hatchet” of a social war with numerous and powerful nobility: 265 representatives of four clans served in the Sovereign’s court, 119 served on special privileged lists, and 17 sat in the Boyar Duma as boyars and roundabouts. Now the situation could only be resolved in the Leninist way: "who - whom." But the king in the upcoming fight did not have any institutional means of struggle. On the contrary, all existing institutions defended the Moscow old order - the princely boyar order, worked against the tsar, rigidly tied him to the boyars within the framework of the "combine" of the Horde times. It was this connection, the chain, that had to be broken by destroying the combine, and the tsar - as an element of this "combine" - was to be released, turning into a sole ruler.
Theoretically, the king had two obvious options for a big power game. One is to rely on the nobility as a whole as a class in the confrontation with the boyars.
But, firstly, the nobility in itself was not a class in Grozny times, it would become such only in the second half of the XNUMXth century, especially through the “works” of Peter III and Catherine II, and therefore the German impostor on the Russian throne would be able to rely on him in opposition to both the nobles and the guards, thus resolving the “casus of Anna Ioannovna” (with the nobles-“entertainers”-oligarchs against the guards or with the guards against the nobles); the nobility as a class still had to be created, but there was no time for this - a whole life would not be enough.
Secondly, the “creation of the nobility” would require the granting of certain rights, and in the conditions of lack of formalization, being-in-itself, in the undeveloped state of the central government, this was extremely risky.
Thirdly, it was a slow and evolutionary path, for which not only there was no time, but which could be forcibly interrupted.
Another option is to throw out the white flag, dissolve into princely boyars, into oligarchic centralization, which meant danger to the state, the tsar personally and even the dynasty (suffice it to recall the events of March 1553). But there was a third option, not obvious, at first glance, simply unthinkable, and it was he who was implemented - Nasib Taleb would call it a “black swan”.
The third option is to do something non-standard and extraordinary, in chess terms, Ivan (and he played chess and, according to one version, died during a chess game) had to find an unexpected continuation, stunning his opponent with it.

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Now the king planned to create a new foundation for his power. Back in the early 60s of the XNUMXth century, dissatisfied people who fled abroad reproached Ivan for seeking support in the bureaucracy, promoting and elevating him to the detriment of the noble nobility and the noble estate in general.
Another thing is that the oprichnina inevitably had to include numerous palace services and their staff - those who were supposed to feed, drink, serve, provide, wash, serve the "special" yard - key keeper, podklyuchnik, satirist, cooks, bakers, grooms, psari and other "yard people". All of them were part of the four main palace orders: Bed was in charge of the premises, wardrobe and household items of the royal family; Bronny produced weapons for the royal entourage; The groom was engaged in the huge horse farm of the royal court, and Sytny was engaged in the kitchen and preparations of bread, meat and other products for the royal table.
We see this staff of the "backyard" in the list of courtyard people dated March 1573. It names “room sources”, “moving” and “bed” sources; shaterniki, "table-keepers", "tailor masters", cap-makers, chebotniks, furriers, tablecloths; candlesticks of wax and tallow candles; solicitors of the "large" and "small" cellars, distillers, brewers, coopers, cooks, "pomyasy", bakers, butter-makers, "kuretniki" and barn-keepers, led by "good housekeepers"; armourers, "masters of self-made squeakers", sabelniks, slammers, yumshanniks, sadachniks, cutlers, pansyrniki, archers, saddlers, "kolymazhny masters"; numerous royal and princely "dining watchmen" and especially "vodka watchmen".

[23] Fursov A. Oprichnina in Russian history - a memory of the future or who will create the Fourth Rome?
In terms of the form of organization, the oprichnina partly copied the church, or rather, the monastic one. The oprichnina "brotherhood" was headed by the abbot (the king himself), there were sexton, cellar, and ordinary monks in it. There was a shared meal. Outerwear was coarse - beggarly or monastic, in the hands of the guardsman - a staff.
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As some illustrations for the article, photographs of frames from the two-part film "Ivan the Terrible" directed by S. Eisenstein were used.

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  1. Soldatov V.
    Soldatov V. 7 May 2023 05: 07
    An interesting look, a modern comparison of the two eras. Makes you think about the state of power and the people in modern Russia. Thank you. soldier
    1. your1970
      your1970 7 May 2023 08: 37
      Never and nowhere do the people love the current government. Some part may believe, may follow the authorities - but this is always only a part of the people. Sometimes a large one, sometimes a smaller one, but never the whole people.
      Power can be based on the people or not is another matter.
      So the postulate is extremely doubtful - that the people loved Grozny, and "the boyars are bad."
      "The retinue plays the king" ...
  2. Nikolay Malyugin
    Nikolay Malyugin 7 May 2023 05: 48
    I always envy people for whom everything is clear. Where is the lie and where is the truth. Let's start with the fact that declassed elements were found among the heroes in Ukraine. faulty past" - Hitler. Regarding the people's love for Ivan the Terrible. The people never determine the leader according to the present times. Ask any Soviet person which leader of the country they liked. And the majority will point to Leonid Brezhnev. And there were jokes about him under him. According to Azarov, Yanukovych had a way out. large, and written under the influence of current philosophers. Everything will be milled. There will be flour.
    1. BMP-2
      BMP-2 7 May 2023 12: 56
      Interestingly, you also consider yourself to be in the category of those for whom everything is clear:?) Are declassed elements the basis of a nationalist state? Seriously? That is, neither the activities of the Cyril-Methodius Brotherhood, nor Dontsov have anything to do with it? Where does this opinion about Brezhnev come from? Did you conduct surveys? Official statistics show just the opposite: Stalin is now among the leaders of public sympathy, and even during Stalin's lifetime, the attitude was the same, no matter what. Azarov's opinion concerns only one episode and is not the ultimate truth. There are other opinions: the course of events would have been completely different if Yanukovych had given the order to Berkut to disperse the Maidan; if Yanukovych had not let in "foreign sympathizers"; if Yanukovych had carried out a purge among the security forces in a timely manner; if Putin sent troops in response to Yanukovych's call for help to clean up the riots; if Azarov, by his actions, had not contributed to an increase in social tension (just at that time a decision was made to review and reduce the amount of pensions); if Tabachnik, as Minister of Education, had blocked the popularization of nationalist ideas and restored the rights of Russian-speakers ... - and a lot more “if only”.
  3. Sergey250455
    Sergey250455 7 May 2023 05: 52
    Very interesting. And the very comparison with the past and today. good
    1. Fan-fan
      Fan-fan 7 May 2023 13: 40
      Comparisons are always interesting if they are truthful and objective, and here is a huge article of some sort of mess. Here is an example: "80 years later, when the head of state V.V. Putin received similar information, he believed them, did not wait, and the Special Military Operation began."
      Similar to the 41st year? No. The question is, what information did he receive, where is the aero-space photography of the deployed Ukrainian armies to attack us, where are the defectors who made plans for the ukrov (in 1941 there were many such from the German side). Where is the intelligence data on the concentration of units for the offensive? Where is there any document confirming their imminent attack on us? There is nothing.
      The remaining theses of the article do not even have the desire to challenge.
  4. Bingo
    Bingo 7 May 2023 06: 25
    Patriots need to take care of the family, and not toil with foolishness.

    I vividly recalled a phone call with a friend in December 2013. “Well, how are you?
    1. Bolt cutter
      Bolt cutter 7 May 2023 10: 06
      In Kyiv, they don’t fool around, everyone needs to work.
      I have a cousin Maidanila, and then she demanded that I take her to London laughing .
  5. Lech from Android.
    Lech from Android. 7 May 2023 06: 39
    The main mistake of Putin in 2014 was that he stopped halfway without completing the liberation of Ukraine from Bandera ... for 8 years of Minsk negotiations, the Ukronazis managed to brainwash the youth of the independent and prepare for war with Russia.
    There is nothing worse than unfinished business ... now you have to deal with the Ukronazi infection for a long and painfully painful time.
    1. Boris55
      Boris55 7 May 2023 07: 22
      All power to the Soviets!

      Quote: Lech from Android.
      Putin's main mistake in 2014 was that he stopped halfway

      In 2014, we were not ready for war with the West. The expeditionary forces that our army made up in 2014 do not wage big wars.

      Just as Stalin delayed the war with the united West as best he could, so we needed time to prepare for the war with him. Eight years have not passed for us in vain. We have created new types of weapons, almost completely re-equipped the army with modern weapons, and much more. Not least, in eight years our society has matured for a war with the West.

      Today we are ready to carry out repressions - and they will be. The liberals themselves asked for it and let them not blame us for cruelty. Non-wine ones will also suffer, but as they say: "They cut the forest, the chips fly" ...
      1. Lech from Android.
        Lech from Android. 7 May 2023 07: 40
        Quote: Vladimir80
        moreover, many of them dressed as "patriots"

        Yesterday, Mr. Peskov, a person close to a royal person, kissed the hand of Alla Borisovna Pugacheva so relish ... in the common people Pugachikha ... smile
        . Such times have come ... the circus and nothing more.
        1. Boris55
          Boris55 7 May 2023 07: 46
          All power to the Soviets!

          Quote: Lech from Android.
          Yesterday, Mr. Peskov, a person close to the royal person

          Which, according to Putin, is such nonsense that he does not understand who gave him this?

          When journalists asked Peskov whether the Mausoleum would be closed on May 9, he answered (not verbatim): "We have enough plywood for all your memory."

          "State policy and management in a crowd-" elite "society is an agreement reached on the capabilities of various clan-corporate groupings in using the state structure and system to achieve their narrowly corporate goals."

          The goals are different. Putin has to make Russia great, Peskov has to put it at the feet of the owner.
          1. nickname7
            nickname7 7 May 2023 11: 02
            Putin to make Russia great

            It’s a lie, the task of GDP is to promote the interests of compradors, that is, to organize the sale of resources, stretch more pipes, sell more oil, gold and timber, and withdraw dollars from sales into treasuries.
            1. The comment was deleted.
            2. Boris55
              Boris55 7 May 2023 14: 30
              All power to the Soviets!

              Quote: nickname7
              GDP task is to promote the interests of compradors,

              The first thing Putin did when he came to power was to oust the "seven boyars" from the Kremlin.
              It would be a big folly not to trade what is under our feet and why Americans with axes are chasing around the world.
              For those dollars that the West froze, we printed rubles.

              Read my post above again, what is written in the afterword.
              There is a clan of Putin, conditionally - the security forces who want to revive the power of Russia.
              There is a clan of Medvedev, conditionally - oligarchs, who dreams of putting Russia under the boot of the owner.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. The comment was deleted.
      4. nickname7
        nickname7 7 May 2023 10: 58
        In 2014, we were not ready for war with the West.

        Do not lie, given the 300 yards of arrested reserves, we were not ready at 22 either.
        But on a military issue in 14g, Crimea was taken without a single shot, so you are not ready, just as it was easy to throw off the junta.

        Stalin delayed the war with the united West as much as he could, just as we needed time to prepare for the war with him

        And what about 20 years you have little preparation?

        Eight years have not passed for us in vain. We have created new types of weapons

        Armata and Poseidon helped you in the NWO, why did they surrender Kherson? What kind of super weapon are we creating if T55 is sent to the NWO? No need to tell stupid stories
        It is not a new weapon that needs to be evaluated, but the aspect ratio, in 14 g Ukraine lay on its side, Almaty and Poseidons were not required at all, the aspect ratio was 1:100 in our favor, they had neither layered defense nor a strong army. There is no need to sculpt about new weapons, it’s just that the oligarchy living in the west is more important than the yacht and the estate, therefore, looking at the oligarchs, he also leaked the Russian spring to the GDP.

        They took Crimea, they weren’t ready for you, but for a year and a half they take Bakhmut ready?
        1. Boris55
          Boris55 7 May 2023 14: 49
          All power to the Soviets!

          Quote: nickname7
          in 14g Crimea was taken without a single shot

          Crimeans were ready to defend their freedom. It was they who took to the anti-Maidan in Kyiv. All the rest sat in burrows, incl. and the Donbass... When, after the Maidan, the Binderites finished off the Crimeans returning from Kiev, the Donbass mined coal for the junta, forgetting that the last hut burns first... That is why there was Crimea and there was no Donbass. If not for Girkin, there would be no LDNR ...

          Quote: nickname7
          And what about 20 years you have little preparation?

          Tasks solved by Putin since his arrival:
          - save a crumbling country;
          - to fill the budget with money, there was no money in the treasury;
          - restore, establish new production links - provide people with work;
          - feed people, ensure food security;
          - to revive the army, create the National Guard, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and other structures;
          - about money, read the post below ...

          Only after that was Crimea, Syria and now Novorossiya.

          Quote: nickname7
          in 14 g Ukraine lay on its side,

          You can only be forced into hell. People must come to heaven on their own. They pulled lace panties over their heads and tightened them around their necks... Donbass chose the most difficult path.
      5. Aviator_
        Aviator_ 7 May 2023 20: 48
        In 2014, we were not ready for war with the West. The expeditionary forces that our army made up in 2014 do not wage big wars.
        And it's not just the army. Integration into the West of Russia then was beyond, we did not even have our own payment system within the country - the Mir card appeared later.
    2. Non-fighter
      Non-fighter 7 May 2023 10: 13
      Payment systems are the nerves of the economy. How long will you live if your nervous system fails? The same thing, the count will go on for minutes, and during this time the body will not have time to come up with anything new, death is 100%.
      And now we are comparing 2014 and 2022. We can say that time was wasted, but over these 8 years we have a payment system for both citizens, these are Mir cards, and for the banking sector.
      I remind you: as soon as the SVO began, Visa and Mastercard left us immediately, within months, banks were disconnected from SWIFT. And what? Have survived :)
  6. Xenofont
    Xenofont 7 May 2023 06: 45
    For me, the idea of ​​​​Oprichnina, based on textbooks and Soviet literature, has changed a lot after reading the notes of the mercenary von Stadden, who served in the oprichnina army in Moscow. Having received a tavern from the Sovereign for feeding, the German complains that on his street a peasant keeps the same tavern and draws most of the visitors to him, and the guardsman, with all his authority, cannot do anything and sheds bitter tears. And we imagined the oprichnina as an era of total lawlessness!
    1. DMFalke
      DMFalke 7 May 2023 09: 23
      Mercenary von Stadden

      Find someone to trust. Offended and deprived, von Staddet wrote his notes about Russia already far from its borders in order to entertain the local nobles and get their patronage and money.
      It did not fit in the head of a foreigner, how it was possible to take and take away land from a nobleman.
  7. Vladimir80
    Vladimir80 7 May 2023 06: 49
    In terms of volume, it pulls on a Ph.D. thesis in political science. And in terms of content, it’s more interesting today to draw parallels with the First World War and its results for our country ... Yes, and the parallels with Ivan the Terrible are not suitable, not a single real enemy of the country has been destroyed today - not convicted, moreover, many of them dressed as "patriots "
  8. Fangaro
    Fangaro 7 May 2023 07: 29
    As we know, the highest paid job in the world is the work of traitors to the motherland.

    How do you know? And We - is it to pull readers up with accomplices of betrayal? Do you have a motherland or motherland?
    I always believed that betrayal is either a person’s weakness in the face of threats to him or his loved ones, or the strength of a person’s faith in erroneous ideals. Simplified, or fear of death or faith in the lies of the enemy.
    What is this high paying job...

    To explain the reason for the appearance of the oprichnina, one must remember how the President of Ukraine Yanukovych was overthrown.

    I totally agree with you!
    To understand the reasons for the decline of the Roman Empire, you need to "wait a bit" and analyze the events that took place in the 20th century.
    Maybe you shouldn't jump to conclusions? Let's wait until the end of the 23rd century. And then we will understand everything about the 2-3 centuries of our era?
    I am not a history specialist. I never studied, but I know those who studied.
    Is it different from "I haven't been to Ukraine, but I have acquaintances"?
  9. parusnik
    parusnik 7 May 2023 08: 25
    Yeah, the continuation of that stream of consciousness that began in the History section, about which he wrote that there would be a continuation and received a continuation in the Opinions section. Another portion of "porridge." Where are the parallels between the events in Ukraine and Oprichnina?
  10. Illanatol
    Illanatol 7 May 2023 08: 27
    Quote: Nikolay Malyugin
    The people never determine the leader according to the present times. Ask any Soviet person which leader of the country they liked. And the majority will point to Leonid Brezhnev. And there were jokes about him under him.

    And what? If people tell jokes about the leader, this is not a sign of hostility at all, but a sign of closeness and sympathy. There are even more jokes about Stirlitz and Chapaev, but not because they are not loved by the people.
    And about Kolchak or Wrangel - there are no jokes, which is typical.
    1. Konnick
      Konnick 7 May 2023 08: 33
      There are even more jokes about Stirlitz and Chapaev, but not because they are not loved by the people.
      And about Kolchak or Wrangel - there are no jokes, which is typical

      Jokes appear after films, so jokes about the Chukchi appeared after the Head of Chukotka
    2. Alf
      Alf 7 May 2023 22: 25
      Quote: Illanatol
      If people tell jokes about the leader, this is not a sign of hostility at all, but a sign of closeness and sympathy.

      Especially if we recall the jokes about the beloved Leonid Ilyich, in which the people laughed at his tongue-tied tongue, but not at his politics, and they laughed kindly, with warmth.
      And about Comrade Stalin, in which he is exhibited as a Figure capable of outplaying everyone.
      But Comrade Khrushchev, in jokes, the people rinsed with words that are fundamentally not reproduced in a decent society, and even more so in the presence of women and children.
  11. Illanatol
    Illanatol 7 May 2023 08: 32
    Quote from Fangaro
    As we know, the highest paid job in the world is the work of traitors to the motherland.

    How do you know?

    Certainly the highest paid. Since this payment is not for the benefit to society, but for the harm done to it.
    Who else gets paid a lot for a "product" with a negative cost?

    And traitors often become those who are not able to earn good money by honest work, but they really want to live curly, have a big jar of jam and a box of cookies.

    "And for this, my drunken friend," he said to Epifan,
    there will be whiskey, a house in Chicago, a lot of women and cars ... "

    What are they catching. Well, and compromising evidence, since potential traitors often already have a stigma in the cannon.
  12. Alex 1970
    Alex 1970 7 May 2023 08: 34
    What was it anyway? And who is ready to go to the modern guardsmen? Not a single state became stronger from repression.
    1. parusnik
      parusnik 7 May 2023 09: 01
      It's happened more than once, it's not a surge, it's an element.. laughing
      1. Alex 1970
        Alex 1970 7 May 2023 09: 09
        They gave me a warning just for a hint, but here I don’t even know what to call it, well, it definitely smacks of cannibalism and no one cares.
        1. parusnik
          parusnik 7 May 2023 11: 15
          I was given a warning just for a hint
          Ooooh, that's not enough laughing I immediately slapped 9 laughing In 2021, three are still hanging laughing
          1. Alex 1970
            Alex 1970 7 May 2023 12: 11
            No one thinks that by calling for repression, he himself can fall under their ice rink. Well then, let at least Robespierre be remembered or Yezhov in the end.
            1. parusnik
              parusnik 7 May 2023 13: 20
              No one thinks
              Think it's not trendy right now. smile
    2. ivan2022
      ivan2022 9 May 2023 03: 52
      Quote: Alex 1970
      What was it anyway? And who is ready to go to the modern guardsmen? Not a single state became stronger from repression.

      The word "repression" in Russia is the same as "the work of law enforcement officers" in other countries. Everyone benefits from their police and special services, and supposedly only harm to the Russians.
      The West has always advised us in a friendly way to cancel our own state. To prevent repression.
  13. Taimen
    Taimen 7 May 2023 09: 13
    An article from the series if only, yes, if only. And the only business thing is that the Terrible swindler slammed away, and our Wonderful Sun protects them. In 2014, it is necessary not to save the hat thief, but to save Ukraine from the Nazis. prepare for a protracted conflict. Well, if the people know that the West is our enemy, and you have "dear partners", then everything that went on is a policy of cowardice, huckstering, inability to analyze, from the word at all, which led to the current state of the country and its position in the world.
  14. Maks1995
    Maks1995 7 May 2023 10: 44
    People just have short memories. Several years have passed - write what you want. If it is a little plausible - generally good.

    Not a word that the Maidans were openly organized by the Ukrainian oligarchs, because. Yanukovych simply squeezed their property.
    The media then were full of messages, like the oligarchs this and that ..
    Then they were smeared out of history, their own, the capitalists, how they can be too bad, came up with "European Commissioners".
    But our oligarchs are already driving gas to Europe, the "European Commissioners" have also been covered up, it was ordered to dump them on the State Department. He is far away, and we do not sell gas to him, they have plenty of their own.
    And off we go

    The fact that those nationalists were also fed by our oligarchs, and the national battalions directly support their oligarchs, emerges only occasionally .. not the system in the country ..

    And about Grozny also. I see it here, I don't see it here...

    In general, it’s useful to listen to Klim Zhukov about Grozny and his politics ... and remember that at that time they simply didn’t keep records of commoners killed during wars and purges ... they often only mentioned the murdered nobility ...
  15. Illanatol
    Illanatol 7 May 2023 13: 24
    Quote: Alexey 1970
    What was it anyway? And who is ready to go to the modern guardsmen? Not a single state became stronger from repression.

    Why go there. Modern special services will give odds to the guardsmen.
    Tell it to the Yankees. Maybe the secret prisons of the CIA will shut down and stop using terror against their opponents.
    Or Ukrainians with their SBU. They also do not shun terror, they blow up writers, it seems like they are not quite combatants.
  16. Illanatol
    Illanatol 7 May 2023 13: 27
    Quote: Konnick
    Jokes appear after films, so jokes about the Chukchi appeared after the Head of Chukotka

    Didn't they show Kolchak and Wrangel in films?
    They shot about Kolchak and the series, but as it came, so it went. Nobody cares about the "Admiral".

    And Brezhnev, presumably, we only saw in films?
    And who played this role? laughing
  17. Illanatol
    Illanatol 7 May 2023 13: 36
    Quote: nickname7
    They took Crimea, they weren’t ready for you, but for a year and a half they take Bakhmut ready?

    Crimea was taken because:
    1) The mood in Crimea was somewhat different than in Ukraine as a whole. We can say that the territories of the LPR and DPR in February 2022 were also "taken" without a fight ... our people are there.
    2) In Crimea, they had such a head start as our Black Sea Fleet. Such a sickly grouping of ours on non-our (yet) territory. We did not have such bases in the rest of Ukraine.
    If the SVO had started in 2014, then at first everything would have gone quite easily. But only at first. And then the West would fit in, I do not exclude that NATO troops (from Eastern Europe) would appear very quickly. And the "no-fly zone" would be introduced at the moment. Not for this, the "maidan" of the United States arranged to give such a fat piece without a fight.
    1. Plate
      Plate 7 May 2023 21: 48
      It remains to be seen how the disconnection from SWIFT would have affected us in 2014. It didn't have its own payment system. And there were no servers.
      1. Alf
        Alf 7 May 2023 22: 31
        Quote: Plate
        It didn't have its own payment system. And there were no servers.

        Didn't the authorities have enough mind to create such vital systems earlier?
  18. Illanatol
    Illanatol 7 May 2023 13: 42
    Quote: Max1995
    Not a word that the Maidans were openly organized by the Ukrainian oligarchs, because. Yanukovych simply squeezed their property.
    The media then were full of messages, like the oligarchs this and that ..
    Then they were smeared out of history, their own, the capitalists, how they can be too bad, came up with "European Commissioners".
    But our oligarchs are already driving gas to Europe, the "European Commissioners" have also been covered up, it was ordered to dump them on the State Department. He is far away, and we do not sell gas to him, they have plenty of their own.
    And off we go

    Ukrainian oligarchs were used "in the dark", and when they were no longer needed, they were pushed aside.
    Europeans were also used, and then they were also forced to pay for the use, well, it was still conceived by overseas puppeteers. Several birds with one stone - with one shot.
    Our oligarchs also flew in, some fell under dispossession. As usual... "the Moor did his job..."
    And off we go ... and to whom the main gesheft - only the blind do not see.
  19. Igor Emelyanenko
    Igor Emelyanenko 7 May 2023 14: 27
    As they say in our navy: where you don’t kiss a sailor, everywhere is ... well. Not everyone likes the current government, even a good one. Comparison of different eras is interesting. And here there are more analogies with modern Russia and the XNUMXth century. Probably we also need OPRICHNINA-SMERSH. Communicating with their employees and acquaintances (people who are not poor, with good work and prosperity), there are a lot of people who are dissatisfied with the current government.
  20. Valery_Erickson
    Valery_Erickson 7 May 2023 14: 36
    There has been no revolution in Ukraine since 1917. Ebromaidan is not a revolution
  21. awdrgy
    awdrgy 7 May 2023 16: 44
    Powerful! Previously, there were no such articles. Something is going on..)
    1. Fat
      Fat 7 May 2023 18: 05
      hi Nothing special or out of the ordinary happens.
      Aksana is an incredibly talented, it must be emphasized - a multi-talented person, but the main thing, it seems to me, is where she will find herself and realize her destiny - literary creativity. This unique girl must be supported, her growth should be helped, and then in the near future she will declare herself a personality that will leave a mark on history. In the history of Kabarda, Circassia - definitely.
      (c) RIA "Kabardino-Balkaria"
      Well, it’s true, Aksana Azretalievna became a writer very recently ... Whether she does it well - we'll wait and see. So far, her work has impressed only emotionally. But her "historical and political analytics" does not seem mature request
      1. awdrgy
        awdrgy 8 May 2023 00: 29
        Thank you for explaining, otherwise, with my penchant for conspiracy theories, I already fantasized about knowing something - I couldn’t sleep peacefully, the pineapples didn’t climb and the hazel grouses didn’t chew))
  22. runway-1
    runway-1 7 May 2023 18: 49
    A very long article, in which everything is mixed in such a way that the devil himself will break his leg. A reference to one of the contradictory statements of V. Zhirinovsky, right there V. Yanukovych, I. Grozny, oprichnina, etc. and so on. But not a word about what the highest leader from Russia put pressure on V. Yanukovych for a "truce" with the opposition on Western terms...
  23. ivan2022
    ivan2022 7 May 2023 18: 50
    Where to him. "shoot from Katyushas" June 21, 1941 Stalin did not know. Chief General Staff Zhukov expected an offensive through Ukraine and the Baltic states. For which he received a pendal and flew out of Moscow to create the Reserve Front in July. And it was possible to transport the tank corps only when the Germans were already near Smolensk. .

    The question of who attacked whom in 1941 was so important that it determined Roosevelt's position and the provision of lend-lease assistance.

    Ivan the Terrible created a personal oprichnina guard and created absolute lawlessness. Oprichnina is a terrorist state despotism.
    We will get the same if PMCs are replaced by the Ministry of Defense. Everything goes to that, because otherwise the power of the oligarchy will not be able to resist.
  24. Andrei from Chelyabinsk
    Andrei from Chelyabinsk 7 May 2023 19: 46
    Do you think that if Stalin had been given a second chance, he, knowing what price the Motherland would pay, would have given the order not to wait until 4 am on June 22, but to fire volleys from Katyushas and all artillery at 4 am on June 21 against the enemy hordes, concentrated at the border?
    After 80 years, when the head of state V.V. Putin received similar information, he believed them, did not wait, and the Special Military Operation began.

    After that, in principle, it is already completely uninteresting to read.
  25. dump22
    dump22 7 May 2023 20: 29
    Lots of letters.
    Wild fantasies about the "special division SMERSH of direct presidential subordination."
    And finally, as a result, the dream of introducing an absolute monarchy and a new oprichnina.

    The next stage will probably be whining about the lost serfdom in vain?!
    Is it really true that all the good things in Russia were only in the past, and do many people really dream of canceling progress and quickly returning to the Middle Ages?
    I do not believe in this.
  26. Plate
    Plate 7 May 2023 21: 44
    At the head of the army of Ukraine - V. Zelensky. In different eras, he had predecessors, for example, Stefan Batory, Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler.

    Oh, and you, the author, flattered Zelensky! Yes, he still grows and grows to the scale of Bonaparte and Hitler. Neither Bonaparte nor Hitler ran around other countries, asking for planes, did not decorate state vehicles in smiley faces with folded hands. And Bonaparte also played a progressive role in history with all these civil codes. Yes, and Hitler also brought something good, after all. It was not for nothing that the scientific and technical heritage of the Third Reich of the USSR and the USA was butchered - there was something to be butchered. What about Zelensky? There are no advanced state reforms, advanced technology is not being made under him. Perhaps, on the positive side, he has only the accumulation of practical experience in the mass use of drones in the army. So it's not unique. The same Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh for the first time loudly lit up on this topic. And the technical center of this activity, again, is not in Ukraine.
    I will not compare Zelensky with Stefan Batory, since I know little about the first.
    At all times, the West played the following game with Russia: they begin to mock the Slavs in Europe, who are close to the Russians, knowing that the Russians will stand up for their brothers.

    It turns out that they need to break off the whole game and start standing up only for their interests and their citizens.
    After all, during the illness of the king in 1553, they were ready not only to seize power, but also to remove other powerful clans from the throne, for example, the Shuisky and Belsky, whom the West recognized as princes of the blood long before this event [7].

    This is where I'll get to the bottom of it. Perhaps I am mistaken, because, as I noted above, I cannot boast of excellent historical knowledge, but then, it seems, there was no collective West that even closely resembled the current structure with its clear leader - the United States - did not exist. Even Britain has not stood out yet.
    In modern terms, by this decree, Ivan the Terrible for the first time introduced a state of emergency in some, from his point of view, especially strategically important regions of Russia.

    And in my opinion, it looks different from modern positions. The introduction of a state of emergency is the strengthening of state power, state control. And what was described above in the lines I quoted above does not look like strengthening state control, but the formation of a structure that is generally parallel to the state, which intersects with the original state only on the Tsar itself.
    It is not surprising, therefore, that the common population - townspeople, merchants in large trading cities - “did not express dissatisfaction with such a change.

    And here the gray stormtroopers of the Strugatskys wafted in.
    Periodically reading in the media about the billions of dollars concealed by embezzlers, I understand that the country needs an oprichnina ...

    I will repeat what I have already written more than once. For some reason, everyone who is confident in the need for large-scale purges is also sure that they will definitely not be cleaned.
  27. Illanatol
    Illanatol 11 May 2023 13: 26
    Quote: Andrey from Chelyabinsk
    Perhaps I am mistaken, because, as I noted above, I cannot boast of excellent historical knowledge, but then, it seems, there was no collective West that even closely resembled the current structure with its clear leader - the United States - did not exist.

    Perhaps there was some similarity. The Papal Throne with close bankers-financiers, advanced clans (such as the Medici). A powerful centralized structure with huge financial and military resources, capable of carrying out large-scale actions, such as crusades.
  28. Illanatol
    Illanatol 11 May 2023 13: 31
    Quote: ivan2022
    Ivan the Terrible created a personal oprichnina guard and created absolute lawlessness. Oprichnina is a terrorist state despotism.

    The sovereign could not do lawlessness simply because the highest judicial power belonged to him, he is the last resort. His word is the law. laughing

    And the oprichnina ... you can consider it as a pocket "Golden Horde", you can - as a kind of Western knightly orders, such as the Teutonic Order (which had emergency powers in the conquered lands inhabited by pagans).