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The Chinese plane, as they say - the fifth generation, took off this fall. But the Chinese carefully hide this fact, although there have already been publications in magazines.

Advanced Fighter Concept on the scale of 1: 4 - officially now it is called at the exhibition.


4. The project of the helicopter Avant Couriel

5. In the next 20 years, to meet the growing demand for passenger air travel, airlines in the world will need 31730 new commercial aircraft in the amount of $ 3,9 trillion. Such a forecast was made by the Chinese civilian specialists at the exhibition Airshow China 2012 in Zhuhai aviation corporations (COMAC).

At the same time, the global passenger fleet will double, and by 2031 it will be 37202 aircraft versus 18202 aircraft operated by airlines now.
6. The largest number of new passenger aircraft will be required by China, which is considered to be the country with the second largest economy in the world. So, according to COMAC, in the next 20 years, the demand for new aircraft in China will be 4960 Sun with a total market value of 563 billion dollars.

7. ARJ-21 is the main competitor of Superdest in the Chinese market. But so far unfinished and uncertified.

8. Personally, something reminds me of Tu-334.

9. New Chinese project AC312

The Chinese corporation COMAC has received 50 new orders for the C919 narrow-body aircraft it has been developing.
Regional airlines Hebei Aviation Group and Joyair have ordered 20 aircraft of this type. The American leasing company GECAS has added 10 aircraft to the existing order for 10 machines.

With the new contracts, the official order book for С919 has reached the mark of 380 aircraft, taking into account the options, which is almost in line with the production plan for 400 aircraft. The first flight of the 160-seat C919 is scheduled for 2014, deliveries should begin in 2016.

10. The C919 will compete with the new narrow-body Airbus A320NEO and Boeing 737MAX models, as well as with the future MS-21 Russian aircraft, which are expected to enter the market at about the same time.

The joint venture of Airbus and the Chinese company Hafei Aviation Industry (as part of AVIC) - Harbin Hafei Airbus Composite Manufacturing Center, specializing in the manufacture of parts made of composite materials for Airbus aircraft, intends to increase the number of products. First of all, we are talking about the production of elevators and directions.

11. In addition, in the first quarter of 2013, production of the rudders for Airbus A350 aircraft will begin. The necessary equipment has already been sent to Harbin to equip the production line. In September, 2012 30 plant employees received special relevant training at the Airbus plant in Spain.

The Chinese airline Okay Airways and Xian Aircraft (a division of AVIC) at the Airshow China 2012 air show in Zhuhai signed a contract for the supply of three MA60 passenger turboprop aircraft.

12. In total, AVIC currently has contracts for 199 MA60 airplanes, 16 of which for the updated version, MA600. More than 50 aircraft of this type are currently operating in the world.

13. BeechJet 400A B-3905 Reignwood Asia Aviation

14. Agusta 429 was not exhibited, but sometimes delivered someone

15. The most popular stand in the pavilions was the AW stand. But not because new and promising models of helicopters were exhibited there.

16. Simply, slightly dressed models of girls were exhibited here.

17. How many contracts has this “simulation” brought to Agusta Westland with the Chinese side? story is silent.

18. Let's go back to static. Shenyang J-6 as MIG-19.

19. MiG-15

20. Tu-16

21. AC311

22. Single engine hydroplane HO300



25. Harbin Y-12F (B-1233L)

26. Livery with roses!

27. I don't know anything about this plane. Judging by the "Pinocchio" on the nose, are tests still underway?

28. Cirrus CR20 perfectly lit over the strip


30. The simulator MA-600 for everyone


32. UEC negotiated with AVIC about the possibility of Russian participation in the program for the development and production of the CJ-1000A engine for С919. The Russian side is ready to undertake the development, production and supply of the fan module, the FADEC system and the fuel system for this engine.

33. ACAE announced an open competition for project partners in March 2011 for the first time. The CJ-1000A mockup was shown at an exhibition in Beijing in the fall of 2011. Testing of the gas generator of the new engine should start in 2014, certification and the start of supply of the new engine are planned for 2020. In addition to the CJ-1000A, the X919 aircraft will use LEAP-1C engines from CFM International (a joint venture between American General Electric and French Snecma).

34. UEC also develops the PD-14 engine for the Russian competitor C919 - the MS-21 short-haul aircraft (not him).

35. Changhe Z-8KA tossed skydivers out of themselves (see previous posts)

36. Pakistani JF-17 Fiighter

37. Such are the planes.

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  1. black_eagle
    3 December 2012 10: 58
    It’s all ... Chinese, there’s nothing in this technique, I don’t even understand what request
    1. +2
      3 December 2012 14: 22
      However, as in all Chinese. It all seems and looks pretty and does not inspire thoughts about reliability. Look at our Mi-8 for example, because it immediately shows what has been done in the USSR. And the Americans have a lot of beautiful and reliable equipment. But China yes, it all looks one-time, but wait and see. Although we already see, look in to Venisuela, he is falling there, maybe the operation is wrong, but I can’t believe it ...
    2. in reserve
      3 December 2012 14: 30
      There is no raisin as in the domestic aircraft industry because everything is copied.
  2. keylogger
    3 December 2012 11: 17
    .. well like what, clear as a day:
    something not sp .. burnt at all for a few.
  3. MilaPhone
    3 December 2012 16: 38
    About 5 years ago, all this Chinese action looked very sloppy.
    Now basically ok!
    How will it look in 5 years - the fortuneteller will say. if you go to her. smile
  4. Tjumenec72
    3 December 2012 18: 49
    I wanted to comment on this pepelats

    It’s clear that this is a project (very distant, because you don’t have to sleep ...
    but somehow everything is done "just to bulo" - how to dismount from him? wait until the screws stop? you can't see the ramps from behind ...
    1. MilaPhone
      3 December 2012 20: 14
      It's just that the skill of tyrit among the "celestial" reached such heights that there were "slamzo-hebrides". In this case, a mixture of Eurocopter X3 Hybrid and Sikorsky S-97 Raider.
  5. Octavian avgust
    3 December 2012 21: 14
    Much of the world is copying.
  6. +1
    4 December 2012 19: 25
    Yeah - let's calm ourselves further. Remember how before everyone was dismissive of the Korean auto industry - and now show me a Lada not one of the concepts standing next to it. The Chinas have every chance to follow in their footsteps - for they are learning, not trampling in one place. You guys, of course, excuse me - but personally, my contemplation of all this causes a feeling of anxiety and sadness. Once we could also build such a unit of fenu plans .... China has both the capacity and the money to build it all. So far, there are only questions with technology (well, maybe with quality - although I already take it quite calmly with microelectronics labeled made in china - but it’s not at all done in the Russian Federation or, especially, RB) Oh, and this neighborhood is not happy ... When will we finally wake up again ?! And then there is corruption, there is chaos - in general I try not to watch the news. Well, it’s okay when we find ourselves in a thread and I can look at China calmly (at least I personally really want this).