In the 2013 school year, more than 200 military personnel will be trained in the TSB sniper school

In the 2013 school year, more than 200 military personnel will be trained in the TSB sniper schoolIn the 2013 school year, more than 200 officers and contract soldiers and sergeants will be trained in the sniper school of the Eastern Military District (TSB).

Training will begin on December 6. Candidates are already arriving at the school. After successfully passing the 3-day entrance tests, they will be allowed to study.

During the 3-month training course, school cadets will learn the tactics of a sniper in various combat situations, in any weather, day and night, and acquire skills in conducting reconnaissance and camouflage on the ground. The level of their training will be evaluated according to their ability individually and as part of sniper pairs to act on the battlefield.

In the preparation of snipers used modern teaching methods. For example, as an experiment with cadets, they will conduct classes in the form of a “sniper duel”.

In 2012, sniper school instructors spent three periods of training. District troops have added more than 150 professional snipers, who themselves as instructors train their subordinates in sniper art.
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    1. +9
      30 November 2012 10: 29
      Fear enemies. With every such news, it becomes more and more difficult to impose your "democracy" on us.
      1. +20
        30 November 2012 11: 10
        I apologize for being off topic but friends are what is happening. I open the Internet and that's what I see.
        In the Volgograd region, a competition was announced for the best version of the new brand of Volgograd. The need to abandon the positioning of Volgograd as a formidable symbol of victory over fascism is explained by the task of developing tourism and the unpleasant associations that the theme of military Stalingrad causes among foreign tourists.
        The Committee for Youth Policy and Tourism of the Volgograd Administration, the Department of Foreign, Regional and Foreign Economic Relations of the Volgograd Administration and GKU VO "Tourism Development Agency" announced a competition for the best version of the new Volgograd brand. Both individual authors from among the residents of the region and legal entities are invited to participate in the competition.

        According to the terms of the competition, its participants must develop a symbol that positions Volgograd and the Volgograd region as a single territorial body, which can later be used as symbols of the city and region in order to promote the Volgograd region as a center of tourism, culture, industry, sports, and promote recognition of Volgograd and the region as a whole.

        The Volgograd City Hall explained what the organizers of the contest were not satisfied with the previous symbol of the city, which is the statue of Yevgeny Vuchetich “Motherland is calling!” Refused, citing the fact that the main role in the competition is played by GKU VO “Tourism Development Agency”. In GKU VO "Tourism Development Agency", in turn, announced their intention to "change the" bloody "perspective on peaceful patriotism."

        “Motherland is, after all, a legacy of Soviet times,” the department explained to - Unfortunately, many people associate it with something so difficult, tragic and mournful. Moreover, with foreigners. But we would still like our region to be perceived as a pleasant territory for recreation. Therefore, the new brand, in our opinion, should combine the rich heritage that we received, including in the patriotic direction, and all other resources that we can use to develop other tourism destinations in the region: rich natural resources, rich ethnographic opportunities and etc".

        where are we going brothers?

        sent an appeal to the administration

        "Hello dear city administration
        Hero of Volgograd!
        I read the news today about the "unfavorable
        appearance of the city associated with the Second World War
        war and events taking place in
        The Battle of Stalingrad "is extremely concerned about such
        a turn of affairs, more than one generation brought up on
        examples of heroism of Soviet citizens in
        Battle of Stalingrad, now you offer
        refuse honoring the feat of the soviet
        citizens. Me, this is very surprising and
        Alarming, Motherland from childhood
        I associate with the victory that was given
        oh, how difficult it is for the Soviet Union! I suppose that
        no one has the right to review
        the formed look and history of the city, I
        I think the absolute majority will support me
        sane citizens of Russia. Concerning
        I suggest you reconsider your position pop
        about the outcome of the battle of Stalingrad, and send
        funds for maintenance and restoration
        monuments of the Second World War, to search for and rebury
        fighters of the red army, it’s really honorable and
        blogging business. The veneration of these shrines is
        the debt that we must give back to those who brought
        sacrificing ourselves for our lives.
        Thank you!
        I understand that my letter will not take on you either
        what influence, but I just could not write to you! "

        Waiting for an answer...

        For those who also want to chat with the administration

        1. +3
          30 November 2012 11: 12
          Another effective managers from tourism. Give them free rein, they will gut the city to please western tourists.
          1. +8
            30 November 2012 11: 15

            Let me remind you of the current look of the city ...
            1. 0
              30 November 2012 11: 20
              now Volgograd will have to go through another battle to defend its history.

              Rector of the Brest State University named after A.S. Pushkin Mechislav Chesnovsky admitted that he was very surprised and puzzled by the initiative of “our Russian friends”. He is convinced that the rejection of military topics in the positioning of Volgograd and the Volgograd region will be a big mistake.

              “It is impossible to abandon one’s history and, especially, from some dominant moments in it,” Mr. Chesnovsky believes. “If we forget our past, it will certainly shoot at us in the future.” This is common knowledge. If Volgograd residents or “fathers” of this city wanted to attract more foreign tourists, then, in my opinion, some attractive things can be thought up. But still, the dominant Stalingrad-Volgograd must undoubtedly remain. After all, this is what the whole world knows.

              Let some part of the world's population look at the Battle of Stalingrad not very well, recalling their own history. But this does not quench interest. I am sure that even this part of the foreigners will come to see the black pages of their history. But there are many more people in the world who are loyal to both you, Volgograd residents, and to us, Brest residents. And to refuse this seems to me, at least, unreasonable.

              I can not imagine anything like this in Brest. So that they suddenly say: “Oh, you know, the world and foreign tourists are tired of the Brest Fortress, this topic makes them nervous. Let's replace it with something neutral, floral-carrot. ”“ We are unlikely to find such ultrasonic grinders. Because to abandon historical memory is unreasonable. And that’s the point! ”

              1. +2
                30 November 2012 11: 26
                Yes, I also thought, in GKU VO "Tourism Development Agency" there are only two peasants ... and then in such positions ... (as I read from the link). These ladies also wanted 13-room apartments? Or do they have a sharp fit of liberalism? They are not afraid that for such contests they might be put in jail? For the attempt to change history, for the attempt to abuse historical monuments and for the deliberate provocation of the people?
                1. +1
                  30 November 2012 11: 29
                  Be that as it may, and I admit that this is just a provocation, but the thought itself how could it arise in them, and what should be in my head in order to pull this out onto the Internet?

                  Perhaps we are just being tested for strength. With these links and comments I pursued only one goal, not to let anyone remain indifferent ...
                  1. +2
                    30 November 2012 11: 34
                    Perhaps we are just being tested for strength.

                    Before they are checked ... they’ll break through the head of such a liberal in the gateway ... so that bad thoughts disappear from there.


                    The main symbol of the hero-city of Volgograd was and will remain the monument to the composition on the Mamayev Kurgan "Motherland", no one is going to change the brand of the city, Vladimir Sobakar, acting head of the Volgograd administration, told reporters.
                    1. +6
                      30 November 2012 11: 43
                      In any case, I will follow the development of events ...

                      Now it’s clear that they will disown quickly !!! The Internet has made a lot of noise! And in the morning more 2000 letters were sent to the administration. I am waiting for when they answer me.

                      And the words are what "brand" what the fuck is the brand? Monument a monument in honor of a feat how can a brand be?
                      1. 0
                        30 November 2012 11: 48
                        They will not answer. You should not wait. And yes, the Internet is noisy. As if this did not take to the street .... the agency will carry it to the foundation.
                        1. 0
                          30 November 2012 13: 05
                          If you decide to do something with the statue, I’ll go there myself and grab a gun.
                        2. 0
                          30 November 2012 13: 48
                          Well, there is no talk about the monument, we are talking about the "brand" of the city ...
                      2. +5
                        30 November 2012 12: 11
                        the picture is good for some reason it didn’t show up
                    2. Sergh
                      30 November 2012 12: 03
                      Quote: klimpopov
                      “Motherland is, after all, a legacy of Soviet times

                      Bro, I was in Volgograd only a couple of times in the mid-80s, I definitely went to see this statue (curious in life), so for more than an hour I looked at this huge thing and admired, if it is honest, then, still young, was impressed and dumbfounded by the power. Then at home I collected all that is possible (even then I went to the library) literature about the Second World War and the five-year plan, otherwise I’m still turning over ...
                      Now a lump comes to my throat looking at these provocations! These sons, who call themselves "TurYsty", should be gathered into a handful and brought to Dagestan, Chechnya and at least in our district, that is, the country, to take them through the morgues with displays of excursions on the consequences of those killed after the terrorist attacks, with the smallest details They will grab, prepare each a sack for belching, but do not let it out of the building until the special medical guide finishes the "excursion" !!!
                      I think the arrogance after this "slightly" will subside brands to invent a year and a half, or even at all. These suckers get in the way of fat below the waist, and it got into the head, replacing the brains.
                      To begin with, they show documentary films. I can’t lay it out here, there’s a lot of horror.

                      But in principle, maybe this FISHING ROD has been abandoned from afar and we call it simply "Tourism Development Agency", but everything was thought up cunningly and wisely, guys. Even if it’s not a local spill, this idea, A-A ???
                      1. 0
                        30 November 2012 12: 15
                        Yes, the legs are understandable where they grow from ... But on Yandex, people say two days already hanging, only after the Internet began, official denials appeared.
                      2. +1
                        30 November 2012 12: 16
                        But in principle, maybe this FISHING ROD has been abandoned from afar and we call it simply "Tourism Development Agency", but everything was thought up cunningly and wisely, guys. Even if it’s not a local spill, this idea, A-A ???

                        Yes easily! They have long been looking for vulnerabilities. They try to destabilize regions in any way. And then divide them.
                        1. 0
                          30 November 2012 12: 20
                          it’s necessary to prick these agents on Mom’s sword, as you remember, the coupons were put on the needle, I would be very happy about that ...
                        2. +1
                          30 November 2012 18: 41
                          They found it and hit it a long time ago! My daughter in the 8 class (2010) saw Stalin on May 9 on TV and asked me
                          Is it Stalin or Hitler?
                          I almost fell off the couch! Made her watch several films about the Second World War including "go and see". Now she does not confuse!
                  2. bart74
                    1 December 2012 03: 02
                    The issue of improving the tourist attractiveness of Volgograd is solved very simply and inexpensively (14 rubles per resident of the city) - by renaming it to STALINGRAD. And tourists will stretch and historical justice will be restored. RUSSIAN PEOPLE HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMEMBER THE EXPLOSION OF STALINGRAD. This right was taken away from us, there was a feat, but there was no city that was defended. And it is not the name of Stalin, although this leader deserves respect and memory. And then we are Russian strange people. The Chinese here remember Mao Zedong, and we pour our mud on our history, the memory of our grandfathers, we seek and remember only the bad and judge when we just need to remember.
                    Yeltsin and Gorbachev, during whose reign no one judges for a million a year, does not think. On the contrary, they put monuments.
          2. wax
            30 November 2012 17: 58
            Give them free rein, they will open a brothel there right on the mound.
        2. Samovar
          30 November 2012 11: 28
          Quote: klimpopov
          where are we going brothers?

          Klim, don't worry. No one dares to raise a hand in memory of this, no doubt a great feat. Too many memories of our people are associated with these symbols to be erased just like that. So if the fascist managers there decide to take this, if I may say "initiative," it will blow up the whole country. Historical memory cannot be erased or painted over.
          1. +2
            30 November 2012 11: 42
            Yes, it’s just scary that with such small steps, the mashing of the history begins, and you must react very hard to such attacks! And the Internet is already slowly exploding, it’s interesting that the administration will answer me because they endorsed the incoming. I think under pressure from the public they will forget about their idea, but this is the first call ...

            1. Demon_Ex
              30 November 2012 12: 28
              These freaks rely on some of their own interests. I know two Germans, one was born in the Federal Republic of Germany, and the other in the German Democratic Republic both know about this statue. They know in honor of what and who it was erected. Their opinions practically coincide "If the Russians defended their land at the cost of every drop of the blood of Soviet soldiers, then Russians should be proud of their grandfathers and fathers." As you can see, not only Russians understand the value of this obelisk. But the family has its black sheep. I hope the suckers who started it will break.
        3. 0
          30 November 2012 16: 51
          Quote: klimpopov
          where are we going brothers?

          I understand the West wants to forget. But where do we get such bastards
          1. +1
            30 November 2012 17: 18
            Are Volgograd residents on the site? Please clarify. I did not find a competition on the Volgograd website. The news sounds really blasphemous.
            1. +1
              30 November 2012 17: 35
              According to the director of GKU VO "Tourism Development Agency" Maya Vlasova, the structure she heads is not related to this competition.

              “I consider the initiative of the City Hall to hold such a competition as a stupid undertaking,” Maya Vlasova emphasized. - For me, this is just utter stupidity. Mother Motherland is a symbol that is known and associated with our city throughout the world. As France is associated with the Eiffel Tower, Volgograd is inextricably linked in the minds of people all over the world with their Motherland. To abandon the Motherland is inconceivable, to combine it with the new symbols of the region, which may be played by the Cossacks, Orthodox churches or anything else - is just complete nonsense! ”

              Acting city manager of the city hall Vladimir Sobakar made an emergency statement today, which he tried to reduce the scandal surrounding the contest for the best brand in Volgograd. The interim mayor made it clear that the organizers of the contest were simply misunderstood.

              “The motherland, Mamaev Kurgan, was and will remain the main symbol of the hero city of Volgograd - all that speaks of the greatness of the Stalingrad victory,” the acting mayor of Volgograd said. - This monument is not only evidence of the military glory of Russia, it is a spiritual value, cultural heritage of all mankind. And the Motherland on the Mamaev Kurgan - the main height of Russia - will forever remain the common symbol of the Great Victory, the heroism of the Soviet people, and love for the Motherland.
              it concerns the information about the competition that the media are now commenting on, I must say that the project was organized by the city department of foreign relations, but the goal was not to find a new character and new meaning for the hero city. It is simply impossible to do this: Volgograd has this symbol, and everyone knows about it, because the world knows the legendary name Stalingrad. ”
        4. +1
          30 November 2012 22: 02
          Quote: klimpopov
          The need to abandon the positioning of Volgograd as a formidable symbol of victory over fascism is explained by the task of developing tourism and the unpleasant associations that the theme of military Stalingrad causes among foreign tourists.

          There is still an id in the country that, for the sake of foreign tourists, they are ready to give up their own heroes and their heroic history! Well, what matryoshka, or something, put on the Mamaev Kurgan? Or maybe a gamepad? to attract foreign pederasts.
          It turns out a beautiful brand, sort of with a blue tint ....
        5. Dikremnij
          30 November 2012 22: 24
          So they want to demolish the Motherland Calls statue?
          If yes, then in this case, use a nasty broom to drive this "Tourism Development Agency"
          Anyway, such an issue should be discussed at a referendum, in which residents of the city and the region should take part, and it is a "tourist agency" that will pay for this referendum.
          1. 0
            30 November 2012 23: 10
            No, there is no talk of demolition of the statue (for now), they only talk about the brand of the city. But this is enough.
      2. +2
        30 November 2012 17: 44
        I call it "crap"
      3. YARY
        30 November 2012 23: 30

        Who cares about the new weapon, THIS is for those who are hooked on the "Kalashnikov" - take this tablet and you may feel better
      4. bart74
        1 December 2012 02: 53
        The news is good, but 200 snipers is not enough. In general, little attention is paid to this topic. But the question is complicated. Preparing a combat pair of snipers is probably comparable to training a gunner-tanker, or even more difficult. Three months is not enough for this. Thousands of snipers need to be trained, for all military branches, these skills will always come in handy. And in a protracted positional war all the more.
    2. Demon_Ex
      30 November 2012 10: 29
      200 snipers for the BBO is a drop in the bucket. But it struck a good one. I wonder what their training program is. I hope the equipment and ammunition will be up to standard.
      1. +3
        30 November 2012 10: 31
        Professional snipers will not be released in thousands. The profession is very specific and not everyone can do it.
        1. Demon_Ex
          30 November 2012 11: 01
          1 motorized rifle platoon - 1 sniper, that’s the whole calculation. If you want to make a professional army, you will have to prepare snipers in large quantities.
          1. +3
            30 November 2012 11: 07
            What large quantities? A sniper is not an airborne assault trooper, it is not even a marines. This is a separate unit (or pair), a saboteur, a specialist in eliminating critical enemy units. When were the squads of saboteurs numerous?
            Do not confuse an army sniper and a sniper saboteur. The first is just a well-aimed shooter with SVD, the second is a highly skilled specialist.
            1. Demon_Ex
              30 November 2012 11: 25
              I’m talking about this. Marxman is a Marxman. You can’t prepare a sniper in 3 months. But snipers - saboteurs were not badly trained at the GRU. Do not confuse combined-arms missions with special-purpose missions. Such snipers are trained in only one training. And in the article we talk about army snipers.
      2. +2
        30 November 2012 10: 33
        Here you can see.
      3. +1
        30 November 2012 14: 53
        Quote: Demon_Ex
        200 snipers for the BBO is a drop in the bucket. But it struck a good one. I wonder what their training program is. I hope the equipment and ammunition will be up to standard.

        But after all, from these 200 there will also be sniper instructors, and further along the progression. Great trouble began.
        1. Demon_Ex
          30 November 2012 16: 31
          God bless your words!
    3. Bravo
      30 November 2012 10: 49
      good luck with your preparations!
    4. 0
      30 November 2012 10: 52
      Good luck to the guys. And the main thing is that they would study not on SVD but on Orsises. All the same, I hope for the future of the Orsises.
      1. Demon_Ex
        30 November 2012 11: 27
        And how do you, dear, imagine an orsis on the battlefield? Does the platoon sniper hold?
        1. Sergh
          30 November 2012 12: 38
          Quote: Manager
          that would study not on SVD but on Orsis

          Not guys, you need to learn first, and then learn advanced or new technologies. As in a driving school, they first study a conventional internal combustion engine ... from simple to complex. And you propose to jump over, and if he loses this screw and takes the captured SVD, which will cause problems in his head ... You must learn first, not from the end !!! Believe me, tested on yourself and your friends.
          1. Sergh
            30 November 2012 12: 40
            A vintar is really not bad, I didn’t hold it in my hands!

            1. Demon_Ex
              30 November 2012 16: 37
              Visited "Promtekhnogii", looked what and how, even allowed to kiss. The feelings are ambiguous, until you experience it at the shooting range and you don't understand. I will order.
      2. Supervision
        30 November 2012 21: 11
        what doc you shot from it? If they were shooting, then no such proposals have been received.
        1. Demon_Ex
          1 December 2012 02: 34
          Attach, don't mean shoot. And how do you imagine this in the showroom? A dual sensation, from the trunk of a stainless steel. This is more suitable for sports or hunting weapons, rather than military.
    5. Samovar
      30 November 2012 11: 15
      Well good luck to the guys. We hope that they will apply the knowledge they have acquired mainly in exercises.
    6. IPMEN
      30 November 2012 11: 59
      ..... SVD, Orsises, BCC, Barrets and other rifles ....... What is the difference ????????? ......... Everything in the head of such a specialist ... ..... No matter how you say halvah, it won’t be sweeter in your mouth ...... And you can do things from VCA ..... Believe me .....
      1. Demon_Ex
        30 November 2012 12: 03
        I agree with you. I also want to convey this idea. But still different tasks, different weapons. Itself was convinced repeatedly.
    7. 0
      30 November 2012 12: 40
      And I would even pay for a course, for example, for 4 weeks, even within the partisan
      1. Demon_Ex
        30 November 2012 16: 19
        Go to Finland, there are such courses. 2000 euros, 400 rounds from you and you will learn the basics of sniping. Or the United States, UT Moyok, 10000 bucks and you are an army Marxman.
        1. 0
          30 November 2012 22: 06
          80000 for finns pricing however
          1. Demon_Ex
            1 December 2012 02: 49
            Full board for 21 days, my friend. All inclusive. smile
    8. Roomata
      30 November 2012 13: 28
      klimpopov - rubbish) the features of Hitler’s mother’s face are seen in the outlines of the mother’s motherland for suckers, it will be perceived on a subconscious level that the mother-mother monument projects evil (I ask the moderators to remove the post)
      and about snipers another list of fighters has written their names and who lives where
      1. AK-47
        30 November 2012 13: 47
        Quote: Roomata
        (picture klimpopov - rubbish)

        I agree, this will be the topic.
      2. +1
        30 November 2012 14: 30
        If you see something in the outlines, you can complain to the site’s administration, again, if it affects your feelings and provokes evil on a subconscious level, you can also complain to the site’s administration, they may ultimately remove the author of the post from the site.
        Just do not forget to specify which picture ...
    9. toguns
      30 November 2012 15: 29
      sad 3 months it’s not serious normal snipers have been preparing for years, although the fact that such programs are underway is a very big plus for our MO.
      1. Demon_Ex
        30 November 2012 16: 27
        Yeah, 3 months and then again to the troops on machine-gun cartridges once a month. The troops have not yet completed the work of a sniper pair. In any case, they will not be provided with high-quality ammunition, neither with equipment, nor even with SVD with high-quality barrels. Well, hope dies last. Let's hope.
        1. Supervision
          30 November 2012 21: 17
          there will be snipers, no need to worry :-) both ammunition and ammunition, the main ice has broken :)
    10. +1
      30 November 2012 16: 39
      I read that, in the army of North Korea there is a sniper DIVISION! If you don’t miss, then imagine at what level training can be organized there, and what the soldiers of this division can do on the battlefield if they are distributed wisely into army units! This is the approach to business!
      So the information about 200 snipers was not impressive.
    11. 0
      30 November 2012 18: 50
      A good sniper on the battlefield is worth its weight in gold, and 200 is not enough!
      1. Supervision
        30 November 2012 21: 16
        for the overall picture, such a school is not one, so this figure is boldly growing exponentially. And they’ve been cooking for several years, so don’t worry :-)
        1. Demon_Ex
          1 December 2012 03: 21
          The main training center for snipers is located in Solnechnogorsk and has been trained since 1999. From there, instructors are assigned to brigade training. Again, instructors with minimal experience. But over time, I think it will form. The main thing is to supply the materiel.
    12. +1
      30 November 2012 21: 16
      A good sniper on the battlefield is worth its weight in gold, and 200 is not enough!
      I agree, 200 is not enough to play a significant role in protecting the state. Hence the idea that they are being prepared not for the protection of the people, but for other purposes.
      Well, we need to prepare ourselves to defend Russia. It is difficult of course, but there is no other way out; it is at least silly to hope for the current government.
      1. 0
        1 December 2012 03: 31
        oh guys, preparing FIRST games. There will be more!
        Look with optimism into the future.
    13. 0
      1 December 2012 11: 07
      Quote: Wedmak
      No matter how it goes out onto the street .... the agency will blow it to the foundation

      Namely for this purpose they passed the laws on rallies! Did you think that you were against the "orange" threat or what?
      The news pissed me off, I’ll climb a link to write a letter.
      Klimpopov! Be sure to find out the names of those freaks in whose stupid and corrupt brains such an idea arose !!!

      Already sent my letter:

      The news appeared on the Internet that your administration was going to somehow "change the image and symbols of Stalingrad" in order to create a different image that would supposedly attract foreign tourists. Those. Do you want our people, and indeed the whole world, to forget about the feat of the Soviet Soldier, who stopped the fascists just under the walls of Stalingrad? Are you not afraid to take on such a responsibility? You do not understand that Stalingrad is not your fiefdom. This is a holy symbol for all of us, citizens of our vast Motherland. The same holy symbol of courage and heroism of our fathers, like Kulikovo and Borodinskoe Pole.
      Moreover, do you want to somehow contrast Christian symbols with the image of the Motherland ?! Let it be known to you that this is the same as opposing our people to such heroes as Minin and Pozharsky, Suvorov and Ushakov, Alexander Nevsky and Dmitry Donskoy? Therefore, as Orthodoxy and the Holy Russian Army are indivisible concepts !!!
      From this moment on, we, patriots of the country from all parts of it, will actively inform all honest people of the World about your idea via the Internet. The names and surnames of those "smart guys" who came up with such an idea will also be on display. And not only in "Runet". It's time to get used to being responsible for your words and deeds.
      Without respect.

    "Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

    “Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev Lev; Ponomarev Ilya; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; Mikhail Kasyanov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"