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Commanders will be more involved in the discussion of state defense orders

RIA News. The Defense Ministry intends to delegate a number of functions to the commanders of the types and types of troops, including involving them in the discussion of the state defense order, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Arkady Bakhin told reporters on Thursday.

"The decision has already been made by the defense minister to give the commanders of the types, chiefs of arms of service, commanders of joint commands a number of functions. This applies to some types of support, in particular, wider participation in matters of structuring and seeing elements of the state defense order," said Bakhin.

According to him, a greater participation of commanders in the discussion of issues in the field of military education is also expected.

“The command should remain the same for the time being. Today there should be no drastic changes - it’s early, there’s no point. The joint strategic command has proved its ability to perform combat missions,” concluded Bakhin.

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    NAV-STAR 29 November 2012 17: 36
    True deed, everywhere there must be responsible heads who will be responsible for their decisions. If you fail, retire, read books.
    1. Sergh
      Sergh 29 November 2012 18: 07
      The Ministry of Defense intends to transfer a number of functions to the commanders-in-chief of the combat arms and services, including involving them in the discussion of the state defense order

      M-yes, I think this is what General Shamanov should take advantage of and speed up the admission of both vehicles to the Airborne Forces:

    2. killganoff
      killganoff 29 November 2012 20: 51
      In our case, it’s not up to retirement, but uprooting in Kolyma.
  2. Nick
    Nick 29 November 2012 17: 42
    It was time to do it ...
  3. VadimSt
    VadimSt 29 November 2012 18: 35
    Well, right. Everyone should buy "clothes", with fitting, and not just from the catalog, and even with the choice of "neighbor".
  4. Lissyara
    Lissyara 29 November 2012 21: 35
    Just as if the following did not happen.
    In the 4th year there was such a science as PPR (party psychological work in the troops), although we voiced it differently. "By ... here, by ... here, gone."
    The fact that the word should be given to the Civil Code (and not only to them, but primarily to the head of the arms service of the armed forces and arms) is a correct idea.
    But no matter how we come to the next original, "We thought, and I decided." For under Feldmeble, Shamanov broke his forehead on the topic of deliveries to the BMD-4 Airborne Forces, the oak one listened to him, and after that he imposed wheeled vehicles on him in the Airborne Forces, which, compared to the BMD-4, are like Chapay with a saber against a tank.
  5. crambol
    crambol 29 November 2012 21: 46
    Commanders will be more involved in the discussion of state defense orders

    I agree, provided that the commanders know what the army and navy need.
  6. andrei. 2012
    andrei. 2012 29 November 2012 22: 07
    The new equipment is good. Who will service it? When Serdyukov, repair factories and workshops were destroyed, the repair platoon was dispersed. New technology, it’s 3-4 years old. Now what we should think about first of all, including the commanders-in-chief.
  7. not good
    not good 30 November 2012 00: 31
    Maybe T-95 tankers will sell.