How long will the next war last? ("IRNA", Iran)

How long will the next war last? ("IRNA", Iran)The war that the Zionist regime began with the Gaza Strip did not end as expected by the Israeli leadership. While the Iron Dome air defense system was advertised as a means of disarming Palestinian factions and eliminating the possibility of retaliatory strikes from them, the passage of Hamas and Islamic Jihad missiles exacerbated the position of this regime and confirmed assumptions about the latent power of Palestine.

On the eighth day of the war, the Zionist regime with Palestinian factions led by Hamas proclaimed a truce. He was told by Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohammed Kamel Amr during his joint conference with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. According to him, it was decided to declare a truce with 21 in November with 21: 00 Cairo time.

On November 14, after the killing of Ahmad al-Jafari, commander of Hamas’s military wing, as a result of an Israeli missile attack, a full-scale war broke out between the two sides, which lasted exactly eight days. As a result of this war, 160 Palestinians died.

Under the terms of the truce, Israel and Palestine should not launch missile strikes against each other. An agreement was also reached on opening corridors to the Gaza Strip and facilitating the passage of people and goods through them. It is important to note that this truce was achieved through the mediation of Egypt and personally the president of this country, Mohammed Mursi.

According to many researchers, the attack on the Gaza Strip was one of the major mistakes of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu because, eight days after the outbreak of hostilities, Israel agreed to a truce with Hamas, but failed to achieve significant advantages in its confrontation with Palestinian factions. Moreover, the situation of Israel has deteriorated further.

Despite the fact that during the rocket attacks of the Zionist regime on the Gaza Strip, some of the Palestinian strongholds suffered, Hamas bravely resisted Israel, received help and moral support from various countries in the region, and even managed to penetrate the Iron Dome. In view of this, it can be concluded that it was Hamas that won the last war. The Zionist regime, which deprived the lives of many Palestinians, by contrast, was condemned by the public not only in the Middle East, but also in Western countries.

From a strategic and military point of view, Israel suffered a significant defeat in this war. In eight days of rocket attacks, hundreds of Palestinian rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip with a view to the objects of the occupied territories. Although the Israeli anti-missile defense system eliminated some of these missiles, especially the old ones, a significant part of them went through the Iron Dome and hit the designated targets. For the Zionist regime, which guaranteed the safety of its citizens, hitting Palestinian rockets means a serious defeat.

During the last war, one very important fact draws attention to itself. We are talking about the range of missiles fired from the Palestinian territory. For the first time, Hamasu was able to hit targets far from the border in Tel Aviv and around Jerusalem. Previously, Palestinian groups could attack only objects in the south and west of the occupied lands, while the central territories remained out of reach. However, during the last war, the situation changed in a fundamental way. For the Zionist regime, now devoid of strategic depth, the power of hostile groups in the border areas is a great danger to the very existence of Israel.

The non-use of ground operations by the Zionist tactic forces Hamas and Islamic Jihad to conceal their true potential. This fact does not allow Israeli intelligence to establish the exact number of Palestinian reserves, which makes subsequent wars even more dangerous and difficult.

The Zionist regime agreed to a truce after the explosion in a bus in the Israeli capital killed two people and injured at least ten. The important thing is that for the first time in six years, Palestinian groups have managed to blow up a mine in Tel Aviv. To this should be added the various statements about the inability of Israel to continue the war, so it is quite obvious that the Zionist leaders were forced to go to an armistice.

According to the testimony of BBC correspondent Paul Danahar, at the conference after the announcement of a truce on the expressions of the Prime Minister, Minister of Defense and Foreign Affairs of Israel, no one would have thought that they consider themselves winners.

Many believe that over the past six years, the Zionist regime in its struggle with the Palestinian factions has become weaker every day. If in the 2006 year, he 33 of the day fought with the Lebanese Hezbollah, in two years - 22 of the day with Hamas in the Gaza Strip, but he never managed to destroy it. This time, four years later, the Zionists again started the war with Hamas, but after eight they agreed to an armistice. It is appropriate to ask some questions. Does Israel learn from its mistakes? How many days will the next war go? What will be the result of wars?
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  1. rubikon_n
    29 November 2012 15: 14
    A man who did not understand politics or technology was writing ... The article is purely provocative.
    1. Nose
      29 November 2012 15: 29
      Yes, they’ll break a horse’s foot there, and still you won’t understand anything! .. What an analysis! hi
    2. +7
      29 November 2012 15: 32
      Quote: rubikon_n
      The article is purely provocative.

      Given that Israel is called the Zionist regime, the head of Hamas wrote the article. laughing Mashal
    3. YARY
      29 November 2012 15: 46
      Uv Peter There are not many assumptions in the article. But the main thing for us is that Israel’s air defense has given a considerable gap to the shelling of its territory with technically weak semi-artisanal production missiles.
      The fact is both entertaining and momentous.
    4. 1st_user
      29 November 2012 17: 40
      And the first commentary on the article was written by a person who does not know the Russian language. Two grammatical errors.
      1. rubikon_n
        29 November 2012 23: 20
        I do not think that knowledge of the Russian language at 5 + is an absolute criterion for admissibility for comments on this resource)))))))
  2. +4
    29 November 2012 15: 17
    the amount spent on the maintenance of the "Iron Dome" is rarely advertised, the purpose of which is to protect Israeli territory from "penny" shells from Hamas
    1. +1
      29 November 2012 15: 30
      But this dome still misses these penny flying blanks. And, if there is a winged maneuvering contraption, then this dome turns into an inverted basin.
      1. Kaa
        29 November 2012 17: 05
        Quote: alexneg
        But this dome still misses these penny flying blanks

        Let's look at the official Israeli data "According to the military, since the start of Operation Cloud Pillar, from November 14 to November 21, 1.506 have been fired from Gaza through Israeli territory. Of these, 875 fell in open areas, 58 in built-up areas, 421 was hit by the Iron Dome missile defense system.http: //
        Total: 1506 -875 (allegedly identified as "not posing a threat") = 631. Of the 631 missiles, 421 were shot down. Efficiency - 66%. Initially, it was said about 90% efficiency, then -82%, in real life - allegedly 66%.
        At the same time, the newspaper "Haaretz", referring to the words of the head of the company Rafael Yossi Drucker, wrote that the cost of one anti-missile for the system is one hundred thousand dollars.http: // / israeldefence /
        This is not just an "inverted basin", it is a "golden strainer" slammed by Ostap Bender from Madame Gritsatsuyeva. Apparently, the kickbacks from the Israeli military when purchasing the "latest" equipment is no worse than from the Russian ...
        1. mogus
          29 November 2012 17: 45
          they didn’t seem to shoot down missiles that did not pose a threat (but how can they be believed?) wassat
          1. Mikula
            30 November 2012 08: 45
            mogus- (but how do you believe them?)

            And you do not believe. For example, for me, as a resident of Tel Aviv, the main thing is that not a single rocket (and these were kasamas from water pipes, and quite modern fajars were six meters long) did not break into the city. And whose disbelief and counting other people's money does not reflect on the quality of the work of the dome.
  3. Brother Sarych
    29 November 2012 15: 23
    I would not seriously relate to this article - you won’t check the original, and there is no trust gramme for InOSMI ...
  4. 1st_user
    29 November 2012 15: 24
    The article is very positive and pleases the eye and heart. However, shortly before this, articles appeared with directly opposite information, i.e. there is a place to be a classic information war. But some facts make us wonder: the abolition of the ground operation in Gaza, the statements of the Israeli Minister of Defense that he voluntarily leaves his post - all this suggests that this article is still more or less true.
  5. 0
    29 November 2012 15: 27
    Violence by violence cannot be defeated. Wisdom is not enough for the leadership of Israel and Hamas. And which of them is right no one will understand.
  6. georg737577
    29 November 2012 15: 28
    For rent, the author gives out the wishful thinking ... A pity ..
  7. WW3
    29 November 2012 15: 33
    For the first time during a missile strike, Hamasu was able to hit targets located far from the border - in Tel Aviv and the outskirts of Jerusalem. Previously, Palestinian groups could only attack targets in the south and west of the occupied lands, while the central territories remained out of reach.

    A fresh batch of fajar rockets (up to 75 km range) just arrived in the Gaza Strip or something like that through underground tunnels from Egypt ...
  8. Limonad
    29 November 2012 15: 45
    this war lasts 1000 years and never ends ....
    1. 0
      29 November 2012 15: 53
      Quote: Limonad

      this war lasts 1000 years and never ends.

      it will end when everyone dies and not earlier.
  9. survivor
    29 November 2012 15: 56
    Well, with a thousand years you got excited. Israel, as a state, emerged in the 20th century. it was then that the first skirmishes began. at the same time, each of the parties brings a bunch of arguments for and against. Palestinians say that their territories have been infringed, while the Israelis have simply returned theirs. most regrettable, both are right and wrong. Bo both peoples belong to the same group. here all sorts of "friends" made an effort. England, for example, yes, and the USSR excelled. actually thanks to him, Israel became a state.
    ........ "Nachum Goldman, whom we have already quoted, recalls:

    Without the Soviet Union, the state of Israel would not exist at all. And not so much because the Russians voted for its creation, but due to the fact that during the Arab invasion in 1948 - 1949, Israel received all weapons from the communist countries.

    Ben Gurion with his everlasting courage reminded him of this:

    “If now I accept you in the Jewish state,” he told Israeli television reporters, “we owe this much more to the Soviet Union than to the United States, for during our war of independence, when we were surrounded by Arab armies, we did not receive USA not a single gun. "
  10. 0
    29 November 2012 16: 06
    If Israel weakens, it will have to weaken its atomic bombs of its neighbors, well, by the way ...
  11. +3
    29 November 2012 17: 13
    The conclusions of the author of the article, who wished to remain unknown, are drawn, to put it mildly, by the ears.
    Israel was forced to make a ceasefire thanks to Jesuit policies and pressure from the European Union and the United States, which pursued their own goals that had nothing to do with the good of the Palestinian people. They needed to preserve the alliance of the Arabs against Syria, their main goal at the moment, to prevent the inevitable , in the event of the invasion of Israel, the unification of the Arabs against the United States and the European Union., and Egypt is nothing more than an intermediary, a telephone, so to speak.
    1. +1
      29 November 2012 18: 38
      I will support you in your logic, but then it’s interesting, didn’t the Jews begin to merge ???
  12. +1
    29 November 2012 20: 48
    I believe that this is not the end, and in October there was no beginning, but only an aggravation of the conflict. Sincerely.
  13. +2
    29 November 2012 22: 10
    The article is a complete minus!
    It seems that the article was rolled out of the newspapers of the Brezhnev era with the adjustment for our time. Well, if the author is trying to write something, even if he reads the textbook on the NVP (initial military training, year 1983).
    To the younger generation, who was born in the 90s - your book was a "castrated" CWP textbook, and it was called OBZH. wassat
    "From a strategic and military point of view, Israel suffered a significant defeat in this war." Yes, you understand, the author, there is a professional army in Israel, if they wanted, for their penny of land, they would raze the Gaza Strip to the ground.
    Or are there few examples of how their Mossad works? They don't seem to stand on ceremony either.
    More examples to cite how the Israelis are fighting?
    1. rubikon_n
      29 November 2012 23: 17
      Totally agree!
  14. -1
    30 November 2012 15: 03
    Yasen Ping
    ,,,,,, not really the Jews began to merge ???

    Unfortunately this is the case. and it threatens stability in the Middle East, the fall of Damascus and Iran