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Islamabad, following Delhi, updated its nuclear missile arsenal

The Pakistan Ministry of Defense reported today that a test of a new medium-range ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead took place the day before.

The military department explained that the Hatf-V Ghauri missile, whose range is 1300 kilometers, is capable of carrying both nuclear and non-nuclear warheads, Interfax reports.

This year Pakistan has already conducted eight tests of ballistic missiles. The latter took place in early autumn, when the Hatf-V II rocket was tested, the range of which is 700 kilometers.

Recall that neighboring India this summer tested a new intercontinental rocket Agni-5. The flight range of the new ICBM is five thousand kilometers, it can carry a nuclear warhead and “shoot out” to targets in China or Europe. Indian rocket engineers also tested the Prithvi II medium surface-to-surface cruise missile with a liquid-fueled engine that can deliver a charge of 500 kilograms to a distance of 350 kilometers.
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  1. urzul
    urzul 29 November 2012 11: 05
    Islamabad follows Delhi updated its nuclear missile arsenal

    what happened on the eve test new ballistic missile

    Hurried with the title
    1. aktanir
      aktanir 29 November 2012 13: 48
      What the hell are India missiles of such range ??? All of her potential enemies are in close proximity to her, that is, they are neighbors. Pakistan, China ... I understand the need for Russia to have an ICBM with a range of 10 thousand km. Because the main probable enemy is quite far away. And the rest of this waste of huge public funds for what? Or in the future they plan to take revenge on their former overseers from Misty Albion?)))
      1. bart74
        bart74 29 November 2012 17: 16
        There is no limit to perfection! How do we know whom the Indians consider enemies? China and Pakistan are still not small. More than. Yes, and Americans with arrogant Saxons Indians sure too spoil the blood. And the story of their relationship is rich.
  2. alexng
    alexng 29 November 2012 11: 15
    For this reason, the West does not spread rot in these countries. Still, nuclear weapons are a guarantee of their independence, while there is a den of evil called the United States.
    1. tronin.maxim
      tronin.maxim 29 November 2012 11: 21
      Having nuclear blocks is one thing, and the other is having carriers that can overcome the missile defense system! So even if you have a nuclear bomb, it’s not a fact that you are safe!
      1. djon3volta
        djon3volta 29 November 2012 11: 30
        A nuclear charge can be delivered to its destination in other ways .. I recommend watching a good example, a film Price fear
        the film is about that, like Yeltsin died, and then came the then unknown Putin.
      2. patsantre
        patsantre 29 November 2012 13: 28
        Yes, it’s not that it is possible to overcome missile defense (sobsna missile defense is not a cake yet), at least a missile would fly to the United States. As far as I know, an ICBM with a range of 5000 km will be small. That is. The nuclear weapons of India do not even threaten the United States. Another thing is that the United States and India have nothing to fight, and India has a large and well-equipped army.
    FREGATENKAPITAN 29 November 2012 11: 42
    As long as Pakistan exists .... Indians will buy our weapons ..... and buy a lot
    1. bart74
      bart74 29 November 2012 17: 21
      I agree. Yes, historically, Pakistan and India were one empire. Hindustan. Arrogant Saxons leaving really lit them. And they seem to have no ways to integrate. Yes, I believe the Indians are our strategic allies in Southeast Asia. Somehow they do not cause negativity, in contrast to China. May they support our military-industrial complex with their Indian ru pii blem!
    2. Lissyara
      Lissyara 29 November 2012 22: 14
      Suppose that no one sells vigorous weapons to anyone, and it is about him.
  4. Su24
    Su24 29 November 2012 11: 53
    The rhetorical question: why can Pakistan have nuclear weapons and missiles, but not Iran?
    1. djon3volta
      djon3volta 29 November 2012 11: 59
      I wonder when nuclear weapons were only in the United States and the Soviet Union, then it multiplied in all sorts of France, Britain, India, China, Pakistan and Israel. Who passed it on to?
      1. patsantre
        patsantre 29 November 2012 13: 29
        And why do you think that besides our and American scientists no one else can reproduce such a weapon?
      2. bart74
        bart74 29 November 2012 17: 28
        Everything went from the Germans. Well, then as best he could, with the help of intelligence, bribery, etc., Including due to the potential in the physical and scientific field. The Chinese and the Koreans definitely communicated with ours. Britons with Gauls - after all, the "winners" of the Germans. Hebrews they are with the world on a string. India with Pakistan? Well, here read the USSR-USA, as parity, old technologies. There was also South Africa. And now there is a whole queue. Germany, Brazil and hedgehog with them. I am silent about Iran.
    2. Thunderbolt
      Thunderbolt 29 November 2012 13: 13
      uncle sam vs
    3. Executer
      Executer 29 November 2012 13: 41
      It is necessary to read the UN document "On nonproliferation ...".
  5. mar.tira
    mar.tira 29 November 2012 12: 03
    That's because of the confrontation between us and the Americans in the redivision of the world. and nuclear weapons crawled out all over the world. To some we helped against AI, to some Americans spite and against us. And now you can’t stop, more and more they want to possess it!
  6. Robin_3ON
    Robin_3ON 29 November 2012 12: 45
    the whole world is arming
  7. sapulid
    sapulid 29 November 2012 12: 45
    The news is alarming amid instability of power in Pakistan. Extremists will come to power, all countries will become participants in the nuclear conflict.
  8. 50508.8
    50508.8 29 November 2012 12: 56
    New Mohenjo-Daro can be arranged, because of the great "love" for each other, they will become.
    1. Su24
      Su24 29 November 2012 13: 35
      And here is Mohenjo-Daro?
  9. dimon-media
    dimon-media 29 November 2012 13: 19
    The more countries that have nuclear weapons and modern missile launchers (capable of circumventing missile defense), there will be fewer wars. Far less. Military conflicts will not make sense and encroach on sovereignty and nat. nobody will risk the security of these countries. Nuclear weapons are the most reliable deterrent and guarantee of the security of any state. It is a pity for the countries of the Middle East, such as Syria, which do not have not only nuclear weapons but also powerful, numerous conventional weapons. Frightened by their creep of NATO countries and all hegemony. Throw them nuclear and rocket technology.
    1. patsantre
      patsantre 29 November 2012 13: 35
      Then the United States will definitely throw all the money into creating a missile defense system, and it will start playing star wars in a serious way, and it will create satellites with missiles for delivering strikes. IMHO, they would be able to ensure that most countries with nuclear weapons do not threaten them, but to depreciate our nuclear weapons (especially since our scientists are not standing still) is not a fact ...
      And yes, if you spread nuclear weapons around the world, ordinary conflicts between countries may have gone down in history, but terrorism ... the same rebels in Syria would have grabbed a nuclear charge (not all countries can reliably protect nuclear weapons from internal encroachments) and started would have a fun life for some.
      1. dimon-media
        dimon-media 29 November 2012 13: 42
        Who knows, who knows ... it’s just that the rumor is already cutting with news on media about conflicts in the Middle East. Ches word, - tired. Something needs to be done with this and so should be given to someone in the dish so that the grandmother whispers and pokes her nose wherever she goes. Let them solve their internal problems at home across the ocean. Which they have plenty in economic terms. Sami barely afloat .. Well, what to meddle in the Old World ??? Brawl breaking into someone else's house .. As they say with their charter, they don’t go to the monastery. Without them, people will figure it out.
      FREGATENKAPITAN 29 November 2012 19: 49
      Seriously? During the Cold War, nuclear weapons were a deterrent ....... and now imagine, for example, in Pakistan, the coming to power (or coup) of extreme Islamists who would die for happiness from a nuclear retaliation with the words Allah Akbar and dreams about heavenly virgins
  10. boris.radevitch
    boris.radevitch 29 November 2012 14: 42
    Islamabad to our missiles both from Moscow to China on foot and barefoot
    so in 25 years to learn how to do how we and then nyryatly! good
    1. Lissyara
      Lissyara 29 November 2012 22: 27
      And here I would have no illusions.
      Let us remember what way the USSR went (with its industry and scientific potential), and for how long did “packs in keffiys” and their neighbors in mundu and turbans “rode” over it?
      So the extra Tololechki with Yars on our Plyushchikhs will not hurt us! And Boreev from five to ten.
  11. gregor6549
    gregor6549 29 November 2012 16: 01
    Of course, having nuclear weapons as a means of restraining the appetite of a potential adversary sometimes does not interfere, but in the case of Pakistan, there is a high probability that this nuclear weapons will fall into very good shape. the skillful hands of Islamist radicals and the realization of this does not add confidence in the future. For where is it, this is nuclear weapons, will come up tomorrow and one can only guess on whose head it falls. It may well be that ours.
  12. bart74
    bart74 29 November 2012 17: 42
    The dirty bomb is more afraid. This is a real argument for terrorists.
  13. suharev-52
    suharev-52 29 November 2012 19: 21
    I don’t understand how you can update the arsenal by doing one test Who will explain? Sincerely.