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Chosin. To icy hell and back

Argued that Americans do not know how to fight in difficult conditions. Say, yes, the army of the staff members is not bad, but it fights only if there are fridges with cold cola, a Michelin restaurant and a five-star hotel instead of barracks. This is not true. The most glorious battle of the US Marine Corps is the battle of the Chosin reservoir, the Korean War. The most insane battle for the whole history US forces, held at a temperature of - 40 degrees with many times superior enemy forces. I know about the developed anti-American sentiment among Russians. But I also know that real men can appreciate a worthy opponent. Therefore, I will tell you about Chosin.

But first, a little background. The Korean War in June 1950 began with the fact that the DPRK troops suddenly attacked South Korea, immediately destroying the South Korean units. The American occupation contingent, remaining after the war with Japan, took the brunt of it and, despite the constant attacks of the North Koreans, was able to hold a protective perimeter around the most important port - Busan, where reinforcements immediately began to be transferred. Having built up a military group in the Pusan ​​perimeter, in September 1950, the Americans broke through the front line, turning the North Koreans into an indiscriminate flight.

At the same time, a brilliant landing at Incheon was carried out 160 kilometers to the north - the Americans managed to land 40 000 people in the deep rear of the Communists, turning those into indiscriminate flight. Sandwiched between Incheon's hammer and Pusan's anvil, the Reds ran in such a way that only the heels sparkled, the front of the communists collapsed in just a day, the North Korean army ceased to exist. From the 200 000 red invaders that crossed the 38 parallel, only 25 000 returned. Without weapons. Without technology. Without hope.

But hope came from the Americans. By the end of October, 1950, most of the territory of the DPRK was occupied, only the northern mountains remained under the control of the Communists. General MacArthur announced the final offensive before the line of the Yalu River, promising the troops that they would return home for Christmas. In the end, what can the pathetic remnants of the squads of narrow-eyed commies do? Nothing. But besides the North Koreans, another force entered the game. China. The Americans ignored the warnings of the Chinese to leave the life of the DPRK and continued to advance north, believing that China would send a couple of poorly trained divisions, purely for demonstration.

The Americans were wrong. As they advanced to Yalu Jiang, the flat terrain changed first to the hills, then to the mountains, and then to the monstrous mountain ranges. If a modern Russian got there, he would have noticed that the north of Korea terribly reminds him of Chechnya. Narrow mountain roads. Endless ridges, from which everything at the bottom is shot at a glance. Steep cliffs. Rocks. Collapses. Landslides. The slowly moving troops of the X Corps, the one that had so brilliantly landed earlier at Incheon, began to descend the anticyclone that had come from Siberia, the coldest winter in the last 100 years began in Korea. Because of the impassable East-Korean mountains, the shock group was forced to separate, the X Corps, left without communication with the rest of the troops, continued to move forward to the Chosin reservoir. The temperature dropped. Trucks broke off the cliffs. More and more often, there were reports of the Chinese detachments noticed - but the command believed that their maximum was 30 000. In fact, General Peng Dehuai secretly threw 200 000 across the border against the doomed 8 army, another 150 000 was moving towards Chocin, our X corps, which had a base in the form of an 30 division of the US Marine Corps.

Theoretically, the X corps consisted of 103 000 people, but they were stretched along a huge 640 kilometer front, so 30 000 took part in the battle of Cosin.

It is worth saying more about the balance of power. The Americans had a lot of heavy equipment and excellent air support, but in the mountains (Chechnya), armored vehicles often became a burden to help, which should be protected and protected from sudden attacks from the surrounding mountains. The Chinese had only light small arms, a minimum of ammunition and uniforms, and donkeys as the main vehicle. The Chinese lacked everything, including food - but paradoxically in the conditions of Korean Chechnya this was not a disadvantage, but an advantage. Relieved of the need to drag mountains of iron, the Chinese easily threw their units over considerable distances, constantly setting up ambushes and surprise attacks, with a crown number - an attack in the middle of the night. When a huge horde runs out of the frozen darkness, no matter how much you have tanks or what kind of weapon you have, it is important whether you can beat them all in hand-to-hand combat. Unlike the Chechens, who attacked from afar and fled, the Chinese preferred to cover enemy positions with human waves, literally overwhelming the fortifications of the Americans. And those who crossed the border of 350 were just the beginning - by the end of the war, there were 000 Chinese troops in Korea (another 1, including the wounded, were mowed by the Americans). Maintaining strict discipline, stealthily moving at night, using all the features of the mountainous terrain, the Chinese did not allow the Americans to realize their advantage in firepower. Chinese circulars were expressly forbidden to engage in battle in an open area (open within a minute), only in the mountains, only unexpectedly, only close to the enemy’s order.

On November 27, units of the 42 of the Chinese army attacked the X Corps, which stretched a thin line around the Chossin reservoir, quickly and effectively isolating groups of American troops from each other. To the left of the reservoir in Yudam-ni, parts of the 1 division of the marine corps were located, easily repelled the many fierce storming of the Chinese, inflicting scary losses on the human mass, shouting and strumming (the Chinese used communication in gong) for the human mass. Realizing that the main forces of the enemy are located here, the Chinese moved the blow a little lower to the critical Toktong pass, where the 2 th company of the 7 th Marines regiment was heroically defending. If the Chinese attack succeeded, Yudam’s forces would be completely cut off from the outside world - and therefore a company of 220 people stood to death for 5 days and nights, reflecting uninterrupted attacks over 2 000 of the Chinese at a temperature of minus 40 degrees. Howling wind. Pitch darkness. Mountain pass. Morphine capsules, which doctors hold in the mouth to defrost and inject the wounded, and wave after wave, wave after wave of fearless, merciless, insensible Chinese, falling like living people, but robots.

By the sixth night, the remaining parts of the division broke through the blizzard and hordes of Chinese to the pass - by that time only 220 could stand on their own from 82, and everything around was littered with mountains of corpses, the second company interrupted over 1000 cursed narrow-eyed communists. It was during the breakthrough from Yudam-ni to Tokthong, Major General Oliver Smith said his famous: "Retreat? The hell with two, we are simply advancing in another direction!". Because of the blockages and snow, the convoy moved so slowly that the Chinese rolling down from above clung to the American trucks, climbed up and entered into melee fights with the soldiers sitting in the truck, periodically delighting them with grenades. Jump down, slaughter a Chinese who is trying to break the driver’s door with a glass butt, dodge another Chinese, shoot the third, finally kick the fourth and jump back into the body before the convoy moves on - and all this at minus 40 degrees, under wild howling of the wind, high in the mountains. Yes, in Choshin they knew how to have fun!

Having broken through to the Toktong pass and combined with the heroic remnants of the 2nd company, the marines continued their movement south, hoping to make their way to the main base in Hagaryuri. To the west of Chosin, the fate of the special group Faith, which was suddenly attacked by several divisions, was not so successful - it was completely cleaned out. Of the 3000 “believers,” 600 were from KATUSA, ancillary Korean units. It was against them that the Chinese hit, knowing that this was the weakest element of defense. The Koreans ran, crowds of Chinese zerg poured through the gaps that formed, the Americans held steady, but there was no place for faith, hope or love in Chosin. Only for the merciless slaughter in ice and fire. At first, a few dozen Americans simply froze in the trenches, then the commander Macklin was wounded and captured by the Chinese, whom he mistook for the long-awaited reinforcements, and to top it all off, with the very last, desperate attempt to break through to his own, before that, the navy worked perfectly aviation mistakenly threw napalm onto the remains of Vera. The head of the column burned to the ground, night fell, the aircraft driving away the zerg went to the base, and the Chinese surrounded the little remaining from the column, like hungry ants surrounding a fresh corpse of an animal. By dawn, only a few hundred believers, moving erratically, were able to get to Hagaryuri. The special Vera group became the largest American unit destroyed during the Korean War, destroyed as a result of a series of tragic accidents - it seems that someone up there really doesn’t like to be relied on so openly. God betrayed, the Chinese ate.

But there were also lucky coincidences - the 58 Chinese division, which should attack the base in Hagar-ri (at the top of the reservoir, on the left, on top of Yudamni, on the right, on top of "Vera", at the bottom - Hagar-ri, where the roads connect), used old Japanese maps and naturally lost in the mountains. When the Chinese finally approached Hagar-ri, their movements were spotted, and the small garrison of the base was brought to full readiness — even chefs were put into the trenches. In the case of the capture of Hagar-ri, all American forces would have been cut off higher, therefore both the Chinese and the garrison fought like beasts. Commander Smith even called from the Koto-ri stronghold (even lower down the road) all the forces there, including a unit of British commandos. Halfway to Hagar-ri, the Chinese attacked a convoy from Koto-ri and broke it into two parts - in the end, only half of the reinforcements reached the base, 300 people. Nevertheless, together with the cooks, they were enough to hold out until the arrival of the main forces from Yudam-ni. We must pay tribute to the Chinese - having suffered terrible losses, they nevertheless threw in the last attack of 1500 the soldiers who remained from the 58-division, who were almost completely killed. The whole Chinese division died trying to take over a small base with a tiny garrison.

The arrival of the remnants of “Faith” that had broken through from Yudam-ni made a rather demoralizing impression on the garrison - instead of the main forces, the heroes of Hagaru-ri saw deadly tired, wounded, frostbite, half-dead people. And the same night, 76 and 77 attacked Chinese divisions at the base, attacking from all sides at once, literally trying to flood half-dead Americans with human waves, which had been fighting for a week in the ice-cold winter of the century. The marines repelled all attacks, and the next morning they began a breakthrough, first to Koto-ri, and then to Hynnam, the coveted port of evacuation. The Chinese had only miserable remnants of their countless hordes by that time, and the Chinese did the smart thing - having overtaken X Corps, they occupied the strategically important Funchilin Pass, blowing up the only bridge. The Americans that reached him were forced to request sections of the bridge, which they dropped by parachute, and then build a bridge anew under continuous fire. By December 9, the bridge was restored, the troops moved forward and the Chinese, realizing that they had lost, threw in an attack of the few survivors of the 60 and 58 divisions. By that time, from two 9 units to 500 soldiers each remained less than 200 people. But the Chinese commissioners worked as well as the Soviet during World War II - and these 200 people rushed forward without question.

It goes without saying that they were quickly and cruelly killed - the marines already felt the fresh taste of the salty sea wind, the wind of salvation, the wind of life, and they were uncontrollably pulled into the light, into life, away from the icy hell with endless hordes of Chinese under each rock. When the X corps finally came to Hynnam, men with faces blackened by burning and frost began to sob. Off the coast stood an armada in 193 of the ship, endless, radiant, ready to bring down fire and metal on any enemy movement. The Chinese did not even try to approach the coast, allowing the Americans to evacuate slowly and with dignity, destroying everything in Hynnam that could be even the smallest value for the enemy, and also take on Korean refugees over 100 000.

The X building should not have come out of осosin, the X building should have stayed in осosín forever, among the snow, among the ice, among the frozen rocks. However, the Americans came out, having lost only 10 000 people, breaking through the waves of flesh, not feeling pain, but only attacking, attacking and attacking time after time. In the fierce cold. In the harsh terrain. In fierce nights. Two Chinese divisions, fighting mostly only with parts of the 1 division of the US Marine Corps, were completely destroyed, another six divisions suffered losses that made them useless. Chairman Mao officially expressed his deepest condolences and stated that over 40 000 Chinese civil war veterans (which ended only in 1949 in China, a year before the Korean) found their death in the Hoshina Mountains. The whole Chinese army was destroyed as a combat unit by a single division of marines, marching and advancing, no matter what. The heroic breakthrough from Chosin paralyzed the Chinese horde, which, after a quick victory, was supposed to move on - and instead found that in some companies there was not a single person left.

Two weeks of continuous march and continuous fighting. Forty degrees below zero. An endless horde attacking from all sides. Hand-to-hand fights. Assault on the mountain, a desperate battle at the top, march to the next mountain. Night ambush. Daytime ambush. The crash of gongs. Wounded, hundreds freezing to death. Healthy, sent to patrol and freezing to death. Soup in small portions, in polnichki - because until you finish eating a large portion, it turns into literal ice. Capsules with morphine in the mouth. Multiple frostbite and amputations right on the road, under bullets from the Chinese. Mountains of corpses - and living, dragging corpses on themselves, "Because we are marines, we always bury our dead with honors!". Mountain dear, covered with a thick crust of frozen blood. Mountain roads covered with a thick crust of frozen glory.

Perhaps the Americans still know how to fight.
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  1. muzhik
    muzhik 29 November 2012 15: 59
    America-Enemy. I don’t think it is weak and I’m not trying to pour mud, the enemy should be in order to maintain tone. Well, if the time comes, then we’ll see who’s who .....
    1. YARY
      YARY 29 November 2012 16: 04
      The author is cunning. Article for the ignorant.
      Firstly, the equipment at A-v was healthy! Koreans were half as packed as they were!
      Well, and secondly, the outcome was decided by the threat of nuclear bombardment!
      So the author tricked the little one.

      And yet, it was the army of "those" SyShyA who fought in the forties! And not the current half-body.
      1. Kaa
        Kaa 29 November 2012 16: 25
        Quote: Ardent
        Firstly, the equipment at A-v was healthy

        He wrote himself, no one for him language did not pull a hand:
        "The Americans had lots of heavy equipment and excellent air support.
        The Chinese had only small arms, a minimum of ammunition and uniforms, and donkeys as the main vehicle. The Chinese have experienced lack of everythingup to the meal.
        Americans were forced request sections of the bridge that they parachuted.
        before perfectly working naval aviation by mistake dropped napalm on the remains of Vera.
        Off the coast there was an armada of 193 ships, endless, radiant, ready to unleash fire and metal on any enemy movement. "
        Well, this, of course, is a gem: "it doesn't matter how many tanks you have or what weapon you have. "
        1. YARY
          YARY 29 November 2012 16: 31
          KAA (and on the priest?)
          Well done at the expense of the Papuans!
        2. Nubia2
          Nubia2 30 November 2012 19: 04
          That is, according to your logic - the equipment of the army is its drawback?))
    2. Volkhov
      Volkhov 29 November 2012 16: 30
      America is an enemy for the Russians, and for the state of the USSR - CIS - RF, it is the founder, leader and ally. Just in the hope of deceiving the enemy, they pretended that the Cold War was going on, and now they repainted the planes, printed an article and forward, for America, just ahead of them.
      1. Hans grohman
        Hans grohman 29 November 2012 18: 25
        Yes, the article certainly shines with pathos and blunders.
        1. Roman Skomorokhov
          Roman Skomorokhov 29 November 2012 19: 13
          Let's be objective.
          What do you mean "Americans know how to fight?"
          Very slippery subject.
          Turn to the story, everything is well said there, how they know how to fight. Yes, with air support, with an armada of ships behind their backs - they know how.
          Here - sorry, I did not see. Exchange was 1 for 4? Right? 1 trained, trained marine, with tanks and guns, heavy machine guns and airplanes (spit that they didn’t know how to bomb) against the 4 Chinese (what they atm fought with, I don’t know yet) with small arms or melee ...
          In such conditions, the Germans changed 1 to 10 in such conditions.

          So I did not appreciate the zeal, I did not see the skill, alas.
          1. Ross
            Ross 29 November 2012 20: 17
            Quite right, sheer verbal fornication.
  2. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 29 November 2012 16: 00
    I read to the red invaders, did not read further. The pro-American author gladly licks the owner a soft spot working out the grandees. MINUS author to you. Yes you yourself MINUS are complete!
    1. Marine One
      29 November 2012 16: 15
      Laughed. Calling a convinced and ideological Russian nationalist Prosvirin a pro-American author is strong.
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 29 November 2012 16: 32
        Quote: Marine One
        Calling a convinced and ideological Russian nationalist Prosvirin a pro-American author is strong.

        Such nationalists should be deported to America without the right to return. The only thing your convinced and ideological Natsik forgot to write is a declaration of love for the American army.
      2. mda
        mda 29 November 2012 18: 10
        Quote: Marine One
        Laughed. Calling a convinced and ideological Russian nationalist Prosvirin a pro-American author is strong.

        He is the same "nationalist" as our "oppositionists"
        1. alexng
          alexng 29 November 2012 21: 54
          Quote: mda-a

          He is the same "nationalist" as our "oppositionists"

          It’s biting and at the very sting of this poisonous creature. It is exact that a born cannot crawl, so he creeps in front of his grantors. Grantosos, and in Africa, grantosos (x ... sos) by whomsoever he disguises himself.
      3. Oidsoldier
        Oidsoldier 29 November 2012 18: 15
        Quote: Marine One
        Laughed. Calling a convinced and ideological Russian nationalist Prosvirin a pro-American author is strong.

        An interesting Russian nationalist writes: "Another 150 were moving towards Chosin, to OUR X Corps, which had about 000 people based on the 30st US Marine Division." That is to say, a Freudian slip.
    2. paul33
      paul33 29 November 2012 16: 15
      I completely agree, why is there such a shit to publish here
      1. Roman Skomorokhov
        Roman Skomorokhov 29 November 2012 19: 14
        Yes ... Or maybe he is not Yegor? Maybe George, after all?
        1. mda
          mda 1 December 2012 17: 54
          Quote: Banshee
          Yes ... Or maybe he is not Yegor? Maybe George, after all?

          No no he's jim
  3. WW3
    WW3 29 November 2012 16: 02
    Not an article, but a song of praise to the Amer Marine ... No. how many of these Bush legs were frozen there?
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 29 November 2012 16: 06
      Quote: WW3
      how many of these Bush legs were frozen there?

      About two and a half thousand managed to take their feet, the rest found that they were looking negative
      1. Marine One
        29 November 2012 16: 20
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        About two and a half thousand managed to take their feet

        Well, well, it wasn't that bad:
        1,029 - killed, 4,582 - wounded, 4,894 - missing, 7,338 - frozen. The total size of the corps is about 30.
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 29 November 2012 16: 34
          Quote: Marine One
          Well, well, it wasn't that bad:

          How much the amers themselves said when filming a documentary, so much I said hi Didn’t you post the article for an hour?
  4. Captain45
    Captain45 29 November 2012 16: 06
    I read the article and did not understand my feelings, somehow ambivalently. On the one hand, the good fellows of the marines know how to fight, and on the other, somehow the author submits everything painfully pathos and this reduces the impression of the article. And yet, probably in this division 50 percent , maybe more l / s were veterans of the 2 World War, and the current US marines are more likely to chop off hands or feet from a corpse or ... This is how combat units in the conditions of crappy liberalization and other operations turn into forgetting about the military past and traditions. After all, there were no fagots in that division.
  5. kgv47
    kgv47 29 November 2012 16: 07
    Author on stage
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 29 November 2012 16: 14
      Quote: kgv47

      Author on stage

      Yes, he fell to you a hundred years.
    2. Kaa
      Kaa 29 November 2012 17: 29
      Quote: kgv47

      Author on stage

      And fly with bigger chicken feathers wassat
  6. VadimSt
    VadimSt 29 November 2012 16: 08
    Quote: Alexander Romanov
    I read to the red invaders, did not read further.

    Her! I read to the end. The conclusion is unambiguous, it is impossible to underestimate a potential adversary and engage in shapkozakidatelstvom, but the "husk", such as "communists, red", etc., really showed who sucks whose boobs.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 29 November 2012 16: 13
      Quote: VadimSt
      The conclusion is unambiguous, it is impossible to underestimate a potential adversary and engage in shapkozakidatelstvom, but "husk", such as "communists, red", etc., really showed who is sucking who

      And I underestimate the amers, I spoke about the author of the writings, and I watched the program shot by the amers themselves about this operation. So there everything was told differently, without pathos.
      1. strannik595
        strannik595 29 November 2012 16: 38
        and the Chinese remembered this episode of their history ....... wassat
  7. strannik595
    strannik595 29 November 2012 16: 10
    it’s you, Sykuns, you didn’t fight the Russian evil peasants in the cold, the Chinese would have seemed just boys to you laughing only Germans can adequately fight with Russians, or rather they can’t, weaned
    1. Kaa
      Kaa 29 November 2012 16: 29
      Quote: strannik595
      it’s you, Sykuns, you didn’t fight the Russians in the cold, the Chinese would have seemed just boys to you

      But interestingly, the author believes that the cold does not work on hungry, poorly equipped Chinese? Straight along Goebbels it scratches, there, near Moscow, the Wehrmacht too ... frost prevented, which the Russians - on the drum. And before that, frost prevented Napoleon ... some "dancers" are always interfered with ... negative
      1. lelikas
        lelikas 29 November 2012 17: 08

        The text of your comment is too short and in the opinion of the site administration does not carry useful information.
        1. alex_ololo)
          alex_ololo) 29 November 2012 18: 23

          uh ... I'm buggy, or a German, in the photo, got it wrong, chtoli ...
          1. Kaa
            Kaa 29 November 2012 18: 39
            Quote: alex_ololo)
            the German, in the photo, got it, chtoli ..

            I saw Santa Claus, and described fearedworried, in short ... crying
      2. sniper
        sniper 29 November 2012 17: 15
        Quote: Kaa
        But interestingly, the author believes that frost does not affect hungry poorly equipped Chinese?

        This moment in the article attracted my attention ... The strength and courage of the Chinese troops, and now they don’t ride donkeys along our borders ...
        We have a serious and very well-armed neighbor ... and we are not at all a friend ... like amers, however ...
        1. Kaa
          Kaa 29 November 2012 17: 43
          Quote: sniper
          We have a serious and very well-armed neighbor ... and we are not at all a friend.

          У Britain Russia has no permanent allies (except the army and navy) ...
          “Chinese analysts unofficially explain that they are now assessing how profitable and advisable it is to cooperate with Russia. However, they are concerned that Moscow may eventually leave China and conclude a separate agreement with Washington on this issue, which Beijing believes happened in 2001. They are also worried by the fact that, unlike Russia, the Chinese do not have any missile defense elements that they could offer the US in exchange for cooperation on missile defense. China, the United States and Russia. Such cooperation is clearly in Beijing's interests. As China continues to build up its offensive nuclear capabilities, it becomes increasingly difficult for Russia and the United States to negotiate further reductions in their strategic forces, and this could do much more harm to China than the American missile shield. " ...
          Original publication: Global Insights: Common Fears, Different Approaches to US BMD for Russia, China
          Опубликовано: 27/11/2012 17:19
          While you can "be friends" against the "world hegemon", and then ... "quiet Ukrainian night, but the bacon is better to hide! " laughing
      3. survivor
        survivor 29 November 2012 17: 21
        ha, you also noticed))). as I read it, Napoleon and Adi were immediately reminded
    2. survivor
      survivor 29 November 2012 17: 19
      yeah, they can))). The Germans were finally driven into the subcortex, you can fight with the Russians, but which of the Germans will remain after this war?
    3. mogus
      mogus 29 November 2012 17: 22
      many Chinese go to -30 without caps ...
      1. Kaa
        Kaa 29 November 2012 17: 45
        Quote: mogus
        many Chinese go to -30 without hats ..

        They are one and a half billion ... where there are so many rabbits for hats to collect, eared ones breed much more slowly ... laughing
    4. pogis
      pogis 29 November 2012 17: 32
      They (the Germans) WE cut the eggs in 45 pennies (based on the recollections of my friend who served in Bosnia in 1995, it was our landing party that came up with this epithet! Their boss even asked our commander that his subordinates would not be called that) sent them one egg according to the plan Marshall. And now this egg has dried up!
  8. Bugor
    Bugor 29 November 2012 16: 14
    Crazy Chinese without weapons climb onto the truck to be shot.
    ...periodically pleasing them with grenades. Jump down, kill a Chinese man trying to break the glass in the driver's door with his butt, dodge the blow of another Chinese ... This is just bullshit.
  9. Lexa_71rus
    Lexa_71rus 29 November 2012 16: 19
    I hate Americans, but that does not stop me from respecting and soberly evaluating them.
    1. aksakal
      aksakal 29 November 2012 20: 02
      Quote: Lexa_71rus
      but this does not prevent me from respecting and soberly evaluating them.

      - I agree about a sober assessment, but about respect? For what?
      1. Lexa_71rus
        Lexa_71rus 29 November 2012 20: 33
        They did a lot of things for their people for their well-being, for the greatness of the country. In your opinion this is not a reason for respect?
        1. apppa
          apppa 8 December 2012 23: 59
          Probably, according to some, if the Americans do not drink a lot of vodka, then there is nothing to respect them.
  10. Brother Sarych
    Brother Sarych 29 November 2012 16: 20
    Place this scribble in the latrine!
    Not because I’m sure that the Americans are bad soldiers and they don’t know how to fight, just not there, but because there are only rare grains of truth in a pile of garbage!
    We will skip rudeness to the author ...
    1. Roman Skomorokhov
      Roman Skomorokhov 29 November 2012 19: 21
      Yes! Do not shoot the pianist, he plays as he can.
      I agree that, according to Stalin, it was straightforward: "Ne is so all it was, ne is so ...."
      But to make a case of heroism in the hopeless grayness of the history of the American army was simply necessary.
  11. IlyaKuv
    IlyaKuv 29 November 2012 16: 22
    Hmm, I would see how the valiant marines fought with the Red Guard veterans, and not half-dressed and unarmed Chinese, who, judging by the article, were armed only with rifles with bayonets and without cartridges.
  12. SSR
    SSR 29 November 2012 16: 27
    и wave after wave, wave after wave of fearless, merciless, insensible Chinese, collapsing as if not living people, but robots.

    By the sixth night, the remaining parts of the division had broken through the blizzard and hordes of Chinese to the pass - by that time out of 220 people only 82 could stand on their own, and everything around was dotted with mountains of corpses, the second company killed over 1000 damned narrow-eyed communists.

    We must pay tribute to the Chinese - having suffered terrible losses, they nevertheless threw into the last attack the 1500 remaining soldiers from the 58th division, who were almost completely killed. An entire Chinese division died trying to take over a small base with a tiny garrison.

    The arrival of the remnants of the "Vera" that had broken through from Yudam-ni made a rather demoralizing impression on the garrison - instead of the main forces, the Hagaryu-ri heroes saw mortally tired, wounded, frostbitten, half-dead people. And that night, the base was attacked by 76 and 77 Chinese divisionsattacked at once from all sides, literally trying to flood the waves of the half-dead Americans

    No, I don’t argue .. it's just that the author colorfully describes what reads like fiction.
  13. Marine One
    29 November 2012 16: 31
    An excellent detector of distortions in the minds of all school patriots. We saw the word "USA" and away we go. Straight after Academician Pavlov. Although Prosvirin writes all about human courage. He has more excellent articles on the Russian army and the exploits of Russian soldiers.
    1. strannik595
      strannik595 29 November 2012 17: 10
      plus for you subtle humor ...... it's true about Pavlov’s dog, so it’s their own fault that we have such reflexes, we don’t throw at Italians ....... I have a whole battalion of relatives living in the USA, good the country and the people are excellent ....... but the shitty politicians (English school) are dirty around the world with the help of the army and special services and get the corresponding image reaction around the world perimeter
      1. Marine One
        29 November 2012 17: 19
        Yes, here every third comment is an uncluttered masterpiece. laughing
    2. mogus
      mogus 29 November 2012 17: 19
      my grandfather fought with the Japanese during the Second World War. In China, the army has only just begun to appear. Then it was a parody of the army.
  14. Manager
    Manager 29 November 2012 16: 34
    Yes coolie read .... The Americans after all won the 2nd World War and did not drop nuclear weapons on Japan. ....

    In general, the author thanks. Laughed.
    Only about the fact that with all this bedlam, Amerov was REGULARILY covered by the Artillery, which actually destroyed the bulk of the Chinese, for some reason kept silent. Well, oh well.
    1. Marine One
      29 November 2012 17: 11
      On the Bryansk Front (July 1943), in one of the armies for a breakthrough on a 3 km section, the artillery density was 222,7 guns per 1 km of the front. Here are the Soviet traitor commanders. It turns out it was necessary to attack the German trenches with clubs.
      And in vain I was probably at 99-2000 in the framework of one "counter-terrorist operation" with the boys, together with the artillery prayed.
      1. Manager
        Manager 29 November 2012 17: 23
        Quote: Marine One
        Marine One

        So no one says that this is mean or not right. I just about the fact that they all turned upside down supposedly it's the Marines, they did almost everything without cover.
      2. Vanek
        Vanek 30 November 2012 06: 32
        Quote: Marine One
        as part of one "counterterrorism operation"

        I apologize, but your counter-terrorist operation is in doubt. More precisely, its quotation mark. This begs the question ................

        Regards, Ivan.
  15. Yoke
    Yoke 29 November 2012 16: 46
    Well, here it is, the notorious policy of double standards. Most of all I like the emphasis on the terrible weather. It seems that the author is perplexed and sincerely offended by commies who fight in such a cold. Well, they would have sat in Texas basking.
  16. vorobey
    vorobey 29 November 2012 16: 54
    knew how to fight - the author sealed in the final.
  17. Joonkey
    Joonkey 29 November 2012 17: 01
    Do not underestimate the enemies! The worst thing to think is that Americans do not know how to fight, especially without coca-cola and air conditioning. They have a good mobile army, which can do a lot, but I'm sure we have more people ready for self-sacrifice, capable of any deprivation for the sake of the Motherland !!! But it’s very painful to read how our guys were cut out in Chechnya by platoons, companies and battalions, partisans without heavy weapons and aircraft, and the guys certainly kept to the last, as in 41, but I'm just sure that Amer would create such a fire barrier in front of his positions that casualties in personnel would be 10 times less; they would have found both planes with helicopters and kerosene for them and long-range artillery and ... human conditions for their fighters
  18. Northerner
    Northerner 29 November 2012 17: 05
    --40 in Korea))) The author, in my opinion, has seen enough of the Hollywood slag and already does not know how to pour it in scoops or pans! The Koreans on the old T-34-85 drove Pin Do owls to the very ocean and already threw them there! It’s just that North Korea fought not only with the South, but with the entire NATO bloc, the British and the French were there, the Yankees, and in general such a rabble that the North Koreans and our instructors need to erect monuments every kilometer! All the praised equipment of Europeans and Atlantoids was burned and could not withstand any criticism after a collision with military equipment delivered by the Union! It’s just that the correlation of forces that the author of this opus speaks of was just on the side of the subhuman democrats, and not North Korea, which did not have its own production, unlike the United States, England, France and all that Kodla that began to redraw the world map after WW2!
    1. Marine One
      29 November 2012 17: 23
      Quote: Northerner
      The author in my opinion has seen enough of Hollywood slag

      I look at North Korean high schools the Internet spent. laughing
  19. grizzlir
    grizzlir 29 November 2012 17: 24
    American soldiers are well-trained, hardy fighters capable of fighting in the most difficult conditions. I am sometimes amused by articles about the pepsikol-hamburger American army, the authors of these articles have a very vague idea of ​​the combat capabilities of the US army. And this is a very serious opponent that should not be underestimated just silly, but also criminal.
    As for this article, I read it as a Rambo movie looked. Hero American guys mow standing upright, mow down hundreds of advancing opponents, firing machine guns without aiming from the hip.
    In fact, the victories of the Americans in the Korean War were due to enormous technical superiority over the armies of North Korea and China. The situation began to change with the supply of military equipment from the USSR. Even inexperienced North Korean warriors, on aging Soviet tanks, began to give praise to the amer. the situation became when the superiority of US aviation came to an end in the skies of Korea. Our pilots had already tried to do it. A very bad option could have happened if the Soviet Union sent regular army units to the rescue. Then, if the Americans didn’t heroize, there would be only one result. United Korea under the red flag. But this did not happen, the Americans in Korea have been since the beginning of the conflict, and sending the Union troops into battle was tantamount to starting a new war.
    1. Roman Skomorokhov
      Roman Skomorokhov 29 November 2012 19: 32
      Quote: grizzlir
      American soldiers are well-trained, hardy fighters capable of fighting in the most difficult conditions.


      Quote: grizzlir
      American victories in the Korean War were due to colossal technical superiority over the armies of North Korea and China.

      Yes again. By the way, not only in this war. In World War II, without the 7-10-fold advantages, somehow they didn’t really break into battle.

      An American soldier is a good soldier. But with some reservations.
      1. To show good results, we need the support of aviation, navy, tanks, and heavy artillery. It is necessary to plow everything in front of him well - and then the Yankees will finish the rest quite decently.
      2. Moral training. NEVER Yankees fought for their own. Forever over the horizon. Therefore, I didn’t hurry to die for over-horizon goals. Probably fair.

      Therefore, the described case is an exception. Yes, they had to strain to the fullest. Because I wanted to live. And that is understandable.
  20. AIR ZNAK
    AIR ZNAK 29 November 2012 17: 26
    Something the author did not mention that military contingents of other countries also fought on the side of the South. Although he wrote a piece of truth, namely; the regime of the South rested on state bayonets and without this was doomed.
    1. Northerner
      Northerner 29 November 2012 18: 02
      Exactly! + I wrote about the same thing above, but there are pokokators here who obviously work in Hollywood as scriptwriters!
  21. survivor
    survivor 29 November 2012 17: 30
    No, you must not underestimate the enemy. AMERs are able to fight. but for some reason, they are fighting, mainly with the enemy, significantly weakening themselves. at the same time they manage to receive periodically on the hill. something in the heyday of the USSR America somehow did not even think of declaring a direct war. I wonder why? all some kind of angry actions! not a single combat clash. from this morality, overestimating the enemy is also not necessary. the enemy is the enemy, it doesn’t matter, strong or weak. You will have to deal with him all one. to their equipment and all sorts of electronic gadgets, we Russians (especially me) can answer with our perseverance and skill !!!!
  22. StolzSS
    StolzSS 29 November 2012 17: 49
    Funny fiction))) Yes, apparently a person needed to earn a denyuzhku)))
  23. Poppy
    Poppy 29 November 2012 17: 52
    so it’s not the Americans who know how to fight, but the Chinese laughing
  24. G_sl
    G_sl 29 November 2012 18: 07
    hi A small extract from an article about General Lin Biao: At the end of 1950, when US troops with their allies occupied North Korea, Lin Biao led the army of Chinese volunteers who came to the aid of North Korea. In the battle of November 25, 1950, he defeated the American army and ousted it from North Korea. The victory over the Americans in North Korea is considered in World War History as one of the greatest defeats of the US ground forces. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the American historian MP Lening in his book “100 Great Generals” put Lin Biao at number 76, and his American general, General D. Patton, only at number 95. soldier
    1. Rowicz
      Rowicz 4 December 2012 13: 13
      I looked at this list ...... just some kind of nonsense ...... think, Suvorov is lower than Mao Tse-tung, and lower than Jeanne D Ark ....... well, about the Americans, I’m generally silent
  25. bart74
    bart74 29 November 2012 18: 11
    Ai I yai What courageous marines against the narrow-eyed Chinese of the 1950 model. Have fun. Take the star-striped out of your own ass. The only plus of Amer’s military strategy is careful planning of the pros and cons. They will never climb on someone who can give them in the mouth. Their principle is to bomb first, and it doesn’t matter, the peace is not peaceful there, and then come and strangle it. They are still warriors, it’s not in vain that their
  26. Artyom
    Artyom 29 November 2012 18: 35
    I was surprised in this story by not so much the professionalism of the Americans, but how low the level of the Chinese military was! On Damansky Island it was about the same. a feeling that the Chinese fought with cuttings from a shovel lol
  27. magadanets
    magadanets 29 November 2012 19: 36
    Americans are courageous warriors. Even in their films he saw. But still not to scare me. We will repulse any aggressor.
    1. apppa
      apppa 9 December 2012 00: 10
      do you throw your hats?
      1. Cavas
        Cavas 9 December 2012 00: 40
        Quote: apppa
        do you throw your hats?

        What for? Hats last century!
        It is for you and people like you that Russia has developed a new weapon:
        A resident of St. Petersburg, Alexander Semenov, has patented a combat system that allows the tank crew to use their own excrement for firing, according to British media.
        "In addition to damaging factors, the significance of which is secondary in this case, we also get a positive psychological effect. In addition to achieving the main goal (complete disposal of waste), a military psychological effect is also achieved," the developer assures.

        We have become tolerant, now we do not bring you down, we will pile on!
        Even real shells feel sorry for you! wassat
  28. Was mammoth
    Was mammoth 29 November 2012 20: 33
    Yes, they stole the script in Hollywood. And called history
  29. iAZAAR
    iAZAAR 29 November 2012 21: 20
    It’s somehow emotional. Some heroes and other insensible robots ... these are just the first and second - the interventionists, in a strange civil war.
  30. uizik
    uizik 29 November 2012 21: 21
    We can still fight back, but what about youth? If their youth is worthless, ours also follows them.
  31. Gorchakov
    Gorchakov 29 November 2012 21: 24
    Thanks to the author that he enlightened about the excellent combat readiness of the American warriors ... It will be all the more pleasant and prestigious to kill them when they try to encroach on the territory of my Motherland ... And conscience will not torment what happens when an inexperienced enemy is eliminated ... And that’s I thought that they can only kill unarmed people, burn villages with civilians and urinate on the corpses of the people they killed ... It would be better to write about Russian heroes ....
    1. apppa
      apppa 9 December 2012 00: 14
      Why should they encroach on the territory? All that can be obtained from Russia-they get it anyway.

      By the way, the author has many excellent articles about Russian heroes.
  32. Kostyanich
    Kostyanich 29 November 2012 21: 30
    The Koreans ran, crowds of Chinese zerg poured through the gaps that formed, the Americans held steady, but there was no place for faith, hope or love in Chosin.
    Zerg is from Starcraft
    Yes, the Chinese are shown in this opus as terminators really fast
    but amers, well, straight rimbaud
  33. wax
    wax 29 November 2012 22: 38
    And they returned to the 38th parallel. I wonder how long these marines would last in the Brest Fortress, a day? or two?
    1. lelikas
      lelikas 30 November 2012 00: 08
      good by the way the film is the 38th parallel.
    2. apppa
      apppa 9 December 2012 00: 17
      And those who held in the Brest Fortress somehow influenced the outcome of the war?
  34. bubla5
    bubla5 29 November 2012 23: 35
    Probably the author was filled with red words and communists before the liver, and for some reason our corps, there amers simply had nowhere to go
    1. Marine One
      30 November 2012 00: 15
      The original author of the article is an ideological anti-communist. You won’t take it from him. request
      1. mar.tira
        mar.tira 30 November 2012 07: 24
        Quote: Marine One
        the author of the article is an ideological anti-communist.

        Something I don't understand? And who are you ?, since you reprinted the article, and suppress all disgruntled comments on this slippery topic? Or are you expecting enthusiastic responses about the heroism of the occupiers, and panic in front of "courage", the murderers of the Vietnamese people! That he is well trained, and prepared for murder, we know without you. And I know this from the time of service, I came into contact with them!
        1. apppa
          apppa 9 December 2012 00: 24
          The occupiers and murderers of the people (ours, Russian) are precisely the Communists. And in the US-Korean war, the Americans (carriers of a culture similar to us), rather than Koreans, were obviously closer to us.
  35. Magadan
    Magadan 30 November 2012 01: 49
    Quote: alexneg
    Grantosos and in Africa grantosos (x ... sos) under whom he would not disguise

    Quite right! That the "nationalists", that the "opposition", that a whole galaxy of our bureaucrats-edross - all of them alone are smeared with the world and they are all grant suckers in one form or another. The usual divorce suckers (ie they think so of us), the usual game of "good and bad investigator." Some shout "Russia for Russians", others "Russian-suitcase-station-Moscow", the third are prohibited from rallies out of fear alien an orange threat ... And all the while working for the State Department. The goal is chaos, to confuse everyone and then to capture. Well, something like Al Qaeda, now the ruler of Libya, attacked by the United States at the same time, but somehow acting as an ally of the United States in Syria against Assad ...
    1. apppa
      apppa 9 December 2012 00: 45
      You will familiarize yourself with other articles of the author, and you will understand that he has nothing to do with grants, disguises and divorces.
  36. MRomanovich
    MRomanovich 30 November 2012 06: 09
    nationalists for the most part openly creep in front of the West or take the same so-called skinheads who worship those who did not consider their fathers and grandfathers to be people. therefore, it doesn’t surprise me that the nationalist beautifully describes the deeds of the American Marines.
    If specifically on the topic, then the Chinese in this story deserve more respect than the Americans, since they took active action in severe frost. and retreat or just the fact of being in a frost, heat or other circumstances does not give a reason to be called heroes. otherwise, one can talk about how courageously the French fought, the Nazis froze, or how the Livonians heroically drowned in Lake Peipsi.
    1. apppa
      apppa 9 December 2012 00: 30
      Our fathers and grandfathers were not considered people by the communists. Not a single nationalist "creeps" before them. In general, it is strange to declare people who love their people as enemies.
  37. Egen
    Egen 30 November 2012 08: 55
    the article contains interesting moments and facts that are suggestive, but IMHO about the "red invaders" is a little too much, it smells of bias :)
  38. Begemot
    Begemot 30 November 2012 08: 56
    I read and cried. The loss ratio of 70 to 1 is clearly taken from Rambo -4 where the bulletproof Sylvester herachit from a heavy machine gun a crowd of Asians in a long line and each bullet hits the target. Moreover, he is in full growth and completely invulnerable, thousands of bullets simply do not reach him. And the dead amers in the amount of 2 - civilian prisoners of war and were bound hands. And the description of hostilities is more reminiscent of the slaughter of cockroaches with a slipper during their mass migration. What nonsense. Having an overwhelming superiority in technology, aviation, transport, artillery, tanks and everything else that determines the combat efficiency, these warriors proudly write how they heroically draped from there! How they know how to fight a strong enemy, we read. Yes, in truth, the Germans in the last months of the war cannot be called strong either, however, being almost strangled by the Russians at the last breath, they hung pretzels to these warriors in the Ardennes, and what if it were in the 42nd? Nobody says that their army is bullshit, but there is no reason to extol their greatness to heaven - there is still no serious victory behind them. Even the samurai, they were callous for several years and took more starvation than heroism and the ability to fight, and ours fucked up the Kwantung group
    in a few weeks.
  39. Waroc
    Waroc 30 November 2012 09: 55
    Quite correct words were in the beginning about what everyone should not be considered fools and wimps - a worthy opponent should be respected. But when the word appeared - red (obviously in a dismissive sense), he was somewhat wary. After reading the argument that the Communists were mistaken, he quit reading. They again want to instill in me propaganda that we are super-duper and at the same time everyone around is fools.
    The author re-read his first pass - that a worthy enemy should be respected, and the enemy here you see not so much the DPRK, but the USSR. You do not respect me, you do not respect my country - I hate and despise you and your country and wish you, cattle, a quick and painful death without exception.
    1. apppa
      apppa 9 December 2012 00: 39
      You hate our country (Russia), we hate your country (USSR). We are glad that your country is no more, and we will do everything so that Russia becomes a great country, in spite of you. And the author is useless to write here, it is better to go to his site.
  40. Bugor
    Bugor 30 November 2012 10: 10
    Quote: Joonkey
    ..... but I'm just sure that the Amer would create such a fire barrier before their positions that the personnel losses would be 10 times less, they would find aircraft with helicopters and kerosene for them and long-range artillery and. ..

    You confuse the square with the sweet! Amer fought IN ANOTHER'S TERRITORY! Imagine a fire barrier in Buinaksk, Budennovsk, or somewhere else in the Caucasus?
    Now, when (for the first time in history) amers begin to fight on their island, then we’ll see who is worth what.
  41. Snoop
    Snoop 30 November 2012 18: 51
    I watched somehow on some channel about this battle. Well, there, as I understood it, the Yankees all the commanders were veterans of the Second World War. Maybe this played a role.
  42. tupolev-95
    tupolev-95 30 November 2012 20: 31
    They fought "heroically" in the Ardennes, just had time to send telegrams to Stalin so that the Red Army would accelerate the offensive. Comparisons with Chechnya are complete nonsense. They wanted to crush the entire Far East for themselves, but it did not work, although the soldiers were already fired upon, and they were always packed in the highest grade.
  43. Gavril
    Gavril 2 December 2012 09: 42
    Is this a translation of some agitation or what?
  44. skeptic
    skeptic 2 December 2012 16: 55
    The Germans began to surrender Western Europe to the Amers, only when the USSR deprived them of a chance to avoid defeat. The main weapon of the USA is bucks + information disorientation of the population. Among ordinary soldiers, in any army in the world there are heroes and cowards, Americans and Chinese are no exception. It’s a pity that mothers and children suffer because of someone’s ambitions.
  45. apppa
    apppa 8 December 2012 23: 38
    Great article! Thanks to the author.
  46. azimov2017
    azimov2017 22 March 2018 12: 54
    Well, you give ... Your enemies are not Americans - but YOU yourself. Here you doom your country to extinction. Here the help of the so-called s and geyrops is not even needed. I will not deal with fanatics who think only of themselves. As for the article, the author did a good job.
  47. ExPert7,62
    ExPert7,62 13 January 2022 17: 09
    Very stupid and biased article.
  48. starshina wmf
    starshina wmf 20 January 2022 11: 05
    The author is generally zero. The Yankees had total superiority in aviation, artillery, tanks. Dozens of ships could stuff the air with thousands of shells. And the Chinese and Koreans with machine guns and rifles. Grenada generally shamefully snatched away from the Cuban construction battalion. And in the end they fled from Afghanistan, leaving equipment and weapons worth millions of dollars.
  49. Horlian
    Horlian 26 August 2022 18: 45
    The author, to put it mildly, is lying, and if not mildly, then the purest propaganda on Wikipedia.
    It is of course - frost and difficult conditions prevent only gentle Americans from fighting, the rest are all up to the lantern, how could it be otherwise! ))) Although the equipment and weapons of the United States were an order of magnitude superior to the Chinese. Watch the movie "Battle of Chosin Reservoir" (2021)