We cannot do without the “Russian billion”

Separatism is, in fact, just another designation of the weakness of state power, the lack of strategic breakthrough programs at the federal center, which provide a perspective for all peoples and regions of the country. This was stated in an interview with Rosbalt by the head of the Supervisory Board of the Institute for Demography, Migration and Regional Development, Chairman of the Development Movement Yuri Krupnov.

- Recently, some experts again began to raise the topic of separatism in Russia, and even started talking about a possible disintegration of the country. I would like to know your opinion on this matter: how justified are such predictions, why did they begin to be voiced right now, what should the Russian authorities do to avoid the implementation of such “apocalyptic” scenarios?

- This topic is, indeed, extremely relevant. And it is determined not only by the processes actually taking place on the outskirts (and often in the center) of Russia, but, above all, by the continued weakening of the federal center. Separatism is, in fact, just another designation of the weakness of state power, the lack of strategic breakthrough programs at the federal center, which provide a perspective for all peoples and regions of the country.

On the one hand, we see that in a number of regions aggressive Islamization is being implemented, which has nothing in common with our traditional Russian Islam, without which Russia cannot be represented. This Islamization is a purely political and geopolitical technology aimed at undermining and weakening the state in Muslim regions.

For example, it would seem that a particular case of girls wearing a hijab in a school in Stavropol actually captures such a powerful geopolitical process as "hijab". In Turkey, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, hijabs are prohibited, although this is Islamic. Behind “hijabization” there is a political technology for mobilizing anti-state forces with a strategic task to separate one or another of its regions from the country.

On the other hand, I would draw attention to the problems of the Far East, which, in my opinion, for various reasons, distanced itself from the federal center even further than, say, the same Caucasian republics. Sometimes, even from the major leaders of this region, you can hear statements that, say, let us deal with our natural resources and all other problems ourselves.

In fact, this is also a very serious situation, especially when other states, in particular, the United States, Japan and China have a huge geopolitical interest in the Russian Far East. Against the background of the weak policy of the federal center in relation to this region, there is a creeping separatism, which is still outwardly expressed in, it seems, humorous statements about the Siberian or Far Eastern republics. But over time, this process can very quickly get an ideological base for the most unexpected decisions and destabilization of the situation.

The same applies to Kaliningrad, and to Karelia, where everything happens, of course, in a very sleeping, shadow mode, but, nevertheless, is monitored by various foreign forces conducting special operations to prepare the "fuses", which at the right time can be “set on fire” in order to proclaim the separation of these regions from the Russian Federation.

- What do you mean by saying that the center has no strategic breakthrough programs that would give prospects for the regions?

- I mean, in our case 99 percent of the decisions of the authorities do not relate to real problems. Our fundamental problems are even afraid to formulate, not that they are solved. But because we push them out of the public consciousness, they do not disappear anywhere. Meanwhile, all breakthrough solutions are needed to solve real people's problems.

Some time ago I formulated an ideology of seven creative revolutions, not related to the overthrow of the existing system, aimed at solving not only urgent, but long overdue issues.

The first such revolution is a demographic. Without setting up ambitious projects in this area, including the fact that in a half or two centuries to reach the "Russian billion" population, without creating conditions under which approximately 60 percent of Russian families could have 2035-3 by 4 year children, without all this by the end of the century in Russia there will be only 80-90 million people.

The second revolution is urban planning. We have roughly 1000 small towns that are in a state of uncertainty. Assistant to the President of Russia Elvira Nabiullina some time ago stated that we need to develop only 15-20 cities of one million people. This is a crazy idea in a situation of hypercentralization of Moscow. It is clear that small cities need to be developed, including in the Caucasus, the Far East, and the North-West, and regions must be raised to counterbalance their depopulation and desertification.

The third (and, possibly, the first in importance) revolution is undoubtedly an industrial-technological one. Vladimir Putin has already announced the “new industrialization”, the need to create 25 millions of new jobs. But after this statement, one and a half years passed, and no jobs were created and no "new industrialization" was observed. And this is what interests 90% of Russian regions with their huge real unemployment, especially among young people.

The fourth revolution is energy. This is especially important in the context of the collapse of the energy sector as a result of the reform of Anatoly Chubais, which led to even more terrible consequences than the first wave of privatization with secured auctions.

The fifth revolution now needed is anthropological. Today we are in a situation of degradation of the country and public consciousness, where ethnicity is cultivated by representatives of all nations, that is, such a world view, when all questions are reduced to cultivating the interests of their family, a clan, a clan, an idea of ​​"their" and "alien" the people. No one is against people loving their people, their family. It's great! But 90 cannot be reduced to the percentage of problems relating to our development to ethnism. And we already have Russian nationalists shouting about the need in the framework of the Russian Federation to create a certain “Rusistan”, they propose to separate the Caucasus. Someone suggests separating Moscow. This is what intensifies separatism.

The sixth revolution is the real integration of the post-Soviet space.

Seventh - Far Eastern. I repeat once again that we have the most serious separatism in the Far East. Without turning this region into an outpost of our development, we will not be able to show perspective to the rest of our suburbs. I would even suggest moving the capital there.

- One of the most important components of the policy of the Russian government is privatization. Recently you stated that privatization is an attempt in the situation of a coming catastrophe to bring assets into private ownership as much as possible. In your opinion, the goal of the ongoing privatization policy is the maximum enrichment of temporary workers. What are you offering? Stop the current privatization phase?

- I propose to put the privatization in its proper place. It should occupy no more than 3-5% of all government issues, not 95%, as it is today. Today, we do not have privatization for economic reasons. We have it, on the one hand, on 100 percent is ideological in nature, and on the other, as always happens, this ideological shell is a cover for private, vested interests.

Effective is not private or public property, effective are those who are able to create. And those who, like our government, are not able to create, can only divide, bankrupt enterprises and withdraw assets.

- But back to the problem of the interaction of the central government with the regions. In your other speech, you stated that the question today is not about some kind of "decentralization", but that the federal level of government is rigidly "stitched" with the municipal and regional ones. How do you propose to do this?

- It is necessary in the office of the Prime Minister to hang a map of Russia with almost 1800 municipal districts, so that in six months he could say that two dairies were built in a certain area, created, say, one hundred new jobs, and thus saved two villages from extinction .

In the meantime, we have a completely different picture. Over the 20 years, according to Rosstat, the 23 000 settlement has disappeared in Russia. Every year, an additional few thousand villages disappear, in 15-20 thousands of villages live one or two people, but they are not yet included in the register of disappeared settlements. What better can show the process of degradation of the country?
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  1. +4
    November 29, 2012
    yes it's a big problem
    And rightly so called pain points Caucasus, Far East

    And it’s even correctly said that the government does nothing ... of course there are some movements, but it looks more like attempts than real programs.

    So yes, there is a problem and it needs to be solved now.
    And the West knows exactly about these problems and is looking for pain points there.
    That would one day set on fire separatism country in several places at once. And Russia just can not stand it.
    So POLICIES, EXPLORATION AND Counterintelligence DO NOT SLEEP ..... ACT
    1. +6
      November 29, 2012
      We have separatism in the Far East, but this weirdo was actually in our region. Pain points in the Far East are not separatism, but corrupt officials and corruption. All resources are driven to China, Moscow receives money, but a miserable amount of time is allocated to extinguish forest fires with annual delays The governor is appointed on the plaque by the Minister of Development. The threat of separatism comes from officials, not from the people.
      Quote: volkan

      Politicians are the main instigators; in Kazan cars drive with Alkaida flags, and so where are these politicians?
      1. YARY
        November 29, 2012
        Uv Alexander.
        Need a return to former values!
        The sober Gay Europeans have already understood this, their slogan - "re-Christianization of the European" says a lot.
        And we need Stalin!
        1. +3
          November 29, 2012
          Quote: Ardent
          Need a return to former values!

          Dear Andrei, I’m talking about this all the time. Values ​​in Russia have always been very different from Western ones and it’s unacceptable to take an example from them. Already taken in 91, the result is known to everyone.
          Quote: Ardent
          their slogan is "re-Christianization of Europe"

          This slogan primarily hits Europe itself in combination with the growing influence of Islam, there can be no concessions on this issue. Let them be degraded separately from Russia. One problem we have is Stalin request
      2. +1
        November 29, 2012
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Disease points in the Far East are not separatism, but corrupt officials and corruption.

        Unfortunately, this is not only a problem of the Far East .... the whole country suffers from this
  2. Vanek
    November 29, 2012
    Everyone knows everything, but no one does anything.
    1. +1
      November 29, 2012
      Advise how to make sure that everything planned in the fight against these vices is realized and does not turn the head of the one who is struggling with these vices? How? Probably first we need to weaken the "ruling monetary tostosums" and only then dry them. Somewhere like that. And so you can say that you can send the entire population to Mars and for this you just have to want it. No, wanting is not enough. It is also necessary to correctly carry out this restructuring of the entire complex associated with capital, without sprinkling crazy chips that can slay someone innocent.
  3. +1
    November 29, 2012
    An unambiguous plus for the article and the author. I identified the problems quite clearly, although these are far from all demographic and regional problems. Yes, and the problem of ethnism is evaluated one-sidedly. If the authorities do not give a damn about the interests of people, it means that people also start to relate to the authorities, closing the circle of interests only on family issues and family relationships.
  4. predator.3
    November 29, 2012
    .... Someone proposes to separate Moscow ....

    interesting idea ! wassat what
  5. patriot2
    November 29, 2012
    Clan interests and an underhanded struggle at the tops of power - that’s what takes 90% of the time and effort.
    To author +
  6. +2
    November 29, 2012
    Everything is correct. The problem of demography should be on the first place on the agenda of the president and government. Nothing makes sense if there is no population growth. (Well, unless, of course, our top is not going to dump over a hill).
    Mass delivery of emigrants is not an option. As soon as the economic situation worsens they reach home, the climate there is better.
    Attention! You do not have permission to view hidden text.

    In-in ... More than once he wrote that all that we hear from the authorities is the substitution of the actual with the desired, profanity and propaganda. Yesterday I heard that we have finally stopped the decline in population. I don’t believe, as I don’t believe that we have 7% inflation. The desire of the authorities to .... the population is obvious.
  7. +3
    November 29, 2012
    There is NO SEPARATISM IN THE FAR EAST AMONG THE RUSSIAN POPULATION - THIS IS 100%! But if it will be actively settled by emigrants from China, Korea, and immigrants from the Caucasus republics, then separatism will flourish in a double color.
    Most of the "separatism", the outflow of the population from the Far East, the population's discontent with the existing state of affairs is formed by the wrong policy of the central government. THEY DO NOT REALLY understand the peculiarities of life in the Far East and the needs of the people living there. For example, in my Kamchatka, everyone remembers Putin's statement that economic activity in Kamchatka should be carried out "on a rotational basis," and only the Armed Forces should be stationed in Kamchatka on a permanent basis. Accordingly, as you yourself understand, such statements, and real actions to implement this, do not bring optimism to the indigenous population.
    Also, a piece of the problem lies in the thinking of officials, for them the Far East region is really "FAR", respectively, the same attitude towards it and as to the bear's corner.
  8. Brother Sarych
    November 29, 2012
    I don’t quite understand - what does the title have to do with the content of the article?
    What kind of billion can we talk about if everything is in the ass and Russia, under the "wise" rule of temporary workers, is diligently climbing deeper?
  9. dmb
    November 29, 2012
    Another empty delusion. And who did not know about the problems indicated in the article, before. as the Head of the Supervisory Board of the Institute of Demography, Migration and Regional Development, Chairman of the Development Movement Yuri Krupnov told about them. (Apparently, the size of his income depends on the number of words in the name of the institution.) If we talk about these ways, then we will have to say goodbye to the author's dream of preserving the system. And who will then need an institution with such incomprehensible functions, a long name, and the main Head of the Supervisory Board.
    1. +1
      November 29, 2012
      Quote: dmb
      But the author is modestly silent about the ways to solve problems. Apparently so as not to lose income. For if we talk about these ways, then the author’s dream of maintaining the order will have to say goodbye.

      You are right, Dmitry. Those problems that Krupnov speaks about are created by the system of state power in the country, she cannot solve them, for this it is necessary to change the very essence of socio-political relations. Simply put, to change the system.
  10. patriot2
    November 29, 2012
    Quote: Normal
    Yesterday I heard that we have finally stopped the decline in population.

    Do not believe correctly, because the indigenous population i.e. the Russian nation does not give birth as much as migrants give birth.
    And the population of Russia is growing due to migrants. The authorities are silent about this. Why the authorities are rebellious Russians, it is better to have forced and obedient Gaster from the republics of Central Asia.
    1. +1
      November 29, 2012
      Quote: patriot2
      Do not believe correctly, because the indigenous population i.e. the Russian nation does not give birth as much as migrants give birth.
      And the population of Russia is growing due to migrants.

      Right now I’m watching the news on TV, the data of 300 thousand migrants for a week has come out. Where do the guys basically think from talking too much.
  11. IlyaKuv
    November 29, 2012
    When will this madhouse end? I’m ready to vote for this professor so that he becomes president, because the old faces in the ministry have already gotten with their selfish and ideological projects. and he sent all that they had confiscated for the development of the country, and then immediately money will appear and places for real patriots and professionals will be freed.
  12. 0
    November 29, 2012
    "- I mean we have 99 percent of the power decisions not related to real problems. We are even afraid to formulate fundamental problems, let alone solve them. " - we only have football and the Olympics with the Universiades in fashion !!! Well, a lot of vodka for the stupid electorate! On the same plate "Dom-2 and ComedyKlab"
    As now I recall the words of a history teacher in the Soviet school - "Rome solved many problems, with the phrase - "Cattle food and circuses!"
  13. ISO
    November 30, 2012
    There is such a well-known phrase whose essence is simple - to judge not by words but by deeds. So, from this point of view, our permanent GDP does not look like an independent player in the global political arena. If we take the statistics on demography and on economics, we are quite on schedule taking a brisk step according to the plan of Mr. Brzezinski (in the sense of g.v.n.s.a.a.). And alas, only the PR specialists and not the techies write all the peppy speeches of our clergy. Alas, Putin did not reach either Stalin or Roosevelt

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