Operation Zeppelin - an attempt on Stalin

In 1943, the 6 Department of the Imperial Security Directorate conceived an attempt on the High Commander JV Stalin. The calculation was simple: the death of this person will inevitably have a negative impact on the actions of the Red Army, and even cause panic among the troops.

Strictly classified operation "Zeppelin" was prepared with traditional German thoroughness. In one intelligence school they found a suitable candidate for the execution of this action. It was a certain Politov, who in May 1942, being captured, did not hide either his position - he served as company commander - nor his knowledge about the secrets of the Red Army. In exchange for his talkativeness, he hoped to get the position of burgomaster. But he was sent to the intelligence school to learn from a secret agent. Here they also picked up a life friend by the name of Shilov, and by position - a radio operator cipher operator.

A group of engineers made special equipment, which included, in particular, the Panzernakke, a short-nozzle with a 60 caliber of millimeters, which had cumulative projectiles capable of penetrating even 45 mm-armor.

The Panzerknak was fastened with straps on the right hand and was equipped with a push-button trigger.

It was assumed that the agent, equipped with all the necessary documents, would go to Moscow, track down how the Kremlin would make his next trip to Stalin's Packard cottage, and smash it to smithereens, along with everyone inside.

Operation Zeppelin - an attempt on Stalin

Motorcycle M72

For the delivery of the terrorist and his companion to Moscow, a Soviet-made 72 M motorcycle was prepared. Together with the “Tavrin spouses,” as they were listed according to the documents, he was supposed to deliver a specially converted Arado 232 aircraft equipped with a 20 wheeled chassis for take-off and landing on unprepared platforms to the Moscow region.

Arado Ag-232 transport aircraft

In order for smaller saboteurs to cling to all sorts of patrols, Tavrina Politova was decided to marry a hero who was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union and was awarded five orders and two medals. For things of certainty, even false numbers of Pravda and Izvestia were prepared, where in the list of awardees, among others, was the captain first, and then Major Tavrin. They also made him a certificate of an employee of the front counterintelligence officer Smersh ...

In a word, they seemed to foresee everything. However, the operation did fail. Why?
At first, the alarm was filed by underground workers from occupied Riga. Say, in the studio received a strange order. It was urgently necessary to sew a leather coat in the Russian style, but with wide sleeves and extensive internal pockets.

Then a strange plane appeared at the airfield near Riga. It became obvious that something was being prepared ... But what exactly? The underground workers could not figure it out until the end - one night the plane took off and headed for Moscow.
However, the information received was enough to strengthen the air patrols of the approaches to the capital, to bring anti-aircraft batteries on high alert. On one of these batteries "Arado" and ran ...

I had to take a forced ride ... The pilots helped to roll out the motorcycle and set off back to the front. And the terrorists drove towards Moscow. And soon a patrol caught sight of him, the eldest of whom was surprised at this discrepancy: judging by the documents, the motorcycle should travel about two hundred kilometers in a pouring rain, and its passengers are almost dry ...

Such here came out story.
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  1. +4
    1 February 2013 10: 14
    and what's next, the article is cropped!
    1. +4
      1 February 2013 10: 39
      And further and to everyone to be rewarded according to his deeds .....
      hanged or shot the traitor and the whole business.
    2. +2
      1 February 2013 20: 18
      The fact is that it rained all day, which ended before the emergency landing of the plane. Patrol also noticed that the clothes on the couple were dry ...
      I recommend: Rostislav Sambuk, the novel "Fake Talisman"
    3. avt
      2 February 2013 14: 08
      Quote: Baron Wrangel
      and what's next, the article is cropped!

      And then his SMERSH stopped at the dorg and split it at a time. Then he joined the game, but in the end they shot him and the female radio operator. But it seems that the Germans did the setup. Well, the truth is - the agent rides a motorcycle on the occupied territory, takes pictures on picnics, doesn’t know how to shoot, it turned out almost before the cast. He asked Babu with himself - I had to urgently teach her radio business, so she flew barely with her wrench. And is this a super agent for a super job? bully The Germans popped a doll.
  2. +3
    1 February 2013 11: 53
    In childhood, the book was read to the holes, there this topic was described in detail. The book, alas. perished in the crossings.
  3. +1
    1 February 2013 17: 21
    There is a movie on this topic, "Operation Chinese Box", from the modern ones. You can see, not complete bullshit.
  4. +1
    1 February 2013 17: 48
    The Germans often punctured on nonsense, then a nickel-plated paper clip on a soldier's book, then two orders of "Glory" from a lieutenant colonel, then an absolute misunderstanding of the game "let's wave without looking." They considered themselves smarter than others, and therefore lost.
    Sewed by Peter he is Tavrin, Polypov will plop after the war in the 50s. I don’t know about his girlfriend, I think they gave him 25 years.
  5. sprsnc
    1 February 2013 23: 37
    and then brutal torture - that's what's next
  6. ibn117
    2 February 2013 13: 06
    as in that joke

    The Americans threw a spy towards us. He destroyed the parachute, put on a sweatshirt, reached the first village. Grandfather is sitting on the rubble.
    Spy: “Great, didco!” Grandfather: "Hello, American spy!" Spy: "But how did you figure me out !?" Grandfather: “Why, you are a Negro!”
  7. Nil
    2 February 2013 13: 33
    Briefly and clearly. Good article.
  8. +1
    20 October 2013 11: 58
    An attempt on the first person of the state is an extremely difficult task and for agents from outside, and even during the war, it is almost impossible to solve. Here it would be necessary to look for Judas from the inner circle, but there were already no such.

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